Glace (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 Breakfast? It's from my daughter.
Happy Christmas.
Glacé (AKA "Frozen Dead") Diane He's on his way.
Trust yourself.
It wlll be fine.
Hello, Doctor.
This is Dr Diane Berg, our new psychiatrist.
I told you about her.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hello, Mr Hirtmann.
Dr Berg will now look after you.
Lucky her.
Getting rid of me? Have a good session.
Is there anything you'd like to talk about? I'd like to talk about you, Diane.
You know that's impossible.
Then too bad.
Our rather rowdy Christmas party didn't surprise you too much? It's a shame the play ended up being cancelled.
A lot of work went into it.
It is a shame.
The Trojan War is a fine play.
It would have brightened this ugly place.
Did you have a part? Sadly, such pleasures are denied to me.
If I were, I'd have loved to be Paris.
I'm not young and was never handsome but I still feel capable of loving and eloping with beautiful Hélène of Troy.
Or with you, Hélène Hélène Carlier.
I'm not sure Did you really think I wouldn't recognise Fabienne's sister? Don't worry.
They can't hear us.
I won't tell, Hélène.
It's our secret.
- All right, Doctor? - Yes.
Happy Christmas.
- He knows him.
He'll have a better idea.
- I'm not sure I told you not to come.
- Would you mind leaving us? - No problem.
Thank you.
That fucker's behind it.
I don't care what you think.
Look at you! You look scary.
What's scary is what he could do.
Give me the case.
This is an investigation, not therapy.
Go back home.
You said it yourself.
You can't be trusted with Hirtmann.
No one knows him as well as I do.
Ziegler's level-headed.
She'll tell you if I go off the rails.
And I'll take you off the case.
She's spent the last hour trying to get you back.
Go and get her.
Martin I don't want you to question him.
Ziegler wlll.
She's heading the investigation, not you.
- Well? - We're going to the clinic.
She wants to brief you first.
Happy Christmas.
Even if Hirtmann is behind all this one thing doesn't make sense.
Why would he kill an animal when his thing is to kill women.
And what connects him with Lombard? Maybe the perpetrators want to involve Hirtmann just to frighten Lombard.
Then they only had to behead his horse.
We need to find out how Hirtmann's hair left the clinic.
I doubt he's pulling the strings from his cell.
Did you really push to get me back on the case? I didn't want to do it on my own.
Did she ask you to watch me? You can tell me.
I won't hold it against you.
It's just that we can't afford to screw up.
Things mustn't get out of hand with Hirtmann.
What do you think? I think you're a big boy.
Come in.
I've been waiting for you for 20 minutes.
I'm tired and I have cramps.
Are you kidding me? There's something you have to know.
We nurses are gossips.
What happened with Hirtmann? Nothlng.
I had a panic attack.
You know what? Between you and me I was sweating the first time I took Hirtmann for a walk.
I'm twice his size but I was shitting myself.
Like with me at the gym.
Don't be a smart-arse.
You've been briefed a hundred times about it.
Dangerous inmates are like wild beasts.
Never take your eyes off them.
Don't show them you're scared.
Then they'll leave you alone.
Look at me.
Come and get your arse kicked.
Hello Captains Ziegler and Servaz to see the director.
Can I have your weapons? Mr Levasseur? They're here.
Which article do you mean? It's in today's Courrier.
Look - What's it got to do with us? - One of your inmates could be involved.
How? He got out, chopped up a horse and came back unnoticed? - We found a hair.
- Whose? Julian Hirtmann's.
- Are you kidding? - Who deals with him? - You think - It's a fact.
If he didn't go out, an employee is involved.
Psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, guards About 20 people.
- Who sees him the most? - Nursing staff from Block A.
There must be one who's closer to him than the others.
Think about it.
Hello - You wanted to see me? - Sit down, please.
- Do you cut Hirtmann's hair? - Yes.
Why? Isn't there a visiting hairdresser? He read about Hirtmann lately.
He has two teenaged daughters.
