Ghost Mine (2013) s02e12 Episode Script

The Final Barrier

Tonight on the season finale of Ghost Mine Let's do it.
With winter rushing in and the mother lode within reach Come here, take a look at this.
The miners hit a mysterious barrier.
What in the hell is that? And when the activity turns aggressive - Aah.
- Oh, my God.
The future is in jeopardy.
I'd just as soon not go back.
Fire in the hole.
Will the mystery of the mountain at last be revealed? I feel like we're so close.
We're just missing one little piece.
Oh, [Bleep].
- Or will the men - Get out of here.
Pay a terrible price? - Aah! - Whoa! This could possibly be the answers that we're looking for.
Lord have mercy on a proud man's soul Blood so deep that it never runs cold Lord have mercy on a proud man's soul Devil's gonna fight you when you find that gold Lord have mercy on a proud man's soul for weeks, the men of the Crescent have risked everything, in hopes of hitting the big strike before winter's arrival signals the season end.
Somebody shot the timber down and caved it in.
After discovering a mysterious cave-in in the tunnel above the eastern drift, the crew hurries to clear away the barrier blocking what could be the way to the high-grade face of gold and a big payday.
This is gonna take forever.
Outside the mine, Patrick and Kristen also dig through a debris pile, looking for evidence of a wooden bulkhead the freemasons built at the front of the mine.
Look at this one.
And they may have just found what they're looking for.
Can definitely see it in the sun, right there.
- Yeah.
- There's our symbol.
That's what we're looking for, right there.
That's our proof.
They all had bulkheads in front of 'em.
It's the eyeball.
I think this kind of confirms our theory, that the masons tried to cover up every single entrance that we know of to the Crescent mine.
I don't know at this point whether they put the bulkhead there to keep people out or to keep something in.
- Gotta find out why.
- Yeah.
With the mystery deepening outside the mine, back at the site of the cave-in, Jay and Dingus find the strange activity encountered earlier appears to continue.
What are you doing? - You didn't see that? - See what? Hello? There's in the back.
Here, let me look.
I don't see nothing.
What I had seen was a figure, something.
And it was a shadow that had moved, back in behind that muck pile.
Let's get back to work.
Did you see it? Let's just get back to work.
Come on.
Let's do it.
In the investigators' cabin, Patrick and Kristen, aware that a series of bulkheads once sealed the mine up tight, work to make sense of the complex paranormal puzzle that seems to surround the entire area.
I'm looking through my notes and all my research.
And I just feel there's so many puzzle pieces, but there has to be some sort of link.
There has to be something that's staring us in the face that we're just not quite seeing.
It seems we've had activity in this area and right near this area.
We have the b&b.
We have, obviously, the dredge.
We have the Elkhorn.
We have the depot in McEwen, where the massacre occurred, Geiser Grand Hotel.
And then you add all these elements to it.
What could be haunting these places? We have Chinese miners.
We have the masons.
Could Joe still be running around here? Even the native Americans they believe everything has a spirit, and those spirits were disturbed when they came through here to mine.
We have whatever's in the mine, either guarding the mine or guarding the gold.
And then we have the shadow figure.
Who or what is the shadow figure? When you think about it, when we've seen it and we've followed it, it seems like it's leading us to these locations where we're finding clues.
And if it wasn't for the shadow figure, we wouldn't know anything about the Chinese history in this area or the massacres.
I personally think it's a Chinese miner.
Now what if there's so much quartz in this mountain here, that, uh, it's just holding so much power? And it could be what's feeding whatever's back there at the face, like, what got you sick and Dingus sick last year.
That could be why the masons bulk-headed everything off, blasted it shut, and walked away.
I feel like we're so close.
We're just missing that, like, one little piece.
[Sighs] Back in the mine, the crew is at last ready to blast away the rest of the debris field around the cave-in in the eastern drift.
What'd he say, four to a hole? Yeah.
Whatever chance the men have for a big payday is on the other side of this barrier.
Here's the money shot, baby.
We're now knowing where these four drifts were headed for.
We're thinking that's where the mother lode's at.
That's what we're hoping for.
I think we can get to it before we get snowed out.
- Fire in the hole.
