Ghost Mine (2013) s02e11 Episode Script

Shadows in the Drift

Tonight on Ghost Mine With only a short time before freezing temperatures and snow shuts them down, the miners blast through the back of the mountain You've got to be kidding me.
And the investigation takes a terrifying turn.
Are you telling me there's a demon in the mine? And when a mysterious portal points to a secret society - There it is.
- I guess that's it.
The team follows the trail - You hear me all right? - Hearing you fine.
And risks everything.
Stan, what exactly am I looking for? I was kind of looking to see Patrick? With the weather beginning to turn harsh in Oregon's Elkhorn mountains, the end of the mining season has arrived.
And for all their back-breaking work, the mining men of the Crescent are still struggling for more than a break-even payday.
We're pretty much dead even, and, you know, I didn't come up here for that.
We came here expecting a big check, and, if we don't have that, it's gonna hurt a lot of people.
Having followed a vein of high-grade ore into a mysterious old mining tunnel, the crew has broken through a century-old wood bulkhead only to encounter a new barrier.
Fire in the hole! She's smokin' good.
Let's get out of here, Willy.
And, after one last blast The men eagerly re-enter.
- We're right on, Jay.
- It sounded like a heavy one.
But they are dismayed by what they find.
What in the - What the? - Oh, [Bleep].
I don't understand.
I thought we were supposed to break into that drift.
What does this mean? Looks like we holed through.
As they examine the new opening, the miners find themselves faced with another dilemma.
The quartz vein they were following no longer exists, and, with the end of the season near, the men's prospects could be running out.
Are you kidding me? It's dropping right there.
I'm completely confused as to where we're even located in this mine anymore.
I thought we had a plan, an idea of exactly where we needed to be.
So, when you hit this blast and you see sunlight, all of a sudden you realize you're off mark, and I don't know how far off we are.
I don't know where we're coming out.
Well, we're gonna find out here in just a minute.
You all right there? I'm good.
You know what? Why don't you run back and get Eddie? All right.
I'll hurry.
Do me a favor.
Stay safe, man.
You know, I don't know what happened.
I mean, this mine's a pretty strange place.
We must have got turned around somewhere.
We'll let Eddie do the math on it and figure out where we're at, and with any kind of luck maybe we're just around the way from getting back into that other drift.
I can see Baker city from here.
What? Peering out, Eddie sees the valley stretching out below - Did he say Baker city? - Yeah.
I think there's some tailings piles down below us.
And evidence of another older tunnel.
We ended up where we ended up.
It was not where we were supposed to be, but, if you look straight down, there's a tailings pile and an old dump there.
There's no other reason for a dump to be there unless somebody's portaled off.
Well, we got tailings piles down below us.
That could be the drift that we were trying to hit right there.
This will be nice.
We can just muck straight out this time and hopefully have a clear view.
Can I push it right off? Yeah.
You should be able to.
We'll poke at it a bit and see if we can make it stable, and we'll get it out.
All right.
Be careful.
We could have been off on our angle.
We could have been off on our elevation.
To me, I'm kind of thinking that maybe that dump down below could be the drift that we were trying to hit the entire time, and we just missed it.
The pile of debris below the opening potentially points the way to another portal and another chance at the life-changing gold strike they so desperately need.
- All right.
- Working to build a timber support frame around the opening, the men can't help but be concerned.
Mining is a gamble, but, when it hits hard like this, you're not really sure how to take it.
We have to get back there and find that gold.
Otherwise I don't know how I can explain to my family why I've spent so much time out here, only to come home empty-handed.
- Last one, buddy.
- All right.
And we're set.
We'll let 'em know it's done.
- Are they back? - Yes.
It's about time they should be here.
All right.
Hi, guys.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Red.
How's it going? That night, the crew gathers around the nightly campfire to welcome Stan and Kristen back from their trip.
Well, hello, everybody.
- Hello, boss.
- We missed you guys.
With recent developments at the Crescent, there's a lot of catching up to do.
There's all the guys sitting around the campfire, and they were all curious to know where we'd been, what we were doing.
We ended up down in Arizona.
- Oh, jeez.
- Arizona? This guy, he wants to re-open the mine, he wants to get it going, so we went down there, and it's a good-looking vein.
But what are the drawbacks? I learned that this mine is pretty well known for being haunted.
It's sort of similar to what we think is going on here at the Crescent, so it's nothing that you guys haven't dealt with before.
