Ghost Mine (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Vengeful Spirit

Previously on Ghost Mine I thought it would be better than this, I really did.
With still no gold in sight Cut our losses and get out of here.
The miners' patience wears thin.
What the hell is he doing here? I don't even want to talk to that son of a bitch.
There she goes.
The paranormal activity Patrick and Kristen experienced.
In the mines this isn't a short this is She's totally just freaking out.
- Soon shows up in town - Kristen? Patrick? - Yeah.
I got a call from my wife.
I could use your help.
Pushing one family to the brink.
Oh, God.
I'm not staying here.
And as the investigation intensifies - Now number one just - Get it on camera.
It's coming downstairs.
It's coming downstairs.
Oh! Back on the Mountain, the men finally strike gold.
I'm going to make a call on this one.
- What? - Eureka! Whoo! The miners are almost 1/3 of the way.
Through the 90-day mining season.
Look at that.
And the crew of the Crescent is on a roll.
Oh, yeah, that's what we're looking for.
After locating a promising vein of quartz They're pulling bucket after bucket of gold-rich ore.
From the mine.
Everybody's pretty pumped up about it.
Everybody's happy.
I mean, we should be starting to make some money here.
Pretty quick.
And the miners aren't the only ones making progress.
As their paranormal investigation deepens, Patrick and Kristen are discovering.
That the Old Crescent mine isn't the only place in sumpter.
With unexplained activity.
They're having experiences at the mine.
- What was that? - Tommy-knockers.
They have hauntings in town.
Oh! We just got another piece of the puzzle.
Masons owned the B&B.
Seems like the masons had a lot of influence in this town.
Right now, I'm not sure if these hauntings are linked, but there is a possibility.
Seems like everything in this town has got such a rich history.
We've just got to do a lot more research.
To figure out what's really going on here.
With the discovery of the high-grade ore vein, the miners push deeper into the Western tunnel.
The paranormal activity has made an impression.
Now that we've found gold, I still got the paranormals.
In the back of my mind, and what they've been seeing, what's happening to us.
It's still there, I'm still thinking about it, but I think I'll hang around for a while.
I guess it might be worth it.
With the vein they're working 1/4 of a mile away.
From the entrance of the mine, thousands of feet of hose line must be laid out.
And the setup alone will take hours.
Moving on.
We're gonna do a little drilling on that vein, and now we're pretty excited about it.
We're hoping that there's some gold back there for us.
Maybe we won't leave here skunked.
While progress continues in the western tunnel, Buckett and Jay work the eastern drift, moving past the site of the earlier cave-in.
The first step to making the area safe.
Is to knock down any loose rock.
And still the best way to find loose rocks is with your ears.
No, this one sounds good.
Thought so.
And keeping a watchful eye over it all, Patrick and Kristen, back in their cabin, monitor the footage, looking for any indication.
Of paranormal activity.
Eddie and Dingus working the jackleg.
Oh, jackleg.
Good job.
You're learning the vocabulary.
Gotta fit in with the natives.
What's up, Pard? Got no air.
- Oh, hell.
- You check the oiler? It's broken.
Something's going on there.
- Just - They just stopped.
Ain't nothing.
Oiler looks good.
I'll go outside and check it.
All right.
We had everything going well and all of a sudden.
We had an air compressor issue.
Come out to the compressor, check the compressor.
Compressor's blowing air.
It's got 120-plus psi.
So, to me, everything's working well.
I don't know, Pard, everything's good.
- Hell.
- I don't know.
What do you want to do? - Well, I'm done.
- Yeah, all right.
We taking it all down to solid? Focus on over on the uh-oh.
What's happening over here? Did you charge them? Mine's out.
Mine's out.
I don't have a light, dude.
Did they just both go off? Yeah, they're in complete darkness right now.
So both of their power went off at the same time.
Is that what's happening right now? Yeah.
Power drain is something.
That paranormal investigators look for.
There is a theory that when a supernatural entity.
Is trying to manifest, it will take the energy from electrical equipment.
