Gloria (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Olhar a Lua de Baixo

[woman gasping]
[Miguel] Good. You're nearly there.
- Push, Otília. Push!
- [Miguel] Push!
Push, Otília!
- [screaming]
- Well done. Scissors. The scissors. Pass
- [moaning]
- [baby crying]
[Otília sobbing]
I want to see my baby.
- Is it a boy, Doctor? Let me see him.
- Otília
My baby, Doctor.
The baby was born
with some problems, Otília.
[nurse] Sh, sh, sh, sh.
Let me see my son! Let me see him!
[baby crying]
- Um, take the baby.
- [wails]
Sh. Calm down, calm down.
- [wails]
- [nurse] Sh.
Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
[metal shrieking]
[static, faint voices]
[liquid pouring]
[João] Should I be seeing this?
My government makes everything
more mysterious than it really is.
Dr. Dassaev was head
of the Soviet space project.
But why are you sharing
this information with me?
Well, because for two days,
he will be our responsibility.
And yours. I need your help.
Did you talk to Ramiro?
Ah, don't worry about him.
He won't be a problem.
As a matter of fact,
he's part of the welcoming committee.
I really like this whiskey.
I'll get you a bottle if you like.
I thought it was a limited edition,
only for directors.
There's more where that came from.
And I'll make an exception for a friend.
Is that my fee for escorting the Russian?
[chuckles] Well, in that case,
better make it two.
Dassaev has a reputation
for being difficult.
Maybe take him to a bullfight.
And the fado shows.
Well, if there's no one else in Lisbon
[clears throat]
We're the closest thing to scientists
he'll find in this country.
And I need a good host.
- You can count on me.
- Good.
Be nice,
but don't let him feel too comfortable.
Before he changed his name
and went to the Soviet Union,
he was a member of the German V-2
missile investigation team during the war.
And why did he switch sides?
Because of the conditions we offered him.
And for the money and freedom he'll have.
We have to get to the moon
before the Soviets, so we need the best,
no matter how unpleasant.
- Another whiskey?
- Yeah.
[glass clatters]
- Oh!
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- Carolina!
[James] That's all right.
No, leave it.
- [Carolina] Dr. James?
- Please, if you would, clean it up.
[João] I'm sorry.
There's no need to apologise, sir.
- I'll get you that whiskey.
- That'll be great.
Has she had the baby?
She has no arms. [sighs]
Since I arrived at RARET, it's the third
time that a baby has abnormalities.
I'll help her any way I can.
Maybe that's not such a good idea.
Local people like to blame the antennas
for all the harm that comes to them.
- That's nonsense.
- I know.
Maybe you can try
to convince them otherwise.
I thought your father
didn't want you to work at RARET.
I suppose he changed his mind.
Dr. James had a word with him.
What happened to you?
Nothing. See?
Tomorrow, I'll be married.
You don't have to do that
against your wish.
What choice do I have, would you say?
When you see me again, drive by.
- Everyone knows everything here.
- Carolina
[static crackling]
[crickets chirping]
[faint music]
All right. [sighs]
Do you want a coffee?
Hmm No. I'd better not.
I had some earlier. Thanks.
[vehicle approaching]
[Bill] Won't be long before
the Communist Party
starts agitating against the antennas.
[James] Well, Elias killed one of 'em.
That should keep 'em quiet for a while.
[Bill] That doesn't make me feel better.
We need to keep our eyes open
at all times.
You got too many problems at once.
We can't guarantee Dassaev's safety
until we find out who's who.
[James] The embassy thinks
he'll be safer with us.
[Bill] Safer?
They don't want to take responsibility
if anything happens to him.
[James] Mmm.
They know what we're going through.
Ursula's disappearance, Soviet sabotage
[James] That's why I want you
to stick with him at all times.
Put another guy in the hotel,
in the room next to him.
Do we have to go to the theatre?
We've gotta keep him busy.
But by his reputation, the Parque Mayer
should put him in a better mood.
Maybe he forgets his family and runs off
with a showgirl to the States.
And if we can't get his family out,
what happens then?
When we get the go from Washington,
he's on that plane,
with or without his family.
Those are the orders.
We have to get to the moon
before the Soviets.
I'm going outside for a cigarette.
It's a beautiful night, sir.
Do you have a cigarette?
Dassaev is passing through here,
before getting on a plane to the US.
He'll be here for one night.
We have to do it while we can.
- [birdsong]
- [church bell ringing]
You could try to smile, you know?
You're not the only one
forced to get married this way.
Fernando will be back, God willing.
I know he will, Mama.
