Ghost Mine (2013) s02e10 Episode Script

Passageway to the Unknown

Tonight on Ghost Mine With the end of the season closing in, the miners raise up Hoisting R.
It's a bulkhead.
Well, if that's like last year, then that means there's gold back there.
Revealing a shocking new layer to the paranormal puzzle.
We recorded something that we weren't expecting to hear.
What is that? But will the men go one blast too far? I don't understand.
You have got to be kidding me.
And as a freak snowstorm threatens operations in Sumpter This is not looking good.
Kristen's investigation heats up at the old Octave Mine It's weird.
Something I didn't notice before.
Two crosses.
As she and Stan come face-to-face with a disturbing past.
I saw something move.
Where? Oh, what the High in the Elkhorn mountains, another workday begins.
And with just a few short weeks of mining left before the cold weather shuts operations down, the men of the Crescent are determined to make this season profitable.
It's still dropping.
In the eastern tunnel, they're finally getting their first look at the mysterious drift discovered while raising up on a gold-rich quartz vein.
Just go right past the brow right there, and then point your camera up.
With a drift too dangerous to risk one of the crew, they've sent in Patrick's robotic paranormal probe, R.
- Right there, whoa.
- Right there.
- That's a quartz vein.
- That's the vein.
- Nice.
- Sweet.
That's nice.
soon pinpoints the prize they're looking for and another mystery.
- Bulkhead? - Yeah, it is.
- It's a bulkhead.
- Another bulkhead? Yeah, it is.
Well, if that's like last year, then that means there's gold back there.
I'm excited about this, because every place that we found really high-grade gold last year had a bulkhead on it.
And so I'm thinking this is the way we want to go.
That's good stuff, buddy.
- That's good stuff.
- All right, huh? That's money there.
But amidst the celebrations, Patrick finds cause for concern.
See that? The temperature's just dropping up there.
Well, it might mean we got some airflow through that bulkhead.
That much? It's still going.
We're still getting emf spikes, 0.
6, 0.
7, 0.
The temperature's still down.
Guys, we shouldn't be seeing this right now.
Honest honestly, we should not be seeing this.
Oh, what is that? - Did you hear that? - You guys all heard that.
- Yeah.
- That's exactly what I heard.
- That same growl? - Yes.
It's probably just timbers creaking back there.
We've been hearing this sound in other places, guys.
The guys are really excited right now, because a bulkhead, to them, means payday.
But if this is like last year's bulkhead, there could be something very dangerous back there for the guys.
We know what we got to do, so we'll take care of it.
However, before learning what the new drift holds in store, the men will first need to repair and reinforce the raise.
We've got a lot of work to do.
It's pretty unstable.
We need to stand some timber sets in it, try to support it the best we can.
And with any kind of luck, we can get it opened up enough to see where we're at.
More than 1,000 miles away, Kristen and Stan are evaluating an old hard rock mine in Arizona.
Right now, Stan and I are here at the Octave Mine in Arizona.
They're having some weird occurrences that they think might be paranormal.
Stan is here to kind of see the mine and see if there's actually any good ore in there, and he brought me along to get a feel for the area and see if there is any indication of paranormal activity.
The Octave is reportedly rich with gold.
But it's also said to be inhabited by an entity known as the Blue Devil.
Recently, two separate crews have fled after frightening encounters.
Hearing that the Blue Devil guards the gold immediately reminded me of the activity we're getting at the Crescent.
Um, the stories sound very similar.
So in order to fully understand what the crew could be getting into, Kristen has set off to investigate the surrounding property.
There's a lot of ruins around here.
A building here, a building there.
I want to go check them out, get some readings, take some pictures.
This is all that's left of the old west Arizona boomtown.
Founded in 1863, after potato-sized gold nuggets were discovered on a nearby hillside, the Octave once supported a community of businesses, boarding houses, a school, and a post office.
That is, until successive wars and changing fortunes finally shut mining down.
