Ghosts (2019) s05e07 Episode Script

A Christmas Gift

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
It's Chri-i-i-i-stmas!
What are you talking about?
It's Halloween!
Well, nearly Christmas.
Only 55 more sleeps.
Ha! How long has it been now?
What? Oh, four hours 33.
One more minute since
the last time you asked, Kitty!
I should be there.
Curse these infernal boundaries!
Er What happening?
They left in the night, Robin.
Shut up, shut up, shut up,
shut up, shut up!
Um, hi, everyone.
This feels weird. Can you hear me?
Of course you can, I just can't hear
you. For goodness' sake!
Spit it out, man! Go on!
Shhh, I can't hear him!
Anyway, Alison asked me to call,
just to say it's all good,
mum and baby are doing well. Ahh!
It's a girl!
Here we are, Mia,
this is where we live.
Mia! Mia! Hello, Mia!
Mia? I thought she was called Bumpy?
Bumpy Cooper?
Alison? Alison?
Oh, SHE's here.
Hi, Betty.
You get your feet up, Alison,
and I'll go and make us all a cup of
And get that heating on, Mike,
warm up this old place. Yes, Mum.
Thank you so much!
This is really kind,
you don't have to stay.
Nonsense! Just a few days until
you get into the swing of things.
Right, I've sterilised
all the bottles in the
Where are you off to?
Just for a little walk. Just
for a stroll around the grounds.
Oh, I'll come too!
You don't have to
It's mild out,
make sure she doesn't overheat.
It's cold out,
make sure Mia has a hat on!
Shh, it's OK!
# Jingle bells, this girl smells
# Cos Mia's done a poo! #
Haven't you?
It's fascinating to see a father
so involved.
I changed a nappy once.
Never again.
Oh, come along, it can't be
that bad Oh! Whoa! Hold!
Hold! Ohh!
How did all of that
come out of that?
It's extraordinary.
I won't pretend
I don't have regrets about my life,
but this is not one of them, sir!
Accacha poo,
Patrick, what on earth
are you doing?
Oh, it's babytalk.
Yeah, they love it,
they find it very soothing.
I mean, you've got to make
the most of it.
Mary always said they stop seeing us
once they can walk.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, don't
She's probably hungry. I'll feed
her. Cool. Everybody out!
Urgh! Come along! Chop-chop!
Something the matter, Robin?
I dunno. I just don't feel
Christmassy, you know?
You always called it a fad.
That was before.
Since Alison come,
it been my favourite time of year.
Well, it's not Christmas Day yet,
so No, but
..I normally feel Christmassy by
Well, there aren't as many
because they're busy with Mia.
Morning, Thomas. Good day, Alison.
Given the situation with the baby,
it's only understandable
that preparations would be
compromised this year.
We must make do with
the decorations we have.
What was that about decorations?
Was that what? Robin wants more.
Robin want more.
Well, I'll ask Mike
to put some more up. What's that?
No, just I was thinking
out loud
that I think that I should ask Mike
to put up more decorations.
Could do.
Ohhh I just fed you!
She needs winding.
Hardly surprising with all that
foreign food you eat, Alison.
Come here, I'll take her.
It all gets passed on, you know.
You mark my words,
you need simple foods
like potatoes, bread, fish.
Good, fishy milk for her brain,
you see? Here we go.
Well, that'll never work.
Slap her on the back, woman!
Oh. Oh. There she blows.
Good girl! Aww!
What on earth has come over you,
Well, you all loved it when she did
I'll just
I'll go and get the decorations.
Yes, yes, yes
Are you OK, Thomas?
Pleeease. You have to stop!
You have a baby now, Alison.
We cannot carry on as
if nothing has happened. But-
Everything has changed, Alison.
We must contain ourselves.
If not for Michael,
for the wee bairn.
Think of the child, Alison!
There you are, Alison!
It's so nice to get a moment to
Hi. Thank you. Yes!
What's that? Mike's present.
I got him these rare trainers
that he wanted.
I don't think those will fit him.
I got a child's ten.
Anyway, I was thinking we could
Kitty, I'm really sorry,
I've just
I'm gonna have to sort this out.
Whoa! God, I need a coffee.
Hang on, am I allowed another one?
Well, it does affect
the breast milk.
This is why you need a wet nurse,
You could eat
and drink what you like.
