Ghost Mine (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Disturbance at the Inn

Previously on Ghost Mine Let's get some damn rock broke.
After 80 years, the infamous Crescent Mine.
Has been reopened.
Man, let's go.
Eight hard rock miners gamble everything for a chance to strike it rich.
But reports of paranormal activity threaten the entire operation.
Patrick and Kristen they are gonna be the paranormal investigators.
And while investigating the interior of a gold mine presents unique challenges You don't take women underground.
The team has already uncovered compelling evidence of the paranormal.
- [Bang] - What was that? No idea.
From mysterious moving shadows What the hell is that? - And unexplained EMF spikes - Just went into orange.
To disembodied voices from beyond.
And after a terrifying encounter in the tunnel - [Bang] - What was that? Tommy-knockers.
The crew's most experienced miner - Get the hell outta here.
- Flees the mountain Holy [Bleep].
Minutes before a mysterious cave-in.
And there's no sign of the one thing everyone was promised gold.
[Country rock music] lord have mercy on a proud man's soul blood so deep that it never runs cold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul devil's gonna fight you when you find that gold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul A little more than two weeks into the mining season.
And the crew of the Crescent Mine is just getting back to work after a cave-in closed the eastern tunnel.
We have a lotta other work we can do until that ground settles down and quits spitting.
So let's go get her.
And with the miners working elsewhere, Patrick and Kristen can turn their attention to the eastern tunnel.
And the mysterious sounds Duck and Jay were hearing.
- What was that? - I heard it.
Kristen and I really need to get back behind the cave-in, because we got some evidence that we just can't explain.
EMF spikes.
Communications of the K2.
We've got personal experiences.
What is that? One thing this cave-in could've possibly done is release spirit energy.
Kristen and Patrick are really wanting to get in there real bad.
We're kinda holding them back right now.
I've gotta be careful we don't get somebody hurt.
With the recent cave-in area too dangerous to enter, Patrick has a way to keep the investigation rolling.
Gentlemen, I give you R.
What in the world? When I first saw R.
A, I thought, it's a big tonka toy, you know? Like, what in the hell are we gonna do with this thing? Wow, that's quite the thing there, isn't it? - It looks like a Mars rover.
- [Laughing] R.
stands for the Remote Investigator of Paranormal Activity.
I designed R.
1 'cause we were going into some very dangerous locations.
We send it in, we don't put ourselves in danger.
And then when we knew that we were coming to this mine, I decided to get it beefed up.
She's built for this kind of environment, and she's gonna tear it up.
Yeah, Patrick he kinda figured it's a female.
He kept calling it her.
She'll do the job.
Well, let's see what this thing can do.
- All right.
- All right.
Patrick really likes playing with his toys.
All right, guys, here's the remote.
And now we actually have a situation where he can use one of them out in the field.
So this is our camera mount here.
Tilt up and down, move it back and all the way around.
These are the IR lights that let you see in the dark.
But we do have our flood lights, so if we hear something strange down there or see something, we can hit those.
Boy, them things are bright.
Those are bright.
We have the speakers.
So if we wanna do an EVP session Is anyone in here with us? That's pretty fancy.
So that's all the little gadgets on the side.
But if you wanna see her move It can go in, take all their equipment, back past the bad part of the ground.
The safety aspect of it is really, really great.
And I'm all for it.
Whoo! Good job, girl! You really showed 'em.
Meanwhile in the Western tunnel, the miners forge ahead.
But finding gold is difficult when using the basic tools provided by an inexperienced mine owner.
We can't get supplies, things that we desperately need.
Slowing down the process a leaky air compressor, - an under-sized front-end loader old tools - [bleep].
And a lack of basic hardware.
Man, I [Bleep] nail on the project.
- Are you kidding me? - No.
And Duck's unexpected departure has some of the miners more spooked than they'd like to admit.
I'm headed back to work in there, but I'm not liking it.
Something's not right.
You're in these historical places, these old mines.
You have to respect and honor the men that came before you.
People toiled and died.
You know, dreams were made and lost.
There's no doubt in my mind that, uh, those men are still working those tunnels.
Back at the mine's entrance, the paranormal investigators prepare R.
for her maiden voyage.
Because of this cave-in, we wanna get in there as fast as possible.
