Ghost Mine (2013) s02e05 Episode Script

Ghosts of the Geiser Grand

Previously on Ghost Mine A frightening and unexplained crash Holy crap! Brings a meeting to an abrupt end.
What the hell was that? This is getting out of hand.
We've got to do something about it.
Patrick and Kristen turn to the paranormal for answers.
If you're here, make a noise.
As the miners work to clear the barrier in the mysterious ballroom Fire in the hole! An expert sheds light on the past Nearly three dozen Chinese miners were massacred.
And brings the paranormal investigators one step closer to the answer.
"A Chinese man, died 1938.
" Buried in unclean soil.
The spirit's not at rest.
And just as the gold seems to be slipping away We got a problem.
- Don't see any gold, do you? - Great.
The crew breaks through.
Hey, guys.
Look at this.
Good-lookin' vein.
But when the paranormal trail leads to the Chinese walls, the investigators connect the Crescent to a haunted history.
Did you work at the Crescent? I just saw something right here.
The camera just died.
There's something here with us.
With the season in full gear at the Crescent mine, the crew has at last successfully doglegged around the cave-in of the ballroom in the eastern tunnel.
Hey, guys.
Look at this.
Good-lookin' vein.
But after reaching the drift beyond the cave-in, they are surprised by what they find.
What we got over there? Just dead ends, Ed.
As the mining day ends, the investigators' night is just beginning.
Kristen returns to the infamous Chinese walls with Patrick to investigate any possible connections between the tragic plight of the area's immigrant miners and the paranormal activity at the Crescent.
So along here I was walking, and that's when I just started hearing all the rocks sliding off.
Earlier in the day, I heard rocks falling.
It sounded as if rocks were being shifted and moved around, and that seemed really odd to me.
Because of the history of the place, we'd like to investigate so we hopefully can get some answers to this mystery.
Did you work at the Crescent? That was right near me.
There's something here with us.
I just thought I saw something pop over that ridge.
Where your flashlight's pointing? Yeah.
Right there.
I just heard something right where your flashlight's pointing.
Someone over there? Are you getting anything? The camera just died.
Battery's dead.
I thought you charged it.
Right before we came out here.
That was very, very strange.
I think whatever it is was responding to, like, the questions I was asking.
We even got some hits when we talked about the Crescent, so something about this area and what we're dealing with up at the Crescent might have a link.
We got some great activity out here.
So let's just head back down the trail.
Ending EVP session in the rock walls.
Back at the mine the next morning, Larry and Stan hold a brief miners' meeting to discuss the shadowy figure seen lurking around camp.
Larry has a solution he's hoping will put the crew at ease.
Hey, guys, before you head out, Larry's got something he wants to talk to you about, so pay attention.
I know there's been a few issues up here.
Y'all are worried about safety and tools being misplaced and moved around.
We've brought up a security guard to help put all those worries to rest.
He's just here to keep an eye on the property and keep an eye on make sure that none of your tools are being misplaced or moved.
Larry finally got a security guard hired.
Now we can focus our attention back on what we're supposed to be doing, which is mining.
These guys got that under control.
What I need from you guys is, everybody get your head back in the game, and we got a lot of work to do, so let's let's get after it.
Yeah, right on, finally got this under control.
Thank you.
Let's do it.
- Y'all be safe.
- All right, be careful, guys.
And shortly after work kicks into high gear, the security guard, Cary, arrives and immediately makes his presence known as he keeps a watchful eye for anything suspicious.
And as work continues in the eastern tunnel, the new quartz vein presents a new set of challenges.
Because the vein extends upwards toward the roof of the mine, the crew will attempt to follow it by implementing the dangerous, but vital, mining technique known as "raising up.
" I said this vein's starting to pinch, but it looks like it's starting to raise up.
Yeah, I think you're absolutely right.
Pretty good-looking rock.
Yeah, it is.
You can see it from here.
- Yeah.
- Looks good.
A raise is basically a drift, except it's straight up.
