Ghosts (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

Gone Gone

Now, you hear that?
That's a song thrush. Now, once we
strike out into the fields,
we'll hear a great variety
of different birds.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed
for a reed warbler.
All right, team, packs on.
Oh, it would be lovely
if we had packs, wouldn't it?
Yes, it would, Patrick.
Sorry, when you said
Dawn Chorus Club,
I thought you meant
we'd be singing.
No. Just the birds, Kitty.
Will there be tits?
Only joined so I could say that.
SNIGGERING Typical, Julian.
And you can stop
that sniggering, Robin.
Where's Robin?
I don't want to be
a harbinger of doom
He does.
But I haven't seen him
for two days.
Three, now you come
to mention it.
Oh, no. You don't think?
He's been sucked off.
Lucky beggar.
Oh, you don't really think
he's gone, do you?
Wh-wh-wh-what if he has?
What if he has?
What would we do?
Hold Hold!
No. There he is. 12 o'clock.
Oh, goodness. Oh, dear.
Well, that's a relief.
That was a right old scare.
For a moment there,
I thought that he'd, erm
Just been watching
my mouse family.
They had little babies.
It was very nice.
It's Mary.
She's gone.
So, who wants to see
a mouse baby? Eh?
Just gone?
She was there.
And then she was not there.
It was all very sudden.
A whoosh and then pff!
Why her? Why now?
What does it mean?
Who died?
All right, who died? Mike
It's Mary.
Mary? From the farm shop?
She's, like, 35.
How did she? No. No.
Our Mary.
She's moved on,
or-or passed over.
Oh. The one that smells
like toast,
spies on me in the bathroom?
She's gone?
Oh, come here.
It's what she wanted, Alison.
Yeah. She was always talking
about being sucked off.
Moving on.
I don't think
we need dwell on it.
No point fussing.
Well, she's gone,
and I don't know what to do!
Ah. Going to be
one of those days, is it?
I'll go and see if she's
all right, poor little thing.
Well, this all looks very jolly.
Lots to sort out, I imagine.
I can help if you like.
Please may I help? I'd like help.
Yeah, yeah, if you like.
Erm, Mike's booked a birthday party
for the ballroom today. Party?
Yeah. Ethel and Biddy's
86th birthday.
There's going to be cakes
and tea and dancing.
Dancing?! I am all over this one.
Entertainer - booked. Wine - sorted.
Food - a tick, a tick.
Old ladies, they love me.
This is going to be
Button House perfection.
Jolly good. Something to organise.
Robin, there's a great
deal to organise first, so
I am sorry for your loss,
by the way.
Or not loss, whatever it is.
Take your time. I got this.
Kitty, love
There, there, pet.
Hey. Stop crying.
She's gone, Pat. She's gone.
No. No.
No, I mean,
she might still be with us.
Gosh. Do you think?
Well, we're still here
and we died, didn't we?
Maybe she's still here.
But just on another level.
She's probably looking down
on us now right now and saying
"There's really no need to cry."
Hello, Mary. Hello.
So, she's become a ghost-ghost?
Gosh. And how long
will she stay like that?
Three months.
Well, here we go.
Come on, ladies.
Out you get.
Hey. You must be Toby.
Hey. I'm Mike.
Hi. Welcome to Button House.
Wow. It's amazing.
You own all this?
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, it owns us, really.
Some pretty big loans
and, er, yeah
Where are the birthday girls?
And who might you be?
Well, this is Ethel
and this is Biddy.
The birthday girls!
Well, because of names nowadays
So, yeah.
Right. Well, sorry we're
a little ahead of everyone else,
but these two are just so excited.
Aren't you? It's your birthday!
Yeah! Cool.
Well, I actually just have to
speak to my wife about the, erm
Just two secs.
Sit. Hi.
Well, it's very nice, isn't it?
What is it? Those little girls.
They're so sweet.
Yeah. They're Ethel and Biddy.
They're Oh!
Oh, no, Mike.
They left a message.
They definitely said 86.
It's a joint party for
Ethel and Biddy, eight and six.
See? Ethel and Biddy, 86.
Eight AND six, Mike.
We have to fess up
and just, like, cancel.
Oh, Mike
Look at those little kids.
We can't let down those girls.
I'm useless with kids.
Ask my sister.
Mike, everyone loses a toddler
in the big Tesco's
from time to time.
All right. All right.