While you guys were gone, some weird things - have been happening up here.
- Oh, yeah? - Really? - What's been going on? Where to start? - Yeah.
- Well, the first thing is, there's a face right there with a quartz vein in it.
Just looked really good.
We blasted that and broke through the backside of the mountain.
They went the wrong way and broke right out through the side of the mountain.
"There we are looking at Baker.
" That's what they told me.
It's unreal.
There's another dump down below us.
I think there's a portal down there but I'm not sure, so we're trying to figure out exactly how we're gonna get down there.
We got to get creative here and figure something out.
Anybody got any ideas? We can build a road around the backside of the mountain, but that's gonna take a lot of time.
Why don't we just climb down? You want to try to climb down there? - That's a sheer cliff, man.
- Yeah.
Straight drop-off.
- Just rappel down.
- You can rappel? Yeah.
If when you get down there, I can just rappel down, depending how far it is, - check it out for you.
- Really? - It's the easiest way to do it.
- That's not a bad idea.
I mean, if he can do that, then that'll tell us if that's actually the drift we're looking for or not, and it'll save us a whole lot of time and effort.
As the crew awaits morning's light to implement the new plan to rappel into the opening, Kristen and Patrick decide it's time to conduct a thorough paranormal investigation in the new drift before any more mining takes place.
Here's their little staging area for all the equipment.
The miners have opened up a new tunnel.
They're moving really fast to get that gold, and they're not really telling us all of their plans.
They're just kind of blasting without letting us know.
And here's the raise.
So, Patrick and I are having to try to keep up now to try to find out if there's any paranormal activity that could possibly harm them.
First time I went up I was starting to get spikes on this level here.
Like, very low-level spikes.
Soon as I get to the top, it was in the orange.
The last time I was in the raise, I got some strange EMF hits on the k2.
Yeah, I'm already getting some spikes right here at this level.
Is there anything electrical up here? No, we don't have any equipment up here.
That's high.
It's, like, high.
Very high levels up here.
So I wanted to bring Kristen up here to see if it happens again.
So far still oh.
Just went up to 1.
Right there in that same area I was in.
- Yeah.
- I was right there when I got my first spike.
Go to the very top, and then I'll join you.
I'm gonna start heading up.
Just went up to .
Yeah, I'm starting to get spikes too, as soon as I climb.
Mine keeps jumping up and then going back down, then jumping back up again.
Just fluctuating in the orange.
I asked Eddie if he had any equipment up here that could be giving off any EMF, and he said no.
They're not using anything electrical.
The energy is just concentrated over the raise for some reason.
Maybe there's something just in that area right there where they raised up.
You done an EVP session here? No.
I didn't have a chance.
- Okay.
Let's do one then.
- Okay.
Patrick and Kristen in the raise.
Someone in here with us? What's down these tunnels? Were the masons trying to keep people out? No change on the k2.
It's still just fluctuating within' the green and yellow.
Yeah, mine's still spiking a little bit too.
What was that? From down here.
It just sounded like a like wind passing through somewhere.
Couldn't tell from where, though.
Is there gold in one of these tunnels? Whoa.
- What was that? - The whole thing shook.
Patrick, that was right under me.
Yeah, I know.
I felt it.
Go to the very top, and then I'll join you.
Kristen and Patrick are investigating in the raise leading to the new opening the latest blast revealed.
What was that? They're getting strong indications of paranormal activity, and the team is determined to learn why.
Is there gold in one of these tunnels? Whoa.
- What was that? - The whole thing shook.
Patrick, that was right under me.
I know.
I felt it.
As soon as she asked one specific question, we heard a loud bang, and this bang came from the floor that Kristen was standing on.
I could feel the vibrations in my hand.
Is this sturdy? Yeah, it's completely bolted in on all sides.
I looked underneath, and there was no explanation where this came from.
They've been concentrating over there because of the bulkhead.
They saw that and thought it was behind that bulkhead, is gonna be that rich ore, that gold.
I think we should head down there.
In our previous investigations, when we get closer to where the gold's supposed to be, we start getting more paranormal activity.
Getting a little spike.
Then absolutely nothing right here, but then go back over here to the raise.
As soon as you get close to the raise, getting spikes.
That's odd.
I thought so too.
As we moved towards the bulkhead, the EMF spikes dissipated, and I have no explanation for that, but I'm hoping that we'll find an answer.
