Glitch (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

I'm going to Heysen.
I can't risk taking you with me.
I do want to live.
With you.
So how many are there really? There were seven.
Do you want to meet the others? - What are you staring at? - Sorry.
I was murdered.
Someone you knew? I don't remember.
Now, my advice is don't go making an enemy of Adeline.
The Fitzgeralds are nothing but a bunch of murdering bastards.
There's an open inspection tomorrow.
This is my chance to get the truth out of Vicky.
You show me what you did, step by step, and I'll keep you as my proof.
Glitch 2x04 JAMES: We're done.
Hey, we're done.
Come on, that's enough.
(SIGHS) Fuck this.
We need to find who did this.
Can you think of anyone who wanted to hurt Elishia? (SIGHS) Elishia left me to meet with Nicola Heysen.
So you think Heysen did this? You think she's essentially like Vic? She's not like Vic.
She wanted me alive.
(SIGHS) I still need to talk to her anyway.
Hello, this is Sergeant James Hayes, wanting to speak with Professor Nicola Heysen.
MAN: She's not available.
Could you get her to contact me as soon as possible, please? It's urgent.
She has your number? Yep, thank you.
Whoever killed Elishia targeted her.
Tracked her down.
Why? Because of what she did.
What happened to your hand? Heysen was trying to copy what Elishia did.
And you let her? She told me it would give me answers.
Did it? My name is William Blackburn.
I was a captain in the Royal Navy.
Well, William Blackburn, if we're gonna find out who killed Elishia, we're going to have to work together.
Okay? (STARTS CAR) (KNOCKS ON DOOR) What are you doing here? You alone? Yeah, James is out.
I need to wash and I need some fresh clothes.
What did you do? What I'm here to do, cut the head off the snake.
She keeps coming down in this direction here.
That's her bag.
There's only one other set of footprints.
It's They're large, I don't think it's a woman.
- So it can't be Heysen, then.
- It's unlikely.
Some blood.
There's a little blood there - What is that? - That's Elishia's, isn't it? - That could be the murder weapon.
- No.
She used it.
She fought for her life.
(SIGHS) Sarah, it's me.
What's what's happened? You all right? Yeah? Oh, my God.
Yeah, I don't Yeah.
- They're looking for you.
- No one saw me.
They don't even know who they're looking for.
(BABY GURGLES) Do you have something for my eye? Yeah.
- What are you doing? - She's so tiny.
She's a newborn.
So fragile.
She's sleepy, she needs a nap.
I don't understand, why are you doing all this? I'm a parent, it's my it's my duty of care.
Is that why you haven't completed your task? I haven't had the opportunity yet.
But you can't wait for an opportunity, you have a purpose.
I understand that.
So what happens to you now? There's no going back.
I know.
So I guess I'll just .
be here till it ends.
When will that be? I have no idea.
Do you know? No.
- She was stabbed in the throat.
Where? On the other side of the river.
William and I found her.
Is that your name now? Yes.
Well maybe William killed her.
- He didn't.
- He helped her escape.
You locked her up like a criminal! Yeah, and you let her go and look what happened.
Where is she now? We buried her, in the cemetery.
KIRSTIE: So now there's someone else out there trying to kill us.
Well, if that's the case, I stopped Vic, I'll stop whoever this is.
Yeah, but then you knew who to stop.
And the boundary's shrinking now.
It was Elishia who made the boundary, when she brought us back.
What? It's what keeps us safe.
Mind blown.
What else did she tell you? - That she was going to repair it.
- How? Let's go, we're wasting time here.
Here, take this.
- I don't want your gun.
- Why not? Why not? I wouldn't know what to do with it, James, all right? It's okay.
I'll make sure the place is secure.
If you can find a drill, I've got screws.
- These planks look pretty solid.
- Bring 'em.
She didn't get a proper funeral.
Could at least give her a wake.
To Elishia.
- Elishia.
- Elishia.
May her soul rest in peace.
Hey, this is on today.
Didn't know you were in the market.
