Glitch (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

JAMES: Elishia McKellar's dead.
She died, like all of you, and she came back.
So she knew about us from the beginning? WOMAN: That's her lab book.
Could I borrow this? You were arrested and charged for highway robbery and murder, and desecration of a corpse.
MAN: Vic's missing.
His phone's still in Yoorana.
I think I'll go check it out.
Just wait and I'll come with you.
- What have you done with Vic? - WOMAN: We buried him in the bush.
Show me.
- (GROANS) - Bring her back! - Stop! - We never got sick here before.
Oh, God, what's going on? This document predates Federation.
No way is it valid.
What are you talking about, you gobshite? Of course it's valid! This is mine, Charlie.
We are going to fortify my estate.
You're doing a great job and all this is normal.
I don't feel normal.
I just feel like I'm unravelling.
I'm Owen, by the way.
- Kate.
- I like your style.
There was an accident on the rig.
Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- G'day, Beau.
Who's there? - They've taken John.
- Who's taken John? Noregard.
They've taken him, they're going to hurt him and they're gonna kill him.
Why are we here? 'Cause your farm isn't safe anymore.
Why not? What happened? It was ransacked.
There's nothing there now.
And it's outside the boundary.
What, the boundary's moved? What can you tell me about that? Nothing.
Let's see.
What the fuck is she doin' here? Where's Kate? She's Hang on, James.
- Which room is she in? - No, no, she's still asleep.
You're gonna wake her up! Kate? KATE: Jesus, James, get out! Fuck! Welcome home, stranger.
Where you off to? Where else? Noregard.
The place would fall apart if it wasn't for me.
So, how long you planning on sticking around for this time? Don't know yet.
There's something I gotta do.
I thought you just ticked that off your wish list.
I need your car.
Yeah, as long as you take Beau to school.
No problem.
I don't want him hanging around with that crazy old man anymore.
- Paddy, right? - Yeah, he's been warned.
I thought you said you didn't get hurt in that fire? I didn't.
Then what are those marks? - What happened? - Nothing.
I told you.
Just superficial.
How about a hand here, Dad? - Hold this.
- Sure.
Good to have him home, isn't, it Kylie? Your Mum wants me to drive you.
Maybe we should get some breakfast first.
I've had breakfast.
Then you can have it again.
(ENGINE STARTS) Who was that with Kate? He's a neighbour.
They were being neighbourly.
All bloody night.
Where's Charlie? So, I guess breakfast is out of the question.
Well, I'll see ya.
See ya.
- James - Don't.
Okay, start talking.
John's in trouble.
He needs our No, no, no.
Not that.
You know what I mean.
What do you want to know? I want to know who you are, I wanna know what you are and I wanna know everything you know, now.
We need a pass.
Level 3B only.
We're going to take a photo of you for security.
- What? - A picture.
After you.
Where are we going? To Doctor McKellar's lab.
Elishia worked here? She didn't just work here.
She she built the lab.
Let me show you.
Answer the question.
How did you come back? I don't know exactly.
I was consulting for Noregard at the time I died.
Right, doing what? I was testing a family of experimental medications.
On yourself? Yes, it was a cutting edge trial.
They paid me a lot of money.
- Is that what killed you? - No.
I had a stroke.
It was a predisposition.
Okay, so the drugs brought you back? I still don't understand the whole process.
All I know is that I woke up, alive.
Like you.
I was scared and confused.
I I didn't even know who I was.
I mean, you remember what that was like.
Then what happened? Well, I remembered where I lived.
When I got back to the house, things started to come back to me.
I just panicked.
I grabbed my wallet and my ID and I ran.
I really didn't feel like I had a choice.
I Finding out about this breakthrough was just too important.
- To who? - To science.
I'd dedicated my whole life to this science.
So that's why you hid us? For your bloody Nobel Prize? Fuck off, Kirstie.
I cared about you, about all of you.
Some more than others.
I looked after you, Kate, because I understood precisely what you were going through.
- Why did you come to Yoorana? - Because I found things.
Drugs, data, pay slips, all from Noregard.
So I came to their head office here, because I was looking for answers.
And? And I made a deal with them.
I would continue my research and share my findings if they let me inside and gave me total access, because that was the only way that I could find out what had happened to me.
And I was in the middle of that whole process when you turned up.
It's Noregard we can't trust.
I mean, they did this to you, to me, to all of us.
And now they have John.
