Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

Edgelord (The Revolution of the 14-year-olds)

Die! Die! Takashi You're looking at Kanami again.
What, Yuzu? I told you not to come here.
Don't worry.
Nobody's looking at you.
Come on.
Go on, now.
Where do you think you're going? Sorry.
EDGELORD The Revolution of the 14-year-olds According to the data, he's just your average middle school student.
But as the kid, Uotori, said, a teacher from this school did actually get his brain fried.
Why do you think he created Think Pol? He made a system this complex but vanished after using it just once.
Anything to do with the fact that he's a middle school student? Perhaps he got interested in something else? Does it matter if he's a kid or not when he's post-human? It would be nice if he stays quiet, but he could be preparing his next raid.
Togusa and I will evaluate Takashi Shimamura's achievement.
Ishikawa, Boma and Esaki, continue analyzing Think Pol, and look for signs of a possible raid.
Batou and Pazu, meet with Saito and look for Suzuka Mizukane.
You guys are living through a difficult stage in life.
Respect the rules until you graduate.
Listen to your parents.
Don't fall in love.
Don't be interested in sex.
Study very hard.
In reality, your body is going through a sexual awakening.
But you are deprived of freedom, and must suppress your desires.
Die! It's true that once you become a member of society, a virgin is dismissed as being incompetent.
Die! Die! Those that don't hang out with friends are deemed inexperienced in life, therefore, will never be good at anything.
- That's what they'll try to tell you.
- Sir.
This is math class.
I appreciate that you worry about us, but there are adults who are mistreated as a result of living freely.
I don't want to be like that, so please go with the course according to the normal middle school curriculum.
Oh Sorry about that.
I digressed a bit too much.
You're quite serious, Kanami.
That will be it for today.
Come to the counseling room alone during lunch.
Seriously? If only there were the airborne troopers now.
Stop mumbling and help her.
The airborne troopers will never return.
They will come.
They will come to free us.
It should be a fun period in life.
But they become post-humans and join the war.
I wonder how that feels.
Studies show that they practically feel no human emotions.
In which case, his mother should be in deeper pain.
And she's a single mother.
Kanami's not coming back.
Why won't anyone fight back? Are they afraid? Being courageous like Kanami will get them ostracized by their peers? No matter what you do nobody will be interested in you.
But I think Kanami will appreciate it.
Class, turn off your cyberbrains and evacuate to the gym.
Hurry up! Hurry up! Move it! A foreign enemy is attacking us.
Hurry up! Takashi.
Yuzu It's started.
The World War has started! Not this way.
Quickly, go to the gym.
Hurry up! - Shimamura.
- Hurry up, I said! Shimamura.
Kanami! Airborne troopers! Release us from this world! What? Why me? Shimamura! Stay strong.
Shimamura - Please.
- Thank you.
What happened after Takashi fainted during class? He had a fever of over 40 degrees Celsius from the day after it happened.
He was hospitalized for about a week.
At one point, the doctor thought his life was in danger.
That was May 12th, six months ago? Yes.
I'm pretty sure.
The same date as the Yaguchis when other post-humans appeared.
They were also all online before they turned.
Um I hate to ask you this, but what happened to Takashi? What makes you wonder that? Well He was never a difficult child, so I'm wondering why Once the fever subsided, he regained his appetite and his physical abilities improved.
His character changed, too, according to the report.
Can you be specific? He liked the sushi that I would make.
So I made him a lot of it.
But he continued to gorge on it as if he was possessed.
Why don't you slow down? I can make more tomorrow.
Or would you prefer curry? Let's eat the rest tomorrow.
He always played video games.
He spoke very little.
Still he was a very kind boy.
Did he return to school afterward? Once he got better, he returned right away.
But there was a big incident at school while Takashi was absent.
What happened? You've got an idea, haven't you? I have bad news for you.
The police confirmed that Kanami had bought a new bike.
They found no evidence that she stole the student council's money.
They believe her suicide was a form of silent confession.
I hope you all stop condemning her.
Yuzu What the heck is he talking about? Everyone knows what Yamada did.
I think they do.
But just like you, they couldn't find the courage.
One person can't change anything.
But the airborne troopers came for us.
Why did this happen? You still don't get it? You're the airborne trooper.
I am the airborne trooper? War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
George Orwell.
Is his disappearance connected with his classmate's suicide? I've never heard that he was close with this student.
Considering his age, he might have secretly had feelings for her.
That doesn't seem like him.
He'd always play games or something on the computer after school.
But he missed school for about three days again.
What was he doing then? He was always working on his computer.
He didn't even eat.
He didn't eat for three days? Yes.
Then he returned to school, and never came back.
What is this? Hey Excellent.
This is too much fun.
That felt so great.
Don't you want to do this more? But if we had this before, Kanami might have been fried before him.
I think so, too.
I would have fried Kanami, too.
She was so self-righteous and condescending.
Self-righteous people really piss me off.
Takashi Think Pol is a success.
Let's beat up other people that deserve it with this.
Takashi? Where are you going? I don't know.
Where everyone wants to go.
I see.
You've become an airborne trooper.
Bye Takashi.
The Linus's blanket? Yes.
He liked it since he was little, so he just took that with him.
Takashi's presence has been confirmed within a 200-meter radius of you.
- That's very close.
- It's intentional.
He's making moves knowing that we're here.
This signal is effective for a minute at best against post-humans.
Turn off your cyberbrains and leave there now.
Major, we're heading over there now, but prepare for attack ASAP.
The enemy is a middle school student.
His mom is here, too.
Don't forget that he's post-human.
Is something going on? Please be careful.
I'm picking up Takashi's signal at the front door.
Major, his signal has disappeared! Major, abort! We can't read his next move.
You're right.
Um Did something happen to him? It looks like your son was just here.
What? But he's no longer the Takashi Shimamura that you know.
What do you mean? We're unable to explain it to you at the moment, but it's highly probable that he'll cause a massacre or terrorist attack in the future.
Takashi will kill people? Directly or not, he may very well be a threat.
If he ever contacts you, you need to let us know right away.
If he gets discovered will he? We'll do our best to capture him.
How could this happen? Takashi Takashi, I'm so sorry.
Takashi is still a minor.
We'll do everything we can to save him.
Honey Please.
Please protect Takashi.
Since he was young I might have made him endure too many things.
Until today he's never been difficult or rebellious.
Maybe he was dealing with a lot of stress.
Please, Takashi.
If you hate me, I can understand that.
If you don't want to come back that's fine.
But please don't ever do anything that would hurt other people.
Takashi? Takashi? Takashi, are you there? Takashi? Finally, you're letting go of the blanket, too? Takashi.
You're going to be fine.
Subtitle translation by Kozo Komori
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