Ghost Mine (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Phantom Wind

Previously on Ghost Mine Look at that.
Just as things start looking up Yeah.
A mysterious power drain shuts the mine down.
What's up, Pard? What the hell? ___ Mine's out, mine's out.
- ___ - All right.
And after making a disturbing discovery It's a bone.
Kristen unearths a dark history.
The whole town of Sumpter has got a curse on it.
- Then digging deeper into Sumpter's past - Oh, gosh.
I hear you up here.
The team makes contact with a ghostly presence.
There is something there's something here.
Joe, if that's really you, we hear you.
Come closer.
[Screams] * lord have mercy on a proud man's soul.
* * blood so deep that it never runs cold.
* * Lord have mercy on a proud man's soul.
* * Devil's gonna fight you when you find that gold.
* * Lord have mercy on a proud man's soul.
* Past the halfway point in their short, 90-day work season, the miners at the Crescent kick into high gear, pulling 16-hour shifts in the tunnels.
Having finally located promising veins of ore, they're in a race against mother nature to get the gold before the cold weather closes them down.
The season's starting to come to an end, the weather's changing.
Everybody's goal right now is just to get as much ore out as possible, so we can actually pay off the bills that we've got stacked up.
Failure's not an option at this point.
Anything that gets in the way of us finding gold puts my entire family at risk.
Fire in the hole! [Explosion] As the blasting and mining pushes ever deeper into the western tunnel, the men keep sampling in the eastern tunnel, always on the lookout for the next vein of gold.
All this blasting has paranormal investigators Patrick and Kristen busy as well.
There's a lot of quartz back there at the face.
It could contain energy, and that blast is gonna release that energy.
And if there's something already back there, we're feeding it.
With weeks of accumulated evidence to comb through, the team sifts footage and compares notes while always maintaining a watchful eye on the mine itself.
As the miners prepare to drill more blast holes, Greenhorn Jay takes the opportunity to learn to use the jackleg.
All right, you ready to try this? - I think so.
- All right, come here.
You know, a jackleg has more than one time put me in the hospital.
You know, I had it wrap up on my leg, and it wasn't pretty.
You know, about two weeks before I could walk again.
___ ___ Go ahead, give it a try.
Not too much.
Nice and easy.
___ ___ ___ ___ Okay.
All right, you ready to give this a try? - Let's do it.
- Go ahead.
All right.
It was, uh, an interesting piece of equipment that I am not used to using at all.
I'm used to sitting at a desk, where the only thing I had to worry about was losing my vision staring at a screen all day.
Lift up on your machine a little bit by hand.
Once you get moving a little bit, the drill kinda sets itself, and it's not as tough, but it's heavy.
It's a big step in Jay's journey toward becoming a real miner.
- How'd that feel? - Oh, man, that's hefty.
[Laughs] I liked it though, I liked it.
[Laughs] Today, Patrick is going into town to do some research, looking for historical explanations for the paranormal activity reported at the Crescent.
But finding written records for Sumpter is difficult.
And it's all because of a morning 100 years ago.
In 1917, Sumpter was known as the queen city, with two banks, seven hotels, and its own red light district.
But on August 13th, everything changed.
In the cook's quarters of the Capital hotel, a mysterious fire broke out.
The flames spread to adjacent buildings.
The wood-covered streets caught fire.
And soon, the entire town burned.
[People shouting] Just three hours later, Sumpter was gone.
The city and its written records all but vanished up in smoke.
Patrick, like many researchers in these situations, is checking out the local cemetery.
Headstones don't burn, and the names and dates found on them can often provide crucial clues.
Being that mining was such a dangerous profession, I'm looking for signs of a traumatic event that happened in the mine, tombstones from guys that died at a young age.
Once I find those names and those dates, I'm gonna search for a secondary source that might link to a tragedy up at the mine.
I'm using a full-spectrum camera, which utilizes light waves not visible to the naked eye.
We're looking for anomalies which could indicate paranormal activity.
As I'm walking around, there's one monument that stands out, and it seems out of place here.
And it's of a Joseph Young.
And what's interesting is that there's a masonic symbol on his tombstone.
That's something we're gonna have to look at and research.
Born July 10, 1832.