You've gone and made yourself
a human dairy farm.
OK, well, I think that maybe
I'll have a herbal, then, instead.
Good girl.
Where are the teabags?
I moved them to the dresser.
Closer to the spoons.
Well, I mean they were
they were closer to the kettle,
but no, yeah, no, that makes sense.
I'll have a bigger sort-out
another day. Hm-hmm.
Dad must be missing you.
Oh, he's probably glad
I'm not there to nag him.
I know he'll miss his mince pies.
Are you gonna give him some?
That batch?
Whilst they're fresh?
I'm here as long as you need me.
Yeah. Yeah, about that
And somebody needs their nap.
Yeah, I am tired.
Oh, you mean Mia.
I've got it, I've got it.
I've got her.
Yes, yes, you're sleepy.
Are you gorgeous? Yes.
Yes, you're gorgeous.
Mummy loves you.
Yeah! Yeah.
All right, that's all right.
That's OK. Come here. Yeah.
There we go.
Oh! Oh, yes, isn't that
Huh? Huh?
Now you feel Christmassy?
What's missing, Robin?
How you mean?
We need to work out what puts
you in the Christmas mood.
It's different for everyone,
you see.
For me, it was always
the smell of the mulled wine.
Oh, dear, Mia's awake.
She's cooing away at something.
Prepping the pud-pud with Mumsy.
Stir-up Sunday.
It was never really Christmas for me
until the office party,
or rather the after-party,
when a few of us would go upstairs
and have a jolly good
You try. Huh? Well, I
Dabbah dabbah dabbah, dabbah dabbah
What? No! It's got to be
more melodic, you know,
like acccha-poo-choo,
Daba-daba-daba, dee-daba-daba
What are you doing? What?
Ah No, it was Patrick.
I I just put her down,
and you're exciting her
when she needs her sleep.
Yeah, no, we should go. Erm
No, it's too late now,
she's she's wide awake. Ah!
Oh, but she's irresistible.
Aren't you? Yes, you are!
Yes, you are,
Is that nice?
She's ironed all my tracksuits -
Look, I'm really grateful
that she stayed to help, OK?
I really am, but
You can say it.
She's driving me mad. Hm!
It's not just the baby,
it's like she's taking over.
I mean she's moving
stuff in the kitchen,
she's changed
the settings on the thermostat.
Really, if you don't say something,
I will - because she can't swim.
What? She can't start swimming yet.
I called the pool and they said,
she has to be three months
at least, so
She's already a water-baby,
aren't you, my darling?
Yes! A guji-koo-koo,
Hey, that's not bad. Yeah,
that's first class. Mum, erm
Before you start, Mike,
I've just been on the phone
with your dad and you were right.
Looks like he needs me to come home.
Oh. I'm really sorry.
I know it's scary, but I've been
here for what, six weeks?
And he's missing me. He's probably
living on takeaways. Oh, gosh.
Well, we're going to miss you too.
Maybe I should ask him to come
here instead? No!
Definitely don't. We'll manage.
We'll manage! No, no need for that.
That's Who's going to feed
the cats, Mum?
We'll manage. We will.
I'm going to miss you, little
one. Yes.
Everything all right, Alison?
Oh, erm, I just
I ordered Mike these trainers
that he really wanted for Christmas
and they were the wrong size and now
everywhere's sold out, so
Oh, that's all right,
I got him those.
Oh, great.
150 yards, a seven iron, I think,
Julian! I need you!
She's left the blanket off, look!
The poor child will freeze.
All right, all right, all right.
Mum, it's it's Well
The truth is erm
The truth isthat it's a creaky
old house
and, yeah, if you're not used to it,
it can feel a little creepy,
especially at night.
Butthere aren't any ghosts.
Well, there are.
I saw a figure in a dress,
on the monitor.
And the blanket moved itself.
Please, Mum, don't worry, it's fine.
I know what I saw.
I'll stay up there with her.
I'm going to bed anyway.
Well, I ain't going anywhere.
I'm not leaving my granddaughter
in this haunted house.
I'm going to unpack.
Evening, everybody.
What's up, guys?
We just need to convince her
there aren't any ghosts.
But there are.
But she doesn't know that. She does.
No, butthat could have been
You want to gaslight my mum?