I'll get dressed
and I'll look after the kids.
You're on logistics.
Ah. Logistics. Splendid.
Yeah, slight change of plan.
It's now a children's party.
Oh, right. Yeah.
Oh, well, that's splendid.
More to organise.
Of course, you can't physically
Point me towards the enemy.
Guests. Guests.
All right. Let's give them
a day they'll never forget.
Game face.
Other game face?
It's so good to know
she'll be here, Pat.
I still want to tell her
so much. I know.
And you can.
But only for three months, you said.
Huh? Oh, yes, I did,
didn't I? Erm, but, erm
And after that,
she'll be gone-gone?
Oh, no. No, no,
because there's another layer.
Another layer? Mm-hm.
But how will she get there?
She must pass through a gate.
A gate?
Yeah. The Gate of, er
Herbert. The Gate of Herbert.
But what if she can't find the gate?
Oh, but she will, for she is
shown the way by a kindly man.
A wizard.
With hair.
A long silvery beard.
What's his name?
Larsson. Yeah, Wizard Larsson.
And you can't miss him,
because of his
big old dragon tattoo.
How exciting. Mm.
And what happens on the third layer?
Oh, you know, nothing much, really.
Unless you like unicorns.
Oh! Thomas.
What are you doing?
Forgive me.
I required a place
to gather my thoughts,
to calm the turbulence in my head.
I know. Today's been hard,
but I think if we just try
to stay busy
It's all just so senseless.
Mm. To be taken at random,
without warning.
Yeah, it's a lot to deal with.
And Mary was very special.
I still have so much to give.
So much yet to create.
Oh, you're talking about yourself.
If I am to be next,
I want you to know that I love you.
Yes, Thomas. I'm aware of that.
And however hard it might be,
I want you to be happy.
Move on.
Marry another.
I am, of course,
already married to Mike.
Good. You must.
I am.
And the party will be in here.
Oh, wow.
Brave of you to have so much china
at a children's party.
Yes, well, that's that's
because absolutely because
Because Because it's
a Mad Hatter's tea party. Yeah.
Is it? It is. Yes. Yeah.
Wow. Amazing.
I'm Alison. Hi.
Oh, I see.
Kids' party, is it? Yeah.
Cool. Cool.
Just remember to keep
an adults-only area.
Pop a bit of go-go juice
in one of the teapots
and boom!
So, yeah, so we're going to put
their juice in the teapots.
It's gonna be great. Yeah. Yes.
Do you want to have
a look at the tables?
Oh, yeah, please. Thank you.
Thanks, Julian. Great idea.
Oh, you're welcome.
Yeah, just help yourself.
Ideas guy here
just hands 'em out for free!
This is just like
the Cabinet in '91.
"Let's invade Iraq," they said.
"Hmm, what shall we call it?"
they asked.
I know! Operation Desert Storm!
Was I credited? No, I was not, sir.
Did I get a knighthood?
No, I did not, sir.
Did that berk from the Treasury
I mentioned it to in the bar
get one? Yes, he did, sir.
Well, I ask you, what a business!
These guys were just asking
about the tea.
The kids' birthday tea.
For the kids.
And I said we've got that covered.
We have not got that covered.
It's all vol-au-vents and blinis.
And what are we going to do
with all this wine?
You can't give wine
to children, Alison -
even I know that.
Unless you live in France.
Right, I have to get
some food for the kids. OK.
What do kids eat?
Pat's got some ideas. I'll text you.
Yep. OK.
Trust me, Alison.
If it's a children's party,
you want all the food to be
the same colour as my shirt.
And shorts and socks.
We're talking cocktail sausages,
pork pies, Scotch eggs.
Oh, Scotch eggs!
And let's not forget
the piece of resistance -
qu-wich Lorraine.
Yes, yes, a complete sea of beige.
But with one exception - jelly.
Oh! Yeah. That can be
as bright as you like.
Preferably a colour
not found in nature.
Thank you, Pat.
And thank you for
taking care of Kitty.
It can't be easy.
She is finding it
hard to process.
But, you know, I'm just
I'm just trying
to explain it in a way
she understands.
Hmm. Yeah. Right.
And I guess try not
to give her, like, false hope.
Yes, please. Silver car.
In she comes.
Keeping it going.
And going this way.
We're going this way.
Keep it coming in.
I like that. And square it off.
Keep it coming. Keep it coming.