Died February 27, 1905.
As soon as I saw this headstone, I started thinking about all the stories we were hearing about this Joe in town and the evidence we've been collecting on our investigations.
And I'm starting to think, is this our Joe? Joe, did you work in the Crescent mine? Were you a miner? Do you have a message for us? [Twigs cracking] I'm hearing just odd noises in the trees around.
And it's from every side, it's not one direction.
And we've experienced this in other locations, where we feel that we're being watched, and it's that same feeling here.
[Rustling, crackling] I didn't find what I was looking for in the cemetery.
I need to do some further research, see if I can find out who this Joseph Young was.
Back on the mountain, the miners continue to extract valuable ore from the Crescent.
From here, the tons of raw ore are sent to the mill, where it will be further refined.
It's looking like we're all gonna make a paycheck now, and I'm just hoping it's a whole lot bigger than that little muck pile there.
Look at this.
I'm gonna die of old age before you get that rock loaded up.
Maybe if I'm lucky enough and get enough, I can finally build my wife a house.
How long before we get that back? A lot faster than you friggin' loaded 'em.
The last thing I'm thinking about right now is ghosts.
All I'm thinking about is how fast we can get back in there, scoop it out, blast some more, and just keep it coming.
With things looking up in the mine, the guys decide to gamble some of their future earnings over a friendly game of poker.
- Pair of twos.
- [Laughter] You raised? Uh, 50.
- [Laughs] Okay, let's do it.
My poker game's awesome.
I'm probably the best poker player out of all these guys.
I've got a really good poker face.
How many cards you want? - * I want three * - [Laughter] Oh, jeez.
- 50? - I'm out.
I'm out.
I'm not even waiting for my turn.
The bet's to you, Jamol.
- He's bluffing, man.
- What the hell? - I fold.
- What? He's a terrible poker player.
No game, no poker face.
I paid 50 bucks to draw two lousy cards.
[Laughter] Poker night at base camp it was fun.
It was just cool hanging out with the guys and kind of being part of the team finally.
___ She didn't want to play.
- Why not? - Why not? - She's reviewing evidence.
- She's scared, isn't she? So what's this evidence that she's reviewing? Well, you saw some of it already.
We just like to double-check and triple-check.
So are you thinking you could be wrong, then? No, we haven't been able to debunk anything yet.
You sure you're not just working for Larry anyway? Trying to scare us off camp when we're on the gold? Why would I want to scare you away, though? When you start getting good gold like we are, then peoples' minds do start changing.
You actually start to say, "mm, this is pretty good-looking stuff.
" They won't miss this.
" - A little gold fever? - Right.
Since we hit the high grade, we've sent out two truckloads, and we ain't seen crap come back.
I know, I'd like to know where he's shipping it to.
We all would.
He says we're making money, but I haven't seen any reports or any evidence of it yet, so You got no no numbers or nothing? Nothing yet.
____ - [Crash] - Ooh! - What the hell was that? - [Bleep].
- 50.
- Whoa.
We haven't seen any results yet from Larry, and we've been told that we're getting close to the break-even point, but Larry hasn't showed us anything yet.
He's got no - No numbers or nothing yet? - Nothing yet.
____ - [Crash] - Ooh! - What the hell was that? - [Bleep].
What was that? - What was that? - Something outside.
- Come on.
- Jesus.
- What was that? - I don't see nothing.
_______ There was something out here.
[Voice on radio] The radio - Somebody is somebody there? - Kristen, go ahead.
Something popping out of the cabin.
I don't know if rocks are falling, or there's an animal outside, but I need your guys' help, please.
It was Kristen, and she was calling for help, saying that there was an animal or an avalanche or something up at the P.
- At the P.
- All right, let's go.
Let's go up and help her out, guys.
We're on our way.
What's going on? Kristen says there's something up by her cabin.
The investigators' cabin is located near the entrance of the mine, almost 1/4 of a mile up the road and 500 feet above the cook shack.
- Kristen.
- I'm in the cabin.
You all right? Someone needs to go check on the other side of that wall.
- I don't see anything.
- What was it? I don't know.
Nothing up above.
Don't see anything up on the hill.