And, James, they are going to kill him.
This is Professor David Goldman, who works with me.
Welcome, William.
Good to meet you.
Doctor McKellar spent four years building this laboratory up from scratch.
I was impressed by her research, so when she got in contact, I gave her access and funding.
As it turned out, I had no idea what she was really doing here.
It was only when she started putting unusual samples through our labs that I was alerted.
She didn't answer my calls, so in the end, I had no choice but to fly to Australia.
And why should I believe you? That woman used my company for her own purposes, and then she she hid the results from me.
What results? You.
You are the result.
You are the subject that she's been researching for four years.
Why me? If we discover how you came back perhaps I'll be able to tell you.
We just need to run some simple tests first.
We have to go.
She's taken John.
She's got him in there.
- KATE: Who are you talking about? - Heysen.
Professor Nicola Heysen.
Who is that? Heysen is Noregard.
She's the one who started me on that drug program.
She's the one I've been trying to hide you all from.
Right, and she's at Noregard now, is she? Yes, she's got John! Okay, then she can verify for me everything that you've just told me.
She's dangerous.
You can't trust her.
I can't trust you, either.
Can I? Don't let her out of your sight.
- I'll come with you.
- No, Kate.
I can help you understand the science.
What if you get sick? What I'm sick of, James, is you telling me what I can and can't do.
If you're the same as us, why didn't you get sick at the bridge? I have no idea.
What a surprise.
Doctor Bullshit doesn't know.
Show me where this boundary's shifted.
Here, and here.
So, it's not just shifted.
It's retracting.
What does that mean? I don't know yet.
Means I won't get sick at Noregard.
- Let's go.
- I'm coming too.
You're staying here till I verify everything you've just told me.
Just get John.
- Keep an eye on her.
- Oh, I will.
- Kirstie - Shut up.
Or I'll turn the bloody stove on.
Oh, Jesus.
- (SIGHS) - Say it.
You can wash in here.
And, um take your clothes off.
In private.
So, what's with the cap? You're a plain-clothes cop, is that it, or? - Detective, thank you very much.
- Detective.
Yeah, right.
Glad to be home, I'll bet.
Yeah, such a relief.
Hey, how are those headaches going? Um it's more of like a dull thud, really.
Are you getting much rest? Um bits and pieces, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- And what about your appetite? Um had some cheese earlier.
- Wow.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Cheese? Well, I just I didn't I don't normally like cheese.
Yeah, such a an emotional rollercoaster being a mum.
You know, plenty of highs and lows.
Well, it always helps to talk about it.
You know, lots of women struggle after having a baby.
In what way? Well they struggle with post-natal depression.
One in ten, they reckon.
- That's a lot.
- Yeah, it is.
But you know, depression's very treatable.
I mean, we've all been there.
- Yeah.
- It's nothing to be ashamed of.
I'm not depressed.
Well oh, good.
That's That's great that you don't feel low.
Yeah, but depression can take a number of forms.
Like what? Well, what about your thoughts? What have you been thinking about? Um My mind just races, like, a million miles an hour.
I mean, it's weird, isn't it? It's like it's this entire person just forming in front of your eyes.
Do you know what I mean? I do.
And and how does that make you feel? Scared, I guess.
Why why scared? Um, just 'cause she needs so much from me.
Like, everything.
And I don't know if I can give it to her.
Well you're not alone, okay, love? Yep.
You've got James and and you know he's there for you.
Hello, darling.
Oh, look at you.
You and your mum are doing so well, aren't you? Yeah.
It's like she understands you.
(CHUCKLES) No, she she can understand tone.
Hey, you should talk to her, hey? She'll respond to her mum's voice.
Really? Yeah.
Well she heard you non-stop in the womb.
Don't overthink things, Sarah.
You know, there's a lot to be said for just just loving 'em.
I suppose I seemed like an interloper when I first moved in with your mum.
I guess.
No wonder we clashed.
But you were just looking out for your family.
That's what men do.
I respect that.
But that accident on the rig it changed me.
What do you mean? Don't tell your mum or your nan, 'cause they'll just fuckin' worry.
I won't tell.
What? People died in that fire.
One of them was a good mate.
Man, that's rough.
I was with him when it happened.
You know, I'd never seen that before.
That exact moment when death comes.
Yeah? He knew he was dying.
We both did.
Fuckin' hell.
Just glad I was there for him.
Since then, I've thought about death in a new way.
How? I've accepted it.
