Ghost Mine (2013) s02e07 Episode Script

Massacre at Hell's Canyon

Previously on Ghost Mine.
Are we standing next to your grave? A mysterious EVP I think it sounds like a train whistle.
Leads the paranormal investigators on a trip through the past that culminates with a terrifying night investigation.
What is that? In the mine, the crew follows a rich vein of ore, blasting their way to pay dirt.
Fire in the hole! And when a family member captures a strange shadow on camera That's where the shadow passed through.
Patrick and Kristen attempt to connect with the other side.
Is someone in here? I've got a heat signature on one of these chairs.
But just as the miners' hard work begins to pay off It's about time.
A suspicious forest fire threatens to shut down the entire operation.
If that blocks the road, we're done.
After gathering the miners and their families in town at the Sumpter Bed and Breakfast - Oh, my God.
- Wow.
Somebody walked past that.
Patrick and Kristen reveal possible explanations for the strange activity at the mine.
Everything seems to be tied to the Crescent To miners.
This whole town's connected to the miners, though.
With a new day and the evidence from the previous night still in their minds, the miners return to the Crescent, ready for work.
But almost immediately, they're faced with yet another unexpected and dangerous setback.
- Hey, Stan.
- Yeah.
We got a problem out here.
What is it? Lookit over here.
Oh, we got a fire.
That's not that far away.
It's coming this way, too, isn't it? Yes, it is.
Take a look.
That ain't good.
Son of a gun.
It's coming right this way, Stan.
It's coming up that ridge, isn't it? Yes, it is.
I can see it, and I can see the road.
By the time we get down there, it'll be to the road.
Yeah, if that blocks the road, we're done.
This is, like, the last thing we need right now.
I have no idea what's going on with this fire.
It's doubled in size.
It's getting bigger and bigger.
There's no telling how quickly it'll come up this mountain.
It's a damn dangerous fire.
We have a small window of opportunity here to actually get off this mountain, and we need to take it.
I think we ought to get the heck out of here.
I'm with Duck.
I'm out of here.
I'm with you.
Yeah, we're gonna evacuate.
We got to pack up what we can grab and get off the hill right now.
Gathered back in town, the men have escaped a potentially life-threatening situation on the mountain, only to leave their ability to earn a living in serious question.
We sure were excited to see the guys.
I can tell, though, that their minds are elsewhere.
And as they contemplate the first of many down days, the mood is definitely not good.
I'm trying to relax and have a good time with the family.
And all I can think about is going back to work.
We're here to make some money.
I need to make money.
I want to make money.
It's close.
I know it's there.
And we have a short mining season.
And we're racing against the clock.
With the fate of the Crescent mine a mystery, the men pass the time with their families as they await news that could all at once erase the work of an entire mining season and send them home with empty pockets.
As the crew attempts to forget their troubles, Patrick and Kristen ask for a minute alone with Stan.
For them, this break in mining provides the opportunity to pursue another lead, one that offers a direct connection to the conflict surrounding the area's Chinese mining past.
Well, Kris and I, we just want to let you know we're gonna be gone for a couple days.
We know because of the fire and the families being here that you're probably gonna be down a couple days.
We're gonna be doing a trip to Hell's Canyon.
We're gonna go there and investigate the site of a Chinese massacre that happened, like, over 100 years ago.
We think there might be some kind of - Connection? - Connection.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
Patrick and I have the opportunity to do an investigation at Snake River, where Greg Nokes told us that Chinese miners were brutally massacred.
A rancher said that he'd found some of the bodies along the riverbanks and buried them where he found them.
So when are you guys leaving? - In the morning.
- In the morning, yeah.
Even though this is outside of Sumpter, we think there may be a connection with these Chinese miners.
And we may find some clues to what's going on up at the Crescent.
Since we're gonna be gone, we're just concerned for you guys that if something does happen, we're not gonna be there for you.
'Cause we're hoping that we'll get back just in time, that we'll all go up to the mine together.
Until this fire's contained, we're gonna be here.
Once the fire's contained, you know, then I don't know.
We'll just see how it plays out.
With first light, Kristen and Patrick head towards the launch ramp at the edge of the Snake River, upstream from the Hell's Canyon massacre site.
The area was the ancestral home of the Nez Perce Indians until gold was discovered in the 1880s and the Nez Perce were forced out.
In 1887, a group of Chinese immigrants were mining alone in the canyon when they were ambushed and killed by a gang of local horse thieves.
