Gloria (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

A Pátria Não Se Discute

[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[ringing continues]
[ringing continues]
Talk to your superiors.
Tell them Ursula is not with the Soviets,
or the local Communists.
- You must have the wrong person.
- I told you, it wasn't us.
If it wasn't the CIA, then who was it?
What reason would PIDE have
for this farce?
Beats me.
We've already heard secret service stories
from one side or the other.
I have an appointment with my lawyer.
[Ramiro] Carolina.
- Is there something you need, sir?
- I don't, but you do.
- Get in. I'll give you a lift to Glória.
- There's really no need.
Why would you want to walk
all the way there?
I don't mind.
I like walking. I'm used to it.
You definitely have the legs for it,
but still, get in. Go on.
It's fine, as first, I have to go
just down the road to Isaura's.
- Are you also going to Glória?
- Yes.
I shall keep you company.
I feel like walking for a bit as well.
I'll insist no more. Enjoy your walk.
[radio broadcast playing over speakers]
Thank you for keeping me company.
I don't really like riding in cars.
What about your fiancé? Any news?
Nothing yet.
We should have fled together.
- Where to?
- To France.
Fernando was ready to go.
He knows friends there
who come from Ribatejo.
In times of war, a deserter
may face up to 20 years in prison.
That's still better than death.
I don't know.
Those who return somehow aren't the same.
The other day,
you asked me what it was like.
The war.
The biggest tests are the nights.
We try to forget what we've seen
and what we've been made to do.
I've never said this out loud,
but sometimes,
I start looking at other people,
like my parents,
or Fernando,
and I feel nothing.
It doesn't make any sense, does it?
We are all just on our own.
You mean you feel it too?
Same way.
Feels better to know
there's nothing wrong with me.
Don't be so sure.
[both chuckle]
- Have you ever left here?
- No.
I'd love to see the ocean some day.
I hear that it's salty.
[plane engines droning]
[metal creaking]
[low thump]
[current humming]
[static and radio chatter]
[broadcast in Russian playing]
What time do you call this?
Your watch is telling lies. Go on.
- How was everything?
- Yeah, good.
Have a good day today.
[broadcast in Russian playing]
[Ramiro] Just do the usual maintenance.
Lubrication, checking the straps,
aligning the caps.
that'll be enough to fix the issue.
And what if it's not that simple?
We have a technician
that already went there.
He tried to solve the problem,
but he had no luck.
Figure it out! And don't come back
until the issue has been fixed.
- Oh, sorry.
- Sit down.
We have to talk to you.
So, you two have to go to Lisbon.
- What's going on?
- [James] We're getting complaints.
The recorders are causin' problems again.
- Aren't you coming with us, sir?
- No, I'm too busy working here.
But I've no doubt
you two can take care of this yourselves.
[broadcast in Russian continues]
Good. Listen.
You have to leave for Lisbon today,
and I want the issue fixed
as soon as possible.
Is it news on the translator?
Let's take it inside.
[Gonçalo] Two days in Lisbon
sounds good.
You're going for work.
I don't want any partying.
- Hey. Where are you going?
- To the bathroom. I'll be right back.
I went to PIDE headquarters.
It wasn't the Portuguese that took her.
[James] The husband said
she was picked up by PIDE.
That's at least what he thinks,
or what he's telling us
to protect himself.
Now, we intercepted
some communications from the KGB,
saying someone
with the code name "Raposa Branca"
has already left Lisbon
and is headed towards Moscow.
PIDE investigated Ursula.
They authorised her to join us.
- Which
- [door opens]
- Which shows we should be doing this job.
- You're right.
[static crackling]
[newsreader, in Portuguese]
The Benfica cyclist
- Américo Silva is the winner of the 31st
- [switches radio off]
Américo won, huh?
You lied to me about Mia.
I saw photos of you two together.
Were you two involved?
It's none of your business, is it?
- Since when have you been using?
- [gasping]
João, I don't know
what you're talking about.
- No?
- No!
When we get to Lisbon,
suppose I call the director?
If he orders them to search your quarters,
they'll find something, huh?
You went through my stuff?
João, what were you doing in my room,
looking through my stuff? What's happened?
Why is it so important
for you to find Mia?
