Ghost Mine (2013) s02e03 Episode Script

Phantom Intruder

Previously on Ghost Mine Anybody else noticed how cold it is in here? After discovering the one of a kind ballroom hidden deep in the mind.
Looks like somebody blasted the den on purpose.
The crew decides to bring on an extra hand.
- This is my son.
- Let's do it.
But when a phantom figure is seen at the western tunnel I know someone walked past me.
Patrick and Kristen spring into action.
Something right there.
Right there.
Is someone here with us? Soon, evidence of loss of time You guys have been back here for 6 hours.
And strange readings Look at that.
Indicate that paranormal activity in the mine has turned agressive.
And after a possible episode of tommy-knockers ____ The crew gets set to blast through another barrier.
____ Fire in the hole! Narrator: Only to be stopped short by a mysterious and dangerous setback.
What happens if it doesn't go off? Eddie or I have to go in and check it.
[Country rock music] lord have mercy on a proud man's soul blood so deep that it never runs cold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul devil's gonna fight you when you find that gold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul Narrator: For weeks now, the crew of the Crescent has been trying to find a way to break through the eastern tunnel.
Narrator: They hope to bypass a series of cave-ins to once again reach the rich face of gold they discovered last mining season.
But the strange ballroom has demonstrated an unusual amount of paranormal activity.
Evidence indicates that there is something beyond this debris field.
But just what is about to be revealed.
It's a pretty exciting time right now.
Mikey and buckett are back there.
They got the round drilled out.
They're loading it.
If we're right where we think we are, this is gonna break us through.
We're looking at a lot of money.
You know, I've taken on a whole new career path.
I've jumped out on a limb here.
I'm trying to make some money for me and my family.
And I can't afford to go home broke.
Narrator: To ensure this barrier is completely blown through, the crew is using extra explosives.
Narrator: Which not only add to the danger About time.
Narrator: But also risks disturbing any paranormal force inside the mine.
What happens if it doesn't go off? Eddie or I have to go in and check it.
Narrator: Inside the mine, a potentially disastrous situation high-powered explosive connected to a burning fuse, threatening to go off at any moment.
Every time we get close to getting our hands on that gold, something gets in our way, something happens.
It's getting real strange.
Narrator: As the two supervisors for the crew, the next move is up to Stan and Eddie.
Since it's either me or you that's got to walk back there, and I really don't want to walk back there I've done that before and I don't like it either.
So how about we do this? You go down and talk to Patrick and get his robot back there with a camera.
Well, that's a damn good idea.
Must be why you're the foreman, huh? Well, I'll let you ask him.
All right, I got no problem.
Hey, guys.
- Hey, Stan.
What's up? - Hey, Stan.
Hey, listen, I need your help.
We've got a situation down there.
We went to blast.
We had what we call a misfire.
It didn't go off, and somebody's got to go in there and check it.
And it's either gonna be Eddie or me.
Could we send R.
in with the camera to look at it? Yeah.
No question about it, yeah.
We'll send her in then.
I appreciate you.
All right.
I didn't think they were supposed to be blasting day.
Yeah, they didn't say anything about it.
Yeah, thanks for the warning, guys.
I'm really concerned that the miners are blasting the ballroom.
There is a theory that spirits can feed off of energy.
So having a blast this large can potentially give whatever's back in that mine a lot more energy to work with.
Right on, Eddie.
This sure beats us going in.
Narrator: R.
's mission is twofold.
First, help the miners determine if there is any obvious damage to the fuse or the dynamite.
You got the screen here.
You'll be able to see what she's seeing.
Narrator: Secondly, she'll monitor for any indications of increased paranormal activity.
Go ahead.
There she goes.
Going way back there, huh? Yeah, quite a ways back.
Narrator: As R.
makes her way back, the miners search for indications of breaks along the fuse core.
Yeah, there it is, right there.
See it? Oh, yeah.
I see it.
See the lead sticking out of the face? And see that piece laying on the ground right there? That's what I want to check.
That's the fuse.
Let's park her right here and give you a look around.
We're at 0.
0 milligauss.
Everything looks normal.
Can we can we examine the whole thing, Patrick? I need, I need to look for a break in that fuse somewhere.
All right.