It's a little bit more dangerous than drift mining, because basically you have to crawl underneath of everything that you just blasted, so if you make a mistake in there, it can be very bad.
- Pretty good-looking.
- Hey, Stan? Oh, yeah.
Good-lookin' rock.
You guys got enough for a sample, right? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
Why don't you guys run out and do that, and I'll get with Jay and Jamol, and we'll get started on this one.
Give me about 45 minutes.
We'll give you a real tight number.
I'm excited to get in there and see what it is.
I'm hoping that it carries for a long time.
As a safety precaution, Eddie sends in the camp's greenhorns, Jay and Jamol, to bar down any loose or hanging debris before the overhead drilling or blasting begins.
But it isn't long before something takes their attention off their work.
Watch out for this one here, dude.
- Did you hear that? - What was that? I have no idea.
I know what wood creaking sounds like, and this was not wood creaking.
I think Jay and I both looked at each other.
And it really worried me, because he was extremely scared, and we really need to be careful.
There's too many strange things going on up here.
Let's get out of here.
Energy can get stuck in a place.
I know the miners want to get to that gold, but it seems that the closer they get, the closer they're getting to this what may be dark energy.
So really, all Patrick and I can do is keep doing our research, keep investigating, and trying to keep them safe.
But ever determined to get the gold, the men put the encounter aside and quickly muck out the remaining debris.
But with the possible paranormal activity again on the rise, and the impending blast on the new drift, back in the investigator's shack, Patrick and Kristen intensify their search for the possible source.
So I've been doing a little research on the Geiser Grand Hotel.
Expanding their research, Kristen digs deeper into the history of the Geiser Grand, the old hotel in Baker City where they met author Greg Nokes.
She learns that the old building is supposedly haunted and may have a direct connection to the Crescent.
Geiser grand hotel was the seat of power for the mining community of Sumpter.
Mines were bought and sold and even won and lost in poker games.
The original owner was named Albert Geiser, and he owned one of the wealthiest mines in the area.
He also was a very prominent top-level mason.
That's really interesting.
Joe Young, who was a mason in this area he was a prominent figure here.
There is the possibility that Joe and Geiser maybe worked together, knew each other.
Maybe there's some information about why there was a chamber in here.
And with the hotel being a hub for deals regarding the mines in the area, there may be a strong connection to the Crescent.
I really think we should go there and try to do an investigation.
I agree.
Kris and I are very excited to start this investigation, and we're really hoping to find some clues or answers that might link to what we're seeing up at the Crescent mine.
Aware of both the prominent position the Geiser Grand once occupied amongst the area's small mining communities and its reputation for being haunted, Patrick and Kristen head back to nearby Baker City, determined to investigate the historic old structure.
The Geiser Grand Hotel was built in 1889, at the height of the gold rush.
Historic landmark.
It's a special place.
If you could show us around, that would be awesome.
As the Geiser's current owner, Barbara Sidway, answers questions, the hotel's storied history is quickly revealed.
Baker City was the Paris of the west.
It was the center for culture and commerce for all the gold mines into Idaho and Washington as well as Oregon.
And the Geiser family was very prominent, very powerful, and this was their statement that they had arrived.
Say, and the Geisers, did they hire Chinese miners for their mines? - Do you know that? - Definitely.
They certainly had Chinese workers, without doubt.
And this is the original dining room.
This was where all the deals were cut for rail roads and lumber.
And gold mines, of course, were the big thing.
So it's the bartenders that have these stories that are consistent over the decades, that as they shut the bar down for the night, they'll start hearing little bits of laughter and little tinkling glasses and little music.
And then they come and open the doors like we did, and then there's no one there, and it goes quiet.
Is there anyplace in the hotel that they've seen anything? Yeah.
Come on.
This is the historic cellar.
Over here, this is where the tunnels run.
The Chinese built tunnels specifically to connect Chinatown, which is just a couple blocks behind us, with the tunnels that lace the entire historic downtown commercial area.
That's incredible.
They would be used for safe passage of the Chinese.
In Chinatown, the gates would open at sunrise and close at sunset.
The Chinese were not allowed on the street.