While exploring the scattered ruins, Kristen notices something unusual.
I pulled out my mel, and I was actually getting spikes.
I was getting spikes of 0.
2, 0.
3, 0.
There's no power anywhere in the area, so I'm a bit confused on why I would be getting those type of spikes.
Kristen's research into the area continues with a visit to Gary, the operations manager of the mine.
- Hi, Kristen, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
She's hoping he can tell her more about the Octave and the crews that have already walked out.
Would you like to sit down? - Yeah, thank you.
- Okay.
Gary knows a lot about the history of the area.
If we're dealing with this problem at the Crescent, could this be a similar story? So I don't know how much Adam has told you about me, but I'm here 'cause I've heard there's been some activity in there that has frightened some of the other crews away.
Well, the crew they had come in here the two different crews, um, they started out, and everything seemed to be fine.
But it seemed shortly after they got here, both of them started complaining about some things that they didn't understand was going on down there.
And eventually, it drove them out.
And we never could get an explanation why it drove them out.
Most of them didn't want to talk about it.
Um, but they seemed really frightened.
So no one gave you any details of what they were experiencing that made them so frightened? Believe it or not, they think they saw shadows down in the mine shaft that would move and knocking sounds, and they weren't sure what they were, but they were coming from places where they knew nobody was at.
What about some of the history of the mine itself? Very bad things went on in there.
The town was overrun by Charlie "Bloody" Stanton.
He was So that was his nickname, "Bloody"? Yeah.
When he came here, he did everything he could to take over the town.
He would burn people out and set their bodies on fire.
Those people over in the Weaver cemetery, there's a few of them in there that are good, but the majority of those people are what you would call outlaws.
They're still in a cemetery in Weaver? Oh, yeah.
It's about 1/2 mile from here.
As you go down the road, you can't miss it.
What you'll see is some white crosses with a bunch of long piled rocks, and that's the grave site.
I definitely want to get over there because cemeteries are great for research because you can get names and dates and find out a little bit more about the town and the people that lived there.
Thank you so much.
- Pleasure meeting you.
- Thank you.
You too, thank you.
Back in the Crescent, the miners have at last finished rehabbing the raise and can safely access the new drift themselves.
- Coming up, Eddie.
- Coming up, Ding.
Mindful of the strange activity already encountered in this area, Patrick joins the men as they prepare to examine the mysterious bulkhead.
Yeah, I'm already getting some spikes right here at this level.
Is there anything electrical up here? No, we don't have any equipment up here.
That's odd.
It's, like, high.
Very high levels up here.
Well, let's go see what we got.
Is that it? That's it.
Nothing on k2.
It's flat.
Seeing anything? I can't really see back here.
Take some pictures real quick.
I don't see any mason symbols where we saw one last year.
Is there anything in that corner? No, I don't see anything.
I tell you what, back up, Patrick.
- All right.
- Dingus.
- Yeah.
- Tear that thing down.
All right.
Damn, what the hell did we wander into? - Dingus.
- Yeah.
- Tear that thing down.
- All right.
On the trail of a gold-rich vein of quartz in the eastern drift, the men have found their way blocked by a mysterious bulkhead.
The old wooden barrier is no match for the determined miners.
Watch your head in there.
- It looks all right.
- All right.
Let's see what we got.
- Look safe enough to enter? - Yeah, come on in.
I'm not getting anything.
What the hell did we wander into? A dead end? Well, they stopped right here for whatever reason.
It was strange to see that the tunnel only went a couple feet and it ended at a flat wall.
It just seemed strange that they would bulkhead off just a small section of the tunnel.
- Hey, Greybeard? - Yeah.
Come check this out.
Get some samples of that, Ed.
Some damn good veins in the face.
The odd part is, is why did they bulkhead that off? It makes no sense at all.
Look, a pretty nice vein right here too.
I don't know why they quit driving on it.
Guys, I found some airflow right here.
What? See that 0.
