Ghost Mine (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Descent Into Darkness

Let me tell you about gold.
I've been chasing it my whole life.
- Now, that is pretty.
- Everybody loves it.
Oh, baby.
But it's got a dark side.
Who's back there? What the hell is that noise? Let's get the hell out of here.
All right.
- Oh! What was that? - What the hell was that? - What was that? The old miners that died in there, they don't want you in their mine.
Mines are some of the most haunted places in the world.
There's somebody back there.
No, there's nobody back here.
Just, wham, there it was.
That is a person right down there.
I don't have a light, dude.
I don't know what it really is - But it's there - Let's go, let's go! And it scares the hell out of me.
Lord have mercy on a proud man's soul Blood so deep that it never grows cold Lord have mercy on a proud man's soul Devil's gonna fight you when you find that gold Lord have mercy on a proud man's soul Situated in the rugged peaks of Elkhorn Ridge, along the Elkhorn mountain range, is the forgotten mining community of Sumpter, Oregon.
Once a boomtown during America's first gold rush, a mysterious fire in and Sumpter's golden age faded.
But with the price of precious metal soaring, and with 25 million ounces of gold still embedded in the Rocky hillsides, a new wave of gold fever has spread.
But one thing hasn't changed: Harsh conditions and harsher weather means there are fewer than 90 workable days a season.
As the old tunnels reopen, one mine, the old crescent, remains infamous with locals.
The crescent mine up here is haunted.
I know all the stories.
A lot of bad things did happen up there.
By all accounts, it is filled with gold.
The reports from 1910, they brought out over $620,000.
So that's roughly $34 million today.
But changing ownership, unexplained cave-Ins, and a series of tragedies closed it down Many thought for good.
But now, a new owner is gambling big and has reopened the crescent mine after 80 years.
You know, I have every dime of my retirement and everything that I could possibly get together.
Everything is on the line.
But his first crew left in fear.
It's a feeling of, "you're not welcomed here.
Get out.
" When you have a crew walk off a job, there's definitely something's gotta be going on.
Now there's a new crew of hard rock miners, hand-Picked professionals willing to do whatever it takes.
But the clock for this mining season has already begun ticking.
To head up the operation, the mine owner has brought in one of the best.
Mine Foreman Stan Griffith has over 40 years of hard rock mining experience.
He's hand-Picked his crew, and to get them here, each Miner has been promised a share in the profits.
Meaning the more gold they find, the more money they'll make.
With the crew's arrival, Stan calls a general miners meeting.
Guys, this is Larry.
He's the mine owner.
Most jobs, you hardly ever get to see the mine owner.
He's usually off in la-La land, eating some lobster somewhere.
How's the rock here? Talked to a few geologists.
It seems to be a pretty promising place.
We've got over a mile of tunnels up here.
They had to have been driving it for a reason, 'cause that's an awful lot of labor for nothing.
Larry notifies the miners that the previous crew tramped out, or walked off the job.
What did you say they walked off for? Some of the guys seemed to be hearing things, and some guys seemed to think that they were feeling stuff tapping them on the shoulder.
That doesn't have anything to do with Those ghosts that they were talking about downtown.
Ghosts? The men get a good laugh, but historically, miners are a superstitious group.
Some of the things that are considered bad luck in mining is, you know, whistling underground.
Air coming out of nowhere, you don't know why.
- Women underground.
- Tommy-Knockers.
A Tommy-Knocker.
That's a ghost.
They'll warn you when something's wrong.
Little gravel falls on you, he's telling you to get the hell out of the way.
Something's gonna fall.
No, I ain't.
We aren't the first guys that have been up here, trying to reopen this mine.
To have a whole group just cut out and take off it's a I It makes you a little leery.
The ghosts of the miners up there, they own that mountain.
I mean, they do have the right to be there, and it's their mountain.
So after having a crew walk completely off site and tell me I could have the damn place, it was time to reach out and find somebody who could figure out what's going on Patrick, Kristen, why don't y'all come up here? Come on in.
And hopefully remove the ghosts that are there, or at least give the guys enough peace of mind to know that they're not gonna be bothered while they're working.
Patrick and Kristen, they're gonna be the paranormal investigators.
Are you kidding me? My name is Patrick Doyle, and I'm a paranormal investigator.