When Barbara told Patrick and I about the Chinese tunnels, I was completely taken aback.
The fact that the Chinese workers had to anonymously use these passages is eye-opening.
I'm wondering if it also applied to the Chinese miners in the area.
Were there a lot of Chinese workers who worked in this hotel? Absolutely.
I believe that at a point in time, the majority of the population here was Chinese, not Caucasian.
That's incredible.
So is there any paranormal activity in this room? I have had people report seeing figures in this room.
- Full-body? - Full-body.
That's interesting.
This is the storeroom, as you can see, for the hotel.
This lower-level basement area had all kinds of hidden dens for gambling.
So this area could have been an illegal gambling area as well, where some maybe mining deals were kind of thrown on the table? Guarantee you.
So is there any paranormal activity in this room? I have heard consistent reports from staff of seeing a man coming from the far end of this room, running over to this end.
With permission to look around and determined to find any links between the reported paranormal activity at the Crescent and the Geiser Grand's own haunted history, Patrick and Kristen quickly set up the equipment they'll use for tonight's investigation.
And considering the earlier EVP they captured, the strangely inscribed stone they found, and their encounter at the Chinese cemetery This is a good place to start.
The team decides to start their investigation with the historic cellar and the Chinese tunnels.
Patrick and Kristen in the cellar.
The Chinese tunnels.
How did you feel having to use the tunnels instead of the streets? Any workers in here with us right now? Were you treated kindly when you worked here? If you have anything to say to anybody, we're here to listen.
We understand a lot of Chinese worked up at the Crescent mine.
Did you work there? Did you have friends that died there? I'm picking up something over here.
What was that? Right there.
I heard that.
That was over there.
What was that? Patrick and Kristen's investigation into the possible sources of the paranormal activity they've encountered back at the Crescent has brought them to the Geiser Grand Hotel in nearby Baker City.
- Right there.
- I heard that.
That was over there.
And at the old building's notorious Chinese tunnels, they're noticing a strange sound.
- There's that thumping again.
- There's that thump again.
Where is that thumping coming from? Is that you making that thumping sound? We've also visited the Chinese walls.
It's aery amazing place.
Have you been there? Do you know of the house of cremation up near the Crescent? All right, Kristen and I are gonna move on to another room.
Feel free to follow us around in the Geiser, and when you feel comfortable, just speak with us.
As the investigation intensifies at the Geiser Grand Hotel, back at the Crescent, the miners gather around the campfire to assess the season's progress.
How's it going in there? - Ah, it wasn't bad.
- We're getting there.
So we are making a little color now.
We're not up there we're still in the just borderline.
So everybody's got to get back in there and do the best they can.
But has anybody had any more problems or anything? No problems with trespassers, nothing like that? Other than the fact that he's pissing me off? We got a security guard.
You don't have to cry yourself to sleep every night.
It's all right.
The problem is, there's a lot that's going on that we can't anticipate, things that we can't even explain.
Well, it's not our job to explain it.
That's Patrick and Red's job.
And what we should be doing is mining, not chasing ghosts.
Well, I'm not worried about chasing ghosts.
I'm worried about ghosts chasing us.
Looking for explanations, Patrick and Kristen's investigation of the Geiser Grand in Baker, once a seat of power for the area, takes them through the hotel's basement, where a ghostly figure has been seen walking the floor.
Thermal has a clear shot of this entire hall here.
Is there anybody here with us? Give us a sign of your presence.
If you're here, make a noise.
What was that? Sounded like a glass or something.
I know a lot of miners stayed at your hotel here.
What we're interested in is possible information you have on any miners or mining.
Are you back there? We know you're down here.
Motion sensors.
What one's going off? That's number four.
That's in the corner.
Speak with us.
Kristen, it's right over here.
In the basement, there seems to be a lot of activity happening.
I'm hearing a lot of noises, and also, the motion sensor keeps going off, and no one is back there.
Kristen and I actually work up at the Crescent mine.
Have you heard of it? Heard that the masons used to come here, gamble a bit.
