Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

MEMORIES / Born in Heaven

There must be a mistake.
- Tate should have died - Shut your mouth! Are you curious how your plan turned out? You'll probably find out sometime in the next century.
Give me a break.
- You still have a cryogenic device? - Sargasso in the sky.
May your nightmares be worse than death.
Stop it! You can't! Stop! MEMORIES / BORN IN HEAVEN We've finished detaining Smith.
I see.
Good work.
I'm sure you all realize why I had you gather here.
With regard to Purin Esaki, a committee of inquiry will be held today.
I expect them to reach a clear conclusion.
But until then, I'd like everyone to stay put.
Prime Minister Pardon me, but is it too much to ask you to wipe your own ass? Forgive me.
There's nothing I can do.
The government won't be satisfied without a third-party inquiry.
For the time being, please wait here.
How long is this going to last? Considering the magnitude of what has happened, Section 9 could have been immediately dissolved.
We're only here because the Prime Minister has given his best effort.
All we can do is wait.
Are we certain that Esaki was a posthuman? After reviewing her lifelog, we confirmed that she developed a fever on the same day as the other posthumans.
The night before, she was active online until morning.
It seems she brought home work from Section 9.
Even so, her pattern of symptoms is unlike any other posthuman we've seen.
But for the bureaucrats, that only raises their suspicions that she's an American spy.
Do you suppose she had no idea she was infected? Probably.
I can't dispute the possibility that Esaki was infected with that code, but I find it hard to believe she's an American double agent.
What makes you so certain? She was referred to us by someone I trust.
There were special circumstances and I handled her recruitment directly.
Esaki was all alone in this world.
In some ways, she reminds me of you, Major.
No argument here, but her circumstances must be dire for you to say that.
Unbelievable How could Purin go and do something like that? I always thought she was weird, but Was her obsession with Batou part of her strategy? Hey! Is Section 9 going to be dissolved again? The chances seem high.
Which means there's only one thing for us to do! We'll find evidence that Purin was a spy and prove that even Section 9 couldn't have stopped her.
- Nice! - Good idea! - Sounds fun! - Okay then! With that settled, let's get moving! - Right! - Right! Oh, wait! You guys hold down the fort.
- What? - What? - Off we go! - Hey, this isn't fair! Wow So this is where Purin lives.
Is Section 9's salary good enough for a 22-year-old to buy her own apartment? Well, Batou always complains that he's underpaid.
- I asked around, and listen to this.
- Huh? No one in this building knows anything about Purin.
Even with that weird hair color.
Lacking interest in neighbors may be the default for urban dwellers.
Or maybe What's gotten into you? I tried to access the IoT in her room, but I was locked out! All these precautions are definitely suspicious.
- Definitely! - Definitely! What kind of room is this? Is she what they call a "minimalist"? Are we sure she really lived here? It's not my place to say, but it doesn't seem very human.
There aren't even any curtains.
Hey, this thing won't open.
Maybe it's been frozen shut.
Either way, what was she doing in here? She couldn't have friends living like this.
What if we go through her memories as a student? Her life before she joined Section 9.
Section 9's data bank has awfully tight security.
Don't play dumb! You're already accessing it, aren't you? She transferred to MI after graduating from junior high, right? Oh Well, her name is there.
I guess she didn't fake her academic record.
But then she re-enrolled at Teito University.
It doesn't make sense.
What about junior high? What sort of child prodigy was she? Let's see Looks like her personality had already developed.
So she didn't go crazy after studying in America? Huh? This is the name of her guarantor when she studied abroad.
Okay! Let's go talk to her! - Right! - Okay! MURASE Coming! Nice to meet you! We are Purin's co-workers, and we wanted to say hello.
So that's what happened? That dear girl To think that happened to her If I may, Purin's parents have both passed away, right? Yes.
That was in elementary school.
She then stayed at a foster home until she entered junior high.
So then how did you come to be her guarantor for her study abroad? It all started when she came to me and told me she wanted to enter Teito University.
However, they wouldn't accept such a thing in Japan, so I encouraged her to go to America.
She really possessed exceptional talent, after all.
But after that, she went to the trouble of re-enrolling at Teito, right? Although it's not well-known to the public attending Teito is the only way for new graduates to get hired by the Interior Ministry's Public Security division.