All right.
I'm gonna leave them right there.
All right.
Oh, there's Buckett right there.
Yeah, they can't see a thing.
That looks like Eddie's.
Yeah, Eddie and Dingus are coming out now.
Yeah, they're coming.
- You want to go check them? - Yeah.
- Hey, guys.
- What's up, guys? Hey.
Jay and Buckett are back there way back there.
And it looked like their headlamps are going out.
So they're back there with no light right now? - That's what it looks like.
- Aw,.
- We'll go get them.
- We're gonna go find them.
They're in pitch black right now.
They're way back there.
There's a hole right here, watch your step.
All right.
When every light goes out in that mine, the complete blackness is engulfing.
Your mind kind of sets up an image of what it thinks.
The tunnel should be doing, but half the time it's not.
So you just have to kind of feel around the ribs and the back.
And make sure you're headed the right way.
Wait, hold on.
I hear someone.
Hey, there's light.
Hey! - Hello? - Hey, you guys! Hello! Hey, Dingus! Yeah! That sucks.
Both of ours, man.
Dead, both of them.
Who's with you? Is that Eddie? - Yeah, Eddie's here.
- Hey, Pards.
Oh, man, I'm so glad to see light.
So you want to get behind Jay.
- Yeah, I've got him.
- Buckett can follow me.
I wet myself in there.
I believe that.
When they told me that their drill had shut down on them.
And that they were having problems, I felt kind of uneasy about that.
I thought, "you know what? This could be paranormal.
" Once Buckett and Jay are safely out of the mine, priority number one becomes getting the jackleg.
Operational again.
So the miners spend the rest of the day.
Inspecting the hoses and tuning up the compressor.
I'm not going to lean toward any of this.
Being paranormal just yet, but I reckon it could be.
Kristen and Patrick take advantage of the empty mine.
And conduct an investigation into the mysterious power drain.
So they disconnected this, right? So it's not going to kick on then? I hope so.
I'll use the k-2 around it Since the machine itself was going on and off.
I'm not getting any spikes right now.
- Let's go back to where the headlamps went out - Okay.
And do a real-time EVP session back there.
With mining halted, Crescent foreman Stan.
Checks in with mine owner Larry.
We're having a lot of weird stuff going on up here.
What kinds of things are going on? Now the mine lamps are going out.
Uh, compressor keeps shutting the air off to the jackleg.
I got Patrick and Kristen up here right now, they're checking it out for us inside.
To find out what's going on.
Stan, we got two more faces.
We can have at least one crew in there working.
Well, nobody's really wanting to go in there right now.
Until they figure out what's going on.
We're back there with all of our equipment.
Kind of failing us at the same time, didn't make me feel right.
So I was kind of eager at that point to get on out of there.
Okay, who's escorting the paranormal team? No one's in there with them right now, they're by theirselves.
From my understanding, that's how they wanted to do it.
Patrick, stop.
Did you hear that? I can't tell if it's coming from in front of us or behind us.
I didn't hear anything up this way.
I heard that right there.
Did you hear that? Yeah.
It sounds like a voice.
Doesn't it? I'm hearing something down this way.
So what's the temperature right here, Kristen? This feels really cold now.
That's not normal for in here.
Here's the camera, right here.
They were working right here.
That's where they were chipping away at it.
- I don't know.
- Can you hear that? Sounded like water dropping to me.
There's something else.
I want to do a real-time EVP session here.
Real-time EVP works by running on a continuous loop, and it's set on a delay.
That way, we can hear any questions.
And also any responses we're getting.
Did you not want Buckett and Jay back here? Did you work this mine? Oh, there's a spike.
We're getting spikes.
This is a big one.
What was your name? Oh.
I got a spike.
It's spiking.
What's your name? It's spiking.
And I'm getting names.
We decided to move our investigation back.
To camera seven because we were hearing.
Some strange noises that seem to be coming from that area.
And it was also the area where Buckett and Jay's headlamps.
Were going out.
I want to do a real-time EVP session here.