This is Vicky, she was my best friend.
Right, and you think she knows who your killer is? Well, she knows something, that's for sure.
Kirstie, come on, you can't just go there and ask her.
I know.
But if I'm going to die soon, I wanna know the truth.
Kirstie! For God's sake, Charlie, go with her.
Kirstie! - Ah, you got my message.
- Is this about Dr McKellar? Yes, it is.
Because I have no idea where she is.
WILLIAM: She was murdered.
- What? - When did you last see her? Oh, my God.
We were She agreed to meet with me, to share information.
Professor Heysen, can you tell me why you think someone would want Elishia killed? Let me ask you, Sergeant, why did that policeman try to kill the others? Right.
So what is it that you know about Senior Sergeant Vic Eastley? We know he crashed his car on the bridge.
We know Elishia didn't bring him back.
Who did? Maybe he brought himself back.
- That's impossible.
- I know.
We have his blood sample too.
And? It's human, but it's unusual.
So he was different? It appears that way.
(SIGHS) I think there's somebody else out there now, like Vic, and he's trying to kill the others.
And they're trapped in Yoorana.
- You know about the boundary? - Yeah.
It's keeping their cells stable.
Well, it it's kind of an ionic field, until it folds in on itself.
So what's the solution? Maybe there is one thing I can do.
But but I need Elishia's research for that.
So that's what this is about? What? You drop what you know, you blind me with science and then you go for what it is you're really after.
You need to start trusting me.
I need to find Elishia's killer.
Okay, when you do want my help, you know where to find me.
Okay, then, you tell me why you think they've all come back.
Elishia spent four years collecting data on William, he was her sole focus.
Ask him.
(DOOR CLOSES) Go on, then.
What is it that links you all? I don't know.
And neither did Elishia.
- Oh! Jesus.
What's going on? We had a break-in.
Everything all right? Yeah, yeah.
It's probably just kids.
- They take anything? - No, not that I can tell.
I just, um, I'm just trying to secure the doors and I've found screws, I just can't find a bloody drill.
Well, I'm drowning in drills at my place.
Come on.
PADDY: Oh, here he comes.
No rush.
Take your time, why don't you? Me bike's crap.
Yeah, well, a true knight never blames his steed.
- Get your hand off it.
- Did you bring it? The museum pass? Yep.
One year's free entry and one guest entry.
Be my guest, then.
Hey, look.
There's a book about your whole family.
- A book about what? - The Fitzgeralds.
That's it.
That's what we want.
Written evidence.
Begin the oration.
"Patrick Fitzgerald, first mayor of the gold rush town, "was murdered in 1864 by local Aborigines.
" What? That's horseshit! "He was immediately succeeded as mayor by his son, Billy Fitzgerald.
" Oh, the family assassin, no less.
"Billy continued to acquire large land holdings within the area, "while seeking justice against his father's brutal slaying.
" And how in God's name did Billy do that, hmm? "After the slaughter of a few sheep, "the new mayor teamed up with local police and their hounds "and tracked down his father's killers.
"However, during the arrest there was a fierce resistance "from the local Aboriginals, "forcing the settlers to defend themselves "and dispense justice without trial.
" And that's Kalinda's.
"These local objects have been kindly donated "to the Yoorana Museum, "through the generosity of Adeline Fitzgerald, "from the private collection of Billy Fitzgerald.
" My own son .
slaughtered them all.
KIRSTIE: Now try it again.
I'm after a two- or three-bedroom? Ah, just say two, it's for your parents.
And then somehow I come around to, "And why did you lie to the police in 1988?" Don't worry, you'll be great.
Hey, look, be careful.
I mean, there's someone still after us.
Come on, then.
Get cracking.
All right.
JAMES: I'm looking for anyone who's died recently or in a car crash or something, like Vic.
There's an 85-year-old lady here She was found at home, it's not gonna be her.
Alexandro Nico, that's, uh, Carlo's brother.
He .
he died the night you came back, it's not him, but Who are these people? Previous offenders.
Maybe it's one of them.