[lighter clicks]
[Gonçalo] We were friends.
Mia helped me. She helped me a lot, João.
She referred me to a hospital,
a doctor in Santa Maria.
That was just a phase of being an idiot.
I haven't touched anything in months.
Who gave you the morphine?
- Was it Miguel?
- No. No.
No, an American guy. An American guy,
a soldier who served in Vietnam.
- Does he still work at RARET?
- No, they fired him.
They found him on the floor
next to the bath.
That was enough to make me stop.
João, please. Don't tell anyone.
Was Mia using that stuff as well?
I believe you know.
You didn't begin to look for her
when she disappeared? You weren't worried?
Mia said goodbye to me.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you,
but she was seeing someone else.
And she said she was happy.
She never told me.
But it had to be serious
for her to decide
to drop everything and leave.
[vehicle approaching]
Come on. Just say the safe word,
and this will all be over.
[metal creaking]
[in Russian] Enough.
We've been at it for 24 hours.
He won't talk.
What was the safe word? Tell me.
I'm not telling you.
Empathy is another great strategy
to get someone to speak.
[crushes cigarette]
Let's get going.
[starts engine]
This is Ilsa,
and you already know Ricardina.
Of course.
You can count on both of them
to serve the dinner.
They know how to set a table
and to do the service in French style.
They won't disappoint you, hm?
- Thank you very much.
- You can leave.
The younger one doesn't look Portuguese.
- She's German.
- Ah.
- Worked in a banker's household in Lisbon.
- Mm.
[barman] She came
with a good letter of recommendation.
[João] I can't find anything here.
[Gonçalo] No, but this should help.
Hang on.
- Try it now.
- Let me check if current is flowing.
- [Gonçalo] Is it flowing?
- Yes.
[Gonçalo] Huh.
- We've taken it all apart. Still nothing.
- [sighs] Mmm.
Do any of the employees from RARE
spend time here in the evenings?
Every now and then,
I see some of them at the bar.
I have a question for you.
Does he look familiar to you?
Yes. I've seen him around.
I'm a friend of his parents.
They've asked me to look out for him
because he has a habit
of making some bad choices.
[laughs] Have you seen him
here with anyone else?
He was here one of these nights.
Getting drunk. But he was alone.
Thank you. I know his parents
will appreciate the information.
[piano playing Prelude No. 1
by António Fragoso]
Bravo, Alexandre.
João, won't you play something?
After Alexandre? No point.
I don't know if you know this,
but João is very gifted on the piano.
When he left for university and stopped
playing every day, it was such a shame.
- Go on, then. I've never heard you play.
- Shall we play something together?
- I haven't played in such a long time.
- João and his girlfriend used to play.
Mother, please. Not now.
[mother] Come on, play something.
I shall go and check on dinner.
[João] Fine, then.
- Waltz, by Brahms'?
- Mmm.
[Waltz in A major, Op. 39 No. 15
by Brahms]
There is a PIDE informant inside RARET.
You need to discover them.
I tried to contact Ursula.
You will no longer
have to worry about her.
We were forced to do
what we did to protect you.
[plays off-key chord]
[both stop playing]
Shall we start again from the beginning?
- [João] I don't think so.
- [Alexandre] Come on, João.
We don't want to disappoint our audience.
Our audience is too kind
to notice and point out our faults.
I don't want to insult them further.
[clears throat]
[footsteps departing]
Sip this, and tell me now is not the time
on some wonderful wine.
As long as you don't add water
to it to make even more.
You know I never do that.
That ruins both the water and the wine.
What about your wife?
I presume she made it to Lisbon?
You mean Sofia?
When, though?
Not sure. Maybe I was confused.
Maybe it wasn't her.
Would you like to join in
on a game of cards?
Thank you, but I'll pass.
- Mm.
- Enjoy your game.
- May I?
- Please go ahead.
They're American ones. Would you like one?
No, but thank you.
I'd appreciate a moment of your time.
It's about your daughter.
Since her fiancé departed,
she's been very different.
That's understandable.
It would seem normal to be upset.
But she isn't.
RARET's no longer the right place
for a girl like her.
[rock and roll music playing]
Things got even stranger
once I got better.
You have no idea.
I can't even walk close to the dam.
