Ginny and Georgia (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

It's a Face Not a Mask

No! Ginny! Ginny, wake up! - What, Mom? - Is there a hair? What time is it? I can sorta feel it if I do this, but I can't see it.
- It's 5:00 a.
, Mom.
- Come on.
Get the tweezers away from my eye, you psycho! - Ginny, I'm serious! Is there a hair? - Ugh! Jesus, hang on! Come on.
Hurry! - No, there's n - Oh.
Oh… - What? - Yeah, there's a hair.
Wow, it's really long.
Pluck it! It's my first day.
I can't show up all Chewbacca! Is this about Paul? No.
It's about the fact that aging is a horrible, inevitable death sentence where your body betrays you slowly till you die.
Pluck it.
If I could skin you and wear your prepubescent face, I would.
Stop talking, Chewbacca.
Got it.
Oh, this really bums me out.
My mom knows she's beautiful.
She guards her beauty like someone's trying to break in and steal it.
For a woman, life is a battle.
And beauty is a goddamn machine gun.
I never go anywhere without my face on.
If they can see where your makeup ends and your face begins, you've done it wrong.
It's a face, not a mask.
You have to blend.
I know about masks.
My mask never comes off.
Moving around all the time, I'm too white for the black kids and not white enough for the white kids.
I've never really had friends.
OK, what do we think? Kylie? Mm.
Trixie Mattel.
Girl, you gotta blend! OK, help me 'cause auditions for Wellsbury's original production of Sing-Sing: A Musical of Love Behind Bars is today, and I have to beat out Riley Nichols for the lead.
OK, my dude, you are putting so many toxic chemicals on your face.
I love toxic chemicals.
Give me all the toxic chemicals.
I've accepted that everything that sparks joy is cancerous, and I love string cheese.
I'm embracing death.
- There you go.
- Oh! - Now I have cheekbones! - I really am very good.
Ginny, want Norah to do your contour? She's, like, crazy good at it.
- Um… - I don't have the right color.
That's definitely too light.
I'm like if Casper and Snow White had a baby.
It doesn't matter.
I don't really wear makeup.
Color blends are so sexy.
Blending has never been my specialty.
A Malibu Barbie Everyone wants to be like me A Malibu Barbie - So, that was Sophie Sanchez.
- She's a senior.
She's done cocaine, and she's got the best ass in school.
She hangs out in blue with the popular seniors, then there's deaf kid yellow.
Hi! How's your summer? Good, thank you.
My dad's deaf, and my mom runs EDCO, it's the district deaf program.
Yes, Wellsbury has many programs.
We've got, like, springboard, auto, metco, culinary, BB… - My last school just had school.
- Light green is for losers.
Abby, be nice.
That's ABC Hallway.
It's like a jock hallway, but it also just smells a lot like Axe.
And red is for delinquents and stoners and my brother.
And here, we have berry tree.
- For the sophomores! - Cool sophomores.
- Cool.
- We're not cool.
Cool people say they're not cool, so we're very cool.
Hey, MAN! Oh, people call us MAN, Maxine, Abby, Norah, because we're inseparable.
Samantha has been trying to weasel her way in for years, but she is the definition of second-tier.
Guys! With Ginny, we can be GMAN.
- Come here for a second.
- What are you doing? - I'm Samantha.
- I'm Ginny.
They can be really cliquey.
Why are you messing with MAN? - What? I like Ginny.
- OK.
Well, I mean, she's fine, I guess.
- She and Hunter would be cute together.
- I love love.
Oh my God.
You are so transparent.
You just want a girlfriend.
Why don't you just date Rachel? She's gay.
That doesn't mean I wanna hook up with her.
She puts the "yike" in "dyke.
" - Hi, Rachel! - You're the worst lesbian.
Ginny, what are you? You're so, like, exotic looking.
- I'm giving up with the make-belief… - Catch ya later, kid.
- Uh… Sorry.
- No one here's being fooled Back to the days When I was your thief… Hey, I'm Bracia.
You're new, right? Uh.
Yes, I'm Ginny.
If you're down, I'm field hockey captain.
We don't do cuts.
Oh, that's really nice, but I'm really bad at sports.
Go, team! Beat the opponent! That's all I got.
Well, I also do leadership.
It's basically just teaching kids that date rape is bad.