11 there? Pretty consistent airflow through this hole.
If we got airflow behind us, there might be something back here.
We won't be real sure where that air is coming from until we actually get a machine up in there.
Maybe it connects to another drift.
I'm not real sure yet.
But we're gonna start driving on it and see where it takes us.
We'll just go out and run the samples on that.
I'm thinking we need to keep driving on this.
For the miners, all the quartz is definitely a good sign, but Patrick can't help but be concerned.
So when I think back to last year, and the guys were working that tunnel, and they were in that very rich quartz vein Heh, look at that.
And while they were working it, we were getting some very heavy paranormal activity.
Something's in here.
So if they're going back there again, they're gonna be releasing that energy again and running into some real danger.
Let's go grab a machine.
Let's get this thing set up.
Before heading out, Patrick gets one final reading, this time using a new piece of equipment, a piezoelectric microphone.
Basically, what a piezoelectric microphone does is picks up vibrations and turns them into electronic noise that hopefully the voice recorder will pick up.
Okay, that should be enough right there.
After learning from geologist, Dennis Bokovoy, that quartz vibrates under pressure, the test may reveal the energy trapped inside the very rocks of the mine itself.
In Arizona, Kristen heads to the cemetery that would have once served the old mining community.
She's hoping the names and dates on any headstones there might reveal clues to the Octave's reported paranormal activity.
But arriving, she's surprised by what she finds.
I haven't seen a lot of cemeteries like that.
Instead of burying the bodies 6 feet under, they actually bury the bodies close to the surface, and they pile rocks over the caskets, and each grave was marked with a single white cross.
There were no names, no explanations of how anybody died, just these huge mounds of rocks with little white crosses.
As Kristen walks the old cemetery, she's surrounded by grave sites of fallen miners and gun-toting outlaws, some a hundred years old and older.
And once again, Kristen registers a series of unexpected readings.
It did surprise me that I was getting fairly high spikes on the Mel.
We weren't around any large sources of power.
I'm in the middle of nowhere.
So I thought it would be an opportune time to do an EVP session.
This is Kristen at the Weaver cemetery.
Is there anybody here with me? Can you tell me your name? Did you work in the Octave Mine? There was some sort of a clattering noise.
It startled me a bit because all I was hearing out there was the wind.
When I saw the cross that I put back up myself lying on the ground, it sort of startled me, to be honest.
I wasn't expecting to find that.
It kind of just made me wonder who and what is buried here.
Who knocked over this cross? Why did you knock it over? I'm going to leave it down, if that's what you prefer.
But I want to know your name.
This is really high right now, I'm going to leave now.
This is your last chance to talk to me.
I'll be back at the Octave Mine.
There was some wind, so the wind could've possibly knocked over the cross.
Maybe I didn't put it in secure enough when I placed it back in the rocks.
But it sounded like whatever happened to the cross could have been forceful.
One of the interesting things about researching this town is finding that there are other mines out there that had the same sort of story as the Crescent.
If I can get a better sense of the history here, I can get a better understanding of what the activity may be.
As the investigation deepens, Kristen focuses on the accounts of the so-called Blue Devil, a mysterious presence plaguing the old Octave.
The mine owner, Adam, told me a story of an entity that people seem to be afraid of around here called the Blue Devil.
Unfortunately, he didn't know where the story originated from, which is what I really want to find out.
Who was or what is this Blue Devil? Looking for clues, she turns to the Octave security guard Danny.
She's hoping, as an old-timer he can shed some light on the mysterious legend said to be scaring off the crews.
I don't know if Adam told you anything about me, but I'm here checking out the Octave Mine.
- Yeah.
- He said you know a lot about the Blue Devil.
The story of the Blue Devil can goes back as far as the old folks around here.
He's supposed to be 9, 10 foot tall.
And he moves rather fast.
But he really gets concerned if people come in here and start taking gold out.
That's when you really get to experience it.
So it's like he's protecting the gold.
