Glitch Techs (2020) s02e09 Episode Script

I'm Mitch Williams

[video game beeping]
[Aud on TV] Oh, the platform's dropping!
-[Ruf on TV] Whoo!
-[Speck on TV] Yeah, all right!
Oi! I need a heal!
-[Ruf] Burn phase!
-[Speck] Whoo!
This one's about to enrage!
[all on TV] Let's get furious!
Whoa, man, these ragers are intense.
[Miko groans]
Um, what are you doing?
My boredom dance.
I do it when I'm bored and trying
to make something exciting happen. [sighs]
Well, could you try to make it a mission?
It's been forever since our last one.
[Miko groaning]
I don't control boredom dance, Five.
Boredom dance controls me.
Oh, hey, guys! How was skill training?
Nix is close to getting
his plixel-craft certification.
Aw, cute.
No need to be sarcastic, Z.
I'm not. That's just my voice.
-What's the plixel-craft skill tree like?
-It's a crafting specialty.
You learn to manipulate plixels
into objects and energy sources.
Holy smokes!
-[mini Five] Holy smokes!
-[mini Fives] Holy smokes!
[both] Aw!
Of course, until you learn how to
regulate the energy output,
plixels can be like catnip to glitches.
Ugh, just what we need.
Mini noobs.
Well, while you were all here
fooling around,
I was out crushing
the daily achievement board.
Ugh, I don't get it, man.
Even on a slow day, this guy manages
to score a boatload of XP.
[sighs] Seriously, what's his secret?
[chuckles] I'll tell you the secret,
I'm Mitch Williams. A-boosh!
[automated voice] There is one new job
on the Glitch Tech mission board.
-[Miko] Dibs!
-[Five chuckles] Yeet!
Mmm, so desperate.
[Five] Huh, never seen this before.
It's a high-level security alert from
1984 Spengler Street?
Snipe it!
-Hey, bro, what's your deal?
-That house is my turf.
Your turf? You're not even on duty.
When it comes to that house,
I'm always on duty.
My apologies, Tech.
This mission has been locked
by an administrator.
What bozo locked me out?
[Phil] Mitch?
"Bozo" would like a word.
[Mitch] Ugh, so annoying.
So, that was weird.
What's so special about the house
on Spengler Street?
You haven't heard?
It's only the most
glitched-up place in town.
Supposedly, the place is a graveyard
of busted tech.
Windows blocked
by discarded game controllers
Floors covered
with tangled extension cords
So who lives there?
Whoever they are,
they've basically created
the perfect nesting ground
for glitch activity.
So that's why Mitch wants
the place to himself.
[Five] It's a total XP farm.
Mitch, I know how attached
you are to this case.
But the company wants the Spengler house
debugged once and for all,
so they're sending in a tech specialist.
A specialist?
That house is my turf, Phil!
You can't just hand it over
to some faceless grunt.
What about the occupants?
Due to their continued misuse
of Hinobi game products,
the residents of 1984 Spengler Street
are to be permanently banned.
Phil, I can't let that happen.
Hey, I'm sorry, but officially,
I cannot allow you to take this mission.
But if that house is somehow spotless
by the time the tech specialist arrives
Oh, it will be.
And this time, it needs to stay spotless,
so maybe you should bring some backup
with you for once.
-[Miko] Hey.
-[Five] 'Sup?
I don't need backup.
Did Phil just give you that case?
-We had dibs, Mitch.
-[Miko yells] Dibs!
Well, I guess the boredom dance
failed to get us a mission.
Oh, we've got a mission.
We're gonna follow that black hat to his
XP farm and have ourselves a hoedown.
I have no idea what that is but I am down!
-[tires screech]
Now, if we're gonna tail Mitch,
we're gonna need to get stealthy.
-Night-vision goggles. Ski masks.
We gotta straight-up ghost this fool.
Be his shadows.
You hear that, Mitch?
We're your shadows!
Aw, pants.
Bug off, griefers.
[tires screeching]
Let's ghost, buster.
[automated voice] Portal destination set.
[Mitch chuckles] Lost 'em.
