Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e10 Episode Script


OPERATION STANDOFF / THE BATTLE BEGINS This is bad! Hey! Togusa! Mizukane is dead! What about Shimamura? Takashi is still asleep.
Two SEALs are headed toward you! Be on guard.
We're on our way too.
Togusa, now's the chance.
Roger! I'll take the lead! - Right! - What? Hey! - We're almost out of ammo.
- Just hold out until the Major arrives! We've lost Takashi! Takashi? Togusa, what's wrong? Takashi has woken up! Stop this now, Takashi! Togusa, close your hatch! He'll shoot! It seems that Takashi has figured out Suzuka Mizukane is dead.
We're in trouble now.
Takashi! Do not send orders to that submarine! Takashi Shimamura I won't let you get your way! DETECTED N NETWORK SIGNAL STATUS 72% Is that Esaki? How could Purin be here? What are you doing? - What's going on? - I'm afraid I have to help Takashi.
What? Has Tachikoma been hacked? Lay down your weapons! We share the same goal.
- Major, Batou! - Hold it! - Don't you move either, Purin.
- What are you What is it doing? Dammit! It won't open! - Shimamura! - Huh? If you launch a nuclear attack, you and the others have no chance of survival.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is power.
What? You have responded to our demands with an exercise of force, the worst possible option.
Togusa! Have you been hacked? That Tachikoma Could it be Even though all we asked of you was to stand by and watch things unfold.
For that reason, I am changing the rules that I previously announced and will expand the sustainable war.
It's conversing with Takashi via AI language.
As a first step, I am transferring the authority for the nuclear attack to the three million N gathered here.
Furthermore, I am abolishing the rule that the missiles will launch automatically if I die and relinquishing my own right to authorize a nuclear launch.
With this step, full control of the nuclear missiles is assigned to the N themselves.
So you're shifting responsibility for a war onto refugees and laborers? No.
N do not aspire to attain freedom or responsibility.
We only wish to live in a world where the friction coefficient is zero.
As long as I am alive, no N will press the launch button.
The power N have acquired is unconscious and does not pose a threat.
That is why you must leave now.
Takashi! Is that you speaking? Major! Inform Prime Minister Tate of the change in rules! The filtering has been removed.
I'm sorry, Batou.
I'm convinced that Takashi is right.
I'll look after Togusa! Hey! Roger.
I'll try.
Please update the prime minister on your end, Chief.
Yes, sir.
We can't withdraw on Shimamura's word alone.
The Chief is of the same opinion.
If the authority for a nuclear launch has really been entrusted to all three million people here, the missiles could fire at any moment.
Excuse me, Major.
I also find it hard to believe that the N won't fire the missiles.
But There's something bothering me.
First things first.
You're alive? Oh, well Well, it's true that I died, but to my embarrassment, I've come back to life.
I don't get it.
- What? - Huh? - What are you looking at us for? - Yes! Is this what you guys were up to? - Huh? - We don't know what you mean! That's because you deleted your own memories! Huh? What? You all used my external memory servers to recreate my personality and then leaked it onto the Net! What? Why would we do that? That alone doesn't explain how you're here.
I did the rest myself by manipulating Tachikoma.
- What? - What? Why would you do that? I felt it was a waste to lose Esaki's talent so easily.
Still Do you have an ethical objection? So she's identical to Esaki, but with a full-prosthetic equal to the Major's specs? So that's what happened.
Thank you very much, Major.
Batou I'm sorry to have died without any warning and to have come back just as suddenly.
But I'm happy nonetheless.
I'm happy to be reunited with all of you.
Also Well, Batou The truth is - I - I know.
I'm the one who should apologize for not recognizing you right away.
I no longer have a ghost, but I feel so overwhelmed with emotions just hearing those words.
Batou Hey! Oh, Clown! Hey, tell me What the hell is this? I didn't install it myself and I can't erase it! Don't tell me He's one of the three million people who have been given the nuclear Does that mean you're N? What? Hey, what gives? The code in his brain is identical to the virus Togusa had before he disappeared.
Can you let me have a look? You're right.
Excuse me, Major On my way here, I met someone who called themselves N.
He also had the same code in his brain.
But I have the feeling that man was different from the original N.
How can I explain it He was more of the type who dreams of a revolution.
Whereas Shimamura said that the N seek a world with no friction.
If that's the case, could it be that the original N really won't fire the missiles? Mr.
Aramaki, what do you think America will do next? Before another third party discovers what the AI they created has done, they'll move to bury all evidence.
I see Mr.
Aramaki, would you mind speaking in person from this point? Does that mean we should prepare for enemies other than the posthumans? Very well.
I'll be there soon.
Arrange a car for me.
Yes, sir.
In the first place, it's hard to believe three million refugees are actually here.
Even if it's true If there is even a small number of malcontents gathering among them, one of them is bound to push the button.
To stop that from happening, we have no choice but to capture Shimamura and strip every one of them of that power.
Paz! Any idea where Shimamura is now? The last GPS signal I received from Togusa came from below here.
Near the entrance to Geo City's underground.
Come on! Take this thing off of me! No can do.
There's an unknown code running through your brain.
We have no way of erasing it now and there's no guarantee that you won't press the nuke button.
- You can't be serious! - I'll give you a communication line.
What is it? Go with Borma to Mizukane's base.
Huh? There's no way the AE will leave things as they are.
Worst-case scenario, they might even launch their own nuclear attack first.
I want you to look into how the Americans will act next.
Can you do it? Of course! I'm counting on you.
Saito! If you find Shimamura, don't hesitate to incapacitate him.
I'll try.
- Get in.
- Right! Batou, Ishikawa, and Paz! You three and I will track Shimamura.
- Roger! - Roger! Hey! Don't leave me here! Takashi, how could you involve three million people in this? If war with America breaks out, even your mother could be hurt! Takashi only wants to create a world where all people live in equality and happiness.
And you think you can achieve that through war? If you become N, you'll understand! Wait, Takashi! Damn! Takashi! Does this mean I've become N too? You won't get your way, Takashi.
Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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