Glitch (2015) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

Everyone who came back has to die.
- Chi! - Come on, we go.
Come on.
MAN (OVER PHONE): Come as fast as you can.
Phil's still alive.
He's in Yoorana.
My mates James is a copper.
He's coming for you.
Get Chris! Some fucking maniac took Charlie! I got the numberplate.
Kirstie Darrow.
Where are we going? To see James.
You can explain everything to him.
I am not mad.
We are hungry ghosts! Ghosts must be set free! Wife, son, I bring to Yoorana.
Maybe they come back, like us.
We would have seen them at the cemetery.
I not look then.
We look now.
- Quick! Hurry! - But there's no-one else here! Maybe family line still here, in Yoorana.
But how would you ever know? Written on my stone, stupid.
Well, stupid, your stone's not going anywhere, and I've got a really bad stitch.
Is this your grave? What does it say? Wife and son.
Die in China.
Plague sickness.
Never come to New Gold Mountain.
Chi, I'm so sorry.
Promise we together.
I fail.
Hey, it's not your fault.
(LAUGHTER) MAN: Fucking Celestials.
This way.
MAN: Jesus, Mol! Can't a fellow leak the lizard in private? Your man's here.
No-one saw you? No troopers? Chi too fast.
Too smart.
Well let's have a squiz, then.
Ah, the sweet smell of opium.
It's good, yes? I'll put this in me rum and it'll keep the ratbags coming back for more.
Couldn't be better, son.
You pay me? As fucking agreed.
But this remains our little secret.
I'll lead you out.
Looks like someone's developing a taste for the Orient.
Well at least I like 'em on two legs.
- What the devil are you implying? - Ow! We go.
See you again.
WOMAN: Belle! Belle.
You're alive.
I knew you'd survive the fire.
This is my grave.
So I did crawl out.
And the tombs were opened and many bodies of the Saints, who were sleeping, arose.
Judith, I'm not a saint.
The rest of the family think you're a demon.
Well I've done some bad things, but I'm not a demon.
I know, you're the prophet.
It's It's actually all 'cause of science.
Chris, the policeman, explained it to us.
I was I was thinking that if I could just explain it to everybody No.
You can't do that.
It's too dangerous.
Luke said he'd shoot you if he saw you again.
OK, well, what if the policeman explained it to them? Maybe then they'd listen and understand.
Mum and Dad would.
I know they would.
I I really have to go and find my friend.
I've brought Grace here many times.
I've told her all about you.
Yeah? (BABY GURGLES) - This is your niece.
- Hey! Hey, Grace.
You be a good girl, all right? It's OK.
For your aunty.
I know this will all work out.
And then we can be together soon, as sisters.
Yes we will.
I'll pray for you, Belle.
God bless.
(GASPS) What are you doing? Follow family line.
Get tribute.
Then spirit free before hell gate close.
Get to heaven.
But I thought you didn't have any family here.
Ah, I took white woman for wife.
Did you? Molly.
Nice bosom.
Ancestor, me and you.
Yoorana and China.
No way.
See, that's not possible.
My lot only got in in the '50s, from Perth.
(SPEAKS IN CANTONESE) Is he, you know, the full quid? No, I He thinks you might be related, distantly.
It doesn't look like you have any descendants left here.
No, him.
That little boy? Yes, he see me.
He know me.
We must follow him.
Really? Are you all right, Kirstie? You? Yeah.
I'm sorry about what I said to you before.
Me too.
Whatever you do, you're still my best mate.
Why do you think he didn't just kill us straightaway? I don't know.
Get out.
Get out! Go, Kirstie! Shut up! Hands.
Who are you? Someone who has forgotten how to treat our special guests.
I made it clear there was no need for aggression or misuse of force.
Someone didn't get that memo.
I'm terribly sorry about that.
I've arranged some refreshments for you.
I'm sorry about these circumstances but it was terribly important that we meet.
My name is Samavart Chahdra-Gard, but you can call me Sam.
I'm on the Board of Directors and Head of Business Affairs at Noregard.
Well, whoopty-fucking-do! Why should I care? Because I have a deal to offer you.
