Ginny and Georgia (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Next Level Rich People Shit

Oh, honey, honey-pie Honey, honey, honey-pie Ooh, girl, don't you stop Don't you stop 'Til you get enough, honey Oh, honey, honey-pie Honey, honey, honey Virginia! You're still in bed? - No, Mom.
Not this.
- Time to get up.
I wanna hide and listen to Madonna I wanna cry But I don't think I'm gonna… My mom is nothing if not a realist.
Fantasies are for people with 401ks.
You've gotta keep your feet on the ground and your head out of your ass.
It's Friday! Happy Friday! Good morning, Ginny Welcome to Friday! Clear eyes, open hearts, dumb fools.
Big dreams are for big idiots.
No, they never told us How much it hurts to be young Marty, I bought this house with the understanding that this money was gonna come through.
I'm staring at a mortgage payment and utility bills.
Marty, I am utterly broke, OK? Please get me my money.
I'm gonna have to resort to methods I don't wanna have to resort to.
Have I found Jesus? No.
Son of a bitch is playing hard to get.
Please take me off the list of people to call.
Slutty top.
Got it at that shop you stole from.
Waffle? Toasted 'em myself.
What's this? Sophomore Sleepover.
Welcome to Pleasantville.
If you've always had a Tempur-Pedic, the notion of a sleeping bag on a gym floor is charming.
Ellen's running it.
You can give her the money for my ticket.
Excuse me, miss.
You have a job.
I start today after school.
I don't have any money yet.
- How much is it? - Hundred bucks.
To spend the night in a school you already go to? You moved us to this white, rich-ass town.
This is what they do here.
- These people are weird.
- Totally weird.
All night in the high school? - Sounds like a waste of a Saturday.
- Mm-hmm.
This Saturday night is the most important night of my entire life! I don't know what to tell you.
You're grounded.
Mom, this is Sophomore Sleepover.
This transcends grounding.
Why don't you understand that? I'll die if I don't go! I'll die if I do go.
I have spent hours and hours working my ass off researching hot dog vendors, glow stick suppliers.
If anyone gets to die, it's me.
We could all die together.
As a family.
None of my friends are going.
You are actually the worst mother ever.
Why can't you be cool like Georgia? I am pretty cool.
Morning, neighbors! Come in! Join us! He says run, save yourself.
Oh! I'm just here to get Ginny's ticket.
See, Mom? Ginny's going.
Would you like some breakfast? Wow, you're such a good mom! Isn't she a good mom, Max? Max, I think if you wanna prove that you deserve to go to Sophomore Sleepover, there are other ways to go about it than yelling at Ellen.
Yeah, stop yelling at Ellen.
That is some serious Jedi mind shit.
- Marcus, go to school, learn something.
- You know I won't.
I wish I could put you in my pocket and take you everywhere.
I just had a thought.
Why don't I chaperone the sleepover with you? That way, you don't have to suffer all alone.
That would be amazing.
I love it.
Oh, I'm gonna put Bev on the 2:00 a.
door shift.
She'll be pissed.
Thank you.
OK, so I think… I think that my mom might let me go to Sophomore Sleepover.
Ah, awesome! I don't wanna go without you.
Why do you still think everyone hates you? Doesn't everyone think everyone hates them? That's a good point.
And I can't even imagine not going.
This is my big chance to flirt with Riley.
Do we have confirmation she's gay? I don't know, but there's a vibe at rehearsal.
She's such a fine line between thespian and lesbian.
How are we getting booze for tomorrow? Press, you wanna try that gas station that let you buy a 30 rack? I don't want to too often in case he starts carding me.
We need to get stuff.
Can't Jordan get some from his mom's airline kits? I don't wanna drink nips.
I like 'em.
Feel like a giant! You guys gonna be one of those boyfriends and girlfriends who shares everything in a gross way that reminds me I'm gonna die alone? I mean, not that you're boyfriend and girlfriend, or that you're gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend 'cause who knows? We could get bombed by North Korea, and none of this would matter.
OK, I'm going to class.
I need to win… Awkward.
I need to, I need to I need to win Mm.
Got a hot date? Sophomore Sleepover.
I'm chaperoning, but I need a last-minute sitter.
There should be an app for this.
- Oh! - Hmm.
That's cute.
- No.
No, no, no.
- You'll love Austin.
- Yeah.
- He's fun.
He's easy.
Goes to bed early.
You know what I love most about kids? That I don't have any and don't have to take care of any.
Oh! - It'll be fun.