Is it right there? Just gonna trace it.
Yeah, see if you can just slowly go along it.
There you go.
Go as slow as I can for you.
____ I don't know.
I don't see anything yet.
We're almost up to where the cap's at.
Oh, yeah.
There it is there.
The temperature just dropped two degrees.
I'm getting some EMF spikes too.
Is everything all right? Yeah, let's keep going.
Get right up on that fuse so you can see if it cut the lead off of it.
It should be about six-foot long.
[Explosion] - Aah! - Oh! Back up, back up, back up.
[Explosions] What the hell was that? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stay back, stay back.
Yeah, what's going on? - Saved a life there, Patrick.
- Yeah.
Narrator: After a quick barring-down, the crew eagerly re-enters the mine, curious to learn what could have reignited the fuse and if the blast cleared away the debris pile.
But first, Patrick assesses the damage to R.
Oh, damn.
It's not as bad as I thought, though.
Yeah, she's pretty much in one piece.
___ ____ The initial blast itself did exactly what we wanted it to.
It pulled six foot of ground.
But behind that was a cave-in.
____ Well, I can see old timber up there.
I'd say that somebody wants to block us out of there.
Looking at it, it's apparent that someone deliberately caved it.
So we're gonna have to figure out a way of getting around that.
Is it safe for Kris and I to do an investigation here tonight, and see what could've caused the delay in the blast? Yeah, you'll be all right as long as you don't try to climb up in there.
- Yeah, no worries about that.
- All right, guys.
Let's get out of here and let Patrick and Kristen do their investigation.
Narrator: As the miners regroup to deal with this latest setback, Patrick and Kristen use the opportunity to see if the frightening scenario of the delayed fuse and blast indicate new paranormal activity in the ballroom.
When the fuse randomly reignited after bug out, I started to question what caused it, considering that R.
's E.
meter was spiking, and there was a temperature drop in the area where the fuse was.
Dead fuses can reignite at times and might be dangerous for the miners.
But I think Patrick and I need to investigate the ballroom to see if there may be another explanation.
[Rock falls] Rockfall.
It actually hit me in the side of the leg.
This really is amazing, when you look up there, just the power of this blast.
It brought all that timber down there.
All right, Patrick, I'm gonna start with a baseline and sweep.
While you do that, I'm gonna set up.
I'm gonna do a laser grid.
See that? I'm gonna investigate where the fuse was.
All right, well, not too far, Patrick.
This is right about where the explosives were.
Patrick One more step.
I believe this is where the fuse was.
That's exactly where they told you not to go.
This is where we were getting those readings last time, this same area.
There's this huge quartz vein right there.
I think it's time to come back.
I got a hit.
K2 hit.
Something about that area right there keeps setting it off.
See, there it is.
You need to come back.
Patrick and Kristen, EVP session, with the just outside the cave-in.
Is there anyone in here with us? Are you the one that caused the fuse malfunction? Was this cave-in done intentionally? Are you hiding something back there? [Rock falls] Rock just fell? A small one.
Is it the area the miners found last year? [Clack] What was that? A knocking sound? That was pretty loud and clear.
It could've been air coming through some of the debris.
There's no air coming through any of this here.
Is there something back there we shouldn't see? Was messing with the fuse your way of stopping them, or did you want someone to get hurt? [Rock falls] That fell right behind me.
[Rock falls] Jeez.
You all right? Yeah, I mean This isn't usual though, Patrick.
There's something going on in here.
[Rock falls] It's falling off this wall.
[Thud] Jeez.
That was a big one, Patrick.
I think Stan might've been wrong about this place being safe right now.
[Thud] [Bleep] Okay.
I'm out of here, Patrick.
[Rocks falling] - Hurry.
Go! - Aah! Move! Move! Move! While nvestigating the ballroom after a mysterious fuse malfunction and delayed dynamite blast, Patrick and Kristen begin to experience the early warning signs of a cave-in.
- [Rock falls] - Jeez.
That was a big one, Patrick.
I think Stan might've been wrong about this place being safe right now.
- [Rock falls] - [Bleep] Okay.
I'm out of here, Patrick.
- Hurry.
Go! - Aah! Move! Move! Move! When the rocks first started coming down, it really scared me.
