Girls5eva (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Take that, take that ♪ Welcome to Wickie's world! No shoes, bare feet, or socks, please.
I always wanted to live on a cliff, so I designed this Malibu home myself.
Isn't it stunning? And the theme I always came back to was "purple expensive.
" I commissioned this mantle.
Now that I've gone solo, I need a place for all my future awards.
I love to just sit here and get ideas like, a duet with Prince that gives poor people a Christmas.
Here, of course, is my solo album, "Yesternights.
" This is a film I recently completed with Jose.
I played Dr.
Janet Dress, and what drew me to this role was that I believe we were spies as well as my love of all things humor.
I saw on this program that Ms.
Missy Elliott has a bed that looks like a Ferrari.
Well, I do Missy one better by having a car that looks like a bed.
It's Sealy Posturepedic for Alfa Romeo.
Vroom, vroom.
Bye, "Cribs.
" Luxury forever! We're gonna be famous five-ever ♪ 'Cause forever's too short ♪ It's too short ♪ We're gonna be famous three-gether ♪ 'Cause that's one more ♪ Than together ♪ We're gonna be famous five-ever ♪ 'Cause forever's too short ♪ Girls5eva ♪ - Fireworks or terrorism? - Hmm? Oh, it's just Wickie.
You're welcome.
I'm organizing.
Is that a trash pile? Of course not.
It's to donate.
I'm very giving.
That's our microwave.
It has a button that says "baked potato.
" Invest in yourself.
I do.
I wash my bra every other week.
A clean, fresh space is my gift to you for letting me stay here.
I have an eye for this.
Every interior designer I've ever worked with has said, "Then why don't you just do it?" Ugh, buddy.
Your poopy's out.
I told her.
You told her? Wickie's presence is, uh, palpable.
Why does she have six toothbrushes? Some are for eyebrows and suedes.
I gotta say, it's starting to feel a little Do not say "You, Me and Dupree.
" This is temporary.
We have our first group strategy session today.
And as soon as we start booking gigs, she'll get her own place.
A curling iron is on in a child's room.
Sorry, honey.
At least you get the place to yourself today.
Because this afternoon, Max is going to the Bernardones' birthday party.
Yes, Declan's coming over to watch the Tour de Fresno.
- Biking? - Cycling.
I got my eyes on Primas Pacas.
He was a forceps baby, so his head really slices through the wind.
- Hey, Richard.
- Scott.
No Black men are named Scott.
Scottie Pippen.
- Kid Cudi.
Travis Scott.
- Sure.
If you're gonna be around later, do you mind signing for a package? I have a few essentials coming from Los Angeles.
No problem.
Is that a hat from Boost Mobile? You'll thank me.
Ding-dong, mommies.
Oh, my God.
Flash flood or Amber alert or what? No, it's just It's been a couple days since we did "Fallon" and Kev hasn't reposted it yet even though I post all of his TV appearances.
Hey, what's up? I'm here with an exclusive look at the flight paths celebrities often take from Los Angeles to Miami, passing over Tampa completely.
I wouldn't worry about who's posting what, but I will say that the fact that Kev lives in a different city is No! Kev and I are amazing! We are so cute.
It's frickin' gross.
We were Zales ambassadors.
It begins.
I love her.
Girls5eva is back.
Femperors of our own fempire.
Haters can say that we're one-hit wonders, but they forget that we have a secret weapon.
My boot knife? We keep a lot of cash at the office.
Our trademark.
What's the story of that? Well, Mr.
King, "dwasg" is our word for this electric feeling we all get when we're performing together and we're just in the zone.
We all get chicken nipples.
I guess out east, you call them goosebumps.
It's made from the first letters of our names.
Is it you're just inventing words? Uh, yeah.
That's how words work, Larry.
They're all made up.
Shoulders! - "Shoulders.
" - "Shoulders"! And even though Ashley lost her battle with the infinity pool, we still had our dwasg at Fallon! Ash was probably watching from above.
Or below.
She used to curse and masturbate, so Now look, I know the business.
It's all about capitalizing on heat.
And right now, Girls5eva has a little heat! True! I saw a new clickbait ad that said you won't believe which one of us is Haley Joel Osment now.
