Ghost Mine (2013) s02e08 Episode Script

Supercharging the Supernatural

Previously on Ghost Mine.
We've got a problem out here.
After a forest fire threatens to shut down the Crescent mine I'm out of here.
I'm with you.
You ready for a rough ride? Let's do this.
Kristen and Patrick set off to explore the site of a historic atrocity.
[Screams] In Hells Canyon, nearly three dozen Chinese miners were massacred.
You hear that? Alone in Hells Canyon [Speaking Cantonese] They attempt to contact the tortured souls of the murdered Chinese miners Something just moved right there.
But they experience a disturbing, unexpected attack.
You okay? And back at the Crescent We got to get this up.
A series of mysterious mechanical failures leaves the miners in a fight for their lives.
There's a fire! - Get out of here.
- Come on! [Country rock music] lord have mercy on a proud man's soul dug so deep that blood runs cold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul devil's gonna fight you when you find that gold lord have mercy on a proud man's soul Nighttime at the Crescent mine.
With the miners desperate for progress after an unproductive week, Stan has split the team into two shifts.
We've lost a couple of days, so we'll run two 12-hour shifts and try to catch up the production we've lost.
As the night-shift begins, Jamol finally gets the nod he's been waiting for.
Jamol, I want you to hop on the mucker.
Really? Yeah, here's your chance.
So hop on that mucker.
Get in there and start mucking it out.
But his first ride in the driver's seat suddenly goes horribly wrong.
Dingus, there's a fire! Get out of here.
- Where do we go, dude? - There's nowhere to go.
Hey! - We've got a fire, man.
- What? The mucker's on fire.
Get a fire extinguisher.
Let's go.
[Fire extinguisher hissing] Come on! [Coughing] Come on, Jamol.
I reckon both me and Jamol owe Eddie and Mikey our lives right now.
I mean, if they hadn't been out there, we might have ran out of time.
As the men regroup outside the mine, they're left to contemplate the cause of the mysterious mucker fire.
A fire, that within the confined space of the mine, could have easily turned deadly.
I've always been a little fearful for everyone's safety since we started this job and all the strange things that happened up here, and this just makes it 100 times worse.
I can't go back in there, man.
- I can't go back in there.
- That's all right.
We'll let it smoke out.
And we'll figure out exactly what happened.
And we'll go from there, all right? With the rising sun, the beleaguered night-shift haul themselves out the mine, worse for wear, but safe.
Well, there's the sun, guys.
Kind of hurts your eyes.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
I reckon it's that time.
The mine is quiet, and the unexplained mucker fire has been contained.
However, the resulting damage could mean a total loss of a vital piece of equipment and costly delays that the miners can ill afford.
Later that day, the drills and mining equipment are silent, and a rare calm blankets the mine.
With a day down after the shock of the mucker fire, the miners have regrouped to form a new course of action.
We were lucky last night the way things worked out, but I'd feel better if we were all back together.
So as of today, we're all back on the same shift.
We're not gonna split shifts no more.
We're gonna get everybody back on track.
We're gonna make sure everything is safe, and we've got to get back in there and make some money.
All right.
All right.
[Sighs] But actual mining slows to a crawl as Eddie and Jay inspect the malfunctioning gear.
Try it one more time.
And Dingus and Greybeard try to figure out why the mucker caught fire.
We had a hydraulic line bust and it was spraying directly on the turbo, which ignited up into some pretty nasty flames.
It's strange.
A lot of stuff been breaking around here that should not have been breaking.
I'm starting to have my concerns on whether or not one of us is gonna get hurt because of it.
As the camp finally returns to normal, Patrick and Kristen arrive back home after their trip up the Snake River.
- Hey.
- Hey, guys.
Hey, welcome home.
They're anxious to review their evidence, but they soon realize they may have a whole new wave of paranormal activity on their hands.
Yeah, well, we've been having a few problems the last couple of days up here.
So how long you been down? A good day.
