Glitch (2015) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

1 (GUNSHOT) Paddy! - What is going on? - Darling, everything's OK.
You just need to tell me what floor Professor Heysen's on.
She's downstairs.
Phil! - (ALL CHANT) - (SCREAMS) You raped and murdered me.
I sent an innocent man to prison.
I'm gonna reopen your case.
(COUGHS) Oh, fuck.
- You've been in the wars.
- Nah, just the one.
You've been returned to us, which means that we have a chance to save you.
There's some people around here might want to hurt you.
If you come with me, you'll be safe.
I'm here to take you back to your friends.
(BOTH GROAN) - (GUNSHOT) - (GASPS) Owen's been shot! Go to the lake house and I'm gonna meet you there.
Everyone who came back has to die.
Come on.
PHIL: This is wrong.
Who are you to tell me what I can or can't do? (WOMAN SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY OVER PA SYSTEM) - Got the tickets? - Right here.
Right, listen, this has my number programmed into it.
When you find somewhere to stay, give me a call, OK? Yes, Mum.
Just because the boundary's disappeared doesn't mean you'll be safe in Melbourne.
Never been safe for me here, has it? There might be others around, like Phil and Sarah.
Why do they keep coming for us? Oh, will you two nannas stop worrying? It's done and dusted.
Hey, Charlie, can you pop the bags on the bus, please? - Sure.
- Don't you hog the window seat.
Listen, I I've written up my statement, about how Pete got me to plant that T-shirt.
I'm going to send it to Homicide, ask them to reopen the case, try and get Kevin Brunner exonerated.
What's the point? - I wanna make it right.
- It's too late.
Damage has been done.
(BUS ENGINE STARTS) - Ready? - Yeah.
OK, last thing, this should be enough for a place to stay and some food, all right? Promise me you'll call me when you get there.
- Yeah.
- Dress warm.
- Always carry an umbrella, all right? - Bye.
See you.
- What's it like in the city? - Don't know.
Got myself murdered before I could find out.
- There's 1,000 bucks here.
- That's enough for a year.
Don't be stupid.
It's, like, two months, tops.
I thought you told Chris we'd be two days.
No matter what, I am never coming back to this shithole.
(CHUCKLES) (BUS HORN HONKS) I'm not gonna miss the freaks of Yoorana, I can tell you that much for free.
How do they build them so high? Trust me, it is going to look even better from our five-star penthouse.
- Look, I don't have any ID.
- Sorry, can't help you.
- - Maybe we should go.
Where? We've tried everywhere else.
- Can't you just take the cash? - All right, $150.
You've got to be kidding.
That's double.
Two nights.
Thank you very much.
Enjoy your stay.
For 150 bucks, it better have its own fucking spa.
MAN: I told you, I didn't fucking take it! - WOMAN: Fuck you! - I didn't take it! (COUPLE CONTINUES ARGUING IN DISTANCE) - This isn't the penthouse, is it? - (BOTH LAUGH) I had it so planned out back then, you know? Move to the city, get a job as a waitress or in some bar, go out every night and have a fucking life, finally.
So, is that what you're gonna do now? Yeah.
What's stopping me? - I'll be in the, um, en suite.
- Yeah.
- I love you, Kirstie.
You don't have to say that, you know.
I'm still going to sleep with you.
All right, virgin to virgin, do you want to do it? Did you really mean it? About never going back to Yoorana? Course I did.
What will I do in the city? You could be a cop or a bus driver.
You wait.
We're gonna take this place by storm.
(PHONE RINGS) - MAN: (ON PHONE) Hello? - Where's Heysen? I can pass on anything you have to report.
William Blackburn put up a fight.
He's not just some civilian.
Someone else is helping him, so who else might that be? The local cop, Sergeant James Hayes, he might know something.
- Doctor.
- Hello? We found something.
We're going in here.
MAN: Ready, Charlie? Nah, nothing here I like.
Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on! Run! Come on! Wait! Why are we running? Ta-da! Five-finger discount.
- You stole it? - It was overpriced anyway.
You've got to take it back.
No way! I'm wearing it to Blade tonight.
- I don't think I want to go.
- Oh, shut up.
You're going, and you're gonna love it.
(DOOR BANGS) - Fuck! What the fuck?! - What are you doing here? - Phil! It's my house.
- You're meant to be at work.
Are you fucking paranoid?! I took an early mark, all right? Someone's coming for me, hmm? Could be you.
You're not making any sense, Phil.
You know that? You owe people money.
- Is that why you're laying low? - I did the wrong thing.