- OK.
You know what's fun? Big Dick Saturdays at Trunks.
That's fun.
- Sorry.
- Nick! Nick, I'm desperate.
Oh, OK.
- So now you and your top match.
- Please? I already committed.
Come on.
Georgia, how do I make this clear to you? OK, um, let's try this.
I don't buy green bananas because I don't like things that aren't ripe.
Children are just people who aren't ripe.
The answer is no.
So, you are chaperoning the sleepover, huh? Only if I can find someone to watch Austin.
It's… Um… Well, I'm free.
I could watch him for you.
Really? You would do that? Yeah, I mean, I am a member of the school board, so I understand how important Sophomore Sleepover is.
Plus, you know, I lawn-bowled with your kids, so we go way back.
- I couldn't ask you.
- But you could ask me.
Listen, can't begin to imagine how hard it must be to be a working single mom, but I hear it takes a village.
So… You are a lifesaver.
You're sure you don't mind? Yes, uh… it's… it's not a problem.
OK? Consider it handled.
- I really, really appreciate this.
- Don't say another word.
All right.
- Hmm.
- "You're a lifesaver.
" Hey, Max.
Uh, what time's rehearsal? I think 3:00.
Oh my gosh.
I love your ring.
- Your hands are super soft.
- Thanks! It's my skin.
I'm amped for the dance number today.
Fosse is so sexy.
"It's my skin"? See? Total vibe.
I know Sophomore Sleepover is this weekend, but we will not be slacking.
Come on.
I need walk, walk, pas de bourrée, arms to the side, up and down, roll it to the left, pop the booty, pop the booty, face, and face.
It's not hard, OK? So, you know what? Why don't you do the next one and make it sexy? I want everybody in the audience hot.
So, like our parents? Places, please.
Desire Like fire I can't deny I'm feeling That feeling When she goes by I've been locked in here for a while And I just wanna talk Oh, I know I'll do in time And I know I've done a crime Frankly I've got nothing else to lose Hot.
OK, select coffee.
Now select total.
Run the card.
They're gonna sign, then you flip it back and hit enter.
Got it? - Yes, sir.
- Good.
What do you want? Don't you mean, "Welcome to Blue Farm Cafe.
How may I help you?" - No, I mean, "What do you want?" - Service with a smile.
Iced coffee.
No milk.
Black like your heart? Three bucks, and we don't do Venmo.
Uh, so… great job.
Really… good.
Uh… Small note would be to try not to be so hostile to the paying customers.
Sophomore Sleepover Tomorrow is Sophomore Sleepover A school or two Caress these arms And then you'll find a scoop or two Oh, darling, please see the time I need to find another one like you - Come on! - I drift and pass everyone I see You seem to stop and glance Wouldn't it be easy to find someone Who has the time? You say things like, "I wanna give this a try.
" I am trying to talk to you.
You're not meeting me halfway.
Lately, I've been leaning on myself Aah-ooh Lately, I don't need nobody else Just trying not to feel the way I felt Aah-ooh Lately, I've been leaning on myself Leaning on myself Lately, I've been fine I've been filling up my free time Wasting all my money Playing in the sunshine I'm drifting in the deep Tryna find a way home Driving through the streets Nowhere I wanna go Felt like all I need Is how I had it before Thought that I'd feel free But the freedom comes slow I only want a few close friends The rest just pretend I turn to people Kissing in the stairwell I want this day to end Text my mama so I don't lose hope I didn't learn anything I didn't know Always yelling, "Get off your phone" Screw that, I'm going home Did ya hand that in? Nah, I'mma take a zero Just call me a self-aware bitch Sorry, at least I'm being honest Surrounded by the gossip… At least I say it loud… At least I say it loud At least I say it… Lunch line is down the block There's a fight behind the candy shop Walk by like nothing's wrong Like nothing's going on Walking through the crowded hall People looking at my mismatched socks Look back, I smile and nod I'm in no mood to talk Did ya hand that in? Nah Yeah, who you know so confident? Who you know Come through mad sponsorships Who you know Come through quick to smack a bitch? Me versus you Who's the whacker bitch? There should only be one name That comes to mind Burger B dropped an EP For the fourth time Burger B in the G5 passenger side Don't touch the wheel Let my best friend drive I come through, I'm killin' this shit Never for free, I be billin' this shit I'm about to be maxed up Lord villain and shit Is you seein' what I'm sayin'? Get your stuff in this bitch 'Cause you see me rappin' hard Sexy sweets, big candy bars West Indian, we come from yards With blanks so they are charred, what? You be talkin' that blah, blah, blah And I ain't even listenin', la, la, la You be talkin' that rah, rah, rah But I come through stuntin' I am the don dada You be talkin' that blah, blah, blah And I ain't even listenin', la, la, la You be talkin' that rah, rah, rah… Girls! M-A-N-G.
