Glitch Techs (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Settling the Score

[car tires screeching in game]
[tense music playing]
-[Five] Yes!
-[boy yelps]
You're in the clear, Miko.
This is your shot!
You got it, you got it, you got it.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
One more tap
Then it's up to the vending machine gods.
[squeaking slowly]
[Ryu chuckles] Watch this kid
totally choke.
Who said that?
[both gasp]
-[chuckles] See? No game.
[Miko] Hey! You He
You owe me one Beanie Bee, ya mug!
I think what you need
is 50 cents worth of penny candy.
My treat.
This whistle was a bargain at 15 tickets!
And it's already broken.
We should probably head back to work
before all the good
Glitch Tech missions are taken.
Right after we burn through
the last of our gamer cred.
Oh, yeah!
[Five laughs]
[video game beeping]
Nice score!
-[Ryu scoffs] Nice score.
-[Mike chuckles]
Who is that guy?
Ryu? His family came to town
a few weeks ago from Dabney.
You know that griefer, Nix?
Sure. He's got the top score on Hyunjoo,
Graham's Maze and Allora.
I know everyone at this arcade.
That's why folks call me
the Scorekeeper.
We don't call you that.
-Could you start?
-[boy yelps]
[sighs] Cave trolls like that
give gamers a bad name.
I feel bad for peeps with nothing
but their scores to make them
feel good about themselves.
Ah, that reminds me, Miko
Us civilized gamers
don't need to talk smack.
-We know we got game.
We don't need a number
on a screen to prove it.
-Can she hear me?
-I hear you!
What's so important it has to break
the flow of my rant?
Somebody wiped your high score
off of Sock-Em Rockers.
[in slow motion] What?
[screams] No!
[Five] All your high scores are gone?
[Miko] "M.I.S."?
You call those initials?
Whose are they?
Never heard of them before.
And you want to be called Scorekeeper!
Whoever they are pushed me entirely
off the board of my own game!
-Your game?
Sock-Em Rockers was what I'd always
play back when I first moved to town.
I was just some nobody.
Didn't have any friends yet.
So mostly I'd hide here,
passing time and racking up points.
-It was hard to be the new kid in town
-[pixel Miko] Oh, yeah!
[Miko] but the day I made top score
in Sock-Em Rockers,
everyone knew who I was.
It was a score made
to stand the test of time!
Like initials hand-carved
into a mighty oak tree.
I was gonna show my grandkids that score!
Okay, that is it!
Nobody chops my pal's tree down.
I mean chops their score down.
I mean does what we both know
I mean and gets away with it!
It's time to settle the score.
[man] Who knows what really happens
when a video game starts to glitch?
Here come the Glitch Techs
They know what to do ♪
They got the tech
They got the moves ♪
Glitch Techs
They're the wrecking crew ♪
They'll solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
When a glitch is loose ♪
They'll wipe them out
Old school or new ♪
Glitch Techs
Always coming through ♪
To solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
Whoa-oh! ♪
Glitch Techs! Yeah! ♪
[announcer in game] Put 'em up
and get down!
Okay, Miko, you got this, chica.
This is the moment you
reclaim your high score
and with it, your honor!
I shall avenge me!
[announcer in game] Choose your titan.
Colossusaurus versus Lobstructor.
[all gasp]
Sock some rockers, bay-bee! Whoo!
[dance music playing]
[announcer in game] Perfection!
Sock-Em! Sock-Em! Sock-Em!
[music stops]
[all cheering]
[announcer in game] You rocked the sock!
Enter your score.
[Miko] M-K-O.
-[crowd cheering and applauding]
Balance has been restored.
That was amazing, Miko!
And if we hurry, we can still squeeze in
a cool Glitch Tech mission!
Since, you know, that's normally
what we do. [chuckles]
Bring it on! That score of mine
should hold for a long time.
[Ryu] Yeah. Wouldn't count on it.
[Miko grunts]
What was that?
-Just let it go, man.
Let your score do the talking for you.
Okay, we got a Nobi Kart Race
loose on the I-72,
a physics loop over at Kikuta Stadium,
and a Chomp Kitty at the corner
of Tully and Melnitz.
Which mission do you want, Miko?
Whatcha doing?
[Hinobi voice]
Now displaying gamer profiles.
[Miko] Malinowski, Mika, Miskatonic
You're trying to find out who beat
your high score, aren't you?
So? I'm curious to unmask the
identity of my nemesis.
Your "nemesis"?
I just know it's that guy, Ryu.
That snarky little snark shark.
Miko, you know I got your back
always, chica.
But you already took back your high score.
-Let it go.
-[exhales] You're right.
Pick us a cool mission,
so I can put this ugliness behind me.
Kart racing it is! Whoop-whoop!
[Hinobi voice] Mission selected.
-[Miko] Yeah! Whoo-hoo!
-[Five laughing]
[tires screech]
[phone ringing]
Miko and Five! What's up?
-[Nix] Guys, it's me, Scorekeeper.