And then I knew we were probably in a really dangerous situation.
Almost there, almost there.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's wrong? - It's caving in.
- It's caving in? When Patrick and Kristen come running out of the mine, that's the first time we'd ever saw that.
- You guys all right? - Yeah.
They were scared.
So yeah, I mean, it did startle me.
Let's go take a look at it.
You guys stay here.
And we'll be back, all right? Just be careful in there.
We will.
Whoa, look at that.
What the hell they got going on in here? Look like they been in here disco dancing or something.
I don't see anything, do you? No, muck pile's still the same.
No fresh muck on it.
Well, the way they were talking, it was caving in around their ears.
I've been in a cave-in.
I know bad ground.
I've done this for a living forever.
I walk back there.
I looked.
It's in the same condition as whenever we left them.
Sounds good to me.
Ed and I went in there and looked around, sounded the ground to make sure it was okay, with our bar.
There was nothing out of the normal.
Let's go out and round 'em up and bring 'em back in here and find out what the hell's going on.
We'll go find 'em.
You know, Patrick and Kristen, they're pretty sharp on this stuff.
Thee they don't spook easy.
And something definitely happened to 'em, but it wasn't a cave-in.
Narrator: Looking to put the investigators' fears to rest, Stan and Eddie bring Patrick and Kristen back into the mine so they can see the ballroom for themselves.
I swear, guys, it sounded like this whole thing came down.
Did it spit at all? Just a little dribble and then come in, or - Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
We actually heard knocking.
The only thing I could think of right now is, maybe we had a residual energy here.
Maybe that's what we heard, how there's, like, an event that plays over and over.
- Right.
- It's not intelligent.
There could be some residual energy in the quartz.
At this point, I can't explain it.
My gut is telling me that we honestly experienced a tragic event, I think.
I agree there's something strange going on, but I want to go listen to that audio we got.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we got an audio recorder.
I mean, we were hearing something.
There's a lot of unanswered questions here on This really spooked 'em.
They might have had one of their own experiences.
I don't know.
I'm not gonna say they did, but there's definitely something going on there that they're gonna have to try to figure out and explain to us.
Narrator: The next morning, the miners get back to business.
In the Western tunnel, the crew continues to follow a vein of low-grade ore.
In the past weeks, it's been producing just enough gold to pay the bills.
But that may be changing.
The samples we're pulling out of the Western tunnel are pretty discouraging.
The vein we're working on right now is almost mined out.
We have no other prospects.
If we don't find another vein soon, I don't know how we can continue.
Narrator: As they scour the tunnels, looking for signs of other gold veins Yeah, go a little bit more to your right.
Narrator: Greybeard uses an old miner's trick.
So that mineral deposit looks different? Right.
It changes color with this type of light.
I can pick that out.
- When did you learn that? - I'm old.
Narrator: Meanwhile, in the eastern tunnel, the miners implement their new plan.
They're attempting to create a new dogleg passageway around the cave-in, in order to reach the tunnel beyond.
[Machinery whirring] The first step is to reinforce the fragile tunnel walls with steel plates and six-foot bolts.
But with all the apparent paranormal activity encountered in the ballroom, cave-ins aren't the miners' only concern.
Narrator: Outside the mine, Larry deals with another problem.
What's this guy look like? Narrator: Ever since the season began, there had been reports of a trespasser or potential shadow figure on the property above the mine.
In order to catch this intruder, Patrick and Kristen installed motion-activated trail cameras around the area.
Hey, Larry.
Hey, guys.
How's it going.
Narrator: And now Larry is reporting a problem with one of the cameras.
I was up checking on the cameras, and this one that's up here in the woods by the trail doesn't seem to trigger when I wave my hand in front of it.
Would y'all mind pulling all the cards and checking 'em out, and maybe we can figure out what's wrong with that camera? Sure.
Does it look like it's damaged anywhere? No, it looks just like the day - you hung it on the tree.
- Okay.
Well, it's probably a good time to go through all the images anyway, so - Thank you very much.
- We'll get on it.
Narrator: Patrick and Kristen quickly get to work, checking the various recently installed trail cameras set up around the camp.
Larry came to us 'cause he suspects that there is something wrong with one of the cameras.
