Ghost Mine (2013) s02e02 Episode Script

The Lost Chamber

Previously on Ghost Mine - How's it going, boss? - Welcome back! The miners and the paranormal team return to the Crescent, but any hopes of a normal mining season are quickly dashed after a strange, unexplained sighting Stan, I just saw somebody up here.
And a flurry of paranormal activity.
[Bang] There's something in here with us.
While Patrick and Kristen search for clues to the Crescent's past Getting a k2 hit.
The miners blast through the tunnel walls - Fire in the hole! - [Explosion] And uncover a mysterious chamber.
But the new ballroom holds more than gold.
Looks like an old scythe handle, like the Grim Reaper used to carry.
And when an investigation turns up strange activity This all seems to be coming from right here.
A closer look reveals an astounding discovery.
What is that? I have no idea.
[Country rock music] lord have mercy on a proud man's soul blood so deep that it never runs cold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul devil's gonna fight you when you find that gold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul With the analysis of the newly revealed ballroom - at last complete - Kristen, take a look at that.
Patrick and Kristen realize the full-spectrum camera has revealed something completely unexpected.
- We should get in there.
- Yeah, - we have to get in there and look.
- Yeah, I'll bring a handheld full-spectrum light, and we'll get a better look.
While watching the full-spectrum footage from our investigation, we picked up marking on the wall that Patrick and I could not see in person.
We had to go see what it was.
I don't see anything with our head lamps.
It's gonna be right around here.
Turn your head lamp off real quick.
Let's see this in black light.
What is that? I have no idea.
What would glow? Maybe this is some kind of mineral.
Whatever this is dripping down, it's actually falling into what's carved into the rock.
Comes down like a "V.
" It gets really deep right here.
I can trace it here too.
Straight down, carved in.
" Number six, Roman numeral? The markings on the wall resemble the Roman numeral six.
We're not sure what that is or even if it signifies anything, so we have to do some research.
Why would they have a six in here? I don't know.
With morning, the crew starts the day with some good news.
The long-awaited extra hand has finally arrived.
Boss is here.
Boss coming, guys.
Morning, fellas.
Hey, boss man.
- Good morning! - Morning! - Hey.
- Hey, lookee there.
- New guy! - Look.
- Greenhorn - All right! - Whoo! - Fresh meat! - Fresh meat! - Hey, now.
You guys who don't know him, this is Mikey.
All right, so he's the new guy.
- We're not Greenhorns anymore.
- Whoo! Finally, we get to take charge of someone.
He's got more experience than you and Jamol times ten.
- This is my son.
- This is your [Sighs] [Bleep].
You gotta be kidding me.
We're getting another Griffith in here.
What you're saying is, I'm still fin hoeing and - Yeah.
- Okay.
I gotcha.
We brought in my grandson, Mikey.
Greybeard, glad to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I think he was an excellent choice, 'cause he's safety-conscious, very energetic kid.
- Dingus.
- Good to see you, kid.
Long time, no see, partner.
These guys are talking about ghosts.
I kind of just took it with a grain of salt.
- How the hell you doing, Buckett? - I'm here to do a job.
I'm here to break some rock and get some gold, so that's why I came out here.
We got a full team now.
I'm gonna pair my kid with Buckett.
You worked with him before.
You guys worked good.
My son's got a lot of experience, and it's it's always nice to work with your own family.
It's gonna help out in the long run.
We'll split everybody up in our different teams, and we're gonna go give her hell.
We got the team to do it now.
- Right on.
- Let's do it! The miners quickly get to work.
The majority of the teams sets up to mine in the western tunnel, where the ore is plentiful, but of a lower grade.
Mining this section might help pay some bills, but it won't provide the big payday the men are looking for.
While the rest of the crew works the low-grade vein, Mikey and Buckett are tasked with removing the caved-in debris at the back of the ballroom.
The long-awaited big payday could be waiting just on the other side.
Scared to touch it with my light, man.
In front of them is several tons of mud and rock blocking a promising quartz vein, and the debris field looks intentional.
If the Crescent miners are going to strike it rich this season, their best bet is to get behind this rubble pile.
A breakthrough should connect them to the rich gold drift they discovered last season.
It will also land them in the part of the mine where they experienced their highest levels of paranormal activity.
