Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Identity Theft (The Lonely Struggle)

Who are you? IDENTITY THEF The Lonely Struggle Sanji Yaguchi was sighted yesterday.
He's 28 years old and one of the three who have shown symptoms as a post-human.
He was spotted in Fukuoka City.
According to Smith's report, post-humans calculate the movement of surveillance cameras.
I thought that the chances of catching him on the surveillance network were slim.
Film? A freelance journalist captured him on camera by chance.
That's why Yaguchi did not notice that he was filmed? Thank God for analog cameras.
This area near the face Did something explode? No.
It seems his head was smashed by Yaguchi's fist.
So, he was beaten to death? I thought he was a human boxer.
Did he get a prosthetic left arm? I wonder.
It looks like junk to me.
Who's the victim? Koichi Tadokoro, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Residential Control.
Secretary-General? He died instantaneously from a crushed skull.
Why was he killed? Right now, we have no idea.
A boxer turns into a post-human, and begins a sustainable war against the government with his fist? If he has a prosthetic arm, could he have killed others with his fist? There's a high possibility.
For now, we were lucky to catch Yaguchi in his acts as a post-human.
Search for similar cases and find where Sanji Yaguchi is.
I thought there were no sustainable wars happening on Japanese soil.
Then, will this case be the first Japanese sustainable war? What a small war it is, to kill one person at a time using your fist.
- Batou! - Hey.
Are you here to see us, Togusa? So far, I have nothing for you guys to do.
What? Really? Bummer.
Batou, may I ask something? Are post-humans a new stage of evolution caused by human brains being connected to the network? This is out of the blue.
Where did you hear about post-humans? From them.
I didn't want to be nosy, but it was all so interesting.
What's done is done.
Anyhow, Mr.
Batou, I was hoping you would accept this.
I remember those! A limited-edition Walkman.
I know all about your musical taste.
Please use it when you work out.
I have no reason to accept gifts from you.
But I checked Tachikoma's data and made you a playlist.
I appreciate your kindness, but stop getting information from Tachikoma without my permission.
She totally blew it.
Yippee! How is it? Apparently, Tadokoro was a conscientious government employee.
He worked on developing laws for immigrants and refugees.
Tell me if you find anything.
Roger that.
Tiptoe With that left straight, he had a chance of being world champion.
He was born in Tokyo after the war and was quite the looker.
He gained fans from his debut match.
He said he was determined to become a champion to help support the reconstruction of Tokyo.
So, he was a symbol of hope in a country where even the Prime Minister is a foreigner.
And he disappeared the day before the title match? I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but something happened right before he disappeared.
Yaguchi developed a fever during the camp before the title match.
He was unconscious for a while.
He overdid it with the AR sparring.
That's why his cyberbrain overheated.
What is AR sparring? Recently you can spar with data that is almost identical to the real champion.
Batou, return to Section 9 immediately.
We identified cases that may be linked to Yaguchi.
- Thank you for your cooperation.
- Sure.
Was someone beaten to death? Yes.
I went through all similar cases that happened in the last three months.
What are you doing? I want to be of help to you, so I hacked into the Police Department's database.
But that's We'll let it slide for now.
And? I mainly looked at the forensic reports and searched for matches with victims that have a similar cause of death.
There is a 98% chance that these cases have the same culprit.
Of course, the attacks were not captured by any surveillance cameras.
Ninety-two cases? It's not much as a sustainable war, but a lot more than we anticipated.
He became post-human three months ago.
That means he's killing at least one a day.
But they're not random killings? At first glance the attacks seem random, but there is a commonality in the victims' data.
Firstly, these victims were immigrants or refugees.
But their nationality is Japanese.
I found evidence that they had illegally obtained their nationality.
So his sustainable war is against fake refugees? So you'd think! But I found data that proves otherwise.
This is probably the first Japanese to be beaten to death by Sanji Yaguchi.
This is Mr.
He gives refugees other people's identities to gain Japanese nationality, then sends them as part of the workforce for the Tokyo Reconstruction Project.
He was paid a restoration allowance from the government.
How did you know he was the first victim? There were traces of flesh that were not from the victim found at the scene, so I ran the DNA.
I believe Yaguchi lost his left hand from smashing Ishiwata's skull.
His body could not keep up with his updated physical abilities? Yes.
I stole a list of people with stolen identities from Ishiwata Construction's database.
All these people illegally obtained Japanese nationalities but did not work in the reconstruction, and illegally received welfare.
He only goes after the fraudsters? I think so.
It may be illegal, but I'm impressed.
Wasn't Tadokoro in charge of making laws for refugees? Yeah.