Yeah, I want to gaslight your mum.
I'm almost surprised you'd never
seen it before,
it happens all the time. Look,
if you just keep watching
See! You probably saw it
flicker in your peripheral vision
and it looked like something moving.
It doesn't explain the blanket,
No, no, no, no, no.
Step no further.
Alison was very clear. She doesn't
want to see Fanny on camera.
What? Operation Bye Bye, Betty.
Well, why aren't we involved?
Well, she only needed the, um
Ghosts with skills, yeah, rub it in.
And you can stop right there,
You leave Alison alone,
she's very busy.
Good for her,
it's no business of mine.
What? I'm no home-wrecker.
It's over between me
and Alison, I've moved on.
Oh, really?
What, to someone new? Yes! Who?
And I'll tell you who.
A certain Ms Jennifer Aniston.
Rachel from Friends?
And so much more.
Jen is an artist, an icon
and a powerful businesswoman,
so, yes, I think
I do love her, thank you very much.
So, erm, so I'm thinking
that the breeze just blew in
The window was closed, Alison.
No, but Well
The draft can still get in
because it's the old window frames.
Like, we can't afford to replace
so the wind still gets in.
There, you see?
There you are. Huh?
Feeling Christmassy yet?
No. Great! Because I've got an idea.
That's what always gives me
a Christmas tingle.
McCartney, Wizzard,
Bing for the nanas.
Bring your bananas?
Christmas hits!
You must have a favourite?
It's an old house.
Dodgy electrics.
Draughty windows. But
You don't need to worry about Mia,
Mum. We're all good.
Oh, good lord!
Thatis the stereo.
Erm, I put the stereo on a timer
when we go out
so it sounds like we're in.
But you've not gone out
since Mia was born. Yeah, I
I was cleaning there earlier,
and I must have turned the dial.
Silly Daddy!
# So here it is #
Huh? Huh?
Yeah, I like the song.
And I love the dance.
I just don't feel very
Shut it down! Shut it down!
Shut it down! Shut it down!
Oh, yeah. Down!
I should turn that off,
because it's set to last an hour.
Or was it? Hmm.
I can tell when you're lying,
Michael. I'm not lying.
Sorry, Alison.
What they said.
Betty, if it was a
poltergeist or whatever,
you'd think it would do worse
than playing with the stereo.
Well, maybe that's how it starts.
OK, well, look. OK
If there is something in this
..give us a sign.
See? There's
There's nothing Oh!
Oh, my God!
I was putting the decorations
up yesterday,
and I must have not put it
on the hook properly! Mum!
Was that a ghost? No, that was you.
So that went well.
How are we gonna convince
I don't know.
I'm too tired to even think.
Can I just sleep? Of course, yeah.
Betty? Thank you for coming
so quickly, Reverend.
Well, I was heading out anyway
to get the nativity display
out of storage
and you sounded rather distraught,
so I didn't want to leave
you in a state. Come in.
I must say, it's a
most unusual request.
I've never been asked before.
But you can do it?
Well, yes, it is a thing.
It's just, certainly no one
I know has ever been asked
Good evening, Michael.
What are you doing here?
He's here to perform an exorcism.
Huh? Oh! Great.
I'll just get my prayer book.
If you can hear me,
there's a vicar here to do
an exorcism.
Get out! I know you can't leave,
I don't know! Ghosts! Are you there?
Home-raised chicken
and plenty of good British veg
Betty's brought the pastor.
Pasta? Well, that's not
very Christmassy.
No, no, no, the reverend!
The vicar!
He's here to perform an exorcism!
My goodness, what will we do?
Maybe it's all right.
It's demons that they're after,
isn't it?
You know, evil spirits
who do harm to the living.
Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!
Yeah, maybe we should
Let's get out of here! Quick!
Come on!
Wait! Where's Humphrey? Oh!
The other bit!
If there are any spirits
here in this house, do not hide,
we call on you to hear God's word.
Humphrey! Humphrey! Humphrey!
Guys, down here!
There! Quick!
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!
Come on. Quickly, Thomas!
Oh, thank goodness.
Visit, Lord, we pray, this place,
and drive far from it
the snares of the enemy
Alison! Alison!
What? Is it Mia? No, she's fine.
It's Mum,
she's brought the vicar round.
What? Why? He's doing an exorcism.
