Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Nostalgia (All Will Become N)

What? What's going on? Stop! What is it? Togusa.
Togusa, are you OK? I can't shut down the system.
Togusa! What are you waiting for? Remove the virus using the offensive barrier.
NOSTALGIA All Will Become N What happened? He was alone, analyzing the data we seized from Takashi's home.
He was trying to understand Takashi's mind.
We found a code that was written after Think Pol was made.
Is it a virus? We still don't know.
Are you OK, Togusa? - So, it was you, Batou.
- Yes.
Major, too? I'm sorry.
I suddenly felt somewhat nostalgic, then the feeling turned into fear of death.
It looks like it made me pass out.
You felt nostalgic? Luckily, your cyberbrain is fine, but we should delete that data right away.
Do that.
Why did you try to analyze the code alone? I have no excuse.
Where's Major? She headed to the PM's residence on a Tachikoma.
Major, we got the test results of the code that entered Togusa's cyberbrain.
What did you learn? Apparently, it's a program that awakens forgotten memories.
It looks like Togusa recalled something that he didn't want to recall, and fainted as a result.
- I see.
That seems interesting.
- Fainted? Let's see what kind of memory made him pass out.
Don't do that.
- I haven't even checked what it was.
- Is Togusa all right? Quiet.
Ishikawa, can I see it? Unfortunately, part of the code has been damaged.
How dangerous is it? It doesn't look so bad.
We also see no signs of it being propagated.
Then what was Takashi Shimamura's intention? Why did he write the code after creating Think Pol? Major.
Maybe Takashi Shimamura wanted to recall something: a certain forgotten memory.
The name Think Pol was probably inspired by "Thought Police," the police mentioned in the book 1984, which we found in his room.
He was certainly greatly influenced by the book.
Furthermore, he already had the book at age nine.
Even his mother doesn't remember when Takashi acquired the book.
Did you later go back to Shimamura's house? Yes I did.
- Togusa's careless.
- Totally.
But it seems we've run out of ways to track Shimamura.
Not quite.
He was put in someone's care in Kyoto for a month when he was nine.
Takashi went to the trouble of making a program that recalls his forgotten memory.
He must have wanted to remember something from his past.
A bit far-fetched, but not impossible.
Major, give me permission to go there.
If that's what your Ghost is whispering, listen to it.
You should find something.
Thank you.
Then I guess I'll go, too.
You wouldn't be able to protect yourself if you encounter Takashi.
It's hard to believe that there is still scenery like this in Japan.
It's the destiny of villages that couldn't keep up with the times.
What did he think about while he stayed here? KYOTO 15 MINUTES That's most likely his uncle's house, where he temporarily stayed when he was nine.
Why did he come here? His father got very ill, and his mother had to stay with him at the hospital.
We have very bad reception here.
When there's perfect signal even deep underground in Etorofu.
Try communicating via Tachikoma.
The signal should improve.
Reset the communication, Tachikoma.
You What is it? Brother, what are you doing? I'm not your brother.
Then, what are you doing, Takashi? I'm making a game.
What? A game? Awesome! Yuzu, where's Takashi? He's right here.
My parents are angry all the time these days.
It's my fault.
Why is it your fault? Hey, Togusa.
What's up? Nothing Takashi! Where are you going? Why are you following me? Don't follow me.
But you're not supposed to leave.
It's already dark.
Plus, you're not supposed to go that way.
Why not? Why not? An airborne trooper lives over there.
Airborne trooper? A guy who came from somewhere.
I heard he's very bad.
He killed and buried people in the mountain.
You shouldn't, Takashi.
He'll see you.
Airborne trooper like airborne troopers? Wow.
Is this real? Don't touch that.
One, nine, eight, four? Shoot.
Let's go.
This way.
Are you OK? Kids.
You shouldn't go in the mountain this late.
Aren't you Mr.
Shimamura's? You took Yuzu out there? To the airborne troopers' place? It's not Takashi's fault.
I'm the one who followed him.
Be quiet! Your older brother left us quite the liability, huh.
Can't you talk to Yoshie? Togusa, where are you going? There.
That's it.
It's gone.
Oh, no.
He's looking for this.
Uh Um I didn't steal this.
I accidentally took it.
Um I'm sorry.
Who are your parents? Um I've been staying with my uncle for two weeks.
An outsider? Keep the book.
What? Um Wait.
The villagers say that you're a bad person.
This is a nice place.
But it's hell for someone who doesn't respect the village rules.
What do you mean? Read the book and you'll know.
The book describes everything that will happen in this world.
Cops killed by a disabled soldier.
The case made quite a stir at the time, but it got shelved unusually quickly.
Did you tell Batou and Togusa about this? Their location has very bad connection.
About Mr.
Togusa's unconscious memory.
What did you learn? Unfortunately, the data is damaged.
I couldn't render any image.
That's too bad.
But we did get to render his feelings.
How can I describe it? This emotion it's tough it's painful.
A heartache.
What the heck? It's probably best described as nostalgia.
You're getting nostalgic over a memory of another person? - What are you, a middle-aged guy? - What? How dare you! Just so I could work at Section 9, I moved most of my sentimental memories to external storage.
Therefore I am physically susceptible to sensing nostalgia! Is that right? Takashi Shimamura's program If it isn't merely for awakening unconscious memories, but also nostalgia, Togusa's reasoning could be right.
What do you mean? The case I mentioned earlier, the victims weren't just cops.
An unexpected person also died in the case.
"War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
" It's too hard to understand.
Get him out.
- Hey.
- Yes.
All right.
Get out.
Come on.
- Give me a hand.
- Please I didn't say anything! - All right.
- I didn't say anything! It wasn't me! Here.
Takashi? Where are you? Yuzu? They said not to enter the mountain, since the resident officer has work to do.
Yuzu! Yuzu! Yuzu! I told you not to enter the mountain.
Whose kids are they? The girl's from here.
The boy is an outsider.
That's not good.
So, your name is Takashi? Brother How long have you been here? Let's go, Yuzu.
Run, Yuzu! Hey, stop! Hey! Yuzu! Come on! Brother Stop! Hey.
Yuzu? Yuzu? Yuzu? Yuzu? Yuzu? Yuzu? Brother I'm cold.
Yuzu Yuzu Yuzu! Yuzu! Yuzu! I can't believe this.
Hey, Togusa.
What's gotten into you? Yuzu.
Take me with you.
- No.
- I'm begging you! Back then I was clueless.
But now I've finished reading the book.
All right.
Get in.
Will you come, too? What? Tachikoma, it's me.
Is Batou there? Yes, he's here! Batou, it's from Ishikawa.
Ishikawa? Put him on.
Togusa is gone.
What are you saying, Batou? Togusa is right there.
What? Tachikoma, I don't see him.
Are you messing with me? Come on, Batou.
Why would we mess with you? Roger, Togusa.
Stop fooling around! Hey, Togusa.
- Have a safe trip! - Where are you? Togusa? subtitle translation by Kozo Komori
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