Gloria (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Rumo à Vitória

[heavy rainfall]
[in German] Welcome to Radio Free Europe.
[in Russian] The director welcomes you.
It's an honour to meet you, General.
- Thank you. Are you a fellow countrywoman?
- Yes.
[in Russian] Moscow says that Prague
is preparing a counter-revolution,
but our brothers just want socialism
that is more humane,
with more freedom of expression and speech
for the Czech people.
In the name of freedom,
I appeal to Russian soldiers
If there is an order
to invade Czechoslovakia,
do not obey!
to invade Czechoslovakia,
do not obey!
[voices speaking Russian on radio]
["Have Love Will Travel" by The Sonics]
Whoa, have love ♪
Whoa, baby, will travel ♪
Uh-huh, uh-huh, have love ♪
Whoa, baby, will travel ♪
I said if you need lovin', then ♪
Mm-hm, I'll travel ♪
Yeah, I'll travel from Maine to Mexico ♪
Just to find a little girl
That loves me so ♪
No matter when
No matter where I'll be ♪
[on radio] I'm lookin' for a woman
That'll satisfy me ♪
- Have love ♪
- [static crackles]
- [stations overlapping]
- Whoa travel ♪
- [man speaking Russian]
- [static crackling]
[tyres squeal]
Don't move! Stop the car.
Don't move!
Where's the reel?
- What?
- The reel!
- What do you mean?
- Don't play dumb.
The reel you're taking to RARET.
- The reel!
- [panting]
There you are.
[engine starts]
[tyres screech]
If you need lovin', then ♪
Mm-hm, I'll travel ♪
Whoa-oh, I said ♪
If you need lovin', then ♪
Whoa, I'll travel ♪
Whoa! ♪
["The Magic Flute" overture
by Mozart plays]
[gasping and moaning]
[both groan]
[both sighing]
- [gasps]
- [sighs]
- [closes zip]
- [sighs]
- [rustling]
- [sighs]
[lighter clicks]
So, what?
You pretend that you don't know me, yeah?
I've no idea, João. I suppose so.
- [kissing]
- [woman] Mmm.
[horn sounds]
[sighs] What time is it?
- I have to go.
- Already?
[Beethoven's Sonata No. 8 in C minor,
Op. 13 (Pathétique)]
[horn sounds]
[engine revs]
[both engines revving]
- [murmur of conversation]
- [woman]just had a baby
Don't stand around on your own, my love.
You know who's asked
about you twice already?
Who's that talking to Father?
Jaime Ramos.
He's the new one in charge of PIDE.
What do you mean,
you don't know who he is?
As soon as power was given to your father,
he was one of the very first appointed.
I don't like him particularly.
But I suppose he's useful.
And he's proven to be loyal.
[blows landing]
[man] Have you packed your bags yet?
- I asked you if you'd packed your bags.
- What bags?
Are you not leaving tomorrow morning?
Ah. Yes.
[glass smashes]
[woman] I apologise, sir.
- Don't worry. Alcina?
- [man] My son is also a keen pianist.
- He's at home, having lessons.
- That's magnificent.
[glass crunching]
[woman] Thank you. Thank you!
- [amn 1] At home
- Leave that, my boy, you'll cut yourself.
- [man 2] Fabulous.
- No, it's no trouble.
I'd rather you didn't. Please, sir.
And, of course, the opportunity
to hear Madalena play the piano.
I asked a friend of mine
from the conservatoire
if tonight, they might play the piano.
- Perhaps I should start?
- No, no, not yet. Thank you.
I would like to present you
to a friend of mine. Jaime Ramos.
[Alexandre] Alexandre Petrovsky.
- Your surname, I believe
- It's Russian.
My family was forced to, uh
flee the country
after the revolution by the Communists.
Well, one day, you'll be able to return.
The reigning Communists
won't always retain power.
Any day now, it'll be over, I would say.
["Moon Night" by The Madcaps]
[static crackling]
It was a cold winter day ♪
When we went to your place
On the coast ♪
[on radio There was not a soul in town ♪
- Not even a ghost ♪
- [switches engine off]
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Engineer João Vidal.
I'm the new technical coordinator
for the antennas.
Your identification, please, sir?
[radio broadcast playing outside]
I need to search the vehicle,
if you don't mind.
Ah! Looks like you managed
to get here, then?