Our first meeting is Thursday.
You should think about it.
Still, if you ever wanted, you could come hang with me and my friends.
Yeah, OK.
It's pretty much your typical office.
We use Slack, submit your expense reports to AP, weekend events count as OT, school board meetings are once a month, and passwords are in the C drive.
Thanks so much, darlin'.
I'm not your key demographic.
All right, gather around, everybody! Morning check-in.
Georgia, hi! Welcome.
Um, Nick, bring us up to speed.
OK, of course.
Uh… So, uh, as you know, city council vote passed last month for RMDs in Wellsbury.
It barely passed, but it did pass.
Uh, Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries.
Many mothers were… opposed.
Vehemently opposed.
Uh… But Grey Gardens, uh… Sorry, Grey… That's an amazing movie.
Green Gardens, the approved dispensary, was set to go for 87 King Street Wellsbury stands to make an enormous profit off of this.
Newton made over 600,000 in tax revenue after their vote passed.
With that kind of money, we can renovate the library But they were just denied by the City Planning Office.
What? Why? It took seven months to get Grey Gardens… Green Gardens.
…approved, Nick.
What happened? I let you down.
It's a part of the platform for my re-election campaign.
That's it for today.
Grab your pop quiz on the way out.
I was very disappointed.
AP English is supposed to separate you from the herd.
There was only one perfect score in the entire class.
Hunter Chen is the one to beat.
Riley Nichols, annoyingly talented.
She posted a YouTube cover of an Adele song and hit, like, 90% of the notes.
She's probably gonna get the lead in Sing-Sing.
By the way, we're hanging at Brodie's tonight.
Hunter's probably gonna be there.
Something is not right.
87 King was good to go.
It's a historic building, so I made sure we jumped through all the necessary hoops.
Anything I can help with? Yes, it's one o'clock now.
You can go pick up lunch.
Thank you.
I'm talking about Green Gardens.
What makes the building historic? The whole damn town's historic.
There's not a block where a founding father didn't smoke, drink, or contract chlamydia.
They're saying the issue is the AC.
City Planning won't approve new electrical, which is a huge problem because the dispensary needs climate control in order to operate.
We're screwed.
Anyone I can talk to? Paul told me you never completed high school.
Aw! Did you know I went to Cornell to get a poli-sci degree to land this job? And you have, what? A candy cane and a smile? I know what you're doing, and it's not gonna work.
Paul dates women who smell like persimmons and pilgrims, and you are out of your depth.
So… lunch? One, two, three.
Listen to me! Thank you.
All right.
As everyone knows, tomorrow is… Star of the Week! Because we have a new student, I think it'd be great if we let Austin be this week's star.
Wait, it's my week! I'm the star! I think it's important that we get to know Austin.
I don't wanna know him.
He's weird.
Zach, do you need to spend some time in the Reflection Corner? But I was bringing my new drone! What's Star of the Week? Uh, Zach, do you wanna explain to Austin what Star of the Week is? It's where you bring something awesome that no one else has yet.
It's when you get to bring in something from the outside that represents who you are on the inside.
Can you do that for tomorrow, Austin? Ginny, are we weird? A kid said I was weird.
Hey, you're wonderful.
Wellsbury is weird.
I'll be right back.
Have a nice day.
Um… a Plan B pill, please.
Do you have a coupon? A coupon? Uh… Wouldn't that level of preparation make this Plan A? No, I don't have a coupon.
Usually, the boyfriend buys it.
I'm sorry.
Do you have an opinion on this? I had sex, and now I'm being responsible.
Your only job is to hand me this box and to tell me to have a nice goddamn day.
Have a nice day.
Coming out of the hairpin turn, it's Martinez ahead by two lengths… I can't wait to hear about your first day with yummy Paul.
Uh-oh… Who do we have to kill? Clint, this is… Georgia.
Good to see you again.
You've never met her.
She just moved in across the street.
He says nice to meet you.
How are you liking Wellsbury? Are you liking Wellsbury? Like a cat on a marble floor.
Like a cat… on a marble… She feels awkward.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I can't imagine what you're going through.
Yes, Kenny.
Every day is a struggle.
Hey, Georgia.
You look amazing as per ushe.
See y'all later.
No, you don't.
C minus doesn't get you out on a weeknight.
Mom, this is for AP English.
