Ghost Mine (2013) s02e06 Episode Script

Mystery Train

Previously on Ghost Mine Almost halfway through the mining season at the Crescent, and the mine has at last begun to produce high-grade ore.
Pretty good-looking rock.
However, each step forward has been accompanied by troubling new mysteries I'm out of here, Patrick.
And a flurry of paranormal activity.
Go, go, go.
Shadow figures, unexplained equipment failures [Explosion] - [Screams] - Whoa.
Tommy-knockers, and Do you know of the Crescent mine? After paranormal investigations - at the nearby Chinese walls - The camera just died.
And the historic Geiser Grand Hotel This is where the Chinese tunnels run.
Once again confirmed the strange activity extended beyond Sumpter.
Did something bad happen there? [Screams] With possible ties to the area's tragic past Nearly three dozen Chinese miners were massacred.
Another mysterious encounter with the elusive trespasser Do you see anything? I didn't hear anything or see anything.
Led to an investigation in the woods What is that? That had Patrick and Kristen Does it look like an animal? Wondering if they're alone.
Shadow figure.
[Country rock music] lord have mercy on a proud man's soul blood so deep that it never runs cold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul devil's gonna fight you when you find that gold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul With yet another reported sighting of the elusive trespasser, Patrick and Kristen scour the woods above the Crescent.
The shadowy trespasser has been plaguing - the miners since their arrival.
- Hello! I know someone walked past me.
- [Bang] - [Screams] - Holy crap.
- What the hell was that? Yet every time they've gone and pursued, the shadow seems to vanish without a trace.
There's nobody here, boss.
Now, with this latest encounter, the paranormal investigators are more determined than ever to get some answers.
Patrick, I'm getting something weird.
Do you see that? What is that? Shadow figure.
- That tree right there? - Uh-huh.
Okay, I'm gonna go stand over there.
Patrick and I tested it out.
I stood in the place where I caught whatever figure I did.
What does it look like? Here.
Take a look.
So that's the picture of you, and that's what you took.
Yeah, but I'm way more clearly defined than the other picture.
So you can see something there.
You really can't tell what it is.
The ruins of the burn house are close by to this area, and Greg had told us that where there's a burn house, there's usually a cemetery.
And if it is a cemetery, there could be restless spirits.
Want to do an EVP session right here? Yeah.
Kristen and Patrick investigating in the woods.
Are we standing next to your grave? How many others are left behind with you? Is there an actual cemetery here? It seems that we keep being led to the same area, and I think that's probably more than just a coincidence.
So everyone's been seeing something, but it's not a person.
It's always a shadow, and it's always leading us to this place, this area right here.
Maybe we are dealing with more than one entity.
With this possible reappearance of the mysteriously elusive shadow figure and potential new EVP evidence to analyze, Kristen and Patrick call it a night.
Meanwhile, back at camp We don't have to have a theme every dinner, you know? The miners unwind around their nightly campfire and engage in one of their favorite pastimes ____ What about schnitzel Sunday? Making fun of Jamol's cooking.
- How about a surprise? - No, no.
Every day will be a new surprise.
- No, no, that's okay.
- No surprise.
Eventually, the topic turns to the new security guard that Larry hired.
How is he, by the way, boss? I guess he's okay.
He quit.
- Why'd he quit? - I don't know.
But I just want you guys to know you're on your own again, and if there is a trespasser, we're back to the same situation we had before, so kind of watch your own backs.
Speaking of which, I'm going to bed early tonight 'cause I want to make a lot of money tomorrow, so - Yeah, I think so.
- Not a bad idea.
- Good night, guys.
- Night.
- Night, Dick.
- Night.
[Crow caws] The next morning brings the challenge of the latest step in raising up the eastern tunnel.
As they blast higher into the raise, the miners must build a platform so that they can bring up both men and material.
All right.
I can dance on that.
The platforms, we can put the ladders between 'em, and it helps to get people up there and pack our tools up, and you have to have it.
It's too long a way just to climb up a damn ladder.
We can stage equipment on each platform and then take it up as we need it.