And trust me, I'll answer all of your questions, Kirstie.
And you and Charlie, you're perfectly safe.
KATE: You were supposed to be dead.
PHIL: I was wounded, but I recovered.
I heal fast.
Yeah, I can see that.
Listen, there are going to be other people coming.
People who will want to kill you, people whose only purpose is to kill you.
Why us? Because you're not supposed to be alive.
You're a mistake.
Open the door.
I'm offering protection.
I'm someone who understands the threat.
Get in.
In! James! James! Sit down.
You got a phone? - Sure - Uh-uh, slowly.
(DIALS PHONE) WOMAN (OVER PHONE): The number you have called is not connected.
Please check the number before dialling again.
He's been hanging around since I left that message for you.
Cooking dinner, changing nappies, fixing the house and stuff.
Phil has really changed.
Do you know why? He keeps going on about how he wants to be a family man now.
When did you see him last? Mum took him into town earlier to do some shopping.
Should be back soon.
So he's going to be like that dead cop was, hey? Sounds like he's changed.
Can he change? Anything's possible.
(GASPS) I think Phil's having doubts, like Sarah did.
The longer we're here, the more doubt takes root.
What if Phil's right and we're wrong? I know what will happen if we don't prevail.
(ENGINE STARTS) BELLE: What makes you think he's your descendant? He found me.
Only one like me.
Must be.
I'll I'll go ask him.
You wait here, yeah? OK, OK.
Go, go, go, go, go! Hello, I'm Belle.
What are you doing? Writing a story.
Do Do you like stories? I love stories.
What's your name? Noah.
That's lovely.
Um Noah, can you Can you see my friend over there? Yeah.
I saw him before, at the window.
With the cats.
Did you? Well, his name's Chi.
And he's Chinese.
Are you Chinese? Yeah, of course I am.
Well, he thinks that maybe you and he are related.
Does your family come from Yoorana? Yeah.
For over 100 years.
Well, Noah, he'd really like to meet you.
Do you want to meet him? I guess.
OK, great.
Um, come with me.
Hey, it's OK, you're safe with me.
This way.
Where are we going? So what made you suddenly decide to want to help us instead of kill us? After I died and came back, I thought that was my purpose.
But now, I'm not so sure.
And I regret what I did to everyone.
It's a bit late for a guilty conscience, don't you think? I understand why Sarah wavered.
She came to believe in something more than just rules.
And what's that? Her family.
This life.
It's all there is, for any of us.
And you expect me to believe that that's what has suddenly made you change your mind? When I was in Noregard, something happened.
It was an accident.
I didn't mean to do it.
I wasn't supposed to do it.
Do what? Kill someone.
Who? Heysen.
I killed Professor Heysen.
She wasn't like you.
She wasn't dead.
She was just a normal, living person so when it happened, I thought, "I've fucked up".
And I was waiting for the end, for my punishment, for something.
But But what? Nothing happened.
Absolutely nothing happened.
So if I'm only here to get rid of you, then maybe the longer I keep you alive, the longer I can stay here too, and be with my family, Kath, and Beau, and my little baby girl.
And I want to be with them.
I just want a life.
Just a simple, little life.
(DIALS PHONE) Chris, it's Kate.
CHRIS (OVER PHONE): Kate, where are you? I'm at the Lake House.
I'm here with Phil.
Right, what's the big fucking deal, then? Well, as you know, Noregard invested enormous resources in our cellular regeneration program.
Which is why Heysen tried to lock us up.
Yeah, where's she? I miss her.
Professor Heysen participated in dangerous and reckless procedures that left my company extremely vulnerable to litigation.
So I came here to resolve all of that.
But it's left me aware there are people out there that want to hurt you.
What do you know about 'em? That they mean you harm.
And you don't? Charlie, I want to offer you protection in Sweden, our headquarters in Stockholm.
You'll be able to live safely, you'll have plenty of money, we can arrange new identities for you, organise passports.
Everything you need to live and live comfortably.
Yeah, till you kill us, cut us open and start fiddling with our insides.
That's not going to benefit anyone.
