Gloria (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

A Morte Nunca é Natural

[static crackling]
[Miguel] "Observations."
"The victim is in an advanced state
of decomposition."
"Cause of death
- Any news, Doctor?
- It's confirmed that it's Mia.
Are you sure?
Age and stature match,
and I recognise the clothes and the watch.
But we still need
an official identification.
She had no family.
It'll have to be one of us.
And the cause of death?
To be sure, we have to send the body
to the city of Santarém or Salvaterra.
Tell me what you know so far.
There is a perforation in the skull
uh which was caused by a violent blow.
Do you mind if I smoke?
Be my guest.
There's no need
to send the corpse to Santarém.
The corpse needs to be X-rayed, analysed.
It requires other exams.
I cannot write in the report
that the cause of death is inconclusive.
Can I make a suggestion?
Put down
that it was an accident. Drowning.
She slipped, hit her head,
fell down the dam and died.
- I cannot do that, sir.
- They already don't trust us here.
How do you think they'll react when they
know an employee may have been murdered?
I don't know, but my job is to report
Your job, Miguel,
is to take care of the living.
Our relationship with the Portuguese
government is very fragile.
Mia died, and that is a tragedy,
but there's no need
to complicate the situation further.
You know what to do.
It would be difficult
to ask more questions
without raising people's suspicion.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
The circumstances surrounding
the appearance of the corpse are strange.
The Americans are very nervous.
I think PIDE should investigate.
I will make the arrangements.
Right. Do you need me to do anything else?
We will have to continue
this conversation later.
- I must go now.
- Of course.
[Henrique sighs]
Minister, sir.
I need you to accompany me
to the Red Cross Hospital.
What's happened there?
Professor Oliveira Salazar
is in the hospital.
[Irina] Did you manage to see the corpse?
No. They say it was unrecognisable,
it had been in the water for so long.
So, who was living
in the house at the Magos dam?
[petrol pouring]
And what was her involvement, then,
with the Americans, huh?
Did they ever question her loyalty?
No idea.
We have to go back to the house
by the dam and find out who was there.
In the meantime, I'll talk to the doctor
to find out how she died.
And discover what the Americans believe.
[starts engine]
Bill came back empty-handed.
Ursula's husband insists
he has nothing to say to us.
So, leave him to PIDE.
You mind?
- You ready to go?
- Sure.
- [jazz playing]
- Sh, sh, sh, sh. That's plenty. Plenty.
It's a commemorative bottle.
Ten years at RARET.
- [Anne] Oh, I'm so glad you came.
- Oh, they gave you a bottle, did they?
No, only the directors
are entitled to these.
- Ah. Must be the best.
- Ten years? 12 would be good.
- I thought you were happy with Otília.
- Mmm.
I had to send her home. She's about
to deliver the baby any day now.
Oh. It's difficult
to find good maids around here.
I know. And I still haven't found one.
The hotel actually
had to help me find maids for tonight.
- Mmm.
- I'm gonna go get some ice.
- [Bill's wife] Sure, honey.
- [Anne] Need help?
- I'm fine. Thanks, Anne.
- Okay. Thank you.
More ice?
Two, please.
I will give you one extra
as the night is hot,
and the ice will melt quickly.
[Bill's wife] Can't stop eating
this steak. Seriously. It's delicious.
Have you already managed
to talk to her family?
- [Anne] More tea?
- Yes, please.
- She didn't have any family.
- Thank you.
According to the file,
they all died in Auschwitz.
- Oh. That's shocking.
- [Anne] Give me two minutes.
I met her in Lisbon and, uh
How come she was able to survive
a concentration camp as a child,
just to come here and die?
Yeah. Well, perhaps it's not the time
to talk about it.
No. No, it's not.
Especially with the ladies present. Hmm.
How did she die, though?
She drowned.
She drowned?
Didn't she have her clothes on?
- I was told she was found fully dressed.
- Yes, it's pretty.
What do you suppose happened, Miguel?
Was it an accident, did she kill herself,
or was she murdered?
I just determine the cause of death.
And hers was an accident.
Do you have a cigarette?
Ramiro, do you have a cigarette?
I'm going to the bathroom.
- Excuse me.