On and off for two days.
When we were told about the power drain on all the different equipment in the cook's shack and the generators, it led me to believe that whatever is in the mine with the guys is drawing that power to communicate, to show itself, to basically tell them something.
As the paranormal investigators process this latest turn of events, in the mine, the miners take their first tentative steps back into the eastern drift since the dangerous mucker fire the night before.
[Loud drilling] Where'd my water go? I don't know.
Had it a bit ago.
However, Buckett and Mikey quickly find a problem, as the jackleg, their most vital tool, begins to lose water pressure.
Check the water.
A constant flow of water is needed to keep the drill bits from breaking and to wash away rock as it's crushed.
Something's going on.
Something going on here.
All right.
It's gone.
Be right back.
Without water, the jackleg it worthless.
What's up, partner? We ain't got no water.
What do you mean, no water? [Bleep].
All right.
Why don't you run up top that tank.
I'll run down below to the pump, and let's see what's going on.
Here, take a radio with you.
As an absolute necessity in hard rock mining, if the water supply has been compromised, it could close the camp down.
With yet another unexplained malfunction to deal with, if work at the mine is to continue, the problem has to be found and eliminated.
What the hell is going on around here? We've got no water in the tank, bud, bone dry.
We've got to get it fixed.
It's gonna take three hours to fill that tank.
Let's meet back at the mine.
This is a little messed up.
Figure out what's going on with it, all right? Looking to pinpoint the cause of the strange malfunctions in the mine, Patrick and Kristen have devised a plan.
There's the guys we're looking for.
Hey, what's up, guys? Hey, Stan.
Hey, Eddie.
They quickly lay out their proposal to Stan and Eddie.
Well, we've been thinking about all the power drain you were getting while we were away.
Trying to figure out why it was happening, what was doing it.
And, uh, we think we have some kind of an experiment we want to try.
The fact that all of your equipment is losing energy, losing power, gives us reason to believe that if there is something in there trying to manifest itself, it is trying to use all sources of energy available to it.
Yeah, so we've got this idea that we just give whatever this thing, as much juice as it needs to, like, show itself, tell us what it wants, so we can give you guys some answers, get you guys back to work, stop draining your equipment.
Yeah, I'm all for that.
That's for sure.
So our guy who helped me build R.
And gives us other advice with technology, he sent us something that we actually have here in the cook shack that we want to show you.
All right? Go check it out? Let's try it.
Heck, yeah.
Here it is, guys.
Ho, ho, ho.
What the hell is that? It's a Tesla coil.
Named for its creator, Nikola Tesla, the Tesla coil is used to instantly generate extremely high voltage, up to a million watts of power at the flick of a switch, more than enough to stop a man's heart.
So put this in the mine where you guys have been working.
Plug it in.
It's gonna supercharge the mine with 500,000 volts of electricity.
We're thinking that whatever is in the mine is draining the power from all this equipment to manifest, to communicate with the guys.
So by using the Tesla coil, we're giving it exactly what it needs to communicate.
None of my guys are gonna be in there when you do this, right? No, no one's gonna be in there.
They did talk to us about the Tesla coil and this experiment inside the mine.
You know, if this thing they keep saying is in there, an entity or whatever, if it needs more power to show itself or talk to them, or whatever it's gonna do, how they were gonna give it all the power that it needed, We're gonna treat it just like you guys treat a blast.
We'll put it in there, everyone clear away, turn it on and see what happens.
Well, it's gonna be interesting.
Okay? I'm kind of excited about it.
The experiment Patrick and Kristen propose would flood the entire mine with electricity, in essence, force-feeding any entity that might exist, compelling it to manifest.
The Tesla coil must be operated remotely.
Without proper grounding, anyone near the Tesla coil could be accidentally electrocuted and the results could be fatal.
All right, it's all set up.
- Ready? - Ready.
[Electricity zapping] Yeah, it's on.
suddenly surge through the mine.
I hope this works.
[Electricity zapping] We've got sparks.