- Fire in the hole! After a series of near misses, the miners are all acutely aware that this blast could make or break their season.
All right.
[Explosion] [Laughter] That was awesome.
All right.
[All cheering] With the smoke cleared, Buckett and Jay quickly begin barring down any loose hanging rock.
You know, at this point, this is really our last chance.
We can see timber sits back there.
We know there's something back there.
We know they've been mining back there.
And I just I pray this is what leads us into that that old drift.
In the investigators' cabin, as Patrick and Kristen prepare their equipment to join the exploration in the eastern tunnel, they can't help but wonder what they'll find.
Thank you.
Clearing that area could mean that whatever we encountered last year would be released.
At this point, we don't know.
I'm really excited, but at the same time, cautious to get through there.
And with the mine declared safe to enter Let's do it.
The investigators join Stan and Eddie and make their way to the newly opened drift to see what the blast has revealed.
[Water dripping] Got through it all right.
The cave.
Oh, look at all the old timber, Ed.
This reminds me of the Mason tunnel.
You guys watch out for this old timber.
It's just it's falling apart.
So just try not to bump into it too much.
Well, it looks to me like we're going in the right direction this time.
- Let's go look over here.
- Okay.
It looks like they just, uh, found whatever they could laying around and stuck it up on the walls.
- Like this right here? - Yeah.
Railroad ties.
We should probably keep an eye out for any symbols too.
They're on the maybe on the wood or rocks.
Here, I wanna take a picture.
Emf spikes everywhere in here.
I'm not even moving, and it's spiking.
I'm fluctuating from .
1, .
2, .
5, back down to 0.
Did we lose Stan and Eddie? Guys? Hey, guys? We just found a little station back here.
There's their muck sheets.
Yeah, muck sheet.
Is that a cave-in or a crosscut? Ah, it looks like it's just a little crosscut, and then they started throwing their extra timber in there.
Hey, look at that.
What in the hell is that? Coming up on Ghost Mine Take a look at this.
Will the miners hit the wall Whoever built this did not want us to get back there.
Or push too far and pay the price? All right, that's it.
We're out of here.
- Get out of here.
- Go.
- Go, go, go, go! - Go.
While looking to see what recent blasting has revealed in the eastern tunnel - That looks good.
- Yeah.
Stan and Eddie have made a startling discovery.
Oh, no.
What in the hell is that? They find what appears to be a massive man-made wall.
What we found back there was absolutely amazing.
I mean, they put a lot of time and effort into this thing.
Whoever built this did not want us or anybody to get back beyond this bulkhead.
- Better call them.
- Patrick, Kristen? Yeah? You guys, come here, take a look at this.
What do you got? Bulkhead.
Built it like a vault.
This wall is clearly man-made, and it's sealing off the tunnel completely.
- Oh, my God.
- You seeing this? The guys are calling it a bulkhead, but this is not like any bulkhead that we've ever seen before.
I mean, they actually built this one out of rock.
This took a while to build.
Which means they definitely don't want anyone back there.
- Right.
- Which tells me this is more than likely where we wanna be.
The K2's going crazy against this wall.
I'm getting little spikes over here too, Patrick.
Getting major spikes all along this thing.
Well, this would be the work of the masons, I'm guessing.
Well, they did a good job.
They put a nice arch in it.
Yeah, they did.
As Patrick examines the surface, a series of impressions catches his eye.
Just a second.
Look at that.
Look at what? - Right here.
- Yeah.
- See that? - Oh, yeah.
Is that a triangle? There's three of 'em.
Three triangles? Three triangles, right up here.
Three sets of three.
This reminds me of the three stones that we used to triangulate the entrance to the masonic tunnel last year.
[Grunts] Rock one, rock two, rock three.
There you go.
According to the map, it's right there.
It's gotta be right in here, guys.
There's definitely something back there.
Yeah, but it may not be what you want it to be.
Unaware that Stan and Eddie have already explored beyond the cave-in, the rest of the crew meets for lunch in the cook shack.
And as always, the men take a moment to show their appreciation for all of Jamol's hard work.
It amazes me every day when I think the food can never get any worse, - it does.
- It does.
I'm scared to even look at it.
All right, boys, I hear a lot of whining and not enough mining going on.