See, they'd bet their mines on the table.
Lot of mines changed hands in these in these halls down here, didn't they? Did you witness many deals like this? Did you ever hear the masons talking about the Crescent being a lodge of theirs? Where did that even come from? That came from right over here.
What was that last question you asked? About the Crescent mine being a mason lodge.
But if these fell even if it was, like, here, it would fall straight down and shatter out.
This is shattered all this way, so it actually flew.
I don't know how that happened.
That really startled me.
Did you just throw this glass at us? I got nothing here.
Maybe it got frustrated with us and left.
Maybe it spent all its energy with this one glass.
I asked a question about the Crescent mine, and a glass shattered on the ground.
This seems to have been a very violent response to my question.
- You want to get out of here? - Yeah.
At this point, we've got to stay here.
We've got to continue moving forward and figure out what this is.
Next, the investigators move on to the hotel's dining room, where high-stakes poker games saw huge fortunes won and lost, and where covert deals involving the area's gold mines, like the Crescent, were made.
The agreements struck here could mean life or death for the area's miners.
Now the voice recorders are all going, and this is where all the claims are audible: Laughing, music, clinking of glasses.
I've got real-time EVP player for this room.
Baseline, 0.
Anybody in here with us? Mr.
Geiser, you in here with us? Albert, we heard you were a prominent Mason in this town.
Have you ever heard of the Crescent mine? Did you hold any of your masonic meetings there? Did something bad happen there? Did you hear that, Patrick? Yeah, I did.
It sounded like a response.
Coming up on Ghost Mine Who's playing? Check your cards.
The paranormal investigation at the Geiser Grand ups the ante.
We got some players.
Then, back at the Crescent, the crew gets set for their most dangerous blast to date.
This is gonna be a lot bigger blast than I'd anticipated.
Did you ever hear of the Crescent mine? While investigating the dining room of the historic Geiser Grand Hotel in nearby Baker City, Patrick and Kristen's questions about the Crescent may have just triggered a paranormal response.
Did something bad happen there? Did you hear that, Patrick? Yeah, I did.
It sounded like a response.
Just keep on that line of questioning.
What is the significance of the Crescent mine? Mr.
Geiser, did you get a lot of people from Sumpter in your hotel? Did you know a Mr.
Joseph Young? We know he was a very prominent figure in Sumpter.
We're spiking over here, Patrick.
- What have you got? - 0.
This was at a 0.
6 when I got over here.
It slowly started going down.
Are you in here with us, Albert? Mr.
Geiser, we hear that a lot of gambling was done here, a lot of poker games, and I just happened to bring a deck of cards and cash to play with.
So if there's anyone, Mr.
Geiser yourself or anyone else who wants to maybe gamble a bit, bet us a hand.
Few cards for you.
I'll snap some pictures.
All right.
We got big money on the table, you guys.
Come on.
Who's in? Someone's in.
- 0.
- 0.
We got some players.
My name is Patrick.
That was really weird.
Where did that come from? That table over there.
I just heard it over here somewhere.
Joe? Mr.
Geiser? You over here? You sure that didn't come from the door? It's locked.
I'm thinking maybe if we check back on the audio, maybe we'll get something on that.
Got two voice recorders and a camera recording this whole time we've been walking around, so let's hope we got something.
I say we pack up.
Start gathering stuff up then? Yeah, check out what we have.
As Patrick and Kristen's investigation of the Geiser Grand comes to a close, the team, eager to review their evidence, get set to head back home.
I believe that this was a great investigation.
We asked questions about the Crescent mine, and we were getting direct responses.
We've been suggesting that everything in this town is connected, and this investigation of the Geiser Grand seems to validate that.
The next morning, the miners are ready to raise up in the new drift in the eastern tunnel.
Go on! With this highly dangerous procedure, they'll pursue the quartz vein running straight up the side of the tunnel by first drilling, then blasting the rock directly over their heads.
Pretty much every drop of mud, rock, oil, water, everything lands in your eyes.
It burns.