- Did you see anything? - Don't see nothing, do you? We looked all around, we couldn't find any tracks, large rocks, or anything, and no evidence of nothing.
I was just listening to audio, and then all of a sudden, just, um bangs, loud bangs.
The whole cabin shook.
It was happening down there too.
We were playing cards, and it happened to us too.
- Banging? - Banging, yeah.
Yeah, a loud bang that knocked stuff off the shelf.
I thought it might be a bear or something, - but I wasn't sure.
- No, there's no tracks.
Maybe this is something we gotta check out.
What do you mean, "check out"? - What's going on? - We just gotta do what we do.
We gotta do a quick investigation, see if we can figure out what this was.
We're starting the investigation at Around the P.
Everyone's gonna call it an evening.
Unfortunately, Kristen and I can't.
We gotta investigate this right away.
We're just gonna do a quick thermal imaging scan to see if there are any animals in the area and try to figure out whatever it was on the side of the cabin.
Do you want to sit in the cabin, and, like, I'll see if we can recreate it? [Sighs] Yeah, - let's do that.
- All right.
- But you're all right? - Yeah.
I'm all right.
I was just startled.
- Be careful.
- Yeah, I will.
[Knocks] Was it like that? That's more knocking.
It wasn't knocking.
Listen, I'm gonna throw a rock at that area now.
[Bang] - So, it wasn't that? - No.
Did you hear footsteps at all? - No.
- No? I say we just head down to base camp, - check out that site.
- Yeah.
After we sort of debunked rocks being thrown, or something pushing up against the cabin, Patrick and I decided to head down to base camp and do an investigation down there as well.
Looks like you guys were having a fun time.
So right in the middle of a hand, and there was a bang right behind this wall.
Well, should we do a EVP session? Might as well see if we get something.
Patrick and Kristen, in miners' kitchen.
EVP session.
Is there anyone in here with us? Did you bang on the wall of this cabin? Why did you interrupt our poker game? That's just the tarp blowing outside.
Are you protecting this mine? Are you someone we've already talked to? Is this Joe? This flashlight just went out.
Your flashlight just went out? Yeah.
Just had it on.
Flashlight's doing its own thing here.
I just changed all the batteries in everything this morning.
Are you giving us a warning? Thumping noise over here.
I'm gonna go check it out real quick.
Just do a quick sweep of the area, see if there's any animals.
Are the miners disturbing you? What the [Bleep] is that? Found a mouse, coming right at me.
There he goes.
Were you once a miner? [Crash] [Screams] Coming up on Ghost Mine This isn't right.
Something's not right here.
I do feel like something's watching me.
We haven't been this far back yet.
- Anybody back there? - Shh.
I scanned the entire area out here with the thermal imaging camera and didn't find anything bigger than a mouse.
But in the kitchen, Kristen conducted the EVP session, and that's when things got a little interesting.
Were you trying to warn us of something? [Crash] [Screams] Patrick? You all right? What did you ask? "Were you once a miner?" So we got responses at, "were you protecting the miners?" And "were you a miner?" I can't explain that.
We have the possibility of whatever was in the mine has now come out of the mine.
Well, the guys were saying that they're finding gold now.
Maybe that's stirring something up.
This is not just something trying to make contact.
It's actually becoming forceful.
I totally understand that.
I think we need to go back, analyze our audio, and if we get an answer to one of our questions, it could possibly tell us - if it's even safe for us to be there.
- Yeah.
All right, let's get out of here.
[Birds chirping] Despite the frightening turn of the previous night, the next morning, the miners are determined to get back to work.
[Hissing] ____ ____ ____ Mmeanwhile, as Patrick and Kristen analyze the night's evidence, Larry the mine owner pays them a visit.
[Sighs] - [Knocks] - Hey, Larry.
- Y'all got a minute? - 'Sup, Larry? So why don't y'all tell me what happened last night? It was a frightening situation.
Your guys got scared.
I've never seen those guys jump out of their chairs like that.
I mean, that's the whole point, you know.
The guys got scared, and that's what you guys are here for is not to let them get scared.
If they get scared and tramp out, then we're shut down.
We understand that completely.
So when you get your results, you bring 'em to me or bring 'em to Stan.
- Nobody else.
- Sure.
It's like he wants us to lie to the guys.