- Do you know where it is?
Yes, thank you.
Miguel's not telling us everything.
But I'll go and see him tomorrow.
Elias just told me he's heard
that everyone's on alert.
Seems likely
the locals are going to protest.
We only have to report on what goes on
at RARET with the Americans.
The rest is a matter
for the military police.
Point taken.
So, I need some ice. Do you want some?
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
Okay. Good,
[Bill's wife] Thank you.
I think that's the same.
- [Anne] No!
- [Bill's wife] Mm-hm.
[Anne chuckles]
[Anne] Very handsome.
The dessert you brought was fantastic.
[chuckles] It's the only thing
I know how to make.
[Anne]Miguel, but James
brought that from somewhere.
- [Bill's wife] So good.
- [Anne] I don't know where specifically
- We should ask him.
- Mmm.
I would like
to have this around our house.
You mentioned before
that you knew Mia from Lisbon?
We had many friends in common,
and we went out a few evenings,
the two of us.
Mia never mentioned it, you see.
- Did you know her well?
- Sofia?
[Anne] If she doesn't come
- We were just talking.
- [Anne] I'll help you
It's late. We're going home.
- [Bill's wife] Here's to our hosts.
- [Ramiro] Yes, thank you.
- [Bill] Cheers.
- [Anne] Cheers.
[crickets chirping]
[dog barking]
[TV announcer, in Portuguese]
Next, we have song number five.
It's called "Verão."
The singer is Carlos Mendes.
[song plays]
Como tudo o que acaba ♪
Como pedra rolando duma fraga ♪
Como fumo subindo no ar ♪
Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah ♪
[Sofia] Let me out! Open the door!
- Assim estou quase indiferente ♪
- Open this door!
- Ramiro!
- [banging]
I can't stand being locked in here!
Ramiro, open the door, please!
- Please let me out!
- Que por mim vejo passar ♪
- Open the door!
- [thumping]
[sighs] Open the door
- [shouting] Let me out!
- [banging]
- [television volume turns up]
- Let me out!
- [thumping and rattling]
- Let me out of here!
Open it!
Foi um sonho que findou ♪
Why not take this time to think
about your behaviour?
- [Sofia sobs] Open this door!
- [banging]
Ramiro, please open the door!
- Open it! Please, Ramiro!
- Não interessa mais pensar ♪
Please! [sobs]
Open the door, Ramiro! Open the door!
Let me out! I can't stand
being locked in here!
Please open the door!
- Assim deixo esta tristeza ♪
- Open the door!
Vogando embalado na certeza ♪
- Que o verão há-de voltar ♪
- [lighter clicking]
Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah ♪
E o verão que sonho perto ♪
Vai trazer para mim eu sei de certo ♪
Aquilo que este agora veio tirar ♪
[newsreader] The President of the Council,
Professor Oliveira Salazar,
was admitted
to the Portuguese Red Cross Hospital,
where he underwent surgery
as a result of a fall.
According to the statement
from the ministry, we
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I know you don't like cars, but it's way
too hot to walk there the whole way.
I'm used to the weather.
- Where are you working, is it far away?
- Close to Vala de Magos.
Oh, really? I'm going in that direction.
- It's not necessary.
- Really.
We'll be there in no time at all.
Very well. But please drop me off
at the crossroads.
I don't want to arrive in a car,
or else they'll start gossiping about me.
Thank you.
Every day, when I go for breakfast,
I hope that you'll have returned to RARET.
That's life around here.
We're all born with a purpose in life.
I also know that you have dreams.
The other day,
you dreamt of the ocean, remebmer?
One day, I will see it.
How about today?
- Today?
- Yes.
It's not possible.
I have to work, you see.
We'll make an excuse, no problem.
Yes, but I
Don't worry. I won't insist.
It was just an idea.
We'd be back by mid-afternoon.
[starts engine]
Wait a minute. We must.
The ocean's calling me.
[seabirds calling]
It's so grand!
- Would you like to have a splash?
- Is it possible?
- Of course.
- It's not dangerous?
It's fine.
[Carolina laughing]
Oh! Oh!
[gasps] It's so cold!
- And it really is salty!
- [both laughing]
[Carolina gasping and laughing]
[João] Careful!