There's sparks up hitting the wall like that.
It's definitely energizing that mine.
But as they monitor the scene with the mine surveillance system, Kristen suddenly notices a strange movement in one of the adjoining tunnels.
Patrick, what is that? Where? This.
A shadow.
Now it's gone.
It's in the next camera.
It's moving to the next camera.
There it is.
What the hell? Patrick and Kristen are attempting an experiment to try and pinpoint the source of the ongoing problem of power drain at the Crescent.
Using a powerful Tesla coil, they've flooded the mine with 500,000 volts of electricity in hopes that any entity present would be forced to appear.
Now Kristen is noticing something strange on the cameras they've placed to monitor the mine.
Patrick, what is that? Where? It's a shadow.
Now it's gone.
It's in the next camera.
It's moved to the next camera.
There it is.
We should get there right now and investigate.
[Dramatic music] I'm gonna unplug the Tesla coil.
Yeah, good idea.
Eager to find the source of the shadow anomaly, Patrick and Kristen quickly head into the mine, but they need to be careful.
- Okay.
- Got it? Yep, got it.
A spent Tesla coil can discharge a deadly jolt long after the power is cut.
With the Tesla coil safely removed, Patrick and Kristen begin their investigation.
I got k2 running, IR camera.
It's possible it's still moving toward the flow.
Is anyone back here? How's it looking in here? Oxygen levels are good.
I'm getting spikes here.
Do a quick sweep in this area.
It could have come this way.
The Tesla coil was down there.
We're not gonna be able to trust our meters.
What's it at? Like, 3.
5, 4.
We're still getting residual from the Tesla coil.
I'm getting spikes on the k2 meter, and Kristen's getting some on the Mel meter as well.
There's a lot of residual energy from the Tesla coil, and it still could be in the air.
This place is still charged, so whatever is in here still has the energy to manifest.
I say we do an EVP session.
Kristen and Patrick in the mine investigation after the Tesla coil.
We saw you in here.
Who are you? What were you doing in here? Why did you drain the miner's equipment? Are you the one we've been seeing? We know you're in here.
Come out and show yourself.
We gave you the energy to show yourself.
We know you're trying to make contact with us, so make contact with us now.
[Soft metallic clanging] What the hell is that? Sounded like some sort of banging.
Yeah, it sounded like actual mining tools to me.
Find that noise.
That was someone working in here.
Patrick, do you hear that? This was very distinct men working in a mine sounds.
It was definitely metal on stone.
It's got to be coming from somewhere down these tunnels.
Let us know where you are.
We heard you.
We know you drained the power from the miner's tools.
Is that a warning to get them out of here? [Water dripping] [Metallic clattering] They're moving.
There's noises.
Patrick, maybe this is a warning of some sort of cave-in or something.
Even though the chance of a cave-in was in the back of my mind, I decided to stay because I thought if this is truly is the answers we've been searching for, we need to record this.
We hear you.
We're following.
It's leading us back here for something.
Are you Joe? Have you seen us before? [Growling noise] I don't like this.
Patrick and I heard a low sort of growling noise, which sounded all too familiar.
We actually experienced that last year.
I definitely don't think it's a good sign, and it's pretty aggressive in nature.
I can't tell if that's water or if it's footsteps.
I know.
Me too.
[Loud metallic clanging] That went right by us.
It's gone.
Having those noises approach us and pass us is unlike anything I've ever experienced before in my life.
It wasn't like a rush of energy moving through us, it was just the sounds themselves.
Are you getting anything on mel? Nothing.
I'm getting nothing.
After that rush of noises passed by us, it got very quiet, and we weren't getting more spikes on our meters.
Maybe the energy from the Tesla coil just dissipated.
Maybe all the energy just got used up.
I think our experiment worked.
I'm actually really excited to go back and listen to all the audio.
It will be great to be able to show the guys that they weren't in the mine and, yet, we were hearing all sorts of mining noises.