Wellsbury Theater's showing Romeo and Juliet, but not the sexy one where Claire Danes is all soaking wet on a balcony, wearing white, not that I'm complaining.
Clothes kinda hold Claire back.
But seriously, this is the boring one with no guns and no cars.
We're going for extra credit.
Money, please.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Max! Could you give this to Ginny? For the movie.
Thanks! I understand half of what she says.
Hey, kid! - Whatcha doin'? - I'm the Star of the Week.
Uh… saucy! Ginny! Let's go! I told our moms we were going to the movies! Ginny! Coming! - "Can cause nausea and period changes.
" - Dimitri's two minutes away! Oh wait.
No, he's on Bell Street.
C'mon, Dimitri.
That's a cul-de-sac.
Get your head outta your ass! Say my name when you come around Oh, sweet sunshine Oh, sweet sunshine Oh, sweet sunshine… Ginny! Woo-hoo! I'm at the middle school today.
This little boy lets one rip in class.
Everybody starts laughing, and he says, "Why is everybody laughing?" And I have to explain to this little deaf boy that you can hear farts.
He had no idea! - They're not going to the movies.
- What? - Where are they going? - Not sure.
But a girl doesn't wear heels and lashes to sit in a dark theater with her friend.
Oh my God.
I got old and forgot what youth feels like.
Where are you going? I don't know.
Why would Maxine lie to me like that? I expect that kinda crap from Marcus but not from her.
- Hey! - I'm a bad mom.
Hey! You're a good mom! They're bad kids.
Does Max have an Instagram? Here.
This account's for adults.
- What? - Want me to find the real one? You may not like it.
Find the bitch.
Oh! All you need is lots of photos, a sunset, sprinkles, sneakers.
Vivien Leigh? Gone With The Wind is one of my favorite movies.
Now we just do a deep dive on her friends' feed to find a tagged photo, and we got it.
And now what? Now we wait.
What do you know about the dispensary opening in town? Oh, that was a total shitshow.
I have never seen Cynthia lose a fight before.
It was not pretty.
- Cynthia? - Yeah.
She threw a total hissy fit.
She thinks that if Wellsbury gets a dispensary, that our kids'll turn into stoners.
High, high, high, high Yeah… OK, we have two hours.
I told our moms we were at the movies.
Wearing that? My mom knows we're not at the movies.
- Hey! - Max! - Oh my goodness! - You're so beautiful! Oh my God, oh my God! Gross.
Don't look at her.
She's gonna think that we want her to sit with us.
Oh my God.
So embarrassing.
It's actually so embarrassing.
Guys, avoid eye contact.
OK, we're kidding.
That's a joke that we do.
Gimme a sec to put my face together Damn, don't that feel good? Don't that, don't that feel good? Said, damn, don't that feel good… - Oh my God.
- Uh… I've never smoked before.
Really, huh? You sound interesting.
OK, you ignore Press because he's a literal sociopath, and only smoke if you want to.
Peer pressure.
Do it! Whoa! Uh, put your lips inside.
Not outside.
You wanna inhale, then hold it in.
But… be careful.
Pootie Tang hits really hard.
I made it myself in Pottery Camp Manitou last summer.
- Yes! Yes! - Hey! Yeah, girl.
Nice start.
Oh! Yo, does anyone know Vivien Leigh? She just requested to follow me.
I think she, like, dated Jimmy Ashinski or something.
- Yo.
- Oh.
You want some Chardonnay? - We're in.
- Here it is.
Max's secret life.
What the… That's our summer house in Maine! What the… Oh, she is so dead.
Let's see where they really are.
What the… She is so grounded.
- Oh.
Oh, I don't wanna… - Mm.
So, Ginny, I hear you had a date with Hunter.
Just to be perfectly transparent, Hunter and I dated for all of eighth grade.
But you totally have my blessing.
Oh yeah, they were actually really serious.
- They took each others' virginities.
- Abby! But yeah, we did.
He made this picnic in a field.
It was the perfect first time.
Aww! Isn't Hunter the sweetest? Hunter has the second biggest dick of all our friends.
We measured this summer.
Brodie's got the biggest.
Probably why he's so dumb.
BDD! Big dick dumb.
Get the balls in my mouth! Come on.
Do it! Samantha, I have a feeling that Hunter's still in love with you.