[João chuckles]
- How are you?
- [chuckles] I'm well.
And you?
Some time since we left university.
- You look the same, Gonçalo.
- Hmm. Bet I do.
I'm pleased you're here at RARET.
I hope you're planning
on staying for a while. [chuckles]
If they let me in.
I can see that security here's important.
Well, with good reason.
As you know, we don't just play music
from the Eurovision Contest all the time.
Elias, are you finished digging around?
[Elias] That's fine.
Please, go ahead, sir.
Thank you. Get in.
[Gonçalo] You'll like it here.
The setup the Americans have
is pure luxury.
What are they like?
Who cares about the Americans?
But the American women
are simply pretty perfect.
[both chuckle]
And the work?
Nothing like
the National Broadcasting Service.
- It's light-years ahead.
- Proof of that are the antennas.
To be able to receive each country
they have a specific tilt.
The Russians don't leave us alone.
Never, ever.
They're persistently trying
to block our broadcasts.
- Do you manage to stop them from doing so?
- Hmm Most of the time.
To be honest, it's not so bad now and then
if the commies are able to do it.
As long as the Cold War's fought,
our jobs are guaranteed.
Well, don't say that too loud.
They might hear you.
Every single year, we expect
RARET to be shut down.
But do the Americans want
to build a relay in another country?
No. Wouldn't be able to. No.
Portugal is at the right distance
to send the signal to the Eastern Bloc.
Shortwave antennas
could only be set up here,
in the middle of nowhere,
in Glória do Ribatejo.
But all the time, we keep hearing them say
that Russia won't hold out much longer.
But we don't know
if there's any truth in this
or whether it's just part
of the propaganda.
This is the office of the director,
but he'll be waiting for us over there.
War is waged with more than weapons,
though, and that's where we get involved.
- [chuckles]
- Amen.
The whole complex was built like
an American city
here in the middle of Ribatejo.
And here is where we receive
the transmissions
- in VHF and UHF from Lisbon.
- [overlapping broadcasts]
Some of the other reels come in
from the complex at Maxuqueira,
which is not far away.
- Do the recordings come in Russian?
- Mmm.
Russian and other languages.
We don't understand a word of it.
We have to send them to the translators
to make sure
the recording we have is correct.
We also have a telegraphist
who remains in permanent contact
with someone
on the other side of the Iron Curtain
to make sure
the signal is transmitted correctly.
And who gives us the information?
Embassies, agents People who are
on the payroll of the Americans.
João Vidal. James Wilson,
director of RARET. Welcome.
Nice to meet you, sir.
I've heard good things about you.
Well, I'll do my best.
Come. I'll show you the transmission room.
[chuckles] You'll like this.
Just wait and see.
[broadcast in Russian]
- [man 1] Give me a second.
- [man 2] Change the frequency again.
- [man 3] Bernadino
- [man 1] We'll change the transmitter.
- Too much interference.
- Come on!
- Change the frequency.
- Change the transmitter.
- Hurry up and do it!
- Changing it to 7255.
- Faster!
- Changing it now.
- Yeah.
- 7255.
Bernardino. I've been sent to tell you
there's too much interference.
We changed the transmitter.
- Transmitter seven, frequency 7255.
- 7255.
- Come on!
- Can you confirm it?
Ramiro, what's the matter?
- What's the problem?
- [sighs]
The Russians blocked our broadcast.
We're opening new frequencies now.
- Are you receiving it now?
- Prepare another one.
- Where are we?
- You have another?
- [phone rings]
- Give me one second.
- Yep?
- Prepare this one.
- Okay. Okay, we're transmitting.
- Yeah.
- Brilliant job.
- [sighs]
- The good guys always win.
- [chuckles]
It's good to be the good guys.
This is engineer Ramiro.
He's our technical director.
João Vidal. It'll be a pleasure
to work alongside you.
You're the secretary of state's son, hm?
Here, though, my position is engineer.
That's fine. Well, best of luck.
[broadcast in Russian]
This place is like a village.
Everybody knows everything.
- João, meet the team.
- [chuckles]
Bernardino, it's a pleasure.
- Hernâni.
- A pleasure.
- You want a coffee?
- Yes, thank you.
Good morning, Senhora.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Two coffees, if you wouldn't mind.
[woman] Carolina?
- Come here.
- Please excuse me.
Go outside.
