Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 (2020) s02e11 Episode Script

DOOMSDAY / The Moon over the Ruined Castle

DOOMSDAY / THE MOON OVER THE RUINED CASTLE What? An explosion at the Interior Ministry? We're checking the scene now.
Confirm Mr.
Aramaki's whereabouts immediately! Yes, sir! We can make it underground via the drains.
Let's go.
Tachikoma! Can you see anything? So that's it.
This must be it.
Do whatever you like.
I'll support you.
So, where to? If we're to figure out America's next move, there's only one place to look! If I can merge with 1A84, I can handle you too, Pentagon! Take this! Would the American government really do such a thing? Togusa's beacon disappeared here.
Can you blow the door open? Where did he go? Hey! I've lost contact with Paz! Major! The Americans are planning to use smart gas over Tokyo! Smart gas? Yes.
It's no normal gas.
It's actually made up of micro machines carrying a lethal toxin that can be dispersed over a specific area to instantly kill the people there.
It's a cutting-edge BC weapon! They plan to wipe out every one of them before the missiles can be fired? They're out of their minds.
If the N were to learn about this, they'll launch their nuclear attack first.
How will they spread the smart gas? They'll use bombers to directly disperse it over the target areas.
The AE seems to have anticipated this from the beginning and has already launched five Stealth Bombers from Guam.
Smart gas could be released over Tokyo in just three hours! They've chosen a pretty wide target region.
If they drop their full load, seven million people could die, including innocent people.
Hey! Is this some kind of joke? This is not where I want to die! Esaki, send this information to the Chief right away.
That's the thing.
I've been trying to get through to him, but Is the Old Man in trouble? We have no choice.
CHRIS OTOMO TATE Prime Minister! Major Kusanagi.
I just received word that Mr.
Aramaki's car was bombed.
The Chief? Have you heard anything from him? The Old Man's been killed? Prime Minister I'm sending you data on the operation that the AE is about to carry out.
The only one who can stop them now is you.
You can't be serious.
This is nothing short of a genocide! I'll speak to the president and try to convince him not to release the smart gas.
Capture the posthumans, no matter what it takes! You must prevent a nuclear missile attack! Yes, sir.
Prime Minister! If they got the Old Man, you're in danger too.
I'll be careful.
So it's you, Kusunoki? I'm afraid I have to engage in urgent negotiations with the president.
I have to ask you to leave.
That's not happening.
You're already under suspicion of treason.
Borma, I'm going to try hacking into the American bombers.
The Pentagon is about to attack! Hey! Purin! Are you okay? Borma? No Takashi Shimamura! I see.
That's the world you're trying to create? Very well.
I'll help.
Hey I've lost contact with Borma! What about Esaki? She's connected, but for some reason, she's not replying.
Even worse, Togusa's beacon has reappeared from inside Mizukane's room.
Which means Shimamura is there? Have they both been taken down? Could Esaki have She wouldn't do that! This is Prime Minister! Stay where you are! Nobody move! Mr.
Aramaki? You're safe! It seems I still have my share of capable subordinates.
All of you, put down your guns and lie down on the floor! Chief Prosecutor Kusunoki.
There's no time to brief you on the details.
After seeing this, do you still believe that Prime Minister Tate is plotting to betray the nation? PATRICK HUGE, SANJI YAGUCHI, GARY HARTS, TAKASHI SHIMAMURA Posthumans? The reason you were ordered to arrest the prime minister was because we have gathered evidence that the AE were the ones who created them.
Prime Minister, please begin your negotiations with the president.
I knew it.
Esaki's not here! Borma! Look! It's Takashi Shimamura! - What? - Tachikoma, restrain him! - Here we go! - Right! Tachikoma! Is he trying to lure us? Major I know how to resolve this situation.
We should all become N.
What does that mean? Did you kill Borma? Saito and I will handle her.
You two go after Shimamura! Go on! She stopped? Have my eyes been hijacked too? No That's not it.
I can't let Batou be the one to take you down! Ishikawa! Ishikawa! Ishikawa! Batou! Let's go! A sniper? Is that me? Snow? No This is Batou! The Americans have begun dispersing the smart gas.
Come with us, quickly! You guys What happened to you? Nothing happened.
We simply agree with Takashi's plan.
You've become N too, haven't you, Batou? Don't give me that crap! A phone call? Chief, it's Togusa.
I found the submarine captured by Mizukane below Geo City.
What? And just now, I destroyed Mizukane's prosthetic.
There's no risk of the missiles being fired.
Are you sure? Yes.
Please let the prime minister know.
- Prime Minister! - Right.
But then Major.
Can you hear me? Major! Major, go after Shimamura.
We're out of time.
Go, Major! Purin Have you become a posthuman too? No.
I've simply realized what N is.
If I come across a girl with a broken heart, who doesn't even have the strength to cry, I, too, want to be the kind of person who quietly hands her a cup of pudding.
It's all I've ever aspired to do.
Don't come any closer! That's why I will be strong for just a little longer! Stay back! You'll have to get past me.
I'm sorry Batou.
Why would you sacrifice three million people? You must have known this would happen! We're out of time.
I have to remove the ghost hack you've used on those people.
Tell me how! Major! Shimamura! Takashi Why? Big Brother's been shot? Big Brother Big Brother Stop! Mizukane! Don't do it! Farewell, Ms.
Mei Ling.
Why? We almost stopped them.
What is this? Batou Just as planned, all three million people pressed the button.
Was destroying the world your plan all along? Subtitle translation by: Bradley Plumb
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