Right, right.
It happened to these crews that have been here.
In order for them to leave, they had bad experiences with him.
I think I experienced a little bit of it.
That's why I don't particularly care to go down in these shafts here on the Octave.
Aren't you the security guard for the Octave? Yeah.
But you won't go in the Octave.
No, no, I don't like hanging out there.
You have a feeling, you know that something's there, and You think he lives in the Octave Mine? Yeah.
Coming up on Ghost Mine Got a 0.
1, 0.
2, 0.
Stan and Kristen go deep underground and encounter an active presence.
- What was that? Did you see it? - Did you see that? And later Fire in the hole! The miners break through to a shocking surprise.
You have got to be kidding me.
At the Crescent mining camp, work progresses in a steady fashion.
But with another day coming to an end, Mikey and Jay are about to learn a valuable lesson about the concept of payback.
The other day, the guys decided they were gonna turn into a couple of smartasses.
I'm gonna grab me the biggest hoses I can get, and I'm gonna carry them on my pinkie, and I'm gonna carry them all the way back there.
All the way.
So today, I got a special present for them.
I dumped a little bit of fruit mix into their boots.
If they worked hard enough, they're gonna have some nice, red feet by the end of the day.
At day's end, the crew is waiting.
We come out, day's over, and everyone's just standing around, and I was a little bit weirded out.
I knew they were gonna give me crap.
Yeah, we spent the day busting ass back in that mine, and it just so happens we were in a spot where there was a lot of water.
Oh, [Bleep]! [All laugh] The second I dumped that water out of my boots and I saw that red, I knew instantly, aw, man, they got me.
Are you kidding me? - Are you kidding me? - Wha I'm a good sport, you know.
I can handle some pranks every now and then, but Mikey didn't take it so easy.
You [Bleep]! [All laugh] [Bleep] you guys, dude.
[Bleep]! And my feet are stained, just like Rudolph's nose, man.
Just red.
Anyway, guys, you might want to start thinking twice before you do impersonations of me.
The next day in Arizona, Stan meets with the mine owner, Adam.
Looking at the technical data, he needs to decide whether the old Octave's potential for gold is worth the trouble of even considering working in another haunted gold mine.
What was your latest assays on the Octave? Well, I got some back in February, took about six samples along the vein, and it came back with some pretty good stuff.
Man, that's some good ore.
You know, looking at the assay reports that Adam had, a lot of his assays run 1/2 ounce per ton.
And some of them run up to 3 ounces.
This is one we're pretty excited about, right here.
That's pretty good gold.
Yes, that's darn good gold.
That's good mining rock.
That would make everybody a lot of money.
This is a piece that my brother pulled out.
Oh, that's beautiful.
On this part, we got free gold, and coarse free gold at that.
Here's the plan view for this area.
And I can show you what we're getting into.
We've seen a lot of potential along this portion of the vein.
That's where the gold is.
Well, you've got some pretty good evidence here of what's still in there.
I mean, that's great rock.
If we could get into here, I think we would be well rewarded.
So we got all-around miners and also, you know, as part of that package, you know, is our paranormal team.
If they keep the miners in here, then I'm all for it.
We'd love to have you.
This would be the ideal place to spend the winter.
Adam made a pretty tempting offer to us, to come in and be a part of his team.
Come on back to Arizona, we'll make a new brand.
It'll be Octave gold.
Octave gold, I like that.
To this hard-rock miner, the numbers regarding the gold are undeniable.
But before Stan can seriously consider the job, he needs to put the Octave through the last critical test: A complete paranormal sweep of the mine's 25 miles of tunnels.
And Kristen, for one, is ready.
I'm really looking forward to having Stan be my investigating partner today.
I don't have Patrick, and also, it adds a level of safety, because there were some areas in there that looked dangerous.
Any spikes or anything right in here? It's spiking a little bit, right here.
- I'll be darned.
- Yeah.
I got a 0.
1, 0.
2, 0.