It's any paranormal activity associated with this tragic injustice that Patrick and Kristen are searching for.
The river guide, Mark, he can take us to the spot where the massacre occurred.
But it's culturally sensitive.
So we can't get out of the boat.
What I'm really hoping to see is if the captain knows where the bodies washed up.
According to Greg Nokes, the bodies were actually thrown in the river.
Some of the bodies washed up onshore.
That's where they were buried.
According to Chinese tradition, these souls are buried in foreign land or in unclean soil.
They're gonna be roaming around and be restless.
So it's very important that we find these sites and do an investigation, because we've been experiencing a lot of activity around the Crescent mine, which is linked to the Chinese miners.
Back at the bed and breakfast, Stan has gathered the miners for news that could make or break their entire year.
The fire's been contained.
- All right.
- Yes.
And Patrick and red have asked me if we could wait to go back up there until they're with us.
How many days are they gonna be gone for? Just one more day.
Well, you got to remember, one more day is the difference between going home with nothing or possibly millions.
I talked to the fellas about it, and we're gonna go for it.
We've lost a couple of days, so we're gonna split our crew.
We'll run two 12-hour shifts and try to catch up the production we've lost.
So that's what we're gonna do.
I guess we can kiss our sweethearts good-bye, get our gear loaded up, and head back up on the mountain.
- Let's go.
- Right on.
- All right.
- Let's do it.
Thanks, guys.
That's what we needed.
With the miners' plan in place, back at the Snake River, Patrick and Kristen arrive at the launch ramp.
Oh, this is so beautiful.
It's amazing.
We finally reach the docks here in Hell's Canyon, and our boat is waiting for us.
Mark, our captain, has told us to get on board.
So we're gonna load up our gear and start heading down the river.
It's another couple hours before we get to the location.
So it's a long journey, but it's a well worth it journey.
They embark on an expedition to the remote location where 34 Chinese miners were brutally murdered.
But to reach their destination, they must first overcome the raging river itself.
Our field research in other places is helping us understand what's going on at the Crescent mine.
We went to Snake River, because we're looking for a connection and some kind of clue or answer, another piece of the puzzle.
Back on the mountain, to make up for the time lost to the fire, Stan's working the crew in split shifts.
Have a good one, guys.
- Be safe, huh? - Be careful.
So as the night crew turns in for some sleep We'll see you guys in a couple hours.
They day shift suits up and heads into the mine to get to work.
But with the tunnel system reaching ever deeper, getting fresh air to the men underground becomes a vital concern.
So before any new mining begins, Buckett and Jay must first get the mine's ventilation system in place.
What the Go see what's wrong with the fan, will you? Yeah, someone just switched it off.
Hold on.
You know, today we're back there hanging some vent bag, and all of a sudden, the generator just goes out.
I went out to check it.
I thought somebody might've flipped it.
Everything looks fine.
____ ____ ____ ____ ____ I don't want to say it's paranormal going on in there that's causing the equipment to break down again.
But the problem is, some of this equipment is brand-new.
So I don't understand why it's just cutting out on us like that.
It's weird.
Back in Hell's Canyon, Kristen and Patrick continue their journey to the site of a brutal encounter.
Okay, we're coming into the site of where the Chinese miners were massacred.
Up on the hill's a monument stone that was placed in there.
It has all the names of the people that they retrieved from the Snake River.
A lot of those Chinese miners' bodies were found.
And that's kind of how they realized that this was a massacre that happened.
And the law came in and found the gang.
And then they released them a week later, never to be brought to trial.
Also really interested in seeing the sites where the bodies washed up and the rangers buried them.
We're just real close to one of those places.
Let's just go on down.
It's very important for Patrick and I to investigate the locations of where the bodies were found and buried, because we have learned that the Chinese believe that if their bodies aren't properly buried in their native soil, their spirits are destined to wander the earth in turmoil forever.
As the investigators leave the protected site, the day shift continues at the Crescent mine.
The power generator continues to mysteriously malfunction.
And Buckett and Jay still can't find the reason.
You can take a look at it if you want, but I don't know what I was looking at.
Lay that down first.
What, before you pop the circuit? Pop the circuit breaker off.
You can idle it down.
Meanwhile, Duck and Greybeard, the other half of the day shift, continue to sample in the otherwise empty mine.
- Greybeard.
- Yeah? Do you hear anything odd? Somebody banging? No, just me.
What are you talking about? I hear, like, somebody working besides us.
You don't hear me, do you? No.
Greybeard and I was sampling, and the new raise are just drilling.