[thunder rumbles]
[thunder rumbling]
[João sighs]
You know that I'm engaged to be wed.
Is that what you want?
It's all been arranged.
I should never have come here with you.
But I'm glad you did.
You don't always have to behave
how others expect you to.
[starts engine]
Miguel, we swam together in the dam,
you know? I saw her swim many times.
She swam well.
It doesn't make any sense.
What doesn't make sense
is her being killed.
There was nothing to be stolen
from the house.
She worked at RARET as a telegraphist.
You know what happened?
She probably fell over,
hit her head, and then she drowned.
Do you have a lighter?
Uh Here.
She said goodbye to me.
Miguel. Miguel.
She said goodbye to me.
Do you think that maybe
she killed herself?
Gonçalo, that's enough.
If that rumour starts spreading,
she won't even get a decent burial.
You know what they're like, those priests.
Sometimes I wonder,
maybe I could have somehow
Is there something I could have done
to have been there? Talked to her?
- Tried to understand
- It was an accident.
That's the best version for everybody.
James doesn't want the police
coming to RARET and posing questions.
The version I've just told you,
it's the official version.
Ah, the official version.
And then there's the other version
Don't bother with your theories.
James doesn't want PIDE coming here.
I can understand.
How is the professor doing? Salazar?
Will he be all right? Is there any news?
Only the official news.
He's recovering well.
well, if something should happen
what happens to the regime?
Whoever it was, they didn't return here.
I doubt they will. Now that
the corpse of Mia has been discovered.
Gonçalo told me that these bottles
are reserved for directors.
In that case,
the list of suspects just became shorter.
You need to establish
who still has the bottle at home.
Good evening.
Would you like to tell me
where you've been all day?
Uh On my way to the field,
I met Ermelinda.
She asked if I'd be able
to care for her mother,
She woke feeling unwell.
She couldn't even get out of bed.
An aerogram from Fernando.
"My dearest Carolina,
I hope this letter finds you
in good spirits."
"The days here continue to pass so slowly,
and my longing for home
only increases with time."
"Knowing that we're getting married
is what keeps me alive."
"I miss you so much. Yours, Fernando."
"Tell my parents that I'm fine."
- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.
[Anne] They confirmed
it was a haemorrhage.
- [James] What's the current status?
- [Anne] We don't know.
But even if it's serious,
I doubt that they would tell us.
We offered the services
of a New York neurologist,
but I hope they don't accept it,
because if he dies,
I certainly don't want us involved.
[James] Yeah, and the pieces
will start to move swiftly.
Listen, we need to play our part
and protect our interests.
I know. And be ready for anything.
You got that right.
[James sighs]
What's the problem here?
Oh, God.
[running footsteps]
- Sir? Good evening, madam.
- Roberto.
- I can't open the door.
- Uh
- May I have a try?
- Yeah.
Good evening, sir.
- Hi, João.
- Hi.
Ah, João. Night shift?
- Exactly. Like everyone.
- [Anne and James laugh]
- Well, have a good one. Excuse me.
- [João] Thank you.
Can you fix it?
- It won't open?
- [James] No.
Yes, um I can call someone
- He's going to call someone tomorrow.
- Yes, yes, tomorrow.
You can't get anyone in here now?
- Yes, I'm sorry
- Forget it.
Here, we're lucky
if they fix it tomorrow. Or ever.
What do you say to
a game of tennis tomorrow morning?
When I finish my shift.
Okay. Let's do it.
Have a good night.
- Good night, João.
- Night, João.
[Roberto] I'm really sorry, sir.
- I cannot do anything.
- It's okay.
I'm sorry, madam. I'm really sorry.
Let's go.2
[João grunts]
Well played.
Game, set, and match.
Best out of five?
Aren't you tired?
I am. But I don't like to lose.
You serve like Rod Laver.
Okay. One more, all or nothin'.
But first, you look
like you could use some water.
You play pretty good for a Portuguese.
Well, I took classes for a few years.
And in Africa,
I played with other officers.
I served in Korea.
Your war will end too.
It will. But I don't see the end in sight.
Ah, even if the Portuguese win, they lose.
The cost of keeping
the colonies is way too high.