You're only human, mate.
- I broke the rules.
- What rules? What are you talking about? Listen, mate, I think you better go home.
I can't.
Well, Kath'll take you back.
She always does.
- They could be at Kath's right now.
- Who? (YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD) BY DEAD OR ALIVE PLAYS) - CHARLIE: Is this Blade? - I cannot believe I am actually here.
Bit of a dump.
I fucking love this song! You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round, round, round You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round, round, round Stop it.
- Stop.
- What's the problem? People are watching.
It could be dangerous.
MAN: All right, my lovelies! Tonight, we're going all the way back to the '80s - (CHEERING) - Some of us never left! the time of big hair, big shoulder pads and great drugs.
Are you ready? - (CHEERING) - Yes! All right, question one, which song earned Madonna a number-one single in 1989 in both the USA and the UK? Crazy For You! - (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) - Second question.
Charlie, wait! It's not far now.
Hello, fellas.
Good one, Charlie.
It's him.
He lured me here.
- (GROANS) - Fucking nancy.
Are you ready? - As I'll ever be.
I'd say cast your mind back to the '80s, but looking at you, sweetheart, you've done less miles than my G-string.
- You'd be surprised.
- All right.
Finish the words to this famous '80s song.
"You in that dress" "My thoughts, I confess, verge on dirty.
" Come on, Eileen, I swear what he means - (CROWD JOINS IN) - At this moment You mean everything.
All right! Kirstie, trivia superstar! You've won the bonus prize.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Don't put it all in your mouth at the one time, OK, sweetheart? - Did you see that? - Hey, can we go? - I have never won anything in my life.
- I wanna leave.
No way! Go find a boy to pash.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Shit! Wait up.
I could have my own bar! '80s night every night of the week.
They'll be lining up! New car, big house.
I'm starving.
Are you fucking starving? Maybe we could sell this.
What is this place? Family Planning? - What does that do? - Solves a problem, that's what.
- MAN: G'day.
Oh, God! It's so hot.
It stinks.
What do you, um, want me to do with your meat? Oh, shit.
Kirstie? (RETCHES) (KEY JANGLES IN LOCK) Um, excuse me Oh.
It's not my birthday, is it? I'm sorry? - You're in my room, handsome.
- No, this is my room.
- I've paid.
Are you OK? - (CHUCKLES) I might need some help finding my abode.
I'll help you.
All right, let me show you.
This one.
- My home studio.
What do you think? - It's lovely.
You're a man.
Well, not most people's idea of one.
Can you do me a favour? I'm clearly drunk as a skunk.
Can you, um, take these off for me? Careful! Don't rip them.
They're my last pair.
- You just, um, undo the snap there.
- I know.
I'm Raf, by the way.
Charles Thompson but everyone calls me Charlie.
Charlie Thompson.
Where have you come from? Yoorana.
(LAUGHS) Course you have.
I I should I should go.
Bloody hell.
You look like an angel.
Did you know that? That's the last thing I am.
The meat smell was making me feel sick.
Are you all right? I'm fucking pregnant.
Really? - How? - How do you think? - No, but we died.
- Yeah.
And you haven't since we ? Have you? As if! I must have been pregnant before.
So, that means it's Kev's, yeah? Of course it's Kev's! Hey.
Hold up.
I just want to talk to you.
- What did I ever do to you, huh? - Fuck off, Pete Rennox, you prick! You keep saying shit like that about me in this town, - people might believe it.
- Good.
Where do you think you're going? Huh? Get off me! Get away! (FRONT DOOR CLOSES) (CAR ENGINE STARTS) Get out of here or I'll fucking kill you.
- Put it down.
- No way! Beau.
(SOFTLY) Shit.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- You killed Paddy.
It was Sarah Hayes.
- She's not here now.
- How? Did you kill her too? She was already dead.
- I'm back.
I wanna protect you all.
- You? From what? - Just - No.
Who are you calling? James? Yeah, this is Beau.
Phil's at my house threatening me.
Come as fast as you can.
He's coming for you.
Stay back! I mean it.
Fuck off! (CHATTER) Don't worry, boys.
You're not busted.
- What do you want? - What I said, to protect you all.
- We don't need your protection.
- But you're gonna need it.
Why? You got the day off school, have you? I didn't feel like it.
You going to feel like going tomorrow? What's the point of school when there's people out here getting shot and turning into ash and shit? - You miss him, don't you? - Paddy? He'd never fucking shut up.
I'm sorry, Beau.
You've had a rough trot.