If Yaguchi is going after those who are committing fraud, we should assume that Tadokoro was a part of some fraud, too.
So far, I haven't seen anything suspicious in Tadokoro's record.
Cheap labor is a necessity for the Tokyo Reconstruction Project.
The law was changed to accommodate that.
If so, who will gain the most profit when the new law passes? Companies which have official contracts with the Tokyo Reconstruction Committee? Let me look into matters in that area.
Yes, Tadokoro was the mediator with the Tokyo Reconstruction Committee.
There was nothing suspicious about him.
We are aware of that, too.
Perhaps after Yaguchi became a post-human, he did not agree with using refugees as cheap labor for the Tokyo Reconstruction Project.
What if he thought that was fraudulent? What are you trying to say? Your father is involved in running Otomo Industries.
I believe they have many contracts with the Tokyo Reconstruction Committee for various sectors.
That's true.
But Otomo Industries is not the only one making profit.
Did they bribe Secretary-General Tadokoro or offer him a position after resignation? Are you telling me that you have suspicions against my father-in-law, not Mr.
Tadokoro? As long as Sachio Otomo is the chairman of the Tokyo Reconstruction Project, we cannot dismiss the possibility.
I'm offended.
My father-in-law Prime Minister, please remember that we are not investigating the possible bribery of Mr.
Our interest lies solely in capturing the post-humans.
If there was fraudulent behavior in Otomo Industries, there is a chance that the post-human will target your father-in-law next.
I understand.
I will ask my father-in-law regarding this matter.
You must give me some time.
Screw you.
Were you aware that Prime Minister Tate's father-in-law is Congressman Sachio Otomo? There were some shady stories behind the election of an American Prime Minister.
Wasn't Tate just an entrepreneur until he married Otomo's daughter? But before that, he was working at the American State Department.
He grew to love Japan while working at the Embassy and started a business after leaving his job.
He patented a few micromachines and made himself a fortune.
Then he sold that company to Otomo Industries.
It became Otomo Micron of the Otomo Group.
Soon after, Tate married Otomo's daughter and got Japanese nationality.
Otomo is dubbed the "Kingmaker.
" Tate inherited that electoral powerbase.
Just six years after his first election, Tate became Prime Minister.
Batou, take Tachikoma to guard Congressman Otomo immediately.
There was a revolving door arrangement between Tadokoro and Otomo Industries.
Otomo arranged it himself.
Good evening.
Congressman Otomo? Sir, are you ill? This is an emergency.
It's Congressman Otomo! We can't identify his face? No.
But it happened in an instant.
They say he wouldn't have felt any pain.
It seems post-humans are far mightier than we imagined.
Even with your abilities we are unable to even catch a glimpse of them! I don't know what to say.
What are you waiting for? Release some fake news and hide the existence of post-humans! That's a part of your job.
If only we could use the civilians' eyes like they do in America.
If we did that, we'd be the same as Smith.
Damn it.
A stupid post-human revealed himself by coming after a bribery case, but you let him slip by? Did you bug this room? I can't have you hiding anything from me regarding this case.
I can have you restrained for espionage.
Oh, really? I thought you were one of us.
Aramaki, regarding my father-in-law's death please cover it up as a death from sickness.
Prime Minister There's something else.
I want to lure the post-human out.
You must release some real news.
Following his father-in-law's death, Prime Minister Tate will be the chairman of the Tokyo Reconstruction Committee.
Prime Minister Tate holds stocks in Otomo Micron.
The company is suspected of engaging in sweetheart deals with the committee and monopolizing deals for micromachines that remove soil contamination.
Honey! He has some guts.
If he takes command of the reconstruction himself, he will be targeted by post-humans and those who do not appreciate him.
He won't be able to make excuses when accused of sweetheart deals.
It seems there is a good reason why he is going to become the chairman, and it's not just out of his loyalty to Mr.
He's no old-school politician, nor a puppet for the Americans.
Let us through.
- Isn't that him? - It is! He's appeared! I'm late.
The back entrance, too! What is your purpose? My love for this country is pure.
I would do anything to reconstruct this country.
No! You're boxing him? That won't work! You're crazy.
I was taking a chance that his original personality was left in him.
I knew I could win if he took the bait.
- Akiko! Are you OK? - Yes.
- What was that? - You should rest inside for a while.
Prime Minister.
Are you hurt? I'm fine.
Why did Yaguchi not attack you when he had the chance? Perhaps his intention was to confirm my passion for the reconstruction of this city.
If so, what is he after? Well done.
We'll take it from here.
Not you again? Must I remind you that your mission is solely to capture the post-humans.
This is the reality of Japan.
This is why I am here.
To make changes.
Subtitle translation by Natsuka Koshimi
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