I'll bring up the parole lists.
Owen Nilsson? Jesus.
Eight years served for manslaughter.
Let's go.
KATE: Oh, wow.
That looks just like that bird we found.
Yeah, it is.
What? What, you did this? Yeah, I preserve 'em.
No way.
Otherwise they just rot.
So what, you're like a like a taxidermist? Oh, amateur, that's all.
I think they look beautiful.
Please, come through.
So obviously, fittings are temporary, but all the bedrooms have built-ins and there's under-floor heating and AC in every room.
- What about the outhouse? - The what? The bog.
(LAUGHS) Well, there's two bathrooms, there's one here and there's an en suite off the main bedroom.
So Charlie, you said you weren't local, is that right? Me me parents are looking to move here.
I said I'd come and have a squiz for 'em.
- Have they retired? - Yeah.
Well, Yoorana's so excellent for so many activities.
Do they like fishing? Golf? - Yeah.
- What do you make of the place so far? Ah, it's great.
Top spot.
Well, of course, I I have heard some some bad things.
There was a terrible murder here, wasn't there? - A young girl? - A murder? Yeah, what was her name? I don't remember.
It started with a K.
Uh Kate.
No, Kirstie.
Yeah, that was it, Kirstie Darrow.
That was 30-odd years ago.
- Oh, so you do remember it? - Do I look that old? Yeah.
Excuse me! Uh, hello! Can I help you? Oh, I was just looking.
Great houses.
Are you interested in seeing inside one? - Let me take your details.
- What for? This is our open inspection.
I work for Carmichael Real Estate.
Oh, right.
So you know Vicky Carmichael, then? You could say that.
She's my mother.
Fuck off! - Excuse me? - How old are you?! Older than you.
27, why? Excuse me, I have clients.
VICKY: Why are you asking me about Kirstie Darrow? Oh, me parents love the area, so I've .
I've been doing a bit of research on the place.
Then you would have read there was an arrest and a court case, a bloke went to jail, that was it.
Yeah, that was it.
Now, shall we keep looking, or are we done here? Yeah.
No, let's keep looking.
This way.
So there's plenty of wardrobe space, for your parents.
So, you were born in Yoorana? Born and bred.
Well, you would have been a teenager the same time Kirstie was, then.
How dare you.
Who are you? You're from one of those fucking crime shows, aren't you? - No, I'm a relative of the Darrows - I don't care! You have no right to come here and ask me those questions.
Get out! - Go on, get out! - Yep.
Get out of here! Keep walking, you fraud! Go on, get out! (MUFFLED) Get off! Get off me! - Get off! - (MAN GRUNTS) KIRSTIE: Leave her alone! Get off! She doesn't want to! You're hurting her! Shut up, Kirstie.
You're next.
CHARLIE: Kirstie.
Kirstie! Are you all right? If you know something Are you okay? It happened to her too.
What happened? The same as me.
She was violated? By the same mongrel who hurt you? There was a bunch of 'em.
Poor Vicky.
And she had a son, Charlie.
Born one year after.
No wonder she lied.
(DOOR OPENS) (COCKS GUN) Jesus! Oh, Sarah! You scared the living daylights out of me.
What are you doing here? Wh why are you here? Elishia McKellar's dead.
Yeah, I know.
James filled me in.
Why are you here? To protect the others.
Why are you here? Yeah, same.
Was that gun Did you get that gun from the station? Yeah.
There's a killer out there.
Everything that's happened, it's just .
it's wrong, isn't it? We should go.
- Stay in the car.
- (HONKS HORN) Owen Nilsson, this is the Yoorana Police! Owen Nilsson, get out here! What's the problem? Hey! Get off him! Get off him! Hey, get off him! Leave him alone! Leave him alone! - Did you kill her?! - What the fuck's going on? - You know who! - Get back in the car! What is going on?! Sergeant James Hayes, you're on parole, yeah? - Yeah.
- Yeah? You're supposed to make yourself available for an appointment - twice a week.
- Yeah, I have.