[Laughter] Inevitably with miners, the talk turns to the mine, and the men let off some steam.
You guys get that muck pile out of the way yet? - Yeah.
- I need to get back there, get some samples.
If it's anything like the rest of the samples we've been pulling, it's getting better as we go back.
The only problem is, the closer we get to better rock, you notice things get stranger.
Yeah, it's getting damn weird back there.
I could even take my hearing aids out and hear strange noises.
So you guys are hearing the noises too? Exactly what are you guys hearing? Are you hearing people in there? Yeah, like a mining crew.
All of us finally telling each other what we're hearing, I think that's helping a little bit.
You know, a crew like this normally doesn't do that.
But it's just getting too damn strange to keep to ourselves.
Something was back there.
Straight back in that drift, I saw someone, like a shadow, walk from one rib to the next.
You saw that back today, behind the muck pile, didn't you? II ain't seen nothing.
I'm fairly certain that Dingus saw it.
You know, I'm wondering if he's not trying to just keep his mouth shut and ignore it.
Did you say anything to Stan about that? No.
Well, him and Eddie and Patrick and red's back there right now in that drift.
They're back there right now? Yes, they are.
Back in the mine, the paranormal investigators are still trying to make sense of the strange symbols carved into the newly discovered bulkhead and the unexpected readings they're getting at the face.
We've gone down at least 6 degrees since we entered in here.
[Distant rumbling] You guys hear that? I heard that.
I was hearing noises from all around me, not just one area.
It was a little bit to my left, behind me, to my side.
I can't pinpoint it.
Where's it coming from? I'm not sure.
It sounded like from behind that wall.
I don't know, Stan.
I'm not liking what I'm seeing here.
Ah, hell.
We need to see what's back here.
What are you doing? I wanna see if I can't look behind this thing.
When I actually seen the symbols on this bulkhead, I was I was very excited.
Because if those same symbols pointed to where we were last year and we've just found the same symbols again, that means we've we're coming into some good money right there.
The first thing I wanted to see you know, how thick it is, how well-built it is, so I started chipping away at the corner of it.
[Coughing] [All coughing] What the hell is that? There was a rush of air that come through there.
It was the most foul-smelling thing I've ever smelled in my entire life.
Is that something you've smelled before? No.
It smelled horrible.
Like, I mean, it smelled like someone was dead back there.
Is that a gas we gotta worry about? No, I don't think it's poisonous.
It's just foul-smelling.
- Oh, jeez.
- Ow.
What's wrong? - What's wrong? - What's wrong? - Eddie, what's wrong? - My side is - good God.
- Jeez.
Coming up on Ghost Mine Hey, Stan, we gotta get out of here.
With the paranormal activity hitting a fever pitch Oh, my God.
Okay, come on, guys.
The crew approaches the point of no return.
[Rumbling] - All right, that's it.
- Aah! Whoa! Trying to determine the makeup and thickness of a mysterious old stone wall blocking their way to what could be a rich face of gold, Eddie picks and scrapes at the barrier.
- Ow.
- But a sudden, shocking encounter ratchets up the possible danger, and to Patrick, could serve as a warning.
Is something biting me right there or what? Oh, my God.
We couldn't tell what was wrong with Eddie.
He lifted up his shirt, and it was bright red.
You okay, son? Yeah, it's just burning.
So Kristen decided to take some photographs.
And when she did, the full-spectrum camera caught an unusual burn or some kind of rash.
Eddie, just look at this.
And you got broken blood vessels in there too.
I saw a red mark.
But I couldn't see anything biting me, anything you know, maybe a bug or anything like that.
I-I couldn't see anything that would've made that mark.
Hey, Stan, we gotta get out of here.
- I agree.
- I gotta call this one.
- All right.
- You all right, Ed? - Yeah.
- You gonna make it? - Yeah.
- Go ahead, grab your stuff.
Let's go.
Patrick just put his foot down and said, "we have to go now.
" I wasn't gonna argue with him.
I wanted to get out of there too.
I've usually got an explanation for pretty much everything that happens.
This this one, I can't explain.
At the nightly campfire, the crew of the Crescent discusses the latest developments in the mine.
And they're having a hard time hiding their concern.
It's been a rough couple days.