While Patrick was conducting his EVP session What was your name? I was getting large EMF spikes on the k-2.
I got a spike.
It's spiking for "name.
" List off names.
What's your name? It's spiking.
And I'm getting names.
What do you mean you're getting names? Clearly as day, it said, "Joe.
" Can I hear it? Let me get back to it.
While we were doing the real-time EVP session, Patrick heard the name Joe.
See that weird static we're getting? I hear kind of like a whisper, but I can't really make it out.
It's right there.
It was right there, I swear.
How can you say that you heard it clear as day.
And I can't hear it at all? I heard it clear as day.
I swear it said, "Joe.
" Clear as day.
I don't know why it's not in the recorder.
That's frustrating as hell.
I want to get back and put this in the computer.
I need to enhance this audio.
See if we can get that name.
By the time Patrick and Kristen emerge from the mine, it's almost 10:00 P.
Hey, guys, come on over and join us.
And the miners are relaxing around their nightly campfire.
- Hi.
- Hey, guys.
- How you all doing? - How's it going? All right.
Hey, so what did you guys find out in there today? Anything? We still have to go through all the data.
And look through all the footage.
And then hopefully we'll find something out for you guys.
But we're actually going to go start looking.
At that footage right now.
Well, why don't you guys just sit down and join us.
For a while? - Just for a little bit.
- Yeah, sit down.
Hell, yeah.
The guys actually invited us to their campfire, which was really cool.
There's only one thing I want to ask of you two, is that maybe we ought to check your pockets before you leave.
Yeah! I gotta go.
Let's check 'em.
Patrick, red, I heard what you did for Jay's family.
You're okay.
That was really good.
- That's all right.
- Thank you, guys, very much.
- We were glad to help.
- Yeah, thank you, guys.
That was a big help.
Are they feeling all right now? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Yeah, much better.
Yeah, I know we've been kind of giving you guys a hard time.
I'd like to apologize for that.
- Thanks, Dingus.
- Thank you.
Dingus, that really touched me.
The next morning, the jackleg is finally up and running, as Eddie and Dingus resume drilling holes in preparation.
For the next round of blasting.
Meanwhile, in the investigator's cabin, Patrick and Kristen review any evidence collected.
During their latest sweep of the mine.
And Patrick is determined to find a specific EVP.
I know I heard "Joe," and I'm pretty sure that once I put it in the computer and amplify it, we're gonna hear it.
What's your name? What's your name? Your name? What's your name? What's your name? All we got was the static and the weird interference.
On the recorder, but no name.
Well, I heard the static that you talked about.
I've never heard that before.
Yeah, it's never done that before.
This is so frustrating.
Putting their EVP evidence on hold, Patrick and Kristen turn to the video evidence That is amazing.
And make a startling discovery.
See that head and shoulders right there? Right behind them.
No way it's Eddie's shadow or Dingus's? No.
His lights have to be pointing that way.
Dingus's light points straight at us.
light you can still see the glow right here.
This is back in the tunnel.
Back in the mine.
Right there.
With all of the equipment going off at the same time, and also seeing the figure behind Eddie, is a little bit to me beyond coincidence.
He knows something's there.
He's full-on staring.
He's focused on that.
Yeah, he's shining his light down there too.
I don't know if Eddie would admit to sensing something.
I don't think he's the type of person.
That would admit to something like that.
Back in the Western tunnel, the crew continues working.
On blasting out a promising heading.
Fire in the hole! Buckett begins hauling out the rubble, but Larry's undersized mucker is quickly.
Wearing out his patience.
Hey! Buckett real hard to understand him sometimes.
If he's mad at you, you'll understand it.
Them single syllables come out real clear.
Huh? Has he been to charm school? Etiquette training? Anything? No, not yet.
Meanwhile, during her research into the area, Kristen's learned that the Native American presence.
In sumpter goes back thousands of years, long before any mining began.
Hoping for a new perspective on the paranormal investigation, Kristen turns to a local Native American historian.
I have a hunch that the activity could be connected.
To the land itself.