We are not going that way.
We are coming this way.
Bring it in, nice and square. Hi.
And halt there.
Huh. Hmm.
Carry on.
And now on ITV,
is it OK to wear joggers
at your own wedding?
Hmm. Not sure about that.
But let's find out what
those Loose Women think.
Oh. Mary will want to watch this.
I say, Mary!
The Loose Women are on.
Oh, Mary.
Alison? Yeah, yeah.
Just wondering when
you're going to be doing food.
Oh, yeah, yeah. Erm
Really soon.
They're noisy, aren't they?
Never really got used to that.
My parents prefer to say
"full of life".
Well, they are. So full of life.
And so precious.
Cos life is precious, isn't it?
Yes, it is. Yep.
Yeah, you've got to really grab
hold of it with both hands,
don't you? You have to enjoy it
while you can,
cos it can all just be
snatched away so quickly.
Erm, shall we?
Hey! Watch it, hippy.
Calm your anger, sir. I'm not angry!
Look at this teapot.
It's in completely the wrong place.
Alison! Going to move it.
I have so much to write
while I still can.
I need your help
Stand aside, Thorne. Stand aside.
Alison, I need a new task.
Blame the teapot, not me.
Hey, Alison!
Quickly now. Come along.
I need occupation.
It was just a teacup.
It's all right.
Alison Alison!
Mary's gone. She's actually gone!
What are we to do?
- Come on, then.
- Please, Alison.
Come on. Captain, OK, I need you to
gather all of the ghosts
in the library.
Emergency meeting. Now.
Excellent. Roger all that.
All right, Thorne, come along.
Quickly now. Fanny, come along.
No time to wait. Julian? Robin?
Mike. Can you take over?
Oh, but I'm on logistics.
We agreed. I know, I know, I know,
but I think they need my help, Mike.
They're not coping
with Mary moving on.
What about you?
All right, I'm not sure I can
take on all these kids, but, yeah.
Thank you. Yeah, sure.
Oh, hey. Erm
Oh, hi, Mike.
Sorry, just wondering -
the kids are getting a bit restless.
You did book an entertainer,
didn't you?
Oh, yeah, yeah, I did. Yeah.
I did!
Baddabing, baddaboom.
Hello, Dolly!
Oh, no.
Take me to the Golden Girls.
So, yeah, the party
has sort of changed.
Hey, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey,
relax! I got this.
Hey, what does it say on my website?
That you're 41?
No event too big or too small.
Whoo! I am pumped.
Hey, it's showtime!
Are you
joking? It's a kids' party.
Is it? I can't do that. No way.
Please, Tony, I need this.
There's two little birthday girls
out there. I can't let them down.
There's a buffet.
All you can eat.
And I'll pay you extra.
All right, you had me at buffet.
But I also need the money.
It's showtime.
It's showtime!
Woohoo! OK, kids
We need to talk about
the elephant in the room.
No-one is coping
with Mary's passing.
Wait, there's no elephant!
Now I'm missing a party
and the dancing and
That's what I mean.
I know that you're all ghosts,
and I know it's not the end
of Mary's life,
but it is the end of her afterlife.
And And
If I may, Alison? Erm, yeah, Kitty.
You must not trouble yourself.
Mary is watching us now.
She is at the second layer.
Soon the wise Wizard Larsson
will find her
and escort her
to the Gates of Herbert,
where the unicorns await.
I do think we need closure, though.
We We need a memorial service.
Thomas, I thought
you could write a eulogy.
A eulogy!
Oh, yes, it would be an honour
to use my gifts to help.
Yes, we must mourn.
Exactly. Yeah.
Well, in which case,
you should be wearing black.
You should shroud yourself in crepe
for at least two years.
It's only right.
And we'll need guns. What?
When George died
Lots of guns. For the salute.
We dressed accordingly.
I shall practise gun noises.
Perhaps we should sing a hymn.
Or chant to the unicorns
and give thanks
to Wizard Larsson for his help.
Mm-hm. Sorry.
Unless you know where
the ACTUAL shotgun is. Do you?
I'll go and look for it.
I'll report back.
Yes, please. Do we need?
I mean, look at this.
Come on!
Is it too much to ask
for alphabetical order?!
A spray of orchids in each room.
Do you think it should rhyme?
Black armbands for the footmen.
Can we all just meet
in the orchard at three?
And, erm
It's not even in order.