I told you, this place is--
We know it's your turf.
Look, I don't expect
your blueberry brains to understand,
but this place is important to me.
We understand it's your XP farm and
you want to keep it all to yourself.
Boom, understanding.
Ugh! I don't have time for this,
so let's just skip to the cutscene.
What do you want to just go away?
XP? Powerups?
I'll even give you hair tips,
which you really need.
Sorry, hermano. Better get used to it.
We're your backup.
Hmm, what a shame.
In that case
[yelling] I don't need backup!
I'm Mitch Williams!
[man] Who knows what really happens
when a video game starts to glitch?
Here come the Glitch Techs
They know what to do ♪
They got the tech
They got the moves ♪
Glitch Techs
They're the wrecking crew ♪
They'll solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
When a glitch is loose ♪
They'll wipe them out
Old school or new ♪
Glitch Techs
Always coming through ♪
To solve the problem ♪
Glitch Techs
Whoa-oh! ♪
Glitch Techs! ♪
Yeah! ♪
-[knocking at door]
-[Five] Come on, Mitch. Open up!
That slimy, devious little snake.
Scratch that.
Snakes are actually really sweet.
Come on. We're not letting this punk
get off that easy.
Okay, let's see if this place
is really as glitchy as those guys said.
Why ladder when you can bird?
-[Ally caws]
[Miko] Whoa.
This place definitely lives up
to the hype.
Look at all this busted gamer gear.
[automated voice]
Glitch signature detected.
We got a visitor and it's right
-[both gasp]
-[Five] Whoa! Ugh!
-Hey! That glitch is still in root form!
-[electricity pulsating]
It must be looking for a host.
[sighs] Come on.
With all this broken tech,
it could hide almost anywhere.
Oh, but shouldn't we be looking for
[man screaming]
[both] Mitch!
[Aud laughs and exclaims]
Yes! Come on, come on, come on!
[chuckles] Oh, man!
[Mitch] Ugh, honestly how many times
have I told you?
This tech is expensive.
You can't treat it like this.
[Aud] Wicked!
[Mitch] How'd you two get in here?
[clears throat]
Hey, bruv!
I need new controller batteries.
-Just a second.
-Who's this now?
You also work with Mitch?
Uh, yeah, I'm--
Perf. Give me a battery pack, would you?
[Mitch] Uh, I'll get it.
-These two were just leaving.
[Speck] Why'd you drop out
of our game, Aud?
What's up, bruv? Up for a game?
-[Ruf] Oi, you two!
-[both gasp]
We're in the middle of a match!
If you lot need a bio break,
use one of your empties.
[Speck] Back in the game.
[all] Let's get furious!
[Five] Furious
You guys are the Furious Four?
[gasps] Miko, they're pro streamers!
So they're the ones who've been
trashing all this gamer gear?
It's not that bad.
[Aud groans] This controller's rubbish!
Whoa! Easy on the aggro there!
Look, I thought you were gonna bring
us some quality gear this week, bruv.
Well, there won't be any more gear
if you and the others don't finally
clean up your act.
Wait, wait, wait.
So, you've been the one supplying them
with all this gear?
You two need to mind your business
and glitch off!
I didn't ask for your help, okay?
I have everything under control.
Oh, yeah.
You've got it under control all right.
You supply these rage gamers
with fresh tech
so they can keep you up to your gauntlet
in glitchy XP
Knowing full well
it's been causing glitches.
You do not know what you're talking about.
If I don't clean
this place up immediately,
these people are gonna be perma-banned.
The company will suspend their
gaming accounts for life?
No streaming? No online play?
No console patches? No DLC?
It's a perma-death sentence!
[sobbing exaggeratedly]
Yeah, well, I hate to say it, but if
this is how they treat their tech,
maybe they should be banned.
Nobody wants your opinion, Five.
You shouldn't even be here.
[electricity pulsating]
[glitch growling]
[all screaming]
[both grunting]
[Miko] Yah!
Oi, is that you, bruv?
[Mitch and Five grunt]
Speck, you guys have to clean
this place up now or else
Oh, don't pop a vessel. We'll clean it.