Of course, you will have to work with our research team, but you won't be guinea pigs.
So what will we be? Think of yourselves as paid partners in the most important experimental research of our time.
A search we've already been engaged in for some time and have made major discoveries in.
What are you saying, there are others like us? In the past, yes.
What, in Sweden? No, not in Sweden.
In Jerusalem.
Golgotha, to be precise.
Golgotha? You're saying we're like Jesus? No I'm not.
I'm saying that Jesus is like you.
Look, there.
I tell you my story.
I come from long, long time ago, when many Chinese come Yoorana.
Find gold.
I was miner here.
Leave my family in See Yup.
But I make new family here.
And then I die.
You're a ghost? Yes.
He's He's not a scary ghost.
He won't hurt you.
You know about hungry ghost? Yes, I wrote a story for my class.
So, someone die, wrong death, wrong place.
Spirit cannot go heaven.
Stuck here.
Need ancestor to make offering.
So You are ancestor? Yes.
Can I write a story about you? Of course! I very famous.
Before I was miner for gold I was opera.
- Really? - Oh, yes.
I was star.
Very great star! (HUMS) (SCREAMS) (MAKES FART NOISE) (LAUGHTER) (SCREAMS AND YELLS) (GROWLS) (SCREAMS BATTLE CRY) Ow! (LAUGHTER) Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, aya! (APPLAUSE) Wow, that was really good! So my great ancestor I must know.
Will you help me? Will you free me? Sure.
- Oh! - No! (LAUGHS) What about your life? What do you want now? I haven't had a chance to find out yet.
Kate, you all right? No, no, no, no, it's OK.
He's not going to hurt me.
Charlie and Kirstie have been abducted.
- Abducted? - Yeah.
In the city.
Some nasty fucker with a chewed-off ear.
I ran his plates and the vehicle is registered to Noregard Security.
- Noregard? - Mm-hm.
- Did you know about this? - No, of course not.
They're probably back in the lab.
I can get us down there.
I've still got Kath's security pass.
Are you sure we can trust him? - I'm coming with you.
- No, I'm going alone.
Kate? Kate? (SIGHS) She's gone.
(EXHALES) You're relieved.
It's Kate.
She was my wife.
- Then best let me do it.
- No.
It's got to be me.
That's why I'm here.
She wasn't here alone.
(FLIES BUZZ) Jesus Christ.
It's happening fast.
The laws of nature are breaking down.
MAN (SHOUTS): Hey! Need offering! Hey, hey! Chi, wait! Stop! What the fuck is going on? - Was that Noah he's got? - Noah is perfectly safe.
Where's he taking him? Tell me! The cemetery.
I have to go.
WOMAN: Noregard Pharmaceuticals.
Ah, yeah, it's Sergeant Reynolds here from the Yoorana Police.
I'm here to see David Goldman.
DAVID GOLDMAN: There's no-one here who fits those descriptions.
So there's nowhere people might be taken away from public view? You know, a private area or or a hidden lab? I could take you on a tour.
You can take me now.
Fuck! Come on.
It's empty.
It's like it was never there.
Doctor Creepy showed me around upstairs.
How's Phil? Is he behaving himself? There are two off-site warehouses in Yoorana.
They could be there.
I have the addresses.
Great, let's go.
(TYRES SCREECH) He's back.
- Do you want to ask him? - No, you ask.
I hope you've had time to reflect on my offer.
There's a window of opportunity here now.
What window? I've organised a private jet.
It'll be ready to depart for Stockholm in a few hours.
Here are your passports which will pass any scrutiny.
Now, of course, I'd normally formalise our agreement but I'm sure you understand the need to get you out of Yoorana quickly.
And what if we don't want to do that? Well then you're free to face an unpredictable threat for the rest of your natural lives.
So you're saying we could go now? Just walk out the door and you wouldn't do anything? I have no intention of holding you against your will.
It's not in my company's interest and frankly, it's not in my nature.
All right, then we'll be leaving.
Let's go, Kirstie.
Come on.
(BEEP) Hey, maybe we should discuss this a bit.
