Ghost Mine (2013) s02e09 Episode Script

Town-wide Terror

Tonight on Ghost Mine Hello? Who's back there? Looking for the source of the mysterious activity plaguing the area Do you notice a pattern? - Drawing straight lines? - Yeah.
An unprecedented town-wide investigation reveals stunning evidence of the paranormal.
- Where's it at? - It's right above you guys.
- What is that? - Where? After a desperate call from a mine owner in Arizona, Kristen deepens the investigation as she joins Stan to explore another abandoned mine from the old west with a reputation for gold and ghosts.
There's a legend around here about the Blue Devil of Octave.
The face does look like a demon.
Back at the Crescent, the men at last peer into the darkness of the mysterious old drift Drive it ahead some more.
Only to be confronted by a shocking new discovery.
What the hell was that? With almost 2/3 of the short mining season already gone Hoisting R.
The men at the Crescent are again faced with another mystery.
Slowly, slowly.
They've raised up into an unexpected opening that appears to be part of an old mining tunnel.
Got her.
Blasting has left the drift dangerously unstable and the area itself has already shown high levels of paranormal activity.
You heard it, didn't you? There's somebody in there.
All right, hold her there for a second, okay? So with the risk too high to send in one of the crew, the miners turn to Patrick's robotic probe.
But as R.
3 swings into place There we go.
She mysteriously malfunctions.
All right.
Hey, wait! Hey! [Bleep].
- It's not me, it's not me.
- What's going on? What? - Flip the switch, man.
- The rope's all twisted.
Whoa! She's totally freaking out.
- Flip the switch.
- Turn the power button off.
Flip the switch, flip the switch! - The power button.
- Main switch.
Power button.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
It just took off on its own.
It drove by itself.
As soon as the wheels hit the ground, the motor started, and I didn't have my hands on the controls at all.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Which is kind of weird, because I did a full diagnostic on her before we set up in the raise.
Is everything all right? We still good to go on that or what? Yeah, I can't explain that, guys.
Let's just take her out of there.
Let's just get her down and cut the power.
Get her down, we'll power it up.
Patrick can't control the damn robot, and it almost pushed Jay out of the raise, you know.
And raises are dangerous enough as it is, you know, without having something up there that's malfunctioning.
All right.
Now, with R.
once again out of commission, the miners have a new dilemma to deal with.
The stability of the ground around the raise is in question, and it'll need reinforcement to make it safe.
But the miners won't know if such a rehab is worth the effort until they know what lays inside.
And unfortunately, it looks like R.
won't be heading back into the mine today.
- Right there? - Definitely.
We don't know what went wrong with R.
We clearly had a few servos, and R.
But until it is fixed, no one is comfortable going into this new drift.
And with Sumpter's remote location, the replacement parts will need to be shipped in.
Thank you, Greybeard.
Hey, you're welcome, anytime I can help you.
There's a spot up here I wanna sample.
With the raise in the eastern tunnel temporarily off limits, the ongoing search for new gold sources becomes even more crucial.
Okay, right here.
Jamol and Greybeard head into the western tunnel for a new round of sampling.
So Greybeard took me in to assay a new vein.
Right there, see where it's glaring back at you? Yeah, right here.
Right there, pull a sample of that.
All right.
What was that? Hello? Somebody back there? Wasn't a damn soul back there.
I know we was the only two back there.
- You got enough sample? - Yeah.
Okay, we're leaving.
It was time to go.
When the hair stands up on the back of my neck, it's damn well time to get the hell out.
Back in the investigators' cabin, Patrick and Kristen are at work analyzing the data from their paranormal investigations.
And as Kristen studies the map, something catches her eye.
Patrick? Come over and look at this for a second.
Over here, we have The Geiser Grand.
We have the Crescent mine.
We have the woods where Marissa saw the shadow figure.
And then over here, the B&B The Elkhorn, the dredge.
And then straight up from the B&B is the Crescent mine.
Do you notice a pattern? - Drawing straight lines? - Yeah.
They're straight lines.
Let me look something up real quick.
What do you got? It's something I read before.
We learned in our research that in Chinese tradition, when a body isn't buried properly, the spirit roams the earth aimlessly.
And it's said that these spirits can only travel in straight lines.
We do think that this shadow that everyone's been seeing, that we've been seeing, is a possible Chinese miner.
So it could be this spirit traveling from Sumpter to Baker city.