- We got wind coming through.
- Yeah.
'Cause right up there's the bulkhead, and then they blasted - through right there.
- Yeah, I want to see that.
I was eager to keep going because I really wanted to see this hole that the guys put in the middle of the mountain.
We could feel the breeze on it, and we could even hear it.
That's amazing.
They just went straight though.
Yup, and straight down.
As Patrick and Kristen take in the view, it seems to confirm an earlier concept.
Is that Baker? Right over there? Yeah.
Those lights.
Must be.
That's the only city around here.
Well, that means there's a straight shot from the Crescent mine.
And then from the Crescent to Sumpter.
- Just like the map.
- Yeah.
That also means that we could have a Chinese ghost with us.
Kristen and I had this theory that the spirits are moving in straight lines.
Now that we can see Baker city in the distance, we know it lines up with Sumpter, the Crescent, and everything else on the map.
Are you really gonna rappel from here? Yeah.
- If it is a portal down there - Yeah.
I want to see if it's part of this system.
See if there's another bulkhead down there.
I got a big day tomorrow.
And with morning's light, it's go-time.
Patrick prepares for the dangerous descent down the mountainside.
Anchoring to a study support beam, he'll be looking for any potential sources of paranormal activity and any new avenues for getting to the gold.
I'm experienced in both mountain climbing and rappelling, but, every time you go down the face of a mountain, it's dangerous, so I'm gonna have to take it slow and cautiously, but I'm gonna make it down to that bottom so we can find out what's down there.
- As he rappels - All right.
A series of mounted cameras will document the attempt.
Hand me your helmet so I can set up the cameras.
We've rigged up three cameras to both document my descent and for Kristen, Stan, and Eddie to see exactly what I'm seeing as I reach the bottom.
All right, I'm gonna turn these on right now so we can te.
We're up and running.
All right.
Will you tap on the mic a little bit just to make sure? Just go check, check, check.
- Good.
- Got it? Yeah.
Can you hear me all right? - Yeah, I got you.
- Okay.
So, when you get down in there, first thing you want to see if it's open or not, and look for the loose rock.
- Yeah.
- You know the procedure.
And if it's open back there, go in a little ways as far as you feel comfortable with and see what you can show us down that drift.
- Okay.
- I don't want you to go too far 'cause we don't know how good the air is yet.
Got it.
All right, guys.
All set to go.
All right.
Patrick is a pretty athletic guy, but I can't help but be a little bit worried for him.
I mean, this is pretty dangerous, and, even though he has done this kind of stuff before, it still, you know, scares me a little bit.
All right.
Take it slow.
How you feeling, Patrick? - Everything's good.
- Good? - Yup.
- All right.
- You hear me all right? - I hear you fine.
Boy, that's straight down, huh? I was kind of looking to see if there was any kind of formation there, Patrick.
- Just keep going down steady.
- All right.
I'm gonna continue to go straight down, but just tell me to turn my head either way.
- Perfect.
- Good.
- What's wrong with the video? - I don't know.
I wonder if he's getting out of range or something.
We might just be losing signal.
Patrick, can you hear me? Yeah.
I can hear you fine.
What's wrong? Kristen, can you hear me? You're going in and out, Patrick.
Can you hear me? He's answering back, so I think he can hear something.
Kristen, you there? Patrick, if you can hear me, we're losing you.
We can't see you on the screen, and we can't really hear you.
I think we're losing signal.
Patrick? Can you see oh.
- Patrick? - Don't go out there.
Patrick? Kristen, can you hear me? You're going in and out, Patrick.
Can you hear me? After finding indications of what appears to be another portal on the mountainside beneath them, Patrick is attempting to rappel down when, all at once, something goes wrong.
- Kristen, you there? - Patrick? Oh! Patrick? - Don't go out there.
- Patrick? Patrick, are you okay? Patrick? Yeah? Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
The rope just slacked.
I just landed.
All right.
When the rope went slack, it really freaked me out.
I thought Patrick had fallen and possibly hurt himself.
Your video's working again.
Patrick, can you hear me on this? Yeah.
I got you now.
What do you see, Patrick? As Patrick navigates the tight space, the cameras mounted to his body send back the images real-time.
There's a bulkhead down there.
Oh, boy.
- There's another bulkhead? - Yeah.
Just like the others.
- Can you get up next to it? - Yup.
It's about as old as the ones we found before.