- But why?
- Just go.
I'll handle this. Just go.
[grasshoppers chirping]
I'm going to Guinea.
What do the villagers have to say
about the presence of the Americans?
There's always someone
who complains, mm?
You know we have a lot of Reds
here in Ribatejo.
The people that work the fields,
mainly those.
But the CIA know what they're doing.
That's why most side with the Americans.
[church bell ringing]
So, tell me, why did you leave
the National Broadcasting Service?
[sighs] I fell out of love with Lisbon.
[both chuckle]
Do you know Mia? A telegraphist at RARET.
Mm. Sure. What of her?
I met her in Lisbon,
at a friend's of mine.
I'd like to see her again.
- Mm, I bet you'd like to.
- [vehicle approaching]
Bet you'd like to, but it won't happen
as she's no longer here.
- Why?
- I don't know.
She left her post and moved on.
- [car door slams]
- None of my business.
That's enough, thank you.
[man] Afternoon.
How are you? I just received
some new shaving blades and scissors,
- if you would like to have a look?
- I have enough. [sighs]
If you need more?
How about you pour me a drink?
I can't believe Benfica lost
in the final against that English team.
We'll get it next year!
Roaming to victory!
Sooner or later,
we shall once again conquer Europe!
I need a new blade.
I left mine back in Lisbon.
For blades, you have to speak to me.
Blades, brushes,
scissors, combs, nail clippers.
If you'd like to come over to my truck,
I'll show you the whole collection.
Please excuse me.
Tomé! Some sauce, please?
[distant choir singing]
Over in the fields, a few miles past
the petrol station belonging to Zé Mudo,
you'll find a shed.
I was told to present you with this.
Don't go without the blade.
["You're Gonna Miss Me"
by 13th Floor Elevators]
Oh, yeah ♪
Aah! ♪
You're gonna wake up one mornin' ♪
As the sun greets the dawn ♪
You're gonna wake up one mornin' ♪
As the sun greets the dawn ♪
You're gonna look around
In your mind, girl ♪
You're gonna find that I'm gone ♪
- Good day.
- Good day.
[crickets chirping]
[heavy banging at door]
- [man shouts]
- [banging continues]
Welcome committee. [chuckles]
So, is it too late?
No, I was just tidying up some things.
- João, Doc. Doc, this is João.
- Miguel.
- Glad to meet you.
- How do you do?
No matter whatever the problem you have,
the doctor will always prescribe you
- Aspirin.
- Aspirin.
- [both chuckling]
- [dog barking]
Is it normal here
for the nights to be so hot?
- Pfft!
- What, here? Oof!
Here, it's much hotter than you'd get
in the jungles on the border of Angola.
The only one who's used to this
is the doctor,
who's from the land of the Indians.
Except, in Rio de Janeiro,
the Indians are no longer there.
- [laughs]
- Because they killed them all.
- What drew you to Portugal?
- Brazil is complicated.
Constantly avoiding bombs,
as well as people disappearing
- Could you could you open this?
- Yes.
Can you believe this guy's luck?
It's like he's royalty.
We'd only be looking out for this
by marriage.
Oof. Tell me about it.
- Good evening.
- Here.
- [all] Good evening.
- How are you, Roberto?
Excuse me, sir.
Dr. James asked you to the house.
- Your father rang.
- I should go there.
Of course. Good evening, gentlemen.
- Thank you.
- Have a good evening.
Go and reassure your family.
Well, we'll be at the barbecue,
if you wanna drop by.
Shall do. Good to meet you.
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- [João] Hello, Father?
João, finally we've managed
to get hold of you.
I've only just arrived.
[television news playing softly]
Did you ask them to put me up
in my own villa?
Your mother insisted that I should do so.
Please don't arrange things for me.
Never again.
Suit yourself. Listen,
always stay in touch,
and behave like a gentleman.
We hold James Wilson
in the highest regard.
Y'know, João, the locals don't know
what we're doing here.
Not even the ones who work on the inside.
And it's not in our interest,
nor in the interest
of the Portuguese government,
to provide explanations.
With antennas of such a spread and size,
it's difficult to be unnoticed.
Have dinner with us tomorrow night.
I appreciate the invitation,
but I don't want to appear
to be getting any special treatment.
Well, you already are, so best enjoy it.
See you at eight o'clock?
