Ghost Mine (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Secret Passage

Previously on Ghost Mine As the miners kick into gear, extracting tons of valuable gold ore from the tunnels, Patrick goes on a solo investigation and discovers yet another piece of the paranormal puzzle.
Is that you making noise, Joe? Then, a simple game of chance takes a terrifying turn Ooh! What the hell was that?! As a mysterious presence sends a threatening message.
Don't see anything up on the hill.
And after clues point to a secret society, Patrick and Kristen discover an entrance - It's a perfect semi-circle.
- To the unknown.
Anybody back there? It's been two months since work began at the Crescent mine.
Fire in the hole! And as the crew burrows and blasts at two productive veins, the men average a backbreaking an amount yielding almost $30,000 worth of gold daily.
As work progresses in the mine, Kristen and Patrick have been expanding their investigation to the surrounding area, searching for possible connections between the paranormal activity at the Crescent and the thermal hits at the dredge The shadow figure seen at the Sumpter bed and breakfast and the ghostly presence known as Joe.
What's going on here at the mine might not be a secluded incident.
It just seems like this investigation is growing and growing and growing.
The past weeks have been so productive, the miners and their families gather in a park outside of Sumpter, where mine owner Larry is throwing them a special cookout.
But even on this day off, two things remain constant: Jamol is cooking, and Buckett There you go, dig that in there.
Is searching for gold.
However, today, he has a little help.
____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ I get to keep everything I find, right? ____ - Are you kidding me? - ____ Wow.
All right, everybody, food's on! Let's go! Whoa, meat instead of pancakes.
Where's the pancakes? No one wants to sit next to me.
As the day progresses, some of the camaraderie even extends to the mine owner.
I believe that the feelings toward Larry has changed.
When they first got up there, they were kind of leery about the situation, and now they're they're better.
And Larry has an announcement that everyone has been waiting to hear.
Can I have everybody's attention, please? I'm extremely pleased to announce that we've hit our break-even point, so everything we get from now on is gold that goes into everybody's pockets.
To be in the profitable zone, that doesn't happen to every operation, so this is this really makes me feel good we've been able to do that.
Whoo! We're gonna buy a nice house somewhere where we can retire, the kids can enjoy, go to school, and just take it easy.
- All right.
- And what better way to cap off a great night - than with some pyrotechnics? - Look out.
We get to play with dynamite all day, the least we can do is put on a firework display for the kids.
Whoo! You know, all in all, I think the kids just really enjoyed it.
Yeah! - Hey, honey? - Yeah? - You seen Marissa? - No.
I thought she was with you.
She was over there with you guys.
With a shock of realization, the night takes an alarming turn.
Marissa, Dingus's nine-year-old daughter, is missing.
- Marissa's missing? - Marissa's missing, yeah.
- Oh, Marissa's missing.
- Yeah, let's split up.
- Grab some flashlights.
- Marissa! - Marissa? - Marissa! - Marissa! - Marissa! Any light we could find, we grabbed.
Took it off up the hills, down the hills, through the woods.
- Marissa! - Marissa! - Everywhere, yelling at her.
- Marissa, where are you? Marissa! My first reaction was head straight towards the creek, make sure she's not in the water.
Do you see anything? No.
I don't see her anywhere.
Marissa! Marissa.
Rissa, is that you? There was this huge noise.
I have no idea what it was.
I know it scared me.
Oh,! Marissa! Got down the road, ah, maybe 40, 50 yards and then heard her scream.
Marissa! Marissa! Marissa! Marissa? Stay right there.
Stay right there, sweetheart.
I found her! She's down here! Marissa.
Marissa, what are you doing, sweetheart? We've all been looking for you.
You okay? - Everything's fine? - Yeah.
Well, come on, let's get you out of here.
Watch yourself here.
We gotta get you up to camp.
Your mom and dad are looking for you.
Everybody is.
Oh! - Oh, where were you? - Are you all right? - A little scared.
- Like, curled up? When we found her, I was relieved.
Like, my heart, like, bounced back in place.
- Greybeard found my daughter - You okay, Marissa? And what can I say for that? I mean, he's I'll be forever in his debt for it.
So what were you doing down there, sweetheart? I saw a shadow.
What do you mean, you saw a shadow? Like, I saw a sh a shadow peeking behind those trees.
So, like, a person behind a tree? Yes.
Had no color, though.
- No color? - Just a shadow.