Couldn't wear safety glasses because instantly they're covered in stuff, and you can't see the bigger rocks falling.
Big rock hits you, there's nowhere to run.
All right.
And in a profession fraught with danger, the process of raising up holds a top position on the risk factor scale.
I've got my arm broken in a raise.
My partner has actually fell down a chute in a raise.
You know, wrong place, wrong time.
You stick your arm somewhere it shouldn't be, and when that rock hits it, it's gonna break.
The miners will be blasting into the ceiling, where Patrick and Kristen recorded unexplained levels of electromagnetic fields Zero as soon as I bring it down.
A fact that definitely has the paranormal investigators concerned.
Electromagnetic fields are sometimes an indicator of paranormal activity.
And if that's so, these miners may find more than gold up there.
Are these timed separately, or is it all gonna come down at once? I'm gonna time everything a little differently so it breaks back and forth until the hole's open, and then everything's just gonna go, "whoosh.
" I don't know what I should be prepared for, but from what I can tell, this looks like it's gonna be a lot bigger blast than I'd anticipated.
Fire in the hole! Let's roll, buddy.
With the fuse lit and charges set, the team prepares for what could be their most dangerous detonation to date.
Coming up on Ghost Mine Has blasting released a new wave of paranormal activity on the mountain? Patrick, I'm getting something weird.
What is that? And the crew learns what happens when the past refuses to stay buried.
Are you saying there's people unsettled in their graves up here at the Crescent? Fire in the hole! That's the sound of money right there, baby.
That's money.
With the first blast of the dangerous raising up process complete, the miners quickly begin barring down.
The crew continues mucking out the mine, and work remains steady right up to lunch.
And for today, Jamol's decided the time is right for a spicy distraction.
Come on, Jamol.
Damn it, I'm hungry.
Just one second, fellas.
You been saying that for 20 minutes.
So how we doing down there on that new vein? It's actually coming along pretty good.
Been pulling some good ore out of there.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Everybody seems to be in good spirits again now.
We're building our morale back up.
Absolutely, and my little part to celebrate for you guys is to let you know it's Taco Tuesday.
Boys are in such good spirits.
We're on a really good vein, and what better way to celebrate than a fiesta? What is that? Smells like chipmunk.
I compared Jamol's tacos to a chipmunk inside of cardboard.
Duck, you really gonna eat that? Yeah, why not? Duck's got nothing to lose.
It was really nice of Jamol to have Taco Tuesday, because it was a morale-lifter.
You know, the guys bitch and gripe about it, but deep down they thought, "hey, this is pretty cool.
" Jamol, these are the worst tacos I've ever had.
Who's the first one to the latrine? I am.
I got seniority over all of yous.
I'm the first one.
In the investigator's cabin, Patrick and Kristen begin the painstaking process of analyzing the footage from the previous night's investigation.
They're searching for any evidence of paranormal activity.
I'm really hoping that we find some sort of connection, possibly, with the Geiser Grand Hotel and the Crescent mine.
Fueled by Jamol's tacos, the miners' progress is good as they pull bucket after bucket of gold-rich ore from the mine.
And with day's end, Patrick and Kristen gather the men back into the cook shack.
They're finally ready to reveal potential answers as to the source of the paranormal activity at the Crescent.
As you know, Patrick and I always want to learn more and more about the history of this area to try to find answers for you guys and what's happening.
And I recently discovered that out near granite is the Chinese walls.
Chinese miners weren't allowed to own a claim, so they would go through the rocks of other mines that have already been mined and try to scrape off any gold that was not discovered or left behind.
And they created these huge walls.
I went out there to kind of check it out, and I was really shocked about how huge these walls were and how big of an area they actually covered.
So for those of you who haven't seen the Chinese walls, Kristen took some photos, and here's a couple of them.
That's cool.
When I first got there, it was very silent, but then I started hearing rocks begin to fall.
So many, almost like, also, that some were being thrown.
It sort of frightened me.
So Kristen came and got me here in town.
We decided to do an investigation out at the walls, and we got something on our voice recorder.
And I'll play it for you here.