We have to turn that heat into a fire that shoots us to the stage! At Oh! There's a chalkboard right there.
Jingle Ball.
Oh, my God! Yes! The greatest concert in the world.
The concert that bumped us in 2001.
- Well - It's not just a concert.
It is a coronation.
It is how we will know that we have truly arrived.
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
And look who played the year we got bumped.
P!nk, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z.
All not dentists now.
Great! So we know where we need to be in December.
So what's our first move, ladies? Still pedaling.
And here comes more pedaling! Oh! You called it.
- I I did.
Called it.
- Ah! His head is a knife! Who is it? Delivery for Wickie Roy.
Come on up.
Come to curb.
This is essentials? No.
No, no, no, no, no! Hang on.
Dawn, Wickie's package is a grand piano from the future.
Oh, God.
A bird just flew into it.
Call me.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Don't go.
You have to take it back or move it for us.
Curbside! But Declan has cycling arms.
You sign for this? What's that thing made of? You have something? No.
I thought it might help me think if I wrote "think, asshole" in really big letters.
Why don't we know what to do? Why can't we make any decisions? Because, look, we never got to make group decisions before.
Larry made them all for us.
Yeah? You're Summer now because we already have an Ashley.
And Wickie, you can't wear those braids on TV.
- Why? - It's a white hairstyle.
Christina, Gwen Stefani, Travolta in "Battlefield Earth.
" That wasn't okay, Larry.
God, that Larry.
He really stunk.
He'd be all, "Lose ten pounds," and I'd do it, and then, he'd go, "Not from there! From the legs, kid.
From the legs!" Did he always say messed up stuff to you right before a show? Oh, you mean his little pep talks? "You're this close to being the hot one, Summer.
" "You inspire fans 'cause you show them anyone can do it.
" He'd stare at me and pretend to be on the phone with Nicole Scherzinger and go, "Let's see how she does tonight before you get on a plane.
" Well, we don't need Larry anymore.
Half the gigs he booked us weren't even real.
First show ever! Santa's in his workshop working on an Arby's beef and cheddar.
Get up on his platform and sing! - Don't worry about security.
- Okay! The most they've got is a stick.
Go! Win hearts! And show your stomachs! We are Girls5eva! That is our first move.
Go back to where it all began.
- God's finger? - The Queen of Plaza mall? That show put us on the map.
I say we pop back up in there and make an official announcement that Girls5eva is back! - Oh, my God! Yes! - It's hot.
And it's buzzy.
And it's free.
And I've got a pair of Skechers I need to return.
We'll roll in with cordless mics, sing a song that really shows off our dwasg, and get out before we're swarmed by fans.
Oh, my gosh! "Massive Girls5eva announcement.
"8:00 p.
Instagram Live.
" - Tomorrow? - While we have heat.
And tagging industry bigshots! Simon Cowell.
- All the babies! - "#Newspapers.
" Oh, my God.
Well, we can get a pop-up show together by then.
Let's warm up with some Britney scales.
Jesus! Isn't Ghislaine gorgeous? I named her 20 years ago.
It was a pretty name then.
It's a pretty name now.
I'm not changing it.
Was it always this big? She's made by the same people that make realtor excellence awards, and I'm loving the conversation she's having with your pile of shoes.
Oh, my God.
Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, honey.
Are you okay? Moving that thing took all day.
I tweaked my L5.
Declan blew out his arms.
And Max had to spend an extra three hours at the Bernardone's.
He saw the Elmo get in his car and drive home.
God, that could really mess a kid up! Dawn, she can't keep this here.
Minor thing.
You may wanna rotate Ghislaine 40 degrees counterclockwise because if the sun hits her at that angle, she could become a prism and start fires.
I'll talk to her.
Maybe she can put it in storage or give it to David Blaine and he can hold his breath in it.
If we really wanna blow the doors off that mall, we should do "Dream Girlfriends.
" Big-time dwasg song.
- Yeah.
Love it.
- Great.
I'll text the girls.