Ma… What's MANG? MANG.
Like Wang.
And can you just, like, not? But I love you, and I'm super grateful to be here.
MANG, like mango.
Mom, no.
Maybe Ellen and I should make matching shirts.
Are you trying to embarrass me? You're the G in MANG, and I'm embarrassing? Jesus, lighten up.
Just don't talk about any of your ex-husbands or boyfriends, and, oh my God, do not talk to my friends about their sex lives.
And don't flirt with the students or other parents.
And, please, don't hotbox a classroom.
- I only did that once.
- Mom, please.
I didn't realize I was a liability.
I'll stay out of your way, G.
Oh my God, let's go! Hi, this is in case Avery… Bye, baby! …comes into contact with any peanuts, and if you could just make sure that she's having fun.
She's a little shy.
She has generalized anxiety disorder and had a lot of fear about tonight.
OK, thank you.
Oh, sorry.
I can't believe that we're responsible for over 200 kids tonight.
You'd think that you'd have to have a license to do that.
Got another EpiPen.
There anything we should be doing or checking or looking for? Absolutely not.
If we look for it, we might find it.
I have one and one goal only tonight, that everybody lives.
- I'm not worried if you're not.
- Oh no, I'm very worried.
This is my worst nightmare.
OK, this is even better than I could have imagined! Holy crap.
This is carnival on crack.
So, I staked out a spot for us, scoped out the joint, and came up with a game plan.
- I love a game plan.
- Hey, I love a game plan too.
Here's my plan.
Let's get weird! Oh, wait, wait, wait.
I have a great idea.
Oh my God.
You're gonna love this.
OK, yeah.
Oh, sorry.
Get out of our way.
- I will be all the rage tonight - Tonight! Filled with fury and starry-eyed I will be all the rage Hey, gals.
Mind if I get one with Ginny? - Oh yeah.
- No.
Please take it, dude.
Don't worry about it.
- Having fun? - This whole thing is insane.
At my last school, we had a dunk tank for Senior Day, but that was it.
What's your favorite part? This.
- I will be all the rage tonight - Tonight! - Watch me shimmy into the light - All right! I will New cupid! Time for a change Cupid shuffle, cupid shuffle Cupid shuffle, cupid shuffle New style Down, down, do your dance, do your dance We got a brand new dance Down, down, do your dance, do your dance Oh, oh, oh Down, down, do your dance, do your dance Yeah, yeah Down, down, do your dance, do your dance New style They say I'm a rapper, and I say no They say, "What you doing?" Tryna to do somebody cold I just let the music come from my soul So all of my people Can stay on the floor - They got a brand new dance - Come on! You gotta move your muscle Brand new dance It's called the Cupid Shuffle It don't matter If you're young or you're old We gon' show you how it go To the right, to the right To the right, to the right To the left, to the left To the left, to the left Now kick, now kick, now kick, now kick Now walk it by yourself Now walk it by yourself Let me see you do Down, down, do your dance, do your dance Yeah, yeah Down, down, do your dance, do your dance Let me see you do Down, down Do your dance, do your dance… Wow.
My strategy is to just keep feeding them.
I find they tend to follow the food.
Have you seen Marcus anywhere? No.
Maybe I shouldn't have made him come to this.
He has a hard time with these things.
Last year was really rough on him.
- He struggles.
- Oh.
Do you ever feel like parenting is just utter guesswork? We did something right.
Just wanna let you know that your mom is a total smokeshow.
I knew you'd wanna dance to this one.
It's one of our faves.
Mom, stop staring at me.
It's creepy.
Can you go chaperone somewhere else for a while? Mom.
Can you hold on to these for me? Thanks.
Yeah, yeah Down, down, do your dance, do your dance Yeah, yeah, yeah Down, down, do your dance, do your dance Down, down, do your dance, do your dance Yeah, yeah, yeah New style, y'all OK, I call this Mac N' Please because as soon as you try it, you'll be begging for more.
Here you go.
I don't like it.
You didn't even try it.
Come on.
It's my super special top-secret recipe.
OK, you win.
You don't have to eat it.
I will just find you something else.
