Gloria (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

A Confissão Absolve-nos da Culpa

[radio playing chamber music]
[rings doorbell]
[doorbell ringing]
[man] Ugh. At this hour of the night?
- [groans] Who could it be?
- I'll go and see.
[doorbell ringing]
[knocking at door]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell ringing]
Who is it?
[man 1] Good evening.
We need you to come with us.
Where to?
[Bill] We're going to Glória. RARET.
At this hour?
Why is it so urgent?
We can't give you any details.
May we enter?
We don't want to wake the neighbours.
Excuse me.
[husband] Ursula?
What's going on?
They're here to escort me to Glória.
What, now? Tomorrow. I'll give you a lift.
We can't leave here without you.
These are the orders.
Whose orders?
- Fine. I'll go with my wife.
- You can't come in our car.
No need to worry, César.
I won't be gone for long. Right?
Give me just a moment
so I can get dressed.
I'll call you as soon as I can.
Do you want me to come with you?
No doubt it's an urgent recording
they want to broadcast.
I need to hurry up and leave.
[coffee machine whirring]
The young boy. What happened?
It was a land mine.
He lost an arm and both of his legs.
But they can't bury him until
after his father arrives from France.
- He moved there.
- [explosion]
- [machine-gun fire]
- [groans]
Would you like some sugar, sir?
No, thank you. No sugar.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
I just came to have a coffee.
I need your help repairing a transistor.
Could you come with me and do it?
Thank you, Ermelinda.
Gonçalo was supposed to fix it,
but he's going to be called in
because of what happened
with the broadcast last night.
Is the translator here as well?
One of them will need an explanation.
I wasn't involved. Haven't much to say.
Never even touched that bloody reel.
[clock ticking]
When I checked the reel,
everything was fine.
Do you remember how the interview
with the general started?
I don't remember the exact words,
but it's not my job
to analyse the content.
That is done in Munich.
I just have to make sure
that it's the right recording.
But why are you asking me
all these questions?
[knock at door]
[door opens]
Your tea.
Thank you.
How long have you lived in Portugal?
- Almost twelve years.
- What does your husband do?
He's a doctor.
But I'm sure you have a file
with everything there is to know about me.
Were you alone in the studio?
I was.
I took her tea straight there.
Mrs. Ursula was concerned she might
be late, so I met her at the studio.
Was she alone in the studio?
- Shall I pour?
- Yes, please, if you would.
So, what took you so long to get the reel?
Uh Me?
I went immediately to do
what you asked me, sir.
Who else did you see
in the corridor at the time?
There was no one there.
But as soon as I went to the corridor,
Engineer Ramiro stopped me
and asked me to change the vacuum valves
for transmitter two, so
I never told Gonçalo
to rush and fix anything.
It was his decision.
Couldn't you have changed the tubes later?
Those were the orders I got.
I would never issue an order
against yours, sir.
First the tubes and and then the reel.
[Ursula] I handed the reel
to Engineer Gonçalo,
and I left,
just as I always do when I finish a job.
So you stayed in the room the whole time?
I went to the bathroom,
but not for more than two minutes.
Can you tell me what's going on?
The interview with the general
was never broadcast.
The reel arrived in the transmission room
and had nothing but music on it.
So if what you're saying is true,
the switch had to have been made
either in the studio
or on the way to the broadcast.
Maybe it was a mistake?
- Have you found the right reel?
- No.
When can I go back to Lisbon?
You'll be home in time for dinner.
[door closes]
I think that we should monitor
everyone who knew about the reel.
Well, I don't have enough manpower.
Maybe we should ask the embassy.
That's not necessary.
There's not that many people there.
Most employees
don't even know what's being broadcast.
Well, according to the entry logs,
João has been out every night.
Should I follow him?
Not yet.
- What about Ursula?
- She wasn't scheduled that day.
Maybe Adam being hit
by the car wasn't an accident.
Well, apparently it was.
The driver didn't flee the scene
and immediately pleaded guilty.
Should I take her home?
- Yes.
- [Bill] All right.