After we're done playing!
But you're never done playing.
[Speck] Oi, careful in here.
You might break something.
[Miko] Get back here,
you wascally wattage.
[electricity pulsating]
[Speck] Ha-ha! Yes.
[Mitch] Come here, you glitch.
-[Five] Through the window.
Miko, it's time for parkour.
[Miko yells]
[Mitch] What is she doing?
This is madness!
[Five] You're wrong, Mitch.
This is teamwork.
[electricity pulsating]
Oh, no, you don't!
[electricity pulsating]
Heads up, guys!
[both straining]
-[Five] I've got it.
Oh, come on.
[both gasp]
-[electricity pulsates]
-[both groan]
[chiptune music playing]
[rock music playing]
Hmm, no glitch.
A little too no glitch.
Oi, that you, bruv?
Mind the bottles, now.
Ruf, you've got to listen.
If we don't all clean this place up,
you are going to lose everything.
[electricity pulsates]
Gotcha, you little rotter.
Ruf, watch it!
[electricity pulsates]
[Ruf] Oi, careful, man!
You know, you're
a real safety hazard around here.
-I'm the safety hazard? [scoffing]
-[Miko and Five yelling]
[electricity pulsates]
XP or not, I don't see why Mitch
keeps putting up with these guys.
Big Furious Four fan, I guess?
Well, wait a minute. If these guys
are called the Furious Four,
why are there only three of them?
[Five sighs] Okay, Mitch,
if you're not in this place for the XP,
then why not just let
these ragers get banned?
I can't let that happen to them.
Why? Who are these people to you?
-[gauntlet ringing]
-[automated voice] Incoming call from
-Ugh, what now?
-[Phil] Your boss.
Kind of in the middle
of something here, Phil.
Yeah, skip to the end.
I just got word
that tech specialist will be arriving
at your location in 15 minutes.
And trust me, Mitch,
you don't wanna mess with this guy.
You don't wanna mess with me.
-[Techs yelling]
-[Mitch] Come here, you little--
-[Five] Get out of the way, Mitch!
-[Miko] I got him, I got him!
[all grunting]
[all panting]
[Miko yelps]
Ugh, where do all these cords go?
So, what's the plan?
Ugh, would you two just stop
failing all over me?
It's one tiny glitch!
In a nest of janky junk.
Hang on.
That router's looking for a host, right?
It wants energy,
like a mouse wants cheese.
Ugh, here we go.
Right. So instead of chasing it,
maybe we can draw it to us.
Great minds, thinking alike.
If we cut all power to the house, and give
it just one energy source to sniff out
We can catch it in a mousetrap!
Great, more teamwork.
And what are we supposed to use
for cheese?
[Miko and Five chuckle]
Oh, hey, Five. What's up?
Nix, I need you to upload me a file.
Okay, cutting the power now!
[Miko] Yah!
[mini Five] Holy smokes!
[Mitch] There's gotta be better cheese
than this.
Shh, eyes on the outlets.
It should be out any minute
to take the bait.
-[electricity pulsates]
-There he is!
[Five] Aim!
-[electricity pulsates]
-[all gasp]
[mini Five] Holy smokes!
[all gasp]
Oh, their game systems came back on!
I thought we cut the power.
We did.
Then how is there still
The power cords.
They all lead to
Oi, Techies! Check the power
before you pop off, yeah?
Our backup generator just kicked in.
[all] Backup generator?
Yeah, so we don't lose our game
if there's a power outage.
Oh, nerds. If that's
the only power source in the house
We just led a power-hungry glitch
to a giant power generator!
-[glitch cackles]
-[electricity pulsates]
No, no, no! Not that room.
Not that room.
[electricity pulsating]
Oh boosh.
Okay, we got this.
He's just one glitch.
We're three Glitch Techs!
[Mitch] What's the point?
That specialist is almost here.
Even if I did manage to clean
this dump up before they arrive
these VR vandals would just glitch
the place up all over again.
Dude, you're not giving up.
You never give up.
You're a robot, you're a rock,
you're Mitch
[both] Williams?