Solid rock.
Not seeing any quartz.
Looks all almost identical to the other one, huh? - Yeah.
- Patrick, can you look around and see if you see any symbols? Let me check the wood here.
Right there.
Got a masonic symbol just like the other one.
Right up on the left-hand side.
Upper left-hand side here.
You see it? You see it in camera? Yeah.
Triangle, eye, bulkhead.
This is not going anywhere.
It's a dead end.
Just looking at this portal, there's really no way we can explore it.
It's cut off.
There's no roads here.
The only way down is to basically go down the way I went, and, looking into the portal past the bulkhead, it looks caved in, so the guys are not gonna be able to bring their gear down here.
They're not gonna be able to do any work.
It's cut off.
I'm gonna head back up.
All right.
Go slow.
As I was climbing back up the mountain, I got to thinking about the portal I just saw, how it went through the backside of the mountain, and it was an entrance, and it's possible that the one up top was also an entrance.
So it's a portal down there.
It's only about six feet deep or so, and there's a bulkhead.
Well, that's good.
It's kind of odd, though, having that symbol facing the backside of the mountain.
It seems like there's two tunnels coming in this way.
So we should check the backside of this bulkhead for a masonic symbol.
Sounds good to me.
You seeing anything? No.
I don't see anything.
There's nothing here.
How about these boards here? Yeah.
Let's check those.
- You see anything? - No.
So I'm looking for that same triangle with the eye in it, guys.
There it is.
That's it, Patrick.
That's it.
The very presence of the bulkheads, all bearing the masonic mark, begs the question "why?" So, thinking that we went the wrong way down the tunnel, we checked the other side of the bulkhead for a masonic symbol and we found it, so this confirms that the portal that blasted through the backside of the mountain was actually the entrance.
We came in the wrong way.
- 'Cause we were assuming - It was this way.
Going that way, but this shows us - It's going that way.
- We have to go that way.
This also means that the masons blocked off - another entrance to this mine.
- Yup.
Now we got three of 'em, so we have to go that way.
You're right.
- That's where we got to go.
- What's down there? Don't really know.
We didn't go down there too far and mess around with it, because we saw this bulkhead and decided this is the way we wanted to come.
When we took the bulkhead out, we had a pretty good vein looking at us in the face, so we assumed they'd put that bulkhead up to keep people from mining on that vein, and we really thought we were headed right to the mother lode.
We should head down there now then.
- All right.
- You think that's safe? Yeah.
I think it's all right.
Looks good.
Maybe you should go ahead, Stan.
- Just to make sure.
- Yeah.
You guys lead the way.
When we went through that bulkhead, it could have been the opposite direction, which I had never thought about, and, sure as hell when we went and checked that timber pile after we knocked that bulkhead down, there's only one thing to do That's turn around and go the other direction.
Well, this is where we want to go right now.
If it's anything like last year, that's what the direction we need to go.
That's where our high-grade is, because every place that we found really high-grade gold last year had a bulkhead on it.
Realizing the gold they're searching for could be behind them, the team changes directions, but, as they move back through the tunnel, their handheld instruments immediately begin spiking.
Patrick, I'm getting spikes right here.
The same spot we were getting 'em yesterday.
Right past the raise.
Let me just see that real quick.
We're getting spikes on our meter over here.
We are? Yeah.
It's jumping.
Is there anything over here that could be causing this? No.
I don't have anything back here.
Maybe we should continue on and see if we keep getting - spikes down there.
- Yeah.
Good idea.
You know, Patrick and Kristen have their own deal going on, and they're investigating as we go along.
You know, we have to basically set their job aside and concentrate on what our job is.
Our job is to get through the cave and figure out what's behind there.
Well, there's a cave-in.
- Imagine that.
- There's a cave-in down here? Yeah.
Natural cave-in or a man-made cave-in? Ah, I think it's man-made again.
What do you think, Ed? Looks like somebody blasted the timber down.
Yup, somebody shot the timber down and caved it in.
How's it what do you got? Spikes again? Yeah.
It's just going off.
Was that a voice? You hear that? Put this voice recorder up there.
See if you can record it.
- Like this? - Yeah.
I want to record any of those sounds we're getting.
Did you hear that? - Is there timber back there? - No.
I thought I heard Guys, there's something in here with us.