With morning, Patrick and Kristen gather the miners into the cook shack to discuss the events of the last two days.
Considering the dangerous equipment failures, the expedition into Hells Canyon, and the shocking activity with the Tesla coil, it's becoming clear, the paranormal stakes are on the rise at the Crescent.
So like we already told you, we met with a historian, Greg Nokes, and he told us about the Chinese massacre at the Snake River.
So Patrick and I thought it would be very important for us to go check that out.
The tragedy at the Snake River doesn't have anything to do with us here, does it? That's the connection that we're trying to figure out.
We got some very interesting activity.
We camped on the site where the bodies washed up on shore and were buried by the rangers that found them.
So we could do an investigation and possibly make contact with these wandering Chinese miners, we put up a perimeter of motion detectors and then went to bed.
We heard the motion detector go off while we were in our tents.
Once we came out, we watched them just go off in front of us, and we weren't seeing anything.
I actually looked around the area with a thermal camera.
I didn't see any animals, but I did catch something strange, and I want to play that for you now.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
- What is that? - What's that? Coming up on Ghost Mine.
The miners continue raising up [Explosion] Don't you hear that? And reveal a shocking new mystery.
There's something not right up here.
Patrick and Kristen had gathered the miners in the cook shack for an urgent meeting.
By all indications, the paranormal activity in the mine, and in Sumpter itself, is increasing and spreading with every passing day.
I actually looked around the area with a thermal camera.
I didn't see any animals, but I did catch something strange, and I want to play that for you now.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
- What is that? - What's that? That wasn't an animal.
Looks pretty fast.
The thing with this one is, it didn't make a single sound.
If it was an animal, we would have heard the crunching of leaves and twigs and all that underneath its feet.
And because this looks so similar to what we found out in the woods last year, this can kind of tell us that we might be dealing with the same sort of energy here that we seem to pick up at the Snake River.
And then when we got back, we found out about your guys' power failure.
There is a theory that if an entity is trying to manifest, it will use any energy it has around it.
So we came up with an idea to give whatever this is a voice.
With the Tesla coil, what we did was, basically, supercharged the mine with 500,000 volts of electricity.
Buckett, we weren't trying to make anything worse.
We need to figure out what we're dealing with.
So we put the Tesla coil in the mine, turned it on, supercharged the mine, and we were patching from the P.
We were watching the DVR system, and that's when we saw something moving through the mine.
That looks like what went by me on the DVR.
An energy spike or something.
But there's something different about it this time.
Look again.
We think it could be a shadow figure.
Had I not seen all the DVR cameras catch that footage of something passing by me and all the way down the drift, I would think it's a glitch.
That wasn't no glitch.
Because it looked so similar, this is why we did an investigation back there.
During the investigation, we started hearing the sounds of tools.
So is that, like, trying to tell you something, or what does that mean? So Kristen and I think that what we were hearing was a residual haunt.
Just a past event being played for us because we gave it the energy it needed.
But then we heard a noise that was different.
And I want to play that one for you right now.
Have you seen us before? [Growling noise] - Whoa.
- Oh.
That sounded like that growl Eddie and I heard last year.
That sounds like the same sound we heard in the timber.
Now we're in a different area with no timber.
Listen again.
Have you seen us before? This is not a normal mine.
We're gonna keep on investigating.
And, guys, just please keep us informed.
If anything strange happens, please let us know.
- The Tesla coil is out of there, right? - Yeah, it's out.
So we can go back to work.
All clear and ready for you guys to work.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Thanks, guys.
- See you later.
- Thank you.
Having heard the worst of it Air on! The miners, fully aware of the risks and rewards, suit up and head back to work in the mine.
[Loud drilling] Even the increasing paranormal activity can't slow their pursuit of the gold that pays for their families' bills.
The possibility of walking away with nothing, for me, weighs really heavy on me.
You can't pay your bills.
You can't pay your lights.
You know, you get into a struggle.