Right away, I was getting high spikes on the Mel meter.
The spikes were fluctuating, which means, to me, that it wasn't a steady source of power.
It was nothing electronic.
I thought I saw some movement.
I'm gonna walk back there and make sure it's all right, okay? All right.
That's fine, Kristen, just stay on the left side.
Would these walls like this be pretty dangerous to build? Stan? What's the matter? Did you just hear that rock fall? Yeah.
I heard it.
It sounded like it was coming from back there, Stan.
Well, could be.
It could be the ground is working a little bit back there.
I heard some loud noise in a stoping area.
Adam told Stan and I that this area has a bit of a violent past, led by a man by the name of Stanton.
Possibly after he died, he never left, and he's still here haunting and causing havoc.
Are you getting any readings, Stan? No, it's still clear, 0.
- The temperature's the same, 67.
- Okay.
Did you see anything in the pictures? No, I didn't.
- Well, that's interesting.
- What's that? Well, see that some sort of mist or something.
And then you go to this picture, it's not there anymore.
- That's strange, isn't it? - Yeah.
Let's go down there and see what this is.
All right.
This is where I would've gotten the shot.
It looks a little misty down here.
- We got a 0.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna be flashing close to you.
Just the What's the matter? I felt something on the back of my leg.
- Really? - Yeah.
I wasn't sure what it was, especially because that was the area we were hearing noises, getting spikes.
That was weird.
What'd it feel like? It was like a little tap.
I don't see anything.
Yeah, that was really weird.
Well Keep heading down.
Pretty vein, though.
Oh, what was that? Keep heading down.
Okay, pretty vein, though.
Oh, what was that? Gosh.
Investigating ongoing claims of paranormal activity in the old Octave Mine in Arizona, Kristen and Stan are already experiencing a series of unexplained noises.
- I saw something move.
- Where? Back there.
Well, I don't think we want to go any further in here.
The stalls are breaking.
We just got a 0.
1, 0.
Maybe we need to back out of here.
Well, that's interesting.
I don't know, Kristen.
I'll hold the meter for you.
What is going on in this mine? Back in Oregon, with shift's end, the men emerge to an unexpected - Check this out.
- And unwelcome surprise.
We go in, it's summer.
We come out, it's winter.
Snow has come early to the Crescent.
You can't see anything out there.
This is what mining at 8,000 feet gets you.
Dang it, Greybeard, it's getting colder out here.
I thought this was summertime, buddy.
It is.
Summer sunshine.
Summertime, I was told when I come back up here, it's 105 at home, and, boy, I tell you what, there's just something wrong with the snow during the summertime.
If the snow doesn't stop, they could be stranded up at the mine, with even a light dusting of powder quickly turning the mountain single-lane access road into a 3-mile-long mudslide.
If the miners don't leave now, worst-case scenario, they could be snowed in.
All I know right now, is I want to get my jacket on and get the heck out of here.
This is not looking good.
Coming down harder.
- Let's get out of here.
- Time to go.
- All right.
- Let's go.
And with the high mountain altitudes creating their own weather systems, the Crescent could be shut down indefinitely.
In Arizona, Kristen and Stan's investigation into the old Octave begins to heat up, and the strange sounds they're hearing have Stan questioning their safety.
Well, I think we need to back out of here, Kristen.
This is not too stable of ground.
I don't feel too comfortable in here.
If you don't feel comfortable, I definitely don't feel comfortable.
Yeah, let's back out of here to the main incline.
That was weird, though.
Usually, when I'm in an underground mine, when I get a feeling like that, it's because something's getting ready to cave in.
But that wasn't the kind of feeling I had this time.
And I tried to be real cool about it but, uh, it kinda gave me an eerie feeling, so we went back out into the main decline and went further down to check out the other levels.
One area I really wanted to investigate was the place where we found the strange pictures on the wall.
The odd markings that almost looked demonic.
You want to go down there and look at those drawings, huh? Yeah.