He refuses to cut his hair now.
Hirtmann asked me to do it.
Why do you ask? We found Hirtmann's hair next to a headless horse.
The cable car horse? It's nothing to do with me.
Anyone could take his hair from the bin.
Then why were you panicking at Reception? I thought you were here about my debts.
Your debts? I sometimes gamble at the casino.
I owe them a lot of money.
That's what I thought you were here for.
- Let's take him in.
- Wait You cut his hair! That's enough for me! We barely talk.
If you're after someone close to him, there's one of the nursing assistants.
- Martin - What? - Are you okay? - Yes.
- Calm down.
- I'm calm! You're not.
I'll do the talking this time.
Frank Rigaux - Mr Rigaux? - Yes.
- Sorry - Don't worry.
Captain Ziegler.
Captain Servaz, Toulouse Criminal Police.
Can we have a word? Can you give me a minute? I was about to go back anyway.
Are you here about yesterday's brawl? Could you come to the station? I'm back on duty in 30 minutes.
Mr Levasseur knows.
- Can I? - Of course.
Thank you.
- I'll follow you.
- No.
Come with us.
We need to request the files of all staff.
I'll do it.
Can you be quick, please? How do you get on with Hirtmann? Hirtmann? He was in his cell during the dinner.
Answer my question.
How do you get on with Hirtmann? Same as the other inmates.
Do you often let inmates use your phone? - Who told you that? - Never mind.
How often have you let him use your phone? - Four or five times.
- When? The first time was six months ago.
Then he asked again last month He made three calls in the past fortnight.
But I stopped him there.
I don't want to lose my job.
Who was he calling? He wanted to see how his sister was.
She's in hospital.
I checked.
Have you done him any other favours? No.
That's all.
Do you know why Hirtmann is in jail? Of course.
My daughter was run over by a car last year.
She can't walk now.
The insurance company was trying to avoid paying.
Hirtmann helped me put a case together to get compensation and financial support.
Has he ever asked you to take something out of the clinic? He only asked to use the phone.
Where were you on the night of 22 December? In Emergency with my daughter.
She had bedsores on her legs.
You may think he's innocent.
But Hirtmann's in solitary and that idiot gave him a phone.
Let him stew in custody.
What if he has nothing to hide? Then we're in the shit.
I'm already under pressure from above with that newspaper article.
Not to mention Lombard.
He starts calling me on my mobile at 6 a.
He's back from London? Don't screw up, Martin.
You wanted the case.
Get on with it.
The hospital confirmed that Frank Rigaux was in Emergency.
We're waiting for his phone records.
Levasseur will send his staff files.
Shit I think it's him.
Mr Lombard? Catherine d'Humières, prosecutor.
Captains Ziegler and Servaz are working on the case.
- It's you who almost killed Ben? - Not quite.
He almost got himself killed trying to escape.
Let's talk inslde.
- Mr McFinley is our main suspect.
- Your competence appears suspect.
If you don't like our methods, raise it with your many contacts Captain Mr Lombard, we're not your staff.
Please watch your tone of voice.
Can I see the photos of Freedom? I can see why Ben resented being a suspect.
Freedom meant a lot to him.
If he's clean, we'll gladly rule him out.
For now, we must follow every lead.
Only Garaudy could have done that.
- Pierre Garaudy? - Yes.
I sacked him from the board after my father died.
Could he be that resentful? He threatened me two weeks ago.
I hear you're the man for the job.
You should look into it.
If you want to lose the case, keep that up.
- What? - Garaudy His nephew is the maintenance manager at the clinic.
A hair of Hirtmann's Thanks for letting me know.
I heard it from two nurses.
It makes me look stupid! I'm the director here.
I don't owe you anything.
Isn't that what you wanted? For us to stick to our roles? Stop it.
Stop, please! You hit on me, we fuck like crazy.
You get your new shrink, then nothlng.
What are you trying to say? That I slept with you to get more staff? You're married, remember.
I'll leave her if you ask me to.