It's frickin' cold in here, man.
[Distant thumps] Yeah, I did.
Oh, yeah, man.
Do the hand mucking, partner.
With hours of work ahead of them, the pair settles in to the task at hand.
Tell you what, you did a good job barring down.
Hey, thank you.
As the shift comes to an end, the miners check in with Stan.
Hey, guys.
Bet you didn't leave anything in your wake.
The boys were coming out, and they, uh, would tell me what they did.
And so Mikey should be ready to take one tomorrow.
Hold up, guys.
Mikey's coming now.
Mikey's out.
Brass board's clean.
An empty brass board should mean an empty mine.
Mikey's inside, guys.
There's Mikey right there.
Did you just come out? I've been out for, like, 20 minutes.
If it wasn't Mikey, someone's in the mine.
All at once, the men realize the trespasser that has been seen on the grounds could be in the mine.
Just take it easy.
We got somebody in there, Ed.
You and Buckett go back inside.
Jay, you and Jamol guard the entrance.
- All right.
- Let's find out what's going.
I sent Buckett and Eddie in to check the mine out.
He went straight back on the left side, walked right past me.
'Cause we've been having a trespasser or Larry's been saying we have a trespasser running around.
The last search resulted in a shadow figure that Patrick caught on his camera.
I'm not sure what's going on up here, but we have to check it out.
Hello! Anybody back there? All right.
What's up? You find anything? - Anybody come out of here? - No.
No one no one came out, no one went in.
We didn't see anything back there.
Eddie and Buckett came out.
They said they checked every drift back there, saw nothing.
I'm I'm not sure what to make of all this.
It doesn't make any sense.
I know someone walked past me.
Knowing that Patrick and Kristen's surveillance cameras are set up throughout the mine, Stan heads to the investigators' cabin to see if the cameras have captured anything.
Hey, guys, I need your help on something.
What's up, Stan? Jay was coming out of the tunnel - Mm-hmm.
- And he saw some guy going in, and he thought it was Mike, but it wasn't Mike.
Mike was already out.
- Can you guys - Really? Check your cameras and see what's going on? We really didn't see anything.
Let me rewind here.
- Stop it here? - Yeah.
Okay, let me play here.
All right, there's the guys - Coming out.
- Coming out.
- Jay leaving by himself there.
- Right.
A weird little glitch in that camera.
I don't know what that is.
I'm gonna pull that camera up full screen.
Okay, here he comes.
Wait a minute.
Pause it right there.
- There's two guys.
- Hmm.
- There's the glitch again.
- Camera two.
As Patrick and Kristen review the DVR footage, they notice that as Jay passes the camera, a strange glitch appears on the monitor.
So it's actually going one, two, three, four.
- What the heck? - What? The anomaly then seems to move.
Patrick and I were seeing the glitch go from camera one to camera two to camera three, almost like a pattern.
Could that be a connection issue? Not sure.
I've worked with this system for a long time now, and this is a glitch that I haven't seen before.
So Kristen and I just need to get in there and really figure out what this thing is.
As night falls, Kristen leads the team into the mine to investigate.
First step, inspecting the cameras.
First camera.
Does it look like any water has gotten on it? No, nothing.
It's clean, dry, - and all connections good.
- [Sighs] Okay.
They find no easy explanations for the mysterious video anomaly and why it seemed to move from one camera to the next.
- Looks good? - Yep.
There's a camera back there to check.
All clear.
This is near camera three.
- [Clang] - Holy [Bleep]! Turning on full-spectrum camera.
Is someone here with us? - Are you seeing anything? - I'm not seeing, but hearing.
I'm not picking up any readings.
- [Distant noise] - There's that noise again.
Something down there.
I don't see anything.
Here we go.
- Something down there.
- Yeah.
Is someone back here? [Distant noise] Is someone down here? Near the chamber.
Keep going forward.
What is that? Something right there.
Right there! Is someone down here? While investigating a strange video anomaly that appeared on the miners' surveillance system, Patrick and Kristen have noticed something unusual at the end of the mine.
What is that? Something right there.
Right there! Patrick, there's a light.
I see it.
Who's back here? Patrick and I noticed a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
Sort of looked like a miner's head lamp, - so we had to follow it.