This makes me wonder about the bones we found.
But because we handed them over to Larry, I can never be sure if they were actually analyzed or not.
And now I don't think we'll ever know.
Let's just concentrate on this footage so we can figure out whatever it was that hit the cabins last night.
Three hours later, Patrick continues his quest for answers about the Crescent, Sumpter itself, and the mysterious Joe they keep hearing about.
I came to the Baker County Library because I need to find more about Joseph Young and plus anything about mining operations in Sumpter, see if there was any tragedies and deaths.
One of my favorite parts about investigating is doing this research.
And while going through the other books in the library, I found a very interesting one about the freemasons.
It's we're really just finding the the true story of what happened.
We're figuring out who these people were and what they did.
There is a possibility that the Joe that we've been encountering all throughout town is this Joseph Young.
I found a small, little article about him in the The bibliography, and it just told really about his life, and that he was a founding father of Sumpter, really.
Everything I'm reading about Joseph D.
Young and how he was just this humanitarian makes me believe that it's more of a a protecting spirit.
Maybe he's the one that warned duck and Jay.
It's not Joe that is trying to harm people, maybe it's something darker or more sinister.
Again, another puzzle piece that we have to figure out.
You're doing this backwards.
What? Back at the Crescent, Kristen joins the miners for a little downtime, and she comes bearing gifts.
Thank you for these, Kristen.
- I haven't had one in a long time.
- Oh, you're welcome.
Yeah, it's been years since I've had a s'more.
This is my favorite thing to do around a campfire.
- We know that.
Oh, look at that.
- Look at that.
You know, that's gonna get in my beard.
- Yeah, this'll be funny.
- I'm ready.
I have to watch this.
- Woo! - Yeah! He's got a little bit in there.
[Laughter] Hey, so why didn't Patrick come out here? Um, he's doing some research, actually, right now.
What a nerd.
All right, Patrick.
So have have you guys been feeling all right in the mine? Finding gold.
Been feeling pretty damn good.
But you guys know what I'm talking about.
We know what you're talking about, but we try to avoid it.
- ___ - Yeah.
[Laughs] I don't want to seem to be, like, the party peeper - Then don't.
- Scaredy-pants around here, but I kinda feel like I don't know, kinda strange.
Like something's been watching me.
- I know it sounds weird.
- ____ It's not weird.
I know what you're talking about.
You know, I keep going over in my head whether I'm just freaking myself out in there, but I do feel like something's watching me.
___ ___ ___ ___ And it's not like it was before.
It's different.
Sometimes it's really hard to poke it out of your mind and just get on with what you're doing.
What about you, Stan? No, honestly, I haven't felt that.
Yeah, I haven't noticed anything either, so everything feels fine to me.
Well, regardless, I'm still glad you're here.
- We're all happy you're here.
- I just you know, I want to make sure too that you guys are are feeling good about stuff.
And you guys being honest with us, we'll be honest with you.
If we ever think there's a reason why you shouldn't be in there, we'll tell you, straightforward.
Well, we appreciate that.
With morning, Jamol and Dick are at work in the eastern tunnel, nearly a half-mile underground.
- That is something.
- Watch your head right there.
Oh, I don't need to tell you to watch your head, do I? [Laughs] That's one thing I'm all right.
We're going to check an area out for any bad ground for to get it prepped for the drillers.
Today, dick took me in to do a little scaling.
I've done a little bit before, but I'm still a greenhorn when it comes to that.
Any chance I can get to be in the mine and not the kitchen, I'm gonna jump on it.
When you hear the thump, get rid of it.
When you're tapping the rocks when you're barring down, you get a real nice thud when you hit a good, solid rock.
And it'll be a real weak thud if the rock's about to go, if the crack's opened up.
- You know what, Dick? - What's that? I'm almost a miner.
[Laughs] So what are these plugs? They drill into the rock, and they put the wooden plugs up there, and they swell up, and they hang the wires from 'em.
Got a friend got killed by one of these.
You're kidding me.
Drilled up in there.
While he was driving the plug in, it opened up a water pocket under the ground, shot it out, hit him right between the friggin' eyes, killed him deader than hell.
- Whoa.
