Gloria (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

A Fuga...

Wasn't there a way
to neutralise her less permanently?
She attacked me.
A woman?
An agent.
Well, dead agents don't talk.
- May I cover the body?
- [door opens]
[James] Henrique.
Thank you. You may leave us.
Thank you for coming so quickly.
It was self-defence.
The New President of the Council
just took office,
and that's why we don't want
any disturbance of the public order.
It was an isolated incident.
If we do not count the death
of the telegraph operator.
Oh, Mia drowned. That was an accident.
You don't have to justify yourself.
This is a conversation
between two friends.
But it would be very, very bad
if it went public that the CIA
does what it wants within our borders.
We'll conduct an internal investigation.
Your agent should be relieved
from his duties.
- It won't happen again.
- You can't guarantee that.
We're together in this fight
against communism.
America is supporting
African terrorists against our troops.
If there's anything I can do to help
you and the Portuguese government
If you want to do something for me,
stop supplying the terrorists.
And I hope you will let me know
what you discovered.
- The investigation is now with PIDE.
- The passport was fake.
German embassy confirmed.
- Anne.
- Henrique.
Always such a pleasure to see you.
- Give my regards to Madalena.
- I will.
Who didn't show up this morning?
I'll check.
Search the houses.
- Let me see.
- Oh.
[João winces]
- A doctor must help you.
- I'm not able to go to the hospital.
I guess that's up to you.
I can't do that, João.
I'll tell you what to do.
- Bring some water, alcohol, and bandages.
- I can't go.
[sighs] You have to.
There's nobody else who can do it.
Bring a needle and some thread
as well. Yeah?
I'll return to you.
So? What happened?
The information I had is that
they're worried about some leaking gas.
[Hernâni] Or an information leak.
They even checked my mattress.
- Come on.
- They turned my room upside down.
- They came here, yeah?
- They paid you a visit too?
First thing this morning. I was in bed.
I barely had time to get clothes on.
- But my conscience is clear.
- Hm!
As if that helps.
Every week, it's the same nowadays.
Psst! Can we go in?
Sure, go ahead.
Bill, Bill, Bill
I don't understand
why you had to search my room.
I don't have access to anything
that you broadcast from the studios.
You know, when I was hired
I was looked into, you know?
My record is clean. I mean
See ya later.
Were you working
at the last Fourth of July party?
Me and everyone else from the cafeteria.
But why?
Do you remember if Mia was there?
Yes, she was there.
Did she appear close with anyone?
James, Ramiro?
No, they weren't there.
She argued with Dr. Miguel.
About what, do you know?
No, they were just talking to each other.
But I noticed them
when I was taking bottles to the rubbish.
They stopped talking when they saw me.
Can you answer my question now?
Who tried to murder you?
The Americans.
But they don't know
it was me they tried to murder.
Just that it was somebody
they're now looking for.
You have to run away, then.
Before I can do that,
there's something up to me.
What is it that's up to you?
That's one too many questions.
You have to keep the wound protected.
I have to go back to RARET.
I'll help you clean the car.
- Sir.
- Good morning.
You know the drill.
Can you open the boot for me?
[lock clunks]
What's the matter with you?
You look terrible.
- [groans] Difficult night.
- [chuckles]
Those difficult nights of yours
are becoming the town gossip.
- Yes?
- Oh, we need to search the house.
There might be a gas leak.
Okay, sure. But my shift starts now.
You can stay. It won't take long.
Well, if there is a gas leak,
I'd rather not be here if you find it.
Just please don't forget
to close the door when you leave.
[starts engine]
[knock at door]
[knock at door]
Come in!
I was told you wanted to talk to me.
Ramiro, you can leave.
Sit down, João.
Can you tell me
why you're late again, João?
- The alarm didn't go off and I
- Which one?
The one in your home
or where you spend the night?
You don't look so good, João.
Where were you last night?
With a friend. I went to Lisbon.
[James] A friend?
Does she have a name?
[João] I doubt it's her real name.
I met her in Maxime.
[James] Ah The cabaret?
Well, as you can imagine, we're gonna
confirm what you're saying is true.
I can give you the name.
Can I go? They're waiting for me.
This can't carry on, you understand, João?
Yes, sir.
[sounds amplified]
[sounds fade]
- [Anne] Yes, of course.
- [cheering on television]
I understand.
Mr. Ambassador,
I'll make sure to keep you informed.
It was nice to talk to you.
Who says they can jump higher
from the back than the front?
It doesn't make any sense.
How's the search going?
Uh, we're doin' everything we can, Anne.
And your protégé?