[João] Did you tell them we
[footsteps approaching]
I just said that I verified the reel
before handing it to the engineer.
If you said nothing,
there's nothing to be concerned about.
That may not be true.
I didn't do the job I was supposed to do
and listen to the recording itself.
Countless have disappeared
for less before.
Is that what happened to the telegraphist?
That was for something else. She, um
I don't know. She got involved in
an affair with someone from RARE
and must have decided to leave.
- Who did she have an affair with?
- What relevance has that?
No, you're right.
Did they say anything more?
Are you able to go?
Please ask one of the women here
to call me to check that I made it home.
[shudders and sighs]
[church bell tolling]
[crickets chirping]
[woman weeping]
You're not obliged to fight in this war.
How can I not, Mother?
Many choose to flee to France.
He may never return here, though,
should he be caught.
I'd rather have a son who's deserted
than one who's dead.
- What about Carolina?
- She goes with you.
If you think that it's the right thing,
going to France.
- Is Isaura inside?
- She is.
But first, Fernando has something
that he wants to tell you.
Not here. [sighs]
- What's wrong?
- [sighs]
What is it?
I don't want to go to war.
No one does.
Tomorrow or the day after,
we pack our things and we flee to Paris.
We have friends there
who'll be able to help us get a job.
I can't speak the language.
I shall be waiting for you here.
You'll return, you will.
So few soldiers have not come back.
Nobody comes back, Carolina.
At least we should wed.
I'd be in a position to leave a power of
attorney. Married people have more rights.
This could save me from front-line combat.
[leaves rustling in the wind]
Yes, maybe. As you wish.
[buzz of conversation]
[rock and roll playing]
Adelaide. Adelaide. Those were good times.
- Looks like you didn't get the beer.
- Music's pretty good.
- Not bad, is it?
- Not bad at all.
I have to say, though,
this is already going out of fashion.
Even the Beatles are moving towards
a different kind of vibe, more of
a psychedelic kind of rock and roll.
- João.
- [Gonçalo] Big Mig, hey!
- Thanks.
- Listen. This is the next big thing.
Did you smoke any weed in Africa
when you were stationed there?
They say it helps with the fear
when the time comes
and you're sent to the front line.
- I don't trust people who are fearless.
- Depends on the situation.
Many of them come back
and never stop being nervous.
- Yeah.
- And the fearless don't return at all.
- [song finishes]
- Mmm.
Do you know a poem,
"A Recipe for a Hero"?
So, it goes, "You may take a man
Made of air, as is true"
"A man who is fully grown"
"Submerge slowly his entire body
In an endless ocean of irrationality"
- "As intense as hunger or venom"
- [shutter clicks]
"Then, when he's nearly finished
Sound a bugle and wave a flag"
"Serve him dead"
Reinaldo Ferreira.
Well, then
what do you want to listen to next?
Something cheerful.
- Anything else.
- Let's listen to anything.
[Hernâni] Oh, what about this?
- Looks good.
- [Gonçalo] No, no.
We can listen to that later.
["Langue au chat"
by Vanessa Courtenay-Quinones]
Aah! I love this music!
Can't help but feel happy. Huh? Huh?
Moi, je veux te dire ♪
Que ce n'est pas facile ♪
- May I?
- Yeah, sure.
Si continuellement
Toutes ces envies dans ces moments-là ♪
Je n'ose pas décrire ♪
- I'd like to learn how to develop photos.
- Whenever.
De près, inconsciemment ♪
Entre mes lignes
Pour la première fois ♪
Was this party at RARET too?
- On the Fourth of July.
- Bon sang ♪
Tu crois que je vais attendre ♪
- Comme ça longtemps?
- Mia.
- Pendant que tu fais joujou avec toi ♪
- Do you know her, then?
- [clattering]
- [song stops]
- I met her in Lisbon.
- Tous les bonheurs nous sont permis ♪
- Tu attends ♪
- [flash bulb whirrs]
Well, the passports
will be here in two days.
No, no, I won't need them.
Are you prepared?
Don't know.