I think it's important to check that place out.
I also want to do an EVP session over there.
Okay, sounds good.
Maybe we can get some answers to what those drawings are.
Mindful of the masonic connection the markings in the Crescent pointed to, Kristen is eager to look for any clues the old mine drawings here could provide.
But as they walk, Stan notices the quality of the quartz around them.
Look at the quartz.
Oh, that's beautiful.
- Some nice quartz here.
- Oh, my gosh.
Look at that.
That's a pretty good vein right there, huh? Yeah, pretty vein.
All through here.
Did I lose you to the gold, Stan? Yeah.
I heard that.
As we were walking along the back towards where the drawings were that we'd saw earlier, we got a noise, and it's kind of hard to explain.
It was like a a breath.
And so we went towards the strange noises.
Could that have been rocks moving or timber or something? There's no timber back here.
Someone in here with us? Who's making that noise? We're coming in.
You want to talk to us? Well, we're coming back.
- Should we go on ahead? - Yeah, let's go.
I'm getting a 0.
4, Stan.
- 0.
4? - Yeah.
This is where we was yesterday.
Is something moving up there, Stan? Be careful here.
I don't see nothing.
It's caved in right there.
Couldn't have went very far.
But it looked like there was something moving.
Well, whatever it was is gone.
It's weird.
I'm gonna take some pictures of this these markings.
Get these one more time.
It's weird.
Oh, something I didn't notice before.
What's that? Whatever this is.
- Looks like two crosses.
- Yeah.
Stan and Kristen by the markings in the Octave Mine.
Who's here with us? Who put these markings here? Are you protecting something? What are you protecting? What the hell? Did you hear that? Sounded like it came out of that hole.
Is that possible? I don't know, but I heard it.
I mean, could there be a draft there or something? Pretty dead air right there.
Goes down there a long ways.
What is making that noise? I don't know.
- What was that? Did you see it? - Did you see that? Who's down there? What was that? Did you hear that? While exploring a in the old Octave Mine in Arizona, Kristen and Stan are shocked to hear strange sounds coming from the bottom of a deep shaft.
I mean, could there be a draft there or something? Pretty dead air right there.
Goes down there a long ways.
What is making that noise? I don't know.
- What was that? Did you see it? - Did you see that? Yeah.
It moved down there.
Who's down there? - You saw that too, though, right? - Yeah.
This thing comes shooting through that stope at the bottom.
It was something big, and it moved really, really fast.
It made both of us jump back, and, uh, I gotta tell you, I was ready to leave.
I really was.
Someone there? We saw you.
I got to admit, it it rattled me.
- Yeah, me too.
- Yeah.
Maybe we pushed our luck enough for tonight.
What do you think? Okay.
Our readings had died down, everything just kind of went silent.
So I thought that would be a good time to leave, and it seemed like it was the time for Stan to get out of there as well.
Well, I've got to tell you, that's the weirdest thing I've seen.
As they climb back to the entrance, Stan reflects on the experience and the working relationship between his crew and the paranormal investigators.
The experiences that I've had in the Octave entities or whatever you want to call it we've dealt with this at the Crescent, and I think we can deal with it at the Octave, but I wouldn't go without Patrick and Kristen.
We need them.
When I get back up to the Crescent, we're gonna sit down, and we're gonna have a team meeting.
And we're gonna discuss what I saw the assays that I saw, and we'll just see how they feel and go from there.
In Sumpter, the early snow has turned the roads to slush, and the crew attempts to get back up the hill.
But the conditions leave the outcome in question.
Yeah, it's getting crappier, Dick.
Yes, it is.
Yeah, careful on this one.
This snow sucks.
Long drop, man.
Well, don't look down that side, Mikey.
Look at this side.
This goes up.
Yep, this is gonna get deeper, Dick.
Oh, she's coming around.
Good boy.
Hold on, man.
Hate to tell you this, but we're stuck.
The road's too damn slick.