And I heard, like, another crew working.
And I could hear hammers.
I'm not sure where it's coming from, but I can hear it.
And we're too deep in to hear anything from outside.
I hear you talking.
That's all I hear.
I don't want to be in here.
The old man keeps hollering up that he's hearing something.
I'm thinking, "what the hell? The old man must've had too much caffeine this morning.
" Be quiet and listen.
There's somebody in here.
I heard it.
I heard it again.
You sure you're not hearing that? You heard it, didn't you? And he just keeps hollering at me, "I'm hearing this.
I'm hearing this.
" And pretty soon, it's, "damn, I heard it too.
" What the hell's going on? Something's wrong.
We'd better get out of here.
I'm coming down.
Something's going on.
Let's get the hell out of here right now, right now.
While taking ore samples in the mine with Greybeard, Duck is confused by a series of strange noises.
There's somebody in here.
I heard it.
I heard it again.
The sounds of mining normally wouldn't stop their work, except right now, they're in the mine alone.
Something's wrong.
We'd better get out of here.
I'm coming down.
Something's going on.
Let's get the hell out of here right now, right now.
I kind of got down a little quicker than normal.
Just get the hell out and I don't know what Stan's gonna think.
- You all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's get the heck out.
In about five to six miles, we'll be down to the deepest part of the canyon.
Back in Hell's Canyon, Patrick and Kristen continue their journey to the presumed burial site of Chinese miners.
But something catches Patrick's eye.
You guys see that? That thing over there? There, do you see it? See that? What do you think you saw? I don't know.
Like, a person standing up on that rock.
See it up there? I don't see it now.
But it was, like, where that rock is.
Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something up on the ridge.
If you first asked me, I would've thought it was a figure.
But Mark and Kristen looked, and they didn't see anything.
Yeah, this part of the canyon is pretty hard to get into.
And there's not too many people in it, not too many boats or Animals? Maybe an animal of some kind? Yeah, it might be an animal.
It is possible; there's a lot of wildlife out there.
It could've been, like, a bear, a mountain goat.
I don't know right now what it was.
But it's tough to get out of my mind.
After the strange sighting, the expedition presses on to the final resting place of the murdered miners.
There, the investigators will attempt contact with any restless spirits in hopes of learning the source of the paranormal activity plaguing the Crescent.
Now do you know exactly where they were buried? I do know they're above the high water mark.
Where's that at? That's right where the brush line is.
I see.
Mark says this is one of the areas where the bodies washed up and were buried above the water line by some of the ranchers.
So we're gonna kind of focus in on that area.
So are we good to camp right on top of this, you think? - It's a great campsite.
- Okay.
But you are gonna have to remember, this is the Snake River for a reason.
- Watch the wildlife.
- Okay.
Mark gave Patrick and I a stern warning.
There could be rattlesnakes, cougars, bears.
So Patrick and I really have to be careful.
Just remember that there won't be anybody around to help you until after daylight.
Thank you, Mark.
See you tomorrow.
- Bye, Mark.
- See you in the morning.
So now we should just look for a flat place for our tents.
There goes our ride.
With the first day shift at the Crescent coming to a close, the men working the raise have a problem to discuss, a paranormal problem.
And with Patrick and Kristen away, Stan's on his own for this one.
There's something strange in there going on, Stan.
Like what? I could hear miners in there, above us or alongside.
I don't know if he believes me or not, but I'm not going back in there right away.
I got to find out what that was.
Greybeard, did you hear this too? Mm, a little bit.
Well, I'm not doubting you guys.
It's just, here we go again.
I don't know what to tell you, Stan.
We'll try tomorrow again.
All right, guys.
Because of the constant unexplained delays, both mechanical and paranormal, the day shift has left Eddie and his night crew with a heavy workload.
It really causes a problem, because, you know, we got a night shift mechanic, 'cause Dingus is with us.
Day shift really doesn't have a mechanic.
And Dingus, he's trying to pull double duty here as far as being the mechanic, and he's working in the raise.
You know, day shift's saying night shift should do this.
Night shift's saying day shift should do that.
So I mean, it causes a little bit of conflict there.
Get our gear put away.
Get the hell out of here.
Sounds like a winner.
- Hey.
- What was that? Light just blinked.
Oh, great.
- You lose - Yeah, you did, didn't you? Yeah, did you guys lose your power too? Yeah, I thought it was the bulb.
You lost yours too.
I tell you, this is just That's all we need, the generator to break down.
