Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

DOMINO EFFECT / Silly Kukushkin

You people don't understand a thing! Do you think the posthumans are like aliens or something? When they When their cyberbrains were infected with that code, they were reborn.
We're talking about a sudden mutation! Your story is hard to believe.
Besides, why would a mere technician like you know about all this? Well, that's because I have the code in here.
We'll ask our nation's government to consider your request.
Please arrange for my asylum as soon as possible.
I can't wait forever, you know.
There are plenty of other organizations that would like to have this information.
DOMINO EFFECT / SILLY KUKUSHKIN Have you found Togusa's trail yet? We've continued searching for facial recognition using the IR system, but if he traveled using the same methods as the posthumans, it could be difficult.
I see.
I've asked the Public Security Bureau to spare some manpower as well.
All we can do now is wait for their report.
Well, as long as he's not buried on that mountain, we'll pick up his scent somewhere.
And? What's today's agenda? I received some interesting information from the chief surveillance officer of External Affairs, Section 2.
PHILIP KUKUSHKIN This man's name is Philip Kukushin.
He was employed at the Russian Intelligence Agency as a level-2 cyberbrain engineer.
There's no chance that he's a spy.
He has no ideological issues and he's never been on the bureau's radar.
Even so, he's no mere tourist either.
If he has an outstanding quality, it would be that he's a full-prosthetic.
We found out about him after he made contact with employees from the Indian Embassy.
Did he apply for asylum or something? There was that too.
But he also uttered a word that is of great interest to us.
You people don't understand a thing! Do you think the posthumans are like aliens or something? When they When their cyberbrains were infected with that code, they were reborn.
We're talking about a sudden mutation! Well, that's because I have the code in here.
So you're saying that this guy knew about posthumans without hearing of them from Smith? In that case, before Smith finds out, we'll want to get ahold of him first.
Excuse me.
Are you by any chance from Russia? Oh, well Yes.
I knew it! Actually, I come from Russia too.
How nice to meet a fellow countryman in a place like this.
How about a drink? I'm buying.
- Hey, you! Two glasses.
- I Coming right up.
Say, well You don't have to buy me a drink.
I already have one.
I see.
Too bad.
Enjoy your drink.
Sir? Wait.
I Is he dead? Call an ambulance! Police! Nobody move! Everyone, quiet down! Stay calm! Hey, his cyberbrain It doesn't look good.
We've completed Kukushkin's autopsy.
The cause of death was sudden onset prosthetic malfunction due to polonium.
What? Sudden death from polonium poisoning? The nerve cells of a full-prosthetic are extremely vulnerable to internal radiation.
If it was polonium, then could it be Russia? We questioned the other customers and it seems he shared a drink with a white man.
Are you by any chance from Russia? Oh, well Yes.
I knew it! Actually, I come from Russia too.
He was caught on the other cameras too.
This is our man.
Guess we hit the mark.
Something's not right.
Polonium is a pretty standard method of assassination for Russia, but if the information Kukushkin was carrying was something that the Russian government wanted to cover up, they would do it in secret.
You're right.
Killing him like this is as if they're announcing that Russia did it.
Meaning someone wants Russia to take the blame? Even so, whatever information he had has been erased too.
Well, if I may I hadn't gotten to the important part yet.
The truth is, there was no brain.
Inside Kukushkin's body, that is.
It was a remote body? Correct.
- What? - Masterfully done.
The bastard's claims that he had the code in his cyberbrain were all a bluff, huh? Does that mean that Kukushkin is still alive somewhere? If that's the case Well, if Kukushkin managed to fool us, then the ones who killed him probably haven't noticed either.
We can use this to our advantage.
Batou, take Esaki and find Kukushkin.
We'll work on identifying who ordered the kill.
Hey, don't you think I can handle this alone? Take this chance to teach her the ropes.
If you insist.
Let's go.
Roger! He certainly picked a fancy place to stay.
I've never stayed in a room this nice! Batou, what do you say we book a room together sometime? Hey You do realize that's sexual harassment, right? Huh? Really? For him to choose a classical room like this, he must have been wary of a digital attack.
You're not here to play detective.
Just find his trail.
Huh? Say, do you feel some kind of tingling from your cyberbrain? What? Did you say something? Oh, well It's nothing.
This is all of his luggage? There's no way someone would hide in this place with just a brain case.
Actually, I think he was here all along.
Huh? With just a brain case, there's no way he can go anywhere.
I guess you're right.
Batou, Kukushkin may have planned to sneak into the country with his brain disconnected all along.
What? Excuse me Yes? That charging stand over there is for use with personal assistant robots, right? Yes.
And yet, I don't see a robot anywhere in this room.
You're right.
Is it common to find robots in other rooms too? No.
Since this room was designed for use by elderly guests, the robot is included to assist with their needs.
- Batou! - What? Could I have your ear for a moment? What's the deal? You're creeping me out.
Is it possible that we've been tapped? I don't detect anything.
Aren't you being paranoid? Well, I hope that's the case.
Kukushkin probably fled by entering Ginger.
Who the hell is Ginger? Oh, Ginger is the nickname I've given to this fellow.
Is that so? Anyway, Kukushkin probably guessed that he was being targeted and purposefully rented this room to get access to this robot.
The robot appears on the logs in the elevator hall too.
He must have used the hotel's network to control his body remotely and monitor the situation.
Are you serious? Wait, you can't scan here! Let's just try to find Ginger.
Hey! Wait, excuse me! Have you finished viewing the room? Is everything okay? What? How long have you known? I see.
Focus on recovering the target.
It's me.
Connect me to headquarters.
- You take that side.
I'll go this way.
- Roger! What is it? What just happened? A specter? No I've seen this woman before.
What is this Batou, I found him! Something's wrong, though.
Batou! What the hell? - Idiot! Get down! - Roger! Grab Kukushkin.
What's going on? You two have been tapped.
Change to autistic mode.
Seriously? How the hell did that happen? - It's a posthuman.
- What? Come quietly, you! Let me go! I knew it was a fishing expedition, but this is an unexpected catch.
HOTEL NIIHAMA Out of the way! Did you think I'd lose that easily? Stop! This is a false arrest! I'm not a robot! I'm human! Oh, yeah? Would you prefer that we toss you to the Russian Embassy? That's Did she get away? Yes.
But if he's what she's after, she'll be back.
We'd better conceal ourselves.
, LTD.
I can't believe I got tapped again.
I'm in no place to lecture you now.
No, it's because I interfered.
You drew an unlucky opponent.
- Suzuka Mizukane, huh? - That's right.
Why would someone who was neck-deep in the sustainable war abroad suddenly decide to come home? Was it for you? What is it that you have, exactly? Well? Ginger? - G Huh? Ginger? - Yes.
What the Is it the posthuman? Judging by their armor, I doubt it.
Doesn't seem like India either.
It's him! A full-prosthetic? Dammit! You got him? - He's the one we wanted? - Probably.
We'll collect his brain case and figure out who hired him.
- Paz! - Huh? Can you call Tachikoma right away? I'm still tapped, so I can't do it myself.
What? What's that? Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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