The process involves a lot of timber and some very careful planning.
- 5-footer? - Yep.
It's dangerous because you've got nowhere to go.
There's only one direction to go, and that's down.
And when you're 60, 70 feet up, that sucks.
All right, baby.
Good job, boss man.
With the platform built, the men can resume mining, but they're well aware that each blast in the new raise has the potential to not only release the gold-rich quartz that they need, but something else as well.
So, I mean, the idea that there is actually something in the mine that no one can explain and that is making a lot of us feel very uneasy really weighs heavy on you.
With the camp on edge, in the investigators' cabin, Patrick and Kristen work with a new urgency to analyze the evidence from the previous night's investigation.
Patrick, tell me what you think this sounds like.
Are we standing next to your grave? [Faint whistle] Play it again.
Standing next to your grave? [Faint whistle] Hmm.
Like, to me, it sounds like a whistle of some sort.
That's what I thought.
I think it sounds like a train whistle.
The thing that's odd is that I feel like we would have heard that.
They got the train depot down in Sumpter.
We can always just head down there and ask 'em.
See if there were any trains last night.
Determined to find the origins of the strange activity and keep miners working safely, the paranormal investigators set off to the historic Sumpter train depot to see if they can rule out the only logical source of the steam whistle sound they found on their recording.
And there's a train.
And there's steam coming out of it.
That could be what we heard the other night.
Built in 1890, the Sumpter railway was the mining community's one lifeline to the outside world, serving the mining and logging camps to bring supplies in and goods out.
The railroad's original steam-powered engines and cars remain intact from the days of the Old Crescent miners.
As they enter the depot, Patrick and Kristen meet depot agent Taylor Rush.
- Kristen.
Nice to meet you.
- Hi, Kristen.
We're paranormal investigators working up at the Crescent mine.
Just wondered about the schedule.
We're actually just running on weekends.
We're just kind of testing right now.
Any chance you were testing the whistle last night? The whole engine was off steam and everything down at the yard, so there shouldn't been any concern for a whistle.
So she does have a steam whistle? It does, yeah.
It's a steam engine, so basically everything on it is steam-powered in one way or another.
Is there any chance you could tell us a little bit about the steam engine that's out here? Sure.
It was actually built in 1915.
Back in the day, there was hundreds of miles of logging lines and railway tracks out here, and it and that was it, so your only connection was the railways, so you'd ship everything on them.
We know for a fact these trains hauled the injured down to Baker city or even just, you know, a rolling hearse.
It would take the dead out, so 'cause there were accidents in the mines fairly frequently.
The fact that dead miners' bodies were transported on the train, there definitely could be residual energy left behind from traumatic events on the train, such as miners dying on the way to the hospital.
Is there any chance we can hear that train whistle? Sure, why not? - Oh, great.
- Really? [Train whistle blows] It sounds pretty close to the EVP we recorded during our investigation.
The fact that the train wasn't running while we were investigating would suggest that the sound we recorded was in fact an EVP of a train's whistle.
With the mysterious train whistle EVP and the tragic history of the rail road laid out in detail, Patrick and Kristen decide to ride the train to its next stop the nearby town of McEwen.
[Bell ringing] They plan to launch into a paranormal investigation amongst the very train cars that would have served as funeral hearses for the Crescent miners.
They hope to find more clues to the source of the paranormal activity they have encountered at the mine.
[Bell ringing] With only a few hours until the train has to return to Sumpter, Patrick and Kristen quickly set up and get to work.
You getting anything at all? No.
See, all these train cars have been sitting here awhile.
There's nothing running through 'em.
Kristen and I want to do an investigation of this train yard because it has a lot of old cars from about the time that the Crescent was up and running.
The miners from that Crescent mine were traveling these rail roads.
Not seeing anything out of the ordinary in thermal.
The McEwen depot is like a graveyard for old train cars.
If people were put in those train cars and transferred from place to place and there was deep emotion involved during death or during some sort of accident, there could be residual energy left over.
Thought I heard something over that way.
The crunching of the rocks.
You heard somebody walking? Yeah, but I'm not seeing anybody over there.