What else can go wrong? With their base camp set up along the Snake River, Patrick and Kristen begin their paranormal investigation.
The quest for gold back in the day was littered with misery, greed, and death.
These Chinese miners were massacred.
And that energy, that negative energy, could still be in this area.
And if we could tap into that, it is possible we could find the answers, not only to what happened out here, but what's happening up at the Crescent.
So you got everything? - Yeah.
- All right.
Let's start a baseline sweep here.
I'm gonna turn on the mel now.
So you got full spectrum.
So while I sweep around with the thermal Yeah, I'll sweep around with mel.
Mainly, I want to see if there's any animals out here, too, with the thermal.
So right now, we're around 63 degrees.
Absolutely nothing on thermal.
Getting anything? Zero.
I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary.
Patrick, I'm getting a spike.
Of what? And this thing is already in the yellow.
Right there in the same spot.
Look at that.
What the hell is down here? We are in the middle of nowhere on the Snake River.
And there's nothing that would give off this much energy.
These readings that we're getting are off the charts, and they're all around us.
I got it again right here.
Mine just jumped up to a 0.
There's something here with us.
I'm getting 0.
0 on the meter.
Absolutely nothing on thermal.
For weeks, Patrick and Kristen have been following a trail of paranormal evidence that seems to indicate the ghostly presence of Chinese miners in the area of the Crescent mine.
Mine just jumped up to a 0.
I just got a huge spike too.
And it's possible there's something here with us.
Now, having arrived at Hell's Canyon on the Snake River to investigate the burial site from an infamous 1887 massacre, the investigation appears to already be yielding paranormal activity.
I mean, this might be a good indicator that we are at the right location.
That's what I'm thinking.
I say we grab some more gear and get the investigation going full swing.
All right, I agree.
Patrick and I had barely started our baseline sweep when we started getting high EMF spikes.
I think that's probably pretty good.
There are no electromagnetic sources out here in the middle of nowhere.
So I'm thinking there may be something else going on here.
So I'm gonna set up the laser grid where we're getting all these EMF spikes.
- Good idea.
- See if we capture anything.
What we're really looking for here is movement, especially after these EMF hits.
So the plan here is to set up the laser grid to do a 360 sweep of the area to see if we see anything.
All right, we're set.
This is Patrick and Kristen along the Snake River in Hell's Canyon, where we believe bodies might've been buried from the massacre.
Is there anyone here? I decided to ask our questions both in English and in Cantonese.
The same friend that translated the two characters on the rock for us translated a bunch of EVP questions for me.
Hopefully, it lets them know that we're not a threat, that we're trying to communicate with them.
Why are you here? Thought I saw something right there.
Could just be the laser bouncing off the moving leaves, though.
You get anything? What's that noise? Where? I thought I heard something.
That was something.
Is somebody there? We thought we heard you there.
Can you make another noise? Taking a picture, Patrick.
You okay? Yeah, I'm all right.
If you really are here with us, let us know you're here.
Patrick, I'm getting spikes.
I'm at a 0.
Yeah, I'm getting spikes.
Whatever it is, it's moving through those trees.
I'm not seeing anything on the camera.
I'm not getting anything on thermal either.
It's back in there.
At the Crescent, Dingus races against the clock to get the generator running again as the night shift struggles to make up for lost time.
I'm a little bit aggravated.
I've never worked a job before in my life where everything just goes downhill as fast as it's going here.
God damn it.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
What the hell? Is something wrong, Eddie? Yeah, we're losing air pressure, but let's try it again.
Ah, hold it, hold it.
Hold up.
Damn it.
We got nothing.
Let me run out and see what's going on.
I'll check the hose on the way out.
All right, boss.
Hello? We are spread pretty thin on the night shift.
So with all the extra duties, you'll find yourself by yourself quite a bit.
And I don't know if that makes your imagination run a little more wild, but I've been hearing a lot of weird noises in the mine, and I mean, it's creeping me out.
What's going on boss? This compressor went down.
It's not starting? No.
I got nothing.
The whole reason for splitting the shifts was to gain the time that we lost.
With compressors going down and electrical issues, it's become a major problem for us.
We got to get this up.
All right.
Well, I'll get on it.
Let me get some tools.
In Hell's Canyon, the investigation begins heating up as the instruments start to spike.
I'm still spiking on the k2.
Is that you? We're at a 0.
2 right now.
We're getting pretty close to the waterline here.
Is this where your body washed up? Nothing on thermal.
The spikes are gone.
