Glitch (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

I'm trying to do the right thing here, Chris.
So am I, and now we've got a missing Victorian police officer.
Sorry, did I get you at a bad time? Yeah, it's not great, actually.
Show me where this boundary's shifted.
Here and here.
So it's not just shifted, it's retracting.
- What is that? - It's a skateboard.
I used to ride around with this girl, Vicky Carmichael.
No! I never killed anyone.
This research is the property of Noregard Pharmaceuticals.
But for now, it's police evidence.
You know it's not just Kate he's protecting.
- There are others? - Yeah.
Dr Elishia McKellar.
Where are they? At that house, by the lake.
- They're all staying there? - Yeah, it's empty.
You brought us back, didn't you? Because you knew me.
James? James? James? - James.
- Mmm.
- Come on, wake up.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Up you get.
- Hey, stay there.
- Mm? Here.
Drink this.
Come on, here.
Drink it.
When was the last time you had a proper meal? Go away.
You think you're honouring Kate's memory like this? Trashing yourself? - Your house.
Your career.
- Fuck off, Vic! I won't let you do it to yourself.
I just miss her.
Yeah, I know, mate.
I know.
Vic you're bleeding.
Hey, did we wake you? - No.
- Mmm.
Good feed? Yeah.
She was so hungry, poor thing.
I don't deserve either of you.
Well, you're stuck with us, so it's too bad.
Sarah, I've done something terrible.
Is it Kate? No.
What is it? Um I killed Vic.
I shot him in the head.
He was gonna kill Kate and the others.
Well you just did what you had to do.
I don't know how long I can keep a lid on this.
- Chris is asking questions.
- How much does Chris know? He knows that Vic's car was found in Melbourne.
He knows about Kate but he has no idea about the others.
He discovered that Elishia McKellar was dead but he doesn't know anything about her links to Noregard.
What what links? Well, Elishia was working for - a Professor Heysen there - Mm-hm.
doing research on cellular regeneration, and it's through that that she somehow brought everyone back.
I think you need to tell Chris as much as you can.
The more that you tell him, the more he'll trust you.
And there's Kate.
He won't want to let anything happen to her.
Use that.
- I'm looking for Dr McKellar.
- Dr Elishia McKellar.
I'm looking for Dr McKellar She told you! I'm Dr Elishia McKellar.
- Morning.
- Mmm.
So is everything you told me bullshit, or just most of it? Listen, Chris You said it was just Kate that came back.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So how many are there really? The truth.
There were seven.
I know I should have been honest with you, but as soon as I saw Kate, I just had to be sure that she was safe.
I would never do anything - to endanger Kate - I know that, mate.
And I'm sorry.
So so all the all the weirdness around here, the disturbed graves, the the robberies, the old guy that said he was the mayor, that was all them, right? Yep.
You treated me like a complete - fuckin' idiot.
- I know.
What the hell is wrong with you?! How did you think that it was okay to hide this stuff? It's it's bloody unprecedented! I'm calling in the Feds.
Chris, these people are vulnerable and if I don't help them, if we don't help them Did Vic know? Yes.
He did.
Did he really go to Melbourne? All I know is the last time I saw Vic he was not himself.
Rise and shine.
Shit! Hey.
Elishia's gone.
- What? - Someone must have gotten in and - helped her.
The door was wide open.
- Oh, Jesus.
She still might be somewhere, we have to find her.
Why would Vic want to hurt any of them? Something happened to him in that car crash.
And that made him randomly homicidal? He went weird.
He started calling them abominations.
- And then he just took off? - I think so.
Oh, what do I tell Caroline? Until we know more, I think it's best that you just hold her off.
- Elishia's missing.
- What? H-how? I don't know.
Kirstie went to check on her this morning and she was just gone.
We've looked everywhere.
She was handcuffed, for fuck's sake.
- Did one of you? - No, James, we didn't let her go.
We want answers as much as you do.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Don't go anywhere.
All right.
- Who was handcuffed? - Elishia.
- You found her? - Yeah, and now I've lost her again.
Do you want to meet the others? Yeah.
Going to town to see if I can find Elishia at the surgery.
Yeah, right.
What? You're avoiding James.
I'm doing us both a favour.
Hey, Elishia's gone.
Yeah, der.
Hey, grab us some food while you're at it.
I'd kill for a Chiko Roll.
All right.
I've got painkillers in the car.
Whatever she gave you will be wearing off soon.
So why did you bring me back? - She had no right to do that to you.
- She told me who I was.
A captain.
William Blackburn.
And you remember that now? Some of it.
Anything else? I don't know.
And yet you came looking for me, and you freed me.
Why did you do that? I remembered you.
What did you remember? How I felt.
You felt we were connected, didn't you? But I lived and died over 200 years ago.
And still you remember.