In that case, I accept the invitation.
Have a good night.
Thank you, João.
- Sleep well.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night, sir.
[TV newsreader] the military presence
of the Soviet Union
next to the Czechoslovakian border
may indeed cause some concern
to the Western powers,
even though the Soviet Union
stands by their claims
that they are scheduled manoeuvres
and nothing more.
- Go on.
- It's three.
- We have three.
- There's a coin.
- Come on, show us!
- [Doc] That's not allowed.
- The rules are different here.
- [Gonçalo] What do you mean?
- How many?
- There's three. Three.
- Three.
- Three. Come on.
- Good evening.
- Oh, Elias. How are you?
- Come, grab a beer, my friend. Go on.
- I can't. I'm on duty.
- Relax. Come on, have a beer.
- Doctor, with the greatest respect
- Come on.
- rules are rules.
- Some people need a good night's sleep.
- Huh?
I see. Elias is absolutely right.
Rules are rules, guys, and so
Yeah, actually, same goes for you
when you want prescriptions
for all your family members
who don't actually work here at RARET.
Oh, come on.
You don't wanna cause me problems, Miguel.
- Go on. Give me one. No one saw.
- That was nearly it.
- What?
- Sh, sh, sh.
I'll open it when I'm off duty.
[Gonçalo] Yes, it's for Portugal, Elias.
- Good evening.
- Hello, João.
[Gonçalo] Oh, hello.
Come on, go to bed.
Tomorrow is a working day, remember?
- [Hernâni] João. Have a beer with us?
- That was great, Doc. Really good.
- You told him.
- [Hernâni] Here you go.
[Gonçalo] Sir, I'm proud of you.
"Order is not a spontaneous product
of society."
"It's the outcome
of intelligence and authority."
[laughs] You've got a silver tongue,
but it's gold I want.
- Three.
- Once more.
- I didn't write this.
- Yeah, fine. Go.
- Four.
- It was Professor Oliveira Salazar.
- That makes sense.
- Yeah, it makes sense.
Go on, four.
I don't understand.
There are three reasons
why you'd be doing this, as far as I know.
Money? No.
Presumably, it's one of the others.
Either it is extortion
or it's out of conviction.
[chuckles] So, which one is it, then?
Is that the reel with the interview?
- I'll take it to RARET now.
- Okay.
[car door slams]
[sighs] The comrade who was with me
was taken by the police.
I'm brand new at RARET.
We've got to get that fucking reel back
before it's too late. Put this on.
Take mine.
[tyres screech]
Don't move! Stop the car.
Don't move!
Where's the reel?
The reel!
- What?
- Don't play dumb.
The reel you're taking to RARET.
The reel!
["The Magic Flute" overture plays]
[switches tape off]
[João sighs]
There was only one reel in the car.
Ursula is our only solution.
We use her already?
You only became close so that
we were able to use her when we needed to.
But we weren't due to meet today.
Only two translators on the job in Lisbon.
I'll handle the other one.
[phone rings]
Ursula, it's Franco.
Adam was involved in an accident.
He got hit by a car
just outside his house.
Was he badly hurt?
- What will happen to him?
- Uh
Just broke his leg.
The main problem is that
there's going to be a broadcast today,
- and it needs to be checked urgently.
- [sighs]
Then I'll have to come.
That's right.
Your transport will arrive soon.
- Thank you.
- [hangs up]
[radio broadcast playing on speakers]
- Good afternoon, sir.
- [João] Good afternoon.
You know the drill by now.
If you wouldn't mind
opening the boot as well? Thank you, sir.
Have you stepped up security?
You may carry on, sir.
I apologise for being late.
I had some personal problems.
You'll have to talk to Ramiro.
I warn you, he has little tolerance
for being late.
It won't happen again.
[static buzzing]
[voices speaking Russian]
Transmitters that are on are two and one.
I'm still not acclimatising
to this weather.
It must be such a big change,
living in Lisbon,
then suddenly coming to Glória.
I like it quiet, though.
It's not always peace and quiet.
You wait for one of the gatherings
with the Americans.
Are you usually invited to those?
No, but I worked
on the last Fourth of July.
They had fireworks there too.
Please, may I ask you a question?
Is it true you were in the war?
Yes, in Angola. Why?
How was it? War?
I'm sorry for asking,
but my fiancé's just about to leave
I'm sure he'll do everything he can
to avoid getting hurt.