We understand your suffering, your pain.
All we want to do is communicate.
Can we hear it one more time? Yeah.
We understand your suffering, your pain.
All we want to do is communicate.
It's Chinese, and I had it translated.
Basically means, "yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm coming.
" Whoa.
So it's someone who's very frustrated with us from a distance, 'cause we were asking a bunch of questions.
"Here, come and talk to us.
Were you a miner here?" We were asking all these questions.
It's like someone who's very frustrated going, "yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm coming.
" Are they mad at us or coming after us or want us to know that they were here or what's going on? That's what we're doing in all our research, to answer that question.
So because of what we captured on this EVP session, we reached out to a well-known historian named Greg Nokes.
He told us a lot of stuff that was really actually hard to hear about the mistreatment of Chinese miners.
In Hells Canyon in 1887, nearly three dozen Chinese miners were massacred.
They just threw their bodies into the river.
According to Chinese culture, being buried in foreign soil meant that your soul would be trapped forever in turmoil.
And he was telling us that this history's been swept under the rug.
Yes, it has.
And you know, that's the dark side of the mining history that we don't talk about too much, but it did happen.
The atrocities committed up here, I doubt if they'd be documented.
They've really tried to keep that stuff under the carpet.
Maybe that's some of the stuff we're getting up here.
So when we met with Greg, we actually met him at the Geiser Grand in Baker City.
It was the place where all the wealthy miners would go and spend their money.
They would actually even buy and sell mines and trade their mines there.
So Patrick and I kind of thought, "well, maybe the Crescent mine was sold or traded.
" - Connection there.
- Yes.
And the Geiser Grand is actually thought to be one of the most haunted hotels in Oregon.
So we actually met with Barb, who runs the place.
She actually let us do an investigation that night, and we caught some very compelling evidence that we want to share with you.
We went upstairs to the dining room and attempted to make contact.
We were asking questions like, "if you're here, please come speak with us.
Have you heard of the Crescent mine? Or do you hold any of your meetings there?" And while we were asking that, we we got an EVP.
I'm gonna play that for you right now.
Did something bad happen there? Now what the heck was that? Sounds like a river to me.
That's static you're hearing, 'cause I had to boost the audio so you could actually hear the syllables.
But if you listen closely, there's something buried in the static.
Listen to it again.
Did something bad happen there? Coming up on Ghost Mine After a distress call puts the camp in a commotion This is Cary from security.
I found the trespasser and I'm going after him.
A follow-up investigation captures disturbing new evidence.
Patrick, I am getting something weird.
You see that? Patrick and Kristen have gathered the miners to share the findings from their investigation of the Geiser Grand, evidence that appears to draw a direct paranormal connection to the area's past.
So we attempted to make contact, and we were asking questions like, "have you heard of the Crescent mine? Or do you hold any of your meetings there?" And while we're asking that, we we got an EVP.
I'm gonna play that for you right now.
Did something bad happen there? This isn't the first time we've gotten a response like this when we've asked this type of question.
That's interesting.
We then moved to the basement, and something very interesting happened, and I want to play that audio for you right now.
So I'm basically asking, "do you know anything about the Crescent mine?" Do you ever hear the masons talking about the Crescent being a lodge of theirs? What's that? Is it something that fell, or was it thrown? We don't know at this point.
What was it? You could see the glass right here.
And Kristen was basically standing right here where this crack is.
So it went from behind her.
But that's not all I want to show you.
Listen to it again, but this time, pay attention to just before the crash.
This was a pretty big find.
Do you ever hear the masons talking about the Crescent being a lodge of theirs? That's creepy.
And again, we didn't hear this with our own ears.
We heard this only on the recorder.
Can run yoat back again? Play it one more time.
Do you ever hear the masons talking about the Crescent being a lodge of theirs? What was that? It was frightening, for one, because we weren't expecting it.
But we think it's just an answer to our question, really.
If that was a response, was it a yes or a no? That is hard to say.
We have activity here at the mine that you're working at.
We're trying to find out why there's activity here.