Your life will be better
than the one I've known.
What are you trying to say?
That you should be content
with what you have.
Well. We must go.
[priest] Dearly beloved,
we meet on this joyful day
in the house of our Lord,
to take part in this celebration
of the marriage of Fernando Marcelino,
who is represented by his father,
and Carolina Ferreira,
on the day, the day they decided
to establish their home.
- I, Carolina Ferreira
- I, Carolina Ferreira
take thee, Fernando Marcelino,
to be my wedded husband.
- take thee, Fernando Marcelino
- [soldier] Give me the fucking gun.
- [priest] I promise to be faithful
- Told you you would.
- What?
- [Carolin a] I promise to be faithful
- [priest] To love and respect you
- Get in there!
- [Carolina] To love and respect you
- Go on!
[priest] for better or for worse
[Carolina] for better or for worse
[priest] in sickness and in health
[Carolina] in sickness and in health
[priest] and until death do us part.
[Carolina] until death do us part.
[priest] Carolina
[buckle clinks]
I give you this ring
I give you this ring
as a symbol of Fernando Marcelino's love
as a symbol of Fernando Marcelino's love
[priest] and his devotion to you.
[father] and his devotion to you.
[priest] In the name of the Father,
the Son and Holy Spirit.
Dearly beloved,
together, we beg for our Lord's blessings
to Fernando and Carolina.
- So that, united in Christ
- [woman gasping]
by the holy bond of matrimony,
they may be one heart and one soul.
- Amen.
- [father] Amen.
Go in peace, and may the Lord be with you.
[Carolina's mother] Amen.
- My man, Fernando!
- Ah!
- So much lighter, yeah?
- Finally, a baptism of fire for you.
Uh, what is it, Fernando?
Fernando. [chuckles] Fernando!
- Yeah, he's done it.
- Fernando, make the most of it.
When you get back,
you can't do this to your wife.
What a little hero.
Let's go. [grunts]
[engine starts]
[church bell ringing]
God bless you. Congratulations.
Yeah, copy. I'll turn on 12.
- Thank you.
- I have a reel from Maxuqueira.
I've just finished my shift.
Give it to João.
Very good.
[sighs] That's it.
Are these examples of interference
for the whole night through?
- [Hernâni] They are.
- The Russians kept at it.
We changed the angle of the antennas
about half an hour ago. Stay alert.
- Okay.
- We should be all right.
- I'm gonna turn in.
- Yeah, great. Get some rest.
- Bye.
- Bye.
James has more
of those bottles for ten years' service.
Meaning he could have left one
at the house by the dam.
Hmm I'm not so sure.
I'm slowly getting more convinced
that Mia took her own life.
She'd been talking recently, all about
the past, about what she went through.
The concentration camps,
and the family she lost
Anyway, she came to say goodbye to me.
I thought she was going off
with someone else, but looking back
I wasn't able to understand
what she was trying to say.
We still don't know what went on.
I'll continue to believe
that it was murder.
You have to take more care.
With what?
All the people
you associate with at RARET
with your parents
with Alexandre
with women in general.
Are you concerned that I'm not prepared?
You could say.
Do you know if they've declared
the investigation closed?
With the autopsy report we gave them,
there's no reason for the police
to keep asking questions.
But they are.
I know that PIDE talked to Miguel.
[phone rings]
How are you, James?
This is Henrique Vidal.
Ah, good afternoon, Henrique. How are you?
Did you hear the news?
After all, it's Marcello Caetano
who will become President of the Council.
The President of the Republic
has just made the announcement.
Salazar has been replaced.
I was expecting a different outcome.
Me too. But not all is lost just yet.
I have in front of methe report
on the death of your telegraph operator.
PIDE thinks that, despite the autopsy,
there are still grounds
to continue the investigation.
I'm inclined to drop the case.
It was an accident, I assure you.
The doctor has no doubt.
I suggest you see
what you can do for me, James,
and I will see what I can do for you.
Right. Pleasure talking to you, Henrique.
Why is he still mentioning
the investigation?
Because he is not happy
with the appointment
of the new President of the Council.
We need to speak
to someone at the embassy.
[woman] How are the pain levels?
[man] Well, it's particularly bad
wheni put my weight on it.
I see. Yes. Uh, he's with a patient!
[sighs] Sorry, you were saying?
- [Miguel] That's right.
- [man in hall] Accident?
[Miguel] That's right.
Listen, it will soon pass, okay?
Can I get you a glass of water?
- [nurse] Of course. I'll speak to Doctor
- Bill?