What do you like, huh? You like weird faces? What's the weirdest face you can make? Huh? Can you make a face weirder than this? - Come on.
Show me a silly face.
- No! My mom said it would be just the three of us.
Um Austin, I'm not… Whoa… I'm… I'm just here to help your mom out.
That's it.
Were you helping her out at lawn bowling too? Oh my God.
My little ponies.
I love Ariana Grande.
She's so classy.
Ooh! Looks like it's your turn.
I think I'll just stay like this.
What? No! We have to look the same for Insta.
Yeah, don't be a bitch like Abby with her jeans.
- Hello? - I really don't think Sorry, are we MANG, or are we MANG? Come on.
Pony up.
Sit down.
God, we look so cute! Aww.
You and Hunter are the cutest.
It's warming the cockles of my cold, dead heart.
Oh my God.
Samantha's so jealous too.
We kissed in the photo booth, and we're streaking on Snapchat.
I think you're right.
I think he does like me.
- What? Do you not think he does? - No, it's your hair.
Do you want us to help you fix it? It's fine.
I'll be right back.
- Want us to come with you? - No, I got it! Then, I signed Norah up for the PSAT intensive even though it means we have to move figure skating to Thursday nights and flute to the weekends, but that's the sacrifice.
Are you sure we don't need to see if these kids are sneaking off to drink or go have sex or… Oh no.
If we look for it, we might see it, and we have one goal only tonight.
- Everyone survives.
- Yes.
Especially Bev, because I might casually murder her.
Pizza's here.
I just have to take this cashbox to the principal's office.
Let me take that for you.
Thank you.
You know, I went off all caffeine.
I feel so much better now.
It's wine, Bev.
This is what I get.
Pony up.
I'm giving up with the make-belief… No one here's being fooled Back to the days… When I was your thief And I could play it cool… Hey.
Thanks for the booze, babe.
Hey, don't thank me.
Thank my Sky Chef mom.
Allow me to present our tasting flight.
We'll begin with a crisp Russian vodka and meander over to a smoky French cognac, and to top it all off, the flavored spirits as a little…digestif.
Dude, Spanish class is paying off.
Hey, wanna play truth or dare? - Not really.
- What? Hmph! Wanna play truth or bear? Tell the truth or get mauled by a bear! No! Was your card the… …jack of diamonds? I can't remember.
Do you like soccer? My dad got me into it.
He used to take me to all the games.
It really is the greatest sport.
It's strategic.
It's noble.
It's Stupid! Whoa! Hey! No way that was a red card! What are you doing, idiot? Wait, what was that? Was that a laugh? What was funny? You idiot! You stupid fool! You stupid fool! OK, then.
Got a soccer fan, huh? You get how weird this looks, right? Yeah, I look ridiculous.
Hey! What are you doing in here? I am riding out this lame sleepover.
It's not lame.
It's fun.
Doing the Cupid Shuffle? Nice hair.
Shut up about my hair.
Why is everyone so obsessed with my hair? Worry about your own hair.
Ooh, I'm tough and alternative and too cool for fun.
Is that your impression of me? It's all wrong.
I'm way more debonair.
I'm too cool for fun.
Seriously, why aren't you into this? There's a freaking bounce house.
- None of my friends are here.
- Or your girlfriend.
No, Padma isn't my girlfriend.
I don't really do girlfriends.
"I don't really do girlfriends.
" I'm sure you could hang with Max and us.
The bro squad? No, thanks.
All right.
Well, I'll get out of your hair.
Hey, pun! - 'Cause the… - Hmm.
All right.
Wait… I actually think you're more in the bush than debonair.
You'd like that, wouldn't ya, mate? Slip another shrimp on the barbie.
OK! Jordan! Truth or dare? Truth.
Jordan, where's the kinkiest place you've ever had sex? Abby! You know the answer to this.
No! I know your answer to this.
I wanna know Jordan's answer.
Go! - Don't do it.
- I gotta do it.
I gotta do it.
I have to.
Brodie's parents' bathtub.
While Abby and Max were sleeping in Brodie's parents' bed.
Oh my God! Yes! I knew it! Sorry, Norah.
I knew you were in there.
I heard you, you dirty animals.
Seriously? Bro, poor Marty and Frank.
They'll never know.
Jordan, you're up.
I dare you and Brodie to swap full outfits.
Ooh! No.
You're not stretching out my new Harbours.
Are you backing down from the dare? The dare doth not be denied.
Come on.
Don't ruin it.