See, the only heat signatures over there are the wheels of the train.
See the flatbed here? That's where I was hearing it, right there.
Let's go check that out.
Yeah, let's go check that out.
[Footsteps] If I had to guess, I would say it was Probably these rocks here.
Patrick, whoa.
What? What? Didn't you just hear that? It sounded like somebody, like you said, but in there.
During our investigation of the yard, I heard footsteps in the distance where there was nothing on the thermal cam.
Then, another sound drew our attention, so we continued further and further into this vast yard.
- Getting anything? - No.
There's nothing over here.
Kristen - Look at this right here.
- [Beep] That right there.
What is that? Yeah, why would it be up that high? It just moved.
Let's get over there.
What is that? Hello? Was somebody out here? Patrick.
What? What? Didn't you just hear that? It sounded like somebody, like you said, but in there.
Searching for an explanation for the phantom steam whistle sound at the Crescent, Patrick and Kristen are investigating the nearby McEwen train station and have spotted a mysterious figure on their thermal camera.
Kristen - Look at this right here.
- [Beep] That right there.
What is that? Yeah, why would it be up that high? - It just moved.
- Let's get over there.
What is that? [Dramatic music] Hello? Was somebody out here? It was standing right here.
Whatever it was in the train car, I didn't really see it as a figure at first, but then it moved, and then the full figure basically took form.
And when I called Kristen over, it stepped out of the way and disappeared.
[Taps foot] I don't know how safe this thing is.
No signs of animals.
Patrick thought what he caught on the thermal camera looked like the image of a person.
I did see some sort of figure in the thermal camera.
Although when we both got there, nothing was inside.
If I had to guess, that figure was standing right here looking at us.
I'm getting a spike right here.
I just got a spike too.
I'm getting consistent.
Right in this area.
I'm gonna ask some questions, Patrick.
Yeah, do.
Kristen and Patrick.
Investigation in McEwen.
Is there anybody here with us? We're hearing you.
What do you want us to know? Did you work in the Crescent mine or mines around this area? What was this car used for? Did you work on the rail road? [Train whistle blows] Did you hear that? Yeah, I heard it.
With the sound of the steam whistle, Patrick and Kristen move to the train bound for Sumpter, where they will continue their investigation.
Let's get rolling.
For now, the strange apparition they caught on camera remains a mystery.
We came to pretty much a dead end.
This isn't the first time someone has seen a figure and then we've gone after it looking for it and found nothing.
But we definitely feel that we're making communications with something.
[Bell rings, steam hisses] Both: Whoa.
There it goes.
- You okay? - Oh, yeah.
Hold on.
All right, Patrick, I'm gonna start with a baseline sweep.
All right, so far, Patrick, we're at 0.
0 milligauss and around 60 degrees.
All right.
Yeah, audio's not gonna work in here.
It's gonna be way too loud.
No, we won't be able to hear it over the train.
Oh, I've got a 0.
Patrick, I got a 0.
1 spike over here in these seats.
Anything electrical over there? Not that I can see.
[Eerie music] Shut proper.
Taking a picture.
Gonna flash.
Is there any passengers with us right now? Anyone traveling back to Sumpter to go work in the mines? Did something happen to you on this car? [Door creaks] Patrick, I shut that door.
I mean, I shut that really good.
- Shut it tight? - Yeah.
I mean, you have to shut it tight.
Okay, let me see.
It didn't blow open at all? I mean, I literally put my whole body into shutting it.
You can't just Let's just continue the investigation right here, see if it happens again.
Did you just open that door? Light up that device next to the door or push the door open again.
Are you in here with us now? Are you one of the dead that was transported by this train? [Door creaks] Oh.
Are you in here with us now? Patrick and Kristen are investigating reports of ghostly activity on one of Sumpter's historic railway cars when the rear door becomes mysteriously unlatched.
Are you one of the dead that was transported by this train? [Door creaks] Oh.
I really don't have an explanation for how the door opened.
There was nothing out there, and we're on a train.
We're on a moving train.
There's nowhere for anyone to hide.