Marissa, honey, do you think it could have been an animal? - No.
- But it was, like, a shadow? Was the person standing or kneeling down? Standing.
Did you think he was gonna hurt you? - Bye, guys.
- Y'all have a good night.
With the late hour and their search turning up no intruders, the families head back into town for the night.
But for Kristen and Patrick, the night is just beginning.
It appears Jamol did see something he can't explain.
Jamol pulled me aside, and then he told me that he saw the same shadow figure, but up on the hill.
He said he basically saw the same thing that she saw.
- A shadowy figure? - A shad a shadow person.
He says, um he heard a rustling noise and turned his light.
Then after that, it took off down the hill towards the road here.
And I asked him all the questions, you were you al he wasn't with anybody.
It wasn't a shadow from someone's flashlight.
There was no car.
I'm thinking we have to get up in there and see if we can find out what they were seeing.
- Okay.
- There has to be something up in those woods.
I hope it's not a bear.
So we were brought here to see what was happening in the Crescent mine, but this has turned into something so much bigger.
We're in town now.
We're investigating the dredge, the B&B, we're in the woods.
I'm not sure if these hauntings are linked, but there is a possibility.
It seems like everything in this town seems to be connected in a way.
Kristen and Patrick gather the equipment they'll need for tonight's investigation.
We'll definitely do the shadow detector.
In these conditions, the shadow detector can prove particularly useful.
Capable of sensing the smallest changes in light, it can detect shadow movement even in the deep darkness of the forest.
A thermal imaging camera will help the investigators identify possible paranormal activity by seeing unusual heat signatures.
Thermal image in hand.
- Ready for this? - Let's go check it out.
He says he ran up this way to go search for the girl.
We're gonna focus our investigation where the shadow figure was seen, up on the hill with Jamol.
He told me exactly where he was standing, so we set up a dual laser grid, just to cover the entire woods in front of us to see if we could catch the shadow they saw.
If something passes in front of the laser grid, we're gonna see that shadow, that shape.
- So you set? - Set.
Kristen and Patrick in the woods where Jamol saw a shadow figure.
Who's here with us? Did you just hear that? Yeah, but, you know sticks fall in the woods.
Did you purposely try to frighten two people tonight? That could have been just a branch falling.
During the first part of the investigation, we're up on the hill, we were hearing a lot of noises.
A pine cone just fell.
Kristen was just brushing it all away.
Well, I'm taking the stories of two separate people who saw the ext same thing in this area.
Well, the only thing with Jamol Patrick and I don't argue that often, but tonight was a little bit different.
More is going on in this town than just pine cones and sticks dropping out of trees.
I don't think we were expecting to do this investigation, so that probably added to it.
We're both tired.
But during an investigation when these kind of opportunities come up, you just have to put your personal issues aside and keep things moving.
Well if the figure ran to the road, maybe we should head down that way.
I agree with that.
We decided to take our investigation down the hill, following the path that Jamol said the shadow took.
I think we took the tough way down.
This is the road right here, the road where she would've saw the shadow figure.
The road's there, the barbecue was right there.
- Did you hear that? - Down the hill? Yeah, you see something? Patrick, something's moving down there.
Holy [Bleep]! Did you see something? Something just passed by you on thermal.
- What? - Jeez, [Bleep].
Patrick, something's moving down there.
We're investigating in the woods tonight because both Marissa and Jamol saw shadow figures at two separate times Jamol up on the hill, and then later on, Marissa on the road, which scared her so bad that she went into hiding.
It's escalating, and I don't know what the endgame's gonna be.
Did you hear that? Holy [Bleep]! Did you see something? Something just passed by you on thermal.
What? I think something just went by you right there.
- Somebody or something? - I don't know.
It was, like, a little flash of light just kind of went this way.
This side? It went that way, where that noise just happened.
- That was a loud bang.
- Yes, it was.
Let's go.
Let's do it.
Just got to be careful here.
There's the road, right there.
Yeah, there's the concrete structure right there.
It leads us right to the place where Marissa was found.
If she was coming down the road here, and Jamol was up there So this actually connects the two separate reports from Jamol and Marissa.
I mean, look at that though.
Would you hide in there? - Well, she was - She had to be She was scared to death.
Really frightened to get into something that frightening.
The shadow detector, I'm just gonna set up right here.
If we've got a shadow figure in here It will set off.
I'm gonna walk in front of the That's me going across.
It's not a room.