Won't go any farther.
Whoa, we're getting close to the edge over here.
Yeah, right now, we're about 8 inches near the side.
Okay, Eddie, let's get out and take a look.
I think we got a problem.
What do you think, Ed? Ain't got too much more, and we're gonna slide off.
Do you think we've got enough funds to get a cat up here? That's the problem, because right now we're flat-ass broke.
Well, can we back up, maybe get a run at it or something? At this point right here, we can probably get straight, and I can back down to that next turnaround.
All right, let's let's do it.
Let's do her.
With few options, Greybeard backs the truck up to more solid ground and tries one more time.
That was too close.
Finally back in camp, with the freak snowstorm melting away almost as quickly as it arrived, Patrick uses the downtime to gather the crew of the Crescent into the cook shack.
He wants to share his latest findings with the men.
And this time, the paranormal evidence comes from the mountain itself and the special microphone Patrick placed upon the tunnel walls beyond the bulkhead.
What I brought into the mine was a piezoelectric microphone.
And what this microphone does it's basically like a guitar pickup, and it picks up the vibrations from an acoustic guitar and makes it electric.
So I attached this microphone to the quartz vein that you guys are working on, and we recorded something that we weren't expecting to hear.
I'm gonna play that for you right now.
What is that? Anybody else ever hear anything like that? - No.
- I never have.
- Not from rock.
- Never.
It sounded like a heartbeat that was slowing down.
But it's coming from the quartz vein.
- That's weird, yeah.
- Could be the ground squeezing.
- No, that's not ground talking.
- That's very odd.
But it makes me think that there is some kind of energy or something flowing through that quartz.
This whole mountain could be basically a battery for paranormal energy.
If you guys are blasting, it could be releasing this energy, and if it's being released, it could be traveling through this quartz.
We don't know.
But when you look at everything that we're seeing here, with how this energy is traveling through the mine, around the Crescent, now down in town in different areas, that could be how it's being fueled.
I don't know if he thinks the mine's alive or what, but we're running out of time.
We gotta make a payday.
What exactly are you trying to say to us? If you guys are blasting, you could be releasing the exact same thing that was behind that bulkhead last year.
And the potential for danger is extremely high.
Patrick has gathered the miners together to share his latest piece of evidence and a warning about the potential danger that could lay ahead.
What exactly are you trying to say to us? If you guys are blasting, you could be releasing the exact same thing that was behind that bulkhead last year.
And the potential for danger is extremely high.
That's all I'm saying.
Well, the only potential dangerous situation is us walking out of here with no money again.
We are going back there.
And if there's gold back there, we are coming out of here with it.
That's it.
Eddie is dead set on getting that gold, and I'm not gonna stop him.
But I do want to make sure I'm close by just in case something happens.
We've got rock to break, right guys? - Yeah.
- Stay safe.
- Thank you, Patrick.
- Yeah, stay safe.
- Be careful.
- Yep.
But with Patrick's warning still in their ears, the men prepare to blast the quartz vein in the newly revealed drift.
Fire in the hole! She's smoking good.
Let's get out of here, buddy.
Right on, Jay.
That sounded like a heavy one.
With blasting complete, the men take the long walk to see what was revealed.
So we're going in to take care of barring down on our last blast.
Apparently, one of the guys felt some air movement back in there.
So we're really hoping that air we were feeling is from that drift we were hoping to break into.
Oh, finally making some headway in there.
Oh, yeah.
Ought to be some good gold in this.
This is really important to get through this.
We've got to get back to where that gold was last year.
Well, you let me know as soon as you see that gold shining right back at you.
Yeah, we're real close.
It's the most important thing to us right now.
I mean, my family's depending on this, so they're counting on me to get this gold out.
It's what pays our bills for the rest of the year.
Without it, I'm gonna have to find work elsewhere.
But climbing back up into the raise What in the Jay and Dingus can't believe their eyes.
Oh, [Bleep].
I don't understand.