That was pushed.
Are you still with us? Nothing.
Are you in here with us now? Sounds like we're getting close.
Think that means we're entering Sumpter.
[Train whistle blows] [Bell rings] We should pack up.
Let's just pack these few things up and get ready to get off.
- Uh-huh.
- All right.
The next morning, with the crew finally making progress in the raise, the mood in the mine is up.
The vein is looking really good, and I believe if we stay on, we're gonna hit a good payday.
That's what we're all hoping for right now.
Now you got it.
Jamol decides the time is right to implement a new plan.
Looking to impose a new health food regimen on the miners, he's building an herb garden on the roof of the cook shack.
I've been to a lot of mines, and I've never seen an herb garden on the roof.
And while Dick and Duck are happy enough to lend a hand Oh, yeah.
They're not entirely sold on the idea.
He's fell on his head a couple times, hasn't he? You think? - That explains a lot.
- Yeah.
You know you gotta put the ladder up every day to water 'em too? You make fun now, but you'll appreciate the flavor.
No, I won't.
Well, I got some squash and tomatoes.
I don't want garden crap.
I want meat.
You guys joke, but at your age, you need some vegetables and vitamins.
I got my pipe, my coffee, and my meat.
Get your ass down here.
I'll show you what it does for me.
[Laughs] Over in the eastern tunnel, Buckett and Mikey continue working on the raise.
My dad told us we had to go put another platform in in the raise.
So he assigned me and buckett to go do that job.
We all know the plan.
He knows there's money up there, so we've got to go do it.
- You all right? - Yeah, that's sturdy.
This lower-level staging platform is actually built under the top platform and is used to move and store the equipment the men use as they work on the upper level.
____ - Nope.
- Hold on.
They make quick work of the job until a strange noise catches Mikey's attention.
- Hey.
- What? - You hear that? - Hear what? I swear I heard something coming from the raise, dude.
- What? - Just listen, dude.
Hello? - See, there's nobody up there.
- Hello! There's nobody up there, dude.
See? Why am I hearing stuff, dude? ____ From what? ____ [Chuckles] Are you sure you didn't hear that, dude? Hear what? Stop for a second, dude.
Look how cold it just got in here, dude.
You're right.
That's new.
I'm telling you, dude.
I heard something up there, man.
Tripping me out.
____ ____ ____ ____ All right.
This place has got me on edge.
I don't know what to think at this point.
I didn't see anything that could justify what I heard.
I get a real uncomfortable feeling every time I'm in that raise, and I don't like it, tell you that much.
With the activity on the rise in the mine, over in the P.
cabin, the investigators have returned to their map of the Sumpter area.
With several days of new paranormal activity to track, they look for patterns amongst the pins, and it becomes evident that the activity is spreading.
So with all these places in Sumpter, the biggest mystery still is, what's the connection here? What is that force that's tying everything together? But before they even have a chance to process the information, the investigators are alerted to another potential paranormal encounter, this time, back in Sumpter.
While in town for summer break with his family, Jay's son Ashton has captured footage of another purported shadow figure, and Jay asks the investigators to check it out.
Hey, how are you guys? Good.
How you doing? Ashton captured some kind of evidence, so Kristen and I are gonna head over to the B&B and see what he has.
You guys, - thanks for coming over.
- Yeah.
I have something that I want you guys to take a look at.
The other night, me and my family and some of the other miners were at the Elkhorn having some dinner.
And I was filming some family footage, and when I went back to edit some of it, I came across what I thought looks like a shadow figure, and so I wanted to get your opinion of it.
- Okay.
- Yeah, sure.
Okay, so right here you can see the counter.
You'll see it move right towards the bar.
But the real question is, what are you gonna buy? Oh, do I get some of it? Maybe a little.
- Um, I don't know.
- Right there.
Coming up on Ghost Mine Have you ever heard of the Crescent mine? As the paranormal activity heats up again in the town of Sumpter, back on the mountain We got a problem out here.
The miners are confronted with a life-or-death decision.
Coming right this way, Stan.
If that blocks the road, we're done.