It can't work, can it?
I don't know.
Because you have made
the Lord your refuge,
there shall no evil happen to you,
for he shall give his angels
charge over you.
There shall no evil happen to you,
for he shall give his angels
charge over you.
There shall no evil happen to
..for he shall give his angels
charge over you.
- Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
- Amen.
There's nothing to
worry about now, Alison.
The house is clean.
Thank you, Reverend.
Well, there's a first
time for everything, eh?
Has he gone?
Honestly, I'm just pleased
you're reassured.
I can't thank you enough, Reverend.
God bless and Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you too!
Wow! That's magical.
Now you feel Christmassy?
Happy now? Yes.
Shall I help you pack?
Well, I think
I'm gonna stay a little bit longer,
just to make sure that it worked.
He said himself that he'd never
done it before, so Betty, Betty!
Can I say something?
We need to be on our own now.
You've been so generous,
and we've
..we've learned so much from you.
But we need to find our own
way as a family.
And I'm sure we'll make
lots of mistakes
and we won't know what we're doing
sometimes but
..but we'll come to you for advice.
When you need it. Of course.
I'm sorry.
Do you understand?
You're a great mum.
And we'll see you at yours
Christmas Day?
Or you can stay till new year
if you like.
No, just Christmas Day is fine.
Oh, that's a relief.
Just us now.
Mission accomplished.
Yes, no more meddling in-laws.
Now, you must wake Mia for a good
long feed so she sleeps through.
Otherwise she'll be wailing
the house down
at goodness knows what hour.
Pot/kettle, anyone?
Alison, could I sing her a lullaby
while she feeds?
Something soothing like,
# Close your eyes, Mummy doesn't
care about anyone else but you #
I can't believe that nativity scene
didn't do it, Robin.
If I don't feel it, I don't feel
it. Oh, who am I kidding?
I don't love Jennifer Aniston,
it's you I love, Alison.
And it always will be! My
We're as bad as Betty.
What's Daddy doing?
What's Daddy doing?
A wiggle wiggle wiggle!
You wanna go see Daddy?
Come here. Yeah! Yeah, you do. Yes!
Knock, knock.
Oh, guys, can this
Can this wait until I
Don't worry, Alison, we're not here
to ask for anything.
Or to meddle, no.
We have assembled here because
we would like to make a proposal.
When you first arrived here,
I thought you were a prostitute.
Yeah, you did.
You said that before. Did I?
I did,
but I've come to think of you my own daughter.
Granddaughter, surely?
And even that's pushing it!
Look, the point is, we're family.
We all feel that way.
And your family love you,
of course, butbut
They can be a pain.
Even when they don't mean to be.
Becausethey just can't help
being who they are.
And you need to be your own family
I don't quite follow.
Like you say to Betty,
you got to find your own way.
The last thing you need is constant
from a gaggle of uncles and aunties
and grannies and pets.
Hey, that offensive. Sorry.
What are you saying?
We can't leave, Alison.
But you can.
No. But wewe turned down the
offer to, to sell the house.
So it's It's too late.
Believe me, if it was good business,
they'll still want it.
Why did I vote for this? I hate it!
Think of Mia.
Think of Mike.
It's for the best.
What have we done?
Maybe they'll decide to stay.
They won't, Kitty.
We did the right thing.
Thanks, guys.
What is it, Robin?
I feel
Ha, ha! There you go.
This one's for you.
# Have yourself a merry little
Christmas #
I know what it is now.
It's so simple.
It wasn't the decorations.
Or the music.
No, that not what Christmas about!
Not really.
# Have yourself a merry little
Christmas #
The most Christmassy
feeling in the world when you give somebody a gift.
A gift you know
they will always remember.
# Once again, as in olden days
# Happy golden days #
# Faithful friends
who are near to us
# Will be dear to us once more
# Someday soon
we all will be together
# If the fates allow #
Merry Christmas, lovely to see you
as always.
I have your usual room ready
and waiting for you.
# So have yourself
a merry little Christmas #
Hi, guys. Merry Christmas!
Of course we can, Kitty.
Thank you, Thomas, you flatter me.
What's new?
I'll never get tired of this.
No, so nice. Lovely.
Wouldn't change it for the world.
I think I can
feel my pores opening up!
Mick! Is he gone?
What? He's just relaxed.
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