It's like when somebody remodels their home and they start experiencing paranormal activity.
It's the same theory in the mine.
Now that we had a cave-in, this energy could've possibly been disturbed and released.
A voice recorder and then we got our extra lights, and our laser grid.
That's everything we need, right? Yeah.
Got it.
Navigating the rocky, damp environment of the mine won't be easy.
The uneven ground is more like a gutter with a constant flow of water, sludge, and mud.
One wrong move and R.
could be left stuck in a rut that even six all-terrain wheels can't get around.
Aw, come on.
It takes the team almost a half hour to get to the site of the cave-in.
Nearly a quarter of a mile underground.
Hey, Patrick, when you get up to that corner, don't go any further.
You got it.
- I'll just park her right here.
- Okay.
They set up R.
's remote viewing station as close to the cave-in as they dare.
Got the monitor here.
So we can see everything that she sees headphones so we can hear everything she's hearing.
So the only thing going past here is R.
- R.
- Yeah.
- Well, good luck, R.
- Let's do it.
Let's turn our headlamps off and get her rolling in there.
As a final precaution, they attach a steel cable to the back of R.
in case they need to pull her back manually.
She's all ready to go.
We are recording.
Okay, I'm gonna roll forward now.
I wanna get a good look at that, uh, cave-in.
- It came down pretty good.
- It was a bad one.
We're lucky we, uh we got out of there when we did.
All right, I'm gonna take her in further, take her over the cave-in now.
When we, um, get up and over, let's stop so I can ask some questions.
Sounds good.
There she goes.
Go ahead.
She's set.
Once in position, Kristen uses R.
's on board audio system to conduct an EVP session.
What's your name? Was it you that said, "I'm here"? Are you stuck in this mine? Any responses? - Nothing? - No.
All right, you can keep going forward.
- What's happening? - It's just freaking out.
It's not responding.
Do you think water got in or something? This isn't a short.
This is she's totally just freaking out.
Lights just went out.
Yeah, IR and headlights are not working.
First thought was, oh, we got a short in the system but that wouldn't explain all the buckin' and broncin'.
It was almost as if, um, something was trying to take control of her as weird as that sounds.
- You want me to reel it in? - Don't reel her in yet.
Yeah, lights are working now.
I pretty much thought she was dead in the water.
But just before I asked Stan to reel her back in, the camera mount started working again.
And then soon after, I got complete control of her.
- Can you move her right now? - Yeah.
See? There she goes.
Now she's responding.
I'm gonna flip her around here, bring her back.
That was just too weird.
[Crunch] - Patrick, go back.
- Going back.
There? What is that? - That little shiny bit there? - Yeah.
I don't know.
It's definitely not rock.
Stan, can you come here? Is that like a is that a bottle? Like an old tin can or something.
We can take our mucker in, let it get it.
Okay, great.
Let me get R.
outta there, swap our machine out for his.
With R.
stowed away, Stan sends Eddie in to assess the damage.
After barring down any rocks loosened by the cave-in, Eddie determines the tunnel is stable enough to head back in with the mucker.
With the mucker's 8-foot reach, Eddie can safely remove the pile of debris blocking the way.
And soon, he emerges with a bucketful of dirt.
Taken from the cave-in.
Whoa! Check this out.
Looky there.
An old oiler can.
How old would you say it is? Oh, I'd say it's probably early 1900s - Early 19 - Hey.
- What? - Look at this.
What's that? What the hell did you find there, Ed? Stick.
What is that? - It's a bone.
- That's a bone.
Here's another one.
We got a bunch of 'em here.
- Coming up on Ghost Mine - [Explosion] I got a call from my wife.
Something's going on at the B&B.
We're starting to think that there could be.
Something bigger going on, a larger mystery that we're just scratching the surface.
- It's coming downstairs.
- Get get it on camera.
[Emf monitor beeping] While inspecting a rubble pile pulled from the site of an earlier cave-in, Eddie, Stan, and the investigators make a gruesome discovery.
- It's a bone.
- That's a bone.
Oh, my [Bleep].
While we were looking at the oil can, the guys were still kind of digging around in the dirt, trying to see if we could find anything else and we found some bones.
We got a we got a bunch of 'em here.
Ooh! - An animal bone? - I don't know, Kristen.
We're getting one, two, three, five bones just in this little area right here.