Hey, so you know when an Italian family puts a giant fountain on their tiny front lawn and it looks insane? Dawn, I know this piano doesn't quite jive with your flyover state aesthetic I will say, my brother recently was paid in some storage units, and once he clears out the fake skin products You know, this is the first thing I bought when Girls5eva took off.
How? We only ever got a per diem.
Constellation of credit cards, but after "Yesternights" underperformed, "Mr.
Dress" swept the Razzies, and the Hair and Makeup Guild put an inflatable rat outside my house for human rights abuses, the phone just stopped ringing.
Eventually, the creditors took everything except this piano because I sincerely don't think they saw it.
I know it's big and absurd, but when I look at it, it makes me feel like I can do anything, like there's greatness in me and us.
Well, I love it.
- It's very special.
- It is.
I made love ♪ To Ja Rule on it ♪ Good morning, my beautiful girls.
Look who's FaceTiming.
Oh, it's Kev.
Hey, Kev.
I hear you have a big performance tonight.
Oh, yeah.
We do.
I just wanna say, I'm super excited for you.
You're gonna do great.
Aw! Thank you, honey bunny.
So have a great show, and congratulations to all.
'Cause Kev from the Boys Next Door thinks You're too pretty for college ♪ This is a Cameo? She bought a Cameo from her husband to make us think he's FaceTiming.
Good Lord.
So thanks for being a fan, stranger.
Oh, wow! Okay.
- Hi! Good morning.
- Hi.
Okay, show's tonight.
Where's Gloria? Okay, let's rehearse.
"Let's rehearse"? Where are you? I'm in the office; I have an emergency tooth abscess.
Come on, Gloria! Uh, does this look like it can wait? - Oh.
Oh, gross.
- Ugh.
But I can do both.
'Cause he's sedated, so - Ooh.
- All right.
Let's go.
"Dream Girlfriends.
" One, two, three.
And Ooh ♪ Have you ever wanted the perfect girl - Oh! - What? I'm so sorry.
This guy's mouth is like a straight shot down to his asshole.
It's foul.
- Let's do this.
Back to one.
- Okay.
- Ooh ♪ - Have you ever wanted How do I stop this? Do I press End and Accept? No, it's Ignore and Accept.
No, it's Ignore and Hold You know what? I'll do it shit! I was wrong.
There's not zero interest in Girls5eva.
- Larry, look at the phone! - You did a FaceTime, Larry.
I did? Well, hang on.
Wait a minute.
I got a call.
Eric Trump Casino University needs someone to play between MMA fights while they mop up blood.
Four grand, minus my 80%.
Well, what about buckets? Girls5eva does not need your toxic energy, Larry.
I'm not toxic anymore.
I have a gratitude journal.
Today, I'm grateful for my health and mannequins that have nipples.
- There's no I in dwasg, Larry.
- Yeah.
I'll ask about buckets.
- Oh! - Your mouth is disgusting! Oh, we're back.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
Back to one.
- Ooh ♪ - Have you ever wanted I wanna play with Mommy.
Mommy, Mommy, I wanna play with you.
Mommy's working, honey.
Dawn, come on.
Get it together, here.
This guy just bit me.
Come on.
I wanna stay with Mommy.
I wanna stay with Mommy.
- Ooh ♪ - The perfect girl Mommy, Mommy, I want to stay with you.
to fit in your world? - I wanna stay with you.
- Sorry.
Because we already real Oh, I almost cut through.
- Oh, God damn it! - Mommy, I wanna play with you! You know what? Dwasg cannot thrive in these environs.
It's a soufflé, not a duck cake.
I mean, I feel like I'm smelling shit that he ate, like, a year and a half ago.
That's our bedroom.
My grilled cheese is cold.
Oh, it's fine.
I didn't use any product.
Did you talk to Wickie? Maybe we could just watch TV through the piano.
I can't ask her to get rid of it.
It inspires her.
Most people have smaller things that do that.
For me, it's a picture of our family in a men's locket.
What makes it a men's locket? It attaches to my belt and has a bottle opener.
Look, you know I support Girls5eva, but that piano doesn't fit into our life.
Max keeps bumping into it.
Now he's not sure what's a real object and what's not.
I see the benefits of a cautious child.