I'd be more worried
if you said yes, you know.
Do you know why she went from here?
[Gonçalo] Where is he?
His Excellency Engineer João Vidal!
Come here! We need to clean
the head of the tape machine.
[burst of music]
[Bernardino] Here he is, at last!
[crickets chirping]
[banging at door]
[gasps] One minute.
I'm coming.
Good morning.
What are you doing at RARET, Father?
You're planning to go to work
with your shirt all creased, are you?
I fell asleep on the sofa,
listening to the radio.
If you ever returned your mother's calls,
you'd know that I'm in town
for the funeral
of a soldier who came from here.
We're all very concerned about you.
I survived a war, remember?
I can survive a few months
in the countryside.
I know you've been out drinking beer.
You've been seen almost every night
at the Gado Bravo.
A lot of people I know go there.
I hope you haven't made
a fool of yourself.
Would you like a coffee?
I'll make it, or we can go
Get yourself dressed. I want you beside me
at today's memorial service.
I have to start work in an hour.
You've been excused.
Have a shower and put on a dark suit.
[car door closes]
[flat door closes]
Are you staying at home today?
I've been told that I shouldn't go in.
Go back indoos.
[wind rustling leaves]
[woman sobbing] My boy!
[organ voluntary playing]
[wails] My baby boy!
You are completely responsible.
Let's get this over with, shall we?
[mother crying]
[gunshot echoes]
[distant explosion]
[flies buzzing]
[distant explosion]
This is full of communist propaganda.
- [radio chatter]
- [explosion]
[João's father] You never talk about
those two years in Angola.
In your letters, you never mentioned
what was happening there, did you?
We did what we were trained to do.
That's what happened.
You know you didn't have to go.
I did what I was obliged to do, Papa.
Your mother will never forgive me.
The Soviets were responsible for
the corruption of the darkies spreading.
Yes, and the Americans.
The Cold War has also reached Africa.
Fortunately, the locals had no idea
how to think for themselves.
Salazar has the Americans
eating out of his hand because of RARE
and the Lajes Air Force Base
in the Azores.
If we end the concession,
there is no way
they can refuel planes
in the middle of the Atlantic.
Yes, and we know that card
can only be played once, however.
But no one's interested in that.
The Americans have to be our allies,
not our enemies. They're in Moscow.
If I should be elected
President of the Council
And should that be likely?
Salazar is not going to last forever,
I suppose.
And the Americans have guaranteed
that they will support me.
[dog barking]
Who's to say
that they have that much influence?
That, we shall have to wait and see.
The old man is the real problem
because his hatred of communism
is not very different
from his hatred of capitalism.
What'd be best for the country right now
is economic change.
Would you try to come to Lisbon
this weekend to visit your mother?
And behave yourself.
[static buzzing]
[overlapping broadcasts]
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Can I have a coffee, a double espresso,
if you would?
If coffee didn't make me so nervous
and jumpy, I'd try it to wake me up.
I suppose you had a bad night as well?
Fernando departs today.
Let me tell you the worst thing in Africa.
It's the climate.
And those who go from Glória
are used to the heat,
so he won't even notice.
Why doesn't anyone talk
about what's going on, do you suppose?
- I mean, it's like a big secret.
- A big war.
It's probably no different
from all the other wars.
He shall return. Don't worry.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
["Sept heures du matin"
by Jacqueline Taïeb ]
Il est sept heures du matin ♪
Faut s'réveiller ♪
Haaaaan, j'ai sommeil ♪
Alors un peu d'musique
Pour se mettre en train ♪
Chais pas moi
Quelque chose comme ♪
Talkin' 'bout my ch-ch ♪
- Oh, that is a husky voice That's a
- What's this you're listening to?
Go on, come in. Close the door, please.
We just received some new reels today.
New music.
We're making a few copies for the boys.
I like this one. Jacqueline Taïeb.
- And that one That one's next.
- Check it out.
This one's for us.
- It's cool, yeah?
- Huh?
The Lonely Hearts Club Band.
- Carolina?