Well, there is one way we can test this theory.
How's that? Do you think we can investigate the entire town at once? I like it.
The chance to investigate a town with so much paranormal activity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
This is a way for Patrick and I to see if it is all connected, if there is something that is linking all of this activity together.
Outside the mine, the sampling process continues, and an eyeball assay reveals the faint presence of gold.
See the little tiny point coming up? Just about 3/4 ounce per ton.
- Right here? - Right there.
Based on the assay results, the crew decides to blast deeper into the walls of the Western tunnel to see if the new vein opens up.
While the lower-grade ore they expect to find won't make anyone rich at this point, any gold is better than none at all.
Meanwhile, down in Sumpter, Patrick and Kristen are setting up for their most ambitious undertaking to date.
For the first time, they're planning a town-wide paranormal investigation.
Kristen and I have this theory that the spirits are moving in straight lines.
So we think it's a good idea to investigate the entire town all at once.
And by covering all these different areas, we're hoping that we will find something that's linking everything together.
All right, that's good.
We've set up I.
cameras at the biggest hot spots around town: The dredge, the Elkhorn, the B&B.
We've also set up one here in town, facing towards the Crescent, back up on the mountain.
- That's set.
- All right.
To help monitor the various camera setups, still on summer break and an aspiring paranormal investigator himself, to help with the complicated logistics.
- And here he is.
- Here.
With the Sumpter Bed and Breakfast empty for the evening, Ashton will follow the action all on his own.
All right.
So you probably recognize the locations that we put the cameras in.
In the dredge, and then the Elkhorn.
And then we got the B&B, where we had a lot of activity as well.
And then the Crescent.
- Yeah.
- You're gonna be our eyes.
If you see anything strange, just give us a call on the walkie.
- Cool.
- Thanks, Ashton.
- Holler if you need us.
- Okay.
Patrick and Kristen are looking at the big picture as they search for patterns and connections that may emerge when all the pieces of the puzzle are examined together.
The team begins with the town's most prominent southern landmark, the Sumpter dredge.
I was pretty shocked when I saw that there is an actual straight line, from Crescent mine all the way to Sumpter, that starts at the dredge.
So I think this is a good starting point for us in our investigation.
I'm starting an EVP session.
Patrick and Kristen at the dredge now.
Is there anybody here with us? We mean you no harm.
Feel free to make contact with us any way you want.
Kristen? I'm getting a spike here.
Ashton to Patrick and Kristen.
Yeah, go ahead, Ashton.
I'm looking at the dredge right now, and I'm seeing what looks like a shadow figure.
Where's it at? It's right above you guys.
I don't see it.
What is that? Let's see.
- I don't see anything.
- Nothing.
- What'd you think you saw? - Movement.
Let's see if we can get a better angle from across the bridge here.
Is there anything? I heard something over here.
Right there.
Look, look.
You see that? There's someone up there.
Let's go check it out.
Let's get up there as fast as we can.
There it is right there! Right there! That's the train station.
Where are you? Patrick and I chase some sort of figure, and we ended up being led to the train station.
I'm not sure what it means and how it connects to our investigation.
I wasn't hearing anything.
Were you? No.
I'm getting k2 hits right here.
I just got a little spike, another one.
Ashton to Patrick and Kristen.
Searching for connections to the strange activity encountered at the Crescent mine, Patrick and Kristen are in the middle of an unprecedented town-wide paranormal investigation of Sumpter.
Helping to monitor the surveillance cameras set up at the team's base camp, situated across the Sumpter bed and breakfast, Jay's son Ashton is shocked by unexpected sounds.
Ashton to Patrick and Kristen.
Yeah, go ahead, Ashton.
Hearing a lot of really loud bangs, and I don't know where they're coming from.
All right, we're on our way back.
Hold on.
Ashton, you all right? Yeah.
Okay, just walk us back through it.
I was sitting down, watching the monitor Okay.
And I just heard a lot of bangs.
Did you hear or see anything else? No.
That that was it.
- You're all right? - Yeah.
I'm fine.
- Okay.
- Just a little shooken up.
I'm not picking up anything on thermal.
I couldn't tell, but I think it was behind me.
- From the B&B? - Yeah.
And they were really loud.
I think we should get in there right now.
- Yeah.
- Go check it out.
- But you're doing good now? - Yeah.
I'm doing good.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Meanwhile, up at the Crescent, the mining day has ended, and the earlier unexplained breakdown of R.
has the miners wondering if paranormal activity is to blame.