- So that means - It means you're a witch.
There's no such thing as witches, William.
Then how are we connected? I can't explain it in words, but I promise in time, you'll understand.
Can I see? Oh, my God.
Well, you're healing well, but it's still a massive risk of infection out here.
I have to get you to the surgery.
You brought me back because we were connected.
Then what about the others? They weren't part of my plan.
Then why them? I don't have an answer for that.
I couldn't have known what would happen.
There were so many risks.
But I would do it again if I had to.
Stop! Stop! Oh.
Are you right? I'm sorry.
The boundary's reduced even further.
- Why? - I don't know.
Maybe it has something to do with Carlo's death or Maria's death, or I don't know.
Maybe it's maybe it's something I did, maybe it's the initial experiment.
I I don't know.
I have to fix it.
Can you do that? I have no idea.
Elishia! Fuck it! Oh.
What the Fuck, Vicky.
Hey, I got a surprise for you.
Yeah? What? Surprise.
I'm not in the mood for a party.
Yeah, you are.
- Oh, it's gonna be hot.
- Hey, Kirstie.
Charlie! Charlie! She knows.
Vicky knows something! What are you looking for? Ah ah, she made a statement, I know it.
I saw it in here somewhere.
Sworn statement of Vicky Carmichael.
Is this the one? Read it.
"I kind of knew Kirstie.
"We were at school together "but we weren't really good friends.
"She was too wild for me.
" She's lying.
We were best friends.
Are you sure? We both snuck out of home, we were gonna sleep under the stars, get drunk.
It was her idea.
She was the wild one.
- Kirstie, why would she lie? - How the fuck should I know? But if she's anywhere in Yoorana, she's gonna bloody tell me.
You ready? Yeah, uh.
if if some of them died 50, 100 years ago - there'd be nothing left of them.
- I know.
Did they look really old? No, they looked the same age as when they died, except they're perfectly healthy.
Just like Kate.
Do they do any of them know how they came back? Not a clue.
Same as us.
I need to talk to you.
This is Chris.
Ah, this is Kirstie.
You can trust him, okay? What happened? How did she get out? - I don't know.
- Okay, how long as she been gone? I woke up, I checked on her first thing, she wasn't there.
What are you starin' at? Sorry.
Somebody must have snuck into the house and helped her.
Who else knew she was here? Just us, right? I found these outside.
- You're another one? - It's okay.
This is Charlie Thompson.
Charlie, this is Chris.
He's my colleague, he's gonna help us.
The statements in my file don't add up.
What kind of half-arsed investigation was it? - Where's Kate? - Right, yeah, I forgot.
She's the only one that matters around here.
She's gone looking for Elishia.
Ow! Argh! Oh-ho.
Would you look at that? I'm a bloody genius.
Get this thing off me.
To tell you the truth, I didn't think it'd work.
Are you crazy?! Oh-ho-ho.
There you go, huh? Here, get that into ya.
I hope you've got third-party insurance.
Party? What party? I'm not throwing a fucking party.
I'm making a stand here.
- This is reckless endangerment! - Yeah, yeah, blah, blah.
Tell me, what did you find out about the will? It's not worth the paper it's written on.
You cannot reverse ownership of a property after that many years.
As far as the law's concerned, house belongs to the Fitzgeralds.
Does it now? Well, then, what use is the law? I may as well take it into me own hands.
Oh, no, no, my advice is don't go making an enemy of Adeline.
The Fitzgeralds are nothing but a bunch of murdering bastards.
They'd steal the blessing out of the holy water.
Criminals, every last one of them.
Allegations won't help.
Well, they killed a man to get this house.
Well, if that's true it's illegal to profit from crime.
There you are, now you're talking.
But it's so long ago.
How would you prove it? You doubt my rectitude? No, but it's got to stand up in court, legally.
It'll stand up, sit down, roll over and beg by the time I'm done with it.
There you have it.
They murdered him here in cold blood.
Cut his throat.
There's your proof, bloodstain, right there.
- Where? - Are you blind or what? Right there, in front of your nose.
Mate, you need more than a dirty floor to prove homicide.
I've given you my word.
Well, witness statements, if you can dig 'em up, it'd be helpful.
Police reports, newspaper articles, proof.
And where am I supposed to get any of that from, hmm? Mate, I'm a lawyer, not a historian.
A walking Greek ruin is what you are! Hey.
It's safe here, there's no one to see us.
What's the trouble? Buliana.
Are you hungry? Bloody old fool.
A child? What, are you certain? A new Fitzgerald.
What? No child of mine'll be beaten down because they were half-caste, I'll tell you that for nothing.
You'll be protected, I promise you that.
And that wretched wife of mine my fortune belongs to you more than it ever did to her.
I give you my solemn word.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's a little girl? Yeah, Nia.