So I'm going to go speak with somebody today who knows.
A little bit more about this area.
- J.
? - Yup.
Have a seat.
So basically, why I'm here, I just wanted to get your point of view living in sumpter, and the history, maybe of the town or something, that could maybe help me understand why they're having.
Such trouble up there.
This was a beautiful valley at one time.
There was trees and there was nice streams, a lot of game.
A lot of deer and elk.
And when the miners come in, they kind of scared the game away.
Started digging their holes and running their dredges.
And piling these big rock piles.
I think if you want the real The real culprit of all this.
Is the big dredges that ran through here, and how they tore the ground up, made the big rock piles, and just disfigured the land.
The dredge.
The sumpter dredge.
Built in 1935, the dredge was essentially a working gold mill.
Situated on a giant riverboat.
The dredge operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
and dug at the riverbanks, creating its own waterway.
The ore was crushed and sent through a series.
Of on board milling machines.
The gold was extracted and tons of waste rock.
Were left in the dredge's wake.
And when it stopped operations in 1954, it left a scar down the valley a mile wide.
And eight miles long.
The town of sumpter has got a curse on it.
I think it will stay here.
As long as they're doing what they're doing to mother earth, it's gonna stay.
They're never gonna get rid of it.
- Coming up - This is awesome.
On ghost mine This is the set of every horror movie made.
There's something here.
I see you.
- Did you just say, "I see you"? - I need you up here now.
Patrick and I are trying to figure out.
Why there's paranormal activity at the mine.
It could be actually connected to the land itself.
So I'm speaking with somebody today.
Who knows a little bit more about this area.
The whole town of sumpter has got a curse on it.
I think it will stay here.
As long as they're doing what they're doing to mother earth, it's going to stay.
They're never gonna get rid of it.
Until they leave the earth alone.
Put it back like it was before they started.
- Thanks, J.
- You're welcome.
I really appreciate it.
You answered a lot of questions for me today.
The dredge was the biggest problem.
The whole dredge is evil, and what it did to the land That's the main source of the problem, I think.
Based on what J.
told me, I really want to get Patrick, head to the dredge, and check that place out.
Back at the Crescent, Jamol, one of the camp's greenhorns, gets a rare opportunity to leave the kitchen.
And head into the mine.
I can't hear you.
Being the new guy is tough at times.
You've got to walk the walk before you can talk the talk.
And I understand that, so you gotta take the razzing.
So don't throttle the thing full.
Start the machine! Usually when a person gets their hands on a jackleg.
For the first time, they don't have control over the leg like they think they do.
It bounces him around quite a bit and they get tired.
Because it's awkward, you know, and before long, they're falling all over the place and they've got no control.
I don't think I impressed Buckett at all.
Finally overwhelmed by the drill, Jamol steps aside and Buckett takes over, drilling the rest of the round himself.
After her meeting with a local Native American historian, Kristen and Patrick go into town and check out.
The final resting place of the dredge.
Geez, I've never seen one of these before.
Geez, this thing is massive.
All right, this is awesome.
Oh, gosh.
Just imagine this thing running.
You get a shirt sleeve or something caught in there.
You're done.
This is the set of every horror movie made, right here.
I know.
To learn more about the dredge, Patrick and Kristen meet with a local park ranger.
There's lots of stories.
Old-timer stories, recent ones.
So you guys have heard of Joe? - Yeah.
- Yeah, actually.
Yeah, I have, definitely.
It was the dredge workers that started the stories.
Some of them claimed that there was a ghost.
If you set your tools down on one side of the dredge.
And you go back and they're gone, you know, the other guy working with you says it's Joe.
I mean, that's what I know about the stories of Joe.
I think the name "Joe" is something.
To definitely investigate who exactly he was.
We don't quite understand who was in the town, why everyone blames him for things happening, what's the exact story behind him? But Joe isn't the only spirit believed to haunt the dredge.
Kristen and Patrick learn the story of a dredge worker.
Who met a gruesome end.
The front oiler would have to grease these gears.