He's being investigated
just like everyone else.
We can't exactly make everyone get naked.
Yes, we can.
I'm going to walk the dog.
Come on, boy.
[high-pitched ringing]
- [helicopter droning]
- [men shouting]
[crickets chirping]
[Arlo huffs]
[sports commentary on television]
[door slams]
Come in.
I just came to see
if you're feeling better.
Come on.
It's infected.
- You need a doctor.
- I have you.
They'll probably interrogate everyone.
I've seen and know nothing.
It would have been better
if you hadn't gotten involved, you know.
So, did you find the gas leak?
Yeah. Yeah, we we fixed that.
But there's something else
I wanna talk to you about.
We need to make some improvements,
here and at Maxuqueira station.
And good news, they gave us
the green light to build a new antenna.
Oh. Okay, I'll round up the team, then.
Ramiro, you have
a great team of engineers here.
- Good to know that you trust us, sir.
- Exactly why I want you
to assist Engineer Parker when he arrives.
Engineer Parker?
Yeah. He's gonna be in charge
of constructing the new antenna.
I'm counting on you.
Obrigado, Ramiro!
Why do I put up with this bullshit?
Why are you concerned about
what happened to Mia?
Were you two somehow involved?
Is that true?
- Please come here.
- I'm late.
I have to go to work.
They asked me for my help
to bring back Fernando from Guinea.
I'll do whatever's possible.
I'm grateful.
By the shape of the belly,
it's going to be a boy, I imagine? Right?
It hasn't been proven
that girls make the belly much rounder,
and that boys have the tendency to show
by making it pointier in appearance.
- Although it's what they say, yes.
- Hmm.
Sofia, can you lie down
on the examination table, please?
We'll be able to have a listen.
You just need to pull your shirt up a bit.
That's it.
It might feel a little cold, okay?
Little bit up.
- It's beating so quickly.
- [Miguel] That's perfectly normal.
A baby's heartbeat always beats
much faster than ours does.
I must get myself these.
- [sighs] May I stand up again?
- Of course.
I hope you'll be just as excited
if it's a little girl that is born.
I believe that girls bring problems.
Boys don't, I suppose?
It's different.
- Have you been feeling nauseous?
- I haven't, no.
Good. I'll prescribe some pills.
You should only take them
if that should happen. It hopefully won't.
[clears throat]
So, what about the gas leak?
Has that problem been solved?
It's not my business, you know?
It's always difficult
to pin down the source of leaks.
But I hope they'll find it soon
so we can all rest.
I hope so as well.
But I'll see you in a month, yes?
Thank you, Doctor.
- [Sofia] Goodbye.
- You're welcome.
Don't worry. Thank you.
Dr. Miguel?
He's just finishing with a patient.
Here's a prescription from the doctor.
- I have orders to search the clinic.
- I don't see the need.
I'm just doin' what I'm told.
I'll call James.
Be my guest.
Oh-oh-oh! That doesn't have
anything to do with RARET.
Look, Bill
If you can't trust a doctor,
you can't trust anyone.
Bill, the photographs
are to record medical condition
[Miguel groans]
- Are there more photos?
- No.
- [gasps]
- My wife has been to your office.
I never touched
any of these women, I swear it.
So who can guarantee me
you didn't get excited
when you took the photos,
and you end up raping one of these women?
I haven't been with any
of these women, I swear it, Bill.
What happened to Mia?
She woke up? She find the photos?
I didn't kill Mia.
Mia saw me
photographing a woman in this office.
And she promised me
that she wouldn't tell anyone.
- [choking]
- I'm ready for real talk, Doctor.
- [coughs]
- Why would Mia keep quiet?
She wanted me
to help her to poison James and Anne.
Has the director been informed?
You know, I'm ticked off right now.
I wish that you'd rather told me
that you killed Mia.
You know the cause of Mia's death?
A skull fracture caused
by a square object, or a
Maybe a hammer.
If I kept that out of the report,
it was because I was asked to do it.
[door slams]
- [officer] Captain.
- Yes?
[officer] Fernando Marcelino.
Missing in action.
What happened?
Well, Fernando?
Why don't you tell us what happened?
Drink it.
Captain, if I may?
- Yes?
- Fernando's from my town.
We were in the same platoon
when we were attacked.
Enter, enter. Hopefully, he'll talk
if you're here with us.
[Mário] That day, when we were attacked
everything was very chaotic.
We didn't mean to leave anyone behind.
[Mário sighs]
I managed to shoot them
until my gun became jammed.
I was lost for days,
so I walked alongside the river.
I just kept walking.