It's a beautiful name.
Do you want to come to the park with us? I'd s love to talk to you.
- She's gorgeous.
- Thanks.
She really is just like a mix of you and James.
Yeah, James just really loves her.
Loves being a dad.
Yeah, I bet.
Kate, I know you were with him first and I can't change that, but, um, please don't take him away from us now.
Sarah, I have no - intention of doing - I always knew that he still loved you and I could live with that, but now you're back, I just don't have the energy to compete with you.
James is with you.
- I mean, you've got a family together.
- Oh, we both know he'd do anything for you.
He'd kill for you.
If you ask him to choose, he's gonna choose you.
James and I are over.
I promise you that.
It's okay, darling.
It's okay, Mummy's here.
Come here.
Oh, needs her dummy.
Can I Can Can I? Um, if you don't mind? Hey.
- You're good at that.
- Oh, thanks.
Sleep-deprived and smell like milk and nappies.
Had a splitting headache since she was born.
You know, if you ever want any help from a friend, I'm here.
Thanks, but we're not really we're not really friends anymore, are we? Told your mum I'd pick you up.
Oh, I've got my bike.
Just chuck it in the back.
- Nah, it's okay.
- You avoiding me now? No.
- 'Cause whatever you think you saw - I didn't see shit.
That's what I thought.
Can I go now? Sure.
- Whoa, you in a hurry, boy? - Shit.
Piss off.
Ah, come on, you're not still cross with me, are ya? You shouldn't be here.
Huh? Why's that? - You're not safe here.
- What are you talking about? Come on.
Well, that nancy boy Charlie wasn't good for much.
He couldn't handle the work.
Ran off with a face on him like a slapped arse.
You know, some things never change.
You can't beat the darkies when it comes to the hard work.
I'm not a fuckin' darkie.
I told you.
All right, all right, what do you call yourself then? It doesn't matter.
We're not friends.
Christ, Beau, sure, I know that.
Sure, we're family.
You want something, don't you? No.
Well, I may need some assistance, true.
- Fuck that.
Forget it.
- Look, I made a solemn promise to your ancestor, boy, and I mean to deliver.
I will return Corona Hill to you and yours.
I don't want it.
If it means getting arrested or going to juvie, I don't want any of it! Please, I've I've got no one else.
And and I've missed you.
And I reckon that I reckon you've missed me too.
What do you want me to do? We must prove my heinous murder beyond a shadow of a doubt.
You know that was 150 years ago? Yeah.
Feels like yesterday to me.
You know, you can't just walk up to her and she'll recognise you.
Yeah, that's the fucking plan.
She's not going to be able to lie to my face.
And then what? She tells the world about us.
Yeah, all right! Look, we'll find another way.
I thought I had one friend in this dump of a town, you know? One fucking person who'd have always stuck up for me.
You do.
Kirstie, maybe we should go back.
Oh, my God, that's Vicky.
There's an open inspection tomorrow.
What's an open inspection? It's my chance to get the truth out of Vicky.
Did you send the text? - Yeah.
- She wasn't there.
Elishia McKellar.
Do you know where she is? Um if I get any information, I'll, um I'm gonna need more than that.
Yeah, I'll try.
What's wrong with you? Nothing.
Just got a headache.
Do you know why you're here? I think so.
- What are you doing? - It's all right.
I shot him in the head.
She was working for a Professor Heysen.
- Just tell Chris as much as you can.
- Sarah, I've done something terrible.
Professor Heysen.
She works at Noregard.
She and Elishia McKellar are connected.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Are you all right? Yeah, I am.
And you know what you need to do? Yeah.
I do now.
We're safe here, for now.
Do you want to come in? It's beautiful.
I promise, it's it's all right.
- I'll drown.
- I won't let you.
Trust me.
Who are you? What are you? Elishia McKellar died four years ago.
And when she came back I was her.
But before that, I was like you.
And we were connected.
And we still are.
But now we can live, we can do so many things.
And in water, we can float.
Come on.
Let me show you.
Just just lie back.
Just breathe and relax.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
The air in your lungs will keep you afloat.
Human bodies are buoyant.
Born in water.
It's part of us.
See, I told you you wouldn't drown.
The water flows and we flow with it.
If what you say is true what were we before? We loved each other but we weren't supposed to.
You escaped.
Came here and became William Blackburn.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I was scared.
Of what? That you wouldn't want me.
I wish I had more to tell you, Caroline.
I'm really sorry, but it it looks like Vic left Yoorana under his own steam.
Yeah, I-I will, if I get wind of anything else.
Yeah, you too.
Wow, that felt shit.
I know.
But I just I really think it's for the best.
Elishia's phone pinged Boyd Street tower, like, an hour ago.
She's turned it off since but now we know she's in Yoorana.