I know the position
of the US on this subject.
I'm sure you're well-informed.
Your father plays the hand
he was dealt, and he does it well, but
You were there. You know.
Winning a war fought
on three fronts is practically impossible.
- The government has a different opinion.
- And you?
Portugal and Spain will have to change.
And we won't forget whoever helps us
make it a peaceful change.
Your serve.
[piano playing]
What a surprise.
Wasn't very smart
to send that kid to RARET with that note.
That kid can't read.
If you need me,
I will be in room number three.
[knocking at door]
- Come in.
- [door opens]
- It took you a while.
- [door closes]
Your accent
German father and Portuguese mother.
Is the interrogation over?
Here you are.
I'll see you out.
- I just have to go wash my hands.
- Go ahead.
- [water running]
- [door closes]
[footsteps and voices in corridor]
Take care of yourself.
There's rumour that the military police
has orders to move in
if the protest should start.
Don't worry.
We know how to deal with them.
[door closes]
[sighs heavily]
- [radio static]
- [broadcast in Russian]
[Gonçalo] Does it say anything
about the start of the season? Huh?
As long as we have Eusebio on our side,
Sporting don't have a hope.
[all laughing]
Even the rebels in Africa apparently
stop fighting to listen to the games.
Is that true, João?
I heard that our troops
turn the speakers towards the jungle,
and even the rebels shout "Goal!"
- [chuckles]
- No. Those are just made-up stories.
- Oh. Right.
- [sighs] I'm really not awake.
Go and have a nap.
Go on. We'll keep an eye on this.
- Perhaps I just need some water.
- Mmm.
[zip fastening]
Everything is fine with the baby.
Don't worry. And in a little while
you will start showing on your tummy.
When that happens, I'll have to discuss it
with my husband, won't I? Not until then.
Listen, Sofia,
I understand you feel a bit unsure,
but I have no doubt at all that Ramiro
will be very happy with this news.
Doctor, I
I'm worried, though.
That Ramiro will reject her,
if it's a girl
That's absurd.
And presumably why
you don't want to tell him?
You're right. Maybe there's
no reason to be concerned.
It's just that Ramiro's
always talked about wanting a boy.
Don't worry, I will not say a word.
All right?
I want you to check everything
that might be causing interference.
- A complete check, sir. We know.
- I'll leave you.
He enjoys lunch, while we get to be here.
That's great, that is.
[feedback whining]
I went back to look at
Mia's house near the dam.
There was a bottle there just like the one
we drank from at James's house.
Did Ramiro get one, do you remember?
Do you think she was involved with Ramiro?
It was you who mentioned
that it was someone here.
Mia and that bastard Ramiro?
Go on, try to play some music.
["O vento mudou" by Eduardo Nascimento]
Ela quis viver e o mundo correr ♪
Prometeu voltar se o vento mudar ♪
[static crackling]
[record playing under static]
Perhaps he was the one who murdered her.
Hmm No. No, Ramiro wasn't here.
He was training in Germany
around the time she disappeared.
You're certain, are you?
I am. I carried his baggage to the car.
- Vento, por favor, traz-me o seu amor ♪
- [static]
That doesn't sound right.
Vê que eu vou morrer
Se não mais a ter ♪
It could also have been James,
couldn't it?
[clearly] Nuvens, tenham dó ♪
- Hmm.
- Que eu estou tão só ♪
Had a word with Miguel.
Batam-lhe à janela, chorem sobre ela ♪
Miguel told me that James
asked him to falsify the autopsy report.
His excuse was he didn't want
the police snooping around RARET.
- That's understandable.
- Understandable.
Or isn't, and she killed herself
and we're just running around in circles.
- Soube que mentira ♪
- [man 1] Open the door!
- Open the door, Quim!
- P'ra sempre fugira ♪
- [banging on door]
- [man 2] All right. She's inside.
- Quim! Open the door!
- ♪ Nuvens, por favor ♪
Cubram minha dor ♪
- [yelling]
- Jáque eu vou morrer ♪
- [officer] Come here!
- [grunting]
- Oi!
- Oiçam! ♪
Okay. Just move!
- [grunting]
- I called Lisbon.