I've been doing this for about 15 years now.
So when I got the call from Larry, I was immediately excited because no one has ever investigated in a gold mine.
So what we're hoping to do here is open up a whole new realm of investigating.
My name is Kristen luman.
I've been investigating the paranormal for over a decade.
My background is in psychology, focusing on paranormal psychology.
I like to look at each case from an analytical point of view.
Understanding where the witness is coming from really puts the paranormal experience into perspective.
You don't take women underground.
I've heard bad stories.
Most miners will tell ya women are bad luck in mines, particularly a redhead.
I'm not saying I'm superstitious, but I guess I must be.
The mood changed very quickly.
And Richard secord, when he saw that Kristen was a red-Headed woman, that really was a problem for him.
Guys, if you don't feel comfortable with 'em in there, come on out of the mine till they do their thing.
- You gonna do an exorcist, or - That's not what we do.
We don't do exorcism or anything.
Do you know next week's lottery numbers? - and we're not psychics either.
Bottom line, guys, we're gonna get in there and find out if there's any paranormal activity in the mine.
We really want to make sure it's safe for you to work.
And we want to help you get in there and get out before wintertime.
I've heard those stories about the crescent mine here being haunted and ghosts or entities, whatever you want to call 'em.
Ghost or no ghost, ain't nothing standing between me and that gold.
With introductions out of the way, the men stow their gear.
It's the miners' first day on the mountain.
They're just moving in.
Wow, dude.
I think this is just me.
I'm gonna go ask him where my cot is.
That's gotta be a joke.
Are you kidding me? I guess it don't matter.
Oh, hot damn.
Snuggle, snuggle.
As the miners move in, Patrick and Kristen set up their cabin, unpacking the specialized tools they use for their paranormal investigations.
So we need to set up our dvr system so we can observe the miners, what's going on around them, without getting in their way.
We're gonna find out what's going on up here.
The first job we have to do is set up camp.
At this point, any time lost is money lost.
So the men quickly suit up and get to work.
Damn, you better go on a diet.
I'm gonna tend to that fat joke later.
Yeah, okay.
When nobody's looking.
There you go, dad.
You got the old one.
My name's Dick secord.
Some people call me greybeard.
Oh, it isn't that I really like beards.
I just really hate shaving.
He is the perfect picture of a forty-Niner.
He seems to be well-Versed also in what he does.
He probably learned a lot from his father.
My name's Richard secord.
They hung me with the nickname "Duck".
In the mines, you often earn a nickname by making a mistake, and it seems Dick secord's blasting fuses were always cut a little short.
They were going pretty fast, so I came running out and hollering, "duck," and everybody ducked, you know.
Well, they hung a nickname on you.
It don't take much.
Along with the veterans, like any operation, this mining outfit has a couple newbies, or greenhorns.
They've got a couple of jobs that nobody really wants.
But it's gotta be done.
Jamol's gonna be setting up his kitchen.
My name's jamol Eli.
I'm 40 years old, and I have seven children.
The reason why I'm up here on the mountain is I've went through bouts of unemployment, And, um, it was tough It was tough times, really tough.
It used to be a man would go to work to provide for his children, and there's no work out there Excuse me.
It pisses you off.
My name is Jay Verburg.
I'm a greenhorn, so whatever tasks they don't want to do, I have a feeling that's gonna be my job.
He's digging the hole for the outhouse.
It is a job.
This is the first time I've been away from my family for this amount of time.
What brings me here is, I gave up drinking about 11 months ago.
I've gone through losing cars, home, and this was a good opportunity for me to prove to my kids that it's not too late to start over.
I am here to find gold.
I don't care about the ghosts.
Progress remains steady.
Slowly and surely, the camp comes together.
And as the miners finish out their first day, they head to the cook shack to brave jamol's cooking.
That's a hair.
This sucks.
That's the truth.
Outside, Patrick and Kristen's work is just beginning.
Before actual mining starts, Larry will lead the investigators through a portal into a mine steeped with Reported paranormal activity.
They'll take initial baseline readings and compare their results here against future findings.
Any fluctuations between the two could suggest paranormal activity.
I am a little apprehensive.
I'll admit it.
This is definitely gonna be a new experience for me, going into a mine.
It's so wet in here.