And I mean, that's just day-to-day life, but it weighs more heavy that you feel like you failed.
And I mean, in the eyes of your family, that's the worst thing you can do.
After their investigation at Hells Canyon, Kristen continues her research into the area's tragic Chinese immigrant mining past and its connection to the paranormal activity at the Crescent.
Kristen has now called on the Mayor of Sumpter, John Young.
You said you had some information for me? Yes, I think I do.
Would you like sit at the table over here? Of course.
I understand you were down at our museum talking with Tony Thompson about the Chinese? Mm-hmm.
If you ever get the chance to visit more of the ghost towns, like Sumpter, you'll find that every one of those towns had a Chinese presence.
I'm surprised that last year when I came here, I didn't hear anything about the Chinese miners.
You rarely do, because there's so many stories of atrocities.
People don't want to hear that.
I've been told that there have at least one case of a group of Chinese miners being herded into a mine shaft, and the mine shaft dynamited closed because they didn't want to pay them.
That's horrible.
And actually that is a common story in a lot of the different mining camps all through the Western United States.
But there's a real story, at least one with documentation, about some ranchers, probably had some missing cattle, and went after some Chinese miners.
And they chased them awhile, evidently cornered them near a cabin.
The Chinese went into the cabin trying to get away, and the ranchers locked them in there and set the whole place afire.
And 18 Chinese miners burned to death in that cabin.
Here in Sumpter? In McEwen.
Here in this general area.
Coming up on Ghost Mine There's something out there.
Kristen experiences direct contact with the other side.
[Screams] Hey, R.
's back.
And Patrick's paranormal probe returns for her most dangerous mission yet.
Hoisting R.
! While researching the Sumpter area's tragic relationship to its Chinese mining past and its possible connection to the paranormal activity at the Crescent, Kristen has now called on the Mayor of Sumpter, John Young.
As they discuss the forgotten past, the mayor relays an account almost too horrific for the history books.
The Chinese went into the cabin, trying to get away, and the ranchers locked them in there and set the whole place afire.
And 18 Chinese miners burned to death in that cabin.
That's horrible.
It's a known fact that there was a large Chinese community in the area and that they were persecuted.
But I had no idea that there was another brutal massacre of Chinese miners just outside of town.
This is something that Patrick and I definitely have to go investigate and check out, because this might provide us with some answers on what's going on at the Crescent.
This is the first time I'm hearing this.
And I feel that's kind of surprising considering that it's such a significant story.
I don't think that most people want to admit that kind of history.
So when did this happen? It was right around 1900, 1905, right in that area.
Do you know the location? From what I've been told, up towards McEwen.
You'll see a road, Deer Creek Road, and somewhere up Deer Creek, there's a nice flat area.
That's where the cabin was.
I'm gonna have to go look at that place.
My partner Patrick and I keep coming across this name, Joe Young, in our investigations and our research.
And I was just wondering if, by any chance, you were related to him? I've heard about him, yes.
But, no, we're not related at all.
Thank you.
Back in the mine, work finally proceeds at a steady pace.
In the eastern tunnel, the raising up process continues as the blasting reaches even higher into the rich vein of gold the miners are following.
They work quickly to make up for the time lost to the recent equipment failures.
I sent Dingus in to blast.
You know, at this point, it's very important for us to get right back into it, because it's getting colder, you know, and we're running out of time.
You know, if we don't leave out of here with what we expected to leave out of here, it's gonna it's gonna hurt a lot of people.
As the miners pack the dynamite into anfo into the drilled-out holes directly over their heads Okay! Dingus prepares plugs for each opening to make sure everything stays in place.
But with the increasing strange activity in the mine along with the ongoing mechanical failures, nerves are frayed, and the miners cannot afford any further delays.
All right, Jay.
Tear this [Bleep] down, and let's get out of here.
All right.
There we go.
Fire in the hole! [Explosion] Boom.
[All cheering] That's what I'm talking about.