When I saw the bone, I first thought, maybe it's food.
Miner was eating ribs or something back there.
This is the likely scenario.
In the old days, miners would often eat their lunches in the mine.
But just to be sure, Kristen will package up the bones to give to Larry.
As the mine owner, it's his responsibility to send them out for identification.
Right now, we have to get ahold of a medical examiner.
The medical examiner will determine if the bones are human in the first place.
Results could take weeks.
So we'll wait till the results come back.
And if they come back human, then we'll call the sheriff's department.
With the bones in Larry's care, a new day of work begins at the Crescent.
And Eddie is happy to put the incident behind him.
Well, there's some strange things going on around here, but I'm not really trying to put my mind on that right now.
I wanna get back in there and make my money.
And job foreman Stan is ready to move on as well.
We've got a vein that the mine owner claims is very high grade.
We marked it up, so we defined where the vein's at.
We're gonna take a slab round out there.
A slab round is miner speak for the process of blasting away the side of the mine shaft.
A series of 4-foot holes are drilled into the wall.
Then they are loaded with explosives.
Each stick is powerful enough to displace 1 to 4 tons of rock, and they're packing this slab with 16 of them.
Hopefully he doesn't have, you know, his heart on his sleeve, his feelings don't get hurt too easy.
I'm used to sitting at a desk, where the only thing I had to worry about was losing my vision staring at a screen all day.
Safety is one of my major concerns.
Uh, this is all new to me.
With the explosives loaded, Buckett attaches the fuses while Eddie and Jay make sure the tunnel is clear of other miners.
- We're good to go.
- Fire in the hole? - Fire in the hole.
- Fire in the hole! Smell of money, baby.
This essential part of the mining process is also one of the most dangerous.
After the fuse is lit, the men have just minutes to make their exit and clear the area safely.
[Fuse crackling] [Explosion] The next step is clearing away debris left over from the blast.
The walls must be barred down, a process that will clear loose and hanging rocks.
After you blast, it shakes everything up.
You know, there's a massive amount of concussion in there.
So if you don't do it right, it's game over.
You're done.
- Back up.
- You got a big one? Yeah, partner, I got a big one.
Even a small slab of falling rock can have devastating results.
I was in an accident a while back.
Slab came down, smashed my face, my leg.
It wasn't fun.
Laid up for a year and half.
A year and half without no work, a man loses everything.
Look out, man, look out.
There you go.
Ah, [Bleep].
Holy [Bleep], that's a big one.
Weighing 1,200 pounds, this slab of rock would literally crush anyone caught beneath it.
Whoa! [Bleep]! I've worked on many jobs, where a man killer's got somebody.
Um just rather not get into that.
And while this man killer didn't land anyone in the hospital, it's likely that, before records were kept, many a miner was seriously hurt or killed in these very tunnels.
Once the barring down process is complete, the miners extract the ore from the blasting site using their mucker.
But once again, the men are hampered by not having the proper tools.
The mucker that we have here is not what we would normally use.
So to muck that out, it's gonna be, instead of 20 minutes, it's probably gonna be 4 or 5 hours.
Buckett is finally finished.
Let's see what we got here.
Next, the miners must visually inspect the ore, looking for the signs of orange and white that indicate the presence of gold.
This rock I'm looking at they brought out today, it'd be classified as just low grade, just mill run, low grade.
This is really, really low grade.
'Cause what we were told is not what's happening.
The ghosts, the hauntings whatever the paranormals are coming up It's still there.
I'm still thinking about it.
If it doesn't get any better, we're gonna have to call it a day and just start trampin'.
It's not looking good at all.
Cut our losses and get outta here.
- Coming up on Ghost Mine - Dad! Your families are here in town at the hotel.
It was once a hospital.
And there was a lot of death here? There was somebody in that room, and then when Ashton came in, it was gone.
There it goes again.
[EMF monitor beeping] It's coming downstairs.
- It's coming downstairs.
- What is that? Another workday at the Crescent Mine, and the search for gold continues.
It's very, very low morale right now in the camp.
If we don't have the pay rock that we anticipate we'll have, we're gonna start losing our men.
They'll up and they'll leave us.
It's that simple.
Cut our losses and get outta here.
As another frustrating day comes to a close, the miners get an unexpected visit from Larry.