So how's all the equipment doing? When we raised R.
up, I was up in the raise, kinda positioning her when she came in.
And when she hit that ground, she took off running.
Patrick says he wasn't controlling her, but she backed up and nearly pushed me out of that raise.
So what you're saying is you're starting to get some more strange happenings up in there? Yeah, but you know what? It's with R.
, not our equipment, so Yeah, you gotta remember Patrick's a paranormal investigator, not an electrician.
He's probably got some wires crossed or something that Could have a short in it.
Yeah, it's making it malfunction somehow.
Good point.
I say we forge ahead now and get a better positive attitude of what's going on around here.
We're here to mine.
Let's let Patrick and red deal with the ghosts.
The bottom line is everybody just needs to keep their head in the game right now and concentrate on what we got going on.
I'm here to get rich.
Nothing is gonna scare me away from that gold.
Back in town, Patrick and Kristen, looking for the source of the loud noises which startled Ashton, have moved their investigation inside the Sumpter bed and breakfast.
I got the k2 on the table here, just in case we get any spikes.
Ashton to Patrick and Kristen.
Go ahead, Ashton.
I just saw a weird strip of pixelation over the B&B.
It might have been just a glitch, but I thought I should let you guys know.
"Just a glitch.
" So these cameras are acting up now too? Copy that.
You just saw it outside the B&B? Yeah, over by the front door.
We're coming out to you.
Hold on a second.
- Ashton.
- Hey.
Hey, Ashton.
You doing okay? Yeah, everything's fine.
Okay, so here's the B&B.
So there was a strip of pixelation across the B&B, and then there was another about two seconds later.
And all the other frames were normal? Strange.
We've seen that at the mine.
This isn't the first time you've seen it? No.
- That's pretty similar.
- Yeah.
Very similar.
We saw it on the DVR system before.
The striking resemblance between the video anomalies captured in the town of Sumpter and the glitches seen at the Crescent mine during episodes of possible paranormal activity has drawn Patrick and Kristen's attention to the need to analyze the footage immediately.
Good job, Ashton.
Thank you.
- Good catch, yeah.
- Thank you.
I think this investigation has a high probability of being successful if we find out that we're getting the same sort of glitches on the cameras in town as we were on the cameras in the mine.
We definitely need to go back and look at those glitches and compare them to the glitches that we were getting up at the mine.
If those are the same, then we have proof that there is some sort of connection, something that is linking all of this activity together.
The next morning, Patrick and Kristen eagerly continue their analysis of the evidence gathered during last night's town-wide investigation.
So it took a little while before he told us he saw the shadow figure.
So fast-forward this a little bit.
There's our four town cams.
And there's the dredge.
Just let it play out here.
There it is.
Right there.
- You saw that? - Yeah.
- Right above us.
- Just like Ashton said.
What is going on? See, I'm not seeing anything else on the other cameras while we're here though.
I wanna see if we can see anything when he saw the glitch at the B&B.
That's ten seconds before he called us on the radio.
There's the glitch.
- There it was again.
- Yeah.
Now it's gone.
Crescent mine cam was the last one it went to.
And if it goes to the Crescent, then we should check our DVR footage in the mine.
Yeah, let's do that.
It should be right here.
Pull up all cameras on screen.
A few seconds before it disappears on the Crescent mine.
There it was.
Right there.
You saw that? It's moving to the back of the mine.
It went completely through the entire mine.
What the hell is going on? While analizing the evidence from the previous night's town-wide paranormal investigation of Sumpter We should check our DVR footage in the mine.
Yeah, let's do that.
Patrick and Kristen have noticed a strange camera anomaly - moving through all the monitors.
- At the exact same time There it was.
Right there.
You saw that? It's moving to the back of the mine.
It's gone.
It went completely through the entire mine.
What the hell is going on? We saw the glitch basically travel from camera to camera in a rapid succession and then finish up at the Crescent.
Seconds after we saw the glitch on the Crescent mine camera, that glitch traveled through the mine on all the cameras.
It went from the portal all the way to the back.
If it was just the town cameras, I could say, okay, there was something wrong with the wi-fi system, something technical.
But we're getting that same glitch on every single camera here now.
Well, now there definitely seems like there's some sort of connection to the mine and the town.
That's what I'm saying.
Looks like something that's almost intelligent.