Oh my God.
Don't worry, he's definitely not.
Dude, I see him looking at you all the time.
- Wait, really? - Yeah.
OK, what are you doing? Oh, he was such a good boyfriend.
Yeah, he's also a great kisser.
Right, Ginny? Um, I wouldn't know.
Wait, why do you know? Aren't you… gay? You can say it.
Gay! It's not a secret.
I'll make out with pretty much anyone.
I've actually made out with all our friends.
Norah's the best kisser.
- Rude! - I've never kissed a girl.
- Oh, are you homophobic? - What? No.
She's kidding.
She's hilarious.
Come here.
Jordan and Hunter and Brodie are all in a band together.
3SB, 3 Sexy Boys.
Maxine named them.
Where is Hunter? Is he coming? No.
Uh, he's at SAT prep.
Or choir practice.
Pretty much whatever the hell it is that he can do so he can be president one day.
So, Ginny, which one of your parents is white? Um, my mom.
Oh yeah, that makes sense.
I'm gonna marry a black man so I can have adorable little mixed babies.
So, Ginny, what, uh, kind of music do you like? Uh… I like Mac DeMarco, Lana Del Rey Lana Del Rey got so basic.
She's so mainstream now.
She used to be alternative, but now she just, like, does whatever society wants her to do.
- OK, but she's still whimsical.
- You know what else I think? No, Sam, we don't.
But I'm sure it'll be worthwhile.
I think Lady Gaga got really basic since A Star is Born.
OK, you know what? That hurts my heart.
Do you remember that meat dress that she wore? - That was groundbreaking.
- Wait, what meat dress? It was a dress totally made out of meat.
Why would she do that? To be groundbreaking.
Maybe I just hate Samantha.
You love me.
A Star is Born is so good.
I love the Janet Gaynor version because it was revolutionary for its time.
But Judy Garland made it camp in the best way.
She shows up, and she's like, "Let's do a tap number.
" But my favorite has to be Barbra's.
There was just this amazing amalgamation of the '70s and the women's movement and, and… blargh! Gaga's was great, but it didn't elevate the story.
I remember my first high.
Jesus! Serial killer much? - How was the movie? - Mom, please.
I know you know.
But they don't know that we know they know we know! Come gossip to Mommy.
You never had friends to lie to me about before.
It's so exciting! We just hung in Brodie's basement, which was ridiculously nice.
It had a carpet and a ping-pong table and everything.
Oh, rich people.
They snort caviar and talk about Aspen.
They smoked weed out of a bong.
Did you smoke? Yeah.
Is that OK? Did you like it? I was very aware of my arms.
Like what do they normally feel like? I couldn't stop thinking about it.
First time I had an edible, I pulled out all my eyelashes.
- That's so strange.
- I know.
Super strange.
- Just be careful.
- I'm always careful.
- Hmm.
- What? - Oh! Oh! - No! What? No.
Oh no! - Oh my God, sex.
- No, God! And intercourse.
And P in the V! Is this Hell? It feels like Hell.
Just promise me you'll come to me before you lose your virginity.
Why? Will my value as a woman suffer a steep decline? I'll get less cows for you.
Notably less cows if you're not a virgin.
So… Promise me.
OK, I promise.
- Mom? - Hmm? Is Lana Del Rey basic? Blasphemy! Lana is a goddess of sadness.
Thanks for telling me about the smoking.
- No secrets, right? - Mm-hmm.
My regards to Vivien Leigh.
Scarlett O'Hara's been canceled, Mom.
I love you, Peach.
My mom is so pissed that we lied.
I'm so grounded, she almost didn't let me come for callbacks today.
What if she doesn't let me go to Sophomore Sleepover? - What's Sophomore Sleepover? - Only the sexiest night of the year.
It's when the sophomores sleep at school.
It's what sophomores get instead of prom.
I cannot wait for Junior Prom.
Isn't that not until May? You are such an asshole.
All right.
- Um, I have to pee.
- Oh fun! I'll come.
No, it's cool.
I'll meet you there.
Later, loser.
Um… Hey.
I know things have been weird.
Things aren't weird.
Uh… Um, OK.
We haven't spoken since, you know, you were inside of me, so I'd say that's weird.
You seriously wanna do this here? I took a pill to be safe.
Just wanted to let you know.