Now it's not here anymore.
Mine's going down, too.
Down to a 0.
I'm getting 0.
0 on the meter now.
There was something definitely moving around us.
And it seemed to be responding to our questions.
But for now, we really don't know what it might've been.
Whatever that was, it was right along the waterline here.
You hear that? It was almost like a "hey.
" I thought that was you.
We heard you.
Can you try talking to us again? I just got a 0.
2 spike.
Is that you? Are we on the right path? I'm still getting spikes on the mel.
Whatever it is, it's going this way.
It kind of looks like it's a ridge going up.
I don't see anything, though.
Is there anyone up there? We've come here to learn about the massacre that happened.
We know that you were brutally murdered.
Something just moved right there.
Did you get it on camera? I had to have gotten it on camera.
It moved right there.
Something just moved right there.
Did you get it on camera? I had to have gotten it on camera.
It moved right there.
Patrick and Kristen are investigating the presumed burial site from the Hell's Canyon massacre of 1877, in which dozens of Chinese miners were killed.
See where that grass is? And a series of unusually high EMF readings have led them to a nearby ridge, where they've spotted a mysterious figure.
Right up there on the ridge.
I just saw something.
Is that you up there? We need to get up there.
We're coming up.
Tell us where you are so we can help.
The figure that I saw on the ridge was just a flash.
It was just a flash of darkness.
It was there, and then it was gone.
This is where it was.
Right up here, right? Yeah.
I'm gonna take some pictures.
To anyone out here, my name is Patrick, and this is Kristen.
We come here as friends.
We know that you were a miner.
And we've been working up at the Crescent mine.
Like we said, we want to help, but we need you to lead us in the right direction.
We understand that you want to return to your village.
We want to tell your family and loved ones where you are.
Show us where to go.
Patrick, I'm getting a 0.
- 0.
6? - Yeah.
It just dropped.
It's at zero now.
It just went to a 0.
2, 0.
Look at that.
When we started to ask EVP questions on the ridge, the strong EMF spikes we saw earlier came back.
Are you up here with us? And again, it seemed to be leading us along a certain path.
Where are you? We need to check it out.
I'm gonna have you just prime them and then hand them up to me, okay? With the compressor at last back up and running after a series of mysterious power failures, the Crescent's night shift loads the explosives for the next round of raising up.
This time, they'll be using anfo.
What is this? 50 pounds? Yeah, it's 50 pounds per bag.
Used to amplify explosions, ammonium nitrate fuel oil won't detonate on its own.
You got your air on? But combine it with a high-powered explosive Go! And the results can be spectacular.
Blown into the holes using a compressor and hose, the anfo quickly is in place.
When you use an anfo loader, it blows the anfo through there at a very high rate of speed.
It packs it in there where it can't fall back out.
We use dynamite to set it off.
Hold it! It is definitely dangerous.
But I'm gonna keep blasting away until I get what I came for.
This is what we're doing.
Mind on the job, period.
Fire in the hole! Now that was a good round right there.
Are we on the right trail? Back at the Hell's Canyon massacre site, Patrick and Kristen's pursuit of a shadowy figure has brought them to the base of a steep rocky ridge.
Is there anyone there? It's rocks falling.
It's coming from up there somewhere.
- Patrick.
- Yeah? I thought I just saw some movement up there.
What was it? I don't know.
Something just popped up.
- Where? - On the right.
No, not on the Ridge part.
Just a little bit over.
We need to go check that out.
What do you mean? We need to get up there and check that out.
You're gonna climb those rocks? This is the only way up.
Be very, very careful, though.
Yeah, but let me give you the thermal so you can just keep an eye on it, see if anything runs away.
So right now we need to figure out what's the source of this falling.
Is it just coincidence? Or is it something else up there? Coming down.
A lot of loose rock up here.
Just make sure you stand back.
I'm standing back.
This is a dangerous situation, but I need to do this to find an answer.
I am an experienced climber.
We do have limited time.
And this is our only time to do it.
And I'm willing to take that risk.
Just go slowly.
I am.
Patrick? Coming up on Ghost Mine The paranormal investigators struggle to make it through the night.
Are you okay? And at the Crescent, mysterious malfunctions have the mine spinning out of control.
Get out of here! A lot of loose rock up here.
Just make sure you stand back.
I'm standing back.
Patrick and Kristen are investigating in Hell's Canyon near the site of an infamous massacre of Chinese miners.
They're looking for possible connections to the source of the paranormal activity at the Crescent.