We're pretty deep in the earth right now, about 2,500 feet.
Yeah, I keep looking back.
It's really creepy.
When you step into the mine, you definitely get a overwhelming sense of being cut off from the world.
Now, right here is kind of what I wanted to show y'all.
This is the quartz vein that we'll be working with.
That's where we find the gold, silver, copper.
There's whole lot of quartz in here.
There is a theory that quartz absorbs energy.
If there was a death at this mine, that energy could've been absorbed into the quartz.
If they're blasting or chipping away at it, that energy is gonna be released back into the mine, and it could lead to a haunting.
I think this is a good spot to start our investigation.
So if we could all turn our lamps off, I'd like to go to complete darkness.
When we first turned the lights off, I really realized how frightening it can be in this place.
I can see how people would get disoriented in here.
And people have died.
They couldn't get out.
What's that What's that noise? Neither of you guys heard that? That rumble? What'd it sound like? Rocks either falling or moving or Where is that coming from? - You all heard that, right? - Yeah, what was that? Oh,.
What's that? What's that noise? While conducting an initial baseline investigation of the old crescent A gold mine that has been closed for over 80 years Patrick and Kristen, along with Mine owner Larry, are already experiencing strange activity.
Holy .
Y'all heard that, right? Yeah, what was that? Anybody back there? Gotta check this out here.
So we do We'll do some readings.
We're at zero across the board on the E.
I'm using an e.
Meter to measure electromagnetic fields.
I'm trying to find abnormal readings to see if the area could be affected by something paranormal.
Temperature in the upper 40s, 50.
We're also interested in temperature changes.
If we notice any fluctuations, that's gonna get our attention.
We're still at 45, so that's gonna be our base for when we go on from here.
Larry, we're gonna stop right here for a second, and I want to do a real-Time e.
'Cause if there's something around here, I want to hear it.
We decided to use a real-Time e.
Recorder, or electronic voice phenomena recorder.
This can record sounds that normally can't be heard by the human ear.
I have it on a five-Second delay.
Who is here with us? If you're here with us, make yourself known.
Is there something you want to tell us? Tell me you heard that.
It was like a low moan.
Back behind.
I heard something, but I wasn't sure if it was a moan.
It's very confusing in here.
And the sounds Echo a lot and play with your mind.
Hello? All right, I keep seeing something - Me too.
- Down there.
It's really easy to get disoriented in here.
It can be very scary.
Where Where are we? Is this a cave-In or just a end of a dead end? This area here was one of the last places they were working, I believe.
I'm thinking this is pretty much where it stops.
- Yeah.
- What is that? What do you got? I don't know.
It's reflecting off something.
Like gold? - It looks like an old bottle.
That's pretty cool.
We should take this out, and, um, we could find out what period it came from.
There is a theory that entities or energy gets attached to a certain object that it once had in its possession.
So possibly, the potential paranormal Activity.
Could actually Come from that bottle.
All right, Larry.
Let's move on.
All right.
After establishing baseline readings and collecting an artifact in the mine, Patrick and Kristen end their first investigation.
The next day, Kristen heads into town, to the Sumpter historical museum, to learn more about the mine and the bottle they found.
So I actually took an artifact from the crescent mine, and I was hoping maybe you could look at it and tell me the time period or what actually it is.
I'd be glad to look at it.
I'm Toni Thompson.
I am the director of the museum and chairman of the board.
This looks like one of the old, uh, whiskey bottles.
And the miners would, uh, frequently use them for water in the mines.
They'd drink the whiskey.
Then they'd fill them with water and take them to work with them.
It looks like one of the earlier 1900 bottles, somewhere in that neighborhood.
So this would be a common item.
They would use in the mine? Very much so.
I was hoping that it was a unique item associated with maybe a particular Miner.
But Toni told me that they're actually pretty common to find up at mines.
So that probably isn't a source of the activity.
What can you tell me about the crescent? I'm really trying to find out why the crescent mine might be haunted.
There were all kinds of tragedies.
A number of miners were killed in implosions, you know, cave-Ins and things.
There were suicides.
There were a couple of shootings.
There were some epidemics.
A number of things that could possibly have created a spirit.
All centered around mining? It was mostly miners.
So what did they do with the bodies of the miners that were killed in the mines? Itthere's actually two cemeteries in town.
