Glace (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Glacé (AKA "Frozen Dead") Captain Servaz? Yes.
Captain Ziegler, head of the St Martin Special Response Unit.
- Has the prosecutor briefed you? - Not really.
It will be easier if I just show you.
May I? It's up to you.
Do you know the area? Yes, I do That's it.
Are you being a wuss? Warnier Psychiatric Unit Thank you for getting here so quickly, Martin.
Hello, Madam Prosecutor.
Is that your surprise? I'm not good at gifts.
- Can I borrow him for a moment? - Sure.
You must think it's a long way to come for a horse.
- But there's pressure from above.
- For a horse? No.
The owner, Eric Lombard, also owns this plant.
The horse was worth 600,000 euros.
He's a major manufacturer in the region.
He isn't even 40 and runs a listed company.
Honestly, Cathy Put someone else on the case.
I'm over this political stuff.
I've got three killings of vagrants to handle in Toulouse.
Shit always goes downhill.
And the top brass want you on the case.
Don't you have anyone else? Lombard is very well connected.
They must remember how good you were when you still had it in you.
I don't want to spend time here, Cathy.
Martin I don't want to tell them you said no.
I just need your expertise to kick-start the investigation.
Two days.
No more.
Then I go home.
I'm glad you're here.
We're busy with a drug trafficking case.
And we're not used to freaky cases.
I'm just here to help, Captain.
It's your case.
- Shall we use first names? - If you like.
Hang on I don't get it.
You found the body at 7 a.
Why did you only call the police at 7.
30? We had to go down to get a signal.
So you saw that thing You tried to call.
Your phones didn't work so you went down.
- Right.
- What about the plant's landline? It wasn't us, for fuck's sake.
Find the sick bastard who did it instead of bugging us! Sit down.
May I? - Stand up.
- Then she'll ask me to sit down again? Up.
Will I find more in your locker? Speak up.
I can't hear you.
It's cold in the morning up here.
A spliff helps.
That's why you hesitated before calling us.
Get out.
Piss off! Can you explain, Captain? Martin.
To be efficient, you have to prioritise.
This guy isn't a priority.
How did it get here? We didn't find anything in the cable car.
What did they do with the head? Is there another way to get here apart from the cable car? Yes.
There's a small road behind the plant.
- Do you mind if we take a look? - Of course not.
- You should wear a down jacket.
- Yes - Where does this road go to? - The valley.
All this belongs to the Lombards to Eric Lombard now his parents are dead.
- When did the son take over? - Six months ago.
People weren't happy.
Why not? The dad knew the plant helped the local economy.
He made sure everyone benefited.
It's different with the son.
And he wants to green up the region's factories.
Not a bad idea.
No, but it's not popular.
What the hell is that? Do you have a torch? Yes.
You wanted to punish yourself again? I can't be punished.
Why not? When you're punished, you start all over again.
Can't you start all over again? You think that you can't be forgiven? I had a dream last night A dream I hadn't had for years.
I dreamt that I was skinning my mother.
We all have dreams, Francis.
It doesn't mean I can't be punished.
Your first victim Was he a priest? Why him? Why a priest? Did you know him? - Doctor Ferney - Yes, Francis.
Tell her not to ask me that again.
Dr Berg Francis will have a rest now.
Won't you, Francis? He refused to absolve you of your sins, didn't he? He'll never forgive me.
Who? Who will never forgive you, Francis? God? The area has been secured.
I'll send two of my boys.
Is that its head? Same colour Similar cut.
It probably is.
- This was in the pool of blood.
- What is it? Hair? - Maybe.
- That's huge.
- What have you got here? - Nothing.
It wasn't killed here.
Would that kind of horse follow someone it didn't know? I wonder.
But it will be hard to isolate prints in such a high-traffic area.
All the staff are in the Servants' Hall.
And Mr Lombard? He's in London.
He'll be back soon.
Freedom was his favourite horse Who rode that horse? Only Mr Lombard and Ben.
- Ben? - Ben McFinley, the stable hand.
- He looks after the horses.
- Is he here? No.
He's unwell and didn't wish to join us.
Where could we find him? - Mr Mac Finley? - Yes.
Captain Servaz, Toulouse police.
- I have a few questions.
- Go on.
- When did you last see Freedom? - At 8 p.
- Where were you last night? - Out with a woman.
- Can she confirm that? - I don't know.
She's married.
Could you get off that horse so we can talk? - Aren't you in Block C? - I'm done there.
They're doing activities.