- [Camera clicks] Are you getting anything on the camera? I'm getting nothing camera, nothing k2.
- There it is again.
- See it? Yeah.
We're at the face.
There's nowhere for that guy to go or whoever that was.
The light led us to a dead end, and there was no place for anyone to hide back there.
Uh, it was basically a straight drift, leading to nowhere.
[Sighs] I mean, it just doesn't make any sense.
Is there anything reflective back here? This is a little bit shiny, but what we saw was moving.
So Jay sees something headed to the back of the mine that we can't see.
We see something headed to the back of the mine, and now, we're at a dead end.
Are you getting anything? I'm not getting any readings.
I mean, I'm still 0.
Getting a spike here.
You're getting a spike on the roof? Right here.
Then nothing here.
We were getting some strange hits on our emf meters.
Zero, zero, just like the k2.
Zero, zero.
Zero as soon as I bring it down.
Getting a strong emf coming from right here.
Patrick and Kristen, at the end of the mine.
Did you bring us back here for a reason? Are you a miner? Can you make those lights again? If you're trying to speak to us, yell as loud as you can.
Getting nothing now.
No readings at all.
Temperature is staying steady.
No spikes at all.
It's all down to zero.
The light and the sounds led us to a dead end, so I can't explain what they were right now or where they went or what was causing the glitch in the DVR system.
See, I'm not even hearing anything anymore.
No, it's gone silent.
- So let's just head out.
- All right.
With the activity in the tunnel now quiet, Patrick and Kristen call it a night.
With morning, a new work day begins at the Crescent.
- Ready? - Yep.
[Hissing] With all the recent speculation about a supposed trespasser added to the list of mysterious, unexplained activity on the grounds, Larry decides to take action.
I know I saw somebody up here, so we have to up our security.
We have way too much at risk right now.
Could I steal a couple of the cameras to put around the perimeter? Unfortunately, we're using all of them right now in the mine to watch the guys.
There are trail cameras that you could use.
They're the ones that hunters use, and they put them up in the trees to watch wildlife.
And resolution is good enough, we can get an identification? Yeah, those are really good.
Okay, so let me do this.
Just get whatever you need to get, and let's get some put up, and I'll pay for whatever we gotta do.
- Okay.
- Appreciate it.
For the rest of the week, the crew works at executing Stan's plan of attack.
While most of the crew continues mining operations in the western tunnel, over in the eastern tunnel, Buckett and Mikey continue to hand muck in the newly discovered ballroom.
Progress is slow, yet steady.
Watch yourself here.
Outside the mine, Patrick and Kristen are setting up a ring of motion-activated trail cameras around the camp's perimeter.
Once we turn these field cameras on, they are only gonna take a photograph when they sense motion, and we'll be able to download just those images and hopefully catch the person.
Once they've finished positioning the trail cameras, Patrick and Kristen take a trip down the mountain to the Baker county library in search of clues about the mysterious ballroom and the strange artifacts they found inside.
In the chamber, Patrick and I discovered a couple of different items, um, what we think to be the Roman numeral six.
We're gonna do a little bit of research to see if we can get some answers and figure out if there is anything back there that might indicate a threat to the miners' safety.
First, Kristen checks the computer database of Old Sumpter newspapers.
And we searched for words like, "Crescent mine," "VI," to see if we could find anything.
Unfortunately, the newspapers aren't providing us with anything useful, so we're gonna have to try a different method.
Next, Kristen and Patrick hit the books.
Here's something that looks like a "VI.
" Right there.
That's not what it looked like on the wall of the mine.
The amount of material is massive.
Then, after an exhaustive search, Kristen discovers a lead that could reveal the origin of the mysterious symbols and even possible clues to the paranormal activity inside the mine.
- Patrick.
- Yeah? You have to see this.
Oh, wow.
Coming up That would make the most sense.
On Ghost Mine as Patrick and Kristen find new evidence of the mine's dark, hidden history [Bang, boom] Paranormal activity in the newly discovered ballroom threatens to shut the Crescent down for good.
What the hell is going on? While at the Baker county library, Patrick and Kristen have been searching for clues to the origins of the mysterious ballroom they found inside the Crescent.
They may have just found what they are looking for.
You have to see this.
No way.
"The chamber of reflection is a somber place of meditation and reflection for candidates for initiation into freemasonry.