About once an hour.
He was supposed to be reaching through here.
- Through the gear? - Yes.
Now, ideally you're not doing this when the motor's running.
Either he was in a hurry, or it was stopped.
And they didn't know that he was greasing the gear.
And he was reaching through, and it started up.
Just sucked him right in.
They actually didn't realize what happened to him until.
They rang the bells and he didn't respond.
And they came down and it wasn't pretty.
Where'd they find him? Here.
That's a nasty blade right there.
Are there any other interesting stories.
You think we should know? There is a story about two dredge workers Watchmen at night, Christmas Eve, and they were upstairs.
They were upstairs? So this is the winch room.
This was where the action happened.
So the two gentlemen that were sitting in here.
During Christmas Eve, they heard the downstairs door open.
And they heard footsteps go across the deck.
They waited on either side of one of the stairwells, thinking that they'd jump out and scare whoever was coming in.
Then the footsteps stopped and they look out.
And there's nothing there.
After learning about the dredge's.
Long paranormal history, Patrick and Kristen.
Arrange to stay overnight to conduct their own investigation.
Tonight, we're doing a big investigation.
We're using our DR-5s for our EVP session.
Full spectrum cameras.
The thermal camera.
So I think we got all the hot-spots covered.
Now let's head over to the gears where that guy got sucked in.
See if we get anything over there, 'cause just the way that guy died, that's just so traumatic, there has to be something.
Who do we got? We got Joe.
Is there anything with the Native Americans at all? Well, this was their land, so everything's with the Native Americans.
You know, if you think of everything that has a spirit, and then you pretty much destroy this whole area, they're not too happy about that.
Anything in the EMF? EVP Kristen and Patrick in the gear room.
My name is Kristen.
We've come to speak to you tonight.
- Keep on going.
- We mean no harm.
Kristen, is there anyone behind me? I just heard a footstep right there behind me.
Was that you behind Patrick? Holy.
What is that? When we first started our investigation in theredge, we started hearing noises faster than most investigations.
That I've been on.
It was pretty startling.
Was that you behind Patrick? Holy.
What is that? All right, that was two distinct bangs behind you.
It's on the other side of the dredge.
I just feel like someone's watching us.
That's why I keep looking up in the areas.
I just feel like somebody's looking down on us.
I know.
The whole place has a very eerie feeling to it.
There's been a couple times I've been expecting to look.
Right there and see someone staring at us.
Maybe you should ask some questions.
Are you here with us, Joe? If you have a message for us, shout as loud as you can.
We can deliver that message for you.
And now that's going off.
It's getting so much activity just around here.
I swear I heard, like, a man's voice.
Where? Over there somewhere.
A weird, like, moan kind of sound.
What's doing that right there? When we started doing EVP sessions, we were getting spikes on the K-2 in the red.
Which doesn't make any sense at all, because there is no power at all in the dredge.
No power here.
We did a sweep and there was nothing in that ar.
That could take it into the red.
The theory is that when a spirit is trying to manifest.
Or communicate, they can manipulate the em field.
And that's what the K-2 is actually detecting.
Whoever's in here, can you make a noise for us, please? Nothing.
Nothing there.
Joe? - Well - Right there.
- Right next to me? - Yeah.
- Joe.
- Mm.
But as soon as we mentioned the name "Joe,".
We're in the red.
Which seems very interesting, because he's the guy.
That we're hearing the most stories about.
Joe, are you here with us? Is that footsteps? - You hear that, right? - Yeah.
What the is that? Who else would be running? Joe, are you making that noise down here? We should just head upstairs.
Yeah, let's go upstairs then.
Joe? Joe, come here, please.
When we heard those footsteps, when we were down there, they would have been right here.
Kristen, I hear it.
I hear that noise.
It's right above me.
It's walking all around.
I need to go up.
I hear you up here.
Come towards me.
I see you.
Did you just say, "I see you"? I got somebody.
I need you up here now.
There's something here.
Let me see that thermal real quick? There was a man standing right there.