There's, uh One of them's the masonic cemetery, and the other's the historic Sumpter cemetery.
So there are enough masons here to have their own cemetery? The masons were very active here and in fact still are.
The lodge up here has been here for over a hundred years.
And they actually owned an awful lot of, uh, things around here.
Seems like the masons had a lot of influence in this town.
There could be a connection to what's happening at the crescent.
I really want to look into this further.
Thank you so much for your time, Toni.
I really, really appreciate it.
It's been fun.
I enjoyed it.
- Thank you.
Me too.
- You bet.
Back at the crescent, the men begin the dangerous process of reopening a mine that has been closed over 80 years.
Buckett, we're gonna have him go in with our little mucker that we have, and he's gonna muck out the heading.
Eddie, Dingus, myself, we're gonna do what they call rehabbing.
And so we're basically opening up an old mine that's been shut down so that we can safely enter and exit the mine.
Eddie and Dingus drill several holes near the opening of the mine.
Get that one right there.
Next, explosives are placed in the holes.
Oh, blasting rock? That's the lifeblood of the job.
When you put those in, put 'em in in the opposite direction.
This is my first gig mining, and I'm, uh, kind of nervous about dealing with explosives.
Put 'em in like that, yeah.
- This end first? - No, no.
Other There you go.
Right there.
You know, I mean, you gotta be careful when you're handling it.
There's people that have gotten hurt doing it.
Experience is everything when dealing with explosives.
If the miners use too little, the results could be dangerous and unpredictable stress fractures along the tunnel walls.
Too much Explosive could trigger a massive collapse.
That should be it, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Okay.
But the paranormal investigators have another concern.
Quartz is known to hold energy.
There is a possibility, if they're blasting, it's going to release paranormal energy into the mine.
All right.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Let's go.
Watch your head.
- Explosives are made to Blow up.
But you want 'em You want 'em to do it on your terms.
If you don't do it right, people can get seriously injured.
Fire in the hole! Coming up on ghost mine What was that? Now that blasting has begun, Patrick and Kristen search for any new paranormal activity in the mine.
What the hell is that? As the men finish up rehabbing the old mine, they prepare the explosive they'll use to blow a larger passageway at the front of the tunnel.
The miners take special care with This crucial step of the mining process, as any mistake here could easily prove fatal.
If you don't do it right, people can die.
Fire in the hole! It's all clear.
So after the blast, we'll check the face for misfires, wet it down, and then, if there's a loose rock, or what you think is loose, bar it down.
You find something that's loose, you find the crack in it, and then you put that angled tip in there.
You can get it out of there so it doesn't fall onto you.
And then, uh, send the mucker in.
We'll muck it out and then, uh, continue on.
Once the passageway is cleared out, the next step to getting the mine operational is to construct an entrance portal.
Heavy timber supports will add structural integrity to the entrance and ensure a safe passageway.
Slide her over as much as you can, I'd say.
What do you think? - Looks good here.
- Okay.
Let's backlag that sumbitch.
What do you think? Good job, guys.
Now we just gotta get these rocks out of the way, and we're done.
With the portal up and the mine's entrance secure, the miners break for lunch.
Kristen and Patrick use the opportunity to set up a surveillance system in the tunnels.
- Two, four, six, eight? - Yep, eight.
They're hoping to document any paranormal activity in the mine without getting in anyone's way.
I'll try to do this fast.
We need to set up our dvr system so we can review what we're seeing in the mine, because they're blasting the rock in here, and that's gonna definitely release paranormal energy, and this is our chance to actually capture it.
Okay, first camera down.
On to the next.
As Patrick and Kristen deal with the complications of setting up cameras Underground, lunch ends, and the miners head back to work.
- Got that one? - Yep, got it.
Let's pull one off right here, dad.
This looks pretty damn good right here.
What the Heck you guys doing in here? Setting up some Cable for cameras we got.
I thought you guys were gonna be working when we're not here.
'Cause we really didn't want to be underground with you.
Gonna have to tell Stan that.
Of course, Patrick and I did our research before coming out here, and we did find out about the superstitions that surround mines, especially dealing with women.
So I kind of knew what I was getting into, but I didn't realize it was gonna be this intense.
Okay, dad, let's go.
With nightfall, the miners gather around the camp's meeting place, the fire pit.