" There's a great possibility that the masons have some involvement in this room that we found.
The masons did own the Crescent at a time.
"It contains either literally or in representation a scythe " The blade's broken off.
What in the world is that doing in here? "An hourglass " Got some glass here too.
"And the acronym, V.
" The "VI" on the chamber could be the "V" and "I" here.
The "T.
" just could just be gone.
Washed away or That would make the most sense.
Just deteriorated over the years, yeah.
It's not a number.
- It's the "V.
," yeah.
- It's a word.
Patrick and Kristen believe they've found a pivotal clue, one that could bring them one step closer to uncovering the mysteries of the Crescent and also reveal the origins of the strange activity in the mine.
- Yeah, this is awesome.
- This is incredible.
All right, let's find a copier.
Up on the mountain, the crew faces down another of Jamol's special meals Five more minutes! As they discuss the ballroom Mikey and Buckett are working in.
We're almost out of room for muck back there.
What do you want to do with the muck? I'm thinking that crosscut, back there about 200 feet to the north.
We'll just start using that as the muck bay, and we can just move it from there to the muck pool.
- All right.
- Tell us about that cavern.
It was cold in there.
- Is it? - Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
Get a weird feeling back there.
- Really? - Yep.
- Just [shudders] - Really, Mike? You've been hanging out with Patrick and Kristen or what? ____ [Laughter] All right, it's on, boys! Talk of the ballroom is temporarily set aside, and Jamol finally serves up something the men will eat.
Let's see what we got here.
On the menu, brats with mac and cheese.
It's actually damn good.
- Really? - I'm pretty impressed.
Well, thank you, Eddie.
- Get your hands off my weiner.
- You don't want it.
[Laughs] Finally something worth eating hit the plate.
Oh, I give it to Jamol this time, but, uh, a man can't screw up brats, mac and cheese.
Satisfied with their first decent meal of the season, the men get back to work in the western tunnel [Bang, boom] Whoo! [Engine starts] And after a quick dynamite blast, Jay prepares to tackle the next piece of heavy machinery he must master to become a full-fledged miner - The mucker.
- There you go.
Come on back.
Turn the other way! Turn! Turn! Turn! This year, the mucker is bigger.
Each bucket holds four times as much rock and ore, but that also means it's much more difficult to handle.
Drop it.
- Drop it.
- What's wrong? You tried to turn too much, too fast.
That's where you're getting into trouble.
You see you're turning and trying to drive forward while you're raising your bucket? - Okay.
- All right, now, you're in a perfect spot to roll this thing.
As soon as the rock is outside the mine, Duck, Greybeard, and Jamol begin a quick field assay.
The gold content of the ore will determine if mining in the western tunnel is even profitable.
See the gold starting to show all around the back side? If we weigh that, melt that into a button, I'll guarantee you it'll come out to pushing But we go back farther, the values are dropping.
The dwindling gold values in the western tunnel could spell disaster for this mining season.
The miners' search for other sources of gold is now imperative.
As they make their way back to the mine, Patrick and Kristen discuss the meaning of their latest discovery.
Maybe with all this quartz and all this gold and the energy that it stores, maybe the masons encountered massive amounts of residual paranormal energy.
Maybe they were trying to tap into it.
They could have done some of their rituals - or something in there.
- As we saw, they left a lot of things behind.
Yeah, why would they leave those behind, though? Don't know.
It makes me think about the mine that we opened up last summer, and we found all those old tools from the miners, - and they just up and left them.
- They left everything behind.
They got out of there quick, so it could have been the same story here.
As another workday comes to an end, the miners head to the cook shack for dinner.
I was trying to work at it.
It's way too big for me.
Everything's too big for you, buddy.
But as Stan conducts his final sweep for the day, he discovers that Buckett and Mikey never brassed out.
It's very, very unusual for my miners to come out and not brass out.
In my 45 years of mining, I've only seen it three or four times.
Concerned, Stan heads into the mine to check out what the holdup is.
You know, I brought Mikey on 'cause he's a damn good miner, but he is my grandson.
Hey, guys! When something like this happens, I really really am concerned about him.
What are you doing back here? Hey, what's up? What's going on, grandpa? What the hell's going on? Working.
This is all you got done? You guys have been back here for six hours.