Meanwhile, unaware the paranormal activity around them appears to be spiking, the miners work out job assignments.
What are y'all doing? Jay and Mikey tempt fate by having some fun at dingus' expense.
We just got done, you know, with our chores back there.
What do you want us to do next, boss? First, I want you to go clean up that pigsty you're calling a laydown.
- All right.
- We don't mine that way.
- All right.
- Okay.
And you you need at least four more holes around that, Pard.
All right.
So let's jump on it.
Wait, just so I'm clear.
Pard, I just wanna make sure I have it down.
So what you're saying, okay, is that we gotta grab them hoses, all right, Pard? And we gonna - All right.
- All right.
- We'll take care of it, Pard.
- All right, Pard.
The guys decided they were gonna mess around and try to be comedians basically, impersonating me.
Pard, I'ma grab me the biggest hoses I can get, and I'm gonna carry 'em on my pinkie.
Pard, and I'ma carry 'em all the way back there.
All the way In the investigators' cabin, Kristen and Patrick continue reviewing the mountain of evidence from the town-wide investigation - Hey, Stan.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi, Stan.
- How's it going? When Stan asks for a word.
I had an interesting phone call this morning from a mine owner down in Arizona.
And he heard about us up here and what's going on.
And he's had a couple crews in there that have left.
And he'd like me to come down and look the situation over for him.
I told him, "yeah, I'd be glad to come do that.
" But what I'd like to ask of you guys is, can you guys go down with me? Uh, I don't like the idea of both of us leaving.
Right now, we've got a lot of activity up here.
I'll go with you, Stan.
Could you be ready to go in the morning? I can do it.
For Stan, it could mean keeping his crew employed through the winter.
For Kristen and Patrick, the chance to check out another mine with potential paranormal activity could add insight to their current investigation.
I think this will be a great opportunity to gather more research on possibly another haunted mine.
- I appreciate it.
- All right, Stan.
All right, talk to you guys later.
Thanks, Stan.
Red and I are gonna go down to a mine in Arizona and check it out.
They've been having a few problems a lot like ours.
I've got to leave Eddie in charge, make sure things keep moving here.
Hey, good morning, gentlemen.
- And Mikey.
- What's up, guys? Morning, guys.
- Hey! - Jamol.
Where's Papa Smurf? Stan had to leave for a couple days, so that puts me in charge.
And the new boss quickly makes his presence known.
First thing we're gonna do is we need to start breaking some more rock.
Everybody's gonna have to just pick up the pace.
I don't know if Eddie's got something to prove to the old man or what.
I mean, it's Papa Smurf times two.
- Let's go to work.
- You're the boss.
- Yeah, I'm with you, boss.
- You're the boss.
All I'm asking them to do is pick up the pace until we leave out of here.
In my opinion, it's not that big of a deal.
It's gonna be a long week.
That afternoon, Stan and Kristen touch down in Arizona.
And make their way to the Octave mine, The owner of the old mine has asked Stan to evaluate his stake.
So how much do you know about this mine? I've been in this area, I've mined in this area.
The Octave was a very high producer.
It produced a lot of really good gold and silver.
- Who is the mine owner? - His name's Adam, and he thinks he really has something good here.
I'm really excited about this one.
Why are you interested in this mine? The Crescent, we have to fight the season and get out when we can.
This mine here, we can work it all year if we need to.
That is, if the gold's good.
Of course, that's always the lingering question, you know, how good is the gold? - Is that him? - That's him.
The mine owner Adam reached out to Stan because he heard that we had some of the same problems at the Crescent mine.
So Stan brought me along to check out if there's any paranormal activity.
- Welcome to Octave.
- Thank you much.
Yeah, we've heard what you've been up to up at the Crescent mine up in Oregon there.
And we might have some of the same troubles that you guys have run into up there.
- You lost two crews already? - That's right.
Some of the folks we've had in here have being spooked by something, seen things, they had heard things.
And they all had the same experience? I don't know a whole lot about it, but there's a legend around here about the Blue Devil of Octave.
Blue Devil of Octave.
The Blue Devil of Octave.
Is that an actual, like, being or Well, the miners said to me that they believe the Blue Devil was protecting the gold, and they didn't wanna be part of it.
They are more scared of the Blue Devil than they cared about getting the gold out.
So something really spooked 'em down there.
Would the Blue Devil be a miner? You know, there were a lot of rough characters around here back in the 1800s, and one of the nastiest characters was Charles Stanton, who met a violent death.
