Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e09 Episode Script

LAST RESORT / A Long Slumber

LAST RESORT / A LONG SLUMBER Found you! It seems that Shimamura has placed a filter on Geo City and constructed his own network that only his followers can use.
Can you access it? Accessing it is easy.
But their barrier activates immediately.
Can we find where they're transmitting low-frequency waves from? It will be difficult.
They must be wary of being traced and probably switch their location randomly.
Facilities too, of course.
Their encryption device probably has its own switch.
Without that, we won't be able to send messages to the android on the submarine.
Whatever the case, we have no choice but to capture either Mizukane or Shimamura.
Which means the Americans probably have the same idea.
Huh? I don't know anything! We have to avoid turning Tokyo into a war zone.
Before the Americans move, we'll capture Suzuka Mizukane.
Paz! What's her status? It looks like she's leaving Geo City.
Major! Takashi will go to sleep next.
Shouldn't we capture him first? If we do that, Mizukane will fire a nuclear missile.
But then, how do we capture Mizukane when she's awake? We'll have to put Mizukane to sleep while Shimamura's asleep himself.
Do we know where Shimamura is? Yes.
We'll only have 15 minutes.
To mitigate against failure on our end, arrest Shimamura as soon as he's asleep.
Saito and Borma, go with Togusa to arrest Shimamura.
The rest of us will go after Mizukane.
What about me? Do whatever you want.
This is our problem now.
Hey, wait! You'll be better off if I'm with you Get in.
What? Wow, this is high Huh? He's not here.
I wish I could contact Batou and the others.
There's so much I want to ask you! No way! You have the power to do that? Huh? I see.
He's using the N Network! Wait.
I'd better go offline! It hurts! I can feel pain This is a pretty haphazard attack.
Even so, I can't say I don't enjoy it! Guns are useless! This body sure can move! How do we detain her? Ideally, we'll knock her unconscious with a single blow.
Is something wrong? No, it's nothing.
Were we spotted? Around here? As far as I can remember.
Togusa, look! Oh, no! Saito, do you have a visual? Yes.
I've spotted him.
No sign of sleep yet.
I see.
What will he do if he suddenly falls asleep? You're right.
If he collapses, he'll fall upside down.
Oh, man! Quiet! He'll hear you.
What's that? Huh? That's It looks like an American signal flare.
That means Togusa, is he asleep? No, not yet.
He's already asleep.
What? - Good.
Let's move! - Okay! - What was that? - American special forces.
Togusa, be careful! They should be near you too! They've moved out of the laser transmission range.
I heard something about special forces.
Be on guard! Hey! Did you forget I'm here or something? Tachikoma.
Use the network here to connect my hawkeye to a satellite.
What? Isn't that dangerous? Both Shimamura and Mizukane have their guard down.
I see.
Perfect! SEALs, huh? Did they use sleeping gas? He has only just gone to sleep.
He shouldn't wake up for ten minutes.
If only he'd just stay asleep with this.
What was that? Sorry about this.
May your soul rest in peace.
That's right.
I That hurts Jeez How do I turn off these pain sensors? Will they find us here? They can't access the Net either.
I doubt they'll find us.
I'm sure glad they put this one to sleep.
Here they come! Fifty seconds left! Just hold them off! Leave it to us! Okay.
How many more? Major, I'm done! He doesn't need your help! Is this a ceasefire? They want us to disarm? What do we do, Major? That would suit them fine, but none of our problems will be solved.
If we were to shoot when they've laid down their arms, the AE won't let that go unanswered.
These guys would shoot a sleeping target when they're no longer useful.
It's fried.
Damn! Mizukane! Breathe, Mizukane! Stop! Her brain waves are too weak to extract the switch.
How many minutes have passed? It's been ten minutes already.
If Shimamura wakes up now The Americans switched targets to Shimamura.
Togusa and the others are in danger.
A flare? Does that mean the Major's team failed? They're on the move.
This is bad Tachikoma, can you take Takashi and descend? Right.
I'll give it a try.
A missile? What? Saito! Hurry, Togusa! Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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