I saw you, you know doing some weird stuff with that policeman.
I needed to find out some things so I could do my job.
- Anyway, I'm not doing that anymore.
- How come? 'Cause none of that stuff feels important to me right now, and I want more from my life.
- Like what? - You.
Your Mum.
My family.
Phil's at my house threatening me.
Come as fast as you can.
The lava flow is the third natural disaster to hit the continent this week, with devastation still visible after Hurricane Celia.
- Come on.
We need to go.
- It's getting worse.
Phil's still alive.
He's in Yoorana.
(ON TV) Ash clouds from the volcano - are disrupting air travel - We need him.
and satellite communication.
I'm gonna call Phil and get him to meet us Ow! - G'day.
How's it going? - Can I help you? Yeah, I'm looking for a Sergeant Hayes.
Oh, he's on leave, but I'm the duty officer.
I'm looking for some missing people.
- And your name is ? - Paul Reid.
- I'm a private investigator.
- Right.
Sorry, who did you say sent you? I'm looking for some locals, Kirstie Darrow, Charlie Thompson, Kate Willis.
And someone hired you to find these people? - A concerned party.
- I'm gonna need a name.
If you know where they are, I can put my employer's mind at ease.
Sure, but I'm going to need a full statement from you.
My mistake.
Sorry to have wasted your time.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - (ON PHONE) Kirstie? - (LINE CRACKLES) - Are you guys all right? Hello? Where are you? Chris? Um, City Vista Motel.
What? Look, I think it's started again.
- Someone's come looking.
- What? Kirst Can you hear me? You're gonna have to come home.
Sorry, Chris, bad line.
I can't hear you.
Don't open the door to anyone, OK? No, you need to see my family and tell them what you told us.
No, you can't leave, right? You have to stay here.
There's a guy with a mangled ear looking for you, and if you see him, run.
Yeah, but if you just talk to them No, no-one can know that you're here, OK? It's a matter of life and death.
Do you understand? Don't let her out of your sight, OK? I'll be back soon.
I'm going to the city.
So, where are these friends of yours supposed to stay? The couch folds out and there's a spare set of sheets in the cupboard in the hallway.
I won't be long.
Oi, stop! - What wrong? - You're gonna hurt yourself.
Couple of geniuses I'm left with! It's pasta night.
I hope one of you knows how to cook.
Thanks, but we're not staying.
- Wait.
Where are we going? - Home.
- They tie you up.
- They were just scared.
Maybe if I explain it to them like Chris did, then they'll see.
- Do you want to come? - Yes.
I got something called a breakfast burrito and two coffees.
How much did you spend? - $22.
- Shit, Charlie! I bought this too.
Kirstie Darrow will you marry me? What the fuck are you talking about?! I'm trying to help.
How's that supposed to help? This is what I can do.
Raise the baby with you.
Get up.
I mean it.
Get the fuck up.
We'll go back to Yoorana.
I'll find a place to live.
I'll get a job.
- That's not gonna happen.
- Why not? 'Cause I don't want the baby.
I don't want it.
You won't be alone.
I'll be with you.
I'm having an abortion! I'm not keeping it.
No, you can't do that.
That's dangerous.
You could die.
Jesus, Charlie.
Times have changed.
You probably just take a pill now or something.
It's still an innocent life.
I don't even know who the father is, OK? - That doesn't matter.
- It matters to me! The baby's done nothing wrong.
You can't kill it.
You don't get it! We've had a second chance at life, and you want to be a murderer, after all we've been through.
I just want it to be over.
Why can't it just be fucking over? - You're being selfish.
- Selfish? This is a life growing inside you.
You can't take that away.
You fucking hypocrite.
You shot yourself in the head, remember? (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - CHRIS: (ON PHONE) Charlie, listen.
- I'm coming to get you.
- Not now, Chris.
- Kirstie! - Watch it! Shit! Oh, sorry.
Fight with your girlfriend? She's she's not my girlfriend.
You're bleeding.
Wait here, bubba.
- What the hell are you doing here? - Mum Beau, can you put Kylie down for me, please? Give us a sec.
- Kath, I'm really sorry - I don't wanna hear it.
- I don't want to hear any of it! - I don't blame you for being mad.
Oh, well, that's a relief.
Look, I just I just want to explain.
Yeah? And you're gonna explain what you were doing at Noregard with that woman? I was on a job.
- A job? - Yeah, just personal security.
I wanted to make some cash to pay you back for everything.
(CHUCKLES) This all smells like bullshit to me.
Now, look, I know I've been a shit husband.
OK, I get it.
