Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

N-POWER / How to Build an Independent Nation

Did you hear about today's dinner? Since it's the captain's birthday, they're going to print out a whole cow.
That means we'll be eating steak off the bone.
Hey! Is it true we'll have a whole cow for What the hell did we print out? N-POWER / HOW TO BUILD AN INDEPENDENT NATION That fool.
After all that worrying Where the hell has he been for the past two months? Batou! Do you have Togusa's coordinates? I still can't connect to his GPS, but according to his report, he called from a payphone at a tobacco shop near Shin-Tokyo Station.
I see.
There's something bothering me.
We've received information that more than three million people have gathered in Tokyo to plot a raid.
Three million? That's more than just refugees.
Togusa's sudden appearance in Tokyo must be related.
We'd better check it out.
Please take care of Togusa first.
Leave it to us.
- What's a tobacco shop, anyway? - Beats me.
TOBACCO The Tokyo Reconstruction Project has fallen behind.
I thought only refugees worked here.
- Let's sit over there! - Okay! That girl I know her from somewhere.
Hey, guess what? I heard a whole bunch of N-Po arrived yesterday.
For real? I wish they'd cut it out.
Especially now that Big Brother has given us the Miniluv.
You said it.
Hey, girls.
Shouldn't you be in school? This looks like a rough neighborhood.
What are you talking about, mister? You know there's no school here in N.
"N"? Oh, that reminds me.
What does N stand for, anyway? Hey, mister, don't tell me You're N-Po? "N-Po"? Everyone, be careful! There's an N-Po here! Seriously? - N-Po? - In hiding? Where has he been holed up? - Don't let him escape! - That's right! - Come with me! - Hey! Cut him off! - Don't.
There are people.
- Wait! Call the Thought Police.
Everyone, there's an N-Po! What's going on? If you're captured, they'll send you to Room 101.
Hurry! Room 101? Hey, what is this "N" business? Stop! Get back here! Stop! I hear you found Togusa.
Batou's on his way to meet him.
I see.
Aramaki, just now the American Navy lost control of the Arkansas, an SLBM-carrying nuclear submarine.
It was captured by a posthuman.
What? Suzuka Mizukane? No It's a full-prosthetic android.
Sharp as always, Major Kusanagi.
What's more, they say it's a fully stand-alone android.
"A woman came out from the 3D printer!" That was the last communication received from the Arkansas, two days ago.
In addition, the photos I showed you arrived one hour ago.
Was the printer hacked prior to departure? Most likely.
America is summoning its full resources to find the submarine, but at this point, they don't have a single clue.
Since the attack came from posthumans under Japanese supervision, the President had some harsh words for me.
Without acknowledging their own country's mistakes, I assume? Exactly.
What is it they want? Were there any demands from the posthumans? This was sent along with the photos.
"With this step, we hereby declare that we are N.
" What is this "N"? Perhaps it means the three million people who have gathered in Tokyo.
Could it be their idea of a declaration of war? First things first.
Prioritize finding Mizukane.
If we don't take that submarine back from her control, there's little else we can do.
Yes, sir.
So that's Geo City, the symbol of the Tokyo Reconstruction Project? Right.
You'd think by now that Japanese politicians would focus on something besides construction projects.
I can't access the Net anymore.
- What would cause that? - It's odd.
It doesn't seem like signal interference.
Is that TOBACCO - Yay! - Yeah! Communications are still down.
Use the Tachikomas' laser communication device! It only works in visible range, but there's no chance of being tapped.
I'll come for you at sunrise.
Whether you secure Togusa or not, come back to the retrieval point! Got it.
There's nobody here? SANJI YAGUCHI VS.
There's no doubt.
- Wow! - Whoa! Hey! Hey! Hold on a second! What's your name? I'm Kanami.
Kanami, have we met before Dammit.
We have to make it over there quickly.
What's over there? Don't move! Hey! Hurry! No way! Don't! That hurts They're a lot like the people who did raids in America.
You're right.
But then, it doesn't seem like there are three million of them.
There might be more in the redeveloped areas.
Either way, where did they get all that weaponry? I guess large-scale raids will start in Japan now too.
How awful.
Hey! That brown-haired guy is headed for the Niihama planned construction site.
- What? - Huh? - Batou! Could that be - Yeah.
Dammit! Hey! Are you crazy? Well, if she can do it Then I Wait! Don't do it! Hey! Whoops! Got you! Tachikoma? Unbelievable.
You owe me for this.
Batou That was a close call, Togusa! Let's go! As the Major said, refugees turned raiding parties are gathering in number.
We need to update her as soon as possible.
When I arrived in Tokyo, I spotted Takashi Shimamura.
I think all of this may be his doing.
While you were missing, we learned something new.
An AI created by the Americans went wild and infected an unknown number of cyberbrains.
The posthumans were born as a result.
I see.
Even a middle schooler wasn't safe.
Esaki too fell victim to it.
What happened? She's dead.
What? - You can't connect to the Net? - No.
The moment we entered Tokyo airspace, our signal was jammed.
That means something really is happening in Tokyo.
But even so, for that Mizukane to capture an American nuclear submarine is a pretty bold move.
We can't rule out a sudden nuclear missile launch.
We'd better find that sub as soon as possible and detain her.
As soon as Batou and the others have retrieved Togusa, have them join the search for Mizukane.
I'll update them once I figure out a way to restore communications.
I'm counting on you.
Give me a break.
It's one goddamn mess after another.
Batou! Aren't we going to camp here again today? No.
We have a better grasp of the situation now.
There's no reason to stay here.
What, really? Too bad.
- Man - Man What is it? That looks like the American Special Forces.
- Turn off your laser signals! - What's wrong? I found Takashi Shimamura.
Suzuka Mizukane's with him.
Seriously? Even the Americans appeared.
Something must be up.
What do we do? We'll head to their landing point! Batou, look! Get moving! Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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