It doesn't look like there's anything wrong with the exterior of the camera, but it still could be a malfunction inside.
So we're gonna pull the cards and see if there's anything wrong with it.
- Hey there.
- Hey.
The area feels a little bit strange.
It's not as intense as some of the other times that we've felt this way, but it's that same feeling of, that there's eyes on you, that you're being watched.
Let's go take a look at these cards.
- Okay.
- See if we get anything.
Narrator: After returning to the investigators' shack, Patrick and Kristen begin examining the photos from the motion-activated trail cameras.
At first, nothing is out of the ordinary.
A lot of deer up here when we're not here.
- I know.
- That's it for that one.
All right.
Next one.
Narrator: Then they notice something strange.
Is this the camera that Larry thought was broken? Yeah.
It's the card is completely full.
Narrator: There is no space left on the memory card, but they can't find evidence of what was triggering the camera's sensor.
I don't see any animals.
Yeah, but what is that? - I have no idea.
- What could that be? Narrator: Coming up on Ghost Mine After a terrifying experience in the mine leads to a spike in paranormal activity Whats is that? Narrator: Patrick and Kristen make a startling discovery.
- Patrick? - Yeah? Come over here and look at this.
While analizing the photos from one of the recently installed trail cameras, Patrick and Kristen have found a mysterious anomaly.
- What is that? - I have no idea.
What could that be? When I looked at the first frame, I first thought of it being a dead pixel.
But it's not just one pixel, it's an entire vertical line that's going through the frame.
And another odd thing is that it wobbles.
It's moving from frame to frame.
And that wouldn't be a dead pixel.
It's in all of them.
It just keeps going back and forth.
Is that a glitch in the camera? Maybe something's wrong with the camera itself.
It can't be a scratch, 'cause it's moving.
No, a scratch on the lens would just stay right there.
I think we should go check that camera out again, see if there's anything on it, or Yeah, definitely.
I've really never seen anything like this.
Maybe this odd image caught in the trail cam was a piece of hair or a spider web.
So Patrick and I need to go back to the trail cam and check it out and see if there is anything covering the sensor or the actual camera itself.
Narrator: Back in the western tunnel where the gold content has been dropping, - the miners prepare to blast - Go.
Narrator: Through any remaining low-grade ore.
Let's get out of here.
Fire in the hole! And now.
Go! [Explosion] Whoo! - You like that? - Whoo! Narrator: As night falls, Kristen and Patrick head back to the woods, looking for answers into the mysterious trail camera anomaly.
That tree put that flashlight right there.
Turn it back on.
There's nothing obstructing the sensor.
There's this moss up all over these branches here.
And maybe if it was like that It doesn't attach to the camera anywhere.
Let me take some pictures with this camera.
Yeah, let's check this out.
I'm seeing nothing that looks like that anomaly.
Nothing that's like that same vertical line.
Whatever that line, that glitch was, it was right near that tree there.
Mm-hmm, right in the middle right there.
[Twig snaps] Did that come from the trees or somewhere else? It sounded like it was coming from over there.
Check on your camera.
Yeah, nothing on thermal.
[Footfalls] That was just I just heard some footsteps right down there.
I don't see anything on thermal.
That's odd.
What is? I'm getting some spikes.
Shouldn't be getting anything up here.
Just spikes of it.
Why don't you keep an eye on those readings, and I'll go check out what that noise was? Okay, I'm gonna stay up here, all right? Alright.
I won't be too far.
When we entered the woods, I started hearing some strange noises.
When I followed them, I got an odd hit on the thermal.
What is that? So I headed in that direction.
Patrick heard noise that led him further into the woods.
But at the same time, I was getting spikes on the mel meter.
That's weird.
And the spikes kept increasing as I was getting closer to a clearing nearby.
Patrick? Right here.
Did you see something? Yeah, I was following something on the thermal.
That's so weird.
I was following those EMF spikes.
Look at this right here.
Just look at the way the rocks are kind of placed.
Well, it is kind of weird that they're all clumped in this one little spot.
If you just follow this, it goes to a definite corner right here.
It's, like, a little structure here.
I'm just realizing something.
You stand right here, the trail camera is in perfect line with whatever this is.