Is that right? Where were you yesterday afternoon? I signed in with Rebecca Kent from the Ballarat Office.
Okay, well, I'll have to check that.
Hey, hey, hey, we're not done here yet.
Yeah, we are.
- You need to get out of here now.
- Why? Uh, turns out Owen here is a convicted murderer.
- I'm on parole.
- Let's go.
Come on.
James, let go of me! Owen! - Did you hear what I said? - Yes, I did.
- He could have killed Elishia.
- No, he couldn't, James.
- Why's that? - Because he's not like Vic.
You don't know that.
He's killed someone.
If he wanted to hurt me, he would have done it by now, he's had plenty of chances.
- That's good enough for you, is it? - Yeah, it is.
- Now you need to go.
- Are you fucking serious? Yeah.
All right, that's it, Kate.
That's it! I can't protect you anymore.
No, you can't.
You can't.
I can look after myself.
(STARTS CAR) Thought you would have left with your husband.
He's not my husband anymore.
Well, he's still worried about ya.
Being here with a convicted crim.
Should I be worried about you? What do you think? I would never hurt you.
Then I think you'd better tell me the truth.
Want a water? No.
(SIGHS) So, um .
I was only 18 .
and me and some mates went up to Airlie Beach for a holiday.
We'd been drinking, a lot, and .
my best mate, Danny .
he got in a fight with this guy.
It was over nothing, really, we were just young and pissed and So this guy punches Dan and he gives him a bloody nose, so I step in.
It was just one hit.
This guy fell to the ground on this part of his head and .
and he died.
Just like that.
Life over.
How old was he? He was 19.
He'd just started uni.
Vet science.
His name was Paul.
So I got arrested.
Went to court.
Minimum eight years in prison.
You did eight years? Yeah.
I read a lot, learnt taxidermy and .
and now I'm out.
That that woman you saw me with, Rebecca, she .
she's my parole officer.
Why didn't you say anything? 'Cause I knew that'd be it, you'd be gone.
And I just liked ya.
Liked the way you looked at me.
Like how? Like I was a good person.
You are a good person.
Well, at least you know the truth now.
- You right? - Sarah.
What are you what what are you doing here? - We were at the lake house.
- Oh.
- How come? - It's empty.
- No Kirstie, no Charlie.
- What? Oh, fuck.
No Kate, either.
Uh, no, I know where Kate is, she's okay.
What about the other one, the guy that was with Elishia? William.
He was, uh he was with me and now he's gone, and taken Elishia's research.
Oh, jeez.
So where are we now? There's a killer out there somewhere, I don't know where, the only thing I've got to go on is a bloodied scalpel and now Kirstie and Charlie are missing.
So basically, we're fucked.
Okay, well I'll go look for Kirstie and Charlie.
They've gotta be somewhere.
And I'll run forensics on the scalpel.
No, Sarah, you don't have to do that.
I can get it to the lab, it's not a problem.
Okay, I'll, uh, see you guys.
- Keep in touch, yeah? - Yeah.
- Call us with any news.
- Sure.
PADDY: So, this is Adeline Fitzgerald's abode.
Come on.
What? I I gotta go to school.
Otherwise I'll get busted for wagging.
- I've missed the first two periods.
- Oh! Then I'm going to have to inform her myself.
- What? - That history needs to be rewritten.
(GROANS) Adeline Fitzgerald? Hello.
If you're here to do the windows, you can start out back.
Well, now, madam, I'm here to remove smears all right, but only those of an historical nature.
Patrick Fitzgerald.
Kith and kin to you, I believe.
And yet you saw fit to pull a knife on my grandson.
The lad was habitually defiant.
Yes, well, it worked.
Lucy's taken him to live with his father.
A lad needs his father.
Does he? And what do you want? This volume of lies on the family, have you read it? It won the Premier's prize, of course I've read it.
Well, it claims that my namesake, Patrick Fitzgerald, was murdered by the blacks, when I know for a fact now that he was killed by his own flesh and blood.