No, more than that.
I could see a purpose for it.
I was in awe of it.
You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I think so.
Have you ever seen something so huge like so powerful, it changed the way you thought about everything? Yeah, I have.
What was that? You won't believe me.
Of course I will.
I can keep a secret.
Well I saw these people.
At the cemetery.
They were crawling out of their fricking graves.
And that's when that cop showed up, the one who chased you? Until he broke his leg.
And what happened to the cop after that? Well, we took him up to the house, and then I just ran off.
You reckon you could find this place again? Why? Well, what if Paddy's there? - Paddy's just trouble.
- He might need your help.
But I promised Mum.
Who's gonna tell her? Charlie! Blessed irrigation.
Yeah! Bit of the old amber nectar, huh? Ohh, bonzer! Hey, hey, come on, steady on, huh? There's work to be done.
Paddy, I've been setting these bloody traps for hours, mate.
And yet you seem to have achieved so little.
I have to use the out-house.
- What? Hey! - Yeah.
MAN: There we go.
(MAN GROANS) I don't want it! Almost there, Charlie.
Okay, nearly there.
WOMAN: It's going to be all right, Charlie.
Just open your mouth.
(ELECTRIC SHOCK) Oi! Charlie! Get back here, ya lazy bastard! Did you add equal level of OsX and Myf5 transcriptor? Yes.
So, you just received the precise dose that Doctor McKellar used.
David is now going to give you an anaesthetic.
Then we're ready to go to the next stage.
Which is what? Simply what we agreed to.
(PANTS) MAN: Stay there! Stop running! Stay there, mate! Stop! Get back here! Shut up or I'll cut ya.
- (GASPS) - How do you feel, William? - I feel trapped.
- Don't worry.
We're just testing to see if if this triggers the cell to start the regeneration process.
So, before we can regrow any parts, we need to remove them first.
- What do you mean? - It's not going to hurt.
But I suggest you close your eyes.
No! No! (GROANS) (GROANS) WOMAN: Noregard Pharmaceuticals.
This is Sergeant James Hayes from the Yoorana Police.
I have an appointment with Professor Nicola Heysen.
Come through.
ELISHIA: You were murdered round here, weren't you? Yep.
Have you remembered who your killer was yet? Why, do you know something? No.
No, I don't.
It was just maybe I could help you.
How? You still got your case file? - Have you gone through it all? - Of course.
There has to be something in there, Kirstie.
Do you want me to have a look at it for you? - (DOOR OPENS) - What was that? Who else knows you're here? - No one.
- Get my cuffs off.
Shut up! Fuck, Charlie! You could have called out.
- Hello, Elishia.
- Hello, Charlie.
Why why is she handcuffed, Kirstie? What's going on? It's a long story.
I'll tell you over a beer.
Why would a pharmaceutical company need an armed guard? You're the detective, you tell me.
Professor Heysen.
Hello, James Hayes, and this is Detective Dwyer, Yoorana Police.
Can I get either of you a cup of coffee, or No, we're fine.
Thank you.
So, how can I help you? Well, you could begin by telling us what it is that goes on here.
Thank you.
Well, at Noregard, we apply science to improve health and wellbeing in every stage of life.
We have a research wing.
It works on blood cell products.
And is that what Doctor McKellar was working on? - McKellar? - Elishia McKellar.
Elishia McKellar? I think I heard the name, but, I mean, we are a very large organisation, so it's impossible for me to know every employee.
Really? Even one that you corresponded with? How do you explain that? DAVID: You need to keep it bandaged to prevent infection.
And now we need to simulate the body's own electrical signals.
(GASPS) (GROANS) Let me up! I'm gonna heave.
All right, all right, just calm down.
But you have to stay still while we monitor your progress.
I will.
(GROANS) I'm not a murderer.
I never killed anyone.
Elishia McKellar.
I think her work was on cellular regeneration.
And wasn't she recently conducting work here in the facility in Yoorana? Well, I just arrived here myself, so I have to check that.
Four years ago, did you have Doctor McKellar on an experimental drug program? No.
No, we never use a researcher as a test subject.
Is that what this is about? So, did you know that she died? No.
She died four years ago.
A death certificate was issued.
And then she came back to life.
- Inspector - Detective.
I'm a scientist.
Do you really expect me to believe that people can die and then come back to life? Yeah.
I do.
(BEEPING) Perhaps you can help me with a missing person, then.