It reminds me
of the days that I spent in that house.
What house?
The house Mia had
close to the dam in Magos.
I stayed there
while I was going cold turkey.
You didn't know she had a house there?
[woman] Excuse me.
You know, Bill's watched Taborda fight.
There is nobody as good as him.
The only problem is that
he was raised in Portugal. [chuckles]
- Don't turn your back on me!
- I'm already late, Papa.
- Father said you're not going to RARET.
- I work there.
No, you don't. You'll help us on the farm.
You're soon to be a wife.
- Therefore, act properly!
- I am acting properly.
No more discussion!
I won't become a farm girl.
You will.
Your papa won't put up
with you disobeying him.
- [Gonçalo] Do you want me to do it?
- [João] No, it's fine.
[recording of priest
chanting in Latin plays]
That's done it.
It sounds like Mass to me. Are they trying
to convert the Communists now?
That would take a miracle.
My dad asked me to drop by the ministry.
Want to come?
To the ministry? Of course I do.
What's this?
No idea.
I don't know.
It's not mine and it's not my wife's.
Don't attempt to insult us.
These were in your house.
I've never seen these things, ever.
- And so where is she?
- I don't know. I have no idea.
Somebody must have planted those books
Fucking commie. What are you hiding?
- What are you talking about?
- You better start talking.
[man] Sir?
What's going on? I've never seen that
before. This makes no sense, I assure you.
You'll tell me where.
I don't know, though.
- [phone bell dings]
- [grunts]
Go on.
[César grunts]
You will talk before long.
- Good morning. Come with me, please.
- Thank you.
[João's father] Come in.
[woman] Excuse me.
[João] I hope
I'm not interrupting anything important.
Well, here, everything is important.
- [chuckles]
- Thank you, sir.
- João.
- How do you do?
- Gonçalo.
- My pleasure.
Have we received any update
on our colleague, the translator?
We have received confirmation
that she was a mole.
Her husband has been sent
to Caxias prison,
and she managed to get away.
But, the minister would like to meet you.
Now we need to find out if there are
any other moles infiltrating RARET.
[João] This is a very unusual situation.
Everyone's thoroughly investigated
before being brought to RARET.
[João's father] You know, it's always
tricky to investigate a foreigner's past.
Uh, Gonçalo, would you mind
waiting here for a minute?
- No, indeed. Take your time.
- Come.
[bell ringing]
If it were up to the Americans, all radio
shows would be produced in Portugal.
We only authorise retransmission
because we want to remain neutral.
And that continues to be the case.
Please rest assured.
[minister] Right now,
we have a common enemy,
but we are not always
on the same page as the Americans.
Our clashes at the UN over the colonies
now and then are proof of what I'm saying.
João, you were previously stationed
in Angola, is that right?
Probably complicated, I'd say.
This war won't be over
until communism's dead.
And until the darkies stop receiving
weapons from the Soviets and the Cubans.
I'd say that the Soviet Union's days
are numbered,
since I came back from the war.
Oh, they are.
How long, that's the question.
Meanwhile, we have to
We have to control the Americans.
My name will not be
written down in history
as the minister
who handed over a territory
that has belonged to us for 500 years.
The humiliation of losing Goa in '61
to the Indians was enough.
[João's father]
As you may have noticed,
in diplomacy,
friends mean nothing, only allies.
Precisely. Hence your being here.
Why we want to ask you
to be our eyes and ears at RARET.
We need to know exactly
what the agenda is of the Americans.
We already have an agent inside,
but we believe that you, João, as one
of the most devout sons of the nation,
could play a role of great importance.
No one else needs to know.
You report directly to me or your father.
So, we can rely on your patriotism?
It would be an honour, minister.
But I need to know who is the other agent
already inside RARET.
[door closes]
[rock and roll music playing]
I didn't doubt your trustworthiness.
Not for a second.
I just couldn't tell you anything.
I completely understand.
There was no other way.
- What information have you passed on?
- Nothing special.
I tell them about the dissidents
who come through RARET,
the routines of the Americans.
But I don't see inside their houses.
But you, given who your father is,
will be invited to every party.
I'm going to bed.
Someone told me
they saw you at the bus stop.
I'm often short of something to do here.
It was full of families
saying goodbye to the soldiers.