Some of them thought that there might be some connection between Stanton and the Blue Devil of Octave.
So where's the mine at? Well, you're standing right on top of it.
The entrance is a couple hundred yards over this way.
All right, now, I say we head for that mine and see what you got.
Well, I'd love to show you.
- Great.
Sounds good.
- Okay.
The Octave mine, spanning 265 acres and located just outside the town of congress, Arizona, was one of the old west's most historic and productive mines.
During its heyday in the late 1800s, the Octave supported a school, post office, general store, and stage line.
But when world war ii brought mining to a halt, changing fortunes passed the area by, and the Octave's potentially massive reserves of gold and silver were all but forgotten.
Its vast 25-mile network of underground tunnels could produce huge payoffs for the new mine owner.
But reports of paranormal activity already have the operations off to a bumpy start.
Watch your step coming down.
This is the mine? This is it.
Oh, [Bleep].
Okay, we have a rattlesnake, guys! There's a rattlesnake.
That's a mojave.
They are very aggressive.
Coming up on Ghost Mine Descending deeper into the darkness It looked like the opening to hell.
Kristen and Stan are confronted by disturbing images from the Octave's past The face does look like a demon.
And Patrick puts together crucial pieces of the paranormal puzzle.
Quartz is lacing through the area.
While in Arizona on a scouting tour of the Octave, an infamous old west gold mine, Stan and Kristen and mine owner Adam are making their way in when they're greeted by one of the area's locals.
Oh, [Bleep].
Okay, we have a rattlesnake, guys! There's a rattlesnake.
That's a mojave.
They are very aggressive.
Honestly, my first impression of the Octave was that it looked like the opening to hell.
Avoiding the rattlesnake, the group continues the dangerous decent into the old mine's broken-down tunnels.
Okay, guys, watch your step.
It gets a little bit easier once you get down here a bit further.
The Octave is nothing like the Crescent.
You have to walk down a steep incline.
There's 25 miles of tunnels in this mine, and so it's very easy to get lost.
This mine's what, almost a hundred years old? This was one of the first shafts.
This one's probably been here for 110 years.
The biggest problem I see with the Octave right now is it needs to be rehabbed and cleaned up.
That would enable you to be able to get your equipment underground and hoist the ore back out.
Adam had two previous crews that got scared out by something.
I'm really excited to try to find out what exactly is going on.
Back in Sumpter, hoping to ensure a paycheck, the men continue mining the low-grade ore in the Western tunnel.
- Ready? - Go! We've been working this low-grade stuff for a while now.
Morale has been really kinda falling.
It'd be nice to get into that high-grade, finally get back to some you know, some good pan ore.
- Yeah, man! - Yeah, that was good.
That's what I'm talking about.
And while the sounds of blasting should indicate progress, for the crew's foreman Eddie, the sheer volume of the detonation reveals something else, and he's not happy about it.
How much powder did you put in that? - 150 pounds probably.
- 150 pounds? You probably just blew out the pillar.
Do you understand that? Yes, sir.
This kid just goes in there and I I have no idea what he's thinking.
It can be a dangerous situation.
It does make me a little bit concerned.
I mean, we have to be on our toes at all times, and he's created a whole bunch of more work for us.
Now get back in there 'cause I guarantee you now we're gonna have to bolt it.
We screwed up.
Mikey took the brunt of the anger from his dad.
You know, Eddie's mad at both of us.
We are a team back there.
It's time to accept the consequences, get in there, and do our job.
The overpacked blast has weakened the integral structure of the tunnel.
So now, before any mining can continue, the crew will first be forced to use valuable time to reinforce the mine walls with steel bolts and plates.
At the old Octave, Stan, Kristen, and the mine owner Adam have finally reached their destination and the true purpose behind their visit to Arizona - There's your vein.
- Gold.
That's what we're looking for.
That's gonna be the pay dirt.
That's it.
The Octave mine, it's a very interesting mine.
- That's a stope.
- What's a stope? Mined it up, stoped out all the ore.
They started at the bottom, and they drilled it and blasted it and came up here.
As they came up, they put in safety stalls to replace what they just took out.
Gold or no gold, the obvious dangers in the mine around them cannot be denied.
Why is this part of the ceiling slanted? That's the way the vein ran.
Look how wide that vein is up there.
'Cause if you look at this rock look at the quartz in it.
