Gloria (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

O Infortúnio

[static crackling]
[whimpers softly]
- [knock at door]
- [man] Jorge!
[man grunting]
[banging at door]
[church bells chime two o'clock]
So, how is he? Any news?
He's dead.
- What?
- He was suffocated.
How is that possible?
We had security for him.
Security's not my responsibility,
so now the ambassador
is worse off than I am.
Well, if you need anything
I need a rocket scientist.
A living one.
What about his family?
Are they still coming to America, or
If his family is still alive,
they're probably in Siberia.
We were planning on telling him
only after he got on the plane.
João, you were friends
with Mia Orlov, weren't you?
I met her in Lisbon,
but I haven't been with her
more than two or three times.
And who introduced you?
A colleague from university.
I know there was something
between you two.
Did she approach you?
What's that have to do
with what happened to her?
Just answer the question.
- Maybe, I don't know.
- Try to remember.
It was a large group. We
We had dinner side by side.
What did you find out about her?
That she was Polish,
she was working at RARE
as a telegraph operator,
and she was single.
You should choose
your friendships more wisely.
Especially with women.
The embassy suspects that your friend Mia
was not who she claimed to be.
Maybe she approached you
because of your father,
to extract information.
But I'm sure I never told her
anything important.
What about her death?
Was it really an accident?
That's what
the autopsy report says, isn't it?
I've gotta go inside.
We're going to interrogate the nurse.
[static crackling]
[man 1] The Minister of
the Presidency will now address the floor
- with his highly anticipated statement.
- [applause]
As he enters the Grand Room
at the National Assembly,
he is met with enthusiastic applause.
[man 2] And now, for the speech
from Professor Marcelo Caetano.
[in Portuguese] An extremely violent surge
of terrorism broke out in Northern Angola,
along with the devastation of large areas,
which now lie in desolation and ruin.
Since 1961, these same factors
have fuelled the subversion of Angola,
which later spread
to Guinea and Mozambique.
None of these were grassroots movements
started by native populations.
The funding and weapons
have come from abroad.
In these countries,
namely in the USSR and Communist China,
they are trained
- [yelling]
- [machine-gun fire]
- [yelps]
- [explosion]
[gunfire continues]
Fernando, come on!
Shit, Fernando! Let's fucking go!
I certainly don't want to make
a big fuss about it,
as this emergency
governmental change is due to misfortune.
But I am responsible now
to serve the best way possible
the government and the nation.
Are you already rehearsing
your inauguration speech in preparation?
The Ministry of Defence
is indeed of great importance.
At this moment in time, it's granted
almost half of the state budget.
There's talk of the possibility
that Marcelo Caetano may be able
to negotiate the end of the war,
but personally, I would discredit this.
For now, let us celebrate,
and not talk about topics so serious.
- Celebrations.
- Celebrations.
Father, you are certainly
more than up to the challenge ahead.
- I'm grateful, João.
- [telephone rings]
As you can see,
the news is already starting to circulate.
Tell me, how are things at RARET?
You haven't been passing on
any information.
There's nothing to report at the moment.
Do you think Professor Salazar
may still recover?
I doubt it. If he does,
I'd like to see whoever has to tell him
that he was removed, and there is a
newly appointed President of the Council.
We live in complicated times, João.
[Madalena] It was Alexandre.
He wanted to congratulate you.
[Henrique] Ah.
I'll talk to him later.
I still have to attend the ministry.
- What, today?
- Well, yes.
I want to be on top of any developments.
I've been in touch with
the secretaries of state and the advisers
for a meeting tomorrow.
I want to be prepared.
The life of a politician allows no rest.
I also must go.
Today, I'm going back to Glória.
Oh, so I suppose
I'll have to have dinner alone?
This new arrangement
will require sacrifices from everyone.
- Are you leaving right now, Father?
- Of course.
- Then I'll come with you.
- Mmm
- Be careful, and always stay in touch. Mm?
- Yes.
Did they catch
the person who killed the Russian?
I'm sure James will want to be
in charge of the investigation.