- Hello, sir.
A girl as pretty as you
shouldn't look so sad.
Remember that you'll never be alone.
You may count on me
for anything that you need.
Yes, sir, I know.
We have to go, honey. Come on.
[door opens]
Where have you been?
I went to see Anne.
You're friends with the American, are you?
We're in the middle of nowhere.
I need friends, if you don't mind.
You have me. Not enough?
Well, I should prepare dinner.
Is that the blouse
I bought you from Lisbon?
My wife comes back to the house,
and I don't even get a kiss?
Please, Ramiro, don't.
Don't? Why not? We're all alone.
Because I don't want to.
What about me?
- Don't you care what I want?
- I don't want to.
I said I don't want to, Ramiro.
[Ramiro] Be quiet!
[Sofia] I don't want to.
- Please, Ramiro.
- Shut up!
[Ramiro panting]
[Sofia sobs]
[door closes]
- You wanna see something cool?
- Hm?
Look at this.
[broadcaster speaking Russian]
- [both chuckle]
- Huh?
Do you ever wonder
what they're talking about?
Not interested.
I keep my nose clean and do my job.
- [metal creaking]
- [blows]
Were they hard on you?
Oh, a little.
They asked me a few questions.
If I really were guilty,
it wouldn't have been nice at all.
- You think it was the translator?
- Pfft! Had to be her.
- Had to be?
- These foreigners, they're all whores.
They sell themselves
to the highest bidder.
You thnk Mia did as well?
They told me she was having an affair
with somebody here at RARET.
You I knew
there was something between you two.
Love to help you out, João,
but we weren't that close, I'm afraid.
[broadcaster speaking Russian]
It's really simple.
The negative goes in here.
You just adjust the paper
to the magnifier.
Were they happy for you
to build a darkroom, or do they not know?
Authorisation from James.
So, you let the printing paper burn,
and you
- Can I take a look?
- Course.
You place the paper here,
and this is where
this is where the image
magically begins to come through.
When you think the contrast is right,
place it in the stop bath.
- Gonçalo.
- What about him?
I understood that he wasn't
very well known to Mia.
Mia? I'd say
he probably knew her too well.
Lastly, you place it in the fixer.
The name says it all.
And then you run it under the tap
to remove all the chemicals.
Tomé, another one, if you would.
- Good day.
- Good day.
- Good day.
- Good day.
An express ticket to Lisbon, if you would.
A ticket to Lisbon's ten escudos.
Many thanks.
- It's about to leave.
- I know.
Bon voyage.
- Let us know how you are.
- I'll write to you.
- [woman 1] Of course I do.
- [woman 2] My darling, you
- [woman 3] This isn't right.
- [woman 2] Take care of yourself.
- You have to be strong.
- [woman 2] Just tell the truth.
- We're so proud of you.
- [woman sobs]
[woman 1] Be careful.
[woman 4] Be strong.
- Keep your head down.
- [woman 1] Bye, then.
- [man] Take care of yourself.
- Thanks.
- [woman 4] Write as often as you can.
- Bye. I have to go.
[woman sobbing]
- Son
- [woman 4] Arrive safely.
[mother sobbing]
- [woman 4] I love you so much, my darling.
- [woman 1] Love you too.
- [man] Bye!
- One moment.
- [man] Don't.
- [woman 1] Can't help it.
Take this for luck, and so you don't
forget I'm right here waiting for you.
[woman 1] Goodbye.
- [woman 1] I love you.
- Let's leave this place together.
[woman weeping]
[woman 3] Bye-bye!
- [man] Take care.
- [woman 3] Write soon.
- [woman 1] Look after each other.
- [woman 3] Safe journey.
[man 1] We found him. We found him.
[man 1 groaning]
What are the Special Forces doing here?
- [grunting]
- They brought in a deserter.
- [man 1] Hold it.
- [man 3 grunts]
[man 2 cries out]
- [man 1] Pick your feet up.
- [man 2 yelps]
[man 3] Hup.
That'll be me, one of these days.
[man 2 shouts]
It shouldn't be too long
before we can leave.