So, right here you can see the After Jay alerted Patrick and Kristen to a mysterious shadow anomaly his son Ashton captured on camera, the paranormal investigators are at the Sumpter Bed & Breakfast getting the first look at the purported evidence.
- Um, I don't know.
- Right there.
- Yeah, there's something there.
- Yeah.
- Maybe a little.
- Um, I don't know.
I see what you're talking about.
And there was no waitress or bartender around? There was no one around.
With the evidence captured from the woods above the Crescent and at the McEwen train yard, Patrick and Kristen can't ignore that the reported shadow figure here could be connected to the vast web of paranormal activity afflicting other parts of Sumpter.
As of now, I'm not quite sure what Ashton caught on his camera.
But lately we've been seeing a flurry of activity in the whole town, so if it's paranormal, it could be related to the activity at the Crescent.
Would you actually be able to go with us to the Elkhorn, maybe kind of recreate the same conditions for us? - Of course I can.
- Let's go.
Ashton takes the investigators just around the corner from the B&B to where he captured footage of the shadowy figure The Elkhorn Saloon.
The saloon has stood since the '50s, but at the time of the original Crescent mine, a different building occupied the space The Belvedere Hotel, and it's at the Belvedere that the families of the Old Crescent miners would have stayed, waiting and hoping that their men might return home safely.
So where exactly were you? I was standing right here.
My dad was sitting there First, as their investigation starts, Patrick and Kristen try to recreate Ashton's shadow figure.
We want to see exactly where Ashton was standing when he took the video, recreate where everyone else was situated, the lighting.
- It's not doing anything.
- Not doing anything? There's no other lights here.
Maybe we can ask someone who works here.
Maybe they've had other claims of seeing a shadow figure.
Next, Patrick and Kristen quickly arrange a meeting with the former manager of the Elkhorn, tom and his wife, Maxine.
Through the years, there has been quite a few things that have come up here.
One time I was in there serving drinks, and I felt somebody go by me.
I did a 180, and there was - Nobody.
- Nobody there.
It was strange feeling, I'll tell you that.
There was another bartender here, but she had the same experience.
Was she by herself? - She was at the time.
- Yeah, she was.
She was closing up, but from then on, I had to be here with closing time because she wouldn't do it alone anymore.
Were there any deaths here? Well, the one story that we've heard about the woman's husband that was killed up in one of the mines, and she showed up every night from then on.
She drank herself to death, so This place actually does have a history of paranormal activity.
The building has been around for a very long time.
There's definite possibility for residual energy in this building.
Patrick and Kristen decide to proceed to the next phase of their investigation, and with the Elkhorn saloon closed for the night, they waste no time setting up their equipment in the area of reported paranormal activity.
We wanted to see if we could capture the same shadow that Ashton captured on video, so we set up the full-spectrum camera, pointing at that area where the shadow figure was seen, and in that area, we also put - a shadow detector.
- [Beep] To begin, Patrick and Kristen do a baseline sweep of the area, looking for any unusual readings that might indicate paranormal activity.
We're already getting a 0.
There's a lot of machinery back here.
Yeah, and this whole area is basically high EMF.
Now a 0.
2 as I raise it up.
Maybe there's a lot of old wiring above us.
It's spiking all throughout here.
The EMF levels all throughout the Elkhorn were off the charts.
There could be bad wiring all throughout that building giving off these levels of EMF.
So there's the spike right there.
But these levels were way too high and way too spread out.
Wiring or no wiring, it's hard to explain.
Full-spectrum recording.
I'm just getting the thermal up.
[Beep] Patrick and Kristen.
Investigation in the Elkhorn.
So the other night, there were some miners that we're working with having dinner, and the son of one of the miners caught a shadow walking through.
Was that you? Did you know of the Crescent mine? If you have a message for anybody, shout as loud as you can, and we'll try to deliver that message for you.
[Clatter] What was that? I didn't see anything.
Well, there's two pool sticks on the ground.
Did you just knock over those pool sticks? I thought I heard something over there.
- Did you get something? - I didn't get anything.