Is this about the sale of Corona Hill again? I'll call the police.
Oh, no, madam, this has gone beyond the law.
And from this point on I'd prefer you used the name Kalinda in regard to the family manor.
Kalinda? Correct.
Why did you say Kalinda? The name of the house was changed just prior to our forebear's death.
Only my grandfather used that name.
How do you know about it? - Because it is written.
In the will.
- What will? The final testament of Patrick Michael Fitzgerald.
Where exactly did you find this? Inside the ruined heart of the marital bedroom.
So it was stolen from the family home.
Oh, no, no, not stolen, liberated.
And you can see here Patrick Fitzgerald's full intentions, that his fair share of his fortune and estate be left to Kalinda and the black side of the family.
What black side of the family? The family tree has native branches which can no longer be denigrated nor denied.
Even if that was true, which I doubt, the tide of history's washed all that away.
Well, now, my dear, Adeline, I'm afraid the tide has turned.
And when you feel inclined to make the appropriate reparations, my lawyer, Mr Tripidakis, represents both the Macrea family and myself in this matter.
Good day to you now.
What did he want? That man terrorised your cousin Rory and just now tried to extort money from your poor, dear, frail grandmother.
Shall I get Matthew? Yes, get Matthew.
Your fingers.
- They came back, like you said.
- Can you move them? You have full feeling? - Well, this is proof.
- About what? If you can do this .
then you can bring Elishia back.
Using her work.
She's locked it.
Maybe we should just forget about it.
Charlie, you've gotta get her to talk.
I'm close to the truth, I can feel it.
I'll try around the back.
You stay hidden.
Mrs Carmichael.
- Inspection's over.
- I know.
Piss off, or I'll call the cops.
Look, I'm sorry about what I said before.
You were right, I had no place to ask about those things.
It was rude and I apologise.
What do you want? Kirstie Darrow.
She was my mum's sister.
Your mum's? I'm .
I'm Janice's son.
I remember Janice.
You do? We always thought she was a bit of a dag.
Still is.
Still, she's your mum.
Bet she's done right by you.
Of course.
And she still talks about Kirstie.
God, it's been years since I even heard her name.
Years go by.
But the past, it's always there.
Just waiting to bite.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
What are you talking about? My mum told me.
About what? They were terrible things that happened to you and Kirstie.
Who told her? Oh, no.
Not Janice too? No one knows.
Only me.
(SIGHS) So you never told anyone? No.
Not your son? Why would I tell Connor? Not Mr Carmichael? There never was a Mr Carmichael, was there? You never told the police? What do you reckon? I knew there were others.
- (POURS DRINK) - But I didn't know about Janice.
Mrs Carmichael, do you know who killed Kirstie? I thought it was Kevin Brunner.
Some people think he was falsely accused.
Well, nothing anybody can do can change that.
Or bring Kirstie back.
What about the boys who hurt you? Footy stars.
Thought they could get away with anything.
Was there was there one with a .
a tattoo? Of circles? Kev and I had this massive fight.
Did you tell him? - It's them.
- (BOYS LAUGH AND CHAT) - Hey, sluts! - Just keep walking.
- Hey, hey, sluts! - Sluts! Fuck off! - Kirstie, don't - You're just a bunch of sleazebags! Oh, shut up, ya scrag.
Pete Rennox is a fucking rapist sleazebag! (GASPS) Hey, do the Rennoxes still live on Franklin Street? Yeah.
Why? SHARON: I thought you hated fishing.
A bloke can change, can't he? What happened to your eye? Cat scratched me.
We don't have a cat.
Wasn't ours.
So how long you planning on hanging around for this time? Why is it everyone keeps asking me that question? I don't have a plan, Sharon.
I'm going moment to moment.
That way you really know you're alive.
Isn't that right? (STARTS CAR) (SCHOOL BELL RINGS) You skip school today, Beau? No.
Teacher reckons you never showed up.
- Missed your maths test.
- I'm here.
I'm off for a spot of fishing.
You can join me.