Our next book is Catcher in the Rye.
Now… Do you have a tampon? …is Salinger's gentle hand guiding us… Thanks.
When I look in the mirror, I basically… Yes? May I go to the restroom? You had ten minutes before class, but fine.
Yes, go.
I basically see myself when I see Holden Caulfield… These are letters that my dad wrote me from jail.
What makes me special is that my dad isn't in a regular jail.
In fact, he's a wizard so powerful, he's in Azkaban for dark magic.
Uh… Well… Thank you, Austin.
Wizards aren't real, dummy.
- Yes, they are.
- Ms.
Jakob, tell him.
Time for recess! Recess! My drone is real, and it would've been so much better.
And plus, there's not even lenses in his glasses.
Everybody gets their period.
It's no big deal.
But, like, did it really hit him in the face? Oh! Hey, Ginny? My sisters always crave salt.
Sorry I wasn't at Brodie's last night.
I had some last-minute tutoring.
Maybe we can hang soon.
That transcended gender! OK, I have to run to audition, but have fun shopping.
Love you, mean it.
Hate you, kidding.
- Oh, we were totally gonna invite you.
- Don't worry about it.
Uh, you should come.
You and me, baby Ooh, yes.
That is so soft.
- Oh my gosh.
- Why am I, like, literally disgusting? - You need to love yourself a little bit.
- I can't.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ooh! - What do ya think? - It'll make your boobs look bigger.
Really? You think? Even the little one? Oh, honey, those boobs, they're so tiny! Hey, what boobs? When she remembers the little boob.
Yo, mood.
You are a mood.
I dunno, Ginny.
What do you think? Should I get it? Definitely.
Abby, why? What? Hey.
These'd look really cute on you.
Go down, go down Yeah, let me see you go to town Go down, go down, go down… - Good.
- Yeah, let me see you go to town… I want an iced coffee.
Let's go.
Yeah, yeah If you're down, boy Really down… Excuse me! Stop! It's your one chance, baby Never or now Yeah Let me see you go to town, baby Go to town, yeah… Georgia, it's one.
What? You have a massive crush on Paul.
What? No.
Absolutely not.
I am a professional.
I just admire him.
The way one would a Kennedy.
Or Obama.
Or Jake Gyllenhaal.
Oh, come on.
You are just as thirsty.
It's your turn to get lunch today.
- You're a real bitch, you know that? - Hurry up.
I'm hungry.
Hello? Yes? This is she.
My daughter would never steal.
This is an outrage.
She would never Mom, I did it.
Did you check the other girls' purses, or just my daughter because she's Black? I work at Mayor Paul Randolph's office, and he'd be fascinated to know that a store in Wellsbury was racially profiling.
Race had nothing to do with this.
Don't tell me race had nothing to do with it.
Did you see her shoplift? - Yes, a pair of earrings and - Oh my God.
Oh, I feel faint.
I'm sorry.
Social injustice tends to upset me.
I'm sure this was a misunderstanding.
I'd love to pay for the earrings.
And this lovely jacket.
Such beautiful things.
Who picks all this out? You? What an eye.
You take cash? Go down, go down, go down Yeah, let me see you go to town… So, gals, fun day? We had no idea that Ginny was stealing.
Get on home, girls.
You comin'? Is that 87 King Street? Come here.
Georgia, hi! - Hi! - I've been meaning to chat.
Zach was so disappointed Austin took his Star of the Week slot.
He'd been really looking forward to it.
Is this your office? Oops.
Don't wanna let all the cool air out.
I don't think it's right to switch up the order on the kids.
Do you? Oh, I'm sure I think whatever it is that you think.
Right, well… I hardly think it's Austin's fault that his presentation was such a disaster.
Anyways, I'm off.
Enjoy your day.
What's Star of the Week? I'm not sure.
I can only deal with one child in crisis at a time.
- What are we doing? - We're having a late lunch.
- I'm tired.
I wanna go home.
- Oh, criminal activity tucker you out? Mom, do you really think I was being racially profiled? I dunno, Ginny.
What's important is they didn't press charges.
Can it be racial profiling if I did it? Wake up, Ginny.
It's not about that.
Do you think those girls care about you? You're not their friend.
You're not one of 'em.
How quickly did the scary redhead throw you under the bus? I raised you smarter than this.