You heard about the money from the Fitzgeralds, didn't you? No.
And now you think you're gonna get a free ride.
What money? No.
I don't care about any money.
Get out of my house.
Kath - Well, what happened? - I don't know.
He bought me lunch.
He he cleaned up.
He even cleaned the bathroom.
(DOOR RATTLES) - I thought I told you to leave.
- Just fixing the door.
I asked you to fix that months ago.
What's the rush all of a sudden? Look, one thing I learned, none of this is gonna last forever, so I'd better go after what I want while I can.
- And what is it that you want, Phil? - You, OK? Our family.
Although I know I don't deserve you.
I know that.
Just whatever you need, tell me.
I'm not going anywhere.
You should really see a proper doctor.
I'm all right.
So, are you gonna tell me what happened? Hmm, mysterious.
You're gonna have a sexy scar there, I reckon.
Those fairies sure seem to like you.
They're disgusting.
Next time get your hands dirty.
I'm sorry.
What for? I don't want to hurt you.
Were were you planning on it? I hurt people.
Yeah, well, we've all done that.
No, I mean I mean punching, kicking.
Really hurting.
People like you.
Like me.
Well, why did you do it? I was scared.
I didn't want it to be me.
I was I was afraid and I was a coward.
I should I should go find Kirstie.
I know it might be hard to believe but I grew up in a small town too.
I know what it feels like to be fucking afraid to have to hide.
I want to see a doctor about an abortion.
Um, we have an appointment free next week.
Next week, I can't wait that long.
- Is it an emergency? - Yes.
- What kind? - What? What kind of emergency? I don't know.
I just want an abortion today.
Oh, we're fully booked today.
Yeah, but you just said if it was an emergency - I'll just need your Medicare card.
- I don't have a Medicare card.
You can have a procedure without it.
You just need to pay the full price out of pocket.
- OK.
How much? - It's $580.
I have $364.
- So, what do I do? - The procedure costs $580.
Right, I heard you the first time! Can I make you an appointment for next week? Fuck! I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
No, no, no, it's all right.
Let me see if we can sort something out.
I'm the counsellor here.
Let me start by saying you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to.
Can we just get on with it, then? But it would help me to know you're making an informed decision.
I'm pregnant.
I don't wanna be.
How much more informed do I need to be? Your date of birth, for the file? 13 May.
I'm 19.
Are you currently in a relationship? No.
Were you in a relationship when you conceived? Yes.
But not with Fuck, I don't know.
Do you know who the father is? - Does it matter? - Usually, it does.
Does the father know you're pregnant? No fucking way that I am telling that arsehole anything.
Kirstie, if there's been abuse of any sort That is none of your business.
the pregnancy could be used as evidence.
- Jesus! - I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to sound cruel.
- I'm just saying - I thought that killing it was bad, and you wanna, what, put it in an evidence bag? We don't have to tell the police if you don't want to.
(CHUCKLES) - They already know.
- And ? And I don't want to talk to them.
Did this man hurt you, Kirstie? - I wasn't the only one.
- Who else? - He did it to my best friend first.
- Did what, exactly? I tried to stop him, but then he got to me too, and the whole town worshipped him anyway.
He did an awful thing, a criminal thing.
- You say the police got to him? - No.
I did, in the end.
I made him look me in the fucking eye and see that I'm still here.
And how did that make you feel? - Did that help? - I thought it would.
But it didn't.
He's forgotten.
But I can't, you know.
I just can't because it's inside of me and I just Sometimes, I just want to burn my skin off.
He raped me and this baby could be his.
So, how am I supposed to ever love it? I would rather kill it than try and love it.
You know, people live with terrible damage.
He took my whole life away from me, just like that, like I was nothing, like I didn't matter at all.
But you're here now.
You survived.
And what you do next is entirely up to you.
Charlie, Kirstie, it's it's Chris.
Charlie! Charlie! Is Kirstie here? - Who's he? - Raf.
He's a friend.
There's, um There's someone looking for you.
Could be others.
What's going on? Are you in trouble? - Is Kirstie with you? - She left.
We had a fight.
Well, we've got to find her.
- There's this.
She could be here.
- Oh.
Or she might have gone back to Blade.
- What the hell's Blade? - It's a bar that she likes.
You go to the bar.
I'll check this place out.
- We'll meet back here, OK? - OK.
I'll tell them that you rescued me from the fire and that I'm not some horrible demon.
- I'm still me, Belle.
- No time.
Gates of hell close soon.
If spirit not set free, we trapped here.