The best that he can do at this moment
is to be quiet and not get involved.
We want to stay neutral, if we can.
We don't need the Americans as much,
as finally, we've managed to get closer
to France and Germany.
What does that mean?
- That you won't investigate the murder?
- Of course we will.
And in a month, we'll archive the file.
This was the work of professionals, João.
And please take care of yourself.
I will.
Baby, put all the blame
On springtime ♪
The only reason why
I was losing my mind ♪
I never meant to cause you pain ♪
Oh, baby, please say you'll remain ♪
Say you'll remain ♪
[song ends]
[Nocturne In F Minor - Op. 55, No. 1
by Chopin]
[piece transitions to jazz version]
[João groans]
You can handle your drink, it seems.
[chuckles] So can you.
Be careful. Drunk people
tend to divulge more than they should.
Don't worry.
That's why I only drink on my own.
[broadcast in Russian playing choppily]
You should try to fix whatever it is
that's happening inside you.
[Alexandre] A tune can be played
in many different ways.
You just have to change the harmony,
the tempo, the rhythm
I thought you said
that jazz was music for degenerates.
I did, yeah. But so too do we all have
our own idiosyncrasies.
Shall we head out to the fresh air?
I need to talk to you. Come on.
[band plays "But Not For Me"]
[humming along softly]
Excuse me, uh do you happen
to have a light, if you don't mind?
Very kind of you.
- [woman] No, that's very
- [laughter]
This week, there'll be a summit
involving NATO.
Might be some interesting conversations
in the office belonging to James.
I'll keep an eye out.
They're writing songs of love
But not for me ♪
A lucky star's above, but not for me ♪
In a few years, I'm pretty sure we'll be
building space stations on the moon.
You never know, even living there.
Sounds like something
you've seen in science fiction.
Revolution is the engine of history.
And right now,
we are building the new man.
- The new man.
- [woman laughing]
We should be careful
with what we say here.
You never know who could be listening.
These people here are mainly Catholics
from respectable families.
PIDE doesn't care about them.
There's no way a revolution
will start in here.
- [woman] No, no, no
- Well, I must go
I really should. It's past my bedtime.
You should stay here.
There's a little group over there.
Maybe they'll help forget
the other young lady.
- I don't know who you're talking about.
- What was her name again?
[echoing radio broadcast]
- [electricity buzzing]
- [rattling]
[broadcast in Russian]
Is there still nothing?
- Mm-mm.
- [telephone rings]
What's the status report?
Do you need something?
We want to make sure the signal
is coming through without interference.
What are we going to broadcast?
Confirm the reception.
Yes, sir.
- [broadcast stops]
- [power fading]
What's going on now?
No idea.
I'll go and see if it's specific to here,
or if the power's out everywhere.
- The generator, why didn't it start?
- I don't know.
There might be a problem
with the generator starter.
- You two, come with me.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, come on. This way.
- Okay.
You asked me inside
what we were going to broadcast.
I shouldn't have asked that question.
It's none of my concern.
Well, apparently somebody knew.
The power outage,
the generator, it's not an accident.
What we were going to broadcast
was a message from the UN
about the right
to practise civil disobedience.
Only the translators
know the content of the reels.
For us, the engineers,
it's impossible to guess.
Some know a bit of English,
French, but nobody speaks Russian.
If there's one thing
I've learned over the years,
it's that no one is what they seem.
We all wear masks.
We have certain behaviour
at work, at home.
But what's inside the head
much more complicated to understand.
You, for example.
Your father is part of the regime,
but you joined the army
against your mother's will.
You were in the war in Angola,
but you're against the war.
You could be working
for the national radio in Lisbon,
but you want to be here
in the middle of nowhere.
What moves you, João?
I want to do my job well.
And which job is that?
Am I under suspicion for something?
For a while, you were under suspicion.
But now we know why you came to RARET.
You're working for PIDE.
I know you've been sending reports
on our activities to Lisbon.
I don't know who gave you
that information, but it's not true.
whoever told me had no reason to lie.