It's way in the What was that? Let me check it out first before we go anymore.
Everything seems to be okay.
As they look for the source, to Kristen, it's a sound she's heard before.
All of a sudden, we heard a noise.
To me, it sounded like the noises that I've heard at the Crescent, like some sort of working with tools, like a miner was in there.
Is there someone else in here with us? No, there's absolutely nobody else down here.
I'm getting a .
3 right here.
- .
3? - .
I know the other miners were back down in this area when they came down to check it out before they got spooked.
How deep does that go? About 2,200 feet.
But there's a collapse another 400 feet down here.
And then, uh, the mine's flooded after that.
So could I go down there? The further you go down, it gets pretty sketchy down there as far as the stability of the mine.
Did you guys hear that? Yeah, I heard it.
Sounds like it came from this drift over here.
- Yeah.
- We should go check this out.
- Yeah, we oughta.
- Is someone here with us? This is a dead end.
A cave-in.
As they get to the end of the tunnel, they find evidence of the mine's disturbing reputation.
Do you recognize these markings, Stan? No, I don't.
That there look like horns.
Well, the face does look like a demon.
- Yeah.
- Pretty weird.
Coming up on Ghost Mine With the success of the miners' season in the balance Watch that bat.
3 is raised up There's a spike.
You saw that? To reveal a shocking discovery.
- What is that? - We should not be seeing this.
Did you guys hear that? Yeah, I heard it.
Kristen and Stan are investigating the old Octave mine in Arizona This is a dead end.
A cave-in.
And having traveled deep underground, have just made a disturbing discovery.
Do you recognize these markings, Stan? No, I don't.
That there look like horns.
Well, the face does look like a demon.
- Yeah.
- Pretty weird.
One of the markings looked like the head of some sort of demon or devil.
It appeared to have horns.
You ever saw that before, Adam? This is new to me.
Looks like it was written with the soot from carbide lamps from the old miners.
- Yeah, it does, doesn't it? - Pretty weird.
I actually would like to come back in here and do a more thorough investigation.
That'd be fine with me.
I'd love to see what you can find.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Back in Sumpter, Patrick's ongoing search for the source of paranormal activity encountered at the Crescent and during the recent town-wide investigation has brought him to a local geologist Nice to meet you.
Who has done extensive research into the area's rock formations.
I've set up this meeting with geologist Dennis Bokovoy to, uh, see if he could give us some insight to what could possibly be going on here.
Not sure if you heard, but me and my partner, we've been working up at the Crescent mine with a group of miners, and we've been experiencing some paranormal activity up there.
And not only up at the mine but down in Sumpter itself and even beyond in Baker City.
So my question to you is basically, what is this what's in the ground that could possibly be giving us this activity? Well, there's there is quartz here, and quartz is a very special mineral.
If you put pressure on a quartz crystal just the right way, it will produce a little bit of energy.
Another thing discovered with quartz crystals is that you can get a very constant frequency a vibration up in the, you know, thousands of times per second.
Really? And it's always constant.
It doesn't change.
So quartz is special.
And in this area around Sumpter and Baker County, you know, it's kind lacing through the area, okay? The whole county has this situation.
There's quartz all under this ground here, all under Sumpter and Baker County.
According to Dennis, this entire area is just laced with these quartz veins.
The concentration of quartz, not only at the mine but in this entire area, could be feeding the activity that we're experiencing in all these different locations.
What they really wanna find is the mother lode, the main source area.
There will be more gold there yet.
I can imagine more quartz too.
They go together.
Last year when the guys were working that tunnel, we were getting some very heavy paranormal activity.
Well, thanks again for meeting with me.
You're welcome.
So if they're headed in the right direction, they're gonna be releasing that energy again, and they could be running into some real danger.
As day comes to an end, Patrick, armed with evidence from the earlier town-wide investigation and new revelations regarding the very ground under their feet wastes no time gathering the miners into the cook shack to share his findings.
So Kristen and I have been doing a lot of investigations, and what we've been trying to do is trying to find a connection between all these places and see how it all connects to the Crescent.
And to hopefully get an answer, what we decided to do was do a town-wide investigation.
We just set up cameras in four locations.
So with Ashton manning the cameras, Kristen and I went into the dredge and started an investigation there.
We were asking questions, and while we were at the base of the dredge, Ashton called us on the radio to tell us that he just saw a shad figure.
And that's what I wanna play for you first.