Oh, what the hell's he doing here? I don't even wanna talk to that son of a bitch.
Hey, hey! Don't be that way.
- What's up, Larry? - Not much, guys.
- How'd we do today? - Same thing, different day.
We broke everything but the rock.
Hang tight, guys.
- Hey, Ed.
- Eddie.
- Ed.
- What? We might have some bull[Bleep] news.
You got a couple seconds? What? Stan and I had a conversation here a few days ago.
Your families are here in town at the hotel.
You should take a hot shower and go enjoy your families.
- All right.
- They're down there right now? They're down there right now waiting for you.
Just sweet! - All right.
- I'm good with that.
Let's go.
Y'all enjoy your families and have a good night.
Good call.
With the crew in town, Patrick and Kristen use the downtime to go over the footage they've gathered.
from the multi-cam surveillance system they've set up in the mine.
so it's gonna be a long one, but we have to go through this with a fine-toothed comb.
[Laughter] Back in town, Larry has flown in a total of 12 family members and put them up in Sumpter's lone Bed and Breakfast.
The historic structure has served many purposes over the last century.
And is one of a handful of buildings to have survived Sumpter's catastrophic fire in 1917.
It has six guest rooms, and Larry has booked them all.
It's expensive.
I mean, not just the cost of bringing up the families, but we're shut down for a few days.
- Hey, look.
- Here they are! But if we don't get their heads picked up, you know, we're in trouble.
Come on, let's go down.
Man, oh, man.
They're running out of there.
Dad! It was great to see my wife after all this time.
We been up there a long time, and you know, I I love to see her, so, yeah, I was pretty happy to come down.
[Both laughing] You look good! Hi! All his friends, everybody calls him Buckett.
But I'm not allowed to.
I have to call him Jared.
You really do have a wife.
I wasn't lying, I promise.
Yeah, I can serve as a translator sometimes if they don't understand what he's saying.
_ _ Buckett's wife she's gotta be a saint to put up with him.
Gotta be a full-blown saint.
No, don't! Oh, no! Okay! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Too much! - Everybody go easy on - But for one miner in particular, the reunion isn't everything he'd hoped for.
It's kinda upsetting.
Everyone, you know, had their families here and mine couldn't be here because of work.
It gets to you.
I mean, I took the responsibilities to cook to give 'em more time with their families.
But I think I did it more for myself to keep my mind off of my own family.
I'd flip that one, 'cause it's gonna burn.
- You know what, I kinda like sitting across - Dude.
Jamol seems to have this gift for screwing up dinner.
Oh! What the hell? And breakfast.
And lunch.
- Oh! - Wow! What the hell are you doing, dude? I mean, everybody likes Jamol.
But as you can see, he's fun to mess with.
We're going to McDonald's.
Screw it.
And the more he takes it, the more we give it to him.
Sucks to be him.
Well, your food does suck, but I like you a lot.
[Laughing] So how's it going out there? It sucks.
Yeah, it's really hard to be a tramp miner's wife.
He's gone all the time.
I do everything at the house by myself.
- Run up there real quick.
- Thanks, baby.
Better get in there.
If he doesn't make any money here, then it's all for naught.
And that's been a difficult thing for us as a family.
What about the ghosts in the mine? I heard there was ghosts in the mine.
Oh, here we go again.
I think you're just hearing things.
I don't care either way.
If there's ghosts up there, I'm staying down here.
- Boo! - Whoa! [Laughter] - He's never gonna make it.
- We got a ghost! A big redheaded ghost we got here.
Three days later, the miners return to the Crescent.
Let's go, guys.
It appears Larry's attitude adjustment plan has worked.
I am happy to get back to work 'cause there's a lotta stuff that we need to get done.
Um, still not sure there's any good ore in this place or not, but ain't gonna find it if you don't look for it, right? But after sunset, one miner's day takes a turn for the worse.
Kristen, Patrick? Hello? Yeah.
I got a call from my wife.
Jay came in and said we had to come down to the town with him, bBecause his wife and son were frightened.
- Want us to drive? - Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
- That would be great.
All right, let's grab - we're gonna grab some stuff too.
- All right.
Patrick and Kristen quickly pack up their equipment.
And with Jay in tow, the three take the 40-minute drive down to Sumpter.