I was just hearing a little noise over there.
I'll check it out.
Careful walking through here.
Can you make another noise for us? [Tapping] What is that? A noise keeps coming from over here.
Is something being knocked over? There's nothing here.
This is all storage.
Did someone in here lose their husband in a mining accident? Have you ever heard of the Crescent mine? [Trilling] - Kristen? - What? You've got to see this.
I've got a heat signature on one of these chairs.
Right there.
What? - Why would it be doing that? - I don't know.
Patrick and Kristen are at the Elkhorn Saloon in Sumpter, where Jay's son Ashton captured a shadow anomaly on camera.
After learning of the location's tortured past, they've launched into an investigation to determine if the shadow figure seen here connects to similar evidence captured at the B&B, the dredge, or even the Crescent mine itself, and Patrick has just noticed the heat signature on his thermal camera.
- Why would it be doing that? - I don't know.
Go check it out.
Second chair from the end.
This red one right here.
Are you the woman who lost her husband in a mining accident? We're sorry for your loss.
It must have been really hard on you losing him in such a tragic way, but he's passed on.
There's no need to stay here.
[High-pitched beep] Shadow detector just went off.
Still recording, so if anything did pass by there, maybe we caught it.
I'm just hoping we got something either on this camera or on the voice recorder while it was while we were getting all that activity.
All right.
Do you want to pack up? I guess so.
It's just so quiet right now.
I'll stop recording here.
All right.
Let's start putting this stuff away.
The next morning, Kristen and Patrick begin poring through the mountain of evidence they've accumulated from their investigations of the Sumpter railway and the Elkhorn Saloon.
Suddenly, Patrick sees something totally unexpected.
Kristen take a look at this.
Right here.
What do you see? Right there.
What is that? I have no idea.
Patrick pointed out some sort of figure on the full-spectrum.
I think the miners are gonna be pretty surprised.
I'm excited to show them, and I'm excited to see their response.
In the mine, the crew continues to raise up on the eastern drift.
Okay, we're done.
[Explosion] And today, they're met by more good news.
Put that son of a gun in the sunshine.
The latest blast has revealed a pocket of high-grade ore.
It's by no means the mother lode they're looking for, but the ore is valuable enough to fast-track to the processing mill for a much needed payday.
With the evening, the miners are in town to meet with their families on summer break.
Patrick and Kristen have called the group together to share the findings from their latest investigations.
It appears the paranormal activity is spiking and spreading once again.
So I'll just get right into it.
The other day, after our last meeting, we got a call on the walkie from Cary, the security guard, and he told us that he had heard the trespasser.
Yeah, we stood there with you, and we surveyed the area, and we couldn't see anything and Because we keep seeing this "trespasser" and no one actually catches the trespasser, we decided to do an investigation because it's always around the same area.
I took out the full-spectrum camera and just started taking shots, and, um, we actually did catch something.
So here's the first shot that Kristen took.
Pay attention to the left-hand side of the tree.
- Whoa.
- Wow.
- Whoa.
- Hmm.
To me, it looks like somebody is just standing beside the tree.
Could you tell how tall or wide it was? Actually, we conducted a test after we took that photo.
Kristen went over to the spot and stood behind the tree.
And that's the photo.
So that one is Kristen there? That is Kristen standing behind the tree.
It looks like the same size.
The other one looks like a whirl kind of.
I don't know what it is, but there's something there for sure.
How close is that to the mine? It's just up the hill a bit.
While we were in the woods there doing our EVP session, we picked up something out of place, and we want to play that for you right now.
Are we standing next to your grave? [Faint whistle] Yeah.
Our first thought was, okay, it's the Sumpter train.
So we came down to the Sumpter train station just to see see what the schedule was, but no trains were running that night.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's weird.
- Hmm.
- We also found out that there were a lot of accidents on the train.
Also, if somebody died at one of the mines, their bodies would be put on the train and transported.
They let us jump on the train while they were taking it to McEwen for their annual maintenance, and we started our investigation near some old boxcars that are on the property, and we captured something pretty interesting that we want to show you.
So right in this train car right there.