- All: Yeah.
- It has.
So how's all the equipment doing? Well, we got back there past that cave.
Yeah? And, uh, we found a wall.
I mean, a big wall.
- Like a face? - No.
This is a stone-mortared wall.
It was built just like a vault.
And, uh, somebody doesn't want us to get in there.
Well, that could be good.
Well, you'll have to ask Ed.
Nothing's the matter.
I I'm fine.
___ Let's just figure out how we're gonna go about our task.
What we need to be talking about, what we need to figure out is how we're gonna get around this bulkhead.
Now, what we were thinking, Ed and I, was that we'll try to drill through it, shoot a blast if we can't break it.
Then we'll have to just divert and go around it.
With the miners preparing to blast through the man-made stone barrier, Patrick and Kristen return to the scene of Eddie's encounter to see if the source of the unexpected incident could be paranormal.
I just wanna double-check everything, make sure we didn't miss any symbols - or anything on the way.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm already getting spikes, like we were getting before.
Yeah, same here on K2.
3, jumps up to .
Yeah, 'cause mine's jumping too.
I'm gonna do an EVP session right here, since we're getting spikes.
Patrick and Kristen in the tunnel leading to the wall.
Who built this tunnel? K2's going wild right now.
What was the year that you worked in this mine? We know you're in here with us right now.
Is there a message you're trying to give us? [Thud] Pieces of wood just fall down? I can't tell what it was.
I don't see anything loose here.
Well, I'm gonna move out of this area.
But right before that happened, I heard something right here, around this corner.
I just wanna keep an eye down this tunnel.
Are you still getting spikes? Yeah, it's been like this the whole time, just fluctuating just like that.
What could be creating that? Wanna know what I'm really thinking? Whatever's behind that wall.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.
Moving down the drift, the team at last comes to the barrier erected long ago.
Here's the stone bulkhead.
It smells better than last time, huh? Just get the thermal up.
You can see on thermal, the wall is, like, perfectly outlined there.
So it's definitely a little bit warmer - than the surrounding area.
- Mm-hmm.
So there is something back there.
I'm gonna continue the EVP session up here.
Who built this wall? Why did you build this wall? Getting consistent spikes here.
- It's not stopping.
- Me too.
Was this wall built to keep something inside? [Faint growling] What is that? Was this wall built to keep something inside? Investigating in the area around the mysterious stone wall where Eddie experienced a frightening encounter by an unseen force, Patrick and Kristen are hearing a series of strange and unnerving sounds.
I can't see anything back there thermal.
Who's back there? Can you hear us? [Faint growl] [Faint growl] Where'd that come from? Sounded like it was coming from back there.
That vibrated everything around us though.
Back up.
- You all right? - I can't see where I'm going.
I got ya.
[Faint growl] Patrick, that doesn't sound good.
Something is back there.
For the first time this year, I'm feeling really shooken up and completely confused.
Look at my look at the K2.
It's locked.
It's not even fluctuating anymore.
It's just a solid spike now.
That's the same sort of noise we were getting from last year.
- We should get out of here.
- Yeah.
I think it's time to leave.
I don't really know what happened back there, but I'm starting to get a little bit worried.
With morning's light, the investigators urgently gather the crew together in the cook shack.
The paranormal activity appears to be on the rise, and Patrick and Kristen want the men to be aware of the possible danger.
Well, guys, thanks for taking the time and meeting with us.
We know you're close, and you wanna get back to work.
But we do have a lot of important information to go over with you guys.
We've been to the masonic wall twice now.
The high EMF spikes Eddie, you were physically attacked.
And then Kristen and I went back for a second time to do investigation.
We have a photograph to show you guys, and it's at the keystone above the wall.
As you can see, it's three sets of three dots, which equals nine.
And nine, to the masons it's a very feared number.
That basically means the world under the influence of evil.
So what we're thinking is that the masons put this wall up to keep that energy in, and they put the symbol on the wall to keep people out.
We have found the all-seeing eye on two bulkheads now.
So that got Patrick and I thinking.
What happens if there's a bulkhead with an all-seeing eye in the entrance of the Crescent mine, when Larry first opened it? So we went through the rubble pile, looking for a piece of wood with this sort of marking.