What do you mean, "this is all"? ____ Look, Buckett.
We had lunch at 2:00, and it's 8:00 now, and you two are the only ones left in the mine.
No way.
Coming up on Ghost Mine Are you feeling okay? Confusion and fear in the mine have Patrick and Kristen more determined than ever to find the source of the paranormal activity.
[Device clicking] I just got a hit.
- It's way too hot.
- What the hell? With the end of the shift, Stan realizes two of his miners are out missing.
Looking for answers, Stan finds the men right where he left them.
What are you doing back here? But the explanation he receives - Hey.
- Raises more questions than answers.
____ No, you guys have been back here for six hours.
- No way.
- We had lunch at 2:00, and it's only ones left in the mine.
____ No.
Are you feeling okay? - I feel fine! - Yeah, we're good.
I mean, we've been working.
I I think you guys have been working, but it's been six hours in there.
- All right.
- We're gonna go out.
You guys follow me out, we'll get that fresh air.
Kind of get your heads cleared up a little bit, guys.
- All right.
- Yes, sir.
All right.
You know, usually when I'm screwing off, like, I I'll admit to screwing off, but today, it was serious.
I don't know, I couldn't tell you what happened.
Wow, look at that sunset.
I don't know how to explain it.
It was the oxygen was good.
There was no chemicals back there.
But they they completely lost track of time.
- There you go.
- [Crows cawing] ____ ____ We'll knock out two for you tomorrow, man.
All right.
Having heard about Mikey and Buckett's potential paranormal time distortion - What's up, Mikey? - What's up? Patrick and Kristen talk to Mikey about the experience.
So when you said the shift went by fast, was it kind of like you were just working so hard, you know, - something like that? - No.
One minute, I'm walking into my heading, and the next, my grandpa's there.
How were you breathing? Did you feel fine? I I felt normal.
I mean, I've been in places that haven't had good oxygen before, and I know how I know how that feels, and I feel normal.
Do you feel anything else? Anything out of the ordinary while you were back there? I heard knocks, and Buckett's all, "tommy-knockers," and Was it something that you've heard before in the mines? I've never heard it in a row.
Boom, boom.
Anybody else in there with you, though, that could be knocking around? No, it was just me and Buckett back there.
I think it was very difficult for Mikey to come and speak with Kristen and myself, because Fast Eddie is his father.
He's our biggest skeptic, and Mikey looks up to his father a lot.
So for Mikey to take this step and enter our shack and tell us this, it adds validity to his story.
With dinner, the miners gather after a long day, and as they learn of Buckett and Mikey's lack of progress, they have some questions of their own.
So what happened in there? I don't even know how to explain it, to be honest.
This wasn't one of those days where you just ate lunch, went down there, kicked back for a minute, and accidentally woke up five hours later? ____ It's just not right down there.
You're not buying into this, are you, Mike? [Sighs] I'm not buying into it, I'm just saying - He's buying into it, boss.
- Yeah.
I need you thinking straight here, okay? All right.
I am.
- All right.
- Jamol.
Yes, Dingus.
Sure are looking pretty in that apron.
[Laughter] As the crew turns in for the night, Patrick and Kristen head over to the mine to investigate Mikey's bizarre lost time experience.
A personal experience like time loss is very difficult to prove, so I really want to check oxygen levels and check to see if any chemicals were released from any of the equipment, just to make sure that it wasn't any environmental reasons, so I can either validate what Mikey and Buckett experienced or find a logical explanation.
We'll set this camera here pointing at the portal.
Set time code.
We're conducting a time code experiment using two cameras.
Both camera "A" and camera "B" will be in sync.
They'll be down to the millisecond on time code.
So if there is a change when kris and I leave the mine, we'll be able to see if we experience time loss.
Just need to record.
And let's go do the second one.
Get our investigation going.
Set up camera two right over here, facing the cave-in area.
And we're set.
I'm really having a hard time buying into this lost time idea.
The only time I ever heard of it was in the Bermuda triangle, when pilots fly through what they think is a a time bubble.
Well, if it wasn't time loss, then what could it have been? Maybe they were just kind of goofing off and you never know.
Maybe we should do an EMF sweep.
Yeah, definitely.
How's the oxygen? Around 20%.
