Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

TRUTH POINT OF CONTACT / Bridge of Promise

Aramaki, we have more trouble.
An American transport craft was shot down over Tokyo.
The US military seems to have discovered the posthumans' location on their own.
Are we certain there's no threat of a nuclear attack? I don't know how much data they have, but they ordered Japan not to take action against the posthumans.
Prime Minister Supposing the Americans defeat Mizukane and reclaim their submarine, that should settle things for them.
But for Japan, things aren't so simple.
If the "N" mentioned by the posthumans is a declaration of independence, our nation will face an unprecedented threat of civil war.
You're right.
We have to avoid that at all costs.
If we can get ahead of the US and capture Mizukane before the refugee uprising, we can combine that with code 1A84 as evidence of America's crimes.
I'll call for ground forces to deploy.
Still Why did the posthumans only send that message to America, rather than declare independence from Japan? Never mind.
Very well.
Please do what you can to avoid provoking the refugees and posthumans.
I heard.
Having Batou's team already on the ground may be a stroke of luck.
- Yippee! - Yahoo! That's right Back then I was shot by an SP! Huh? This isn't the hospital? My cyberbrain can't log on.
Excuse me! Is there anyone here? I've lost my access rights.
Why? The Megatech Body Company? What do they want? I wonder.
You twerps.
Why have you blocked my calls? - Huh? - Yikes! A ghost! May your soul ascend to heaven! - Enough nonsense! - Blessed Buddha - Dear God - Where are Batou and company? Batou left to rescue Togusa after he appeared in Tokyo! They found Togusa? Yes! What about the Major? The Major also left for Tokyo to recapture a nuclear submarine from the posthumans! The Major did what? The posthumans captured a nuclear submarine? Tell me everything! Hey! If you leak information to an unknown party, the Major will be furious! Oh, you're right.
- Blessed Buddha of Infinite Light - Oh, man! Those fools But then, I prepared for this eventuality.
That's why I programmed them with a backdoor! Still Why go so far as to delete my cyberbrain's OS? What's all this? Hold on a second I have a full-prosthetic and no brain? But that means I was infected by the posthuman virus and then I died? Batou! They've entered the middle floors on the north slope.
Do you really think Suzuka Mizukane is in here? Cut the chatter, you.
Yeah, yeah.
I don't see a ghost line, either.
Then I really must have died These are I put these memories in external storage! Those creeps They read my diary! Does that mean Batou saw them too? This was not how I wanted Batou to find out who I am.
But then My death can't be helped.
From that day on, I pledged to become a person who helps others, just like Batou! This is It's the original 1A84 file.
Why is this here too? Maybe I can use this.
On behalf of the state, I hereby requisition this vehicle! Who are you? The police! We've confirmed Mizukane's hibernation.
Our info was accurate, huh? We could probably kill her here and now.
We'll fire a flare, as planned.
Huh? Hey! What are you laughing at? Don't Don't do it! Stop What Dammit They said posthumans were vulnerable to gas! Stop! - No! - Don't! Wait! Hey! Something's wrong! Friendly fire? Were they hacked by the posthuman? Batou! The one who fell should still be alive! Why are you naked, though? Just forget about that.
It's a long story.
I'm grateful for the clothes and all, but what is this outfit? A cosplay outfit.
What? I kept it in case I ever got a girlfriend.
If you're going to Tokyo, you must be N too.
"N"? I was late to the cause, but Big Brother gave me a new life, nonetheless.
Now I'm a revolutionary, fighting to build a world of freedom and peace for all humanity.
The government may be on to N.
All roads are blocked.
This dude Is he about to die from laughter? This might be Mizukane's doing.
Even so, his cyberbrain's offline.
What's this? You're Clown! Who are you calling Clown? RISE IN THEF TATE ADMINISTRATION ASKS REFUGEE GROUP FOR SUPPOR BIDDING FRAUD IN TOKYO'S GEO CITY RUSSIAN CYBERBRAIN ENGINEER ESCAPES How many people are gathering in Tokyo? Who knows? Probably millions.
That many? What is N after? Just now, you said you'd become a revolutionary.
You're not N, are you? War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Huh? Pardon me.
What is this? His ghost line has almost completely melted! Is this all a daydream to him? That app! This is similar to the Takashi Shimamura training program found by Togusa.
Who made this app? Big Brother.
"Big Brother"? Who is Big Brother? I don't know.
But that doesn't matter.
It has already begun.
Everyone has received it.
Everyone? They have received Big Brother's message.
We penetrated the night and fog and found the will to overcome life and death within ourselves.
Was this guy with you on the West Coast? Yeah, he's a mercenary the Major hired.
Then that means He was a pawn sent to probe the front line? Probably.
His autistic mode is unlocked and he's got a virus.
Hey, Clown! Wake up! Huh? Hey, you're Princess Mei Ling's bodyguard! What? So your memory's like we left it.
What are you doing here? Who would have thought we'd meet in Tokyo? What kind of mission were you on? No Sorry, but I can't tell you that.
What the hell, Clown? Aren't you being too cold to me? Let's see He doesn't seem to have been brainwashed.
He really thinks he's working for human peace and equality.
A pretty lukewarm version of enlightenment.
Maybe I should install this program into myself.
What's that all of a sudden? The SDF? No civilians are allowed past this point.
Stop where you are! Is it a suicide bomber? That's Takashi Shimamura! Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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