[Laughing] Meanwhile, Kristen and Patrick, working on a tip from the Mayor of Sumpter, John Young, head to the purported site of the McEwen massacre.
With the location only a short distance from Sumpter, the investigators are looking for connections to the paranormal activity at the Crescent.
All right.
- Good? - Yep, good.
All right.
[Dark instrumental music] As the sun begins to set, they leave their car by the road and begin to hike into the woods.
They're looking for any remnants of an atrocity that happened over 100 years ago, in which 18 Chinese miners burned to death after being trapped in a cabin that was set on fire.
Here's a piece of wood, Patrick.
It's obviously been cut.
- A piece of lumber.
- Yeah.
I think this is probably a pretty good place to start our investigation, then.
See what we can find.
Back at the Crescent, with the dust finally cleared from their last round of blasting, Dingus, Jay, and Jamol head back into the raise to see if it was successful.
That's awesome.
There's a lot of muck.
That's a lot of muck, man.
Must have pulled, huh? However, they are surprised by what they find.
I think this is more muck than it should have been.
The unusual amount of debris the blast has released could suggest the roof of the mine is unstable.
Why don't you all grab that ladder real fast, and we'll head up and start taking a look.
- Got her? - Got her.
- All clear? - Clear.
Dingus quickly works the bar down any hangers to determine if the raise is solid enough to keep mining.
[Dirt crumbling] Where's all this coming from? It doesn't usually come down that much.
- You all right? - You good? I think so.
Hey, this is cool.
What's the damage, man? Wow.
It's way over broke.
We're gonna have to get that landing in, because I tried to bar down up there, but it looks like there is a little hole in there.
The sudden discovery of this newly revealed open space above the raise comes as a complete shock to the men.
Instead of just extending the raise, the explosion has revealed a tantalizing new mystery.
What is it? I mean, it could be many things.
Apparently I broke in to what appears to be another drift.
I'm not able to get up in there.
I think Mikey's too big to even to try to get him up.
But Jamol, on the other hand, he just seems to be about the right size.
Jamol, I want you to come up here and see if you can squeeze in that hole.
Come on up there.
You've got nothing to worry about.
- You're safe.
- I know.
It's just I don't feel comfortable in this area at all.
It's time to miner up.
Let's do this.
Come on.
All right.
Go on.
Get up there.
[Grunts] [Panting] [Creaking noise] Wait, wait, wait.
- Wait what? - Don't you hear that? Hear what? [Growling noise] That! Right there.
- What? - Don't you hear that? I don't hear nothing.
I hear you.
What is that? There's something not right up here.
It's time to miner up.
Let's do this.
Come on.
With the latest blast in the raise, the miners have revealed a mysterious small opening in the drift above their heads, a gap that appears to connect to a completely uncharted open space.
And with any access limited, Jamol has been enlisted to investigate.
Don't you hear that? I don't hear nothing.
I hear you.
[Growling noise] You can't hear that? It's like a growl or something.
[Growling noise] I don't hear nothing, bud.
[Growling noise] Dingus, something's wrong.
I'm sorry.
I don't feel right at all up here.
Jamol seems to be a little bit on the scared side.
He kept saying he was hearing noises up in there.
And, you know, I didn't hear nothing.
I don't want to feel like a chicken, but there's something in that hole.
- I'm sorry, man.
- All right.
You know, if Patrick will let us use R.
, then that would be a good thing.
It would definitely be safer.
Meanwhile, in nearby McEwen, Kristen and Patrick continue their paranormal investigation into a purported massacre site in which 18 Chinese miners were horrifically killed in a fire.
We're doing an EVP session.
[Device beeps] It's Patrick and Kristen in McEwen, at the site where we believe the Chinese massacre occurred.
Is there anybody here with us? [Speaking Cantonese] I've got slight spikes on this.
[Twig snaps] Was that you? No, that was in front of me.
Are you getting anything? No, but I'm hearing Something out there.
I mean it could just be an animal, but it definitely sounds like somebody's walking.