He did it out of spite
because he is not the minister any more.
I report to two people,
and one of them would never betray me.
Your father.
I could not have refused,
but I also never told him
anything relevant.
You should have talked to me.
We have a common enemy, James.
[broadcast in Russian resumes]
Will you send me back to Lisbon?
I won't.
It seems that I do know
what I'm doing after all.
Both valves are ruined.
- Do you need help?
- Vidal. You're too late.
Two valves.
Arrange for a driver to go to Lisbon.
And now!
[dusts hands off]
You haven't had sea bass
for a while now.
It's because of the woman
they found in the dam.
I heard that the fish got bigger
with all that they ate.
Well, I think
I'll give lunch a miss today.
These are fresh from the Tagus River.
You never know. You never know.
Did you know her well?
Who was she getting married to?
Who told you she was getting married?
When they pulled her out of the water,
I noticed an engagement ring.
- [church bell ringing]
- How sure are you of that?
I'm positive. It had pearls on it.
[men conversing in Portuguese]
- Had you been told?
- No.
I never saw her wearing a ring.
I spoke to Langley. There will be
some changes at the embassy.
- More coffee?
- Yes, please.
- Did he say anything else?
- No.
You shouldn't have told João
you knew he was reporting to PIDE.
You burned a useful contact
who trusted us.
But the minister doesn't have
any influence in the new government.
Even so.
Call Henrique and invite him to lunch.
We don't want the Portuguese government
to be bothered by our presence.
Look, João, when a body
finally arrives at the morgue,
they don't always have all the objects
they were found with.
Who keeps all of the stuff?
It could be the firefighters, the police,
even the people who found the corpse.
What's the sudden interest in this ring?
Your curiosity
will only bring you problems.
She wasn't Portuguese.
She didn't have family here.
Maybe she didn't tell anyone
she was engaged.
the fiancé was still married.
Well, even so, it's none of your business.
Let's suppose that someone wanted
to make her disappear.
Is this an investigation
for the Portuguese or the Americans?
Why do you ask?
Because you seem to have
more and more questions.
You know this doesn't
make any sense, though.
Lots of things at RARE
don't quite make sense.
That's why it might be better not to ask.
You might not like the answers
you're gonna get.
Who are you protecting?
No one, João.
I've told you that we used to be friends.
If you were good friends, as you tell me,
you would have known about this.
If someone asks,
you didn't get this from me.
But why have you got it?
Because I still believe, I suppose,
that people are entitled to their secrets.
[João] Fourth of July.
She got engaged at that party?
Sh, sh. The less I know, the better.
Is it possible I keep the ring?
What ring?
[woman sobbing]
[sobbing continues]
Whatever's happened?
- [grunts]
- Calm down, Vitalina.
He shouldn't be dead!
It's your fault! If you had just fled
to France, he would still be alive.
- No one's responsible.
- [sobbing]
My son!
They're giving him a medal.
[Vitalina continues crying]
- [gasping]
- [Vitalina sobbing]
[broadcast in Russian]
Excuse me, sir.
Sorry to bother you, sir, but I really
must talk to you. if you wouldn't mind.
Go ahead.
It's about Carolina.
What's happened to Carolina?
She's a widow now.
Why have you come to tell me this?
Did she ask you to tell me?
But the body's yet to be brought back.
I thought, maybe
I know that you have a lot of contacts,
I thought you could help
so they don't leave the body in Guinea.
At least the family could
give him a funeral.
I will see how I can help to do something.
I'd be grateful.
[broadcast in Russian continues]
Just one more thing
Respect Carolina.
Give her some space. She has
enough problems, if you know what I mean.
She hasn't talked to anyone yet,
but I know she'll be feeling guilty
about Fernando.
No one's to blame.
Not even the soldier who killed him.
Do you know what you have to do today?
It's not my first rodeo.
They will bring a car with
a radio direction finder from the embassy.
- It arrived yesterday from Madrid.
- Do you think this will work?
It's not important if it works. [sighs]
Just that we show Washington
we're doing something.