I knew I'd reach the camp
if I walked south.
- [rustling]
- [gasps]
- But I found a guerrilla group and we
- Which?
Which group? How many were there?
And they were heavily armed,
with Kalashnikovs and grenade launchers.
I had the element of surprise,
so I attacked.
I took down three with one round,
but then my gun jammed, and
I grabbed one of the dead guys'
Kalashnikovs to finish them off.
One came near me. We started fighting
on the ground and then I
Then I got on top and I
I squeezed the gun holder
around his neck untll he stopped fighting.
I left the river
and continued along the dirt road.
That's where I found the Commandos.
We have to inform Lisbon. Your family
needs to know that you're alive.
And this little son of a bitch
is an unlikely hero.
It would appear
we need more tales of bravery like yours.
This war we're engaged in is not yet won.
Uh, will I be granted leave from here?
- Mmm.
- I'll take care of this.
- Go to Bissau for a few days.
- Yes, sir.
Can I go and keep him company?
- So he doesn't get lost again.
- No, you bloody idiot.
- You've done your bit.
- [chuckles]
- Go on, go and have a shower and rest.
- Mmm.
- [Mário] If you'll excuse me, Captain.
- Off you go.
Finish this off. There
[door closes]
Maybe we'll get a female American doctor.
- You can but dream.
- I can indeed.
My mother always said that
if we prayed really, really, really hard,
our dreams would be real.
You took us all by surprise.
It was also a surprise for me,
I don't mind admitting.
Not one I would turn down.
Why did they consider you
for hospital chief of staff?
Do you know anyone there at São José?
- He's doubting my skills.
- [Gonçalo laughs]
Not at all.
Jealous bastard, that's all.
I take pity on the patients, though.
From now on, all they'll get is aspirin.
Don't be envious.
It's bad for your health.
- I'll call you from Lisbon, okay?
- You'd better.
I hope it all goes well.
[engine starts]
What happened, would you say?
The CIA is protecting him?
Probably. And no doubt
our government has played a part.
You don't get to work in a hospital
like that unless you know somebody.
[lighter clicks]
James is having a get-together
around the pool, and everyone's invited.
I don't think you should go.
There's no alternative.
No doubt that
this pool party is just a ploy
to be able to find out who got shot.
If they find out it was you,
the entire operation will be compromised.
What's that woman doing over there?
- She's going to kill herself.
- Don't meddle.
I know her.
And she has her child in her arms.
[Alexandre] What will you tell
the police you were doing here?
I can say I came here alone for a walk.
There's not much to do here.
Do as I command.
It's not worth being interrogated about.
We should all have the right
to choose how we end it.
João, I appreciate that you're getting
involved with these people,
but we're at war.
Our objective's bigger,
and nothing can jeopardise that.
Now we had better leave from here.
[engine starts]
[tapping at door]
Afternoon movie?
Missionary propaganda.
The Cardinal Cerejeira just sent it to me.
I already heard
about the new ambassador. How is he?
[scoffs] What can I say? He's from Texas.
From now on,
we'll choose who works at RARET.
The Portuguese government
will have some difficulty accepting that.
Especially with the Portuguese employees.
Yeah, I thought you'd tell me that.
So we'll start to hire only Americans.
The KGB can get to anyone.
And as for being American,
your wife's last name is Irish.
As you know, Americans came
from everywhere, even from China.
Wasn't my decision.
It has come to my attention
that few decisions, or none, are yours.
["Do You Want to Dance?"]
[Bernardino] No pork sandwiches?
Don't be such a yokel.
The food is American.
I don't understand
why they mince the meat.
It's like for old people
who don't have any teeth left.
That's enough. They'll hear you.
- Is João coming?
- [Bernardino] I think so.
- Aren't you guys drinking?
- [Ramiro] Uh No, we're fine.
Anne! Let's get these boys some drinks.
I've asked Carolina. She's coming.
- João.
- Sorry for being late.
- Well, we were worried about you.
- I brought some wine.
Then you are forgiven.
Let's take this inside.
- See you soon.
- See you.
wanna dance? ♪
Baby, do you, do, do, do, do ♪
You look like you haven't slept much.
[sighs] It's the heat.
You're getting
better and better at lying, João,
but you're still not good enough
to fool me.
- We sent Domingos to Maxime.
- Dance, dance ♪
- Tell me, do you wanna dance
- [laughs]
If I tell you the truth, you have
to promise me you won't tell anyone.
- Do you wanna dance ♪
- Okay.
I spent the night with Carolina.
But she cannot know that I told you.
You know how the people are here.
They wouldn't forgive her.