Hey, what's this? That's, ah, Elishia's PhD research.
- Does any of that mean anything to you? - Not a thing.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, you're looking better.
Yeah, my headache's finally gone.
Oh, that's good.
That's great.
Hey, baby girl.
- Hey, Chris.
- Hey.
Oh, it's fine, I took your advice, I told Chris.
So, Elishia's disappeared.
You think she's left town? No she hasn't and I don't think she will, as long as John's in Noregard.
What can I do? Nothing.
You've got enough on your plate.
James, Nia's fine and I need to do something useful.
What are you doing? Just listening.
To what? To what your heart's telling me.
And what's that? That you want to live.
That we deserve to live.
But how can we, really? We can't give up now.
And what about the boundary? - I can fix that.
- How? I can fix everything.
But, ah, I don't have much time.
I need to go.
Where are you going? I won't be long.
No, stay.
I didn't I didn't go through all this to lose you now.
I'll go with you.
No, I'm going to Heysen.
I can't risk taking you with me.
Elishia, wait.
I do want to live.
With you.
Just a beer, please.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I saw your truck outside.
Is your friend coming back? No, not today.
Can can I sit? Why not? So are you incognito or are you on the run? Oh, it's just sunny.
Um listen, you were right.
About what? I was using you.
I mean, not on purpose, but I just needed to feel like I could move on.
And it wasn't very fair.
You seem like a really good guy so I'm I'm sorry.
Just Won't happen again.
Really? 'Cause you know, it wasn't all bad.
I am trying to be a decent person here.
Yeah, fair enough.
But just so you know, I I can take care of myself.
I'll remember that.
Do you play pool? Uh, yeah, I've been known to win a game or two.
That sounds like a challenge.
- Because it is.
- Yeah? All right, let's see what you're made of.
Prepare to be annihilated.
- What's happened? - Well, can't you let me in? They just said it was a family emergency.
I need some cash, I'm strapped.
- Well, I don't have my wallet on me.
- Well, let's go get it.
You can give me clearance.
What is going on? Are you okay? Yeah.
Let's just go inside.
I gotta go.
I shouldn't even be out here.
- Who's that? - Professor someone.
Heysen? - Right.
- Okay? Phil.
So this is what you call neutral ground? I wish we had met under different circumstances, Elishia.
What you did to William He agreed to let me study him.
Oh, study him? What you did was cruel and unethical.
Who are you to judge me? How is he? Healing well? I need access to my lab.
You're in no position to make demands.
I'll share my complete findings.
Oh, your findings belong to us already.
I funded your research, paid for the lab.
Withholding your results, it's called fraud, - breach of contract.
- I had no choice.
You have no choice now either, do you? Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.
The policeman told me you died and then came back.
Was that a lie? Who brought you back? I did.
That's impossible.
I need my equipment.
No, you need to tell me how you did it.
If we don't move fast, we'll lose everything.
There's a boundary it's keeping them stable and alive, but if the risen cross it, they return to their previous state.
- And the boundary's now contracting.
- Contracting? And it's exponential, so I don't know how much time we have.
So if you recreated the experiment, you can recreate the boundary? I'll share everything I did.
Every stage.
I want every sample, every note you made whilst you were out of the lab.
You show me what you did to yourself, step by step.
And I'll keep you, as my proof.
Okay, get my equipment, I'll wait here.
All right.
Elishia? - Elishia! - What is it? I don't know.
I think she might be in trouble.
Okay, I'll track her.
Elishia, can you hear me?! Yeah, yeah, she's somewhere east of the cemetery.
I can't get an exact location.
Let's go.
I'll stay here in case she calls the station.
Great, thanks.
Oh, fuck! Who are you? It doesn't matter.
Yes, it does, yes, it does.
You have a name now.
I have a purpose.
- And an entire life.
- Shut up.
And a conscience.
Whatever you do now, you're gonna have to live with.
You you can you can choose.
You don't have to do this.
I've done nothing wrong.
You have to believe me.
Please, I have to live.
I'm sorry.
This has to be done.
There's her car.
We're gonna have to split up.
Do you wanna radio me - if you see anything? - Yeah, all right.
Elishia! Oh! If we're gonna find out who killed Elishia, we're gonna have to work together.
I stopped Vic.
I'll stop whoever this is.
Yeah, but then you knew who to stop.
- What did you do? - What I'm here to do.
Cut the head off the snake.
This is Vicky.
She was my best friend.
And you think she knows who your killer is? Charlie, you've got to get her to talk.
Mrs Carmichael? Owen Nelson, this is the Yoorana Police.
- He could have killed Elishia.
- Should I be worried about you? What do you think? I think you'd better tell me the truth.
If there's another Vic out there, isn't it just a matter of time before he finds us.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
This is all going to be over soon.