- No pants, no dare.
- I'm not taking my jeans off.
- OK? - Damn, chill.
Abs? You OK? No, it's just stupid.
- Abby! - I'm out! - Hey, Riley! - Hey, Max! - Um, do you wanna go talk for a minute? - Yeah, sure.
Hey, what's up? Hey.
So, basically, I don't think I'm imagining this thing that's going on between us.
I felt like I should just ask you straight out because I really, really like you.
I think you're, like, stupid talented.
Like, it's stupid, and you've just been electric to work with, so I felt I'd throw it all out there and see if maybe you were feeling it too? Um… Um… - Max, I - Oh my God, no.
Seriously, don't worry about this.
I'm probably just drunk or on acid or having a seizure or something.
Seriously, this is no big deal.
Um… Are we still gonna be good at rehearsal? Yeah! Definitely.
Look, I'm sorry.
You're awesome, but I'm definitely straight.
I mean, I wish I wasn't because we would be the hottest couple.
Literally, all of the guys' heads would explode.
Yeah, can you imagine? Uh… I'm gonna go back to my friends.
Yeah, I'll see you around.
Hey, Max! Hi, you look amazing.
Max? Oh… I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to Oh, honey.
What happened? I kissed a girl and… she didn't like it.
Oh! Come on.
Come on.
It's like there's this voice in my head telling me everything I'm doing wrong, and I'm always just feeling really critical of myself even though I know no one's paying attention.
Does that make sense? Voices in your head? Yikes, you should get that looked at.
I don't know.
Yeah, I get it.
Wellsbury sucks.
No, it doesn't.
I'm still figuring it out, but I've lived in a lot of places, and Wellsbury does not suck.
This is the first place I've lived where it's cool to be smart, and they want you to succeed.
They want you to fit into a neat, little, predetermined box.
If you don't take seven AP classes, they label you a problem, put you on Adderall and Klonopin until you join the ski team.
You have a mom and a dad, a nice house, and the ability to pursue literally any of your interests.
Check your privilege.
If your biggest problem is ski team So I don't have any valid problems because I live in Wellsbury? - I didn't say that.
- Yeah, you sorta did.
My, uh… best friend died last year.
He, uh… He got cancer.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
It doesn't sound fine.
Everyone has shit.
Do you wanna talk about it? Definitely not.
Damn, this got heavy.
Maybe we just need to chill out.
No! Stop! - What? - No! Don't! - Come on.
Two seconds.
- Really, I'm fine.
Yeah, when I'm fine, I sob uncontrollably.
Just… I made such a fool of myself.
You put your heart on the line.
That takes guts.
Love is a lot of things, Maxine.
Safe isn't one of 'em.
Your accent makes everything you say sound so convincing.
Now get out there and have fun.
Ignore Riley.
Indifference is the best revenge.
Ginny's really lucky to have you.
OK, who's in here? I was just with M.
I know I'm dealing with some fraction of ANG.
Peach? That you? - Hi, Mom.
- Hey.
What are you doing hiding in here, weirdo? Why's your hair wet? How many times have I told you not to let anyone touch your hair? Almost done? I wanna get outta here.
This whole thing is some next-level rich people shit.
I've never seen anything like it, but you look like you were enjoying yourself with Hunter.
Ow! Mom! What? I'm being supportive.
Can we drop it? Don't be ugly.
Why are you so mean to me today? Am I that awful? Have I embarrassed you that much? Volunteered to chaperone for you, make sure you have a good time.
You hate that I'm making friends instead of hanging with you judging everyone.
You're jealous that I get to do this, and you didn't.
- That's what this is about.
Am I wrong? - Excuse me? Whatever, Mom.
We're stopping here for lunch before we continue on to Fort Jackson.
That's yours.
No cheese.
One of you is lactose intolerant.
Who is it? - Thank you.
- No problem.
What is all this? Uh, a summer history thing.
Next stop on the tour of old dead guys who did racist shit is Fort Jackson.
Wellsbury High? Oh yeah.
It's in Massachusetts.
It was either this summer history tour or summer camp.
Juniors got the option to go to Prague, which is awesome, but, uh, sophomores stay local.
Where's Prague? Uh… It's… it's in Europe.
Y'all from there? Wellsbury, Massachusetts? Yeah.
- Don't cry over spilled condiments.
- I'll cry if I damn want to.
I'm Joe, by the way.
Hi, Joe.
I'm Georgia.
Georgia living in Georgia.
What? Nothing.