- [Rumbling] What the do you feel that? I could see my smoke move from my pipe, and a wind blast come by.
We're in a dead end tunnel.
That shouldn't happen.
And it sends chills right down your spine.
This isn't right.
Something's not right here.
Coming up on Ghost Mine I've had years underground by myself.
I've never felt that.
This is not the safest-looking part of the mine.
Oh, look at this.
I'm hearing something.
- You know what, Dick? - What's that? - I'm almost a miner.
- Almost.
Working alongside Jamol in the eastern tunnel - Did you just feel that? - What the hell? What the hell was that? Greybeard has encountered something that has made even this experienced miner's blood run cold.
I just felt a draft, and I saw our breath move.
Yeah, I've seen my smoke go away too.
That's not right.
It should be going in.
Uh, well, I'll tell you what, Jamol, something's going on back there.
Something's not right here.
- Let's get the hell out of here.
- I'm going.
I just got this feeling let's get let's get out.
Let's get Jamol, get him moving in front of me, and pick up the pace and get out of there.
I've never had that before.
That was kinda odd.
Soon, Dick and Jamol emerge into the daylight.
Hey, guys.
And there to meet them are the paranormal investigators.
- Big gust of wind.
- Right by us.
My breath and his smoke.
Just [whooshes] I mean, it gave me goose bumps.
I still have 'em.
The guys were obviously very frightened.
When they ran out of the mine, they were out of breath.
They definitely did not wanna go back in there.
We didn't hear any rocks fall.
We heard nothing.
All we heard was that wind going by.
Just wham, there it was.
I've had years underground by myself.
I've never felt that.
- Ever? - That's my first time ever.
I've never been chased out of a tunnel.
Well, we had that once with your dad, where he had the tommy-knockers; Is this the same thing? Uh, I don't know.
I I don't know.
I don't know.
While they're telling their story, I'm thinking, we gotta get in there right now.
Phantom winds are one of the oldest superstitions in mining, and this is our chance to find out what they are and what's going on in there.
So is it safe for us to go in there and check it out? If it was something in the back shifting give it a few minutes.
See what happens.
And then I'll be happy to give you the okay.
Well, we'll go get our gear ready, and you just let us know when you think it's safe to go in there.
Yeah, all right, guys.
See you in a little bit.
I don't think they should go in.
Well, let's give it a few minutes, see what happens.
By their very nature, paranormal investigations present unique challenges, and this one requires some special equipment.
I want to go in there with the oxygen meter, I want to go in there with the co2 data logger and also the wind meter to see if we get any gusts.
But we're definitely gonna have to get back further than we've gone before to find out what's going on in there.
Having received the "all clear" at last, Kristen and Patrick enter the mine to investigate the reports of a phantom wind.
Use the anemometer, get wind flow.
Pretty much nothing through here right now.
Here's the camera.
So the wind that they felt was coming from that direction.
So oxygen levels are about 21%, which is pretty good for being as far back as we are.
I'm getting consistent air flow of .
Both those make me think that we're getting some oxygen from somewhere else.
I know.
So I think we should head this way, see if we find anything.
Just watch your head.
Yeah, watch your head.
Jeez, this is amazing.
It's like needles from the ceiling.
Watch out for the super stalactite here.
I'm just thinking if there's a another shaft down here, maybe the wind blew straight down, and that's what created the breeze that blew the smoke.
Is there supposed to be another shaft down here? I'm just that's what I'm guessing right now, since we're getting such great oxygen.
Air flow's pretty consistent in here.
Got a .
12 now, so we're getting a more of a breeze.
Wow, we haven't been this far back yet.
It's like they found as much wood as they could and then just stuck it up on the ceiling to keep it up.
This is not the safest-looking part of the mine.
Looking forward, we could see just black.
It was just it just seemed to go on and on, like, forever.
Ah, jeez.
Wow, look at this.
Patrick, don't you think this looks like sort of a, um, cave-in? All of this does.
Looks like Is this the end? - This is the end.
- Of this tunnel? Yeah.
Well, then, there isn't any other shaft.
- But - But our oxygen readings are Are still the same.
Well, it feels weird back here.
Something weird about the end of this tunnel.
Kristen, what's the oxygen level back here? Steady.
Steady, 21%.