- Do you have an appointment?
- I don't.
I'm I'm very busy right now,
but if you come at the end of the day, uh
[sighs] Fátima, uh, I'll come
and see you later on, all right?
I have to meet my friend.
Right? Make sure you go slowly.
We have to be fast, okay?
So, do you have any complaints?
Yeah. You.
[sighs] PIDE will be carrying out
the investigation.
I I didn't talk to anyone.
But it's normal
that there are questions, you know?
The corpse should have gone to Santarém.
Everyone knows
that we don't have the necessary means
for an autopsy like that.
Well, you need to believe
what you wrote in that report.
If you believe it,
then it's no longer a lie.
["Valse Russe" by Marc-Olivier Dupin]
- He should be here by now.
- Okay.
- There he is.
- Oh.
Best I go and get him a drink.
- James.
- [sighs]
I don't need to introduce myself, do I?
I imagine you already know everything,
or almost everything, about me.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm sure you were forced to do it.
Well, still, it's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm sure you'll enjoy Portugal,
though five days isn't much time.
[scoffs] I already speak to the embassy.
I will not leave
for America without my family.
I'm sure the embassy
will handle everything.
Please, allow me
to introduce you to my engineers.
[Dassaev] Hmm.
And the lady?
- This is my wife, Anne.
- Delighted.
What do you drink?
[in Russian] Champagne.
- I'll take care of that.
- Oh, thank you.
- Five glasses of champagne, please.
- [Anne] So
Have you ever been to a bullfight?
No, never.
You'll like it.
It's brutal, and art at the same time.
Isn't it too violent for a lady?
[Anne] Violence is a part of human nature.
[Dassaev] I totally agree.
Ladies first.
[Anne] I don't drink champagne.
Impossible. Just for the toast.
[James] Thank you.
- [Anne] Thank you.
- Sir, would you propose a toast?
[Dassaev] Very well. [clears throat]
[sniffs] To bullfights,
to women, in short
- to life.
- [laughs]
I stole this phrase from Hemingway.
Anne, do you have a lighter, please?
- Ah, yes.
- I forgot mine.
I have it here.
Women shouldn't smoke. It harms them.
So do high heels.
We're used to sacrificing our health.
- [laughter]
- [James] Touché.
Come, I'll introduce you
to our lead engineer.
My God, what a character.
- Oh!
- Oh! Oh
- [Anne] It's okay. It's all right.
- I'm so sorry, Theresa.
[Theresa] It's okay.
- Don't worry.
- [Anne] It's good luck.
I'm so sorry, Anne.
Can I offer you
another champagne or martini?
- Martini, please.
- Martini.
- Thank you, sir.
- [Anne] Thank you.
["Valse Russe" continues]
[dog barking]
[James] When we get the go
from Washington,
he's on that plane,
with or without his family.
Those are the orders.
Our job is to give them stability.
- Men are disoriented when they're alone.
- And that's supposed to be enough?
If it were up to you,
would you come to Portugal?
- To the end of the world?
- [chuckles]
I'm a military brat.
What does that mean?
Well, it means
that my dad was in the military,
so I grew up in that environment.
So, I never settled down anywhere.
My roots are wherever my family is.
[Sofia chuckles]
- Another sherry?
- Sure, if you insist.
- It's good, isn't it?
- It is very good.
- Oh! That's plenty. Sofia!
- It's only fruit.
[both laughing]
[chuckles] Whoops.
- Hi!
- Why are you two in such a good mood?
No reason. We're just talking.
How was your day?
Mmm. Good.
The usual. And yours?
Lots of work, as always.
- But I'm not complaining.
- Amen.
- Bill hasn't come home yet?
- Probably not.
He will be worried
if you're not home when he arrives.
Yeah. It's getting late. I should go.
- See you tomorrow, Theresa.
- Have a good night, Sofia.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
- I don't want her at the house.
- I'm always on my own.
- The TV should be enough for you.
- I can't stand it any more, Ramiro.
Your problem is you can't decide.
So you do it for the both of us.
[yells and sobs]
- Ramiro
- Quiet!
- Stop!
- Why are you always taunting me?
- I didn't taunt you. I didn't do anything.
- I do everything for you. Everything!
- Stop! Stop!
- You could at least respect me.
I'm pregnant! Leave me alone!
Leave me alone! [sobbing]
Is she here?
Did you come to visit Mrs. Anne?
Here. She's yours. Take her.
You made her this way,
so here, you can keep her.
You should take the child, please.
Sh, sh, sh, sh
I understand how difficult it is.
How? Come on.