What would Zion say? Dunno, Mom.
Why don't you call him? He always asks about you.
What possessed you, seriously? I just wanted them to like me.
- Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe! - Oh no.
My daughter and I were shopping, and we were suddenly famished.
I'll give you more time.
While shopping, I was thinking, Ginny never learned the value of a dollar.
She's just been handed things her whole life, and what she isn't handed, apparently, she just takes.
I'll come back.
And that isn't healthy for character development.
- So I was wondering - No, I'm not hiring.
I was just gonna say we'd love two turkey clubs.
- No mayo.
- Extra mayo.
- I think you should hire Ginny.
- Mom! - I knew it.
- Just part-time.
I mean, look around.
So many customers not being helped.
That's because I'm standing here talking to you.
She can start this weekend.
Two hands.
Thumb there.
Index finger right on the trigger until you're ready to pull.
It's more accurate that way, and you're not a cowboy.
If you're gonna be a Blood Eye, you need to learn to defend yourself.
Powerful, ain't it? You into guns now? Have you ever been to Utah? Oh yes.
I summer there.
I'm headed there next.
I think you should come with me.
You're leaving? Yeah.
I'm on a road trip, remember? What, don't tell me you wanna become a Blood Eye? Join a motorcycle gang? Come on.
Clown, frown, and brown are all common nouns, but brown can also be an adjective.
Come in.
Hi, Ms.
Thank you.
These Popsicles are for Ms.
Jakob's class.
From Austin and his mom.
How nice! Everyone, in an orderly fashion, come get a Popsicle.
Courtesy of Austin.
Yes! OK, OK, one at a time.
- Thank you.
- Oh, purple! Thanks, Austin.
The note's a reminder that your mom doesn't like you to have sugar.
- That's for you.
- Thanks, Austin.
Thanks, Austin.
Yes! Thanks, Austin! Thanks, Austin.
Thanks, Austin.
Oh my God! I got the lead! I got the lead! I got the lead! I got the lead! Yes, I did! I got the lead! I did it! Oh my God.
That's amazing, Max! - I'm so excited.
- Yo, Max! Don't look.
We are mad at them.
What they did… … bullshit.
- Ginny, you coming to leadership? - Can't.
Abby is, like, such a nightmare, and also Norah thinks your mom's, like, terrifying.
It's really funny.
She's so scared.
Why do I have to be here? You're grounded for your near misdemeanor.
Because we're bonding as a family.
Because I wanna cheer up Austin.
Pick your favorite.
Hey, guys.
I'll be right back.
You've done such a great job.
We have some new theater coming to town.
Uh, it's very interesting.
Super exciting.
So we'll see how it all works out.
- Yeah.
- You know? Fancy seeing you here! Georgia! Hi.
I'm here with my kids.
You have to join us.
What a coincidence.
Um… - 'Cause my mom's a lying skank.
- Know what? Left foot forward, follow through.
- Whoo! - There you go! Good job, man! I was thinking about Green Gardens today.
City Planning's claiming they can't install AC because the building's historic, right? Right.
Please, do not remind me.
"Hmm," what? The building next door has AC.
Cynthia's real estate office.
They share a wall.
- You'd have to assume - That they share electric.
Cynthia was the one leading the charge against the RMBs in Wellsbury, right? Yup.
Huh! Coincidence.
I have a door.
I wanted to make sure we were cool.
Cool? I am so cool.
I'm the coolest.
Really? 'Cause you… kinda seem upset.
Upset? Well, maybe I'm upset because I have hormones literally coursing through my veins.
By the way, apparently, the guy buys it.
I didn't even have a coupon.
I have no idea what I'm doing 'cause that was my first time.
It was nothing how I thought.
Nothing in this town makes sense.
Everyone just kisses everyone, and that's fine, apparently.
And I'm one of seven black kids in the whole school, and I just got caught shoplifting.
And… and now we have this huge sex secret, and I can't even tell my new friends.
And I've never really had friends before, and it's not been great.
I feel like I'm in a board game, and I don't know any of the rules.
Like chess.
I never really figured out chess.
And I've been emotional all day.
I… I saw a kid litter, and I started crying because… nobody cares about the planet! I was your first time? Yeah.
Wait, what are we doing? You already took Plan B, right? That lasts for another day at least.