Yeah, we're getting a slight breeze in here.
Well, my oxygen level shouldn't be this high.
Air flow right here,.
That's amazing.
Where's the extra wind coming from, then? Let's do an EVP session real quick.
Patrick and Kristen, at the very back of the Crescent mine.
Is there a miner back here with us? What's your name? What's going on in this mine? [Faint tapping] I'm hearing something.
It's steady, but then it's not.
I don't It's kind of I can't pinpoint it either.
It's, like, all around.
[Eerie rumbling] Just weird.
Now I'm hearing it that way.
Me too.
Stan does say the mountain moans and groans.
This is a moaning.
I've never heard anything like that before.
- Me neither.
- It's incredible.
I have no idea what that is.
- It's getting louder? - Yeah.
We just we gotta figure out what this moan is.
Is that from behind there? It sounds like it's coming from in there.
The hell is that? Kristen and Patrick are in the Crescent mine, investigating reports of a phantom wind when they start tracking a mysterious sound.
I'm hearing something.
I've never heard anything like that before.
Me neither.
It sounds like it's coming from in there.
I'm feeling a breeze here.
14, .
I'm getting some air right here.
My oxygen level is about at 22%.
I'm feeling the draft right here.
Even this far away, I'm feeling it.
It's extremely cold.
That pretty much explains what, uh, dick and Jamol experienced down here.
I'm thinking something's back there, and it blew through.
I'm getting some wind right through here.
Well, if air's coming through there, then that means there's another shaft beyond those rocks.
[Tapping] Hear that? Like an echo behind it.
[Tapping] That's definitely hollow.
Yeah, that's not solid.
What the hell? Is anybody back there? I just want to see if we get a response, if there is anything back there, if it will knock back.
Because I'm hearing something, and it sounds like it's coming from where we're getting the breeze.
Like, I swear, it's coming from right here, the sound.
Could it be the wind coming through that hole? Possibly.
I'm not hearing it now.
But we're probably getting it on the audio, right? Yeah.
I've had this thing recording the whole time.
I wonder if the other miners know about this.
Because they haven't been working this section of the mine yet.
There's something odd about this right here.
I'm just looking at the shape.
Just look at this.
It's a perfect semicircle.
You're right.
That is really odd-looking.
I kind of questioned, like, how could it be there, and it's like, where did it come from? And we we really didn't know, at that point.
It looks like, I want to say a gateway, almost.
A tunnel that was covered up.
I don't know, Kristen.
We gotta ask about this.
I think we need to talk to Larry.
At this point, we don't know what's behind that wall.
Why go to the effort of building the tunnel and this wall to block off whatever's back there? So Kristen and I are both thinking that something else is behind this wall, something that the miners don't know, and if I had to guess, it's been there a very long time.
With the morning, Patrick and Kristen decide it's best to gather the miners and share some of their recent discoveries.
- How you doing? - All right.
- How you doing, Patrick? - Hi.
Got more stuff to show you today.
- Good.
- Right on.
Anything good? Well, the first thing we're going to talk about is, everyone was witness to, that was at poker night.
We want to revisit that night.
I thought maybe you guys had all come up to the cabin and tried to scare me, but then I realized what was going on.
____ ____ ____ So we left you guys up there alone.
I'm assuming everything went okay after that.
A really quick investigation, we started up at the, uh, P.
shack there and didn't find anything, so we came down here, and we conducted an EVP session.
I went outside, and I pulled out the thermal imaging camera to see if it was an animal, didn't find anything bigger than a mouse.
Kristen stayed in here to ask questions, and that's when things got a little interesting.
You'll hear the question, and then you'll hear the response we get.
That's Kristen.
Were you trying to warn us of something? - [Crash] - [Screams] - Oh, my gosh.
- [Bleep].
- That's the same sound.
- In the same place? Were you trying to warn us of something? - [Crash] - [Screams] ____ Don't know right now.
It's like, how can we all explain that night? - We can't.
- That was weird.
And it's not just in the mine anymore.
Whatever it is that we've been experiencing seems to be getting a little bit more aggressive.
That's what's got me concerned now.
Yeah, what do you consider aggressive? Hitting the side of a building? That's not enough to make me quit making money.