I'll sort out the rest by myself.
Come on.
Downtown? Yes, thank you.
OK, birthday girls.
Can't have that.
Next time, kids,
we'll just raise the roof, huh?
I don't know any Lady Gaga.
Nah. Nah.
Oh, yeah.
And when she's crossed that bridge
to the Castle of Tolstoy,
Pat, what next?
You know,
there are only a certain number
of layers.
And when Mary gets to the castle,
her journey is over.
She has found Ludlum
and the Orb of Holcroft.
She She can't get back
to us, can she?
No, Kitty.
But she is at peace.
Gentle knock.
Thomas. I thought we said three,
in the orchard?
Well, I've prepared the eulogy,
and I hoped
I might hear your thoughts
before I perform to the others.
Yeah. OK.
I first met Mary
after I'd been fatally shot
in the abdomen.
It was a difficult time for me,
of course.
I was still grappling with
a burning personal betrayal.
I was certainly melancholic for a
I think you've probably made this
all this about yourself
Have I?
Yes, I suppose I have.
Damn your eyes, Thorne!
Forgive me.
But how do I?
I know what to do.
But I need your help.
Thank you, Button House.
You've been a great audience.
Tough crowd.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
prepare yourselves for fun
and treats!
Make way for the Mad
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who likes sweets?
I can't hear you.
I said, who likes sweets?
Thank you all for coming.
I realise that today
we've all been running away
from the one thing
that unites us all
the one thing that I think
we've all been feeling -
I know we all have different ideas
about what we should do,
but I thought we should take
some time to remember Mary.
Thomas was going to say
a few words.
I thought that words could help
us make sense of all this.
But I was wrong.
So, instead, I've asked Alison
to gather some items
to help us remember Mary.
Oh! I know. Yeah.
Our Loose Women.
A photograph of Michael?
Yes, well, she was
very, ahem, fond of
She fancied him. She fancied him.
Erm I hope you like the basket.
I made it last year,
according to Mary's instructions.
Five potatoes high.
Five potatoes high.
Erm, I thought it best
not to have a cremation.
But, erm, we could bury this
beneath the tree.
And we could come and remember her,
or pray or whatever it is
you believe in.
Well, thank you, Alison.
I shall say a prayer for Mary.
And you don't have to wear black,
by the way. Thank you.
Doesn't suit you. Fine.
Good. Well, lots to do, so, erm
Captain. Yeah?
It's OK. You don't have to be
busy any more.
I understand.
I mean, we all do. Yes, but
But if I stop, then
I know. I know. It's OK.
And, Julian
You know, today reminds me
of when Maggie's cat died.
She was so angry, we had to hide
the nuclear launch codes.
I'm not angry with you lot.
It's a perfectly normal reaction,
Julian. Mm.
Hey! What you all doing,
long faces?
Party's getting real good in there.
Robin, what's wrong with you, actually?
I mean, are you not affected
by this at all?
I've been around a long time.
Like, a really long time.
I've seen
this happen so much.
I can't do this every time.
The pain
I deal with it in my own way.
Perhaps we could have
a moment's silence.
For Mary.
You know, I think
Mary would want us
to have some fun, too. Eh?
Gangnam Style
by PSY
Who thinks they won?
I can't hear you -
who thinks they won?
Me, me!
You're all winners.
You're all just too good.
Well, now you can just dance.
Yeah, there we go.
Thank you. Oh, hey.
Thank you for taking over.
I love you. I don't tell you enough.
And what are you talking about?
You're great with kids.
Cake. Hmm?
We didn't replace the birthday cake.
Oh, no, no. Don't worry,
I've got it covered.
OK. Yeah.
Who wants cake?
Five, six, seven
No, no, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait. Wait.
Has anybody seen Humphrey? Anyone?
You don't think that?
Oh, there you all are.
I've been on guard duty.
I didn't fall asleep.
I'll tell him.
Uh, n-no.
No, I've got this, Katherine.
Humphrey, now Yeah?
I'm afraid I have
some rather sad news.
This is what I do
every time one of us moves on.
I find them a star.
That's where we go. Whoosh!
Back to the stars.
HE LAUGHS William!
Which one's Mary?
HE GASPS How about that one?
Brightest in the sky.
That is International Space Station.
Cool. Cool.
That one.
Has a twinkle. Hmm.
That one.
Goodbye, Mary.
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