If your wife if your kids could see you Let's call it quits sir.
- You want to see me? - Hirtmann's session went badly.
I know.
I was wrong.
You're not ready I am.
I was trying too hard.
It won't happen again.
Okay We'll try again.
If it doesn't work out, I may not let you work in Block A again.
Mr Garaudy? Captain Servaz.
I imagine you're here about Lombard.
You think I killed his horse? I'm meeting everyone in his circle.
You think I'm in that jerk's circle? - Have you known him long? - Six months.
I knew his father.
Eric was in the US then.
We'd never met.
He sacked me as soon as he got back.
Why? I make paper pulp.
First he attacked me for my so-called polluting practices.
His group is a major client, so I suggested a more sustainable process.
It made no difference.
He wanted me out.
Why? People often get rid of the old partners when they take over a family business.
It's a way of killing off the father for good, of breaking free.
You threatened him.
He's just a spoilt brat.
Your nephew Jean-Michel works at the clinic, right? So what? I haven't seen him in years.
If it wasn't for me, he'd be an inmate there, not a staff member.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
- You've found the nephew? - No.
He's in Thailand Sending photos of the prostitutes he's been with.
He'll be away for another week.
The staff files have arrived.
- Vincent, do you have a minute? - Go on.
I need some info on a Diane Berg, a shrink at the Warnier clinic.
Can't a copper do it? You know you're the best.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
Send everything you find, official or not.
I saw the prosecutor.
What's going on with Hirtmann? Nothing.
Don't worry.
Yes? - Would you like something to eat? - No, thanks.
I'm not hungry.
I'm sorry but I never let my guests starve.
So either you come down or I come back with food.
All right.
I'll be there in five minutes.
I know you can't discuss it, but how is your investigation going? We do our best.
- You're worried about Irène? - Yes.
She's been a bit odd lately.
Take care of her.
She's the one who takes care of me.
- I'll be careful, I promise.
- Thank you.
Charlène? What's wrong? I'm fine.
Vincent told me where you were.
How are you feeling? I should be asking you that.
I can't sleep.
It's llke I can feel it move.
- Have you told Vincent? - I can't bring myself to.
He hasn't touched me for over three months.
I'll let you sleep.
No don't hang up.
I want to hear you breathe.
Good night, Martin.
- Can't you knock? - Is that Rigaux's statement? Hi, Irène.
Dld you sleep well? Great.
What about you, Martin? He's definitely clean.
I called the prosecutor.
And? We let him go.
But he's suspended till the case is closed.
- What about Garaudy's nephew? - Still unreachable.
Could he have got the hair out of the clinic before he left? I'm more and more confused.
We have to question Hirtmann.
Forget it.
- I have to.
- He'll tell you nothing.
You don't think I'm up to it.
It's nothing to do with you.
Ben's about to do something stupid.
Who's Raynal? A stable boy I caught mistreating a horse.
Ben beat him up and I sacked him.
You sack a lot of people.
Stop, Ben.
It's nothing to do with me! Please You know me, Ben - Tell your brothers to leave.
- Stop - Police! Drop your weapons! - Weapons down! On the ground, face down! Lie down! Now! McFinley! Ben stop.
Give me the rifle.
I didn't think you'd come back, Hélène.
Do you know why I'm here? I'miss her too.
She loved you.
She was my sister.
Tell me where she is.
You know she told me everything.
How she ran away twice, her anorexia Sometimes, I can't remember her features.
And that hurts.
But I do remember her voice.
You let her die like an animal.
Don't say that.
Where is she? I will tell you.
But you're not ready yet.
And I need you.
Thank you, Dorian.
Your brother Ivan confessed.
Either you do the same or he'll take the rap.
I put my brothers up to it.
And? You can't just stop there.
What can I say? I killed a horse.
I'm sorry.
If I go to jail, so be it.
Next time I'm mad at someone, I'll try to control myself.
You beheaded a horse, hung the body and put the head in a chapel because you were cross? That's right.