Is that a voice? The very gold the Crescent miners need to finish up their season with a profit could lie just on the other side of this caved-in tunnel Did you hear that? But as they examine the debris, the group experiences a series of strange, unexpected sounds.
Guys, there's something in here with us.
There's voices and someone working back there.
There ain't nobody back there.
We definitely could hear it.
We started hearing things.
Hand steel, banging on the wall, picks, rocks falling.
You guys can hear better than we can - Yeah.
- Back here.
What do you think that sounds like? Well, step up here so you can hear it, Patrick.
Oh, can I get through there real quick? Yup.
Excuse me, guys.
Do you see anything, Patrick? It's pitch black.
I can't even see that far back there.
That was a footstep.
Someone's back there.
I can't see anything at all.
Now it's more voices.
Is there somebody in here with us? It sounds man, I mean, I hate to say it, but, I mean, it sounds like people working.
It's kind of an odd sound.
I can't tell what's behind the cave-in, so I'm thinking with the bulkhead there's, you know, a lot of timber sets.
It's real old, so I'm thinking that maybe that's where these sounds are coming from.
Well, why don't we all just back out of here so we can figure out how we're gonna de with this? We got to figure out how to get through here.
All right.
I'll let you guys go first.
It looked like timber sets.
It looked like maybe an old stope, and it was caved in.
It was not caved in due to age, ground, you know, squeezing in on it or anything like that.
It was caved in on purpose.
Back in camp, Stan and Eddie discuss the latest developments in the mine with Larry, the mine's owner.
We drove that raise up on that vein, and we broke in to the floor of another drift.
You know, the odd thing about it is we found another bulkhead back there, kind of like what we did last year.
That's kind of weird.
So, it's kind of like a hidden thing that we weren't Well, it's crazy to figure out how many secrets are actually up here in these mountains, isn't it? Yeah.
You know, we've encountered so many different tunnels here, but I believe all this was done in preparation to come back and get into that mother lode.
We're thinking that vein's right in here, that high-grade.
All right.
So, this is what we suspect is and we don't know till we get to the end of it.
So I'm thinking that's the mother lode right there.
God, let's hope so.
It will be.
We're getting close to the end of the mining season and running out of time, and, if we don't hurry up and get something done soon, we're gonna be short-changed this year.
While Stan and Eddie lay out their plan to Larry, over in the investigators' cabin, Kristen and Patrick review their evidence from the past 24 hours.
They're trying to make sense of the multiple bulkheads and the cave-ins they found.
Patrick and I are watching the video footage of his descent into the mine.
There was a large part of the video I did not get to see because I lost video contact with him, so I'm really interested to see what he saw down there and what he found.
What I wanted to show you was the opening here that I found.
So, it looks to me like a portal, even though there's no timber or anything.
It definitely looks man-made.
- Yeah.
- It's definitely going the same direction as the one above it.
It's really tough to say how far it goes back.
Like, I've only seen this bit, and I couldn't go any further, as you could tell.
All this loose rock here in the back.
That could be a cave-in, and there's no way to, like, get the camera through there, so I don't know what it was.
To me, this means that there are two possibilities.
One, the miners before found ore there, tried to get it out, got what they could out, and decided to leave it.
The other option is that there's been a cave-in there, and it would be really interesting to see what's behind that cave-in.
So, we have a bulkhead blocking this tunnel down there.
Up top, we have a bulkhead blocking this entrance coming this way.
We have the bulkhead from last year going from the masons' tunnel.
Everyone assumes this is all part of the same system, so I wonder if there's a bulkhead outside the Crescent, like where the portal is.
I was wondering the same thing too, because we found two different portals, and each of 'em had bulkheads.
So, it would make sense that the Crescent mine would have had one.
- That they sealed it up.
- Yeah.
Kristen and I are curious to see if there was a bulkhead in front of the Crescent mine portal, because, if there was, it could mean that all these tunnels that we're finding and all these bulkheads are part of the same mine.
That they're all connected, and, if they are all connected, why were they bulkheaded off, and what are we finding? Were they trying to keep people out or were they trying to keep somebody or something in? Maybe the crew before our guys, maybe they did tear something down And just never told us.
Maybe they didn't think to look for anything? What's that? What'd you see? It looked like a some sort of movement.
Let me go back.
Go frame-by-frame.
Oh, yeah.
I see what you're saying.
A shadowy figure there.
The camera I was wearing captured a shadow figure in that blocked-off area of the tunnel, and this is the same area that we're getting the very high EMF spikes.
