Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

DEMI DEUS / Those Who Evolve Toward Divinity

Stop where you are! Is it a suicide bomber? That's - Takashi Shimamura! - Huh? DEMI DEUS / THOSE WHO EVOLVE TOWARD DIVINITY Is that kid out of his mind? We were told not to make a scene until all the N arrive.
Hold it! Where did you get that from? I made it with a 3D printer.
What? Mom Ghost hacking? He's gone.
How did he hack SDF soldiers in autistic mode? It's a miracle! Stop here! Would you mind getting out? Huh? I'm in a hurry.
I'm borrowing your van.
What? One more thing.
I'm confiscating this.
But since you drove me this far, I'll overlook the weapons law violation.
Seriously? Could you guys be N? And you're N-Po, it seems.
What? Hey Take him to Room 101.
N-Po? Wait, I'm You've got it all wrong! I'm N! - I'm N, I said! - Stop resisting.
Okay! Hey, wait up! - Who the heck is he? - He's, well If the posthumans captured a nuclear submarine, they must be planning to build a separatist nation here.
Who knows? More importantly, you're not putting me on, right? Mei Ling really hid a gift in my cyberbrain? Right.
I'll open it for you later.
So how are the posthumans operating that submarine they captured? To hell with it.
This is just between us, okay? The bastards sent an android onboard.
Then, were you guys there to assassinate the posthuman? No way We only came to confirm if they really do sleep.
Sleep? You guys are pretty in-the-know for civilians, so I'll spill the beans, but you better not say that you heard it from me.
We understand.
Based on the NSA's research on the posthumans, it seems that over a 24-hour period, they have to sleep for 15 minutes.
Like a doll whose batteries are dead.
During that time, nothing can wake them up.
And now I've seen it with my own eyes.
So why didn't you put Mizukane out of her misery? No way The posthumans issued a rule to the American government.
Mizukane or Shimamura If either of them is killed, the other one will launch a nuclear weapon.
On top of that, if their vital signs can't be confirmed, the nuclear weapons will fire automatically.
However, if we don't lay a hand on N, they promise no nuclear attacks.
So two posthumans managed to get ahold of enough nuclear weapons to oppose America.
Pretty much.
So what's the AE's next move? That's above my pay grade, man! I guess you're right.
Okay, then! I've told you everything I know.
Let's have that gift already.
Huh? Batou? Good to see you, Clown! Hey! Now I've got two sets of memories at once! No amount of pay can cover this! Well, you're all set.
- Hey! - Yippee! Come on, wait up! Now How do I find Takashi Shimamura? This Is Shimamura running a signal filter? Wait, there's another network operating.
Let's see So they all connect through their own independent network.
This is the N Network, huh? This will do fine.
I'll borrow the Ns' eyes to search for Shimamura.
Still What is "N," anyway? Is it "N" for "Network"? Tachikoma! Doesn't that look like Esaki? We told you, Togusa! Purin's dead! When I get paid, I'm never working for the NSA again! That's the SDF Aren't they advancing too far? Ishikawa! Major.
I still haven't restored communication with Batou's team.
I see.
Once you recover Togusa, stay put at the rendezvous point.
We're shifting the operation to the arrest of Mizukane.
Are we authorized for satellite surveillance? - Yes, finally.
- Good.
They're on time.
You are currently intruding on N airspace! Either evacuate our airspace immediately or go straight to Room 101! What's wrong? We received a warning from the SDF.
What? Why are you guys being targeted by your own troops? - Go straight to Room 101! - Room 101? The warning's from the SDF.
They won't fire! Are you sure? Ishikawa! Ishikawa! Are you alive? Somehow.
Time to go, Clown! Huh? Hey! Mizukane captured an AE nuclear submarine and declared independence.
I heard everything from him.
Is that Clown? Hey! The Major will be here soon.
We're shifting the operation to the arrest of Mizukane.
So that's the plan.
Takashi If you keep this up, there really will be a world war.
Batou and the others are unhurt.
Even so, the SDF has been completely commandeered.
How are the posthumans manipulating them when they're in autistic mode? For someone who vanished into thin air, you look okay.
I didn't mean to waste the greeting party.
Forget it.
I don't see anyone following us.
Yes, but what are we going to do now? We're going to follow Mizukane.
And how are we supposed to find her? Clown here knows all about posthuman behavior patterns.
Huh? Isn't that right? The NSA used a spy satellite to monitor their behavior.
Even those things can't hack an NSA camera.
So how do they behave then? In general, they move between the highest points in Geo City.
They're probably sending very-low-frequency waves to the submarine.
And then, Mizukane always enters the same building to sleep, while Shimamura stays up high, even when he sleeps.
We'll head for Mizukane's base.
- Roger! - Okay! For real? - Yay! - Off we go! You mean I have to go back there again? Over there is Mizukane's base.
That's where you fell.
Just so you know, I'm not going back in there! I'm in no mood to collapse from laughter again.
We're in position.
Do you read? Right.
I read you.
We read you! I got the rear! Go around to the other side.
Roger! When did you get here? I just arrived.
That thing's in the way.
Batou! Huh? Tachikoma, after her! Roger! How long have my eyes been hijacked? Batou! Major Oh, it's Mei Ling! No, that's not right! So it's this graffiti, huh? Tachikoma! Analyze the tags here and put them together.
Okay! It's some kind of code, isn't it? A store-and-forward virus disguised as tagging? No.
I think this is how they unlock autistic mode.
That's how I got that laughing virus? What can we do? Turning off our vision assistance AI should do.
It'll be harder to aim, but we have no choice.
Hey! Hello there.
Where's Mizukane? Paz is following her.
Now then, I'll explain the plan.
Found you! Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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