Could you survive
if you were on your own, hm?
It's bedtime for me.
I feel a headache coming on.
[crickets chirping]
Tell me, are you calmer now?
There was no need to murder her.
Trust us, we were given no alternative.
[engages handbrake]
I don't think it's safe
for us to be meeting here.
It's one of our stops. The Mute
belongs to the party, don't worry.
Several comrades
waiting underground
have recently been spending
a few nights here.
Forget about Ursula.
She immediately started to talk,
and mentioned your name.
The minister just asked me
to be an informant for PIDE.
And did they tell you
who's the mole inside RARET?
Mia suspected there was someone.
No, I have no idea.
Try to find that out.
And did you find out anything
about Mia's disappearance?
She rented a house
close to the dam in Magos.
We shall keep that house
under constant surveillance.
- Irina here will continue
- Ilsa.
Ilsa Becker.
That's right. Ilsa now works at the inn.
She'll be your first contact.
I'll pass by there.
- [in Russian] I don't trust him.
- [engine starts]
And I don't trust anyone.
Keep your eyes open.
"Everything is good here."
"Carolina has already tried on her outfit
for the wedding in preparation."
"We never stop missing you,
but I hold onto my faith,
and continue to pray every day
for you to return in good health."
"Take care of yourself."
"Your forever loving parents."
- [yelling]
- [soldier 1] Ambush!
Coming now! Ambush!
- Coming off the road
- [soldier 2] Medical help, quickly.
- next to a village, the road was blocked.
- Help us!
Shots were coming from everywhere.
We only had time to hit the ground.
We started firing.
- [soldier 2] Doctor!
- [soldier 1] Come here!
Fernando, help me! Fernando,
help me over here!
Fernando, bloody move!
Now, Fernando! Fucking help me!
- Come on!
- Get in, here, two on this side.
- All right, take that side.
- With me! Quickly!
- Hurry the fuck up, Fernando!
- Fernando!
- We need everyone over here!
- [all yelling]
Get water, now!
Move, Fernando.
Don't you dare cry.
If they see you, you're fucked.
I can't handle this place, Mário!
No one wants to be here. Come on.
- [men shouting]
- Wait here!
- Come on!
- You still have two more years left,
so you better get used to it,
or you'll go crazy.
- Come on, move!
- We're here to do what we're told.
- Help me!
- The less you think about it, the better.
- [truck engine starts]
- Go, go!
- We need more in here!
- Get back, outside!
- Get out! Come on, quickly!
- Get going!
- Move!
- Over here!
- Come on!
- Fucking help me!
- Quick as you can!
- Stand here!
- All right, stand back!
- You, and you go down here.
They took Ursula's husband
to PIDE headquarters
and then transferred him to Caxias jail.
I thought Bill said
he didn't know anything.
Want me to call Henrique?
We could try to come to an arrangement.
We create a prison break,
he joins his wife.
We could use an informant.
I'll put Bill on it.
[kettle whistling]
[door opens]
[sighs] It's you.
Usually, most men are happy to see me.
I disturbed someone living in the house.
They ran when I arrived.
You think it was Mia?
It's possible.
Let's say it was.
She probably ran away not to be caught.
I wonder if she's scared
of being caught by PIDE or by us.
João, the translator
would have compromised you.
And if Mia is a deserter,
she'll be able to compromise us all.
Ursula didn't have to be murdered.
You've seen how this works before.
I should get back to RARET,
so as not to arouse suspicion.
You should rest here. Relax for a while.
I'll look out for you.
["I Won't Hurt You" by
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band]
I've lost all my pride ♪
I've been to paradise ♪
And out the other side ♪
With no one to guide me ♪
Torn apart by a fire wheel inside me ♪
I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you ♪
I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you ♪
An untouched diamond ♪
That's golden and brilliant ♪
Without illumination ♪
Your mouth a constellation ♪
The stars are in your eyes ♪
I'll take a spaceship
And try and go and find you ♪
I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you ♪
I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you ♪
My pale blue star ♪
My rainbow, how good it is ♪
To know you are like me ♪
Strike me with your lightning ♪
Bring me down and bury me with ashes ♪
I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you ♪
I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you ♪
I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you ♪
I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you ♪
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