There it is again.
See it right here? The triangle with the eye in the front.
- A little hard to make out.
- Oh, yeah.
- You can overlook that, easy.
- Yeah.
We think this confirms our theory that the masons put bulkheads with the all-seeing eye at every known portal, and they blasted it shut.
Okay, what does that have to do with our situation? Honestly, if this is what we think it is, you guys are stepping into danger.
The signs are here.
The masons left a sign to keep people out.
And we think that there may be more than one thing going on here at this mine.
I think most of us have heard miners working, miners talking, equipment being used, when nobody else is in there.
So those sounds would be, basically, a residual haunt.
It's just there, you're hearing it.
It can't interact with you.
It can't harm you.
Another type of activity that we may be dealing with is a intelligent haunt, some spirit trying to communicate with you for instance, the shadow figure.
It seems that every time we encounter this shadow figure, it's leading us to a location.
Well, is he trying to do something to us? We don't think that it's here to hurt you.
It might be bringing to light the tragedy that happened here.
Well, that gets us into the third type of haunting that we're bringing to you guys.
Kristen and I went back for a second time - to do investigation.
- Mm-hmm.
This is something that we heard with our own ears.
So I'm gonna play it for you guys, and I just want your honest opinions about it.
Can you hear us? [Faint growling] What the hell was that? It felt, um, foreboding, aggressive, like it could've possibly been a warning.
Could you play that again, Patrick? Yes.
Can you hear us? [Faint growling] I've never heard anything like that, never.
We think this is an inhuman haunt.
Common claims associated with an inhuman haunting are, uh, being touched, being pushed, scratched, very violent acts against people.
And if you look around this table Kristen got sick.
Dingus, you got sick.
Eddie, you had your experience.
Also what Larry's first crew experienced.
One of the miners told stories of being pushed down.
It's a definite feeling.
I mean, it's literally like someone put their hands on your chest and starts pushing you backwards.
A lot of stuff they could possibly do that could harm you.
We know you guys want your payday, and we understand that.
And we know how important that is to you guys.
All we can do is inform you of the dangers.
So you guys have to make a decision yourselves, how safe you feel going back there.
Our opinion is it's not safe.
It's dangerous.
We don't think you should.
Coming up on Ghost Mine - I say we do it.
- I'm gonna have to vote no.
Will the miners take heed of the paranormal investigators' warnings What the hell happened? Too late? - Aah! - Whoa! While sharing the evidence from their latest investigation of the drift leading up to the mysterious old bulkhead Patrick and Kristen make a final plea for caution.
So you guys have to make a decision yourselves, how safe you feel going back there.
Our opinion is, it's not safe.
It's dangerous.
We don't think you should.
Obviously, it's gonna have to be your own decision, your own choice.
You know, we always vote on all these decisions.
So if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go ahead and make a decision here and kick it around.
- All right.
- Patrick, Red, - thank you.
That was good.
- All right.
___ - Good job.
- Both: Thanks, guys.
We'll be up at the P.
shack if you need us.
Okay, thanks, Patrick.
- Thanks, guys.
- Yep.
Well, guys, you heard everything they had to say.
What do you guys think about what they were telling us? - How do you feel on this? - Well, I'm I'm not really sure, to be honest with you guys.
I mean, they got some pretty pretty strong evidence.
As the men discuss their next move, in the investigators' cabin, Patrick and Kristen can only await the outcome.
Okay, think about worst-case scenarios.
The majority votes yes, and they go in there working, tear down that wall, and encounter the same dark energy, whatever's back there.
All we can do is hope that they make the right decision.
So what we're gonna do now is we're gonna put it to a vote.
And remember, the majority rules.
Whatever you guys decide, that's what we're gonna do.
So, Mikey, what do you say? I'm all for it.
I'm here to work.
I'm here to make some money.
I'm with you guys.
All right.
Buckett? Dingus? Well, you know me, boss.
I'm with you, no matter what you decide to do, stay or go.
And, Eddie? I'm going.
I say we do it.
What about you, Jay? After everything I just heard, I'd just as soon not go back.
All right.
I can respect that.
How about you, Jamol? I'm gonna have to vote no.
All right, that's fine.