No, not confusing at all.
You guys, like, real rich or something? Not really.
Just normal.
These Ray-Bans? Ah… I don't really care about all that stuff.
But seriously, I like animals more than humans.
I wanna have a farm with horses and everything.
- Always wanted to ride a horse.
- Oh yeah? Yeah, it's real stupid, but when I was a little girl, I imagined I had this horse named Milkshake.
Milkshake? Hey! It's my imaginary horse.
Sorry, go on.
And Milkshake would follow me around, visible to everyone but me, and… whenever I needed to get away, I'd just hop on her, and we'd fly.
- Milkshake could fly.
- Of course.
OK, let's get back on the bus.
Next stop, Fort Jackson.
I gotta go.
Oh… You can keep 'em.
Bye, Georgia.
I'll look you up if I'm ever in Wellsbury.
Yeah, OK.
Do you wanna go to Prague, little baby? Georgia? Georgia? Hello, Georgia? Could use a little help here.
These hormonal monsters are insatiable.
How about a little less snacking, a little more helping? I thought I could be Something special and cozy for you A set of those diamonds The diamonds that glare as you stare A portion of popcorn that's poppin' And shoppin' for a fair chance Distortion is motion That's ribbed and forbidden Don't you dare, don't you dare You're so coo coo, I'm so coo coo… Rejection sucks.
Like, it really, really sucks.
I feel like she just took out my heart, did a little jig on it, sumo wrestled it, taught it how to Dougie and shoved it back into my chest, you know? I'm really sorry.
That didn't totally suck.
Are you kidding? That was lit.
Best night ever! Yeah! The best.
Is that a burrito? Yeah, I'll take it.
…touch me like that.
Whoa! Abby, are you OK? Is she drunk? That was for you.
She needed it more.
I had a good time tonight.
I think you're awesome.
Uh, yeah, me too.
I mean you, not me.
Cool, 'cause I wanted to ask you something.
You're smart and… obviously beautiful.
And… I was wondering if you wanna maybe be my girlfriend? You wanna be my boyfriend? Uh… Yeah, that sounds cool.
Oh man.
- Awesome.
- OK.
Ginny seems to be fitting in.
You must be happy.
Oh yeah.
I'm tickled pink.
- Oh shit! - OK, all right.
Don't cry over spilled condiments.
I'll cry if I damn want to.
This was wonderful.
Georgia, right? - Yeah.
- Amazing job.
My pleasure.
Y'all take care.
Everybody survived.
I'm emotionally scarred and will never recover, but I'm glad they had fun.
Thank you so much.
She had such a great time! Of course.
Well, congratulations, Georgia.
You're a Wellsbury mom now.
Ginny, Max.
Thanks, Joe.
I don't buy that my mom doesn't believe in having big dreams.
I think she has the biggest dreams of all.
I know how badly she wanted this for me, this life she never got to have, the chance at a bright future, great friends, the right boyfriend, a problem-free place.
Teach high school, they said.
It'll be fine.
She's gonna make it a whole thing.
Hey, Max! I was thinking we should start posting photos of us in character to get people excited for the play, OK? Aww, cute! See you in rehearsal.
God, what is wrong with me? Hey! Max, right? Sorry.
I didn't think anyone would be in here.
Yeah, I come here to study sometimes.
It's quieter than blue.
Yeah, sometimes I come here to cry.
So… It's very funny.
What's wrong? I kissed this girl who's been sending me, like, super mixed messages only to find out she's not gay, which sucks, and I'll never find love.
What's more messed up is she's acting like nothing happened, which is worse, because something definitely did happen.
So I feel insane.
So it sucked.
But… I don't know, bouncy house was kinda fun.
Hey, it's her loss.
You're hot.
Maybe next time, you just need to kiss someone that wants to kiss you back.
Oh my God.
We're going.
Gin Gin.
I'm deceased.
Samantha is crying in chem now.
Please be crying.
Ginny, you're so photogenic.
I know.
Aren't we so cute? It's the liars and the cheats Driving from the back seat… A problem-free place.
And let you down, down down… But everywhere has problems.
It's not that Georgia doesn't believe in dreams.
She just thinks they're useless unless you force them into reality.
Sometimes, people suck I know it's already been a minute… What if all your dreams come true, and it's still not enough? Desire Like fire I can't deny I'm feeling That feeling When she goes by I've been locked in here for a while And I just wanna talk Oh, I know I'll do in time And I know I've done a crime Frankly I've got nothing else to lose
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