- Let's play it again.
- Yeah.
We were looking in that direction, so we should have seen that.
Can you turn up the volume a little bit? Yeah.
Do you hear something? - I'm not sure.
- Pitch black.
I can't even see that far back there.
What is that? Coming up on Ghost Mine I'm gonna stop it right there.
Despite warnings of a dark presence, Stan pushes ahead I can't go up there and tell them guys to stop.
But will the miners end up paying the price? - Hello? - Jay - Did you see that? - See what? - What's that? - What did you see? While analyzing evidence from their investigation of the newly revealed tunnel opening, Kristen and Patrick are scrutinizing the footage of a shadowy figure and have just realized it may also contain the sound of a disembodied voice.
Can you turn up the volume a little bit? Yeah.
Do you hear something? - I'm not sure.
- Pitch black.
I can't even see that far back there.
I heard something.
Just can't tell what it is.
Pitch black.
I can't even see that far back there.
I can't make out what it's saying.
There's something there.
It's just hard to make out.
It sounds like maybe two syllables.
Two, three syllables? Let me do the headphones.
He listened with headphones, I listened with headphones, and it definitely sounded like some sort of foreign language we were picking up.
I can't be certain, but I'm assuming it's Chinese.
It has that same kind of cadence to it.
That same kind of sound.
So, we'll send it to my friend again and see if he can translate this for us.
It's strange, 'cause, if this is a Chinese EVP, this is the first time we've encountered anything like this inside the mine.
We've had the Chinese walls we have in different areas, but never inside the mine like this.
The EVP sounds like it could be in Chinese.
It sounds like some of the ones that we captured in the past, so right now we need to get it translated and hopefully figure out what it's saying.
He should get back to us pretty quick.
As Patrick and Kristen work out their next move, inside the mine, Stan has already sent Jay and Dingus into the raise to start clearing the debry from the cave-in.
Yeah, so nobody's been back here, Jay.
No one's gone back there? No.
Nobody's been on the other side yet.
Man, look at all this.
- Yeah.
- This is a mess.
What do you think this was up in here? Well, it kind of looks like an old stope.
So they find a vein, and they just kind of follow it up? Yup.
If the grade was high enough, they just chased after it.
Now, looking at this quartz right he above you, Jay - Oh, yeah.
- Right through there.
I'd say the grade was high enough to turn and go up.
So, Dingus and I have been given the responsibility to go back there and clean up that muck pile.
Apparently it was a stope of some sort that had actually collapsed at one point, and one of those pieces of timber is holding up a lot of weight.
If we pull out the wrong one, that whole thing could come down and ruin everything we've been doing back there trying to clean this thing up.
Maybe start right here? Let me hand this up to you.
Let me get this other ladder piece.
Aware of the miners' plan to break through the debris pile as quickly as possible - Hey, Stan.
- Hey.
Patrick and Kristen rush over to the cook shack to share their latest findings with Stan as well as a word of warning.
Can we sit down and chat with you for a minute? You bet.
No problem.
Well, Kristen and I were going through the evidence from our investigation in that new area from the blasted The outside of the mountain to the cave-in Right.
And we captured something on video that we want to show you.
So, this first piece of video and this is the camera I was wearing when I was rappelling.
I'm gonna stop it right there.
Kind of look like a figure.
It's not our shadows, and it's the only time we saw the shadow there.
Kind of eerie, isn't it? Kind of concerns us as well.
That's why we wanted to bring it to your attention right away, because we know you're working that area.
Once you get through this cave-in, it's gonna take you into that same tunnel as last year, right? Yeah, we're expecting that that's where it's at.
That's where the mother lode is.
Yeah, 'cause we were talking up at the P.
shack, and we're thinking the same thing, that this cave-in is the other side of where Dingus had that attack.
His attack.
I'm telling you there's somebody back here.
Oh, I don't feel good, Bart.
Last year we really did leave feeling that whatever was back there was something dark, and, if we re-open that area again, there's a chance we'll encounter it again.
I mean, we haven't got any choice.
I got miners up there opening it up right now, and, if we don't get it opened, everybody goes home broke.
I can't go up there and tell them guys to stop.
You know, it's unfortunate, but that's business, and that's the way it is.
We got to get back in there.
We got to get back in there and make some money.
We do have one more piece of evidence that we'd like you to listen to.