Wait a minute.
You're talking about our Carolina?
[chuckles] Yes.
[chuckles] Well, I can't imagine
it's serious.
Do you, do you
Do, do you wanna dance? ♪
Don't ruin the girl's life. Or yours.
Let's join the party.
Do you wanna dance? ♪
[Anne] Why?
Dance, dance, dance ♪
You should drink some water.
It's very hot.
You have to drink something.
- James. I need to talk to you.
- Okay.
Domingos says all alibis match.
All of them?
Except João.
In Maxime, the employees know him,
and nobody can confirm
whether he was there or not.
I know where he was. Thank you.
Hello, Carolina.
Hello, sir.
How are you?
Trying to get on with life.
It's terrible,
what happened to your husband.
But you're young, and bound to find
someone to take care of you.
I don't need caring for.
I work. I am more than capable.
But I can help you with anything
You can count on my husband.
Ms. Sofia Excuse me.
I'm going to lie down for a while.
I've checked with Anne.
- Didn't you bring your swim shorts?
- Ah, no, I left them in Lisbon.
No problem.
James has a pair you can borrow.
- Don't you, darling?
- I certainly do.
It's not necessary.
[Anne] Take him upstairs
and get him changed.
Not a problem. Let's go up.
I'm sure we can find something
that'll fit you.
It is a pool party.
And wipe that smile from your face ♪
You go on up.
He said he spent the night with Carolina.
You let your precious time
Just slip away ♪
Throwing bottles in the ocean
As the tide comes rushing back ♪
There's no reason to stay ♪
Ms. Anne, I'm bringing what you asked for.
No more need to.
Everybody's at the poolside.
It's a brand-new day ♪
[sighs heavily]
Smiling all the time is so exhausting.
- Mmm.
- Being a woman's so difficult.
We must, every day, strive to do
what's expected of us, do you agree?
Make it worse, now
Somebody took a coffee cup ♪
And the voices in my head ♪
Telling me it's gonna be all right ♪
Tell me what you're going to do
with your life, Carolina?
There's no reason to stay
It's time I made ♪
- What special plans?
- Plans?
It's a brand-new day, so smile ♪
Everyone has to have their plans.
I wasn't raised like this.
Say goodbye ♪
As a widow,
you've been doing ever so well.
- You've been so brave.
- I stood here by your side ♪
We have to accept
the things it's not possible to change.
You'll still remember those days ♪
You'll laugh and sing out loud ♪
And see in another light ♪
Place your confidence in me.
Laugh and sing out loud ♪
Who is he?
Is it hmm, an engineer I know?
- A married one?
- No.
Is it João Vidal?
There's no reason to stay ♪
It's time I made up my mind ♪
Oh, it's a brand-new day
So smile and say goodbye ♪
Your secret shall remain between us two.
Say goodbye ♪
Goodbye ♪
Say goodbye ♪
Goodbye ♪
Say goodbye ♪
["White Room by Cream]
[laughter and excited chatter]
In the white room with black curtains ♪
Near the station ♪
Black roof country, no gold pavements ♪
Tired starlings ♪
Silver horses ran down moonbeams ♪
In your dark eyes ♪
Dawn light smiles on you leaving ♪
My contentment ♪
I'll wait in this place ♪
Where the sun never shines ♪
Wait in this place ♪
Okay, kick it on.
Chuck it on, I'll get it.
[chuckling] Come here.
There it is.
- João, come on in, the water's great!
- Coming, but first I'm having a cigarette.
- You said no strings could secure you ♪
- Bernardino, you have to get in too.
- At the station ♪
- Yeah, I will later.
- Platform ticket, restless diesels ♪
- Bernardino, do you have a cigarette?
- Goodbye windows ♪
- Uh, yeah. Sure.
I walked into such a sad time ♪
At the station ♪
- As I walked out
- Carolina!
Felt my own need just beginning ♪
Can you pour me some more of that sangria?
And stay outside.
Don't go back in the house.
But why?
- Just do it, please.
- When the trains come back ♪
Lie with you ♪
- Where the shadows ♪
- Smells like burning.
- Fire! Fire!
- Run from themselves ♪
[James] Bill! Bill, grab the hose!
Sofia's upstairs. Sofia!
[James] Anne, stay back.
At the party she was kindness ♪
In the hard crowd ♪
- What the fuck happened?
- Consolation ♪
For the old wound ♪
- Now forgotten ♪
- [machine-gun fire]
Yellow tigers crouched in jungles ♪
In her dark eyes ♪
She's just dressing, goodbye windows ♪
Tired starl ♪
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