- Oh, my God.
- Wow.
- Wow.
- It looks like a person.
As soon as we saw this, we ran over there to check it out.
There was nobody in there.
And there was only one way in and out of that boxcar, and it's the doorway that that figure is standing in.
So after we saw this figure, we decided to continue our investigation on the train ride back to Sumpter.
It was difficult to do an investigation on a moving train.
Both of us have never done something like that before, but it was pretty interesting.
While we were doing the EVP session, the door at one end opened up on us.
At first we thought, oh, it's the vibration from the train.
Must have just kicked it open.
So we closed it again, really made sure it was tight, put the camera on it, and I have some video to show you, just so you can see what we saw that night.
So there's a close-up on the door, and that's when we saw the door open.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
So there you see on either side of the train, I'm looking on either side, and there's nowhere for anyone to hide and open the door.
It's like, they'd have to walk, like, right off the train to open that up.
Yeah, they'd have to jump off the train.
That's really spooky.
The next thing we want to talk about is the other night, Ashton came to us with a video that he shot at the Elkhorn.
He captured something pretty interesting in the background.
What are you gonna buy? Oh, do I get some of it? - Maybe a little.
- Um, I don't know.
- Whoa.
- Wow.
- What was that? - Play it one more time.
The real question is, what are you gonna buy? - Oh, do I get some of it? - Maybe a little.
- Um, I don't know.
- Wow.
Did you feel anything, like, come over you or any feelings? I don't really know how to explain how it felt because I didn't see it in person, and I don't think anybody else did.
So they let us do an investigation, and I do have something to show you that was very interesting 'cause we were asking questions.
"Do you know have you ever heard of the Crescent?" We were asking for an entity to manifest, and I caught I'm gonna show you right here.
So that's that row of seats where all the regulars usually sit now.
See that one chair? - Whoa.
- Oh, my God.
You can see where the bottom was literally sitting up in the chair.
Yes, but what we really want to show you is what happened in the other room at the same time.
We caught something very interesting.
Something that seems out of place, and we want to play it for you and just get your opinion on what you think it is.
Oh, my God.
- Wow.
- Jeez.
We asked if we could do an investigation after they closed, and they agreed Patrick and Kristen have gathered the families in Sumpter to present the evidence gathered from their latest paranormal investigations, and like previous investigations at the dredge, the DMV, and the Geiser grand, this evidence seems to indicate that the paranormal activity encountered at the Crescent is again on the rise and reaching well beyond the mountain.
We were asking for an entity to manifest, and I caught I'm gonna show you right here.
- Oh, my God.
- Wow.
- That looks like - Somebody walked past that.
It looks like someone's walking across.
Is that just, like, a shadow? We definitely caught something.
Is there anybody there? It was just Kristen and myself in there.
We didn't see this until we played it back.
Is that when you were talking about the Crescent? Yep.
So everything seems to be tied - to the Crescent in some way.
- To miners.
This whole town is connected to miners.
You know, it does just prove the point that the paranormal activity goes farther than the mine.
It was really neat that Kristen and Patrick brought us evidence towards the paranormal activity that's been going around.
We hear about it, but it's never actually presented to us.
It's getting a little bit clearer now what the guys are going through over there.
Well, thank you guys very much for investigating.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Despite the warnings, with a new day, the miners are more determined than ever to make this season a profitable one, but once back at work, they're immediately faced with an unexpected and dangerous setback.
- Hey, Stan! - Yeah? - We got a problem out here.
- What is it? - Look at over here.
- Holy [Bleep].
That's not that far away.
We got a fire.
And it's coming this way too, isn't it? Yes, it is.
Take a look.
- That ain't good.
- Son of a gun.
It's coming right this way, Stan.
It's coming up that ridge, isn't it? - Right towards us? - Yes, it is.
It's getting bigger and bigger.
We have a fire, which potentially shuts down the mine.
I really don't know what's going on there, but, I mean, that's bad news for everybody.
I can see it, and I can see the road, and by the time we get down there, it'll be to the road.
Yeah, if that blocks the road, we're done.