We caught something on our video clip, the same clip that you just watched.
Patrick enhanced the audio, and, actually while you see the shadow figure, you also hear something as well.
We want you to listen to that.
All right.
You'll hear something.
Pitch black.
I can't even see that far back there.
What was that? Can you back it up and play it again? - Yeah.
- Pitch black.
I can't even see that far back there.
It sounded like that Chinese like you played for us before.
That's what we thought too, so we took that clip and sent it to the guy who's been doing all our translations for us.
And it basically translates into English to "demon.
" Are you telling me there's a demon in the mine? We're not quite sure yet.
We do need to do some research on what that means to the Chinese culture.
If that is demon, if it's an elemental, what exactly that all encompasses, and then we'll know for sure and obviously bring - that information to you.
- Great.
Something I think is interesting and something I think we really need to pay close attention to is that the closer you guys get to getting that gold, the higher level of activity we get.
So, I mean, that's something to keep in mind too.
Very similar also to the story of the blue devil at the octave mine that we just visited.
Some sort of entity or energy guarding gold or hoarding gold, not wanting anybody in the mine.
Well, I got to tell you guys.
We got a lot of work to do to get this thing finished, and I just can't I just can't stop the guys right now.
I mean, I appreciate everything you're telling me, but we got to go.
I'd ask, if you get through that cave-in and it is the same tunnel, whatever your maximum safety procedures are, I'd say put those in place.
We will.
Definitely will.
- Sounds good.
- All right.
Thanks a lot.
- Thank you.
- I really appreciate it.
Thanks, man.
With Patrick and Kristen's warnings going unheeded, work on the cave-in in the new drift continues.
However, it's not long before Dingus and Jay experience something unexplainable.
- What's up? - What? Did you just tap me on the shoulder? No.
I didn't tap your shoulder.
Come on, Jay.
Jay and Dingus are working to clear the cave-in off the new drift in the eastern tunnel, when Jay experiences a strange encounter.
- What's up? - What? Did you just tap me on the shoulder? No.
I didn't tap your shoulder.
Someone or something taps me on the shoulder, and, as I turn around, you know, I ask Dingus, "what's up?" And he's got his back to me, but something did touch me back there.
All right.
Let's get back to business.
All right.
Putting the strange sensation aside for now, Jay and Dingus continue their work on the cave-in.
Outside, the paranormal investigators - pull Larry aside - Hey, Larry.
To question him regarding their theory Hey, guys.
How's it going? That the front portal, the main entrance of the Crescent mine, was also once blocked by a bulkhead.
Can we just have a moment of your time real quick? - Yeah.
- Just a quick question.
When you first opened the Crescent mine last year, did you notice a bulkhead in the portal? You know, I don't recall a bulkhead, but, when I first opened it up, there was a major rush of water, and there were some old timber setshat came out with it.
There could have been a bulkhead at one time, but, if there was, it might have been rotted.
All that wood is up on the old tailing pile.
You're more than welcome to take a look if you'd like.
Yeah, if you don't mind.
- Not at all.
- Okay.
If we do indeed find out that there was a bulkhead in front of the Crescent, this could mean that someone or some group of people tried to block all the entrances of the Crescent.
- That's the pile.
- This is gonna take forever.
But reaching the debris pile Yeah.
That's a lot.
They're dismayed by what they find.
The best thing to do is divide and conquer.
All right? All right.
- Let's go.
- Let's get started.
As Patrick and Kristen begin their search for pieces of wood bearing clues from the Crescent's masonic past - Careful of the nails, Patrick.
- All right.
Back in the mine, in the drift above the raise - Thing's heavy.
- Dingus and Jay clear away the debris pile that could be standing between them and the rich face of gold they've been looking for all season.
Pretty solid in there.
We may have to pinhole around it.
If you remember what the wood on the bulkhead looked like, we're looking for more, like, plank types.
Looking at this pile of debris, I'm thinking it's gonna take us a while to find what we're looking for.
Pretty much is a needle in a haystack.
This wood's so brittle.
Just falls part in the hand.
What are you doing? Hello? Jay.
- Did you see that? - See what? - Hello? - And just as Jay tries to make sense of what he sees, the search outside turns up some someting amazing.
What are you looking at, Jay? Kristen? Look at this one.
It's pretty weathered.
When you hold the blade there, you can see it.
That's what we're looking for, right there.
That's our proof.
- You didn't see that? - See what?