So that white vertical line we were seeing would pretty much be in this area.
- Patrick.
- Yeah? Come over here and look at this.
- What's that? - I don't know.
It looks like a design.
[Blowing air] Someone marked this.
What? Narrator: While investigating an anomaly in a trail camera, Patrick and Kristen seem to have been led to a strange rock formation.
It looks like a design.
Narrator: And one of the rocks appears to have writing on it.
Someone marked this.
I can't make it out.
Here, let me see if I can see something with the camera.
Anything? I just can't get a good shot.
I think it's too much dirt.
You know what I could do? You ever do cemetery rubbings? Mm-hmm.
So if we get some paper and maybe a piece of charcoal, we could do a quick rubbing here, maybe get some better detail.
- Yeah.
- I'll be right back.
Know what that looks like? Looks like Chinese.
Patrick took a rubbing of the rock.
And it looks like it's some sort of Chinese symbols.
I'm not sure what it means and how it connects to our investigation, but it's definitely something I want to look into.
Let's pack up for tonight.
We have a lot to go over.
Narrator: As Patrick and Kristen return to camp, they find the miners still gathered around the evening campfire.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, guys.
- Oh, hi.
- All: Hey.
We were just talking how bad we felt about R.
How's that thing looking, anyway? Still got to let her dry out a little bit before I start tinkering around.
So what have you guys been up to? Well, Larry came to us earlier.
He said one of the trail cams was out.
So we went out to go check it, to see what this kind of glitch that we were finding on the photographs.
And, uh We actually found something really interesting in the woods.
What? This odd formation of rocks.
And we found this one rock in particular that had some weird symbols on it.
I took a rubbing of the symbols.
And to us, it looks like it's Oh, wow.
Two characters of Chinese or Japanese.
But the other stones in that formation, yeah, you could definitely tell there was a couple corners, and it was like a foundation of something.
It was probably Chinese miners.
- Chinese miners? - Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
There were a lot of Chinese miners - in this area.
- That makes sense.
They weren't welcomed by most of the miners.
They weren't treated well at all.
So they kind of made their own little camps.
So there's a high chance they would've been at the Crescent? I can't say, but finding that as close as this, who knows? What Stan had said about the Chinese miners definitely warrants more research.
I'm thinking there possibly could be a link with the activity we're getting up at the mine.
All right, guys.
Thanks for stopping by, you guys.
- Thanks, guys.
- See you later.
Have a good night.
Narrator: With the new morning, the crew is determined to regain some lost momentum.
But when they get to the job site, Eddie and Jamol are shocked with what they find.
Who the hell cut the end of the hose off? You know, I don't really know what to think at this point.
I really feel that someone is trying to slow us down.
I don't know who the hell's messing around, but this is pissing me off.
Somebody's definitely been in there some trespasser, high-grader, whatever you want to call it.
They're putting a halt to my work.
I'm gonna go handle this with Stan.
- We got a problem.
- What's up? Me and Jamol just went up there to go to work, and half of our stuff is out on the dump, and the other half of it is back there where buckett and Mikey's working.
So you're gonna lose a couple hours just setting back up.
Yeah, I mean, we we've got an issue.
I've had it up to here, you know, with trying to deal with all these trespassers that are coming up here.
You know, we're gonna get this handled right away, and as quick as possible.
We have to fix it now.
Let's just figure out a way to hire another guy and get him on payroll and just have a full-time security guard.
I think that's a good idea.
I'll let you guys handle that.
I'm going back to work.
All right.
Thanks, Ed.
Tell everybody to be careful.
You know, now that this trespasser's getting a little gutsier, we're just gonna have to put another guy on the payroll.
'Cause we don't have time to deal with this any longer.
[Machinery whirring] Narrator: Meanwhile, Buckett and Mikey are in the eastern tunnel, working to create the dogleg that will hopefully bypass the collapsed section of the ballroom and connect with the tunnel beyond.
____ We got six left.
____ They're these three right here.
____ And then your burn.
____ ____ The whole bag? Narrator: Buckett and Mikey will have to drill and blast numerous times - You ready? - ____ Narrator: A process that could take weeks.