Just got a weird spike.
- You did? - Yeah, right here.
Right when I stepped in this area.
I just got a hit.
It's way too hot.
This ballroom is strange.
Getting these hits on the k2, just in this one area.
I'm gonna try something real quick.
I just brought a compass in here, see if we get anything out of the ordinary.
Inside the mine, there's not too many things that could set off a k2, a mel meter, especially not a compass.
If the needle moves, that could indicate something unusual.
Look at that.
What? What the hell? I'm gonna try something real quick.
Kristen and Patrick are investigating the ballroom, where Mikey and Buckett reported hearing knocks and experiencing a strange five-hour loss of time.
Look at that.
What? What the hell? That's strange.
Why would it be doing that? There has to be some kind of unusual magnetic field in here.
I was really surprised to see that needle moving.
We had an idea that there may be a magnetic field in the mine, but it was weird to see it concentrated in one area.
Yeah, that is odd.
Well, that would explain Mikey and Buckett.
How's that? Well, if you have high levels of a natural magnetic field, that can surely affect the brain, cause disorientation, hallucination, possibly.
- I agree.
- Mm.
Got a hit.
There it is again.
Right there, same spot.
Thing's spiking like crazy.
Well, why don't we do a little experiment? What's that? Why don't we knock three times and see if we get three knocks back? The guys heard it, or they heard something.
It could be a coincidence, but what Mikey and Buckett heard coincides with what Jay and duck heard last year.
- What was that? - I heard it.
That I've heard 'em before.
- It's water, it's water.
- No.
Well, grab your tool.
We're leaving.
- What happened? - Tommy-knockers.
It could be environmental, but there also could be a pattern here.
Kristen and Patrick, after Mikey and Buckett experienced time loss.
Is there somebody here with us? I'm gonna knock three times.
[Knocks] [Distant knock] You hear that? Was that an echo? Well, we've been sloshing around all throughout here, and there's been no echoes.
Could it just be a falling rock? I just want to see if it could be an echo.
No echo.
Echo would have been behind me and down the drift.
That was in this room.
On the rocks.
That's strange.
I know.
I mean, it could have been an echo, but I don't I don't think so.
That wasn't an echo.
And that camera is recording sound, so if it was knocks in this area, it will record it.
The next morning, Patrick and Kristen gather the miners together to review the evidence of their recent investigations.
So we want to talk about the incident that you had, Jay, where you thought you saw Mikey walking past you in the mine.
We were actually watching that event on the DVR system.
We're gonna play it for you now, so you can see what we saw as we saw it.
So there's all our cameras.
Yep, so right there, Jay.
Just went by you.
- Yeah? - Camera two.
Camera three.
- Whoa.
- Hmm.
It went through all the cameras.
So I don't get it, though.
This looks like a flaw in the film or a glitch or something.
I mean, I saw a shadow.
I I thought someone was walking by me.
I didn't see anything that looked like that.
I mean, we weren't sure too, if someone was messing with the cameras.
I mean, we were trying to figure out what could be happening at that point.
And that could be just because your eyes see differently than the way the the cameras see.
Maybe you saw a shadow, but it sees it as this strange glitch.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we immediately went back there, and while we were conducting our investigation, we saw what looked like a miner's head lamp.
So of course, we immediately followed it all the way to the back of the mine.
When we got to the face of the mine, there was nothing there.
There was no person, and there was no light.
Unfortunate thing, it happened past where we our last camera is, so we don't have it on DVR.
So right now, it's just a personal experience.
I want to go over what we found in the the ballroom there, and it's about the time loss that, Mikey and Buckett, you guys experienced.
We conducted an experiment using two cameras, and we had one camera set outside, and then we put one in the chamber, and they were time coded and synced together.
But the cameras we got no time loss.
Patrick and I brought in a compass as well, to see if there were any unusual magnetic fields in the mine.
We did find that there actually were.
So you guys got magnetic fields.
And what does it mean? High levels of natural magnetic energy could have caused what Mikey and Buckett experienced.
It could mess with your psyche a little bit.
It messes with your perception, basically.
So we conducted this EVP session standing next to the cave-in, and we were getting some EMF spikes in that area.
I want you guys to tell me what you think you hear.
And the first three knocks will be me, but listen afterwards.