[Five] I guess the Furious Four
does have a fourth player.
[Miko] This is your room, Mitch?
Yeah, used to be.
Moved out a year ago to focus on work.
Now, I mostly just come by
to check on the family.
[Aud] Oi, bruv! My headset's
gone all twitchy again.
[Speck] My gamer chair's vibratin'
only it ain't plugged in!
[Ruf] Oi-oi! We're out of snacky salts!
Wait, so when you called Mitch "bruv,"
you mean he's your actual
[Mitch] Meet my sister, Audrey,
and my brothers, Ruf and Speck.
You were part of the team
because you were part of the family.
[Aud] Yeah, obviously.
Only he bailed on us
to spend all his time at his new job.
Ugh! All you ever do is play.
All you do is work.
I mean, really,
we never even see you no more.
[Mitch] Well, you might if you took those
things off your heads once in a while.
-[electricity pulsates]
-[both yelp]
[both groaning]
[electricity pulsating]
-[Five] Oh, nerds.
-[Miko] Nerds.
[yelling] Help!
Uh your friends okay, Mitch?
Sounds like they need help.
Oh, you'd think so,
but any second those little ponies will
muster up the true spirit of teamwork,
or "friendship" or "understanding."
[sighs] Those blueberries don't need me.
Oh, come on. Of course they do, bruv.
You're the best teammate we ever had.
Why'd you think we're always
calling on you to pop around?
I don't know. Because you're so
good at breaking things?
[scoffs] Only 'cause you're so good
at fixing things.
Yeah, otherwise,
we'd never see you, would we?
You mean all this mess is just so you can
keep me coming around to visit?
That's mad!
Yeah, well, we need you, bruv.
[Five and Miko yelling] Mitch!
We need you.
Then let us show those nubbies
what real teamwork is all about.
If you wanna stay the most furious team
on the stream,
you're gonna have to fight for it.
What are you on about, bruv?
We're all gonna play
a little augmented reality game.
[all] Aces!
Come on! We've taken on
much tougher glitches than this.
[Miko] Only not with our hands
tied behind our backs.
Ugh, typical. Hanging round when there's
work to be done.
-Come on, team.
[Mitch] Let's get
[all] Furious!
[electricity pulsating]
[Mitch grunts]
[all grunting]
[both yelping]
Ahh! Watch where you're shooting.
-I'm gonna have to get past that thing.
-You lot cover me.
-[Speck] I'm on it, bruv.
-[electricity pulsating]
[Mitch grunts]
[both thud]
You guys wanted teamwork? You got it.
[Mitch grunting]
[glitch growls]
[electricity pulsating]
[glitch yelps]
Now, that is some juicy XP!
-[Aud] That was wicked.
-[Speck] That felt so real.
-[tires screech]
-[door closes]
[tech specialist]
What are you techs doing here?
I was sent to issue these consumers
a perma-ban.
Try it and I'll wipe
the smile off your avatar.
[laughs nervously] Okay, okay,
now just hang on for a sec, guys.
I think there must be
some kind of mistake.
This house is totally clean.
Uh, well, of glitch material.
See for yourself.
[automated voice]
Scanning for glitch signatures.
[automated voice] None found.
But judging by the shape of this place,
I have a feeling I'll be seeing
these loyal customers again soon.
Tech spec out.
Those power cords are a hazard.
It'll be in my report.
Whoa, he's right.
This place is a total dump.
What are we gonna do?
Well, you're going to have to start
taking care of your equipment.
Because I'm done
taking care of it for you.
But when will we get to see you?
Aw, they miss you.
For some reason.
I have been working a lot.
Guess it wouldn't hurt
to spend a little time with the fam.
Think Phil could handle his
number one Tech taking some time off?
Well, that's why I have you guys
for backup, don't I?
Aw, that was sweet, Mitch.
[Mitch] Of course I'm sweet.
I'm Mitch Williams.
-Who wants to get furious?
-[Aud, Ruf and Speck] Let's get furious!
[Miko and Five cheering]
[all laughing]
[Mitch] Now,
who's gonna clean up this mess?
[all] Um
[chiptune theme playing]
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