Duck? I'm just not gonna make it.
I'm gonna have to vote no, Stan.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
I can respect that, Duck.
Okay, thank you.
So, Dick, it's up to you.
If he says no, then I'm the tiebreaker, guys.
Myself, Stan, uh Like, how are we supposed to protect these guys, since we can't really protect 'em, Patrick.
We don't even know what this thing is.
All we know is that it's - Are you kidding me? - No.
I really thought they weren't going to.
The monitors before them tell the story.
The crew has voted to go back into the mine.
I can't believe they're doing this.
Come on.
And at this point, all Patrick and Kristen can do is follow.
Our devices can't stop something from happening, but they can tell us when activity is ramping up.
And hopefully we'll be able to warn them before something bad happens.
[Tense music] Check this out.
Yeah, check it out, Buckett.
- Isn't it? - Uh-huh.
Ed and I decided to take Buckett into the mine with us, go check the wall out.
They did some work on that, didn't they? They built that sucker to keep us out, that's for sure.
Yeah, but I'm not sure how thick it is, you know, how far back it goes.
Yeah, that's what we gotta figure out.
So we'll start drilling here, but if it gets you know, if starts getting ratty or whatever, we don't break through it, we'll just take a slab out of that rib with it.
Both: Yeah.
Yeah, what we gotta do now is figure out what's the easiest way to get to it.
When I was in here yesterday, I knocked that little chunk out of that corner there, and it was the most God-awful smell you ever smelled.
Not too concerned about it right now, as I am getting on the other side.
- I'm ready.
- Guys? We're trying to figure out how we're gonna get through this.
So you are going through? I mean, we have to go through there.
This is where our money's at, right here.
Especially after what happened to you? I mean, I I know what you guys think and all, but we have to get behind this bulkhead, because that's where our payday is back there.
What was that? All of a sudden, we heard it sounded like voices or a voice, and I couldn't make it out.
Air coming through there.
[Faint growling] What the hell? ___ - No.
- Yeah, we've been hearing that this whole time we've come near this wall, guys.
And what follows isn't good.
___ - Not after - I don't think you want to.
Not after what happened to Eddie.
- [Faint groaning] - Oh! Guys, this isn't right.
[Crumbling] Yeah.
- No, it's coming from back there.
- ___ Is it, like, air from concussion? [Rocks falling] Okay, come on, guys.
That thing's working.
[Rumbling] All right, that's it.
We're out of here.
- Go.
- Let's go.
- Come on, let's go.
- Go, go.
- Come on.
- Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go! Get out of here.
Hurry up.
Go, partner.
Go, go, go! [Bleep].
- Come on, Jay! - Come on, Jay.
Get out of here.
Jay, come on.
Come on, that raise is coming in.
Get out here, Stan.
Get out here.
- It's coming in.
- What was that? - The whole thing's coming in.
- You all right? [Explosion] - You hear that? - Yeah.
No, it's coming from back there.
While standing at the face of a mysterious old bulkhead a barrier that could be standing between the crew and the mother lode of gold they've been chasing all season Stan notices the first telltale signs of a cave-in.
Okay, come on, guys.
That thing's working.
[Rumbling] All right, that's it, we're out of here.
- Go.
- Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Go, go.
Go, go, go, go! Let's get out of here.
Hurry up.
Go, partner.
Go, go, go! [Bleep].
- Come on, Jay! - Come on, Jay.
Get out of here.
Jay, come on.
Come on, that raise is coming in.
Get out here, Stan.
Get out here.
- It's coming in.
- What was that? - The whole thing's coming in.
- You all right? [Explosion] Aah! Whoa! [Bleep].
- What the hell happened? - What is that? - You okay? - You all right, Jay? Is anybody else in there? What happened? - Jay, you all right? - Yeah.
The whole thing's coming in.
Is everybody okay? - Is everybody out here? - Do a head count, head count.
We got everybody? Whew.
Everybody's out, everybody's out.
It was very close.
When we all got out, the whole thing is coming down behind us.
And we got out maybe maybe a second before the entire thing collapsed.
It was as close as I ever wanna be.
Was that not a cave-in? It was a rock burst.
The ground just blows inward.
- That's it.
- That's it? We're done, guys.
You can't fix that.