Stand where I am right now.
See that square, right to the right? Yeah.
He was standing right there, staring at me.
I look down the hallway, there's a window.
And in that window was a full-body apparition.
It's .
7 right now.
Rarely does one of the investigators.
Actually see a figure like that.
I just wish we had equipment with him at the time.
Unfortunately, I was behind him.
And I didn't get there fast enough.
So what exactly could you make out of him? Was it, like, a shadow or was it, like, a real person? It was a person.
It was staring straight at me right there.
And then when I called for you, he went like this.
He stepped away.
With all the windows in the room.
We were thinking maybe it was just my reflection.
But what I saw just turned and walked away.
And I wasn't moving, so that couldn't be the answer.
If you're here, manifest for us again.
I know I saw you.
There's no need to run away from us.
That door open? Yeah, the door's open.
When you saw the guy, did you hear anything like this? No.
I investigated the door because I thought.
Easily the wind can blow it open.
Discovered that there's a latch.
So really there's no way to get that door open or closed, unless somebody actually physically unlatches it.
Hey, Kristen, do me a favor and go, like, to where we were.
At the end of the catwalk, and just watch.
And if you see anything, like, around me, let me know right away.
He was about this tall.
The door just, like, opened by itself.
Joe? So after we started the investigation of the dredge, we started hearing noises.
We started hearing footsteps above us.
And when I got to that area, there was nothing.
But there was a door that led to the outside catwalk, and it was open.
And we know that door was closed the last time we left it.
The door just, like, opened by itself.
We know that door was closed.
And it was open this time.
And when we went out onto the catwalk, there was nothing.
There's no way to get that door open or closed.
Unless somebody actually physically unlatches it.
It's one way in and one way out, and it's that doorway.
I think Joe is trying to make himself known.
He gave us his name.
Wait, shh.
- You heard that.
- Yeah.
Joe? Something's moving over there.
I don't know what's over there.
Joe, if that's really you, we hear you.
Come closer.
Oh, man.
It was a full-body outline looking at us in the thermal image.
And he just kind of looked at us and just like before, stepped away and disappeared.
Like, right here.
You're here with us right now, aren't you? We saw you manifest, so we know you can do it.
Are you guarding this place? He's following us.
That was actually pretty amazing.
It's latched.
I lost my cool, which doesn't usually happen.
So that actually really scared me, and I don't get scared easily in these kind of situations.
We got a story to tell, at least.
Patrick and Kristen call it a night.
And quickly head back to camp to review the evidence.
You know what I'm really looking for is that guy that I saw.
Shut that off for a second.
Something's moving over there.
Oh, my God.
See it? I can't believe we got that.
I'm not sure we're going to be easing anyone's minds.
With this kind of evidence.
Come morning, Patrick and Kristen.
Are ready to share their findings with the crew.
So what do you got for us, guys? Got a couple things to share with you today.
First thing we wanted to talk about was the equipment failure.
We had the jackleg, with Eddie and Dingus.
- What's up, Pard? - Don't know.
It seemed to us watching from the DVR system, you thought something was possibly behind you.
Or you heard something.
I didn't hear nothing.
Well, you can't hear anything with that machine running.
You kept doing one of these.
Looking back, looking back.
I look around all the time when I'm drilling, just to make sure nothing's going to fall on my head, so It was pretty obvious to me that Eddie either saw something.
Or he felt something, 'cause he was looking around a lot.
Um, I don't think that's a coincidence.
But I also don't think that he'll ever admit to it.
Well, we do have one DVR bit of footage to show you.
I'm going to isolate just Eddie and Dingus here, full screen.
So pay attention to right behind you, Eddie.
- Oh, okay.
- Whoa, yeah.
I didn't see nothing.
- You didn't even see that? - You couldn't see that? - That a - Let me rewind it a bit here.
That's got to be, like, my light reflecting.
And causing a shadow.
We thought that at first too.
But when Eddie moves, the shadow should be moving with him.
But it's not.
Exact same time you guys were experiencing that, both of your headlamps go out.