It's more of, like, a a trench.
Did you hear that? Something just fell right over there.
Yeah, it didn't sound like a stick.
Be careful.
Do you see something? No.
Shadow detector.
There it goes again.
We started getting hits off the shadow detector.
I wasn't seeing anything on the cameras, but something was definitely across the road, crossing in front of that beam.
I'm not seeing anything in the trees.
You wanna do an EVP? Let's do it.
This is Patrick and Kristen on the road where a shadow figure was seen behind the trees, close to stone structure.
Are you a spirit from the Crescent? You've been making plenty of noise up there.
Are you trying to scare us away? Any warnings to pass along? Holy [Bleep]! Do you see something? Just saw something move up there by that tree, where the flashlight's pointing.
I don't see anything now.
Are you all right down here if I go check it out? Yeah.
Did Marissa say anything about it coming down to her? Or did she just say she saw it in the trees there? She said she saw it in the trees.
I mean, she said it was behind a tree.
She didn't say which tree.
Be careful getting up there.
Any footprints or anything? Nothing.
I'm gonna head back down there towards you.
Okay, be careful.
I went up the hill, went around the tree.
There was nothing there, no animals.
Looked on the ground No footprints, no disturbances at all.
Whatever I saw I'm gonna have to take a closer look at the thermal imaging camera footage, but I can't explain it right now.
Yeah, nothing's behind that tree.
- Well, something was there.
- Yeah.
I don't know, Kristen.
It's quiet now.
But I definitely have some stuff on thermal to take a look at and show you.
But right now, I'm not seeing anything.
Ending EVP session on the road near stone structure where shadow was seen.
Dingus's daughter, Marissa, and Jamol saw shadow figures.
This has turned into something so much bigger.
We're in town now.
We're investigating the dredge, the B&B, we're in the woods.
We both feel like we are so close to finding the answers to the hauntings of this town.
But yet we're not quite there yet.
Very interesting night.
We don't know who exactly we're talking to.
We think it possibly could be Joe.
We have to find out if it's only Joe, if there's something else involved, and how this all connects together.
Coming up, on Ghost Mine We don't feel safe about you guys going in that mine.
They've got gold fever, and nothing will stop them from getting that gold.
Oh, my headlamp just went out.
We've got something going on here.
Something is telling us to leave, and we need to listen.
I've never seen readings like this.
A new day opens at the Crescent mine camp, and Patrick and Kristen have gathered the miners together to share the results from last night's unexpected investigation of a shadow figure.
You'll be happy to know that we do have some video to share with you.
This came from the thermal imaging camera.
So this is Kristen here.
And just watch for a couple seconds, and you'll kind of see it pass left to right.
Right there.
That's exactly how fast it was.
That was moving.
So it was way too big to be a bat or a bird.
That went behind her, and it was huge.
Yeah, and it was at ground - It was at ground level too.
- Yeah.
There's no way that someone could get down that hill that fast.
Not a human.
But the interesting thing was is that we tried to take the same path that Jamol said he saw the shadow go, and we ended up right in the same spot where you found Marissa.
So while we were conducting our investigation, we think we found the tree that your daughter saw the shadow behind.
And we got something.
So just kind of keep an eye in this area right here.
Yeah, as soon as I saw it, I ran up there to see if anything was behind the tree.
Nothing's back there.
The ground wasn't disturbed, no animal footprints.
It was I ran right up here and looked back, there was nothing.
That's weird.
You know, I've been thinking a lot about this and, um, when Patrick and I keep trying to find a pattern to this whole thing, anytime it's contacted Patrick and I, it's when we went in after it after it's contacted you guys.
It seems to be the pattern is you.
Maybe it's trying to warn us, and we're not listening? That's what we're thinking right now.
Maybe we're just getting a little closer to something it doesn't want us to see, like good ore.
Yeah, and we got a lot farther than those other guys last season.
That's a lot of good information.
- Okay, then.
- All finished here.
Thank you, guys.
Despite the apparent rise in paranormal activity, the miners are determined to get back to work, drilling and blasting away at both veins of gold.
And for Greenhorn Jamol, finding this gold could be the key to rebuilding his life.
I went through bouts of unemployment, lost three three homes, and I think it's gonna be a hopeful blessing to myself and my family.
But while Jamol considers it a blessing, Kristen identifies it as something else.
They're pretty tough guys, and they know that they're pretty tough guys, and no matter what the danger is, nothing will stop them from getting that gold.