Oiçam! ♪
I told them there were commies
trying to recruit the locals here.
- Oiçam! ♪
- Get in here.
- Oiçam ♪
- Just stay with us.
[choir overlapping] Mary's name ♪
It's so beautiful ♪
Save my soul ♪
My soul is yours ♪
My soul is yours ♪
My soul is or will be yours ♪
Save my soul ♪
When I die ♪
Quim was taken
to the police station today.
We have to do something
before PIDE collects him from there.
Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
When I am gone ♪
Save my soul ♪
Take it somewhere good ♪
Take it somewhere good ♪
Take it to heaven ♪
Save my soul ♪
Judgement Day ♪
Judgement Day ♪
- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]
[man shouts]
I don't think you should drive.
No, I'm fine. [coughs]
[engine starts]
Are you all right, sir?
Oh, Elias, I didn't see the sign.
It's late, and with all the celebrations
I thought I needed to turn here.
I suggest what you need to do
is sleep it off, sir.
[switches engine off]
- I'll accompany you.
- [sighs]
I'll take you to Casa do Povo.
- You can play some cards.
- No, no, no. I'd rather not go there.
[sighs] I'll get in big trouble
if the director sees me like this.
Nothing to see here.
Go back to the celebrations!
I'd prefer to wait at the police station
until I feel better, if you don't mind.
Get rid of them. I'll take you there.
[door opens]
[Elias] Come on, mind your step.
What happened?
Unfortunately, this gentleman's
not feeling too well.
I've given him permission
to rest here for an hour or two.
- [João groans]
- Of course, sir. Sit down.
Go ahead, please. Don't worry about me.
It's best if I just close my eyes
for a moment and
[Elias] He hit the sign
on the town square.
I'll be right as rain. [sighs]
[officer] You'd better
fill out a form stating that.
- [paper rustles]
- What did he hit?
You left the celebration early.
Did something happen?
I heard that you skipped work
to drive around in a car with some man.
Who is he?
Tell me. Who is the bastard?
[Carolina breathing shakily]
- Please don't, Luís.
- Quiet!
It's because of you that she's so defiant!
- Because of you and Ermelinda!
- Ermelinda's not responsible.
- Isn't she? Who is he?
- Papa!
- Leave her alone!
- [screams]
- [Luís grunts]
- [Carolina gasps]
Tomorrow, are you on duty
during the festival?
No, only today because of the procession.
Tomorrow, I'll be back to RARET.
Okay. I'll get Parrulas to do the rounds.
- See you tomorrow.
- What about him?
When he wakes up, you can let him go.
He's had enough time to sleep it off.
See you tomorrow, Elias. [sighs]
[crickets chirping]
- Parrulas, start doing the rounds.
- Yes, sir.
[pats truck]
[engine starts]
[truck departing]
Well? Everyone else has gone.
Why am I still here?
[officer] PIDE will be here soon
to answer that.
Is it morning already? [coughs]
- Feeling better?
- Yes.
- Where is Officer Elias?
- He just left.
I'm ready to go home now.
So I just need my keys.
- What keys?
- Keys to my car.
Didn't Elias give them to you?
He didn't give me anything.
Are you certain he had them?
Let me see if I can still catch him.
I don't know where he is.
And it's not possible for me
to leave the station, I'm afraid.
- Well, looks like I had them all along.
- [chuckes]
It can happen when we have one too many.
We all know what it's like, right, sir?
[starts engine]
The Americans and their friends from RARE
do whatever they want, while you
just continue to bend over for them.
- Shut up, Quim.
- Am I lying?
It's as if you're enjoying it, as well.
Tell me, how does it feel to bend
right over for all those Americans?
I'd be more careful who you offend.
You mean a homo guard?
Didn't you get enough of a beating
when you came in?
Ah, yeah, you're all very brave
when you're together.
You know what they say
about you in the village?
They say that you also need a little help
to take care of your wife, homo.
- I'll show you who needs help.
- Come on, homo!
- Go away!
- Ohh!
What now, then, arsehole? Huh?
- Don't move!
- Fucking calm down, Quim.
- Don't move.
- Calm down, Quim. Calm down!
Calm the fuck down!
Calm down. [panting]
- [gunshot]
- [yelps]
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