So anything that we can find out about the history of this area could potentially lead us in the right direction of what's going on at the Crescent.
So another interesting thing Greg told us something that we should check out on the outskirts of town was a Chinese cemetery in Baker City.
And I want to show you this as well.
Greg told us that wherever you find a burn house, you find a cemetery.
And if you remember that rock formation we found out in the woods, it's possible that it was a burn house.
So if we possibly have a burn house, are you saying there's people buried up here, people who are unsettled in their graves, who are pissed off at the way they were treated? If what we found is, in fact, a burn house, it's a possibility.
There just seems to be a connection between the mining industry, the masons, and the Chinese immigrants right now.
You've got three things that are pretty far apart to bring together.
That's gonna be interesting.
There's only one thing that's in the middle of it all.
- So we're gonna keep working.
- All right, guys.
Well, that was really a lot of good information.
We appreciate it, and keep bringing it to us.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
The next morning, the miners continue the raising up process.
But at this point, each blast comes with the awareness that the Crescent mine doesn't give up its gold without exacting a paranormal price.
Given that these paranormal occurrences might be using the quartz as a means to energize itself you know, that really concerns you, considering the fact that we're following this quartz vein.
Given what happened last year, some pretty bad things could happen.
Fire in the hole! And as the samples come out of the mine - Jamol? - Yeah? See if you can get a little bit out of that.
Greybeard and duck are hopeful the raise up will yield enough high-grade ore to be profitable.
Come on.
Dick, this one I was looking at.
Take a look at that sucker right in the long side of that quartz.
- It's looking good.
- It's about time.
We're on a good vein.
Gonna be a good payday for us.
It's been real hard making a go.
We're running low on funds.
Everybody will be in a lot better mood.
I think they're gonna be real happy with this, Ed.
With the promise of more high-grade ore in the mine, the crew quickly gets back to work.
But the mining stops when a distress call from the camp's new security guard comes over the radio.
This is Cary from security.
I found the trespasser and I'm going after him right now.
You want to answer him? Let's go see if we can see him outside.
Hey, guys.
You got that call? - Hey, guys.
- Yeah, we did.
Hi, guys.
Yeah, what's going on? I don't know.
Last time we saw him, he was going up the hill here.
Did you actually see him chasing somebody? Stan for security.
This is Cary.
Yeah, Cary, where's your location right now? Where are you at? I'm up in the woods.
I see a trespasser headed your way.
Towards us? Down towards the cabin? Yes, towards you.
What is he talking about? Yeah.
Cary, where's your location right now? Where are you at? The crew has just received a panicked call from the new security guard about a potential intruder.
I'm up in the woods.
I see a trespasser headed your way.
Towards us? Down towards the cabin? Yes, towards you.
I lost the trespasser.
- What is he talking about? - I don't know.
See, that's the same area that Larry was chasing a trespasser.
Yeah, I picked up on that too.
But a check of the grounds reveals no trespassers to be found.
You see anything? I didn't hear anything or see anything.
Yeah, me either.
If this isn't a trespasser and it is something else, Kristen and I have to figure out what it is and what it wants.
I'm gonna get him off the hill.
I'll catch you guys down at the basecamp later.
So Stan, the job supervisor, calls it a night and gives the shaken guard a ride back to his cabin.
But for the paranormal team, the intruder sighting presents a new mystery.
Well, it is odd.
I mean, we have been chasing this tassere that nobody has actually seen yet.
I think we should go check it out and investigate it.
Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
All right, well, let's go grab our gear.
And as night falls, Patrick and Kristen launch into an investigation to see if there is any explanation for this latest mysterious sighting.
Let me just sweep around, see if I can find any kind of heat signature.
Show yourself in physical form, if you can.
If you've been wandering up here and showing yourself, show yourself to us right now.
Patrick, did you just hear that? No.
I thought I heard something moving up there.
- Where? - Up ahead of us.
Patrick, I'm getting something weird.
Where at? Right in this area.
This is actually something in the bushes.
Do you see that? What is that? - Does it look like an animal? - Shadow figure.