Fire in the hole! - That's it.
- There it is.
It's on the money.
Two days later, the investigation takes a radical turn.
Patrick and Kristen have been contacted by a Sumpter resident, a man who claims to be related to a miner on Larry's original crew.
Reportedly, he has a dire message regarding the Crescent, but the clandestine meeting comes with conditions.
He doesn't want to talk on the phone, so he gave us instructions to this place down Bourne road to meet him.
So Patrick and Kristen set off on the 7-mile drive out of town down a deserted logging road.
Right here.
It's very cloak and dagger, but we need to check it out.
Here we go.
- Patrick? - Yeah.
I'm guessing this is him.
Yeah, it - Hi, guys.
- How you doing? - Hi.
- Doing pretty good.
- I'm Jay.
- Patrick.
- Patrick.
- Kristen.
Kristen, hi.
- Nice to meet you guys.
- You too.
You said you had some information about our investigations? Well, my son and adopted son were up there for several months.
They were part of the original crew that Larry hired? That's correct.
Those are the ones that got scared away? That's correct.
What scared them away? They didn't like what they were seeing and hearing.
Did they say what they were seeing and hearing? Shadows.
What are they saying to him? "Leave us alone," basically.
That particular mine scares him.
They won't go back in there again.
Whatever is back in there doesn't want anybody in there.
And the longer they lived there, I think the more it bothered 'em.
Have you found anything at the Crescent that has really spooked you? We've heard some things, seen some things that back up the claims from the previous miners.
But we've also checked out the Bed and Breakfast, been to the dredge.
We know that there is a ghost named Joe.
I found a marker a grave marker of Joseph.
You see anything on the grave marker other than his name? Freemason symbol.
You might find it interesting that the Crescent was also owned by the masons.
Coming up on Ghost Mine The investigation has taken sort of a different turn, and now it's almost becoming a scavenger hunt.
I wasn't sure that Larry's been straight with you.
It may not be safe up there.
Right there.
We can't walk away from this one.
Patrick and Kristen are meeting with a Sumpter local who has some startling information about the Crescent mine.
Maybe you already know this, that the Crescent was also owned by the masons.
Yeah, we didn't know that.
There's nothing up there that you've seen that tips you off to that? No.
No, we've been, uh, really focused on the mine itself.
Have you noticed any rock formations that seem to be out of place? You seen anything that looked like that rock over there, up there? That kind of gray, lighter-colored one? - That's granite.
- Granite.
There's no granite up there, except for the three large boulders that were put there by somebody.
There are apparent masonic symbols on these boulders.
- And they're still up there? - Especially Yeah, they're still there as far as I know.
Jay, do you think maybe you could draw me a map? I can draw you a map of where the boulders are, yeah.
Here's the main camp, where all the cabins are, and if you look right up here, you'll see a granite boulder it's old.
And you'll find another one here and another one about here.
And what do they mark? Perhaps the entrance to another tunnel.
However, the feeling very strong feeling is that, for some reason, it could be leading them or showing them - where not to go.
- Interesting.
- Some kind of a warning.
- Any reason why? I wasn't sure that Larry's been straight with you and let you know some of these things that were going on last year.
It may not be safe up there, you know? You need to pass that on to these people.
Well, again, thank you very much.
You bet.
- Appreciate it.
- A real pleasure.
With map in hand, Kristen and Patrick head back up to the Crescent to see what they can find.
He said look for gray stones.
All I see are gray stones.
The investigation has taken sort of a different turn, and now it's almost becoming a scavenger hunt.
I'm not sure what granite looks like.
But his map says it's to the right of the three cabins and the rubble pile.
How much could it stand out when it's been sitting here for 100 years? Hey, what's up guys? What are you doing? - Hey, Stan.
- Hey, Stan.
Stan walked up on us, and it's a good thing 'cause we didn't know where we were and what we were looking for.
Stan, we are hunting for a big granite rock.
What are you looking for in a granite rock? We got this map from a guy down in town.
And supposedly, the masons put three granite stones with markings on them in a particular pattern there, and that's gonna show us to a secret portal.
- Really? - Another mine.
Another mine that's been blasted over.
- Really? - So, yeah so we need to find these three stones, so we can kind of triangulate where that blasted-over shaft is at.
If that's true, that stone is right there, at the base of that tree.
That's granite.
Stan pointed out the granite rock like that.
He immediately saw it and headed for that direction.