As they arrive at the Bed and Breakfast, it's just after 10:00 P.
All right, let's go.
Oh, God.
Thank God you're here.
Are you okay? I'm not staying here.
My heart is beating.
[Laughing nervously] I can't explain it, but I saw something.
It scared me so much I just bolted straight up in bed.
Okay, hold on.
What do you mean, you saw something? There was somebody in that room, and then when Ashton came in, it was gone.
- And I'm not staying here.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Coming up on Ghost Mine - You saw something too? - Yeah.
There's ghosts at the mine, now there's ghosts at the Bed and Breakfast.
Someone here with us? Now number one just went on, - came downstairs.
- Get it on camera.
There's something in this room.
[Loud static] - Ah! After receiving a distress call from his wife in town, Jay, joined by Patrick and Kristen, has taken the 40-minute drive down the mountain to the Bed and Breakfast.
Oh, God.
Thank God you're here.
- Are you okay? - I'm not staying here.
My heart is beating.
[Laughing nervously] I can't explain it, but I saw something.
It scared me so much I just bolted straight up in bed.
There was somebody in that room, and then when Ashton came in, it was gone.
- And I'm not staying here.
- Okay, okay, okay.
I don't wanna stay here either.
- I really don't wanna stay here.
- Okay.
I don't wanna deal with this paranormal activity anymore.
If she goes, I go.
Of course, there, the big issue is me leaving the mine puts those guys you know, they're down a man, and I jeopardize everyone's work.
I sat up for a moment, and I looked to the corner of the room, behind the door, I saw a very distinct figure there.
A very very distinct figure.
A person.
There was a person in my room.
Did this figure make any moves towards you? - It just stood there.
- Just stood there.
It just stood there.
And I turned on the lights.
So you were asleep and you woke up and you saw the man.
Coming from a psychology background, I'm always apprehensive to call it a ghost.
When someone wakes up and sees an apparition in the corner of their room.
It could be sleep paralysis.
She could've been still dreaming and thought she was awake.
You could've been dreaming or something.
It wasn't a dream, 'cause something happened to me right before I heard her scream.
- You saw something too? - Yeah.
What was it? I was sitting in the chair in front of the TV.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that there was someone sitting next to my chair.
I did a double take and looked back and nothing was there.
And, um, right at that moment, I heard my mom screaming.
I kinda got thinking, what's going on in this town? Is this whole town haunted? Before the investigation can begin, Patrick and Kristen interview the other families and the B&B's on-site owner.
The history, the it was built as a hospital in 1900 as Sumpter general hospital.
So miners would've been brought here to the hospital.
This is this would be the closest.
So being a hospital, I could assume there was a lot of death here.
Yeah, lots of different people died.
The records from the hospital no longer exist, but the facility was built to handle the traumatic injuries inherent in early mining.
And no doubt, many miners lost their lives within these walls.
And it became a masonic hall then for 55 years.
- So masons owned this? - Mm-hmm.
- Masonic hall.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, they owned it until 1973.
You know, with their the things that they do in their meetings.
They would have their meetings upstairs.
I don't know all about it.
Masons are very intriguing because they're associated with secret activity.
You don't know what goes on at those meetings unless you're an actual Mason.
I'm really interested to know why they had a lot of influence in this town.
The families gather outside, talking and visiting around the fire giving Patrick and Kristen the opportunity to investigate the Bed and Breakfast.
I really am looking forward to investigating tonight, because you rarely have an opportunity to investigate a place right after a claim.
So I'm going to just canvas it with everything that we have.
So do you wanna put the motion detectors on the stairwell? Yeah, I think that's perfect.
I'm gonna hit it with full-spectrum cameras, IR cameras, thermal cameras.
In the bedroom, we put a full-spectrum camera on the nightstand pointing at the corner.
Where Mrs.
Verburg said she saw the shadow figure.
Another experiment I want to use is these little individual letters that we have.
And you just spread them out.
And Kristen came out on the porch here, and she spread the letters out on a drum here.
So hopefully, we're gonna get something spelled out.
[Clock ticking] Motion detectors are armed on the staircase.
[Door creaking] Is that the door? Did you shut it? Let's see.
I thought I shut it.
[Door closes] Is someone here with us now? Did you just join us? [Beeping] That's the motion detector.
Where was that placed? Number one and number two.
