Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

CLOSE CALL / I've Awoken

CLOSE CALL / I'VE AWOKEN We're in trouble now.
- Get in! - Right! SEISHINKOUKI CO.
, LTD.
Come on! Go without me! I'll only slow you down! Batou! - Hurry up, already! - Yes, sir! But why would the request come from Purin? It doesn't matter.
Just get in! It's me.
What has happened with the Major and the others? They seem to have encountered a posthuman.
What? We've picked up signs that a key player has caught word of Kukushkin's survival.
What sort of signs? An American special forces unit.
They just took off from Iwakuni in a stealth carrier.
A special forces unit? And I thought things couldn't get any worse.
But what makes you so certain that they're after Kukushkin? The request came from the NSA.
You mean Smith? Yes.
It seems Smith was the one behind Kukushkin's assassination attempt all along.
If that's true This assignment is a lot more dangerous than we thought.
We've got to retrieve the Major's team ASAP.
- They've all switched to autistic mode.
- Yes.
What's going on? Dammit! Major! There's a roadblock behind us! Where is she? Come on, quick.
Where did she disappear to? This is one enemy that won't die so easily.
How did she get over there? So that's the posthuman, huh? That's right.
Ishikawa! Over here! This way! An American special forces unit is heading this way.
- Support the Major and the others! - Roger! But then, that doesn't sound good.
Can you hold off a posthuman on your own? Leave it to me! I have a plan.
That's why I called for Tachikoma.
What do you mean "a plan"? It's not like you've fought a posthuman before! That's right! We'll be better off if you let us handle it ourselves.
I've already shared the data with you.
No need to worry! Why me? The Major always rides you, right? That's not Batou's outfit! Someone has to take the lead.
Now follow after Batou and the others! Come on, why did you choose me? We'd better move too.
I doubt they'll fire a missile in the center of the capital, but we're dealing with a special forces unit.
We'll have no chance if they use that thing.
Right, which is why we need to recover the Major's team before then.
Major! She's unarmed.
Let's finish her off! An error has occurred.
Please stop your vehicles.
Batou! Here as well! Major! I've been told that an American special forces unit is on the way! What? No wireless transmissions! Communicate with directional lasers only! - Roger! - Roger! Is it true that the posthuman calculates faster than us? I'm taking control now.
So tight Actually, this might work better than I thought.
So this is what it's like to be ghost hacked.
My body's moving on its own! I feel sick! Huh? Over there! Quiet, you.
Can you at least pick me up? Please help me up! Come on! Major! A special forces unit is coming! We've got to get out of here soon! I'll bet they dropped something.
- You were right.
- Damn.
I've confirmed two cyborgs with thermo-optical camouflage.
Just what we need.
What about weaponry? Either subsonic sniper weapons or assault rifles, I would imagine.
Ishikawa! Catch! At the very least, we can restrict their line of approach.
- Hey, that hurts! - Hide! Time for optical camouflage! Right.
Turn on cyber communication! Saito! Do you see anything? Nothing.
I'm not picking up any satellite transmissions or anything on the infrared range.
That was close.
I can't even detect a muzzle flash or heat discharge.
We'd better not let them get any closer.
Freeze and do not resist, Suzuka Mizukane! We'll push them to the right.
Shoot at their legs, huh? - Keep pushing! - Got it! An error has occurred.
Please stop your vehicles.
If the error is not resolved, please push the button to call an attendant.
One down.
Batou! I'm alive.
You saved my ass, Saito.
Hey, how come I can't hit her? - What are you sitting there for? - Can't you just unlock our controls? Don't tell me - She hacked a passenger jet? - Say what? Incredible.
She's a former world champion of the Math Olympiad, after all.
Her calculation speed might stand out, even among posthumans.
Hey You're not telling me Suzuka Mizukane did that, are you? I think she really meant to crash it.
If Esaki hadn't stopped her, that is.
Well, I'll be damned.
For real? Now we finally have time to deal with you, Philip Kukushkin.
Where is the code you mentioned? In here.
For the posthumans and the NSA to try to erase it, it must be pretty damn valuable.
Excuse me If I hand over the code, you'll grant me asylum, won't you? How much money do you think I'll get? That depends on the contents of the code.
Grab him! Hey! You won't get it until we sign a contract! Hey, let go of me! Are you guys listening to me? Still I never thought word would leak that easily.
What an embarrassment.
Not a thing has changed since the end of World War II.
We've grown too accustomed to being under someone's control.
I guess they've never taken off the leash.
Even so We can't ignore a spy in our midst.
Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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