[baby coos]
I will, and James will
be here to help you.
What will she do with her life?
Spend it begging from people
outside the church?
Everybody in this world is individual,
or even different.
This is one baby.
There are others
who were born the same way here.
Okay, but this
has nothing to do with the antennas.
Otília. Otília!
I promise that
we'll be here to look after you.
When I look at her appearance
I wonder how, for all that time,
she was inside me.
- Go. Go.
- Otília?
- Do you have a moment?
- Sure.
We have to help Otília.
- [sighs]
- She's not well.
If it were mine, I would probably take it
to an institution.
It's probably for the best.
She's in no condition to raise it.
And she continues to blame the antennas.
People are ignorant.
My father always said
an ignorant person is the most dangerous,
because you never know what to expect.
[Gonçalo] I think my watch has stopped.
- I don't have any cigarettes.
- [João] Want one of mine?
No, I only smoke Provisórios.
I'll buy some.
Fine. I'll come with you.
You'll miss the beginning
of the second part.
Oh, I'm bored of this.
Uh, if you want, I can take you backstage
to meet the girls.
This is not necessary.
- Shall we go inside?
- I'll just finish my drink.
Okay, darling.
Can I get in touch with my wife tomorrow?
She's probably already on her way.
As soon as we get confirmation we got
your family out of Moscow, you can leave.
- I'll leave when they arrive.
- Hmm.
No. The team is waiting for you
at Cape Kennedy.
They can look at the moon
from below. [laughs]
I didn't think you were
so attached to your family.
Family is the humanity's source
of prosperity and misery.
- [chuckles]
- Yeah.
- Who did you steal that phrase from?
- Luther.
- [both laugh]
- Yeah.
- [applause]
- [orchestra starts playing]
I have orders
to get you on board that plane
with or without your family.
That's what I thought.
It means both of us
have a dilemma.
Humanity always advances
in the midst of a tragedy.
They're not coming, aren't they?
Oh I can't answer that question.
But if you change your mind
and wanna meet the showgirls
[muttering in Russian]
[scoffs and mumbles]
I don't need a watchdog. [scoffs]
How are you going to force me
to embark for America?
We don't plan to force you.
You'd best to get on that plane.
[muttering in Russian]
Can we go now?
[continues urinating]
Hey, hey, stop. What the fuck?
[Dassaev chuckles]
[music ends]
- [applause]
- Hey. You need to go in this way.
[in Russian] Yes, yes, yes.
[music starts]
You can go in.
I'll be there when I smoke my cigarette.
Don't worry, I will not run away.
I just want to smoke
my cigarette in peace. Can I?
- Don't take too long.
- Huh.
You need matches?
[in Russian] Yes.
You like americanos?
Well, I'm still experimenting.
Here. You should try, too.
Nah, I'm good.
[Miguel] Call an ambulance. Help!
- Help!
- Help me!
[Gonçalo] Help!
Somebody help!
Bill, it's the Russian.
He fell off the balcony.
Is he alive?
Call an ambulance!
- Where did they take him?
- To the Red Cross Hospital.
At least he's in good company.
If Salazar knew that there is
a communist in the next room,
he would fall off his chair again.
Dassaev cannot leave
for the United States.
You have to take care of it.
He's in a coma.
Yes, but we need him dead.
Why not use someone from the Party,
or an outside agent?
No, we've already done that.
We can't take any chances.
- There's security at his door.
- You'll figure something out.
- [sighs] I don't know.
- João.
I'm not asking you for a favour.
What if I'm caught?
That's of no concern.
- [grunts]
- [panting]
The Russian was under your protection.
Mr. Ambassador
The CIA should have never put a woman
in charge in Portugal.
The guy's a drunk. It was an accident.
You seem to be having a lot
of accidents lately, don't you think?
I made my recommendation
to Washington that you be replaced.
Well, thank you for your honesty.
And from now on,
we'll take care of security.
- Bill's at the hospital, watching him.
- Not any more.
He's already been replaced.
Hopefully, Dassaev comes out of his coma
and gives us the information
about their space programme.
That'll be all.
Thank you, Mr. Ambassador.
[door closes]
Coulda gone worse.
- For us or Dassaev?
- Both.
He reacted the same way I would've.
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
Can you hear me?
[nurse] Sir!
Sir, the patient is reacting.
He's moved his hand. It's a good sign.
Thank you, ma'am.
I'm gonna call the embassy.
- I'll tell the doctor.
- Thank you.
[dialling telephone]
Yeah. Get me the ambassador.
Yeah, I'll wait.
[cocks gun]
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