That's right here.
[Beeping] Something just passed right here going up the stairs.
Are you here with us? If you're up there, come back downstairs.
Come talk with us.
Let's go.
You got that working? Yeah, it's recording.
[Beeping] There it goes again.
- Now number one just went.
- Get it on camera.
- [Beeping] - It's coming downstairs.
It's coming downstairs.
What is that? - [Beeping] - Number one and number two.
And that's right here.
Something just passed right here.
We heard the motion detectors go off on the stairwell, so we immediately ran to the stairs to see if we could catch anything on camera.
- [Beeping] - There it goes again.
That's number two.
Now number one just went.
- It came downstairs.
- Get it on camera.
It's coming downstairs.
It's coming downstairs.
- Do you see anything? - Got nothing.
Are you here with us? Let's go upstairs.
As soon as we got the motion up the stairs, that led us up to the area where the shadow figures were seen.
Is someone in here with me? Voice recorder on table in common room.
- Hearing anything in there? - No.
I'm gonna sit down where Ashton was sitting.
Just got a spike.
Just got a spike of 3.
It just went up to 6.
Now this thing's going crazy.
Kristen, raise your right hand for me.
Right there there's a shadow.
Why is the TV on? - Did that just happen? - Yeah.
What the hell is going on with this television? That makes absolutely no sense why how that TV came on.
I checked the remote controls.
There's three remote controls to that system, and none of them powered off the TV.
I actually had to push the power button on the TV.
So right now, there's no explanation to how that TV turned on.
That was really weird.
Turn on the TV again.
All right, I'm gonna go into the bedroom.
Can you make physical contact with Patrick or me? I'm gonna put out my hands.
Anything in here with me? - [Loud static] - Ah! TV on again? - You all right, Kristen? - That just went on.
I can't explain the television just turning on on its own.
The fact that it just kept popping on made no sense to me.
It really spooked me.
I wasn't expecting that to happen.
We had a lot of stuff going on at the same time.
- [Beeping] - Kristen? The motion detector's going off.
Yeah, it's on the stairs again.
[Beeping] This is us.
That's us.
Gonna silence it real quick.
[Clock chiming] That gets loud.
- Patrick.
- Yes? The letters are a little scattered.
Kristen spelled out "who is here".
On a drum on the porch here, and a few of the letters had been shifted.
That could've been the wind.
It's a little windy out here.
I decided to do a little test anyway.
I set the K2 next to the letters, and I said, "okay, let's see.
" If anyone's here, let's try to figure out what your name is.
" Does your name start with the letter "A"? "B"? So I went through the alphabet.
"I"? "J"? Going up on "J.
" It went off on "J"? Go back.
"H"? "I"? "J"? When I hit the letter "J," we got a little bit of a spike.
So I did it again.
Again, on "J," got a little bit of a spike.
Two times getting the letter "J," I'm starting to think that it could be leading to something.
Based on what we've seen and heard tonight, just personal experiences alone, something's definitely going on in the Bed and Breakfast.
The stories just aren't stories.
After a night analyzing footage, Patrick and Kristen are ready to share their evidence with the family members.
Jay's hoping that what they present will help bring some understanding and peace of mind to his wife and son.
We started our investigation in this room.
We had our first experience, actually, in this room with the motion detectors that we placed on the stairwell.
They started going off, and Patrick and I were standing down here.
And so that means that something was going up and down the stairs, and nothing was visible to us.
How does a motion detector go off if you can't see anything? It's just a residual.
It's called a residual haunting.
The person walked up and down the stairs all the time, so the energy's actually trapped, so it's like a film recording, just playing over and over and over again.
And then we were actually able to track whatever it was, going up and then back down.
It happened pretty much all throughout the night.
So you gotta imagine that original staircase being a hospital, being a brothel, the masons it's seen a lotta people up and down that staircase.
So maybe there's some residual energy.
It's nothing to be afraid of, it's just it's there.
So when you say, "it's nothing to be afraid of,".
- It's because it's residual.
- Mm-hmm.
So in other words, the motion detector is not what I saw in the room.
There is no answer yet.
We can talk about that room right now, the common room and the TV area.
Um, I actually had an experience in the TV room when I was about to conduct an EVP session.
I had whispered, "if there is someone here, please contact me now," and I closed my eyes.
