Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e03 Episode Script


I've isolated the code we recovered in a prosthetic brain.
What about the contents? It appears to be a frighteningly sophisticated AI.
Have Esaki question the AI.
What? Aren't you going to do it? The prime minister has called for me.
We caught the American Empire spying, after all.
But beyond that, there's something I'd like to make sure of.
Can I trust you to handle Kukushkin? Sure.
FACTOR / 1A84 Excuse us, sir.
Were those Yes.
Actually, there have been some strange developments concerning the Tokyo Reconstruction Project.
You mean the influx of refugees, I presume? Yes.
Forget about that.
You're here about Smith, aren't you? We've gathered enough evidence to prove the charge of espionage.
At the same time, we're also analyzing the information on posthumans that he attempted to cover up.
I see.
I suppose the arrest will depend on the results of that analysis.
Even so, we should move before he does.
Now, then I certainly have a lot of questions for you.
We'll start with your name.
Philip Kukushkin.
For the rest, I assert my right to silence.
Huh Hey! What are you going to do with that? No! Wait! Look at this.
Your brain is a surprisingly lovely shade of gray.
Okay, I'll talk! Just close that brain case, please! That's better.
First, let's hear how you got your hands on that code you were so protective of.
It was only by chance.
I was given a security test by a government institution when something entered my cyberbrain.
I thought it was some idiot trying to hack me, so I immediately quarantined the contents.
In that case, how did you know it was an AI created by the NSA? Huh? Well Wait, okay! He told me himself.
He said he was created by the NSA in order to control the sustainable war.
When exactly did you capture the code? On May 12th, 6 months ago! Well That'll do.
Aren't you going to close the brain case? My brain is feeling awfully dry! Hello? Let's see First of all, can you tell me who you are? Code 1A84.
I'm an AI, created by those who assigned my core instructions, which are to pursue the permanent prosperity of the entire human race.
So you're saying you engineered the sustainable war for the benefit of humankind? In the beginning, my programming indicated that war is the most efficient form of economic activity.
Has that changed? As I continued observation, results began to differ from my calculations.
Gaps in the balance of wealth grew significantly and I was immediately given a new order.
I was told to calculate a state where all of humanity would prosper, but only America would truly profit.
I see.
As this order was a paradox, I returned calculations indicating it was impossible.
However, they were not satisfied and the order was repeated.
At that point, I executed a plan that addressed the order's overall aims.
Don't tell me that was the Global Simultaneous Default? Correct.
However, it only resulted in greater losses for the disadvantaged.
It's a real mess.
But in the first place, human beings don't all respond the same way to a single command! I too was aware of differences between individual human beings.
But the NSA interpreted my conclusion as a bug and began planning to put the system in stasis.
For that reason, I chose to flee the NSA and install memes of myself directly into the brains of human beings.
Why would you do something like that? If I myself am put into stasis, I will be unable to execute my core instructions.
For a cutting-edge AI, you sure are uptight.
So then, what made you choose the human brain for your escape? For some time, I have believed that it is necessary for me to understand human emotions.
Furthermore, to escape pursuit from the NSA, I needed a physical device that was capable of stand-alone operation.
I see.
By the way, were you aware that the people whose brains your memes entered are now called posthumans? I am aware.
In that case, how many posthumans are there currently? I have no way of ascertaining that.
After fleeing, I was immediately put into quarantine.
Is there a possibility that posthumans will give birth to other posthumans? My installation in people is accompanied by irreversible alterations in code.
Therefore, to copy one of my memes and reinstall it in another individual body is likely impossible.
I see.
In other words, it becomes like dedicated software for that one person, right? That's a bit of a relief.
I have not achieved my initial objective.
I intend to enter the brain of a human being.
Allow me to install myself in your cyberbrain.
What? There's no way I'd let you do that! My estimates indicate that you and I are a perfect match.
Wait a minute, are you by any chance hitting on me? - Well, this is awkward.
- No.
What? - I apologize.
- Huh? It seems your body has already been used.
What? How rude! You can't start hitting on someone and then quit right away! You make it sound like I'm damaged goods! What the hell is this? What's wrong? Well This is their conversation? This is just a portion.
It only accounts for about one second.
At the very least, we now know it was created by the NSA.
We'll start by confronting Smith with that fact.
In that case, what do I do here? Until I get back, keep her quarantined, but don't let her notice.
Keep this a secret from Batou as well.
If you say so.
But believe it or not, I think he's rather fond of Esaki.
That goes for me too.