What's to discuss? We're free to go.
Yeah, with no money, no ID.
Free to have bloody nothing.
You're free to go.
And I won't lift a finger to stop you.
What's wrong? I'm tired of running, Charlie.
Aren't you? What about my other problem? What is it? You can ask.
Is abortion legal in Sweden? Since 1974.
It would be free, it would be safe, if that's what you want.
How can we believe that Noregard won't hurt us? Professor Heysen never harmed you.
I've got no reason to now.
Charlie, you're a smart fellow.
I'm sure you can see that you and Kirstie are the most valuable living things that have ever existed.
You're priceless.
I could spend millions and millions of dollars on you and it would still be a bargain.
Whatever you decide, Kirstie.
It's up to you.
Sweden, here we come.
(OVER TWO-WAY RADIO) You've made the smart choice.
You shouldn't have taken Noah.
People are going to come looking for him.
He needs to go back to school.
Not yet.
Now I say the prayer? You're going to get in trouble.
So? I go heaven.
Spirit free.
How long is this going to take? Not long.
Shut mouth.
Where did you get the biscuits from? - Can I have one? - Wait! You're still here.
Something wrong.
What happened? I said the prayer! You said wrong.
You did wrong.
No, I didn't! You make mistake! No, you did! Chi, don't hit him! Noah! Noah, wait.
I'm so sorry.
There's my mum and dad.
They're your parents? But they're not Chinese.
I know.
I'm adopted.
- Mum! - NOAH'S MOTHER: Noah! Oh, I was so worried about you.
Where have you been? Are you OK? Are you sure? I can't believe you hit that little boy.
It was an awful thing to do.
He's with his mum and dad now.
They look really nice.
You can eat the rest.
I'm sorry it didn't work.
I not understand.
Maybe you're not a hungry ghost.
Then what am I? Either Chris was right, or we're just miracles.
Where do we go now? Well, you can't get to heaven.
And you cannot go home.
I'm going to get Chris to talk to my family.
Come on.
Can you do that funny walk again? Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay! You're hilarious.
(LAUGHS) It's all right.
Mark is simply a chauffeur now, aren't you, Mark? KIRSTIE: Is that going to get us to Sweden? We'll be stopping off in Dubai.
We have facilities there.
Just give me a minute.
I've never been on an airplane before.
Flying is fuckin' A, Charlie.
You are going to love it.
Don't pretend you know.
Where is Dubai? Africa, I think.
It's city in the United Arab Emirates.
Oh, yeah.
The weather is a bit unusual but our pilot is totally confident we can fly.
So, as soon as we finish loading, we can leave.
Mark, can I have a word? I wanted to personally thank you.
You've acquitted yourself impeccably throughout this operation and I understand it's had its difficulties.
- How's your ear? - It's all right.
Bit of ringing.
Look, while I'm gone, I wanted to instruct you on the remaining targets.
Don't worry, I'll get the job done.
That's understood but it's very important that, whatever happens next, they don't fall into the wrong hands.
And what are the wrong hands? Any other competitor.
I'll bring in some mates.
Whatever you need.
Look, you can report directly to me.
I trust you.
Hey, what are you do You can't break in! - Stop! - Hey! What if they're in there? All right, I'm going to check the plates again.
(CAR HORN BEEPS) OK, I've found the van.
It's at the air strip.
The air strip? Yep, let's go.
(SIREN) Cops.
Kirstie! Charlie! Stop! It's all right.
Just come back now.
Kate, we were going to talk to you.
Charlie, Kirstie, get in the car.
These people are being abducted.
SAM: These people are leaving by choice.
They've signed a deal.
The paperwork is in order.
Listen, we're going to Sweden.
We're going to be safe and you should come with us.
Sweden? What are you talking about? MARK: Back off! And who the fuck are you? - Hey! - (SHOUTING) What the fuck is he doing here? Kirstie.
Kirstie, get on the plane.
Kirstie, come on, we have to go.
- I don't want to go.
- Are you going to stop this? People are being forced against their will here.
All right! All right, get off him.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Mark, stop! Enough.
I said stop.