-[both] Hi, Nix.
Bad news, Miko.
It's about your score.
[in slow motion] Whaaat?
-Oh, I declare war.
-[cracks knuckles]
I declare global
thermonuclear thumb war!
-[grunts] Where is he?
Where is who? [yelps]
Uh, Miko, you're bat-handling Nix.
-[Nix grunts]
That griefer, Ryu.
He said he was heading over to Frosty Mart
for a Freezy-Freeze.
To the Mikomobile.
[Hinobi voice] Subject analysis,
civilian gamers.
Threat level, zero.
Oh, he's a threat all right.
Fiver, put a tail on this donkey.
You do realize we could be taking
on a real mission right now?
I know and we will.
I just wanna find out where this guy lives
and challenge him to a friendly
Sock-Em Rock-off to settle the score.
Then we gank some glitches in our
usual butt-kicking style?
You know it, partner.
Well, this is the evil lair
of your nemesis, I guess.
Want me to scan for laser sharks?
Let me get my mean face on.
Grr! How's this?
Mmm, three out of five stars.
[announcer in game]
Put em up and get down!
Put em up and get down!
What in the Twin Galaxies?
[arcade music playing]
[announcer in game] Perfection!
Cool beans!
"Cool beans"?
They have their own
Sock-Em Rockers cabinet!
Okay, that's cool, I grant you, but
Hey! What are you guys doing
snooping around?
-[Five clears throat]
-Oh hey, there, little fella.
We were just stalking
Uh, talking
We're friends with Ryu.
Friends? We just moved here.
Listen, little man,
could you be a big helper,
and tell your brother
that winter has come?
Hey, I know you
from the arcade!
You're that loser
whose score I keep crushing.
-What did you say?
-Oh, nerds.
I said I wiped your score clean
off the board without breaking a sweat.
You're just a kid!
And what are you, a tree stump?
'Cause you play like one.
I you
You're worse than your brother!
Ryu's all talk.
I can beat him at any game.
Why'd you come here anyway?
Looking for pointers?
Miko, you don't need to
Oh, but I must.
You, little sir, are a blight
on my video arcade screen.
I challenge you to the ultimate
Sock-Em Rockers competition!
You don't have to accept.
-I accept!
Winner gets top score.
Loser agrees never to play Sock-Em Rockers
at Joystick Junior's ever again.
Loser agrees never to play Sock-Em Rockers
anywhere ever again!
You're on.
[dramatic music playing]
[both growling]
-Uh, hello?
-[Five] Hi.
-Game checks out as regulation.
-Told you it was.
But it's plugged into a 15-amp breaker,
so if it draws more than 12 amps
of continuous power
Ten minutes is all I need
to humble this kid's brag.
I'll go easy on him.
Where'd you get that hairstyle?
A dumpster at Comic-Con?
Hold my gear.
[intense music playing]
Please stop.
[announcer in game] Choose your titans.
Jaguar Jetson versus Colossusaurus!
Assume your position.
[high-tempo dance music playing]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[both grunting]
[song ends]
[electricity crackling]
[Five] Then I'll play
my blue loophole card,
immobilizing all of your creatures
till the game ends.
Best 75 games out of 100?
Uh-uh. I am out, man.
These two aren't stopping for anything.
-[engine revs]
-[tires squeal]
Man, all the good missions
are being taken already.
-Wanna give up?
-I don't give up. I win harder.
Yeah, at losing.
You're the loser.
Miko, I get this kid is awful,
but you don't need to stoop to his level.
This is a matter of honor, Five.
There's no honor in trading insults
with some little kid.
We could be on a mission right now.
You know, Five and Miko
saving the world one glitch at a time?
Five, I am trying to concentrate here.
Maybe you'd understand
if you had a top score to protect.
What's that supposed to
You know what? Finish your game.
I'm taking on a mission by myself.
Ugh, Five, I didn't mean [groans]
Gonna give up and go home
like your friend?
[panting] Never!
Like Yar, I shall have revenge!
[electricity crackling]
B.I.T.T., it's Five.
Give me any mission you got.
[B.I.T.T.] I am sorry, but I currently
do not "got" any missions.
Well, that's just great.
[electricity crackling]
[alarm blaring]
[Hinobi voice] Warning,
epic-tier glitch surge detected.
All Techs default immediately
to the active waypoint.
-What the [grunts]
-[alarm blaring]
Great gobbling ghosts, it's a code green!
[screams] B.I.T.T.!
This is a code green alert!
-[alarm blaring]
-[B.I.T.T.] Calling all Glitch Techs!
Repeat, calling all
available Glitch Techs!
Finally! I'd like to make a return.
-Uh, sorry, lady, emergency work stuff.
Uh, BBL.
Uh, bye!
And I saved you a Smashozaur toy
from last week's promotion.
-[gasps] Tri-tops!
You complete me, Blake.
Code green? Duty calls!
[tires screeching]
[sighs] He is so mysterious.
-Come in, B.I.T.T., this is Five.