Already? Shit, I'm late.
you'did well with lmbert earlier.
For him to accept you was an achievement.
But he's also opened up.
Well done.
Can I see the inmates in Block A? Here we go again.
You never give up, do you? Be patient.
You've only been here two weeks.
Even I had to wait weeks.
We have a budget to do.
- Can it wait? - What do you think? Let's talk later.
- You're a killjoy, François.
- Patients first, I know It defies logic.
If he had an issue wlth his boss, whatever that may be, he'd have gone for him.
And he loves horses.
He has the wrong profile for that carnage.
But he tried to escape and he was armed.
When will the doctors let you see him? - Your room is ready.
- Thank you.
I know I promised but I'd rather leave tonight.
You have a suspect, DNA evidence And Ziegler's very good.
She'll manage.
I'must go back to Toulouse.
I'm really snowed under.
I thought you'd ask to stay longer.
Let me go.
You know I'm tired.
It's been ten years and he'll never get out, thanks to you.
- He killed six people first.
- Hirtmann fooled us all, not just you.
He was my kid's godfather! What about me? He was my colleague for twelve years.
We'd lunch together.
I spent more time with him than with my husband.
We really let him screw us You have to get over it.
You should be a major by now.
Turn the page.
Move on.
Let me go, Cathy.
I've just realised something.
I put it down to guilt.
But it's actually fear.
You're letting fear eat you up, Martin.
How much do I owe you? Hirtmann Folding paper again? It relaxes me, my friend.
Thank you.
He loved the elephant.
Get me some wood and a knife and I'll make a unicorn.
A knife, no less? I take that as a no.
Are you cold? Why would I be? I survived winters in Quebec.
How's work? You look tired.
Are your patients hard work? They're disabled, they're not aliens.
I dldn't mean that.
I saw a report on TV on a rehabilitation centre like yours.
It was very confronting.
It is.
But it's harder for them than for me.
I miss you, darling.
- I wish you could be here for Christmas.
- Me too.
I have to go, Mum.
We'll talk later.
Good night.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
It's just my mirror Shit.
- Let me see.
- I'm fme.
- Show me.
- It's nothing.
- I'll clean it up.
- Leave it.
Alex - Do you have some antiseptic? - I'm not sure.
Got it.
Sit down.
Ive never been in your room before.
I wish circumstances were different.
- Are you going to get heavy? - Yes.
Still, you didn't feel anything.
Done, Missy.
Thank you.
So, what's wrong? I saw you walk past the canteen.
- It looked like you were on the warpath.
- No It's Ferney.
She won't let me work in Block A.
- Are the inmates different? - No.
They look no different.
But you know their files.
I'd like to be a fly on the wall.
- Whose wall? Hirtmann's? - What do you think? Of course.
- Is he that scary? - No.
I can't imagine him killing all those girls.
- Can I ask you a favour? - Yes.
I can't access Block A.
And I thought Would you let me use your badge? - Are you kidding? - Just to have a look.
Are you nuts? Do you want us to get sacked? - Servaz.
- It's Irène.
We've found a snowplough full of blood and horsehair.
- Where are you? - Downstairs.
- I didn't want to stay, wlth him here.
- Why not? I don't like colleagues to see me in pyjamas.
You always have an excuse.
Hello Shall we go? See you later.
- Where's the snowplough? - Outside.
I drove it here.
Forensics are looking at it.
We'll go and talk to the owner.
- Is that all right? - As long as we don't go in our pyjamas.
What about the hair? Okay.
Thanks, Lucas.
Call me when you know.
Well? They found animal blood.
The horsehair matches Freedom's.
Hello, Captain.
Your guys told me.
Come on in.
I normally work at my garage.
I have a shop assistant here.
Her son is sick so I play shop.
- Do you run the garage alone? - I have a mechanic and a trainee.
They're on leave.
So I was late reporting the theft.
Have you noticed anything unusual lately? No.
I'm very careful.
I've already had a snowmobile stolen.
But I didn't expect a snowplough to go.
And to think what it was used for! If you think of anything, please call us.
This is exactly what you need.
It's last year's.
I can give you a discount.
What? I look like a pumpkin? More like a carrot.
Do you enjoy sending me up? Are you okay? - You must think I'm pathetic.
- I've seen worse.
I can't get used to the smell.
It would be odd if you could.
Cause of death is a heart attack induced by anaesthetics or a curare-like poison.
Beheading was post-mortem.
Judging by the flesh, I'd say it was done with a chainsaw.
Then the horse was skinned with a hunting knife or a butcher's knife.