We're doing good right now.
Have you ever heard of anything like this get aggressive and hurt people? - Yes.
- What does it want? We don't know yet.
Well, that's not what I want to hear.
And that's our main frustration here.
It's like, every time we think we find some answers or some connections, we get more questions.
Still doesn't explain what happened to me and dick.
You seemed pretty sure that it was something unnatural, something that you never experienced before.
I'll give you that one, yeah.
Yeah, at first, we thought At first, I thought, I should say, is, maybe a a cave-in in the back, you know, to force the wind out or something like that, so What was it? Well, Kristen and I went back there.
We had a continuous noise that was drawing us back, further down the, uh, portal, so we went we followed it.
And it took us to a spot at the very end.
It kind of looks like a gateway.
So let me just show you what we found.
- All: Oh, yeah.
- Okay.
Maybe an entrance to another, um, mine.
So while back there, I had a device that measures air flow, and I found a, uh, hole in the wall, where a breeze was coming through, and we were hearing some noises as well - coming from the other side.
- The other side.
We do have one thing to play for you, some audio.
The question we ask here is, "why was this closed, and why for so long?" And you'll hear the answer.
So you'll hear my questions are here, and you'll hear the response right after it.
Why was it closed, and why was it closed for so long? [Eerie whistling] - Oh, yeah.
- Did you hear that? While sharing their recent findings with the miners, Patrick and Kristen reveal evidence of a paranormal interaction.
The question we ask here is, "why was this closed, and why for so long?" And you'll hear the answer.
So you'll hear my questions right here, and you'll hear the response right after it.
Why was it closed, and why was it closed for so long? [Eerie whistling] - Oh, yeah.
- Huh.
- Did you hear that? - Can we hear it again? I'll play it again for you.
Why was it closed, a nd why was it closed for so long? - [Indistinct whisper] - I thought I heard "death.
" Why was it closed, and why was it closed for so long? [Indistinct whisper] I heard "danger.
" Well, Kristen and I, we heard - "Danger.
" - "Danger.
" And it answers the question, why was it sealed? Let's go in there.
But this voice is saying it's dangerous in there.
That just makes me want to go more.
- Yeah, me too.
- ____ let's go.
Just don't get off track here, guys.
Let's take care of what we're working on now.
Let's just keep mining the good rock we're in, and we'll get back to it.
I don't want nobody back there until we're all ready to hit it ok? So that pretty much concludes the evidence that we wanted to show you today.
That's some pretty impressive stuff.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, nice job.
Like I said, there's still a lot of questions.
- A lot of questions.
- We got too many questions.
We do feel like we're getting a lot deeper into the investigation, um, getting more answers, but like greybeard pointed out, the more answers we get, the more questions we have.
Something to think about now is that, where before, whatever we're dealing with, um, seemed maybe, possibly protective, uh, now it seems to be a little bit more aggressive.
So Patrick and I thought about maybe there's two separate entities.
- Yeah, makes sense.
- That's a possibility.
These are just some of the questions that Patrick and I have been going over.
So, um, you know, we still have a lot more work to do.
Yeah, well, that's that's fine.
- That's what you're here for.
- Yeah.
- All we're waiting for is the answers, so - Yeah.
Despite all indications that the strange activity is on the rise, progress continues underground, and just three days later ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ - ____ - ____ ____ ____ ____ You think? Well, let's get drilling this.
- Let's get going.
- All right.
They break off a sample for Larry, who performs yet another fire assay on the ore.
Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.
But this time, the outcome is good.
Woohoo-hoo! There is a little gold bb in the bottom.
One comes back at about 2 ounces a ton, another came back at 6 ounces a ton.
So that sounds pretty darn good to me.
The ore averages out to 4 ounces of gold per ton of rock, which, at today's prices, converts out to roughly $6,000.
With two promising headings being mined, the crew remains optimistic about their chances for a profitable season.
With as much time as we've been up here, digging through this mountain, to finally see some Some color come out of there, it's finally the light at the end of the tunnel that we're going to make it out of here with some good, profitable mining.
But it also means they'll be blasting and clawing at the rock face with everything they've got All clear! Potentially, releasing a storm of paranormal activity, the likes of which has never been seen before.
Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!