___ No.
___ No way.
If the air blast was bad enough to do this out here, you know what it did in there? Everybody's out, but everything else is done.
You know, I don't know if it was a booby trap, air blast, or what.
One thing I know for sure, it caved in.
And that Crescent's done.
But at least we all walk away together.
- Are you all right? - Let's go.
It happened so fast.
And to look back now and see this entire mine collapse, it's pretty frustrating.
You know, I don't know what to do.
The miners have been fortunate enough to escape with their lives.
However, as night falls, all the men can do is sit around the campfire and try to make sense of the devastating collapse.
I know this wasn't what we were hoping for, but I'd rather be going home even than not going home at all.
Well, I gotta agree with you.
___ Tell you the truth, Buckett, I don't think we got time to get back in there.
I thought I was gonna be coming up here and getting rich.
Turned out I broke even, and I'm gonna have to go find somewhere else to work.
Maybe Patrick and Kristen are right.
Something doesn't want us in there.
And, I mean, it sounds kinda corny, but you know how the miners used to make offerings to appease the spirits? ___ If we ever wanna get back in there, I mean, I say it's worth a shot.
You know, it's not a bad idea.
You know, if we do plan to come back, maybe we I don't know, put some kind of monument.
Maybe this monument, this offering would appease the spirits that are up here.
- Put to rest.
- Mm-hmm.
I like that.
Well, what's the next step, boss? I'd say the next step is, we pack our stuff up and get off this mountain.
[Birds chirping] After a few short days of closing up the jobsite Let's do it, huh? Yeah, let's get out of here.
The crew of the Crescent comes together one last time.
The men have decided to leave something behind, an offering in tribute to all miners everywhere, who have lived, chasing a golden dream.
The granite monument is placed at what was once the mine's entrance, overlooking the entire Sumpter valley.
I'm not a real deeply religious man, but if you guys get a chance, I'd appreciate it if you could say a prayer for those that aren't with us.
I think it's a great thing, it's an honorable thing, and I think all miners would be very proud of it.
It's a great monument, guys.
[Applause] The inscription on the monument, it really meant something to me.
Whether it was, uh, to appease spirits or just to honor the people that do our type of work, I think it was the right thing to do.
You know, after the dedication to the fallen miners, the guys come up, touch the stone, and walked away with a different look on their face.
It brought their spirits back up, and it also showed how concerned they can really be for other people.
After the long season, it's time to part ways.
The crew didn't find the face of gold that would've made them rich, but the men won't be leaving the mountain empty-handed.
They've made enough to pay their families' bills another year.
And with their health intact, the miners can look forward to the prospects of working together again, another day at another mine.
- Well, we're all packed up.
- All right.
Well, I gotta tell you guys, I'm real proud of all you.
You did a hell of a job.
And I wanna thank Patrick and Kristen.
- Definitely.
- Thank you, Stan.
Yeah, thank you.
And I'll mine anywhere with all you guys.
The only real problem we have is the same as last year Jamol's cooking.
Thanks for making Taco Tuesdays so good, guys.
Oh, no, no.
Thank you.
Well, there's an old saying, you know? Close one portal, open another.
Sounds like a plan.
Yeah, don't slow your truck down, Stan.
I'm gonna run into the back of ya.
[Chuckles] Well, what about you two? - Yeah, we're part of the team.
- That's right.
Yeah, thanks for keeping us safe.
I don't think I've ever been this close to a crew in my life.
And, uh, I made some damn fine friends.
Patrick, I'm gonna miss you guys.
- Dingus, yep.
- Red.
For Patrick and Kristen, it's been a one-of-a-kind investigation, matched only by getting to know the miners themselves.
- Greybeard.
- See you in Arizona.
I definitely will miss the guys.
I think I've made some really good friendships here, and I've gotten to know their families.
And I really care about these guys.
I hope I get to see 'em again.
Boss man.
All right.
It's been great.
We'll get you on the jackleg this time.
- Next time, yep.
- All right.
You know, I've been mining for a lot of years.
You break your back trying to reach that goal.
The damn thing kicked our butt, but we gave it one hell of a fight.
Hopefully, we'll have another mine real soon for them to all get back together, and we'll be a crew again.