They discuss the idea that the mine they're working in is supposedly haunted.
I been on a lot of setups, and this is by far the worst one.
Easily the worst one.
I mean, we got paranormal yahoos running around in the mine, stringing wire wherever the hell they feel like doing it.
Any of you guys thinking about tramping? Or are you gonna hang in there a while and it does make me nervous.
I gotta hang on.
The problem is, if you guys tramp, I got I got nothing here to get me through this.
I almost can't even afford to pack up and take off.
Well, we all just sat around the campfire and discussed leaving.
I myself believe in spirits, but I just have to find gold.
I mean, there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
With their I.
Cameras finally in place, Patrick and Kristen use the opportunity to conduct a follow-up sweep in the mine, to see if any paranormal activity has been stirred up since the explosions earlier in the day.
Kristen and Patrick in the mine.
Who's in here with us? Thought I heard something behind me.
Are you behind Patrick? Down that way.
What was that? No idea.
I'm getting nothing on thermal.
Anything hotter or colder than the surrounding walls, it's definitely gonna show up.
are you hearing that noise? Yeah.
So what I'm thinking we do here, since we're Seem to be like All the noises seem to be located in this one intersection, set up the laser grid.
Okay, that sounds good.
A laser grid paints the entire area with dots.
If something passes in front of the laser grid, we're gonna see that That shadow, that shape.
Oh, that's nice.
That's gonna be That's great coverage there.
So we'll see anything that walks by here.
That's awesome.
This is Patrick and Kristen, the first "y" intersection in the mine, real-Time e.
Okay, recording.
If you want to ask some questions, I'll listen.
Are you trapped in the mine? What the hell is that? What is that? We set up the laser grid to see if we could get any shadows, and Patrick and I are both seeing something.
Some of the lights are covered like something is moving through them.
What the hell is that? We think we see you down there.
Can you come a little closer? Does it make you mad that I'm a woman and that I have red hair in a mine? When it comes to paranormal investigation, it's, uh, feast or famine.
It seems like we get this rise in activity, and then, bam, we could go for a long time without getting anything.
So it seems like it's pretty much gone quiet.
Want to just wrap it up for tonight? Yeah, let's wrap it up.
With preliminary setup in the camp complete, the men begin the next phase of the mining operation: Sampling.
This process of locating promising pockets of gold ore is key to a successful season, and so far, progress has been slow.
Hear that thumping noise, jamol? That's That thud? - Yes.
- That means you're loose.
You're always listening for noises in a tunnel, and they'll They'll talk to you, and you want to pay attention to them.
It can help you see where the pay streak's at.
That'll tell you what's going on.
It'll tell you what's moving.
If it's an indication to get out, I'll know that.
That'll be a Tommy-Knocker letting me know to get the hell out or move.
Anything falls on me, jamol, and you don't let me know, I will haunt you the rest of your life.
The drill is used to turn the rock to the consistency of powder.
Let's go out and take a look at this crap and see what we got.
We went in and pulled some samples out of the out of the ore body.
And we'll come out and look at them and see what they got, just kind of an eyeball assay.
Miners use what's called the loupe to search out microfine specks of gold, indicating a good sample.
It takes a practiced eye to tell the difference between gold and the multitude of other minerals found in the rocks.
Yeah, we're a few days into it here.
It's not looking real good.
I'm not very impressed, I'll tell ya.
We're just finding a whole lot of "Leaverite" leave 'er right there.
It isn't worth a.
Right about in here, Jay.
Get up higher on it.
We got something.
I think all greenhorns make duck nervous.
I'm relying upon him to teach me and educate me as to what I'm doing here.
But you're doing a fine job.
Back in the investigators' cabin, Patrick and Kristen use the surveillance system.
They've set up to remotely monitor activity in the mine.
All of our cameras are set up, running on the dvr system.
We've got cameras in some great areas.
- Channel 1 is the entrance.
- Mm-hmm.
Channel 2 is the first fork in the mine.
Channels 5 and 6 is where we were hearing all those noises.
This is just going to be great because we're going to be out of the way of the miners, and we'll be able to keep track of anything going on while they're in there.
As I'm watching the men working in the mine, I'm really gonna pay attention to their body language.
Okay, see if you can get that chunk off.