I'm looking for an individual, male, Caucasian, approximately 40 years of age, 185 centimetres tall, dark patchy hair? Dead, or alive? We have reason to believe he's on the premises right now.
This building is very secure.
I can't imagine anyone breaking in here.
We didn't say he broke in.
Someone might have brought him here.
They didn't.
Well, we'd still like to have a look around the labs.
I'd love to help you, but I'm sorry, I can't do that.
We can bring in a warrant, if need be.
(WHISPERS) There's a problem in the lab.
Well, if you'll excuse me.
I'll have the security to see you out.
That work is not yours.
Elishia McKellar was under contract with me.
So, you remember her now.
This research is the property of Noregard Pharmaceuticals.
But for now, it's police evidence.
Corona Hill.
Remembered I'd been there before.
When? After the war, it was a hospital for returning soldiers.
Is that where you died? I'm not sure.
They gave me shock therapy.
Oh, my God.
- They fried my brains.
- Why'd they do that? Guess I must have been friggin' barmy.
Was barmy? Still bloody are.
What is that? It's a skateboard.
Used to ride it around with this girl.
Yeah? Who was that? Vicky Carmichael.
She was my best friend.
I thought I was your best friend.
Aww, diddums! (CHUCKLES) What the fuck? What? The problem with you is not that you don't know how you died.
The problem with you is you don't know who you are.
(GRUNTS) Fuck.
Right, come on! Yeah, come on, okay.
Come on! - Yeah! - (WOMAN SCREAMS) I'll show you now, huh? I'll show you what happens! You think you can steal from a thief now, do ya, huh? (SCREAMS) I'll teach you a thing or two, huh? (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) Oh, God.
Oh (GROANS) Boss.
What's your name? Anne, boss.
No, what's what's your real name? Kalinda.
You you saved my life.
Thank you.
You're okay.
(BABY FUSSES) Shh, shh, shh.
(DOG BARKING) What's wrong? Got a dirty nappy? (DOG BARKING) We can change you here, can't we? - Come on.
Good girl.
All right.
- (DOG BARKING) Good girl.
There you go.
Back in a sec.
Mummy's just going to put this in the bin.
Get out of it! Go on, get! Piss off! Nia! Nia! Is this your baby? Yeah, yeah.
It's my daughter.
Can't just leave a baby there like that.
I, um had to put her nappy in the bin.
What's wrong with you, girl? I don't know.
Well, you don't just go leaving a baby like that.
I'm sorry.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologise to me, love.
Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
My baby girl.
So, when the cop broke his leg, we carried him here.
Where'd he break his leg? Down there.
I'm going to have a look around for a bit.
You stay here.
- Hey, Paddy! - Shut up! But I thought you said We don't want to attract any attention.
- I'll come with you.
- No, you won't.
But I know where.
I told you, get back in the car and fuckin' stay there.
(SPED UP DIALOGUE) (SPED UP DIALOGUE) (SPED UP DIALOGUE) ELISHIA: Doctor Elishia McKellar Beau! What happened to you? I'm late for school.
Get in, I'll drive you.
It's quicker to walk.
You know that doctor you mentioned? Elishia McKellar, isn't it? How do you know her name? Where is she? How would I know? Just get in the car, Beau.
Beau! So who do you believe, Heysen or Elishia? I think they're both full of shit.
Although Heysen seemed genuinely shocked when you said about Elishia coming back to life.
Then how could she be responsible for her coming back? I've got no idea.
But you saw how much she wanted that research folder.
What what is in that? There's all this stuff about how stem cells can be manipulated to be regenerated, and bio-electrical signals and memory.
I don't know.
I I didn't understand it all.
I don't get any of it.
Well, when you're born, you have cells in your body that can turn into anything, and eventually they they just change and then stop.
So Elishia obviously figured out a way to turn them on and then turn them off again.
Why would you want to turn them off? Because if you don't, it's cancer.
You still feel okay, don't you? Yes, I feel fine.
So, this tattooed hipster Owen.
He knows about you? What, that I came back from the dead? Nah, thought I might save that for the second date.
So, you're dating, are you? - It was a one-off thing, James.
- Okay, so that's it, then? You know what, this is actually none of your business.
This has got nothing to do with you.
No, nothing.
We're not talking about this.
Is that why you did it, to even the score or something? You know what? You moved on.
You moved on and I have to move on.
- You don't even fuckin' know this guy.