No, Judith will listen to me.
I know she will.
Mum! Dad! Stop! What did you do that for? We missed them.
- Where you going? - To find Judith.
Judith? This is our old school here.
All the kids from our church, all my friends, they've all gone.
This is where I used to sit.
Me and Phoebe used to sit together here, but we talked too much, so we got separated.
(CONTINUES TALKING FUZZILY IN BACKGROUND) Then I woke up and they just weren't there.
(GASPS) Hey, wait! Where are you going? Wife.
I bring to Yoorana.
That was such a long time ago.
Maybe they come back, like us.
We would have seen them at the cemetery.
I not look then.
We look now.
LUKE: Belle! Oh, no! It's Luke.
Mum! What happened there? Um, Professor Heysen, she was running some tests on me.
On you? What for? She thought something special happened to me on the oil rig.
Well, did it? Yes, but not in the way she thought.
OK, that's as clear as mud.
I figured out my purpose, and it's this family.
(BABY CRIES) - I'll go get her.
- No, no, you stay.
Oh, oh, oh! Here, look.
Do you want? Shh.
I can take her.
- Are you sure? She's done a big shit.
- Yeah, I can handle it.
- Hey.
- Here.
- Oh, we need more wipes.
- There we go.
(SNIFFS) Oh, someone had a big lunch! Aw, it's all right, it's all right.
There we go.
There we go.
Yeah, that's better, isn't it? That's better.
That's better.
- Are you checking up on me? - Just wanted to witness the miracle.
She's the miracle.
She's perfect.
You're just noticing that now? - She's got your smile.
- Nah, I've got teeth.
You were smiling at me when we first met at that party at Cam's house.
- Remember? - No, I wasn't smiling at you.
I was laughing at you because you were such a shit dancer.
- I was just trying to impress you.
- (CHUCKLES) - Well, it didn't work.
- Didn't it? I'm going to teach you to dance just like your dad.
- (BABY GURGLES) - Yeah.
So, don't you worry.
So, is that cop the father or what? Chris? No! No, he's just helping us out.
I'm not stupid.
That's a bullet wound in your shoulder.
What the fuck is going on? I don't want to get you involved in any of this.
It's a bit late.
Help! You've got to help me! It's my father.
I think he's just had a heart attack.
He's in the van.
- I know CPR, but - Thank God.
Have you called an ambulance? - Hey, get off me! - Do you want me to break it? Do you want me to fucking break it? - It won't take much.
- Please let him go.
- As soon as you get in that van.
- What the fuck?! Please, you're hurting him.
Get Chris! (CAR HORNS HONK) So, wipes, nappies.
Anything else? Eggs, bread, milk and tea bags.
- Are you gonna remember all that? - How could I forget? Hey, I need to talk to you! - Kate, stop! - Stay back, arsehole! - I'm not gonna hurt you.
- Bullshit! Listen, if I wanted to hurt you, you'd be dead by now.
What do you want? Kate, listen to me.
You're perfectly safe.
You know I could slit that artery of yours right now and you'd bleed to death in seconds.
- You know that, right? - I know.
- Don't you move a muscle.
- I won't.
I just want to help you.
What? - I want to help you stay alive.
- Why? Because, that way, I can stay alive.
What the fuck? Get up! Where are we going? To see James.
You can explain everything to him.
- Hey.
You OK? - I've got an appointment tomorrow.
I just have to accept it, do what needs to be done.
- Yeah.
- Move on.
Listen, um there's another one.
- He's coming for you.
- Oh! Look, we'll we'll figure something out.
We've just got to get you somewhere safe first.
I am not going back to Yoorana like this.
Look, when Charlie gets back, we'll hop in the car - and we'll just drive some - RAF: Chris! Help! Lock the door.
Chris! - Help! - Shit! What happened? - Some fucking maniac took Charlie.
- What? Shit! - I got the numberplate.
It's TNZ 742.
- OK.
Show me where it happened.
(DOORHANDLE RATTLES) - Kirstie Darrow.
- Fuck you! Arrgh! Shh.
Why do you think he didn't just kill us straightaway? I don't know.
So, there's nowhere people might be taken away from public view, a private area or a hidden lab? - I could take you on a tour.
- You can take me now.
- What are you doing? - Follow family line.
Get tribute.
Then spirit free before hell gate close.
- MAN: Hey! Get back here! - Wait! Stop! Where's he taking him? PHIL: There are gonna be other people coming, people who will want to kill you, people whose only purpose is to kill you.
Get in.
I'm at the lake house.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, I'm going alone.