____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Got her? ____ Fire in the hole! [Explosion] Narrator: As the men blast one step closer to creating a dogleg around the cave-in, Patrick is determined to learn if there is a translation for the symbols inscribed on the rock he and Kristen found earlier.
This rock that we found, it has Chinese characters on it.
So I'm gonna send it off to an expert to have it translated and hopefully find some answers.
Narrator: And with the Chinese connection in mind, he also tries something else.
I attached an audio file to the email.
Will you give it a listen? This rock that we found, it has me thinking back to an EVP that we captured.
That's a good way to put it.
It sounded like it was in a different language.
And right now I'm starting to think that it could possibly be Chinese.
You're sure that's what it's saying? Oh, wow, that's really that's really cool.
Narrator: Back in town, Kristen heads to the Sumpter historical museum to research even deeper into the history of the Chinese in the area.
There's a lot of history here that a lot of people don't know about or they don't talk about.
So when Stan told me about the Chinese miners, I decided to come back down to the Sumpter museum and ask Toni some questions and maybe get some more answers about them.
I've been hearing some stuff about the Chinese miners.
How many Chinese miners would you say were in the area during the big mining time? There were a lot of Chinese miners in here.
It was estimated that there were 2,000 to 3,000.
But the thing was, they were not counted on any census record, so no one knows for sure.
There was no evidence that they had ever been here.
Now, did this just happen in Sumpter, or was this in the whole area? No, the whole area.
The Chinese here worked in the mines.
They worked in rail roads, helped build the rail roads.
They dug the irrigation ditches to go to the mines.
And they did all that kind of labor.
But they were not treated as full citizens of the community.
That's really sad, actually.
I'm very shocked to hear about how many Chinese actually lived here, especially since we heard nothing last year.
It's almost like they were wiped from history.
Narrator: Coming up on Ghost Mine The team shares a chilling discovery It means "house of cremation.
" We've never seen anything like that.
Narrator: As the strange activity at the mine appears to turn aggressive.
Aah! Oh, crap.
While talking with Toni Thompson at the Sumpter historical museum, Kristen learns of the tragic story of the Chinese immigrants in the old west.
When they came over to mine, they weren't allowed in the main part of town.
And they were not allowed to mine on any claims that had never been held before.
They were only allowed to take claims that had been processed and basically people thought were, you know, no good anymore.
But the Chinese would pick up every rock and move it, and they would find gold that had not been found previously.
And then they stacked all their rocks.
And when they finished with a claim, there was usually a rock wall on it.
And they called them "Chinese walls.
" And there's a few places around here still where you can see evidence of the Chinese walls.
Hearing about their lives and how they were treated actually really saddened me.
I could understand why there could be a lot of negative energy surrounding that mountain, knowing that those gentlemen worked very hard for a living and were treated so badly.
[Birds chirping] Narrator: With the next day, Patrick and Kristen gather the miners together to reveal the latest piece of the paranormal puzzle.
Well, I think something weird might be going on.
Something strange is happening.
We're hoping we can get some solid answers, not just speculation.
Narrator: They begin with the mystery of the fuse failure and delayed blast.
I start off with R.
going in to check the fuse.
We were watching the monitor when R.
was driving in.
And that footage is what I want to show you, and get your opinion on what we're gonna see.
Now watch.
All: Whoa! So, there's our fuse.
Pause it right there.
What the heck was that? Kind of looks like a glitch on the camera.
Well, you got to remember, that camera's been through hell and back.
That was before it got blowed up though.
- Exactly.
- Well, I mean, yeah, it could've been damaged during the blast.
I mean, look at the damn camera.
Yeah, but if it was damaged, they wouldn't be able to pull anything off of that.
In all honesty, we probably would just blame this on a camera glitch.
But it looked so similar to what we've gotten before on our DVR system.
Plus, as that happened, our temperature started to drop, and we were getting spikes at the same time.
That's where we find it a little bit too coincidental.
That's different cameras, right? Different cameras.
It's not always the same camera? - Nope.
- That's very weird.
I've never seen anything like that.
So in our investigation, during our EVP session, Patrick and I started hearing some rocks falling, which, you know, obviously sort of got us on edge.
Could that be the tommy-knockers, possibly? Or maybe that had something to do with that ballroom being a masonic chamber.