See how the speckle got a porphyry look to it? It's light inside? All right, masonic markings on them, and he says they might be weathered.
There's a drill hole.
Is that just something a miner would do? Huh, a miner did that with a hand steel.
- Here's another one.
- One right here too.
That makes a triangle.
That's pretty cool.
I guess the next one is supposedly over that way.
- Well, let's go check it out.
- That right? So now we have to try to find the other two rocks.
The map basically says to go straight ahead from the first rock.
Hey, guys, there's a hole in this one.
- There you found a hole? - Yeah.
That's a drill hole.
Another one there.
- That's two.
- That's pretty cool.
So far that map's pretty good, isn't it? So we got one, two.
After finding the second stone, we knew the third one had to be really close-by, just up the hill, and, uh, Stan looked up, and there was a granite stone underneath a tree.
There's a hole in it.
- It's got a hole in it? - Yeah, right here.
One ah, there it is.
All right.
- One, two, three! - That's it.
- Cool.
- Rock one, rock two, rock three.
There you go.
According to the map, it's right there.
It's gotta be right in here, guys.
- Does that make sense? - Yeah, it does.
Look at its indentation here.
It's sunken in a little bit.
Even if we do open it, is it even gonna be safe to go in? We can make it safe.
I definitely want to see what's in here.
We can't walk away from this one.
We gotta see if there's a hole down there or not.
Even if it is something else, - I want to see what it is.
- Yeah.
There's various reasons people would blast a portal shut.
But to find the symbols along with it, you know, it really makes you wonder, "what are they hiding in there?" The plan now is to get Eddie with an excavator and clear some of this out.
I think there's something in there, and we've got to check it out.
Showing no hesitation, Eddie quickly gets to work, removing scoop after scoop of dirt and rock.
Start right here.
- Right here? - Yeah.
There you go.
So the guys are digging out where we think the mine shaft is and not seeing anything just yet.
So I'm starting to think, "is this a wild goose chase?" Just one scoop right there.
- Right here? - Yeah, about right there.
Digging everywhere, I ain't finding nothing, and I'm thinking to myself, "the old man has finally lost it.
" Hold up, ed! I see a little timber right there.
Move over a little bit this way.
It looked like it gave a little, so be real careful.
- Okay.
- I think that's it.
That's it! That's it? That's it.
The team has found a new portal.
- Now what do we do with it? - Now we dig it out.
Coming up on Ghost Mine - Oh, jeez.
- That's a bulkhead.
The team makes a major breakthrough.
Look at this, guys.
I was getting some readings that I never expected to get.
But what will the new tunnel reveal? That's high-grade right there.
Something's in here.
With a new portal revealed, the miners and paranormal investigators are eager to find out what's inside.
But since the condition of the tunnel remains an unknown, Patrick and Kristen decide to send R.
2 in first.
The plan now is we're gonna send R.
in and make sure it's safe and see what we can find.
and the miners reunite at the newly opened portal.
All right, guys.
Camera on.
Rolling her forward.
Slowly, R.
2 enters the darkness of the new mine.
It's looking good so far.
- Pretty straight through there.
- Yeah.
All right, I'll stop her right here, so you guys can take a look around.
How's that looking to you guys? - Looks pretty good.
- That don't look bad at all.
Okay, I'm gonna move forward some more here.
What's that up ahead? Not sure.
I'm going to hit the hit the high beams here.
What's it look like, Ed? Here, I'll pan the camera around for you.
- What's that look like? - Like a bulkhead to me.
- It is a bulkhead.
- Yeah.
But what's that thing on it right there? That's a symbol.
Just like what we found on the rocks.
But this one has an eye in it.
If I had to guess, I'd say that that's masonic as well.
Is that as far as this thing's gonna go? Yeah, that's it.
There's nothing else around.
Wanna go check it out? Hell, yeah.
Let's go check it out.
- Oh, we're going with you.
- All right.
No problem.
Get your gear on.
Kristen, Patrick, Stan, and Eddie make their way into the newly revealed tunnel.
Meanwhile, the miners back at the Crescent have their own mystery to deal with.
The equipment is acting up again.
A valve on the water pump has somehow become physically dislodged, even though none of the miners has touched it.
It's another equipment failure without explanation.
It's just feeling real weird in there, and with all the weird things going on back there I'm gonna be real cautious.
Be real careful.
It also means all mining must wait until it's fixed, a delay of almost an hour.