If you can't be the bad guy, I will.
Wait, did she move it? Thanks for driving us, Nick.
No problem.
Hey, you guys want party lights? Check this out.
I rent this thing out for proms, TikToks, Russian airport pickups.
Okay, once we get Summer, we'll have 24 minutes to rehearse and fire up the dwasg.
You guys! Look! Kev sent me flowers.
Like, for real.
Not like me pretending that he sent them.
Can you hear yourself, Summer? Not when you're talking, no.
I sent them.
She deserves to be happy before that marriage That's really sweet short-term thinking.
- Thank you.
- Ooh! @babylegs wrote, "Can't wait," with a baby foot emoji.
The world is watching.
We're one baby step closer to Jingle Ball.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
"Dream Girlfriends.
" From the top.
Two, three, four.
Have you ever wanted the perfect girl? You'll never want to ♪ Wake up from ♪ Us ♪ You know, it's working, but, like, I'm not moved, though.
But I got a high bar.
I once saw Anita Baker at the Trop.
Nick's right.
Let's go again.
Everybody sing from your diaphragm.
Which one? Honey, you don't leave those in all the time.
I'm getting you a book.
Two, three, four.
Us ♪ - Competent, but feel my eyes.
They're bone dry.
Where is our dwasg? Why don't we have it? What didn't we do? - Is it cocaine? I used to do so much cocaine.
- I can't do cocaine anymore.
I'm taking too many statins.
No, we had it at "Fallon.
" What what's missing? How long you been there? Boy, you have zero presence.
It's smart that your teeth aren't so great.
Like going to a bald barber.
I know he's focused on me.
I always thought you'd be the dead one.
Suck it in, chunks.
Our dwasg is from Larry being mean to us? He'd make us feel small so we'd have something to prove onstage.
Well, you know what? If we're gonna kill with this pop-up show, then we're just gonna have to Larry each other.
- Dawn, I'll start with your feet.
- No.
I don't want us motivating ourselves by tearing each other down.
- We are better than that.
- Are we? We're four grown women loose in the back of a cargo van.
It's not a van, all right? For tax purposes, it's ten wheelchairs.
We're more than just four women in the back of a van.
We are four women with greatness in us.
- Ghislaine.
- Exactly, Dawn.
You know, positive envisionment can be just as powerful a motivator.
It's like when I'm working out at the gym, right? I like to imagine myself rescuing Christy Turlington from Ed Burns, and then, boom! I just start freakin' ripping down my lap pulls.
Y yeah.
So let's make ourselves feel big instead of small.
Okay, dream scenarios for tonight.
- Go.
- Okay.
- We kill at the mall.
- Mm-hmm.
It puts us on a rocket ship to the Grammys.
And I take one of those photos that's like "I don't know if I can carry all these!" That's a solid Adele.
Okay, we're so awesome tonight that my Astoria moms group stops asking me, "What do you do again? Is it marketing?" Okay.
My turn.
Everybody sees us, and we are amazing.
And oh! It worked! Mine is short.
Oh, my God.
We pop up.
We blow minds.
Then, Amber Alert! Sky-blue Taurus.
Rhode Island plates.
It sounds familiar.
I sprint over to lot B, and I pull that son of a bitch through the windshield! - Whoo! Hell, yeah! - Oh! - Chicken nipples.
- Oh, my God! Me too! - It worked.
- We're here! All right.
We got this.
- Here we go.
- Thanks, Nick.
Okay, ladies.
- Okay.
- Let's go destroy this mall.
Yes! If they've got a Spencer's up in there, get me some "Jerky Boys" pajamas.
The hell? Ugh! Oh, my God.
Ew! The mall's already destroyed.
I bought Skechers here, like, a month ago.
Oh, my God.
The mall economy is fragile.
One minute, she's a-bustlin'.
The next, murdered by e-commerce.
So the suits cram her with gimmicks.
Indoor ski slope, swim-up food court, but that's just a Band-Aid.
And things rot pretty fast when your anchor store is a Halloween Adventure.
So there's nothing here? Outside of a post-apocalyptic paintball scene, no.
But try next week.
She could bounce back.