- You know what? That was actually the attraction.
At least I know that I can trust Sarah.
- Stop the car.
- No.
- Stop the fucking car! - All right.
Where are you going? We need to Oh, for God's sake.
We need to talk to Elishia.
Oh, she's handcuffed to the bloody house, James! Come back tomorrow.
Okay, well that gives you time to go fuck your boyfriend again.
Oh, fuck you, James! Sarah! Oh, did you bring Nia? Oh, can I hold her? - Yeah.
- Hello, darling.
Oh, what a sweetheart.
Hmm? Lucky you take after your mum.
She's got James's eyes.
What, two of them? You're looking really well, Sar.
You know, considering.
It was pretty intense.
- You okay, though? - Yeah.
How's James? He's pretty overwhelmed with everything since Kate came back.
If that is Kate.
It's Kate.
Well, now we've got a whole host of problems.
What do you mean? Vic's missing.
What? He's disappeared.
He knew what was going on here, didn't he? - Yeah.
- Yeah James and I went up to the property where the doctor was.
- Mm? - Vic's phone pinged from there.
There was blood, all this medical equipment.
Couldn't find Vic.
James doesn't want me to, but I think I gotta bring the Feds in.
Chris, you can't do that.
We've got to trust him on this.
But he's not giving me the full story.
What story? I'm talking about everything that's happened since those graves were interfered with.
You know it's not just Kate he's protecting? What? There are others? Yeah.
How many? - Did you find John? - No.
But we spoke to Heysen.
She didn't even know that you'd died.
And that story you spun us about Heysen and the drugs, that she used you? - You used her! - That's not true, Kate.
And then you used us.
So you can rot here, for all I care.
Hello! Owen! Hi.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did I get you at a bad time? Yeah, it's not great actually.
Well, I just I just wanted to, um to say I'm sorry for how things ended, with us.
And I'm sorry about James, um my ex-husband.
So, the cop's your ex? Yeah.
- Are you a cop? - No, I'm not.
So you've just broken up? Um, no, I well, I Actually, he's he's been with his new wife for for a while now.
- They've just had a baby.
- Yeah, I get it.
I'm the revenge fuck.
No, that's not what this is about Sure.
Look, I gotta go.
- There we go.
- Oh, she's so tiny.
- SARAH: Hey, beautiful girl.
- There you go.
After, um Ellen left today, I took her out.
How did that go? - Yeah, it was good.
- Yeah? - No problems.
- Great.
Where did you go today? Where? Um I'm not gonna lie to you.
I took Elishia to see Kate and the others to find out what's going on.
Where are they? They're at that house by the lake that I always liked.
They're all staying there? Yeah, it's empty.
And I know there's a lot that I need to get my head around, but you need to know, Sarah, that Kate and I are done.
- Please don't tell me that, James.
- We're over, it's true.
It's true.
I know you say that, but I don't think you mean it.
I know you think that I'm still torn or confused or something, but when I see what I have here, I know that this is where I need to be and this is where I want to be.
(SIGHS) I wasn't so good today when I took her out.
What happened? Nothing actually happened.
I just, um I think that Ellen might be right.
I think I might be feeling a bit of post-natal depression.
I don't want you to worry about me and I don't want you to feel like you can't trust me.
I love her so much, James.
Like, I would never let anything bad happen to her.
- Of course you wouldn't.
- I'd do anything for her.
Me too.
I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn't even think about it.
I'd die for her.
You took your time.
Are you okay? Yeah.
(PHONE BUZZES) Gotta go.
We we haven't eaten yet.
She's asleep.
For now.
Hey, you know it's not just Nia I'd do anything for.
It's you too.
You don't have to do anything for me.
I know.
But I would.
Use my proper name.
- What did she do to you? - It doesn't matter.
I remembered.
Before I was a convict I was in the Navy.
And I never killed anyone.
I never wanted to lie to you.
But you did.
You did this.
You brought us back, didn't you? But I did it for you.
Because you knew me.
The boundary's reduced even further.
I have to fix it.
Can you do that? Sworn statement of Vicky Carmichael.
Is this the one? KRISTIE: The statements in my file don't add up.
What kind of half-arsed investigation was it? Sarah, I've done something terrible.
You said it was just Kate that came back.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, so how many are there, really? We must prove my heinous murder beyond a shadow of a doubt.
You know that was 150 years ago? Kate.
Do you want to come to the park with us? I'd love to talk to you.