Know I can get a big chunk out of that.
- That looks - That's That's good.
Is that gonna be What is that? I heard a couple things going on in the back.
It was a distinct hammering sound.
- What was that? - I heard it.
That I've heard them before.
It's water.
It's water.
It's not water.
Let's get the hell out of here.
All right.
Well, grab your tool.
We're leaving.
Right now.
Right now, Jay.
All right.
Are you sure? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Don't drag.
That's really odd.
Where are they? They're leaving.
Yeah, they're leaving the mine.
We should get over there and meet them.
When they come out.
Well, I did nothing.
I didn't do anything.
- I know you didn't, Jay.
- All right.
If the boss gets mad 'cause we're ditching out of here soon, you're gonna have to explain it to him.
Oh, he'll have to get mad.
Come on, get a move on, Jay.
All right, I'm going.
You guys okay? - We are.
- What happened? - Tommy-Knockers.
- What were you hearing? Thump.
Solid thump.
Okay, I'm off this mountain if it keeps up like this.
When a Tommy-Knocker tells me to get out, it's time to go.
He has his ways of convincing you to leave.
Tommy-Knocker's either good or bad.
That just sounded like a bad one to me.
It scared me.
Duck is a very superstitious guy.
He heard three distinct sounds, and they were sounds that he's heard before right before a cave-in.
So after hearing that, he was out of there.
Yeah, we need to go in there to see what you guys were hearing.
Do you think it's safe? I think it's safe.
Right now, we're going to go into the mine and investigate in the same area where they heard the noises and try to pinpoint where exactly they were coming from and what they were coming from.
They heard the noises down that way.
Just ask a few questions.
Kristen and Patrick in the mine where Jay and duck heard noises.
Who's here with us? Were you trying to scare Jay and duck away? Keep it up.
If you're here with us now, let us know.
What is that? I don't know.
Sounds like metal.
Something back there.
Yeah, there's something back there.
I can hear it.
I think we should just go back there.
After Jay and duck told us what they experienced in the mine, we decided to go in and check it out for ourselves.
And what we found was a cave-in.
It must have just happened.
I don't know how safe this is, but I need to check this out.
I think we should go get the miners.
Well, hold on.
I wanted to investigate this just a little bit.
Come on.
There is a possibility that this cave-In has released more paranormal activity into the mine, So, going against Kristen's wishes, I got right up to the cave-In and started to do an e.
Oh, I'm getting a spike right here.
Just went into orange.
Right there.
See it? Patrick, I really think we should get out of here - right now.
- What's that? What are you guys doing back here with Nobody , guys.
- Look what happened.
- Look at this.
This is fresh.
This thing just came in.
- That's what I was thinking.
- Watch yourself there.
- Oh! - It's spitting a little bit.
- Yeah.
- Let's get out of here.
- All right.
Everybody back out.
Let's head for the opening.
There shouldn't be anything back there Nothing.
It's wood and dirt.
But we were getting Spikes into the red.
And I would love to stay and do a deeper investigation, but we had rocks falling, and Stan told us we had to get out of there.
So hopefully, we get better evidence during our investigations because of this.
Safely back at camp, Jay fills the guys in about the earlier cave-in.
- How bad is it? - It's pretty bad.
Yeah, when I didn't see dad at dinner, I figured he was getting ready to bag it.
He'd had about enough.
I seen Stan go down and talk to him, but I don't think it's gonna do any Good.
- Hey, duck.
- Yes, Stan.
Hey, I come down here to talk to you about them Tommy-Knockers today.
I'm tramping on you.
I'm going to tramp.
- damn, duck.
- You know what happened.
That's enough for me.
I can't go back in that tunnel.
There's no way.
Stan's in a pretty bad position right now.
He's got to keep the mine owner content.
We're all grumbling at him.
He's gonna have to come up with something here pretty quick.
That's a real bad position to be in.
Down one Miner, Stan calls a meeting to give Patrick and Kristen an opportunity to explain what they're doing in the mine.
All right, guys, as you know, we had an incident yesterday.
Duck quit.
He's no longer with us.
Now, I know you're all upset.
There's been a lot of mumbling and grumbling.
We lost a good hand with the old man to find us some gold.
- He's gone now.
- I know, Dick.