Kirstie, no-one can force you to stay.
It is your choice.
Kirstie? Get in the goddamn car.
- Listen to your friends.
- (WHISPERS) Kirstie.
- Kirstie! - Get off me! You too, Charlie.
Get the fuck out! Jesus Christ! I'm sorry.
My company just can't afford any conflict with the authorities.
- You understand? - Yeah.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
Don't worry, we'll get her back.
I don't fail.
KATE: What happened? That guy with the ear, he grabbed us in the city.
And what about the Pom? Who's he? His name's Sam.
He works at Noregard.
Excuse me, but why are we all best friends with the psycho killer now? Look, Phil is on our side now, OK? He wants to help us.
- I promise, you're safe with me.
- I wasn't fuckin' talking to you.
- Can we turn around, please? - Are you serious? We can probably still make it.
Charlie! Come on, we made a deal with him.
Hang on, what kind of deal? I think we should talk about it with everyone before we decide anything more.
- But we'll miss the window.
- You know what? How the hell can you trust Noregard? We need to discuss this all together, we should go somewhere safe and quiet.
You've got to be kidding me.
I'm going to be here with you the whole time.
Oh, well, everything is just fine and dandy, isn't it? Listen, come in.
There's some other people here I want you to meet.
What people? People like you.
There's more of us? Charles P.
Born 1899, died 1922.
Uh, Kate Willis.
I was born in 1981, and I died in 2013.
Kirstie Darrow.
Born 1969.
Killed by the arsehole in the wheelchair that lives here, 1988.
Um, Belle Donohue, born 1979.
Um Died How old are you, love? I'm 15.
That's so young.
And what about you, mate? His name's Chi.
He's Chinese.
Tam Chi Wai.
Born into this life 1820.
Die 1860.
Jesus, he is heaps older than you, Charlie.
How did you end up dying in Yoorana? He doesn't know how he died.
Hey! Oh, he's a really nice man.
He does opera.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
What's going on here? CHRIS: Mate, you can't be in here, OK? Go back in your room, go on.
OK? It's police business.
Do you want a beer? No, I'm not old enough to drink.
Hon, you died and came back to life.
I don't think one beer's going to kill you.
So, you were murdered? By that other man, the one in the wheelchair? Yeah.
Can you believe it? Yeah, I can.
There's something really mean about him.
I know, right? I was killed too.
You know, by my own family.
By your own family? They thought I was possessed so they tried to exorcise the demons out of me, but ended up killing me by mistake.
Oh, wow.
You win that round, Belle.
Cheers, big ears.
Does she know who the dad is? No, she doesn't know.
But she thinks it might be Pete's.
Oh, my God.
Oh, poor Kirstie.
- Yeah.
- Is she going to keep it? I don't think so.
Far out.
Hey, what happened to Owen? Kate.
Is everything all right? (TEARFULLY) No.
I feel so fucked.
It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right.
Thank you.
Oh, God.
Where's James? I don't know.
His phone's not answering.
He's meant to meet me at the Lake House, so Listen, Charlie, you should give Raf a call.
Let him know that you're safe.
Who's Raf? I'll tell you in a sec.
Hang on.
You OK? Seen better days.
G'day, mate.
My name's Phil.
English? Speak well for native.
Yeah, better than you, mate.
You know there was a riot out here.
Years ago, on the goldfields.
Whole Chinese camp was destroyed.
Bunch of your people died.
How you know this? Oh, my mob told me stories.
Bad story.
We've got bad stories too, you know.
Stories that would curl your hair.
Maybe it happen to me.
Maybe that why I here.
Need revenge.
A dish best served cold, eh? But not this cold.
Anyway You're in safe hands here.
With the others, and with me.
- Oh, thank God you're here.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Everything's going to be all right.
He's the enemy.
He will stab us in the back.
Don't worry, I've got a plan.
I just need you to go with the others.
They think Sweden is a bad idea.
They don't trust you.
But I'm here to let you convince me that they're wrong.
You think you could shoot somebody that you care for.
If I had to, now.
You think you could shoot me? Where's Pete? This is so fucked up.