And that's one of the theories When an entity is trying to manifest and show itself, it will drain power from any source that it can get.
Your headlamps are the perfect energy source.
For that to happen.
So after you guys finished your shift, Kristen and I conducted an investigation in there.
When we were back where the headlamps went out, we conducted an EVP session.
I was asking a question.
While I was asking a question, I heard a name.
The really frustrating part about this for me.
Was I played it for Kristen right there, and it wasn't there.
It said the name, "Joe.
" Does the name "Joe" mean anything to any of you guys? Have you heard any stories? - Haven't heard anything.
- Yeah, that's - Haven't heard a word.
- Okay.
After our investigation, I started thinking that maybe.
This has a bigger answer than just something at the mine.
Maybe it's the actual land itself.
Which led me to the question, what were the Native Americans like here? Um, how did they feel about the mining? So I met with a local Native American, and the gentleman that I talked to.
Believes that in the past, the mining itself, especially the dredge, left such a scar on this land, the actual land could be defending itself.
Talking about what we call elementals.
And all cultures believe in them.
Spirit folk, something that's just not human.
It's part of the earth.
Well, that's essentially what a Tommy-knocker is, right? Yeah, I think you're right.
Yeah, I believe in that.
My wife's Native American, she's a Navajo, and I have heard tales and a lot of legends.
And I feel there's a spirit on this mountain.
It's definitely present, and everyone feels it.
Well, what he said to us led us to the dredge.
Kristen picked me up in town.
And we went straight to the dredge.
While we were in there, we ran into a park ranger.
And she started telling us some ghost stories about sumpter.
And one in particular kind of got our attention, because she told us about the same name that I heard.
In the mine.
So all through that night, we felt that something was Leading us around the dredge.
We'd be on one side of the dredge.
And we'd hear footsteps above us.
So I wanted to go check it out.
I wanted to see if anyone was screwing with us.
I pulled out our thermal imaging camera, which picks up just heat signatures.
So let me just show you what we found.
Show me a ghost, baby.
Scare me.
- Right there.
- Whoa.
Whoa! Patrick and Kristen have been presenting the evidence.
They've found to the miners.
So let me just show you what we've found.
Show me a ghost, baby.
Scare me.
- Oh.
- Yup.
Like, solid white here.
Now watch here.
Just disappears right there.
- Whoa.
- Whoa! That's weird.
So physically that couldn't even.
Have been a person out there.
- No.
- Huh.
And whatever this thing was, just vanished.
So we do have one thing to play for you.
It's from one of our EVP recordings.
We picked this up right after we saw that thing.
On the thermal imaging camera.
You're actually going to hear me say, "Joe, was that you?" All right.
Joe, was that you? Yes.
- Did you hear that? - I heard something.
- Anybody hear it? - Yeah.
Joe, was that you? I heard, "yes.
" I heard a long, drawn out, "yes.
" Yeah, that's what I heard.
" Kind of what I heard too.
Well, who's Joe? Did he work on the dredge? Did he work in this mine? Why is he around? Is he some kind of ghost that mother nature picked up.
To chase us out of this whole valley? We were brought here for one job, figure out what's at the Crescent.
And now we got shadow figures, power drains.
It's at multiple locations, but they all seem to be linked somehow.
So when you look at all of this, there might be a connection here.
This is probably the most compelling proof we've seen yet.
It all feels like it's connected somehow.
Keep us posted on your progress.
- Definitely.
- Yeah.
Thank you, guys.
If Stan says so.
- Ah, okay.
- We got rounds to get.
- Yeah.
- Right on.
All right, guys.
After the meeting, blasting continues.
And even though each bucket of blasted gold ore.
Looks better than the last, some of the men.
Can't help but feel a twinge of uneasiness.
The paranormals have voiced their opinion, and their opinion is that there's something, maybe something paranormal going on.
I mean, I am a little bit apprehensive.
I've been a little bit freaked out.
With what's been going on around here, but now that we found a color, I'm sticking to it and I'm pushing on.