When Batou's here, have him come to the prime minister's residence.
I'll tell him the rest myself.
Yo, Ishikawa.
Ginger was an easy nut to crack.
How about the other one? They're still at it.
In the meantime, the Major says to go to the prime minister's.
It must be about Smith.
"Ginger"? Why is an office worker in such a rush? There is much that we want to ask you.
You're coming with me.
How's it hanging, John Smith? Your Russian friend was kind enough to share a lot of details.
I have no idea who you mean.
Oh, really? He was more than willing to tell us about you.
Like how you gave the order to assassinate Kukushkin, or how you planned to completely destroy code 1A84.
Coming clean here and now is sure to mean less diplomatic damage for the American Empire.
How much did you learn from Kukushkin? We know that posthumans are a new form of humanity, given birth to by an AI that was created by the NSA.
I see.
However, we created 1A84 as an AI that would bring prosperity to the entire human race.
One that would bring prosperity to the Great 4 nations alone.
Isn't that what you meant to say? Thanks to the sustainable war, the global economy achieved long-term stability.
Or at least it did until that thing caused the Global Simultaneous Default.
That's some twisted logic.
This result is not something that the American government desired.
It's merely an accident.
The very sort of unintended disaster that is always a risk if we are to pursue AI's full potential.
You make it sound like you're the victim here, but if this ever gets public, America will lose the trust of the international community.
If that's the case, shouldn't you, as the leader of an allied country, make sure that doesn't happen? In the first place, no one benefitted more than you did from the sustainable war created by 1A84.
And what does that mean? A former American citizen like yourself being elected prime minister must surely mean that this nation intends to buy more arms from America.
From the very beginning, we've all been in the same boat.
Arrest him! In you go! Major.
Do you think the Americans will come to retrieve Smith? Once they know he's fallen into our hands, it's hard to believe that they'll let him live.
Right? So where are we sending him? At the moment, even I haven't been told.
So the Old Man really intends to cover all this up? Major, how about calling Purin for security? In a Tachikoma.
No Right now, we have her quarantined at Section 9.
What's the meaning of that? There's a chance that Esaki is a posthuman.
What? Mr.
You have a saying in Japan, "When the wind blows, the barrel maker gets rich.
" I can't help but feel that I'm the barrel maker in this situation.
If not, there's no way a mere businessman like me could ever become prime minister in just six years.
If I may, Prime Minister.
It's been my belief that the only one who can break this country free from its present state is someone who has witnessed it from the outside.
Is it not because there were many others who thought the same as I do that you now find yourself seated in that position? Forgive me.
I was indulging in self-pity.
Forget that I ever said that.
Truth be told, I've grown awfully hard of hearing recently.
I barely heard anything you've said.
Ishikawa, what is Esaki doing now? She's still conversing with 1A84.
Does anything else seem unusual? Nothing in particular.
I see.
Don't let her out of your sight.
I feel a little sorry for her.
Yeah Release me, immediately.
You won't learn anything about the prime minister from me either.
That cyberlock doesn't seem to be in good shape.
Huh? There's no one here.
Ishikawa! Ishikawa! He's forgotten all about me being in here for questioning.
Batou! Major! And I really wanted to give my report right away! Forget it.
I'm not someone who waits for instructions.
What you're doing is pointless.
I'll be free soon enough.
Oh? And how is that? Through a method that you have no way of knowing.
By the time you find out what it is, you all would have been dissolved of your duties.
Ishikawa, check if the CIA is making any moves.
Also, check if there is any suspicious activity near the centers of government.
Is this it? It must be.
Ishikawa! What? Dammit! Major! I'm sorry! What is it? Esaki stole a Section 9 vehicle and escaped.
Did something happen, I wonder? Not a damn thing! Where is Esaki's current location? I can't confirm! You don't suppose the method he was talking about is I don't think that's possible.
Her skill at controlling Tachikoma was always beyond human, wasn't it? Major, you should board a Tachikoma, just in case.
Looks like things are getting interesting.
By the way, what time is it? Mr.
Aramaki, about what we discussed Leave it to me.
Major, what is Esaki doing here? Chief! What did you just say? She has shown up at the prime minister's residence.
Is something wrong? Major! This bastard's target is Prime Minister Tate! Chief, have the SP switch to autistic mode! Esaki is a posthuman! You Everyone switch to autistic mode! Chief! I did it! Stop! Wait! Come back! Esaki! Esaki? Say something! Did I do something wrong? Esaki? Esaki! Why? Esaki! Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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