That's why I referred her to Mr.
Directly to the Chief? Oh my, you hadn't heard? Why was she so desperate to enter Section 9? She really must have had a hidden reason.
Why was Purin so determined to work for Public Security? She never did tell me the reason either.
But while she was in America, I'm told she was approached by the CIA.
- The CIA? - The CIA? The story is so well-constructed, it's almost hard to believe.
It makes you wonder about that approach from the CIA, right? Yeah.
Could it be that that's when her ties with America began? It doesn't sound impossible, but I doubt even we'll be able to dig into CIA records.
So we've reached a dead end then? I know! Why don't we go back even earlier? - Huh? - Huh? What was it that attracted her to Public Security as a middle-schooler? - I see! - Good idea! ENTRY SHEE PURIN ESAKI It's no use.
All the data we found begins from her junior high school days.
Look, here's her permanent address! Wait, isn't that an undersea tunnel? That must mean it's a fake address.
Now things are getting super suspicious! Having this little information available really is unusual.
It's likely that her past was intentionally erased.
Could it be that Purin herself never existed at all? Meaning she stole someone's identity? But that pink hair really made her stand out.
Facial recognition would bust her right away.
Facial recognition? - That's it! - That's it! We'll gather image data from around the world and look for Purin's face as a child.
If we find her, we might be able to identify where she lived and spent her time.
Everything we've found still begins from her junior high school days.
Was the data from before then erased? How thorough.
Still, we should at least find her in the background somewhere.
Whoa! Found her! She was photographed by a foreign tourist.
I knew they couldn't erase everything.
But this looks like she was traveling somewhere, so it won't help us find her home.
We don't see her family either.
Who is this? She looks like Purin.
I guess the search found a girl with a resemblance.
Let's move on.
Wait! This looks like - Whoa! - There she is! I know that expression! The other girl in the photo could be her sister.
All right! If we follow her Hey, there's data about a crime in here.
In March 2030, a family was murdered in Niihama City.
Wait a minute.
Don't tell me Is it that famous incident we all know? - What? - What? This is where the murders took place.
It's all gone.
It's like there was never anything here at all.
But I'm sure we've been here before.
The soldier who went mad after being trained by the CIA's Operation Sunset, Marco Amoretti, committed his terrible crimes here.
But then, there are no records of Purin being here.
Whoa! Someone built a culvert here over what used to be an aqueduct.
Oh! I see! This must be the Witness Protection Program.
Witness Protection Program? A program that protects people who are witnesses to a major crime.
- Right.
- They have their names changed, have traces of their past erased, and live a new life under another name.
I see! As a witness to the murders, Purin was put in the program! That would explain why there's no data from before she entered the foster home.
Even so, we still don't have proof that Purin was a member of the victims' family.
We're so close! If only Purin had left her external memory devices behind.
Hold it She might have.
- Huh? - Huh? It's open! Let's go! - Heave! - Ho! They're here! Are you awake? Wait here.
Here you go.
What about my sister and the others? They didn't make it.
Starting today, you'll have a new name.
Huh? Why? So that you can live out the rest of your life.
That's strange.
For some reason, I feel oil coming out of my eyes.
Do you think Batou knew that Purin was the girl he met that day? The way she is now, I doubt he noticed! But either way, Purin was no spy! We have to tell Batou and the others that Purin is innocent! Everyone! Good news! They proved that Purin is innocent! - Say what? - Say what? After investigating the cyberbrain of the SP that Purin shot, it was found to have a slow-acting virus that made him try to shoot the Prime Minister! In other words, the SP was the assassin sent by Smith and Purin was protecting the Prime Minister! Say, why are you guys crying? But that's just too sad! I sure wish we could have let Batou hear the news from Purin herself.
But that's impossible! She's already dead.
It's my job to tell Batou! I Why? Why couldn't I remember who she was sooner? Hey! I have an idea! - What? - What? What is it? I thought that maybe we could make a prosthetic body.
There! Let's put this in while we're at it too! Now then - What should we do now? - What do you mean? For these memories, it would be better if we didn't remember either.
I see! Let's forget all about this! No objections! - None! - None! Unbelievable! How could Purin go and do something like that? I always thought she was weird, but Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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