You should also include João.
[pats shoulder]
[James] Kissinger isn't just coming
to Portugal because of NATO,
but also to plan an American intervention.
We're currently planning
a counter-revolution in Czechoslovakia.
Kissinger isn't just coming
to Portugal because of NATO
but also to organise
an American intervention.
We're currently planning
a military offensive in Cambodia.
We're currently planning to strengthen
the military in Western Germany.
We're currently planning to send
the mission to the moon ahead of schedule.
The agreement made in '62
between Kennedy and Khrushchev
to dismantle the Soviet arsenal in Cuba
doesn't allow us
to attack Fidel Castro's regime.
Well, at least not directly.
At least, not directly.
That's why they're financing the refugees
from Cuba in Miami, provoking a coup.
I will send the information tonight,
directly to Moscow.
What are you doing here?
I came to meet you. Do you have a light?
But why? You should rest.
Your shift starts at eight.
I've got the ring belonging to Mia.
[gasps] What? You sure it was hers?
It has "Fourth of July '68" written on it.
Independence Day.
It was also the day she got engaged.
[organ voluntary playing]
Have strength.
[quiet sobbing]
We should sit with your mother-in-law.
She'd rather I wasn't here.
Listen, Carolina.
You're the widow of Fernando.
You have to sit at the front.
Go on, now. Go.
Fernando loved you so much.
And I know how much you loved my boy.
[knocking on tape]
[James] Come in.
[footsteps on tape]
[sighing and clicking on tape]
[Ramiro] Sir, did you want to see me?
[James] Mmm.
We're currently planning to send
the mission to the moon ahead of schedule.
Kissinger isn't just coming
to Portugal because of NATO,
but also to plan an American intervention.
We're currently planning
a counter-revolution in Czechoslovakia.
[stops tape]
[garbled transmissions]
[static crackling]
[static buzzing]
[in Russian] Pravda. 3-6-1.
Put on your headphones.
[Irina, in Russian] Pravda. 3-6-1.
[interference buzzing]
It's nothing.
[in Russian] 3-6-1 for the Palace,
I'm listening.
[static crackling]
3-6-1. Pravda. I'm listening.
3-6-1. For
Is that Russian?
[Irina, in Russian] 3-6-1
3-6-1 for the Palace, I'm listening.
We have contact.
Pay attention.
[in Russian] Pravda. 3-6-1 for the Palace.
I'm listening.
[banging at door]
[João] It's me.
Just a moment.
Go and see the rooms.
I'll check the employees.
Come with me.
Irina, we've been compromised.
- You can't send anything to Moscow.
- [knocking at door]
- We have to get out of here.
- You leave!
Go on, run!
- [In Russian] Are you coming with me?
- Go, save yourself!
- Run!
- [knocking]
Go on. Run, quickly!
[banging at door]
I wasn't expecting you.
- Where is the radio?
- Sorry?
What radio?
If you give me a name,
I'll call you an ambulance.
A name.
- [sighs]
- [running footsteps]
Who was in the room with her?
[rain falling]
- [men shouting]
- [high-pitched ringing]
[man] João! João, João, João!
[machine-gun fire]
Yeah, yeah, oh yeah
What condition my condition was in ♪
I woke up this mornin' ♪
With the sundown shinin' in ♪
- I found my mind ♪
- [explosion]
In a brown paper bag within ♪
[gunfire and explosions continue]
I tripped on a cloud ♪
- And fell-a eight miles high ♪
- [helicopter droning]
I tore my mind on a jagged sky ♪
- I just dropped in ♪
- [coughs]
To see what condition
My condition was in ♪
Yeah, yeah, oh yeah
What condition my condition was in ♪
[women conversing in Portuguese]
I pushed my soul in a deep dark hole ♪
And then I followed it in ♪
I watched myself crawlin' out ♪
As I was a-crawlin' in ♪
I got up so tight I couldn't unwind ♪
I saw so much, I broke my mind ♪
I just dropped in to see
What condition my condition was in ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Oh yeah ♪
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