It could be leading us somewhere.
It's over there.
I saw something.
Let's head that way over there.
That was over in that direction.
We started to hear some strange noises in the trees and getting some spikes on our meters.
And we're not sure what this is indicating, but it seems that, uh, we're following something.
[Speaks Cantonese] We're getting spikes.
What are you asking, Patrick? Just asked if they speak English.
We were told what happened here.
And we're not here to harm you.
Please let us know you're here.
I'm gonna set the motion sensor over here, Kristen.
[Motion sensor beeps] The motion sensor is right there.
So we're just gonna stay out of this area.
Is there anybody here? I just got a cold spot out in the wood.
I'm just watching to see if it moves or not.
It's not moving.
It could just be the sky pushing through the trees.
Whoa, it's getting real cold all of a sudden.
That's weird.
The temperature is rapidly dropping right now.
Just after we got the cold spot, there was a significant temperature drop.
I can't quite confirm that that's paranormal activity, because we are working outside.
But there may also be a pattern here.
[Screams] Patrick, I just felt something.
Something touched me.
Looking for connections to the paranormal activity at the Crescent, Patrick and Kristen are in the woods in nearby McEwen investigating the purported massacre site where 18 Chinese miners were horrifically burned to death over a century ago.
Wha Patrick, I just felt something.
Felt how? Something hit my back.
Something dropped from a tree maybe? I didn't hear anything drop, though.
That was really weird.
Just on your lower back? Yeah.
Who's out here? [Motion sensor beeps] [Motion sensor beeping] There's nothing out there, Kristen.
Something's with us.
Is this where you and your fellow worker's died? Do you have a message for us? [Gasps] Patrick, I just felt something again.
Is somebody playing with us out here? I don't know.
I've never had physical contact during an investigation like I did tonight.
It's very difficult for me to confirm this is paranormal when I'm investigating outdoors.
There are pine cones falling from the trees, branches everywhere that you can run into, but it could be possible.
Are you still here with us? Are you getting anything? No, the temperature is going back up too.
We're almost at 47 degrees.
There's absolutely nothing on thermal.
Let's head back this way.
Well, hopefully we got something on the recorders.
With morning at the Crescent, Patrick and the miners regroup and begin preparation for R.
's latest mission.
With R.
, designed by Patrick to safely conduct paranormal investigations in hazardous areas, the newly discovered drift is the perfect environment to put R.
's unique abilities to use.
You got it rebuilt, huh? She looks pretty good.
Yeah, it took a little work, but she's ready to rejoin the crew.
- Sweet.
Very nice.
- All right.
Let's head in; I'll lead you back and show you where it's at.
Sounds good.
I'm really interested to see what's down this drift.
Jamol told us that he heard a growl, and this growl has been heard in different places by different people.
So I'm really interested to get R.
up there and see what we find up there.
- That's close enough, Patrick.
- Right there? Yeah, that's probably good.
However, lifting a machine weighing several hundred pounds straight up into the narrow raise is going to take some fast engineering.
As the miners rig a pulley system from the top of the mine, they prepare to hoist R.
3 up to Jay, who waits on the staging platform.
Okay, whenever we raise it up, once it gets past the staging, just put those lag right underneath them, and we'll set it right down on it, okay? Okay.
Okay, you ready? All right, guys.
Roll the camera.
We're on.
Hoisting R.
! Okay.
All right.
- Hold it.
- Slowly, slowly.
[Voices echoing] One more good one.
All right, hold her there for a second, okay? Right there.
[Echoes] Right there.
All right, one more.
[Panting] I think we're good, guys.
All right, coming down.
There we go.
But swinging R.
into place All right.
Wait! Hey, hey, hey [bleep]! Everything goes wrong.
Hold on! She just take off on her own? The rope's all twisted.
Whoa! She's totally freaking out.
Flip the switch.
Flip the switch.
The main switch.
Turn the power button off.
Oh, she's not responding.
She's freaking out.