Oh, yeah.
We're supposed to go live in one minute.
We cannot pop up here.
We'll look like idiots! Jesus, am I crazy or are the acoustics in here Amazing? ♪ Oh, my God.
You guys, look.
The O from the downed Sbarro, it's like a ring light.
We all look super hot.
Let's not waste this dwasg.
Lady guard.
Okay, will you just press the red button? And keep the angles hot! You know? And vertical no! No! Up and down.
Go live.
Ready? Yes.
Hello, Internet.
We are coming to you live from the Queen of Plaza mall - Whoo! - To tell you it's dead.
- It's dead.
- But we're not.
Girls5eva is back! Okay.
Have you ever wanted - Ooh ♪ - The perfect girl to fit in your world? Well, don't make a wish because we're already real.
Low-rise jeans with the one-tooth zipper ♪ Eyebrows thin, bronzer thicker ♪ Whale tail peekin', ready for the weekend ♪ And our eyes are all over you, boy ♪ Dream girlfriends ♪ 'Cause our dads are dead ♪ So you'll never have to meet them ♪ And get asked why you left school ♪ Dream girlfriends ♪ No pushback ♪ 'Cause our moms are all retired ♪ And hoping for the best ♪ We've got the kind of birth control ♪ That goes in your arm ♪ And tell me again why Tarantino's a genius ♪ You'll never want to ♪ Wake up from ♪ Us ♪ Us ♪ We're short, so we don't know that you're bald.
That was good.
And I saw Anita Baker at the Trop! We're back, babies! - I love you guys! - Oh, my God, I love you! Ow! - What? - I'm being targeted.
Come on.
Show yourself, dipshit.
What? You're not gonna ruin my night.
No! I love you! - Ladies! - Thank you! Oh! Oh, I went a little nuts with that Claire's gun I found.
But I'm excited! Thank you for everything.
You're my best friend.
- Aw, Wickie! - Oh, God.
And you're talking to the piano.
Oh, God.
I used to take piano lessons in the third grade.
- Oh, you did? - Mm-hmm.
I wonder if I remember how to play anything.
Everybody knows this one.
- Wickie, I'm sorry.
The piano's gotta go.
I'm sorry.
Heart and soul ♪ I fell in love with you ♪ Heart and soul ♪ Like any fool would do ♪ Madly ♪ - I love my heart and soul ♪ - It didn't work ♪ La, la ♪ - Were we loud? - No.
It's perfect.
I'm okay with all of it.
You should've seen Dawn tonight.
Show me.
I don't do Instagram.
- Just Pinterest for outdoor vests.
- Hmm.
Ooh, our dwasg was firing hard! I'm sure.
Wait, why didn't you guys call it "d'swag"? Ugh, gosh, you don't know anything about the business.
Oh, wait.
That is way better.
Either way, once in a millennia, a performance comes along that just It captures the imagination of a generation.
- And - It's gone.
- What? - From the story and the grid.
For copyright infringement? "This video has been blocked because it contains content owned by Plumb Management and Junk Removal Services"? What? Freakin' Larry! - Oh! - Jesus! It was just there! Happy to drive so you can drink ♪ Beam and coke, shots of Rumple Minze ♪ Butterfly tat flying up our back ♪ And we wanna watch you play darts ♪ Got big doe eyes that you can swim in ♪ Love watching stand-up, but not by women ♪ Runnin' in pumps, never taking dumps ♪ And my feet are a child size four ♪ Dream girlfriends ♪ 'Cause our dads are dead ♪ They gave us some advice ♪ But we forgot what they said ♪ Dream girlfriends ♪ No pushback ♪ All we have is a cool uncle ♪ Who let us use his boat ♪ Dream girlfriends ♪ We never need to talk ♪ You can tell your friends we're models ♪ 'Cause we were in some catalog ♪ Dream girlfriends ♪ No drama ♪ 'Cause we're party girls who wear cowboy hats ♪ To a bar ♪ Low maintenance, hot ♪ And fitting in your world ♪ You'll never want to ♪ Wake up from ♪ Us ♪ Us ♪ - Good night, everybody.
- Good night.

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