Patrick will show you what happened next.
[On video] Is someone in here with us? [Laughs] Oh! Kristen and Patrick have been presenting the evidence they uncovered from the Bed and Breakfast to the family members.
I actually had an experience in the TV room when I was about to conduct an EVP session.
I had whispered, "if there is someone here, please contact me now," and I closed my eyes.
So here's my legs.
This is where I'm sitting.
- That's your legs, okay.
- Yeah.
So I'm sitting in the chair.
[On video] Is someone in here with us? - [Loud static] - Ah! - Oh, my God.
- Oh, wow.
[Laughs] Oh, my God.
What happened? - The TV turned on by itself.
- Oh, my God.
Yeah, imagine how I felt.
I had just closed my eyes.
The TV actually turned on a number of times.
- It happened more than once? - Both: Yes.
That's so freaky.
We do have one more piece to share with you.
There's no sound, just visual.
Pay attention to this chair right here.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, wow.
It's like something was blocking - Oh, there it comes.
- The chair.
And you can see it actually rises up.
And then it kinda just goes out of the room.
- Yeah.
- It looks kinda smoky.
- And you can see through - Mm-hmm.
But you can also see it on that whole corner.
It almost looks like either a shadow or a black mist is forming.
This is basically what I saw.
Very similar.
What's it doing there? What does the mist It's manifesting.
It's letting itself be known.
We are asking the spirit to come out, and the spirit came out.
So it's what we would call an intelligent haunt, and it knows that you're there.
So if there was a threat here, you would know.
With the history of the B&B, no one has ever been hurt here no one.
You would let your family stay here? - Yes.
- Okay.
No question about it.
I don't know, that's how poltergeist started.
[Laughter] I'm feeling a little bit more at ease.
Given me some second thoughts but Jay and I have discussed it, and he's got several more weeks here, and I'm supportive of him and this endeavor and that's how it goes.
All right, you'll be all right.
I know.
- All right, see you guys.
- Love you, dad.
- Love you, baby.
- Love you too.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
So far, we've documented paranormal activity both here at the B&B and at the Crescent Mine.
We're starting to think that there could be something bigger going on.
A larger mystery that we're just scratching the surface.
Which means that Kristen and I have a lot more work to do.
Thank you.
Another workday begins at the Crescent Mine.
And while everyone wants to find gold, no one wants it more than Larry the mine owner.
We've already had one group of men tramp outta here because of the paranormal activity.
If these guys here don't hurry up and find some gold, they'll probably tramp out too, and that would be an absolute devastating situation right now.
Larry remains convinced that the mine will produce gold.
Instead of the eyeball assay the miners use, he runs a more thorough fire assay analysis, which uses a combination of chemicals and heat to extract any available gold.
We'll fire it at 1,875 degrees for a couple of hours.
In order to be a gold mine owner, you have to be a dreamer.
You know, that's how America was founded anyway.
You gotta be able to dream big to make it.
But Larry's dream will not be coming true today.
The assay results are negative and the ore sample produces only worthless lead.
Off in the Western tunnel, the sampling continues.
Yeah, right here.
Right here.
But after 20 days without success, optimism is down.
Well, this heading the owner's had us on, not what we expected.
Been looking pretty bad, pretty down in the mouth about it.
What was that? What was "hmm, hmm"? I think we might be on to something here.
Look at that, look at that, look at that.
- See it? - Yes.
We're getting some damn color here.
Holy [Bleep]! Look at this.
- Visible right there.
- I can see it.
I'm gonna make a call on this one.
- What? - Eureka! Best I've seen in a long time.
I'm getting happy.
I'm so damn happy I could almost hug you.
I don't know how far it runs yet, but we're making money now.
We're probably hitting 11/2 to maybe 21/4 ounces per ton.
Which means, at current prices, the men could make up to $4,000 per ton of ore.
It's the first hopeful sign of a profitable season.
Take a look at this, boys.
- [Bleep]! - Oh! What do you think? - [Laughing] - Oh! Good! That's a good job, y'all.
And while it's a definite morale-builder, all this gold begs an obvious question.
Why did they shut this mine down when it was still producing gold? Whatever the answer it's clear, at the Crescent Mine, progress has finally begun.
Let's have a steak dinner tonight.
That sounds good to me.