Having followed a mysterious shadow figure to a nearby cliff, Patrick navigates the rocky slope.
Patrick? Are you okay? Patrick? Yeah, I'm all right.
I had my hands on.
Just that one foot.
I wouldn't recommend free-climbing a rock face like this in the middle of the night.
There's a lot of loose rock up there.
And I don't know if what I'm gonna put my hand in there could be snakes in this area.
It is the Snake River.
There could be snakes, scorpions, and spiders, or what's ever at the top of this cliff.
All right, I'm up.
All right.
I'm doing a scan of the area, make sure there's no animals up there with you.
I don't see anything up here.
There's nowhere to even run.
It's just sheer rock.
We didn't find any evidence of animals up on the cliff.
So it is possible that this figure could've been paranormal.
Heading down now.
- Be careful.
- Yeah.
Just got to watch my hands and feet here.
- Go slowly.
- There it is.
We were getting some activity, so I hope that it means that we got a response to the questions that we asked.
Yeah, there's nothing up there.
It's been staying steady at 0.
Let's head back to camp.
All right.
Sounds good.
With the investigation concluded, Patrick decides to set up a protective perimeter.
I'm thinking of setting the four motion sensors here around the camp.
I'll set up the IR camera too.
I want to set up motion sensors.
My hope is here it either gives us an early-warning system, or the sound of the motion sensor scares off whatever animal it is.
I'm hitting record on the IR camera.
But now it's getting late.
So it's best that we turn in, get a couple hours' rest before Mark comes and picks us up.
Back at the mine, the night shift is still behind schedule.
After the latest round of blasting, the men push forward to muck out the debris pile under the new raise.
And this time, the mucker will have a new driver.
What do we got, Dingus? We got a lot of muck in there, boss.
So it's gonna need some bolts in that pillar.
You want to go ahead and make up some bolts and get everything ready? Jamol, I want you to hop on the mucker and Really? Yeah, here's your chance.
So hop on that mucker, get in there, and start mucking it out.
I'm gonna head up in there and start barring down.
Let me see if I can find them bit knockers.
- Heck yeah.
- Hey, be careful.
I got this, baby.
On his way to finally losing his greenhorn status Jamol sets about mastering the massive machine.
I let Jamol on the mucker today, and he pulled in there.
I mean, he was actually doing pretty decent.
I was kind of impressed.
Kristen, you hear the motion sensor go off? Yeah, I heard it.
With Patrick and Kristen at the campsite in Hell's Canyon, sleep is no longer an option when an alarm indicates the team is no longer alone.
One of the motion sensors was tripped, so we got to see if there's anything in the area.
It just went all the way around.
While standing next to the motion sensor that went off, all of them went off in succession.
Something's moving out there.
So I have to grab the thermal camera to see if I can figure out what it is.
I just want to rule out an animal.
I'm not seeing anything.
Then what set these off? That's a good question.
I scanned around with the thermal camera but didn't see any animals around us.
Did you hear that? Something in the bushes.
Holy Did you see something? Something just went right by the camera.
What? It just flashed behind those bushes.
What is that? After a thorough investigation near the massacre site of Chinese miners in Hell's Canyon, Patrick and Kristen are awakened from sleep by the sound of the motion sensors set up around camp.
Did you see something? Something just went right by the camera.
What? It just flashed behind those bushes.
That was number four.
If you have a message Patrick? Are you okay? Are you okay? As Patrick and I were conducting an EVP session, something happened.
He started coughing and feeling faint.
So my first instinct was to help him back to the tent.
Okay, I got it.
That was just odd.
It started off as a heaviness in my chest, like pressure almost.
Breathing's fine now.
Just tired.
That's all now.
I'm just gonna hang out right here.
I'm not sure what's going on, but we're on our own out here.
There's no way to get help until the morning.
Back at the mine, the new split shift schedule has presented Jamol with an ideal opportunity to show what he can do on the mucker.
But it also means he's burning a candle at both ends.
It's really hard to keep that kitchen going all the time and to, you know, jump in my diggers and go help out, you know, in the shaft.
But being there, you know, really, really made me feel a sense of accomplishment.
And especially when Dingus complimented me on the work I did, that struck a chord, 'cause my very first priority out here is actually to be a miner and to get that gold out of the ground.
But Jamol's strong showing begins to stall as the mucker starts to inexplicably misfire and lose power.
Dingus, there's a fire! Get out of here! Go.
Where do we go, dude? There's nowhere to go.
Hey, we got a fire!