Get out right now! Jesus, fine.
Peach? You OK? No! I'm mad.
I'm mad at you.
I'm mad at myself.
I'm just mad.
It's OK.
It's OK to be mad.
I'm mad at you, too, if it makes you feel any better.
I know what you need.
Come on.
Austin! No, there ain't nothing That I gotta prove You think your words… LDP! Living room dance party! I think I'm pretty With these old boots on I think it's funny When I drink too much, hey You try and change me You can go… Sometimes when I catch my mom at a certain angle, it feels like I'm looking at someone I don't know.
But she doesn't know me either.
And I got bad tattoos You won't believe So, kick out the jams Kick up the soul Pour another glass Of that rock and roll Turn up the band, fire in the hole Gonna lose control tonight What do you want from me? I'm not America's sweetheart So beat the drum with me I'm not America's sweetheart Well, they say I'm too loud for this town So I lit a match and burned it down What do you want from me? I'm not America's sweetheart But you love me anyway My hands are dirty And my heart is cold And boys I've been with Say I've got no soul I meet another honey at the bar I think it's funny When I break his heart, mm, yeah My kinda medicine is whiskey straight… My mom's always been blending, hiding, changing, disguising.
She loves Vivien Leigh because her whole life has been making a dress out of curtains.
She's a true chameleon.
All right.
Let's go.
I'll be right out.
Gotta pee real quick.
Meet ya outside? Yeah.
Hey there.
Just the gum, please.
And whatever's in the register.
Go down, go down, go down Yeah, let me see you go to town Go down, go down, go down Yeah, let me see you go to town, yeah Go down, go down, go down Yeah, yeah… Hi, girls! - Oh.
Hi, Ms.
- Hi, Ms.
Um, is Ginny home? We wanted to see how she was doing.
She's inside.
Go on in, girls.
Love the shirt, Abby.
So we went to, like, three different stores, and finally found the right shade.
Why? 'Cause the cosmetic industry's racist.
No, I mean, why would you do that? Oh, we felt bad.
You're our friend.
Oh my God.
There is the most amazing contour YouTube video that I have to show you.
Oh my God.
It's actually bomb.
OK, but we have to listen to Lana Del Rey.
She's the goddess of sadness.
Oh, Max just texted me.
"You guys can't have fun without me! I hate being grounded! Ah!" There's, like, a million sad face emojis.
Oh my God.
She's so extra.
We should take a picture of the three of us to make her really mad.
Have fun! I like Coke But only if you're mixing it with Jack Then it's dope Put it in my cup Then hand me the smoke I ain't tryna think about the world I got too many problems I'm like, "Nope" You can keep the posts Faking smiles with the quotes I could walk around talkin' cheap But I don't I ain't tryna think about the world I got too many problems For all the world's problems What the hell? - You're kidding me.
- Mary.
You've got a lot of nerve coming back.
Hey, get out of my house! - Easy.
- What? Easy with that, huh? Hey, hey, hey, wait! No, no, no, no, no! If beauty is a weapon, then Georgia has always been locked and loaded.
Oh, Mary, no! Stop it! Please! - No.
- Please! An eye for an eye.
I've never felt beautiful, but I understand hiding.
Makeup works best if no one knows you're wearing it.
Like Georgia says, "It's a face.
Not a mask.
" I see how my mom does it because I'm doing it too.
The hiding, changing, disguising… I'm used to not being seen, even by my mom.
If they can see where your makeup ends and your face begins, you've done it wrong.
Here's what I found on your ex-husband's widow.
Georgia's real name is Mary.
She was born in Alabama to mother Daisy Atkins.
Her father Shane Reilly currently serving time in New Mexico for attempted murder.
When Mary was six years old, her mother remarried a man named Ed Atkins.
Now, from age 14 to 18, Mary's lived completely off the grid.
But at some point, she reemerged and started going by Georgia Miller.
She has two kids with two different men.
Zion Miller is a photographer.
They were never married, but she took his name.
Gil Timmins is her son's father and is serving time for fraud and embezzlement.
There are big gaps in the timeline because Georgia's always on the move.
I'm not letting that trash get Kenny's money.
Can we take her down? I'm headed up to Wellsbury tomorrow.
Don't you worry.
If there's something, I'll find it.
For those struggling with thoughts of self-harm, information and resources are available
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