All of a sudden, though, we heard more rocks coming down and more rocks coming down, to where Patrick and I believed we were in a cave-in.
So we ran out, and that's when we ran into Stan and Eddie.
Which made me concerned.
I mean, I thought we had a massive cave-in going on.
But we went back there.
We checked it out.
Nothing's out of place.
That's the big puzzle right now, like, what was it? We just uncovered this cave-in.
Maybe what we heard was a residual sound of that cave-in.
Take a listen.
[Rock falls] Aah! I'm out of here, Patrick.
Just go, fast as possible.
I don't know about you guys, but that wasn't just a little bit of rocks falling.
I mean, that sounded like we were about to be a part of a cave-in.
We thought we heard it coming down behind us.
Yeah, and I don't blame you.
With those rocks falling, I would've - Yeah.
- You know, paid a little bit of attention too.
That was the right choice.
If you feel like something's wrong, leave.
Get out, yeah.
But we're not making fun of you.
Just, like they said, they didn't find anything.
If you get an uneasy feeling underground, whether it be tommy-knockers or just bad ground talking to you, you damn sure better listen.
There's no amount of gold worth losing your life over.
Now, we want to tell you about another investigation we did.
And Larry came to us and told us that one of his trail cams was malfunctioning.
And on one of the cameras, on one of the cards that we pulled, we got something pretty interesting to show you.
Just want to get your opinion on it.
So if you look at the screen here.
So there's the footage there, and that's just the camera that's in the woods looking down the path, right? You can see the path right here.
See that white vertical line there on the side? It wouldn't be strange if it was just the one image here.
But look at this.
[Clicking] It filled this card.
So it's on every single frame in here.
Could be a spider web right there doing that.
A spider web or a hair wouldn't have that that density to set off the motion sensor.
But we did think that, at first.
Once again, guys, these are all very plausible explanations.
But the odd thing is, is that we keep getting these camera glitches on, now, three different types of cameras.
So after we saw these pictures, that evening we headed out to check the camera, of course.
And we proceeded to do an investigation.
Although Patrick and I were investigating in the woods in different areas, we were both getting hits on our instruments.
It seemed to lead us, though, to the same area a clearing with odd rock formations.
And in that formation, we found that rock that we told you guys about, with the strange symbol.
And I actually had the symbols translated.
And it means "house of cremation," that's what they stand for.
That's weird.
Is it a gravesite? I don't know at this point we don't know at this point.
____ And that's a good point.
Remember that EVP we played for you, where you guys thought it was a different language? We think it could be Chinese.
I had that translated as well.
So let me just play that for you again, just to refresh your memory.
That's a good way to put it.
Oh, that's the one that Stan thought was Swedish or something.
- Yeah, we weren't sure.
- Remember that one? So what does it mean, then? It's basically someone saying, "I'm lost," in Cantonese.
- Hmm.
- Huh.
Oh, boy.
So here's that EVP again.
That's a good way to put it.
- [Loud thud] - Aah! - Oh, crap.
- What the hell was that? Patrick and Kristen are sharing their findings with the miners.
And the crew is astonished to learn the investigators may have actually deciphered an earlier piece of EVP evidence.
That's a good way to put it.
So what does it mean, then? It's basically someone saying, "I'm lost," in Cantonese.
- Hmm.
- Huh.
Oh, boy.
Narrator: But suddenly, something stops the meeting cold.
So here's that EVP again.
That's a good way to put it.
- [Loud thud] - Aah! - Oh, crap.
- What the hell was that? The hell was that? Here.
Check the cars.
Doesn't look like anything fell against the doors or the wall.
Narrator: With no obvious explanations at hand, the men quickly look for a trespasser.
See anyone down there? There's nobody over here.
- I didn't see nothing, man.
- There's nobody.
We ran outside, and we couldn't find anything.
I mean, we were right on it.
There's nobody here, boss.
And there's no way that something could've ran that fast, down or up.
- Dog never barked.
- Nothing.
This isn't the first time we've encountered a trespasser that just vanishes.
I don't see nobody climbing up the ridge anywhere.
At this point, I'm starting to think that it's not a trespasser at all, that it's something else.
If it was an entity that did this, instead of scaring us, it had just the opposite effect.
It made us mad.