Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

ROOM 101 / Man's Search for Meaning

We got a tip about a rat inside the organization and determined that you all are the most likely candidates! Are these my memories from 16 years ago? I'm not a rat! You're awfully stubborn.
But I don't mind that in a man.
Oh, my Too bad.
We'll play again later.
ROOM 101 / MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING There's no doubt.
I'm watching myself from back then.
In those days, I was young, reckless, and determined to move up the ranks by volunteering for dangerous missions.
But then, something isn't right.
Is this a dream? The last thing I remember was tracing Takashi Shimamura's past, along with Batou.
In you go! Hey.
They roughed you up pretty good.
Yeah I'm with the police's Public Security Division.
The name's Noda.
I've been trained to resist interrogation, but what about you? Don't say too much.
They might be listening.
Did the brass order you to infiltrate this place? Not me.
I'm not with the police.
I'll pretend I didn't hear you, so just leave me out of it.
I see.
Still, once they suspect you, you'll have a hard time convincing them.
Even now, you seem pretty sure of yourself.
How can you be so confident? Call it a talent.
That's right.
I won't die.
You're going to survive this and join the Major's team.
That's your youth talking.
You're no older than me.
That's not what I mean.
You're not married, are you? No.
I'm engaged, though.
I've got a wife and two kids.
There's no way I can die here.
Let's escape together.
Forget it.
I'm no police rat.
I'll prove my own innocence.
If all this won't make him talk, maybe he's not the rat after all.
That's right.
There's no rat here.
Do you get it? None of us are spies.
If you deny you're the rat, then send this guy to the next life.
If you can't, it will be you instead.
So you are the rat.
It's time to run.
Hey, are you Save it.
Let's go.
Why did you help me? If you had shot me, you would've been saved.
It's like you guessed.
I'm a cop too.
I couldn't go through with it.
Plus, I'm not one to bend my principles.
Hey! Let's get in here.
We'll take shelter for a bit.
Hey! Take a look.
It seems that blizzard had us running in circles.
What now? Luckily, the snowfall covered our tracks.
We'll split up.
There's a better chance of survival.
Which of us will take the woods? The woods are yours.
You have a family, right? Don't expect a thank you.
It doesn't matter.
I've got this.
It's enough for suicide, at least.
Is that a joke? I told you.
I'm not going to die.
That's right.
I'm not going to die.
After all, when this is over, I'll survive to join Section 9.
But then How did I make it out alive? I just can't seem to remember.
Nice knowing you.
Damn! What's going on? Did he betray me? But that can't be And for the next three days, following god knows what path, I ran through the blizzard without food or drink.
The fact that the snow hid my trail was my only blessing.
Eventually, they caught up with me on the morning of the fourth day.
Dammit! It really is just for suicide.
This can't be right.
Did I die here and had been dreaming all that time with the Major and the others? No Is it Takashi showing me this dream? Either one is fine.
If I had survived by shooting that guy, the Major never would have recruited me.
Is that enough for you? Major? Choosing to die for your principles.
That's just like you.
Death is sometimes succulent.
A noble death satisfies our pride.
But to the people around you, it appears only as foolishness.
Even if your hands get dirty, you have responsibilities that demand your survival.
I rode on the truck with Takashi Shimamura and the airborne troopers.
That's You're Noda, right? Yeah.
Have we met somewhere? Oh, well Where is this train headed? Where else? To N.
"N"? You've finished your purification and become clear, right? We've rejected becoming proles and pledged to aid Big Brother by joining the Association.
Or are you saying, "Ignorance is power"? TERMINAL STOP EXI SHIN-TOKYO This is N? Don't tell me it's Tokyo? Hey, do you have a weapon? No.
If you want, I'll share mine.
Where did you Years ago, while working undercover, I sold out a fellow officer to save myself.
From then on, I carried the trauma with me.
But now, Big Brother has shown me the way and the Miniluv has purified my heart.
I was saved by them.
"Big Brother"? By Miniluv, you don't mean I never knew a mere sunrise could be so beautiful.
I really have become clear.
Our courage is the blood of the New Order.
Big Brother is our guide.
Our wishes are the flesh and bone of the New Land.
A truck will arrive to take you to your post.
Please proceed to the waiting area.
Are these guys planning to start a war or something? Takashi Takashi! Damn! Major? Batou? It's me, Togusa.
This is no marginal village.
Why can't I get online? The signal was cut.
TOBACCO It's connected.
- Hey! - Batou! Your phone's ringing! Who's calling? Huh? It's from a pay phone! A pay phone? I guess some people just don't like technology! What do we do, Batou? Go ahead and answer.
Roger! Hello? Is that Tachikoma? - Hey, that sounds like - Could it be? - Togusa! - Batou! It's from Togusa! - What? Is it really Togusa? - Hurry! Here.
Hello? Togusa? Partner You You're alive! Yeah.
Where are you now? Hey, partner Do we only need to be alive for the world to be this beautiful? Huh? Hey! Togusa! What the hell are you talking about? Where are you? Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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