- Nah, I'm I'm gonna head home.
- Oh, come on.
You don't want me to tell your mum what you've been up to, do you? Look, there's nothing to be worried about.
Just get in.
Vic's phone pinged again.
This was yesterday.
- From where? - Yoorana Gardens.
The phone was buried with him.
That's odd.
- (SIGHS) - Maybe it was just nothing.
It's connect it's obviously connected! Sorry.
I'm sorry.
When was the last time you slept? (BABY FUSSES) - (SIGHS) - Hey why don't you take her home, you can put her to bed and you can have a shower and get some clean clothes.
I don't know.
I don't know.
If she wakes up, there's a bottle in the fridge.
I expressed this morning.
- You sure? - Yeah.
I can help you.
I want to help you.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
This is all going to be over soon, and then we'll be together, as a family.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Get rid of Vic's phone.
- What'd you do that for? - Don't need it anymore.
Hey, I got something.
What do you reckon, Beau? Should we kill it or let it live? No, let it live, it's just tiny.
How would you feel, Beau, if I hung around for a while? Didn't go back to the rig? - I don't care.
- You don't care? It's fine.
You know, there's no reason to be frightened of me.
I'm not.
I just want you to know I'd never hurt you .
or your mum or Sharon or Kylie.
I can't.
You're my family.
And I'd like you to think of me as your dad.
You're not, though.
Well .
I still feel a duty of care.
She left, just before.
Is she in trouble, Officer? No, no, no.
Not at all, I just need to look around.
Did she leave here with a man, tall, patchy hair, rough looking? - Yes.
- Thank you.
That's all.
Do you smoke, Charlie? Not anymore.
Nobody does anymore.
We know too much, don't we? I suppose.
Just so you know, if you ever say anything to my son, Connor, about any of this, I'll deny it.
Why is that? The truth can do more damage than a lie.
You understand? I think so.
Because I don't think Kirstie ever did.
Bye, Mrs Carmichael.
Kirstie? Kirstie? There we go.
(SIGHS) (BEEPS) - Hello? - Hello? Charlie, is that you? Yeah, it's Charlie here.
Uh, is that you, James? Yeah, I'm calling to see how everybody is.
Kirstie's gone.
Gone where? Where's she gone? Uh, I dunno.
I think she's finally figured out who her killer was.
Is Kate back? Yeah.
Yeah, she's back.
(DRILL WHIRRS) Now, I'm still looking for Elishia's killer, but I've got Sarah and Chris on the case now too.
Yeah, good.
Listen, Charlie, could you call me when Kirstie comes back, please? - I will.
- Thank you.
(SIGHS) - Who the hell are you? - We're the real fucking Fitzgeralds.
- Are you now? - (TRAP SNAPS) Oh, shit! Come on! (CAR APPROACHES) James? Hey.
- What's wrong? - You tell me.
What do you mean? What do you have to say about this? (CAR DOOR CLOSES) - What kept you? - Nothing.
- How was your day? - (SIGHS) Pointless.
Join the club.
(ALL CHEER) ALL: (CHANT) Rennox! Rennox! Rennox! Rennox! Rennox! Rennox! Rennox! Rennox! Rennox! Rennox! (SCREAMS) - (CAR HORN BLARES) - MAN: Watch out, you idiot! - Fuck off! - Whoo-hoo! Pete Rennox, you're a coward! So when are you gonna arrest him? What am I going to charge him with, Kirstie? You're alive.
- You think I'm a murderer? - Explain it to me, Sarah.
Help me understand this! - (GROANS) - Shut your mouth! - How long we gonna leave him here? - Forever.
(GROANS) I'm looking for Paddy Fitzgerald.
Have you seen him? Has this got something to do with my stepdad? I thought Phil was on the rig.
- Kate's coming here.
- Do you have a weapon? I'll find the others and between us, we'll finish them.
There's something I have to talk to you about.
Oh, yeah? - I had money hidden in here.
- Maybe I was killed for it.
PHIL: They're in town.
Not even hiding themselves.