I'm heading to the waypoint. [chuckles]
This is so cool.
[B.I.T.T.] Prepare yourself, Tech.
These glitch manifestations are large,
destructive and potentially viral!
Boy, are you missing out, Miko!
You are so gonna wish you were--
[Five] here.
[thudding continues]
[gasps] Colossusaurus?
[announcer in game] Colossusaurus.
I need analysis
on these energy tethers, people.
Find their source,
so we can snuff 'em out. Copy?
[all] Copy!
[tires screech]
[Mitch grunts]
Okay, Techs, use all your gauntlet
power to protect city property!
[electricity crackling]
[Hinobi voice] Now calling Miko.
Come on, Miko. Just stop playing
and pick up, pick up, pick
[bracelet ringing]
Oh, no! I still have her gear!
Alpha, let's saddle up.
[Alpha grunts]
Okay, uh
Got a read on the source game code,
Sock-Em Rockers arcade edition, build 3.2!
Uh, guys? I think I know
where it's coming from.
Whatever the source,
they've picked up massive energy boosts
from the city power grid.
So nerf 'em back down to size
with a combined gauntlet blast!
[yells] Quiet!
Scan for a house on the town border
that's close to a highway!
-Well, that was specific.
But it worked. I found the source
and it's six miles out.
[yelling] That's too far to portal!
[Five] Okay, Five, think.
I can't call Miko,
and we'll never get to her in time.
Ugh, I wish she never started that game.
Wait, that's it!
If these glitches are connected
to that kid's arcade game,
maybe I could use them
to send Miko a message.
[Hinobi voice] Data line confirmed.
Searching for an open connection.
Okay, Alpha! Let's climb us a colossus!
[Five exclaims]
[Five grunting]
When I said I wanted a mission,
I didn't expect it to be this
[grunts] impossible.
What is he doing?
[footsteps thudding]
Oh, nerds. Oh, nerds. Oh birds!
-[wings flapping]
-[bird caws]
[chick chirping]
[Five] Ahh!
Ahh! [grunts]
-[glitch growls]
-[Five exclaims]
-Take this!
-[Five screaming]
Take that!
[chick chirping]
[Five panting]
[Five screaming]
[Five laughing]
Oh, yeah.
"Ten minutes is all I need
to humble this kid's brag," she says.
-[electricity pulsates]
[electricity pulsating]
[Hinobi voice]
Opening communications package.
Searching for targeted device.
Hijacking data line.
Wi-fi-fo-fum! Now, to call Miko!
[electricity pulsating]
Miko! Miko, are you reading me?
[panting] I think I'm finally starting
to hallucinate.
You guys have to listen to me.
There's been a major
glitch manifestation in town
and it's coming from your arcade machine.
[Mike] Is this some kind of trick?
As long as you two keep playing,
you are going to put some colossal hurt
on the town.
You have to stop now!
I've got this punk on the ropes.
The game's as good as over.
You two think you can psych me out?
I will never stop, you hear me?
I will starve first.
I will go number one in my dungarees!
Okay. It has to be you, Miko!
You have to end this.
Come on, dude. My score.
You're not a number. Or an initial.
You're my friend, Miko Kubota,
and you're awesome.
[grunting and panting]
You you just moved here.
What do you care?
[electricity fizzling]
One of the energy tethers just broke.
Yeah. She stopped fighting.
-[chick chirping]
-Oh, she stopped fighting! [groans]
[Five screams]
[Five grunts]
[Alpha exclaims]
[chuckling] Yes! You messed up now!
[weapon powering up]
[upbeat victory music playing]
[laughing] I won!
[Hinobi voice]
Glitch current destabilizing.
Target vulnerable.
Ho-ho! Shields off, Techs!
-Redistribute power to weapons!
-[all cheering]
You heard the gruff,
unattractive man, people.
Let's show these Bailley ballerinas
how we do pliés down in Dabney!
[all] Oh, yeah!
I say "Glitch," you say "Techs!"
-[all] Techs!
-[chick chirping]
[lasers firing]
[Phil] Ya got it down to root form!
[Joan] All together now!
[Hinobi voice repeating]
Glitch contained.
-[Five groans]
-[chick chirps]
[Alpha groans]
-[power draining]
[pants] GG, kid.
You got mad game.
[chuckles] You lost!
We agreed, you can't play Sock-Em Rockers
again anywhere!
[car horn honks]
Dude, I've played enough
to last me the rest of my life.
Yeah, well I just
You wanna play again sometime?
I I mean
We just moved here, and
What's your name, kid?
I'll see ya around the arcade
sometime, Mike.
Okay! Uh
So, I'll kick your butt later, loser!
Uh Are you okay?
Can't move my anything.
Miko sorry.
-Five know.
Well, it wasn't our usual mission,
but at least you finally
unmasked the identity of your nemesis.
Oh, dorks.
I didn't even think
to ask Mike his last name.
Yeah, well, with that kid's gaming skills,
I'm sure you haven't seen the last of him.
[chiptune music playing]
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