Why don't we just, uh, settle down and see what they have to say? We're gonna get through this, and then we'll talk and discuss what's gonna happen next, all right, guys? All right.
Go ahead, Patrick, Kristen.
- All right, thanks, Stan.
- Thanks, Stan.
All right, guys.
We've been in the mine three times now, doing little investigations.
I just want to walk you through what we've been seeing and hearing.
So the first time we went in with Larry to do just a really quick baseline sweep, just to kind of get a feel for what the environment is.
So we were hearing some noises down there, so we decided to do an e.
And This is Basically, this is.
Kristen and I asking questions, and we look for a response that we can't hear with our own ears.
So that's what we're gonna play for you now.
did the miners disturb your peace? Did you hear that? That sounded like a long exhale.
We do this a lot, and we have a system down where, after we ask a question, you hold your breath just in case.
We've been doing this a very long time.
You got anything else for us? Anything solid? We do.
All right, so this is from the second time that we went into the mine, and we're at the second "y" Split.
So we're hearing some noises down there, which That's what brought us to that point.
We set up what we call a laser grid.
We have two lasers that we shoot down.
So if something passes in front of that grid, we can see it.
And we did see something.
So let me just show you what we found.
No way.
So we decided to start asking questions.
And, as you can see, we have two questions.
Kristen's asking two questions, and we get two answers.
does it make you mad that I'm a woman and that I have red hair in a mine? Play it again.
does it make you mad that I'm a woman and that I have red hair in a mine? That was two nos.
Well, that's what I got.
I heard two nos.
I heard two nos for sure.
does it make you mad that I'm a woman and that I have red hair in a mine? I hate to say it, but I heard two nos.
I don't like it, but I've got to think about it a while.
Do you have anything else that you caught you can show us? We do, but not from that investigation.
We have it from the cave-In.
That's where you heard the three loud knocks that duck called the Tommy-Knockers.
Well, we went in there to where you were, that exact same spot, and we found the rocks that you were chipping away.
So went further down the mine, and that's where we discovered the cave-in.
We did get some Spikes on our e.
Detector, so therefore, we performed an e.
Session, and we did pick up some noises.
It's gonna play a couple times for you.
if you're here with us now, let us know.
- Did you hear that? - I heard something.
- I heard something.
- I heard it.
When we played the miners the first piece of evidence, they seemed pretty skeptical.
Do you got anything else for us? Anything solid? I hope by the end of this, we have settled their minds a little bit or eased some of their concerns.
We performed an E.
Session, and we did pick up some noises.
It's gonna play a couple times for you.
if you're here with us now, let us know.
If you're here with us now, let us know.
- You guys hear it? - I heard something.
- I heard it.
- I heard it.
I heard her take a footstep.
- No, listen.
- Okay, I'll play it again.
- Play it again.
- Replay it.
if you're here with us now, let us know.
- Huh.
Did you hear that? - I heard something.
I'm definitely hearing, "I'm here.
" and that's what I heard.
We reviewed this for over an hour, and we heard, "I'm here," which is the response to the question we're asking, "is there anybody back there?" if you're here with us now, let us know.
"I'm here" Was very strange.
A lot of the guys heard the "I'm here.
" Um, you know, it, uh, definitely raises the hair on the back of your neck.
From what we could tell, from everything that we're hearing and seeing, it really looks like whatever's down there isn't trying to hurt you guys.
It seems if duck hadn't heard those three knocks, him and Jay could be dead right now.
I really do think it's there to protect you guys.
Will this be enough to get duck back? No.
No, duck's gone.
So as we're sitting through this meeting, they're bringing up evidence that I was completely unprepared for, especially with a lot of the stories that duck had been telling me about Tommy-Knockers.
Whether it was a warning, or whether it was a good warning or a bad warning, I had no idea.
I wish duck had been around to hear this, so hopefully he might have stuck around a little bit longer.
So if you guys are done, then we're going to have a little meeting ourselves.
All right.
Thanks again, guys.
- Thanks, guys.
- Thank you.
Thanks, Patrick.
All right, guys, we heard what they had to say.
What I want to know from you guys right now, is everybody on board with us staying here and trying to find some gold? That's exactly what I'm talking about.
Some of the things we're hearing are kind of chilling, but I think, for the most part, everybody's eager to get back to work and see what we can find.