[footsteps approach]
Good afternoon, Mrs. Ursula. How are you?
Uh Getting by, as they say. [chuckles]
Have a seat,
and I shall bring you your tea.
Uh I don't have time today.
How about to the studio?
Yes, I can do that.
So good of you.
[broadcast in Russian plays over speakers]
Here's the keys.
The reel's in there.
When you're done, lock the door.
[electricity humming]
- Yes?
- [Carolina] It's only me.
I have your tea.
[power fades]
- Close the door, please, if you would.
- Yes.
[man speaking Russian] Lenin,
unlike all of his successors,
including the current ones,
has never been a hypocrite.
He has never been
- [tape stops]
- João
- until the development
- João
What are you doing? You can't be in here.
João [sighs]
Can you please leave?
- I've got work that has to be done.
- I don't care.
[phone rings]
- I'm listening.
- Gonçalo.
- Yes, sir.
- We need the interview with the general.
Okay, I'll go get the reel. Okay.
[Ramiro] Gonçalo!
- Two of the valves are burnt.
- I'll have a look later.
Not later. Ah, ah, ah, ah
- James asked me to pick up the reel.
- Who's your chief, hmm?
This was way too risky.
So, which transmitter was it?
Just come on, come on.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Just give me a minute.
- We'll leave together.
- No.
- We mustn't be seen.
- Don't forget the keys.
Thank you.
[broadcast in Russian continues]
Quickly, go now.
[water running]
[faint tap in corridor]
Can I help you?
I need you to open the door
and give the reel to me.
[Ursula] Um
It's fine, honestly.
I can take it to the broadcast room.
No, no, don't worry. James called me
and gave the instruction to me.
I will, therefore.
[crickets chirping]
[jazz music playing]
[low conversation]
- [man 1] You from Maryland, too?
- [man 2] Yeah.
- [laughter]
- Yeah, for about 150 years.
I've never tried these.
What do you call them?
[Mrs. Wilson] Cheetos.
- Can I?
- Yes, please.
I read in Diário de Notícias
that the US tested a new missile
capable of carrying ten nuclear warheads.
Well, prepare for the worst
and hope for the best.
Let's hope there will not be
a bloodbath in Czechoslovakia.
Yeah. Speaking of which,
we should be about to broadcast
the interview with Boris Barkov.
Who is he?
A Russian general
who turned against the regime.
- Shall we go to the table?
- Mmm.
- Please.
- Yes.
Please, this way.
- João.
- Oh, thank you.
Uh, Sofia, Ramiro
My wife's cooking is something to behold.
[phone rings]
- [James] I hope you'll enjoy tonight's
- Who's speaking?
One moment, sir.
Senhor James, it's Senhor Bill.
- I'll take it in the office.
- Mmm.
Excuse me.
Sofia, I didn't realise
that you had been a nurse.
[Sofia] Oh, yeah. Uh
- Oh, when I got married, I had to quit.
- How long have you been married?
- For six
- Six years now.
You know, maybe you can help me.
I'm preparing to vaccinate the children
in the village from tuberculosis, and
Well, actually, my wife already has
a lot to do, with the household
- [Mrs. Wilson and Sofia] Yeah.
- Mmm.
I'm sorry, I'm afraid I have to go back
to the broadcast studio.
I can go with you.
It's not necessary.
It shouldn't take long.
I'll be back shortly. Carry on.
- [Mrs. Wilson] Another drink?
- [laughter]
["The Magic Flute" overture plays]
I want the name of every person in touch
with the reel before transmission.
[conversation and laughter]
[brass band playing]
[in Russian] General?
Yes, it's you.
The man dies. The problem dies with him.
[newsreader] Czechoslovakia was tonight
invaded by troops from the Warsaw Pact.
According to the report from Prague,
the tanks that have taken to the streets
number in their thousands.
Given tonight's invasion,
it seems the country
will be remaining under Soviet rule,
bringing an end to the Prague Spring
and socialist democratisation
that Dubček was advocating
against the regime in Moscow.
Agency confirmed.
Russia controls Czechoslovakia.
You told me security had been reinforced
after the car attack.
It was.
No one came in or out
who was not authorised to be here.
And we searched everyone.
We have a KGB agent inside RARET.
We have to find and eliminate him.
[lighter clicks]
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