So anyone could have done it? Yes.
Any hunter who's used to skinning boars or stags.
I'll be right back.
No, darling.
I'll be fine.
Have dinner with your mum tonight.
I'd like that.
Okay? - What about you? - Stop worrying about me, Maud.
I'm your dad, not your son.
Vincent and Charlène have invited me over.
I won't be on my own.
Okay When I called your work, Vincent said you were in Comminges.
- Why didn't you tell me? - Because I'll be back tonight.
- Happy? - Where are you exactly? In St Martin.
- For him? - No! A horse has been butchered and the owner is some millionaire.
- We're after someone cooking lasagne.
- Not funny.
I know.
Captain Servaz? - Got to go.
- Call me.
I promise.
Bless you.
Raphaël Delaunay, from Le Courrier.
I was wondering when you'd show up.
A beheaded thoroughbred is news, right? Especially when the cop on the case nailed Hirtmann.
Check your sources.
This is Captain's Ziegler's case.
Why are you here? Because he did military service in the light horse brigade.
Give us a break and let us work.
Count it as a favour.
Just one question.
What's it like to feel Hirtmann so close? Goodbye.
The hospital called.
McFinley's better.
We can question him.
Who's guarding him? Shit - McFinley? - Let me.
Captain? - Where were you? - There was a brawl downstairs.
I was only gone five minutes.
Stay where you are.
If he turns up, bring him in.
- He's not at Lombard's.
- Now we know he's involved.
I'll be off, then.
Okay, go back to your daughter.
I'll drop you at the hotel.
Happy Christmas.
it's yours.
A gift for you.
Bye, then.
You'll be fine.
Have a good Christmas.
Francis Imbert was tortured by his father in front of his mother.
The father needed a witness.
Before he was born, she was the one getting tortured.
So the poor woman let Francis get hurt instead of her.
- I didn't see that in his file.
- He's just told me about it.
Thanks to you, Diane.
You liberated him from something.
- Aren't you going to ask? - What? To work in Block A.
You've been wanting to since you got here.
You're going to let me? I think the time has come.
Thank you.
Off you go.
Give me a cigarette! - Very funny.
At least some of us work.
- You're calling us slack bastards? Slack bastards! - Tell him, Vince.
- Tell me what? We got the killers of the homeless people.
- They're in custody? - Yes.
We nailed the bastards! Nailed, my arse! If it wasn't for me - Want to see them? - If you want to be captain, deal with it.
- You nailed them, you grill them.
- Thank you, my lord.
- Where's the boss? - Gone home.
He's cooking tonight.
All right.
Happy Christmas Slack bastards! Happy Christmas Good night.
Martin! - Where are you off to? - My daughter's.
She rang earlier to ask if I'd invited you over.
- What did you say? - What do you think? I'm tired.
I didn't want her to know I'd spend Christmas in bed.
- Why lie to me? - I didn't want to offend you.
Come to us, then.
Charlène bought tons of food.
Vincent Ball Number 11.
- Yes? - Over here Number 12.
Twelve? - Twelve? No - Let's turn it round and round.
- This is fun.
73! 73? Pierre! I've had two years of this.
Let's see.
Can't wait to have kids to get public holidays off! I must have a smoke or I'll go nuts.
Coming? - Yes.
- Well done.
Happy Christmas.
- Happy Christmas! - A round of applause for Pierre.
Shall we keep going? - Why have you come here? - What do you mean? You left Montreal to come here where you don't know anyone to work with guys who make Jack the Ripper look cute.
What about you? You keep doing that.
You answer questions with a question.
What can I say? I was fed up with Canada.
And when you get the opportunity to work in a well-known centre, you go for it.
Why do you work here? It's all there is around here Geriatrics or psychiatry.
I did five years with old folks.
I needed a change.
I'm cold.
I going back in.
Are you done? Fuck this, Diane.
What's your problem? If you don't like me, why flirt wlth me? It's okay to watch.
She's beautiful.
Fucking hell Is it me that's spinning or is it the earth? I've had too much to drink too.
I'll get going.
Bye, mate.
Thank you.
Happy Christmas.
Martin Why did you come? He invited me.
I know I shouldn't have.
I won't bother you any more.
I'm pregnant.
How far gone are you? Three months.
Since last time.
Have you told Vincent? What are you going to do? It's his child.
Not yours.
Do you hear me? Drive safely.
Martin? Irène The hair we found near the horse's head belongs to Hirtmann.
Martin? Fuck .
Peter Templeton .