Can't explain it.
But it did lead into some pretty incredible evidence that we captured.
We took our investigation to the B&B.
No one's in the B&B, just Kristen and myself.
Ashton's watching the cameras, and the camera is facing the B&B front door.
Then Ashton calls us on the radio saying that he got a glitch on the camera outside of the B&B.
Here's the cameras that Ashton was watching.
Right there.
Let me pause that.
It's that same glitch that we've been getting on our trail cams, on our DVR system.
And unfortunately, Kristen and I don't know what it is.
We can't explain it right now.
But the glitches seem to be following a pattern, and it appears as if they're leading us to the Crescent.
And this should look familiar.
This is basically the DVR system that's in the Crescent mine.
And we bring it back to the point where that glitch showed up at the camera - that was facing the mountain.
- Yeah.
And play.
It went all the way through the mine.
Is that going towards the raise? The last camera is pointing to where you guys are working.
This glitch was really fast.
It seems to have gone from town back into the mine.
And it's very concerning, because whatever it is, now is in the mine.
I don't wanna go in the mine when whatever that thing is is in there.
You know, I do realize that we do have problems.
But everybody here has to understand and realize that we came up here for one thing, and that was to get gold to get rich.
We almost made it last year.
Let's make it this year.
All right.
Well, as long as what I'm telling you here is somewhere on your mind while you guys are working.
That's all I can ask.
All this was great.
We appreciate it.
But, fellas, we got rock to break, huh? All right.
Well, again, thanks for your time, guys.
- All right.
Thank you, Patrick.
- Yep.
The next day at the Crescent, the crew finally gets some long-awaited good news.
With the replacement parts in, Patrick's paranormal probe is at last repaired.
We just don't know what to expect.
We don't know if it's a void, a drift.
Um, we don't even know if it's worth our time.
Eddie, if you wanna be the eyes All right.
Now, hopefully the crew will be able to see what lay beyond the mysterious opening the raising up process has revealed.
What's these numbers right here, Patrick? See, we got our EMF level.
So we're at zero right now, temperature.
You guys just guide me, tell me what you wanna see.
Just go right past the brow right there, and then point your camera up.
- Look at all that hanging.
- Yeah.
Looks nasty.
Gonna be barred for a while in there.
Probably a good thing you didn't go in there.
All right, go on over to the left rib and see if we got anything out there.
As R.
rolls into position, her on board camera reveals a welcome sight.
- Right there, whoa.
- Right there.
- That's a quartz vein.
- That's the vein.
- Nice.
- That's good, huh? - Nice.
- Sweet.
That's nice.
Just drive it ahead some more.
Just follow it? Yeah, just follow it down right there.
That temperature's dropping quick.
Might mean we got some ventilation back there.
It's still dropping.
But as she rolls down the drift, the camera reveals something else.
What the hell was that? You guys just guide me, tell me what you wanna see.
Having hoisted Patrick's robotic probe up to investigate an old forgotten mining tunnel, the crew, using R.
's on board camera, has at last found what they're looking for.
- That's the vein.
- Nice.
That's good, huh? - Nice.
- Sweet.
Just drive it ahead some more.
But as R.
Proceeds down the drift, the instruments reveal something else.
That temperature's dropping quick.
Might mean we got some ventilation back there.
It's still dropping.
What the hell was that? It looked like the same video footage we had when I thought Mikey was in the mine.
That's the same glitch we're getting in all our cameras Trail cams, DVR systems, everywhere.
There's a spike.
You saw that? In the EMF? That's the EMF detector right there on R.
That means there's energy in there.
There it goes again.
You see that .
6? Like there's some kinda energy field around R.
right now.
How are you gonna get energy up there? That's the question.
This is the stuff that Kristen and I look for when we're on an investigation.
We look for that kinda stuff, because that means that something's going on that's not normal.
If you don't mind, since we're here, - can I ask a few questions? - Please do.
- Yeah.
- Any miners up there? See, they're coming up there to work.
So if you don't want them up there, now's your time to tell 'em.
Let's just keep going and see what else is in here.
- Yeah.
- Maybe it opens up again.
I wanna see what's further down the drift too.
What is that? Not sure.
Drive up to it.
With R.
back in motion Bottom there looks like a little bit like wood, like timber.
I don't know what that is.
An unexpected barrier comes into view.
- Bulkhead? - It is a bulkhead.
- Yep, it is.
- Another bulkhead?