I saw that you read
the propaganda we seized.
- Curiousity.
- Oh.
I've been watching you.
They told us to be careful around you,
given who your father is.
But sons aren't always
the same as their fathers.
If you're still curious, I've got plenty
of stuff you're more than welcome to read.
[Fernando] Carolina?
[guns rumbling]
[gasping] Help me!
I will tell them all I know. [sighs]
[João] Please don't do that.
It won't make it better. What's more,
it'll make it even more complicated.
I'll ask them not to say anything
to my husband.
He's bound to find out everything.
I understand you're scared.
- No point ruining your life
- [door slams]
because of a reel.
- Your husband
- I don't care about him.
I'm not going to prison!
- Nobody is going to hurt you.
- [sighs]
They were especially hard on you
to make you afraid.
But if you talk, they'll be determined
to make a scapegoat of you.
[sighs] Whatever I do,
that's going to happen.
That's why you must help me.
Use your connections.
Your father, he was in charge
of PIDE for many years.
That's exactly why I'm telling you
to keep quiet.
I know how this is bound to work out. Huh?
I won't do it. I won't take any chances.
Just keep quiet and it'll soon be over!
Tomorrow, I'll come to Lisbon,
and we can talk properly.
What are you talking to me like that for?
João, was it you?
Was it you who swapped them over?
What on earth would make you think that?
Have you lost your mind?
That doesn't make any sense.
I will not put my life in danger for you.
[dialling tone]
I'll go to Lisbon and talk to her.
There's no need. I'll take care of it.
Ursula's scared,
but she's no threat to us.
Don't let your feelings
for the girl distort your judgement.
I'll take care of this.
[starts engine]
You focus on your work at RARET.
[broadcaster speaking Russian
over speakers]
Ramiro told me you copied a broadcast
and were listening to it in BOQ.
That was my idea, sir.
That goes without saying.
We we copied a record.
A record by the Beatles.
Which one?
Sgt. Pepper's.
The Lonely Hearts Club Band, sir.
I'll get you that record on vinyl.
But don't ever do that again.
Thank you for understanding, sir.
Can I have a coffee, please?
Do you mind if I borrow your newspaper
to take a quick look
at the section for automobiles?
- Of course, you're welcome.
- Thank you.
Thanks again.
Just keep on looking.
You'll never find anything, though.
- Ursula would never do
- Sir!
James Wilson, please.
All right, okay.
It was Ursula all along.
PIDE found a fake passport in her desk.
Who tipped them off?
It was an anonymous tip.
At least, that's what they told me.
[sighs] Bill, get to Lisbon right now.
Bring Ursula here.
You need to find her
before the Portuguese police.
They're fabricating a story
so they can accuse me of espionage.
What else did Adam tell you?
[sighs] Not much else. But it's sufficient
to know what to be expecting.
Was it the Americans, seeking revenge?
No. I wouldn't say.
- [sighs]
- But leaving makes you look guilty.
César, I'm not waiting around,
sitting here expecting PIDE
to come and take me away.
I'll go with you.
I have the keys to the farm.
We can go to Minho for a while
until things calm down.
They won't calm down.
If you come, you risk losing it all.
I'll take my chances.
César. This way.
Ursula Kowalski? Agent Brito from PIDE.
- I didn't do anything. Please let me go.
- Come with me.
- You can't just take her
- Just a few questions.
- No. César.
- I won't let [grunts]
Where are you taking her?
Is it to António Maria Cardoso Street?
[Ursula shouts] I didn't do anything!
I haven't done anything.
What happens now is up to you.
Who hired you to switch the recording?
Who is your contact in Portugal?
No one.
I didn't do anything.
- [grunts]
- [gasps]
[breathing shakily]
But I think I know who
it might have been.
Who? Tell me a name,
and I won't hit you any more.
João Vidal.
He's an engineer.
We were together in the studio.
It must have been then
that he switched the reel. Not me.
[in Russian] She ratted on one of ours.
There was nothing left to do.
[Ursula whimpering]
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