[Knocks] - [Distant knock] - Whoa.
- Whoa.
- What is that? What's that? Patrick and Kristen are sharing the results from their earlier investigation of the ballroom, and one potential piece of evidence - has everyone's attention.
- Play it again.
Play it again.
[Knocks] - [Distant knock] - Whoa.
- Whoa.
- What is that? - That's exactly what we heard.
- It's, like, spot-on.
Is that what you heard, dad? Yeah.
It wasn't as loud as that.
- But same thing? - Same thing.
What you guys are hearing is rocks falling.
You're hearing ventilation come through the crack of that where the cave-in is.
That's all you're hearing.
Didn't sound like anything I ever heard.
All right, well, we got one last thing just to kind of go over with you guys before we're done.
The first time we went in there, took a full-spectrum camera that's one of those cameras that can see the full spectrum of light and we have one photograph just to share with you, and it's actually carved into the rock.
- Is it writing? - N no, it's a number, isn't it? Like a Roman number or something? Why is it glowing? What is that? Could be fluorite.
Could be any kind of mineral.
There's several that'll light up like that with a black light, you know? - And it'll run down like that? - It's water.
It's just mixed with the water that's running off the rib.
Probably just a station number or something.
Yeah, but in Roman numerals? We went and did some research, and we were actually pretty shocked with what we found.
What you guys call the ballroom, we think was actually used as a ritual room for masons, which they called "the chamber of reflection.
" Well, why is it way up here, away from the community and back in this tunnel? Patrick and I actually asked the same question.
We know about the fire in 1917.
This destroyed their lodge, and they probably needed a new place to go.
Since they already owned the mine, they may have just turned it into a new lodge.
They could have known that this this area does contain a lot of energy.
Maybe they tried to control it, but they couldn't.
That could be what that bulkhead was for to contain it.
And my guess is that they experienced the same type of paranormal activity that we're experiencing.
It could have chased them out of the mine.
That would explain why they left all their tools in there - Yeah.
- And caved it in.
What does that mean for us, for working back there? I know you don't like hearing this, but there is a lot of energy that we can't explain right now.
We are getting the hits, still, on our meters.
It's still in there.
Whatever we left last year is still in there, and we are getting those knocks.
We're just asking, if you find anything strange, just bring it to our attention.
So that's it.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
- Thanks a lot.
- Let's do it! So after Patrick and Kristen gave us their information on what they had found, I don't know what's going on.
I'm worried for what might happen in the future.
- Thanks, guys.
- [Overlapping chatter] Even with all the weird stuff they found, they I mean, they've got an explanation, I've got an explanation, but we're gonna find gold, and we're gonna make money.
Ready! [Drilling] With hand mucking in the ballroom at last complete, the crew is ready for the next step blasting.
Mikey and Buckett are back there right now drilling.
They're gonna drill and blast this round here, and we're hoping it's gonna break through.
Every time we break through a room or into a new chamber, you know, something weird seems to happen.
But ghosts or no ghosts, we're gonna get that gold.
With the drilling completed, it's time to bring in the dynamite.
We're probably gonna use about 70 to 100 pounds of powder on this one.
It's gonna be a hard-hitting round.
I'm always wary of setting off explosions in the mine, especially after learning the ballroom may have been caved in for a reason.
The paranormal consequences of blasting could actually disturb and release more energy, and it seems that the deeper we go into the mine, the more we encounter.
I'm worried for the miners' safety.
It's a pretty exciting time right now.
Mikey and Buckett are back there.
They got the round drilled out.
They're loading it.
If we're right where we think we are, this is gonna break us through.
We're looking at a lot of money.
- Yep.
- Ready? [Coughs] - Fire in the hole! - Fire in the hole! In order to ensure success, the miners are using almost twice as much explosive as they would normally use - Fire in the hole! - About time.
For what could be the most important blast of the season.
Everyone is safely out in front and eagerly awaiting the results.
I'm real antsy to see what's about to happen, because I can just taste that payday.
It's gonna be a big blast, Buckett? - Should hit pretty hard.
- Nice.
What happens if it doesn't go off? It's a very dangerous situation right now.
We have a loaded round.
Could be a sleeper, could just be a bad cap.
We don't know.
Well, what do you do now? Eddie or I have to go in and check it.