How come your brother told us you got paid? You have form as long as your arm.
Hold-ups, extortion, assaults You'll do more time.
For an old nag? A horse worth 600,000 euros is hardly a nag.
As you well know.
If you tell us the truth and if this carnage wasn't your idea you might get off lightly.
- If I talk, can I keep the money? - You've spent it? If you've spent it, we can't take it back.
Yes, I've spent it.
Who paid you? I got an envelope with 10,000 euros and instructions.
There was 10,000 more in the snowplough and 20,000 in a locker in Toulouse.
We never saw or talked to anybody.
Did the instructions include putting a hair by the horse's head? Yes.
Exactly where you found it.
Why ask you? There was a note.
Whoever left it knew I was mad at Lombard.
- Where are the envelope and the note? - I burnt them.
All right We'll get a warrant to find the cash.
There may be fingerprints.
- You said I could keep it.
- I lied.
Interview ending at 1.
05 p.
- He was kidding, right? - Sorry? He was kidding? Aren't you sick of all the driving? Book a room here.
I love my comfort too much.
Thanks for lunch.
Keep up the good work.
We got the foot soldiers, not the mastermind.
Do you think it's Hirtmann? Why doesn't Ziegler question him, then? I asked her not to.
He wouldn't tell her anything.
He'd enjoy toying with her.
The mastermind wants to frighten Lombard.
By involving Hirtmann, he really frightens him and he throws in a red herring.
Watch Garaudy and his nephew.
Get back inside.
You'll catch cold.
Vincent, you called? The girl you mentioned, Diane Berg she's Fabienne Carlier's sister.
After Fabienne's murder, she and her mum went to Canada.
She took her Canadian stepdad's name, Berg, and she used her middle name, Diane.
Are you there? I don't like the sound of this.
- Martin - Thanks, Vincent.
I'll inform the clinic before she screws up.
No, I'll do it.
I've got to go.
Is everything all right? I'm going to have a lie down.
- Shall I let lrène know? - No.
Thank you.
I just need a rest.
Yes Hélène Sorry.
What for? You did all you could to save my sister.
- Does he know who you are? - He wants to see you.
He's sending you? Don't let him manipulate you.
If you want to help me find her body, you have to listen to him.
He had a horse killed to lure me back.
He wanted us both here, with him.
Why? I'd love to know.
He's so twisted, it could be anything.
How did he know you'd get the case? I don't know.
- Hello, Thierry.
- Hello.
We'll need to talk - I'd like to see him alone.
- Sure.
Thierry How are you? Martin lt's me, Julian.
Sit down.
Don't treat me llke an animal.
How's Maud? - I miss you.
- Why am I here? I thought you wanted to see me.
Isn't she beautiful? She's like her sister She's mixed up.
Mixed up women turn you on.
Leave her alone.
You think I take advantage of people's weaknesses? She came to me.
She needs me.
Like Fabienne and the others.
They were all hurting before they met me.
- I saved them.
- No.
You killed them.
What did you do for those girls? What did you do for Fabienne? Does Hélène know her sister died because of you? That I offered to tell you where she was if you'd let me go? - She was still breathing then.
- Stop lying.
I hid things but I never lied to you.
She wanted to see herself die.
The compressed air cylinder and the mask were her idea.
Don't feel guilty.
You buried her alive and let her die.
Like all the others.
They didn't want that, you did.
They were mixed up girls.
How did you get her and me to come here? I didn't.
Some would say it's God, or fate, or chance Not chance.
I don't believe in chance.
Everything is fortuitous, except chance.
Aren't you going to ask anything? Ask what? What will happen next, after the horse? Tonight, within ten kilometres of here, a culprit wlll be punished.
- And you won't say who.
- You're the sleuth.
If anyone dies, you'll get a chemical straightjacket.
Then there'll be more victims.
Innocent ones this time.
Martin I'm happy to team up with you again.
Who wanted me on the case? You're bleeding, Martin Who put me on the case? Judge Lemaître.
Peter Templeton .