Back at the new portal, the team gets a good look at the barrier put up long ago.
Oh, jeez.
That's a bulkhead.
What the heck? Oh, yeah.
There it is.
Is this normal, for miners to put up a wall like this? Only when they don't want people to go back in there.
I can't see what's back there, but We're gonna have to rip this thing down.
- Yep.
- Look at this, guys.
We shouldn't be getting into the yellow like that.
I scanned this wooden wall with the k2 meter, and I was getting some readings that I never expected to get.
They weren't very strong hits, but they were enough to get my attention because we're in a mine shaft, just stone and wood.
So you guys still want to go through here? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
We're definitely going through here.
We're both thinking there's something more than just a payday back there for you guys.
Well, would it make you guys feel any better if we just tore it down and then let your little robot go back there first? - Oh, definitely, yeah.
- Okay.
There's only two reasons that somebody would bury a portal.
One is that it's no good, and they just bulk-headed it off 'cause they didn't want to go back in there, and the other one is there's something really good back there, and they didn't want anybody else to get back in there.
Eddie is our number one skeptic.
He doesn't believe in any superstitions.
He doesn't believe in spirits, the paranormal, at all.
So it's gonna be really tough to convince him, if we find anything harmful, that he needs to get out of there.
All we can do is hope he listens.
As all this crazy stuff is happening, I keep thinking, "something is telling us to leave, and we need to listen.
" A little more.
Stan, Eddie, and the paranormal investigators have uncovered a mysterious new mine shaft.
Yeah, you know, we we came in, and we saw the bulkhead in the center of the drift.
And I said, "we gotta go get in there and see why they bulk-headed it off.
" A little more.
You guys see anything? It's open.
Can we get R.
through? Yeah, I think so.
Stan and Eddie broke through the wall in the tunnel, and we sent R.
in to check it out.
We want to make sure it's safe.
This is a new mine.
It's been closed for who knows how many years.
So it's safe for everyone to send R.
in first, have a look around before anyone else goes in.
Patrick, Kristen, Stan, and Eddie a new portal sending R.
What's happening, Patrick? I don't know.
I just lost control.
She's not responding.
I got R.
about halfway down the tunnel, and the power went out.
She just stopped.
She wasn't responding to the controls, and I don't know.
It's happened before, and I can't explain it.
But it happened again.
Let's go get it out of the way or fix it, whatever we gotta do.
Does it look safe enough in there? Yeah, it looks all right.
Kristen, Stan, Eddie, and I went to see what was wrong with R.
Not only was she dead, a bunch of the equipment was dead.
Everything went wrong at once.
Half of the devices are dead.
The camera's dead.
Environmental's out.
Well, fix it.
That's easier said than done.
How long is this gonna take? I couldn't even tell you.
Well, I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna go with you.
Okay, I got to figure this out.
We were trying to fix R.
, and Eddie and Stan got a little impatient and decided just to go ahead to the back of the mine.
I'm fairly certain this is what they were chasing, though, right here.
Yeah, that's the vein.
Huh, that's not very good.
That's some bad timber right there.
Can put your finger through it.
That is rotten.
Don't touch the next set 'cause it's got weight on 'em.
Look at this.
Not bad-looking, is it? Showing color, that's for sure.
Look at this ground, though.
- Yeah.
- Just falls apart.
Look at that.
Look at that vein.
There it is.
Now that's what you're looking for, Ed.
Look at that.
I'll be damned.
It's all through here.
That's high-grade right there.
Yeah, it is.
This whole vein is high-grade.
I can see it.
Pretty darn exciting.
Pretty bad shape, but really, really good-looking ore.
You know, we're looking right at millions of dollars of gold right now.
This is what we've been looking for.
This is it.
Power switches are all on still.
Would there be something in here that was causing high electromagnetic energy? Oh, my headlamp just went out.
Kristen, my headlamp just went out.
- Really? - Yeah.
No, it's out.
Kristen, look at this.
I'm in the red here.
All these power drains at the same moment.
I was getting probably the highest spikes I've ever gotten on an investigation.
If I have no power anywhere, I shouldn't be getting these spikes.
Something's in here.
And I'm too far from R.
right now for her to be setting this off.
That's not right.
If you're in here, make a noise.
I'm starting to think, were they trying to keep people out of this mine because of gold - You hear that? - Yeah, I heard that.
Or were they were trying to seal something in, something that they didn't want to get out?